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Title: Vote for the Season Finale!

MintyToothpick - March 4, 2007 04:50 AM (GMT)
Gah! Sorry for posting this so late. It's the season finale for crying out loud! Well, better late than never. :P

I vote Good-ish. I know, I'm a traitor. But the episode just strayed too much from its usual Psych ways. I didn't like the character Lassi was forced to work with; she was annoying. I didn't like Juliet gradually becoming girlier by the minute when she's supposed to be a firm, level-headed detective. And I definitely didn't like how Shawn didn't get to do any of his cool "revelation" scenes. This episode simply didn't scream "Psych." I hope this finale isn't clues for what next season's episodes are going to be like because then.. That would suck. :( (I'm still looking forward to July all the same!)

Serenity - March 4, 2007 06:53 PM (GMT)
really? i loved it!

I thought it was a little odd, the way they were acting and stuff but all in all it was pretty funny.
I agree with you about the lady that Lassiter was working with though, that was really random. But it was kinda funny how Juliet was acting like that after being forced to be around them for that long, even though the last part where she was being attacked...that was kinda freaky how she was acting.

I think the different thing about it was the way it started, it wasn't really funny, kinda morbid actually.

I loved the part where Shawn and Gus ran out of the house though when the 'ghost' came.

edit: one more thing I forgot. When the girls were bugging Gus about looking like Buddy! That was sooo funny! I had looked it up before cause my mom thought he looked like him from the Cosby show...well he actually wasn't that character but did play someone called "Kenny" in just one episode. I went on IMDB right after that scene though, and in the message boards someone had already commented about it! It was funny.

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