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 W vs. O: Hunting 101, Franny's crash course
Posted: Feb 6 2007, 09:04 PM

Woman in White

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Alright guys, this is it! I've finally finished the ending dundun DUN! biggrin.gif
Complete with open ending to leave room for the sequel.

I, uh, would have posted it sooner but I was a little, um, distracted by these two incredibly hot pictures of topeless Winchesters that somebody posted...

Incidentally: THANK YOU JACKIE!!! I completely agree with le@ when she says DAMN! Hers isn't the only day that was made with those delicious pics melt.gif *has melted to a puddle* I had to struggle to keep the Fran/Sam stuff from going all NC17 hehehe Hun, anything you want to see done in the sequel you just let me know and its there. laugh.gif

Aw, le@! I'm sorry... didn't want to make you cry. Glad you liked it though biggrin.gif It was evil, I know, leaving you all hanging like that at "Sam." Didn't have the rest written yet though, I think the end'll make up for it

Feline666, thank you! My family tells me that I'm a bit of a drama queen and so I'm told that is the reason that apparently the best stuff I write is the emo-type kinda thing laugh.gif Personally I think they're exaggerating hehe
And...uh...technically Franny is the one who hurt the Metallicar biggrin.gif I deny any involvement in the incident. haha.

Hi Deansgirl88! wave.gif enjoy the ending! Hope to see you with the sequel and perhaps my other fics as well

JJ! *is wibbling too* Writing the emo stuff gets me every time! Thankyouthankyouthankyou for all the nice things you alway say about the stuff I write biggrin.gif There probably wouldn't have been any Sam/Fran at all if you hadn't mentioned it at the end of the first one.
*is sad* Dude, another one finished. sad.gif It's always kind of sad when the ride's over, you know? Can't wait to see what you think of the way I ended it hehehe
(runs off and hides in anticipation of super-secret tackle that may or may not be coming) lolz

'kay, well I'm going to go and see if I can pick up 'Raised' and maybe put together the teaser for the next sequel to post for hasiba after her LSATS. Enjoy the ending guys!!

There wasn’t much he could have done differently really. He’d knocked for nearly ten straight minutes and there had been no answer. Given the fact that he wasn’t exactly feeling his best and that mid-November in Canada was damned cold Sam wasn’t about to walk all the way back to Cal’s. The prospect of waiting it out until either Dean came back or Fran showed up wasn’t too appealing either. So he started working the lock. If he was going to wait at least he’d be warm, the hell with the consequences.

The lock itself was a giant pain in the ass. Probably because his fingers were stiff and cold. Might’ve been the weather, but he preferred to blame the lock. You know, because it couldn’t possibly be the hangover he was determined not to feel. So, it was the lock’s fault really. It was the one making all the noise and it kept sticking… at least it was until the door swung open.

She reminded him of a wild, angry lioness. Light brown hair sticking out around her head like a mane, roaring angrily about brewskies, the butt-crack of dawn and that this just wasn’t funny no matter how far back everyone went around here. Of course, he had no idea what she was talking about. Didn’t really care either once he got a good look at her. Was she hung over? Sure looked like it. Well then, that was mighty interesting.

Then she’d just stopped, stared at his chest a second and then looked up. The look of surprise had been absolutely priceless. “You’re not a local boy.” she’d said before squeezing her eyes shut and storming off to the bathroom, muttering to herself all the way. Nope, he sure wasn’t. But she already knew that.

Okay. So maybe it wasn’t the smoothest move in the world. Probably wasn’t the best question to open with either. Apparently though he was still too hung over to be able to control what came out of his big mouth.

When she’d come back out of that bathroom, eyes still firmly closed still dressed in nothing but a tank top and underwear he couldn’t resist. A step to the right and he was right in her way. Eyes closed like that the only thing that could have happened did. Franny ran right into him. Nearly fell over when she did too and then finally opened her eyes. What he saw there he couldn’t begin to try to put a name to…and then she’d said his name, voice all scratchy broken-sounding.

In his defense he had in fact seen the fragility in her eyes, the hurt…the regret. He’d seen it and recognized it for what it was. Unfortunately his head was running at half speed and with a mind of its own so instead of saying something sensitive, something intelligent… something to ease her mind…yeah, instead he’d asked her the type of question that would normally have come from Dean.

“Do you always answer the door half naked when you’re yelling at the local boys?” First thought that came to mind after he’d said it was Oh God! Did I really just say that? Followed very closely with the realization that if she answered him with a yes…well he was going to have to look into becoming a Canadian citizen because waiting ten minutes in the cold for her to come storming out in nothing but that? Yeah, totally worth it.

