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 Book One: Beyond The Call Of Blood, Dean is the popular kid. While Sam is...
  Posted: Feb 15 2011, 02:21 PM

Supernatural Rocks! Always!

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Summary: Dean is the new kid in school but he breaks in easy. And then he meets Sam, a 14 yr old kid who can't get any more invisible to everybody even if he tried.

Chapter One: The New Kid On Campus

It was the first day of school at his new school. In two years alone, he has managed to attend three different schools due to the nature of his dad's work; but for 18 year old Dean Winchester it wasn't a problem for him at all. He doesn't mind it that much.

Being blessed with extremely good looks and a likable personality, every school he transfers to; he immediately is an instant celebrity. It's automatic, wherever he goes--he's famous. Both to girls and guys alike. The more schools he goes to, the more infamous he gets.

So who was he to complain.

His parents have nothing bad to say about the kid too. The boy is a good kid--inside and out; he has always been and always will be. Since he started to understand things around him until the present. For them, as well as for the rest of those people around them, new acquaintances or old friends--Dean is God sent. And so far the boy has not disappointed them yet nor do they expect him to in the future; or ever.

PHS Highschool - Dean Winchester.

The kid is getting off the bus for today. First day of school at a different school, he opted to commute and refrain from using his own transport to school yet. His doting parents immediately objected to this after they learned that he was not using his car to head for school that day. But since he always gets what he wants at home anyways -- being a good kid and all, his parents enabled. They let him get away with it; as well as everything else.

The minute he stepped off the bus with his knapsack casually slung over his shoulder-- after taking a whiff of the fresh air, his green pair framed perfectly under long lashes immediately scanned the surroundings. His face breaks into an appreciative smile. As predicted, his presence there, in merely minutes alone---has already commanded attention.

Girls and guys alike; jocks, cheerleaders. Everybody. Even Miss Cassie, the English teacher in her mid-20's seem to have caught his presence there. Girls are seen whispering to each other and checking him out; even giving off flirty giggles to catch the boy's attention. And that includes Miss Cassie.

The boy could just smile to this as he started to get off the sidewalk and head for the entrance of the school. Being in his bright red jacket--what his mom labeled one time as his 'jock costume'--- Dean was hard to miss. Everywhere he went, every corridor, hallways -- heads turn. Appreciative whispers followed.

Now inspite all of the attention given him though, Dean is the most down-to-earth guy there ever was. Like his parents always say to people about their only child, he's an angel.

Dean, with his new class schedules on hand, was on his way to his first class for the day. He just turned a corner when he hears boisterous hollering from behind him; he immediately assumed it could only come from the bunch of jocks that he saw coming down the opposite end of the hallway earlier.

He shakes his head to this. He kept walking; but not without giving off his winningest smile first to the bunch of 11th grader - girls congregated in front of their respective lockers. He may have been a jock himself in his old school before but he's not a fan of being bullies to people who are not in their league. And jocks usually fall under that category; big bullies-- but never Dean.

As he was about to climb up the stairs to his room on the second floor, to mind his own business; his attention suddenly gets pulled back by something. Dean would normally be all up for standing up for people who are too weak to stand up for themselves; and he would normally. But since he is still testing the waters, at the moment he opted to not do that yet.

And that's when it happened.

"You are always going to be a loser, Winchester!" came the big jock as he just shoved a smaller kid against a locker.

'Winchester?' Dean's ear perked. He looks around, he thought he would be the one the voice was calling out to; only it wasn't. Then his eyes caught the scene in front of him. Full-on bullying. His ears immediately turned red and warm.


Everybody turned their heads towards the direction of the newcomer--who happens to be Dean.

"Is there a problem here?" Dean says as he makes his way towards the commotion; there were more of less four big jocks cornering a kid twice inferior to their size. One of them, presumably the leader, gives Dean a nonchalant shrug.

