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 Questions About Mt Finale...
Posted: Aug 3 2011, 05:45 AM

The punk alien

Group: VS Moderator
Posts: 2,925
Member No.: 490
Joined: 29-November 05

What is the status of the Multus Tempestas series finale?

Ten solid pages have already been written, I'm gearing up to have thirty completed by the end of the week. It's the best ten pages I've ever written.

So, it's really coming together then?

Without a doubt. I'm really proud of it. Before, there were some things I needed to deal with. I have two scripts Warner Brothers is interested in. Another script I've been working on for four years. Along with having to grow up or at least try to - it's been quite the year.

What would those scripts be?

An adaptation of the cartoon toy series 'Mighty Max.' My experiences growing up in a haunted house. And a teenage romantic comedy in the same vein as 'Teen Wolf.' All have the same components as the virtual series. It's a winning formula that works.

There has to be some other reason for the delay?

Actually, yes - there was - you see the episodes themselves ended due to not having much of a progression beyond that point. I had around ten episodes left in the schedule PLUS the ending. There was just no way I could write all that. It would be five hundred pages worth of material. So, I had to figure out a new way in that took a lot of time and trial and errors.

What remains from that?

There was one episode dealing with a fighter pilot that became integrated into it. Also the means in which we were going to include the horseman Pestilence. Small fragments from other episodes as well. It's a combination of everything I was looking forward to. Beyond that point though we really jump straight in.

What about returning characters?

You're going to see a long list of characters from previous episodes. Even some very minor characters that may have only appeared in one episode. What I'm aiming for is fully utilizing the world that we created. You can either kill off random Joes or the main guys and believe me - I want to kill off the main guys!

Does that mean Sam or Dean could die?

Possibly. (Laughs)

What can we look forward to?

A lot, a lot of drama. People dying left and right. Bombs going off. Cities being destroyed. Flying demons soaring through the night sky. It's gonna be a blast! Dean once had a vision of the war, well we're starting off about five years before that - we see how all of that would fall into place.

So that future was real?

Yes and no. Could it have been real? Yes, without a doubt. Is it real now? Not really. Dean prevented it. Many of the same elements remain though. Basically that was our Terminator Salvation, we're what comes before that now.

When can we expect the finale to be released?

I'm currently looking at a page count of around a hundred to a hundred and twenty. Meaning it's a fully-fledged movie. 'X-Files: Fight the Future' is a key inspiration, I loved how they tied everything together and really serviced the fans while telling a complete story. With that said, I'm currently eyeing a late October premiere date. It could be later.

It's been a year already...

I know! I know! I'm sorry, alright?! But, never fear - I'd never leave this project cause to tell you the truth, I want this story to be complete as well. And by complete I mean, I want the best ending possible to a very important chapter in my life. 'Multus Tempestas' got me into WB. Now WB wants me as a writer. It's all come full circle.

Any closing words?

Those monsters under your bed? They exist. Buy some rock salt. Peace out!
 photo Pm2.gif
Posted: Sep 7 2011, 05:44 AM

The punk alien

Group: VS Moderator
Posts: 2,925
Member No.: 490
Joined: 29-November 05

Currently aiming for either a December or Summer May 2012 release date. It's going to be epic blockbuster in size and I want to make sure it's just right - while also balancing everything else. Below, to wet your appetite is a deleted opening scene:



A grizzled hard faced man stares straight at us. A warrior coming off a high. Determined. Brave. This is DEAN WINCHESTER (30 years old).

You know, I never imagined it would all come to this. I remember a time when it was just my brother and I.

FLASH IMAGES: Dean and Sam throughout the first season facing the headless horseman, gremlin, and every other freak of the week. Back when things were good. Easy.

Fighting any demons that came our way. Little Sammy and I. We made a hell of a team. But, every story has itís trials along the way.

FLASH IMAGES: Letum kills Sam launching them into the heartbreak of Season Two complete with Sam going through hell, Dean having to watch him fall apart and the meteors hitting down leading to Johnís death.

Ours sure did. I saw him break down, nearly lost him. Twice. Then there was six-twenty-six, the day the meteors hit. I lost my Dad.

FLASH IMAGES: Dean has a hard time coping with his fatherís death throughout Season Three while Sam faces his dark side.

War takes itís toll on just about everyone. God, I know it took itís toll on me. I stopped believing there was a way out.

FLASH IMAGES: Deanís downward spiral into drugs during Season Four, Sam unable to help him as he watches the world fall apart. President Reynolds takes power.

People always say it will never happen to me, but then it does. And you just have to learn to come back from it.

FLASH IMAGES: Dean stands out in an open field. Alone. Heís hit rock bottom after fighting Pestilence.

You have to be ready to face a storm.


Dean leans against the wall, he holds the syringe in one hand. Tears stream. He throws the syringe aside.

Because a storm is coming, make no mistake about it.


A huge fire fight. Guns against FLYING DEMONS. We swoop down through the trees to reveal that itís our heroes: Dean, Sam, Kate, Michael and Bobby. Keeping strong.

And one man can make a difference.


SAM WINCHESTER (26 years old) stands out in an open field watching the sun rise. The image of a man, no longer just a boy, not with all that heís been through.

Even those who have faced against the darkness in their hearts.


Dean stands on the edge of a roof, peering out over the sunset. Heís brooding, but thereís a sense of strength. A leader of man quality.

My name is Dean Winchester.


Dean rubs his hands across his face, exhales, as he peers out over the audience.

And I need help. We all do.

Pull back to reveal that Dean is standing amidst a circle at an addiction meeting. The people range in age, size, and just about everything. The ORGANIZER (30s) is baffled. She offers a faint smile. Deanís on cloud nine.

Originally I thought an opener like this would be necessary, but it wasn't. Instead we launch straight into a really chilling scene to start us off. But, this is what could have been - plus, it has a sense of humor about it.
 photo Pm2.gif
Posted: Nov 8 2011, 01:31 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 158
Member No.: 17,880
Joined: 12-March 07

Can't wait!!


It's been so long I'll have to read the whole thing over again. Oi.

 photo Pm2.gif
Posted: Aug 10 2012, 06:23 AM

The punk alien

Group: VS Moderator
Posts: 2,925
Member No.: 490
Joined: 29-November 05


For those of you who have read everything leading up, you'll be able to tell when you see it heading to a cinema near you.

The story of Sam and Dean are over. HOWEVER, you will still be able to see their story in the form of a stand-alone film. Sans the Winchester brothers (except slight notions created specifically for MT).

I have earned trust within the studio system and have powerful connections. If I wow them with what I have? I can bring my vision to life. So for those excited to see what happens next? While the virtual series is over, the film's become a distinct and definite "baby" I want to see and can finally see become a reality.

It might take a while. But, when you see the trailer? Trust me, you'll know.

Thanks to everyone and be on the look out.

The end?

As to how to know it's me... look for film news about this relatively soon.
(Live action, major studio founded)
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