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Title: Favorite Quote?
Description: ...yeah no poll this time :D

Serenity - January 22, 2007 01:07 AM (GMT)
Ok so I completely forgot during the show and then deleted it after the show so I don't have exact quotes so I figured we could all just say what our favorite quote was!! lol
next week I'll have them I swear!

Personally I loved the whole scene where Shawn was in the background doing all that crazy stuff while Gus was talking. It was hilarious! "Shawn's really matured" lol!

and of course the forieng language stuff that I wouldn't even be able to quote anyway! lol

Tessie - January 22, 2007 10:47 PM (GMT)
Haha, yes that part was awesome. I like when Shawn starts talking about "...because everyone on California is on a diet..." up until when he says "A meatball?" HAHA. It was just the way he said it that was hilarious.

And I like when Shawn starts talking to the mountain lion in baby talk and it growls at him...the cat sounds so fake xD

Serenity - January 23, 2007 09:26 PM (GMT)
I know! I think that growl was in a computer game I used to play...

I forgot about the line that you mentioned though, that was good :D

MintyToothpick - January 24, 2007 04:54 AM (GMT)
I like the

"I have an idea. It's pretty crazy, but it just might work." *steps over the barrier and does that cute little football thing* Ha-ha. That was too cute. :D

I like the meatball quote as well. Basically anything said in that accent was funny. :P

Serenity - January 24, 2007 10:17 PM (GMT)
I had to watch that a couple times cause my dad was falling asleep :D

Sooo funny

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