"Nah! There's no problem here, kid." says the jock to Dean. Then he turns to his buddies,"Was there a problem here, guys?" he goes on while shoving the smaller kid they were hassling earlier, behind them as they turned their attention to Dean.

"I don't see any problem around here." says another one of the jocks.

"You're that new kid from the Plains aren't cha? Dean? If I'm not mistaken?" says the first jock, "Put it here, man! Drake." he offers his hand to Dean to which the Winchester boy took. "Heard you're good?"

"You know what, so have I." Dean says.

"Spunky." Drake says. "These are my boys--" he turns to the one to his right, "--this is Allen." then the one to Dean's left, "That's Josh and that's Justin." he says of the one on Dean's right.

While Dean shook their hands, his eyes snuck a glance at the kid the jocks were hassling earlier. He was walking away; it pricked Dean's heart how the other kids just brushed the kid off like he was not even there. Drake noticed him looking over his shoulder at the direction of the kid walking away. He snaps his fingers in front of Dean's face which popped the Winchester boy's thought process.

"Don't mind that kid--he's a nobody!" Drake says.

Dean got to talking with the jocks for several more minutes, when the bell rings. The hallways immediately cleared-up of the students littering the place; including the jocks. Dean opted to distance himself from the throng since he from out of the blues felt claustrophobic all of a sudden. As he was walking a few feet behind the rest of the students going his way, he felt the need to turn around. When he did, he caught something on the floor. Going back for it, he picked it up. It was an eighth grade history book. Dean caught a name.

'Well isn't that convenient?' he says to himself after reading it on the book cover. He looks around. Since there was nobody else in the hallways anymore, and he was already late as it is, the boy opted to just look for the owner later on. After slipping the book into his knapsack-- he heads up to the stairs to his room.

After his first class, Dean decided to just hand the book over to the 'lost & found' department to save himself the hassle. As he was en route there --- while turning a corner, that's when he accidentally bumps into somebody.

"Oh god...I'm sorry---" came the apology. "---I'm so sorry."

"Hey dude---don't pop a vein or anything, nothing's broken. "Dean says with a big friendly smile on his face. "Hey--it's cool." he had to add since the kid started to nervously ramble his apologies. "We're golden! Don't worry about it." he says assuredly, he checks the kid up. "But are you okay though? Nothing broken?"

The kid shakes his head.

"I'm okay...thanks for asking." the quiet wary response came from the younger boy, who Dean guesses is 14 years old. The kid being the very same one the jocks were piquing on earlier. Who as Dean is going on a limb in presuming that he's the one who owns the book that in his possession as well. He unzips his bag and the kid's eyes immediately caught the book.

"This is yours, isn't it?" he asks the kid as he handed him the book. The boy looked relieved beyond measure at the sight of the book.

"I thought I lost it." the kid says as he took the book. "Thank you." he says to Dean.

"Found it at the hall earlier." Dean says, "Was gon'na hand it over to the lost and found...but then guess what? I found you instead."

The kid smiles.

"Thanks again." he says to Dean.

"Don't mention it." the older boy says. He then offers his hand, "I'm Dean by the way."

"Sam." the kid replies while taking Dean's in his for a handshake. "Samuel Winchester."

"Winchester, huh?" Dean added to which the kid nods for. "Are you by any chance related to the Winchesters from Lincoln Plains?"

"Not that I know of." Sam says.

"Are you sure?" Dean asks. "Where are your parents from?"

"My grandfather is from Krendall originally." Sam says.

"Not from the Plains?"

"No, sir."

"Sir?" Dean laughs, "I work for a living, dude!"

The kid chuckles. "Sorry."

"Nah, just kidding!" Dean playfully punches the kid on the shoulder, "Well, anyways. I'll catch you later, alright kid?" he walks around the younger boy who follows him with his eyes.

"Thanks again, Dean." the kid softly calls out to him. Dean turns to him, smiles genuinely and then nodded before they eventually parted ways.