It took a minute for his eyes to get from the socks on her feet, past her legs, around every other curve on the way up before he finally got to see the reaction on her face. She looked down once, looked back up at Sam and then back down at herself again…let out a loud, embarrassed groan and then disappeared into what he could only assume was her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.
That had been ten minutes ago.
Ten minutes and not even the hint of a sound coming from the other room.
Sam was starting to get worried.

Big hands, gently knocking on a surprisingly flimsy door and a question called out in the quiet of the apartment. “Hey, you okay in there?”
A muffled, uptight little ‘no’ stretched the across distance between them followed by a grumpy ‘go ‘way... ‘m too hung over to deal with a tulpa today’.
Apparently she thought he was a thought form. “Uh, Franny…I’m not a tulpa.” He couldn’t help the laughter. It was just too cute.
“Sure y’are. Sam’s in New York and you’re too damned solid to be a hallucination. Built like a brick wall, man. Seriously.”
“Yeah well, tulpa or no we need to talk…”
“No can do amigo. I refuse to negotiate with a figment of imagination.”
Fingers working through his hair he let out a frustrated breath and leaned back on the wall next to the door. “What’s it going to take for me to convince you I’m actually here Fran?”
He was met with an annoyed moan and the sound of rustling blankets.
It was nowhere near an invitation to come in, but he took it as one anyway. Enough was enough.

So much for angry lioness. Now she was like a five year old child. Nothing but a big lump completely covered in blankets. Sighing loudly he sat down on the edge of the bed, right next to the lump. “I saw the bottle of Jack in the living room…”
“I said go ‘way.”
“Great. I dream up tulpa-Sam, but with Dean ‘tude.” She grumbled.
“If it makes you feel any better about the hangover I’ve got one too.”

Apparently Fran had come to the conclusion that she couldn’t avoid this thing, whatever it was, sitting next to her on the bed because suddenly the top of the blanket came down to reveal her head and shoulders. There was still a long arm covering a pretty face… but at least she wasn’t hiding under a blanket anymore…which could sort of be considered progress Sam supposed. “I don’t believe you. You look too together to be hung over.”
“Ha. Well thanks, that’s a huge compliment considering. ‘Course that’d probably be because I left most of the two dozen shots of whiskey and the six or seven beers it took to get me up here by the side of the road coming up. Not that I’m feeling anywhere near human yet.”

The arm came down and she gave him the once over through slitted lids. “You had to get drunk to come up here?”
“Well, no. I was getting drunk to numb the pain. Dean took advantage of the situation to bypass my decision to respect your decision to leave. I, uh, passed out in his car on the way home from the bar and when I woke up we were already on the road. By then it was too late to argue. He was right though and I should have come up here sooner.”
“So… um…” she was twisting the blanket under her fingers as she asked “Why did you come up here?” Fran didn’t look at him, looked like she was afraid to.

“I needed to know why.”
“Why what?”
“Why you left. Why you didn’t wake me up and say something before you did. Why you never called me back.”
“I…was scared.”
“You’re kidding right?”
“No Sam. I’m not.” And he could tell from the dead seriousness of her expression that she really wasn’t.
“Alright. Let me get this straight… you chase down car thieves for stealing from you, you throw men four times your size out of your bar at gunpoint without even so much as blinking… God, you took down a damn tulpa all by yourself…and you’re scared of me? For God’s sake Franny, if anything I should be the one scared of you.”
“Haha, real funny. Big guy like you afraid of a little girl like me.”

She was trying to lighten the mood but it wasn’t working. Sam kept that serious look and she just knew he wouldn’t leave her alone until he got the answers he was looking for. Another interesting fact to file away in the back of her mind: the main Winchester trait seemed to be stubbornness Which…you know…was just fabulous news for her right then.

“Look, you’re a hunter. Sooner or later you were going to hit the road again and disappear. I thought… I thought at first that I could deal with it. Take what I could get for as long as I could have it and then let you go when the time came. But you were just so wonderful and I started to really care, you know?” But he didn’t look like he did. Just watched her carefully, waiting for her to go on.

“When I woke up that night, after everything happened…all I could do was lie there and watch you sleep at first. I started thinking about what we would do in the morning and wondering how much time I’d have with you before… before you, Dean and Cal would be ready to leave again. Sam, you’ve gotta understand. I’m a strong person. The crap I’ve been through? Well there are two things that happen when you go through that kind of stuff either you break, shatter completely and become an empty shell of the person you once were or you pick yourself up, build yourself some good solid walls and get stronger for it. I am strong Sam but I am not strong enough to watch you walk away. I needed to walk away on my own terms because there was no way I was getting out in one piece if I didn’t.”

Well, that had been the theory any way. She’d found out pretty quickly that there was no walking away from that man in one piece, and now look where she was.

