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MintyToothpick - July 10, 2006 06:27 AM (GMT)
Maggie Lawson
Maggie Lawson stars as Juliet in the new USA Network original series PSYCH.

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Lawson started appearing in local community and dinner theater when she was eight years old. She went on to study theater at the University of Louisville and became a youth journalist for the local FOX station before moving to Los Angeles.

Lawson's television credits are numerous and include series regular roles on "Crumbs," "Its All Relative," "Inside Schwartz" and "Spellbound," and guest-star and recurring appearances on "E.R.," "Tru Calling," "Party of Five," "Smallville" and "Felicity." Other television credits include a number of TV movies including "Heart of a Stranger" for Lifetime, CBS's "The Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman," and "Rules of Engagement," and "Model Behavior" for ABC Family Channel.

Lawson's film credits include roles in "Cheaters," "Sheer Bliss," "Pleasantville" and "Nice Guys Sleep Alone."

Lawson resides in Los Angeles.

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