Chapter Two:

They were in the middle of dinner and Dean just told a joke to which both parents bust out chuckling their hearts out genuinely to. Dean, looking at his parents--who at the moment are conversing with each other momentarily at the inside joke they share in reference to the joke their son shared to them; it gave him the avenue to have his mind wander at the earlier events surrounding his new day at a new school.

And then his mind zones in on the new kid he met. 'Sam'...Dean says in his head. 'I wonder if my old man did a little naughty one time on one of his conferences out of town.' he wonders as his eyes are on his dad. 'Man, dad--if you had cheated on my mom---I'd kick your ass!' he says further in his head.

"Dean, honey---" Mary, his mom, calls out to him when they both noticed their son spacing out in his seat all of a sudden. "--are you alright?"

"Huh? Uh---yeah, mom." he says distractedly, "I'm fine. I was just you know, giving you lovebirds a chance to gross your only child out at the dinner table." he says to which both parents laugh at the remark for.

"Sweetie, how was school?" Mary asks randomly a few minutes later on. "Met anybody interesting? Is there a new girl I should be meeting anytime soon?"

"Mom, it's the first day of school." Dean pointed out, "A girl already? Do you really think I'm that popular?"

"Sweetie, "she says. " know you are."

Dean's face breaks into a proud handsome grin. "Yeeeah, I am. Aren't I?" he says smugly. John could only roll his eyes to this while Mary chuckles; taking her husband's hand on top of the table along the way as they both muse fondly at their boy. "As much as your son loves gloating at how infamous he is, Mary..." he sighs, ", there is no girl yet this time."

"Nobody interesting enough at your new school, hun?" Mary asks.

"Well, there's this one kid. But it's not a girl. He's a boy." Dean says. "Not that I'm interested in boys now, folks." he quickly added since he was sensing his parents were gunning on teasing him just then. "Yeah, that's right! I know how your minds work now, guys. Huh?"he points at his temple smugly and then nods from the top of his head. His parents could just smirk to this."See? I learn. Anyways, his name is Sam. This kid."

"Sam? Really?" she says with a happy smile on her face, "I've always thought that Sam is a wonderful name, sweetie. Don't you think so too, sweetheart?" she turns to ask her husband. "Just like my dad."

"Oh right! Grandpappy Sam!" Dean blurts out with a snap of his fingers, "I knew Samuel rung a bell!" he says to himself out loud before turning to his parents again. "Anyways, mom...this kid---you would never guess what made him interesting for me. Besides...the puppy dog...eyes that is...which reminds me of the puppy I always wanted as a kid."

"Oh honey...." Mary scolds. Dean only grins. Three beats and Dean is still waiting---looking, at his parents. And then a second more, with scrunched up brows.

"Well?" he says.

Mary and John look at each other and then at the boy; they both wore confused looks on their faces.

"Well , what son?" John asks in behalf of Mary and he.

"You're not even gon'na guess?" Dean asks.

"Oh??" Mary chuckles, "You wanted us to guess what made him interesting to you, huh?"

"Guys, you just take the fun out of the moment for me sometimes. It's frustrating." Dean gruntles to which Mary reaches her hand in to touch Dean's in between chuckles.

"We're sorry, sweetie." she says. "Anyways--what is it about this Sam kid, baby?"

"His last name, mom." Dean replies. "His last name."

"What about his last name, son?" John asks.

"His last name is Winchester, dad." Dean says. "Just like the rifle. Just like ours!"

"Well, that is interesting indeed." John says, "Did you ask him where they're from?"

"Krendall." the boy says, "Sam says his grandfather is from Krendall. Do we know anybody from Krendall, dad?" he goes on to ask.

"No. Our family has always been from around the Plains, boy." John says.

"You sure?" Dean asks. "Cause I always wanted a little brother---I was hoping you fathered a child out there somehow and Sam was it."

