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Title: Which Ovechkin Goal is Better?

Philliez01 - February 22, 2009 08:31 PM (GMT),142562

Personally, I love the behind the back, sliding on the ice past Brian Boucher goal; but what about the latest installment of Alex The Great (goal scorer)? Impressive display of coordination, awareness, and overall athleticism.

Joe - February 23, 2009 09:46 AM (GMT)
personally i liked the one the other night when he passed the puck to himself off the boards to himself the most. i think he downplayed the goal a lot saying it was only in his top 10. but the Phoenix goal was pretty special as well. and this is the one reason i like Ovechkin more than Crosby cuz Ovechkin makes more highlight goals where as in my opinion Crosby is just a great player that can easily score on any normal shot but fails to deliver the great highlight package

Philliez01 - February 23, 2009 05:54 PM (GMT)
Crosby is more of a finesse type player than Ovechkin. Ovechkin does have grace on the ice, but Crosby is more of an elite passer and an above-average goal scorer. He's able to make crazy stickhandling moves but Ovechkin...well just YouTube his name.

Also I don't like Crosby at all personally. He is obviously the most targeted person in the NHL but he whines way too much for my liking. Or appears to.

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