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Title: Rate Episode 1.11!

MintyToothpick - February 3, 2007 10:18 PM (GMT)
I liked it. It wasn't as good as last week's qualitywise but, humorwise, it made for an awesome episode. :wink:

Serenity - February 3, 2007 10:52 PM (GMT)
Yeah, doesn't beat last week but it was funny. Took a little longer to get into the good stuff but once it got funny it was funny the rest of the episode :D

and it gets points for Janet Fraizer for being in it!! lol I can't think of her real name but she was the bad lady at the dating. She was in Stargate though soooo....

I just have to get the quotes up. I forgot to write them down again lol

MintyToothpick - February 4, 2007 05:02 AM (GMT)
That's okay.

I've never seen Stargate *sobs*.

Serenity - February 5, 2007 10:14 PM (GMT)
ahh!!! lol just kidding

Oh and Marvin, he's from CSI isn't he? I was watching that and thinking, wow he has quite the canadian accent doesn't he? maybe it was CSI...I can't remember

MintyToothpick - February 6, 2007 05:19 AM (GMT)
*weeps quietly* I haven't seen that show either!

bosam - February 11, 2007 05:05 PM (GMT)
It seems we confirm our opinion bout that episode.

I'm sorry i put my thoughts in the wrong topic, please refer to "Quotes in 1.11".

Funny funny though.

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