“You though I was going to leave?” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Yeah. You would have had to eventually, wouldn’t you?”
“Well yeah…”
“There you go then.” And he’d though Dean was stubborn?
“Fran…you should have said something. Yeah, I would have had to leave to go on hunts but I wouldn’t have just disappeared. I would have come back. Hell, if you didn’t want to see me go you could have come with us. We could have worked something out.”
“Didn’t think you guys would have gone for that. Cal was pretty clear about her feelings on that one.”
“Yeah, well I’m not Cal am I? Besides, after the way you took down that tulpa? She wouldn’t have tried to stop you. Hell, even Dean was impressed.”

She threw her arm back over her face to hide the emotional mess she’d become and Sam wondered briefly what the hell he was supposed to do to make this better.

“Hey, listen. I get it okay? I know you have a life here. It’s safe, it’s normal and it’s something you worked really hard for. It’s not something you want to give up and I’d never ask you to… You’ve been hurt before…a lot from the sounds of it…and I get that too… It’s just that…”

And he hesitated, right there on the edge of spilling out exactly what he was thinking and feeling. Just long enough to wonder if he was doing the right thing, unloading it on her like this. One look at Franny, actually honest-to-god visibly holding her breath waiting to hear what he had to say like it was the secret of life or something…the hesitation was gone. He’d be damned if he didn’t give it everything he had to keep her right there where he needed her, beside him.

“There’s something I need to tell you about that morning you left, when I woke up and before I knew you were gone. Fran… I actually slept that night. Like seven hours straight, no nightmares or anything, and it’s been a really long time since that’s happened. Might not sound like that big of a deal, but it really is. When I woke up it was like the whole word was suddenly different. Like just knowing that you were there next to me made the world a bit of a better place to be. Hunting and all…”

Sam had propped his booted foot up on his knee and was picking at the laces as he talked. Wouldn’t look at her like suddenly he was shy around her. She was pretty sure if she squinted she’d see two of him: One the grown man, confident hunter; the other a small boy, insecure and shy about spilling his biggest secret. Before she knew it he was clearing his throat again and going on.

“You’ve got me thinking about things again…things I’d given up on after Jess…ha, I’ve even caught myself making plans. Only time I’ve ever made any kind of plan beyond the next hunt, motel or meal was Stanford… but here I am running over about a million different ways to work the hunt around your normal in my head over and over again…and I don’t know. I guess what I’m trying to say is…it’s not going to be easy. Not even close…but nothing worth having ever comes easy…and this, for me, is worth it.”

Okay, she was pretty sure her heart had stopped…and she was embarrassing herself with the open mouthed staring thing. Before she even realized it her arm was stretching out, hands reaching out to touch him and make sure that he really was real and not just something she’d just dreamed up. Stopping just short of actually touching him though because if he wasn’t real she just didn’t want to know. Not after all that.
“Fran…” he felt the slight jerk of surprise when he touched his hands to hers, as if she still didn’t expect him to be real. “…could you maybe… say something?”

He was really here. Sam was here…big, strong and warm… better make that hot. Yeah hot was definitely the word…and why was it she’d left again? Biggest mistake she’d ever made right there. He wanted her to say something…but she didn’t want to talk anymore because all she could think of was the fact that Sam Winchester was sitting on her bed saying all the things she thought she’d never hear…
Took a second for her mind to catch up with her body which apparently had suddenly developed a mind of its own but when it did she wasn’t complaining…except maybe about the fact that there were far too many clothes involved.

Her fingers had dug themselves a permanent spot in messy, silky dark hair and they were kissing. Desperate, hungry, drowning type kisses that made her feel like she was about to burst into flame right there in his arms…and those arms? They were holding her as if he was afraid that when he let go she’d be gone again, like he couldn’t pull her close enough. Franny was pretty sure that where she was right that second was about the closest to heaven you could ever get.
It wasn’t long though before he was pulling away a little, looking into her eyes, words falling from sinful kiss-swollen lips again. “think I love you…”
There were tears glistening in the corners of her eyes. “me too Sam…”
“Don’t go again?” desperate plea reaching out from hopeful puppy eyes…
“You either?” a plea echoed in her own husky voice…
“Never.” A promise he’d made and should have voiced days earlier.
“Me either.” a promise of her own. One she would never break.
It was all he’d needed to hear. Crushing her to him again, giant arms wrapping right around her he kissed her soundly and picked her up…blankets and all.

“Wait! Hey, where’re we going?”
“Kitchen, need coffee…then bathroom, need shower…then back here. Not planning on letting you out of my sight for awhile…”
Her Sasquatch was sounding suspiciously caveman-like…not that she was complaining really. She’d pretty much been thinking the same thing in reverse order. You know…bed since they were already there…then shower…then coffee…but hey, the guy had been on the road all night so she supposed a girl could allow for a little change in plans.