"DEAN THEODORE WINCHESTER!" Mary gasps. So did John actually, only--it was more subdued; he gasped like a marine would.

"Whaaat?" Dean says, "I mean, It was just wishful thinking!" he defended. "Not that it was true or anything. It's not true dad, is it?" he asks John who went pale-faced.

"NO!" John quickly defended with a gulp before a swig of his water.

"I mean of course I would feel offended at first, you know like you would, mom" Dean says--looking at Mary."And hurt...don't forget hurt cause he--he cheated on you." he even manages to point at his dad for reference, "But wouldn't it be really refreshing to have a fresh face around here? Like a little brother perhaps? Cause I think it would be awesome to have a kid brother, mom!"

"John, sweetheart---" Mary turns to her husband.

"Yes, darling?" John responds.

"Should I get the soap?" she follows. Then both parental units turn to Dean who immediately bolted out of his seat with a big amused look on his good-looking face.

"Guys, seriously...don't you think I'm a bit too old for baby baths?" Dean says while backing up towards the door separating the dining room from the den. "I mean, I know you guys love me and all, but this is just ridiculous now. You folks spoil me too much!"

"It's for your mouth, sweetie." Mary says.

Even before they could get up from their seats, Dean had already bolted out of there to the stairs. But not without yelling 'I love you guys!' to his folks before he did; making his parents muse even more fondly at their boy.


He's been at their school for a week. And for half of it --- he didn't see the new kid. He didn't see Sam. The half part of the week when he did see him, Dean did not immediately jump in the water in making chummy with the kid; he instead opted to 'observe' him first. Why he felt he even had to do that, he had no idea.

For the three school days Sam attended school that week, Dean was watching his every move. But he was too good at it --- it was oblivious to everybody; especially to Sam himself.

The boy found the kid following a routine everyday. Recess, Lunch or whenever he has a free period---he is at his usual spot by the open basket court bleachers. Alone. For the whole three days Dean was observing him, the older boy has never seen the kid with anybody. Nobody was taking the time to talk to him either; except the lunch lady at the cafeteria that is and the English teacher he shares with Sam, Miss Cassie. They do talk to Sam one way or the other.

Dean found him to be the loneliest kid he has ever seen his whole life. If not the saddest.

Due to his stalking the boy -- which he would not be caught dead admitting out loud to anybody, Dean also found the kid's after school hang out as well. It was still the same spot. The basketball open court.

Dean didn't see the kid again for two days, it being the weekend. But the very first thing Monday morning, Sam's was the first face he went to look for. Just with his eyes though; only when he was able to see him come in the entrance, did Dean head to his first class.


His brown pair, as he was about to start eating his lunch which comprises a shiny red apple and a juice box, is quietly observing the older kids playing baskets in front of him on the court. For a few seconds, the kid seemingly gets lost into the game going on --- until he hears movement peripheral to him. Expecting to get kicked out of his spot or hassled, Sam braced himself for the usual inevitable whenever the guys usually bothering him felt like doing it; only it didn't happen like that at all.

"Enjoying the view?" came the intro from the newcomer who found a spot beside him on the bleachers, his knapsack sitting next to him -- they were sitting a few inches apart from each other. And the newcomer was just referring to older boys in the court playing baskets. "I don't know about you but I prefer the view over there more."

Sam's eyes follow the newcomer thumb as he juts it towards the direction across the campus field to where the cheerleaders are practicing their new routines. The kid smirks. The newcomer nudges him.

"You do like girls, right?" came the question.

Sam nods rather shyly. "I do like girls."

"That's awesome then!" the other boy says with a smirk, "You still remember me, don't you, Sam? From last week?" he says, "You remember me, right?"

"Dean." Sam says immediately.

"Wow, you do remember." Dean says.

"You remember me too..." the kid says appreciatively.

"Course." the older boy replies. "So," Dean eyes the kid's lunch, "---is that all you're having for lunch? An apple and a juice box? You on a diet or something?"

