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ObellaVak - August 29, 2008 07:19 AM (GMT)
Good Day
Years ago I was working in a long-term care pharmacy where the following event happened. I had called the nursing home to have them fax information to me about a new client in their facility. I waited and waited and after about half an hour I called the nursing home again. The head nurse was surprised that I didn't get the fax yet be at the same time noticed that the nurse that she had sent to do the chore was missing. The head nurse called me a few minutes later laughing partly out of embarrassment and part
ly out of disgust. She instructed the foreign born nurse to fax the info to me. That nurse went down to the fax room and noticed that the machine window said, please stand by, because the machine had some sort of error. The nurse took it to be instructions that she just stand by the machine, which she did until her boss found her there. True story.
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