“Hey Fran?”
God she loved the rumble of that voice in his chest.
Arms wrapped around his neck and head resting in that comfortable spot where shoulder met the side of his neck.
“I think it’s only fair I warn you…”
“Warn me ‘bout what hun?”
“I ever set eyes on whoever it was that hurt you they’re not gonna make it out in once piece.”
“You won’t ever have to Sam. First two are in jail…and the other one Cal helped me take care of. They won’t show their faces ‘round here ever again.”

Well now, that was a story he definitely wanted to hear. Maybe Dean could get it out of Cal, because Fran didn’t look like she wanted to talk about it yet…

“Yes Sam?” she was kissing the side of his neck as she answered him and it made him want to growl. He was looking at her like she was prey and good lord but she didn’t think they’d be getting anywhere near coffee for awhile…
“Please don’t answer the door in your underwear again…I’m, ah, pretty sure I’ll get jealous.” Honestly? He was pretty sure it wasn’t a habit of hers or anything but he wanted to be positive he’d be the only one who got to see her like that.
Fran just laughed and kissed him soundly.
Yeah. This was what it was all about. Right here.
One thing was for sure, her quiet little life would never be the same again.
And thank God for that.

One week later to the day Sam and Dean are sitting on the porch of Cal’s parent’s place. The haunted farmhouse outside of Ottawa successfully taken care of and they’re killing time until the next hunt comes along. There’s a calm here, a peace that neither has really had the chance to feel before. Dean lets out a happy sigh as he looks out toward the snow covered fields.
“So this is normal huh?”
“Haha…Yeah Dean. About as normal as we’ll ever get.” Dean’s thinking that he was right, Fran is good for him. He’s happier. There’s less and less quiet brooding and a whole lot more laughter.
“Yeah, well… it’s nice…”
“But…?” He couldn’t fool Sam. It’s been bothering him awhile and Dean knows he can’t hide the ‘but’ anymore. Doesn’t mean he’ll give it up easy though.
“But nothin’”
“Dean?” Yeah, kinda figured Sam wouldn’t buy it. Worth a try though.
“Okay, alright. It’s just… I…”
Another sigh, this time a frustrated one. Silence falls between them as Dean tries to find the words he needs to express what’s weighing so heavily on his mind. When he does find them the words are hesitant because he’s worried that by putting the fear into words it might make whatever it is real.

“You, uh, ever get the feeling that this might just be the calm before the storm? You know, like this is just some twisted reprieve and maybe the really bad shit’s only just about to hit the fan?”
“Yeah…I kinda do”

Dean grunts and Sam’s not real sure if he’s amused because he’s finally being agreed with for once or upset because he doesn’t want to be right. Probably a bit of both he muses.

“I don’t want to lose this Sam…” and he knows exactly what Dean means.
“You won’t. We won’t” He wouldn’t let it happen.
“We don’t know that, not for sure.” Dean’s not that confident, might even be scared though he’s not about to admit it out loud or anything.
“When have we ever known anything for sure? Look man, we’re good at what we do. Cal knows what she’s doing and Fran’s learning fast. It’s not just you and me anymore… It’s the four of us. Four sets of eyes, of hands…”

Sam lets his voice trail off knowing he doesn’t need to say what comes next. That Dean’ll just get it, because he always does. That’s the way it works between them.
There’s four of us working together now, watching each other’s backs so it’ll be okay. We’ll lean on each other and protect each other and it’ll be easier to stay alive now. To fight.

And Dean does get it, just like he always does…and he knows Sam’s right. Or would like to believe he is anyway. But really Dean’s thinking: Yeah. There’s four of us now but I don’t think that I can protect us all against what’s out there waiting for us . Because that’s another thing Dean’s always just done, and Sam…well Sam never really got how big a job that really was.

“There’s a storm brewing Sam. Something big is coming at us I can feel it right down to my bones. We need to be ready when it hits us” and yeah, so maybe the fear he’s feeling shows but for once he doesn’t care.
“We will be Dean. We will be.” And Sam believes it because he has faith.
Only Dean…well he’s not so sure and that’s something he can’t hide from Sam. Can’t even begin to try. It’s in the way he moves, looks around restlessly, doesn’t say anything…not even one of his usual smartass wisecracks

Then there’s Cal’s strong voice echoing across the yard from the kitchen behind them and as quickly as the moment was upon them it was gone.
“Hey Dean, wanna come in here and give me a hand? Somebody managed to char the steak again…and yes, as a matter of fact that would be me. You know, Martha Stewart that I am. Save the applause please while I take a bow. I need somebody to cook the rest of ‘em without turning them into charcoal. You game?”

So a roll of the eyes from Dean, another happy laugh out of Sam and the Winchesters trudged back into the house headed for the kitchen and the promise of thick juicy steaks, pretty women and the warmth of home long overdue if even just for a little while.

