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Cavan// The Referral Contest is now over.

There are many ranks still up for the taking.. Just post in your application which rank you want (that is not already taken), and if it's a high rank and we want to discuss it with you, we will do so. A reminder: We will want ranks Gamma and up to be involved in the Game -- and on the team that they have a high-rank at. There will be exceptions, but they will be few.

Kerra Pack Pilouri PackYerenta Pack
Alphas: Yaraman
Betas: None
Gammas: None

Alphas: Magdalene
Betas: Fell
Gammas: None

Alphas: Kiros
Betas: None
Gammas: None

Season: Summer

 Board Offline
After talking, both Astrid and I, Cavan, have decided not to re open The Ties That Bind. We are very sorry to have kept your hopes up, but we just do not have the time to run a site, even during the summer. Astrid has opened a new site, which I am sure she will give you the details on, and wolves are just not my cup of tea anymore.

The Ties That Bind will not re-open, though I, Cavan, may use the plot line, which I wrote, for my own story.

If you would like to get your applications back, please email


Hey guys. D: Sorry to keep your hopes up until this point, but I'm sad to say that my new site, Apocrypha, has taken too much of my free time for me to consider opening TTTB back up, especially without Cavan.

So much love to everyone who kept checking back and so many apologies to those of you who kept hoping. It was really fun while it lasted!


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