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Posted by Philliez01 - 07-8-10 18:07 - 2 comments

Let's give this a shot. Retooling everything. Same board, same members, etc.
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 Time For A New Board?
Posted by Philliez01 - 07-5-10 00:42 - 6 comments
Just wondering what you all think. I think if we just restart from scratch (same name, but different everything else) and see if that makes any impact. We'll keep this board up for archive purposes but just throwing it out there.
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 Sorry Guys
Posted by Sprinterfan - 06-28-10 02:41 - 1 comments
Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have not been around. I guess I missed the new link when it changed in February or whenever. I got an email today with the link and consider me back and active. Again, I appologize for not being around in months.
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Posted by JoshSmith - 06-12-10 14:08 - 2 comments
Please check your messages. If you willing to merge onto my site im cool with that.
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Posted by Philliez01 - 05-7-10 03:24 - 1 comments

First things first, let me explain what's happened. We all know about my computer issues but also, it's been a bit rough financially for my family. I pay out of state tuition at my university, am a full-time student and als ...read more
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 MLB 2009 - Highlight
Posted by FordFusion - 12-28-09 21:47 - 4 comments
I thought I would start a couple sports topics with the question of what was your one highlight from the sport.

So here we go with baseball

The failure of the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the National League
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 My Goals
Posted by Philliez01 - 11-15-09 20:35 - 5 comments
I have some goals to continue replenishing the site. We've had a nice week or so but we gotta continue momentum.

1st Goal:

NFL Team Forums-Activate them a bit more. I trust most of you know the difference between a minor ...read more
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 Really Sorry
Posted by Philliez01 - 10-20-09 23:33 - 10 comments
My plate has been so full recently, I know it's another excuse but with college, cross country and the workload required for both; it's been hard to get some time to be on the computer. I'll be able to now that the season is dying down ...read more
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 Refreshing the site
Posted by FordFusion - 07-5-09 18:19 - 14 comments
I thought my wife might have had photo shop but she doesn't. Let me know exactly what you need she might have another program and be willing to help out. She suggested PSP for doing graphics.
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Posted by Philliez01 - 06-30-09 01:17 - 16 comments
Okay, I apologize for my absence but I've been busy with my last few months of High School and preparing for college.

I'm done with all of it now, it's summer, and I'm going to have plenty of free time.

I thank ...read more
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