"Nooo." Sam chuckles. "My grandpa didn't have time to do the groceries yesterday --- this was all there was. But it's okay. I'm not that hungry anyways." he explains.

"Well, you're in luck, kiddo!" Dean says, grabbing his bag and taking a paper bag out. "Would you believe my mom still makes me bring lunch to school?" he says with a wry grin on his face as he digs into the bag for a sandwich. "Here." he hands it to Sam who takes it.

"Isn't your mom going to be mad you gave your lunch awa--" Sam started to ask but Dean that time pulls out another sandwich from inside the bag and shows it off to him. "---oh. She made two."

"Mmhm." Dean says. "Told her to make me an extra for a friend."

"Isn't your friend going to go hungry now?" Sam asks worriedly, "Here." he hands the sandwich back to Dean.

"Not if he starts eating it now, he won't." Dean says. Sam took a second to process that response; but when he did -- Dean didn't miss the warm smile the broke the younger boy's face just then. "Yeah that's right! You're him."

"Wow, thanks." Sam says, his smile reaching his eyes. The younger boy, after taking a bite off the sandwich --- turns to Dean who looks at him nervously.

"What?" Dean asks with a serious face, "Do you taste soap in it by any chance? I can explain!" he goes on, "Mom, what did you---" he starts to whine. Only Sam shakes his head in response, he is in between chuckles while furiously chewing fast at the same time to be able to answer Dean vocally. "Are you alright?" he asks.

"I'm okay."Sam says, "And this is really good!" referring to the sandwich. "Really. Your mom makes the best sandwich!" the kid says with a warm smile on his face.

"She does, huh?" Dean says, mimicking the look on the kid's face.

"Mmhm." Sam says. "It must be nice to have a mom." he says while averting his gaze back to his sandwich.

"Yeah, it is. "Dean says, his voice trailing off. "You don't have a mom anymore?"

"I live with my grandpa." Sam says. "My parents and my sister live somewhere else."

"If you don't mind my asking, "Dean says, "...why don't you live with them anymore?"

Sam could just look at him with a look that Dean read as both fear and worry. As he was about to call Sam out on the looks, all of sudden, a basketball just came whirling towards him. If it had not been for his quick reflexes -- it would have hit his face, but it didn't. He fortunately catches it with both hands; his sandwich landing on the floor.

"What's up, Drake?" Dean calls out with a clenched jaw.

"Hey--not bad!" came a voice Sam has come to fear throughout time being in school. He cringes; which Dean did not fail to see as he got up and tossed the ball back to the one it originated from. "You ARE good, Winchester!"

At the name, Sam's eyes found Dean's. The older boy could just stare back.

"Dean, my man!" Drake's voice broke the connection between them, "That is entirely opposed to the loser beside you there!" he says referring to Sam. "I can't believe he's even a Winchester, man!"

"Hey, leave him alone." Dean says.

"Practice starts at 2, later." Drake says.

"Yeah, I think I got it." Dean replies. "I'll see you 2, then." he says sarcastically.

"The coach wants to see us before practice, man." Drake says. "Let's go!"

Dean sighs. He turns to pick his bag up and the discarded sandwich on the bleacher step; he stuffs it into the paper bag with an offense before going down the steps with Drake. As he got a few more steps down though, he stops and turns to Sam.

"See you later, kid." he says.

"Bye Dean." Sam says quietly; he holds the sandwich in his hand up, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Dean replies. And then he follows Drake out of there to head for the gym.

'Winchester?' Sam says in his head. 'Dean Winchester...' he says as he followed Dean's retreating figure with his eyes.

Disclaimer: I am just borrowing the Winchesters.[B] laugh.gif
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Posted: Feb 18 2011, 02:36 AM

Remember Madison
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Interesting start. Curious as to where you're taking this.
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Posted: Apr 13 2012, 03:13 AM

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Hey are you planning to go on with this? Sounds good! smile.gif
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