Okay, so that's it for this one. Can't wait to find out what you all thought of it...
Hope I to see you all in my other fics too! (Raised by the Winchesters is the next one I plan to work on *nudge, nudge* biggrin.gif )
  Posted: Feb 6 2007, 09:20 PM

Sam's Guardian Angel

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I, uh, would have posted it sooner but I was a little, um, distracted by these two incredibly hot pictures of topeless Winchesters that somebodyposted...

Incidentally: THANK YOU JACKIE!!! I completely agree with le@ when she says DAMN! Hers isn't the only day that was made with those delicious pics  *has melted to a puddle* I had to struggle to keep the Fran/Sam stuff from going all NC17 hehehe Hun, anything you want to see done in the sequel you just let me know and its there.

evilhands.gif Hehehehehehehe Did I distract you? *innocent grin* :angel It was supposed to be an incentive.

As for what I want to see done in the sequel? Well, how about a freaking happy ending with TWO Winchester Weddings and the f***ing Demon finally dead? That would really make my would some more reviews from you on my School Days, Hunting Nights fics lol. smileyclap22nx.gif biggrin.gif

I'm glad I could make your day with the pics I found. Sometimes just looking at eyecandy like that can really turn a miserable day right around. If you need anyone to beta the next fic, pm me and let me know. I'll ttyl.

Posted: Feb 6 2007, 09:56 PM

Woman in White

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Hehehehehehehe Did I distract you? *innocent grin* :angel It was supposed to be an incentive.

Jackie, I assure you it was both biggrin.gif
More reviews eh? hehe Guess I better get those next couple of chapters read then hehe those reviews are on their way... promise
I like your sequel suggestions biggrin.gif Could call it 'Two Weddings and a Demon's funeral" or something like that laugh.gif
and btw, I've done a fic already where the Winchesters completely destroy that yellow eyed demon if you're interested in reading it... called Schism and it's already finished, at least on this site so no cliffhangers biggrin.gif Fair warning though it's much darker than the w vs o series.

As for the beta request? I definitely could use a beta... would you be interested in beta-ing for the other fic I have on the go?

Thanks again hun! ttys!
(guess I should have probably pm'd this huh? laugh.gif )
Posted: Feb 6 2007, 10:26 PM

Can I find the demons within these eyes

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Well that was just beautiful... perfect ending Gen... it was Great and i loved every chapter in this story more the the one before... and the ending was just like a season finally... seriously consider getting a job on the show.. loll.. anyways i've been wanting to read raised by the winchesters.. i've started it and it sounds great so far.. i just have to find some more time in between hw... evil teachers..loll.. but i'll get there...

as for the sequel well u know i can't wait...and since ur taking ideas.. maybe Franny getting possessed by the yellow eyed demon, since he is after sam... would hate to see her die like jess though... i don't know... just throwing ideas.. but ur the master mind, and dean playing the lovable hero is always a pleasure...loll... and did i hear something about a wedding... YEAH.. loll... whatever u come up with i'm pretty sure i'll love.... smileyclap22nx.gif

anyways.. AMAZING job as always... and can't wait for that teaser biggrin.gif
Posted: Feb 7 2007, 12:19 AM

Woman in White

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Hehe... thanks le@! You know it's funny you should say that about working for the show because JJ and I have joked about it in the past and I keep saying I'd totally be willing to relocate for it...but alas *sigh* no phone calls from kripke or the CW as of yet biggrin.gif

Don't worry about Franny... I'm pretty sure that killing her off in the next installment would probably mean putting my life on the line it's just not going to happen hehe I do, however, find the demonic possession idea pretty darned interesting... was also thinking about possibly bringing in papa Winchester into the next one (though not possessed)
Weddings? Did someone mention weddings? hmm... *is thinking* must get to work on a teaser...

So yes, I'm taking suggestions for the next sequel... feel free to PM me with them guys.
Also I've been toying with the idea of a banner for my w vs o fics and was just wondering who you guys picture Cal and Fran looking like? I've got a few ideas myself but would love to get your input too.

Thanks again guys!
Posted: Feb 7 2007, 02:33 AM


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All emotions through this ending...i cried, i laughed, i blushed (and i never do that), and i feel deeper in love (ok...really corny!!)

Favorite lines:
Like just knowing that you were there next to me made the world a bit of a better place to be.

Are you trying to make me wibble? Cause ya did!

but nothing worth having ever comes easy…and this, for me, is worth it.”

Seriously!! Stop making me cry!!!

“think I love you…”
There were tears glistening in the corners of her eyes. “me too Sam…”
“Don’t go again?” desperate plea reaching out from hopeful puppy eyes…
“You either?” a plea echoed in her own husky voice…
“Never.” A promise he’d made and should have voiced days earlier.
“Me either.” a promise of her own. One she would never break.

And now i start to blubber.... (i'm gonna kill you..)

