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Title: Canadian College Football rocked by steroids

FordFusion - June 15, 2010 07:47 PM (GMT)
The steroid issue has rocked the OUA which has the strongest based football programs in Canada. The University of Waterloo has canceled their entire 2010 football season in the wake of 9 starters being tested and found to have steroids in their systems. Three other universities are conducting tests of players because of the universities being close to each other - McMaster University, Wilfred Laurier and University of Guelph are all being tested. One player has been charged with possession among other offenses in connection with the investigation. Three players have received two year suspensions so far.

There is no word if the University of Toronto and York University are under investigation as they are the only other two universities close to Waterloo.
Waterloo is usually in the Top 10 teams in Canada yearly. This could have a rippling effect on Canadian College football

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