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The Girl Who Overcame Time... And The Boy Who Was Just Overcome


BTW, comment if you see any misinterpretations, or errors in the script.

Gunshots in the Background
InuYasha rises into the air and breaks the net...
InuYasha: Heheh.
Crashes into the roof of the building.
InuYasha covers his nose.
InuYasha grabs the Jewel sitting on the rack.
Door Smashed open. InuYasha alert. Spears are thrown at Inuyasha.
InuYasha escapes by smashing through the roof of the building.
House explodes.
InuYasha: So there. Finally, a way for me to become all demon at last! Hah!
Girl With Bow and Arrows>>Kikyo: INUYASHA!
Kikyo shoots arrow. Arrow hits inuyasha in the chest, pinning him to a tree.
InuYasha: Hughh... ahh!.
InuYasha lets go of the necklace with the Jewel.
Jewel clinks to the ground. Bowstring retracts. Wind blows.
InuYasha: could.. i thought...
InuYasha nods off. Kikyo struggles towards the Jewel on the ground.
Villagers surround her while she kneels on the ground.
Little Girl >> Kaede: Big Sister!
Villager: Lady Kikyo! that wound.. it...
Little Kaede: You're hurt really badly!
Kikyo: I forgot who I.. and now see what..oah...
Kikyo picks up the Jewel.
Kikyo: All for this. The Sacred Jewel which... uuugghh...
Little Kaede: You're in pain, let someone...
Kikyo: I won't feel it much longer... And so.. i give this to you.. The Shikon No Tama,
which you must burn with my body. I must not fall into the hands of those who would abuse it.
Kikyo clenches the Jewel close to her body. She closes her eyes, and collapses..
Little Kaede: Sister Kikyo...SISTER KIKYO!!!
Kikyo is being burned with the Jewel between her fingers.
[FLASHBACK VOICE] Kikyo: I shall take it with me... To the other world.
Episode Title: The Girl Who Overcame Time... and The Boy Who Was Just Overcome
Kagome: Shikon No Wha?
Grandpa Higurashi: Shikon No Tama, my girl. The Jewel Of Four Souls.
Kagome, holds a replica keyring of the Jewel up to her eyes.
Kagome: You don't actually think tourists are gonna buy these dumb keychains do you?
Grandpa Higurashi: That is not just a keychain. That crystal there at the end is a replica of an Ancient Jewel which...
The cat, Buyo, is pawing at the keyring which Kagome is holding.
Grandpa: Hmmp...
Still holding the keyring... and Buyo is still playing with it. Grandpa seems irritated.
Kagome: Hmmm?
Grandpa: *Clears Throat Loudly* As I was saying, that crystal is a replica of an ancient jewel which...
Kagome seems to be playing with Buyo with the Keyring, not paying any attention to Grandpa's Stories.
Grandpa: Hmmp... An Ancient Jewel-
Kagome: -You do remember its my birthday tommorow right?
Grandpa sinks low and drops the keychain.
Grandpa: *chuckles* I'd plan to wait another day but-
Kagome: -So you did get something!?, Hand it over!
She opens a box to find a creepy looking hand. Her face is very 'what the hell is this?'
Grandpa: That, my dear, is an authentic mummified hand of a water rin. Which-
Kagome: Here Buyo. Eat.
Buyo takes the hand by the mouth and walks off with it.
Grandpa: Waaah! Thats an antique!
Grandpa stumbles onto the floor, helplessly trying to grab the hand away from Buyo.
Kagome: Replica this, authenthic that, here everythings got a story.
Grandpa: Why, these pickles are full of history!
Kagome: Not half as full as you are!
Kagome: The thousand year old sacred tree...Legend of the hidden well...I've heard these stories all my life,
and I've never believed a word of it.... That is... till today, my 15th birthday.
Birds cheeping in the background.
The loud noise of city life in the metropolis. People talking, Cars, Trains.. School students making their way to school.
Kagome: I'm leaving!
Kagome runs off, out of her home, and the shrine. She passes by the well shrine.
Kagome: Hey!.. What are you...
Sota, Kagome's little brother, is near the well shrine, holding a plate for a cat.
Sota: N-nothing....
Kagome: You're not supposed to play in there.
Sota: I'm not. It's the cat...
Kagome: Did he go down to the well?
Sota: Buuuyyyooo!....I don't know where else he could be...
Kagome: So go down...
Sota: But why do i have to be the one?
Kagome: Because you're the one that's looking for him...
There is a scratching sound near the entrance to the well...
Sota: Aaa-aah-aah!
Sota hides behing Kagome to protect himself.
Sota: S-something's down there!
Kagome: Uh, yeah, the cat. Fffh...
Kagome stands up. She walks down the stairs.
Kagome: That sound... From inside the well...
Kagome yells with fright.
Kagome: Aaaah!
Sota falls on his bottom with horror on his face.
Sota: Buyo...
The thing that scared Kagome, was Buyo, who was rubbing up to her legs.
Kagome hold Buyo up.
Sota: You make fun of me cos I'm scared, and then you're all 'Aawaaah!'
Kagome: Uh, Look who's talking, Mister 'Why-do-i-have-to-go?'