Somebody managed to char the steak again…and yes, as a matter of fact that would be me. You know, Martha Stewart that I am.

And this...i don't know if you were secretly channeling me, or this was something you did; but this was spot on for me. It broke me out of my blubberfest and i laughed...loudly.

All in all, awesome..aweomse sequel!! You did a beautiful job! I can't wait for the sequel, and as your PIC i already have some ideas!
Posted: Feb 7 2007, 07:29 PM

Advanced Member

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cheerleader.gif Hey Gen,woot woot another cracking story,i wish the sn writers would take note we could really do with Frannie and Cal on the show,all compliments to you cos i can already picture them exactly while i am reading,i love your fics and id love a sequal,no pressure though,ill just hunt you down untill i get one,only joking!Thanks Babes!!!!xxx
Posted: Feb 8 2007, 10:20 PM

Woman in White

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Heh heh biggrin.gif Thanks JJ! Couldn't have done it without your help sorting through all my ideas and keeping the plot straight.
Ideas you say? Dude, whatcha waiting for? Send 'em on over... can't wait to start adding them in... (yup, I've already started writing the next sequel teeheehee evilhands.gif )

Hi feeline666! Aw, thanks hun. I think it'd be awesome to write for the show...too bad the chances are only about a million to one that I'll be asked to tongue.gif To see my characters come to life, like on screen where everyone can see them? Wow, that'd just be amazing Maybe one day, eh? biggrin.gif
No need to hunt me down laugh.gif ... the teaser has already been written and is currently in the hands of the lovely Jackie who has generously offered to beta hte next sequel for me (which I can't thank her enough for btw, because I am absolutely terrible at proofreading my own stuff laugh.gif ) and JJ and I have already outlined the first chapter (which is already half written, and wow! it's gonna be a doozie! hehe) and found a direction for rest of the story....which doesn't usually come to me until the third or fourth chapter so we're really on a roll with this one.

Anyhoo... all that just to say that it shouldn't be too much longer until the next sequel is up biggrin.gif

Oh, and just in case hasiba finds a few minutes before her LSAT's thought I'd throw in another 'Good luck' for good measure, though I'm positive she'll do amazing and definitely get above the 170 that she said she was aiming for...
cheerleader.gif cheerleader.gif cheerleader.gif cheerleader.gif We're rooting for you hasiba!

K, enough of my rambling for now... gonna go finish up that first chapter now biggrin.gif
Posted: Feb 8 2007, 10:23 PM

Sam's Guardian Angel

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Hey everyone, as Gen has said, I am betaing the sequel to this. And let me tell you, everyone will LOVE the first chapter. biggrin.gif
Posted: Feb 9 2007, 05:38 AM

Woman in White

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YAY!!! The teaser for next instalment to my little W vs O series is up!!

A heartfelt thank you to Jackie for betaing this one for me. Girl you are all kinds of awesome for even offering!!

And a special thanks to my PIC, JJ!! Because really? It was her idea to add a little jealous Dean in there and that suggestion alone is what sent the teaser in the direction it went. (dude, you've got to let me know what you think of what I did with that Dean/shirt line... I think you'll be pretty pleased with it biggrin.gif )

Alright then, on with the teaser eh? Enjoy!

“Cal…you sure about this? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure that Dean is going to freak the hell out when he sees you like that…”

Fran was eyeing her friend and the outrageous getup she was wearing. Hair down around her shoulders for a change instead of up in the functional ponytail she wore most of the time, tight blue jeans hugging every curve over the long black boots she liked to wear when they were hunting and this red thing that she was trying to pass off as a blouse.

“Of course I’m sure hun…and I know he’s gonna freak. That’s why I called Sam and told them to meet us there.” The blouse she had on was a surprise. It was the replacement she’d finally managed to find for the black one Dean had thrown out on her the day after they’d first met. She was in the mood for a little fun after another job well done…a poltergeist this time…and it was their last night out in this little hole-in-the-wall town.

Dean had suggested they go out for a few beers and some pool before heading back home in the morning and Cal figured it was the perfect opportunity she’d been waiting for. It had been a while since she’d been able to raise a little hell.

She was standing at the bar all legs, curves and wavy brown hair. There were close to a dozen men hovering around…some crowding around and fighting for her attention, others hanging back waiting for the crowd to die down to get their chance. This one’s trouble was what the bartender was thinking as he watched her expertly handle the men around her. He’d seen girls like her before, usually just passing through and looking for a little fun to bring back to the hotel for the night. Girls who were used to showing a little cleavage and getting whatever they wanted.

Hell, if he were twenty years younger he might’ve given it a go himself… but he wasn’t and so he just poured, mixed and watched her play it out. There was something different about her though. Something more than the average woman out for a little fun.

