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Forum Rules Sam the Series


 You're Not Alone Here, Pt. 2, Three Sneak Peeks of the Episode
Posted: Sep 17 2010, 11:41 PM

Fire Demon
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Sneak Peek #1:

“So what do we do now?” Adrian was the first to speak up, tossing his leather jacket into the trunk of the Impala as they stood outside of the orphanage, trying to process all that had happened. “We need some kind of a plan.”

“I say splittin’ some wigs is a damn good plan,” Travis said angrily, staring at the orphanage. Sam didn’t understand how Travis could be standing in front of him right now. When he left to retrieve Zach, the blood had been seeping through Travis’ fingers as he held the gash in his throat. Sam had thought for sure when he left Ruby and Adrian to care for him, it’d be the last time he would see him alive, the only sign Travis had even been injured was the white gauze bandage wrapped around his jugular.

“It’s not that simple, Travis,” Ruby pointed out. “You don’t know the half of what he’s capable of. Every demon that has ever walked the earth, hell, or any place in between is scared to death of Azazel. He’s what gives demons nightmares.” Adrian huffed as he leaned against the side of the car. The entire group stood on the driver’s side now, still trying to get a grip on everything that recently happened.

“Well, that’s reassuring,” he said sarcastically.

“He’s dead.” The group turned, hearing Sam’s quiet voice. He had been lying on the hood of the car, a beer in one hand, absolutely silent throughout the entire conversation. He was almost saying it to himself, as if he was reaffirming his belief that what he had seen three years ago was really the truth, that it really happened the way he thought it did in the gap between then and today.

“He’s dead,” Sam said again. “Dean killed him. I was there.”

“Can somebody please clue me in on how he can be dead and here at the same time?” Adrian asked. Ruby turned, pulling Adrian to the rear of the vehicle.

“Let it go, limey.”

“But –”

“No,” Ruby warned. “Touchy subject, all right? Yellow Eyes killed his Mom, his girlfriend, and his Dad. If that’s not enough, it was because of him that Dean sold his soul to bring Sam back to life. So you really don’t want to press the issue. He’s here, he’s trouble, and that’s all you need to know.” Adrian’s eyes had gone wide at Ruby’s quick and to-the-point explanation. The shock turned to agreement, however, Adrian nodding sternly. He got it. Ruby nodded in response, glad he understood it needed to be left alone.

The two went back over to Sam and Travis as Sam scooted off the edge of the car, turning towards the three of them. “There’s no need to go into the questions of what we’re going to do about this,” he said, “no need to dwell on what we saw in there. He has my cousin and family doesn’t end in blood.”

“Well, it’s not gonna be easy to kill him this time around,” Ruby replied. Pulling out her knife, she examined the blade. “This and the Colt were their only shots, and considering the gun was what supposedly snuffed him out the first time, he’ll be expecting little tricks like these.”

Sam nodded, but he was silently wondering if the knife would even work. He and Dean had doused their father with holy water when they tracked John down after being kidnapped. It hadn’t affected him at all. It was for that reason they had cut John free and brought him with them, unaware that Azazel was the one riding the meat. They had no idea that Azazel was so high up on the food chain that he was immune. Even though Lilith was afraid of the blade, it didn’t mean Azazel would be.

Adrian sighed, running his hand through his tousled dark hair. “So a top-level demon is loose, he has your cousin, and he’s smart enough to be able to work around the things that’ll kill him. Is there any solution at this point?” Sam looked at Adrian and his expression chilled Adrian to his bones. He didn’t think in all his years of hunting, he had ever seen somebody wearing such a mixture of grief and absolute hopelessness on their face. It told Adrian everything.

They were totally screwed.


Sneak Peek #2:

He was in there. It was so dark, though. He knew who he was, where he had come from. His parents, Richard and Linda, were dead just like his twin brother, Noah. The only grandparents he had known were Clarence and Loretta Winchester. He was from Wichita, Kansas. He had two cousins named Sam and Dean, an uncle named John, and an aunt named Mary.

Sam… he was out there! He has to be looking for me, Zach thought. He had to get out of here!

Zach tried to get out, tried running in every direction to find the way, but every step he took made him feel like he was running through a pool of sludge, trudging slowly, not getting anywhere. Dizziness overtook him. He couldn’t see anything; everything was blurry. Maybe if he spoke, maybe if he screamed, Sam would be able to hear him.

Nothing. Even when he opened up his mouth wide enough to let out a bloodcurdling scream, nothing came out. Not even a squeak.

Why couldn’t he do anything?

Stay still, young man, another voice in his head said. It was deep, growling. It sounded like him, but he could tell it wasn’t. Who, then, was it?

I can hear what you’re thinking, Zach. I can tell you’re wondering who I am. But I think you already know. At least… you know what I am. So just be a good boy and sit tight. We’re gonna have some fun.

Zach thought. What kind of fun?

The kind where I make your only living relative watch me kill you. After the right ritual, your death jumpstarts the end of the world. Plus, one less Winchester in the world works well for me, especially if it makes Sam start focusing more on what his purpose in life is.

Zach didn’t even want to think about what it was Sam should be doing. Wanting and doing are two entirely different things; what plans the monster that held him had in mind for Sam were playing through the brain they currently shared. He saw every horrific detail in full.

It was in this moment Zach decided the Winchester family really was cursed. And if Sam found his way to wherever Zach was, his cousin would only make matters worse.


Sneak Peek #3:

With that, the group returned to their cars and started on down the road, closing in on the orphanage. Reaching its semi-circle driveway, Sam pulled the Impala to a halt while Travis did the same with the Ferrari. They paused, staring at the throng of demons blocking the entry point. One stepped forward, smiling. “Welcome to the party, my lord.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Right,” the demon mused. “I forgot that your cousin has taken your place in the coronation. Sorry about that.”

“Take me to him,” Sam demanded. “Now.” The demon nodded, gesturing towards those behind him. Upon that, they parted, creating an opening at the doors.

“Only you, though. Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest stay here, and not even a canister of salt or a vial of holy water comes in with you.” Sam opened his jacket, taking out a bag of salt from his pocket, the gun from his waistband, and a handful of rock-salt loads, all falling to the ground. Sam turned to his friends, hoping that they understood; it was he alone or no one.

“We won’t touch them or your belongings,” the demon said. “Yet, at any rate. We have more than a traitor and a couple of pansy-ass hunters on our plate to worry about right now.”

“Go on, Sam,” Ruby encouraged. “We’ll be fine.” With a reluctant sigh, Sam moved forward, making his way through the opening the demons provided.

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Posted: Sep 18 2010, 01:41 AM


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Oh, wow! Thud.gif Three great teases! smileyclap22nx.gif I simply can't wait for next week. I get the next installment in this fantastic series, and the show returns. I bow to your genius. smileybow3ya.gif I'm going to have to dig really deep for the patience to wait until you post the next story. Keep up the outstanding work! thumbsup.gif
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Posted: Sep 18 2010, 01:06 PM

Fire Demon
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QUOTE (mary_connell25 @ Sep 17 2010, 09:41 PM)
Oh, wow! Thud.gif Three great teases! smileyclap22nx.gif I simply can't wait for next week. I get the next installment in this fantastic series, and the show returns. I bow to your genius. smileybow3ya.gif I'm going to have to dig really deep for the patience to wait until you post the next story. Keep up the outstanding work! thumbsup.gif

I'm glad we've already got you hooked for the season, Mary, or at least the beginning of it.
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