And then there was that guy. The one with the angry eyes who was obviously hustling his regulars at the pool tables. The bartender would have been a little insulted that he’d try it, but really? Usually it was the local boys hustling cash out of anyone who passed through long enough to stop in and play a game. So if those boys couldn’t open their eyes wide enough to see they were being played then he was considering it fair game.

The girl was trouble all right, and she knew exactly what kind of trouble she was there to start. It was in the flirtatious looks she sent every which way to anyone who caught her eye. It was in the dirty, angry glares that guy at the pool tables kept sending her way. The guy was obviously jealous… and the girl? Well she was paying attention to pretty much everyone but him. Yeah, she knew what she was doing, who she was after. It was just a matter of time. There’d be a mess to clean up after last call tonight, the bartender was sure of it.

What the hell had she been thinking? He just knew something was up when she’d called Sam instead of him. Was she trying to drive him insane? Yeah, that had to be it. Cal wanted him to go stark raving mad. The “ribbon” was back…in bright blazing red no less. As if the damn thing needed any more attention then it was already getting her…and right now that red was about the only color he could see. The guys were a given. No matter what bar they went to she somehow managed to attract them like flies. Of course usually he was okay with it because usually the girls were all over him too and Cal was…you know…fully clothed.

She wouldn’t even look at him, so there was no satisfaction in the dark, ugly looks he kept sending her way. Damn. And to make matters worse, Franny had led Sam away to a quiet corner of the bar where they were making goo-goo eyes at each other or whatever the heck it was they did when they went off by themselves.

So there he was; hustling pool all by himself, and being forced to watch as the woman flirted with every guy in the place…except him. Cal was looking for a bar fight. Dean was sure of it. Probably hoping the first punch would come from her jealous boyfriend… he’d be damned if he was going to give her the satisfaction.

The thing about Cal? Well, she’s not exactly what one would call ‘patient’. So when she’s out looking for trouble and it doesn’t come to her right away? Well, she likes to nudge it along a little.

Two and a half hours at the bar and still the only reaction she was getting from Dean was a little angry glaring that she chose to pretend to ignore. It felt like there were holes burning into her back he was staring her down so hard. She was off her game tonight. Usually she’d managed to at least get some sort of smart ass comment by now…Cal had been positive that he’d try to haul her out of the bar as soon as he saw the blouse was back, but no. Dude was being stubborn tonight: Refusing to play into her little games.
Yeah, so…time to stir it up a bit eh?

“Any of you boys up for a little pool?” It was an open ended question. Cal didn’t wait for an answer, just moved toward the other pool table (the one Dean wasn’t using) with a trail of eager men following in her wake. This plan was even better. She could goad Dean and make a little cash at the same time. “I’ve got a twenty that says I can beat any one of you boys at this game…any takers?”

Of course, as it always happened, the biggest guy in the place stepped up and called her on it. Dean watched the guy move in close to her, hand her a twenty and the black plastic triangle…there was just something about the way he’d done it that made Dean’s blood boil. “Why don’t you rack ‘em up sugar, so we can get this show on the road.”

Cal just smiled slow and sexy.

Dean stopped breathing when she leaned over the end of the pool table and just moved racking ‘em up slow. Yeah, that girl was going to be the death of him. She knew exactly what she was doing. Close to two dozen men surrounding the pool tables and not a sound from any of them until Jack, the guy Dean was hustling, leaned it next to him and whispered “I’d give just about anything right now for that girl to rack ‘em up like that for me.” Well, that was it for Dean right there. No way he was putting up with this anymore. He had definitely had enough of this little game Cal was playing.

He stood up slowly, deliberately not bothering to take the shot he was lining up, the one that would have won him the game. Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out a couple of bills and tossed them carelessly onto the green felt in front of him.

“What the…? What’s up man? You were about to clean the table. I should be the one paying up right now.” But Dean had already forgotten the guy and was moving toward Cal, leather jacket in hand.

He was behind her before she even had the chance to straighten up and when she finally did his hand wrapped itself firmly around her arm. Cal knew it was him. When she turned to face him there was no surprise: Just the flash of an evil little smile and the arch of a mischievous brow- Took you long enough.

She didn’t have to say the words; Dean read them in the clear blue of her eyes. Yeah, well…he had a thing or two to say about that but he wasn’t saying them here. He sent an ugly look and a scowl around the tables at the men gathered around there that seemed to dare them to make a move, to say something when he turned her around again and started moving them both towards the door.

It wasn’t until they’d made it to the door that one of them got bold enough to try something. One minute Dean was pushing the door open for Cal and getting ready to follow her through, the next he was stopped in his tracks by a big meaty hand on his shoulder and a deep rumbling voice coming from somewhere above him.

“This guy troubling you miss?” Unbe-freaking-leivable! Why? Why did it always have to be the biggest damned beefcake in the place? Every…single…time.

Cal of course, didn’t answer the guy, just looked at Dean with a shrug – what can I say? That’s just the way it goes. – And a sweet smile. There was a deep sigh as Dean hung his head briefly, because apparently Cal was about to get her way tonight after all.

As usual the Beefcake mistook Cal’s shrug as being a something along the lines of: I don’t know…maybe...I’m just too sweet do anything about it myself. She’d played the innocent card to perfection. Dean felt the displacement of air as the guy swung his arm back, didn’t even need to look up. Just swerved aside when the fist came at him so that it hit wall instead of the face it had been aiming for.

His hands hanging loosely at his sides, fingers curled into tight fists and Dean was plenty ready to hit the guy back when he finally looked up again. Lucky for Beefcake another large man had stepped between them. “It’s okay man… he’s my brother…and Cal’s with him.” Thank God for Sammy.

Of course, Sam’s word wasn’t enough for the guy. He had to look over at Cal for her nod. “Can’t begrudge a girl for needing a little attention now and then…” Yeah, that sass of hers was not helping the situation.

Beefcake looked like he wanted to smash something. Apparently he was the macho type that didn’t take well to being played around with. Wonderful. Not that Dean blamed the guy at all… it was just a damned inconvenient time to have to deal with his reaction.

Looked like the bar fight might happen after all, even with Sam stepping in…until Fran came up behind the Beefcake and put a hand on his forearm to distract him. “You’ll have to forgive our hellcat over there. Never happier than when she’s causing havoc that one. Come on back to the bar... Sam’n I will buy you a beer.”

Dean always knew he liked that chic. He didn’t wait to watch them walk back to the bar, just roughly ‘guided’ Cal out the door as she weakly protested, “Dude, I wasn’t ready to leave yet.”

“Oh yeah? Well I say you were.”

“I’m going back in there Dean.”

“The hell you are.”

And just like that she was up and over his shoulder watching the backs of his legs work as he carried her across the parking lot. Yeah, the whole caveman deal had definitely grown on her.

When he did put her down it was to pin her between himself and the Impala. She had no where to go and that was fine by her. Cal let him know as much by putting a hand on either of his hips when he leaned in, one arm on either side of her head with palms resting on the black metal of his car, to rest his forehead on hers.

“You’ll be the death of me, woman.” It was a low growl that did wonderful things to her insides.

“Oh, don’t give me that line Winchester. You knew what you signed up for when you came looking for me.” Part of the fun was the fight.

“Yeah…doesn’t mean it doesn’t piss me off sometimes.” For both of them.

“…was just having a little fun…”

“…driving me insane…” He groaned.

“Yeah.” She grinned, not even bothering to try apologetic.

“Worked, you know?”

“That’s the best part.”

“No, best part is that you always leave with me.” And suddenly he’d switched from angry to predatory, stealing a kiss and leaving her breathless.

“Only one thing to say about this…better’ve been wearing that damned ribbon for me this time and not some psycho-stalker vampire…”

“Only one guy in that place I wanted attention from…”

“…better’ve been me…”

“...Beefcake at the bar…” she was teasing him now. He didn’t hate it.

“Get in the damn car Cal. We’re going home. Gonna show you exactly what I think about that little stunt you pulled back there.”

“Franny and Sam…?”

“Have the keys to the Mustang…getting married in a couple of weeks…can find their own way home.”

Yeah, she really did like the whole caveman thing.

“Alright then Winchester, what’re you waiting for? Your girl’s ready to head home.”
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Yay!!! Loved it!!!

And a wedding?!?!?! WHAT?!?! Ok...i knew..but still! It's shocking!
Posted: Feb 9 2007, 02:12 PM

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cheerleader.gif Loving the story please update soon. cheerleader.gif I totally love what Dean and Cal have between them it's wicked

Posted: Feb 11 2007, 10:55 PM

Woman in White

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Alright everybody, the sequel is up and running!!!

It's called W vs. O: Enter Darkness under Horror/Demon this time... Can't wait to see you all posting there! biggrin.gif

Posted: May 27 2011, 05:29 PM

Woman in White

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Hi everyone!
I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve been around posting fanfiction. There’s a really good reason behind that. You see, Cal got it into her head that she should have her own book so I’ve been hard at work writing her story.
The whole thing is coming along really well. The book is currently in its early stages of editing and that’s where you guys come in. I was wondering if there are still folks out there reading my WvsO series who would be interested in reading a random chapter of the new book about Cal. You would get a first glimpse at part of the book before becomes available. All I ask in return is that you type up a quick review of the chapter you’ve read.
Anyone interested should contact me via pm so I can provide you the e-mail address where I can be reached. Please put ‘chapter review’ as the subject line. There are still a lot of you out there reading the series and it’s important to me that this book does it justice. Your reader reviews will make all the difference in making that happen.
Thank you in advance for taking the time! happy.gif
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