Sota looks bad that he couldn't reply. Then his expression changes to curious when the well door still has a scratching sound.
Well door unseals itself.
Sota: Sis, behind you!
Well door creaks. It burst open and some sort of wind flows out. It comes from behind Kagome, who is holding Buyo.
Kagome is stiff, and stuck to the spot by fear. Some hands pull her in, and she lets go of Buyo.
Kagome is pulled into the well.
Sota: What's going on!?
Kagome is pulled by several hands. Two of them turn her over to let her see her face.
She sees a giant centipede woman who has pulled her into the well.
Mistress Centipede takes a look at her.
Mistress Centipede: And now... born to be alive once more.. I recognise my strength.. enter.. huh?
Mistress Centipede: You have it don't you? Give it to me...
Mistress Centipede licks Kagome's cheek with her extremly long tounge.
Kagome: What are you doing?! LET GO!
Kagome pushes her hand up against the Centipede's face, and a power shoots from it. One of the Centipede's arms fall off, leaving Kagome floating in the well.
Mistress Centipede: Wretched girl! I must have the Sacred Jewel...
Kagome is still floating, with the Centipede's severed arm still on her.
She has a frightened look on her face.
Kagome: The Sacred.. Jewel?..
Kagome lands safely at the bottom of the well. She stumbles to the ground, gasping, and breathing heavily.
Kagome: I guess I must have fallen in the well...
Kagome holds the place on her arm where the centipede grasped her.
Kagome: Maybe I bumped my head or...
Kagome sees the arm of the Centipede sitting on the ground and turns away.
Kagome: Uurgh... maybe not. Either way... Hey Sota! Get Grandpa!
Kagome climbs up the vines surrounding the well.
Kagome: He probably took off.. little...
Kagome sees a pretty butterfly on her way up. She pauses, then manages to get to the top of the well.
Kagome: What the?
Kagome sees a landscape completely different to the well, it is like a forest, and she sits there, curiously admiring the scenery.
Kagome: I could be wrong but, Toto, i think we're not in Tokyo anymore. [Remember from the Wizard of Oz?]
Kagome: Grandpa?, Mum?, are you there? Sota, Buyo?
Kagome walks up a path, while the sparrows are looking from above in a tree.
Kagome: Its like the family shrine is not even..*SIGH OF RELIEF*
The tree...
Kagome notices the thousand year-old tree near her shrine and runs towards it happily. She pushes thorugh several bushes.
Kagome: That means I'm practically home...
Kagome looks up at the tree in relief...and her expression changes to curiosity, as she shes a boy in red, stuck to the 1000 year old tree...
Kagome: Is that a boy?
The winds blows thorugh the silver hair of the boy. He looks as if he is sleeping.
Kagome: Hey there? Watcha doin?
Kagome: Oh, wow...
Kagome sees the ears sticking out of his hair.. like a dog's ears.
Kagome: Like dog ears... I think i wanna... touch 'em!
Kagome hold her hands out to his ears and rubs them, as if it were fake. She stands there for a while...just rubbing his ears in amazement. She stops.
Kagome: *SIGH* Now that that's outta my system...
Villagers: Get away from there!
The villagers are holding bows and arrows. They aim for her, and luckily,miss Kagome, hitting the tree. Kagome cowers next to the sleeping boy. The villagers run towards Kagome, and the scene changes to Kagome being tied up, on a mat, and surrounded by curious villagers.
Kagome: You didn't have to tie me up, ya know!
Villagers: [mumbling, discreet whispering] that girl...strange she a foreigner?...
Old man: you reckon its war? Man: Of course it is! and right in the middle of rice planting season, too.
Woman 1: She could be a kitsune in disguise... Woman 2: Nah, them shape-changing foxes are a lot trickier than that.
Man 1: I'm not really sure... [unidentifyable mumbling]
Kagome: Top knot, top knot, top knot, top knot, top knot, what is this... the Japan Medieval Times?
Village Man: Make way for High priestess Kaede!
An old woman with a patch on her right eye, holding a bow and arrowwalks towards the bound Kagome.
Kagome: *Sigh* Now what?
Kaede hands the village man he bow and arrow, and sprinkles demon-exorcising powder over Kagome.
Kaede: Demon begone!
Kagome: Hey! Hey! I'm not a demon, okay!
Kaede: Are ye not?, Then why were ye found in the forest of InuYasha?
Village man: She could be a spy from another village.
Kaede: In that case, she would be a fool. Who would invade such a poor village as ours?
Kagome looks at her determinedly.
Kagome: Huh?
Kaede: Let me have a good look at ye. Look clever girl, or be a half-wit.
Kagome: Why you.....
Kaede: Its there... though i know not why.
Kagome: Huh?
It is night, and now in Kaede's hut. Kaede has made a soup for Kagome, and Kagome is unbound from her ropes.
Kaede: Stew?
Kagome: Wow. That looks great. Real food. *slurp*
Kaede: Bear us no ill will, child. For though I now see, ye mean us no harm. In these troubled times of war, no stranger may be welcomed among us without deep distrust.
Kagome: We reallly aren't in Tokyo anymore, are we?
Kaede: To-ki-yo? Never heard of it. Is that where your people come from?
Kagome: [In a Happy Tune] Uh yeah, so I-uh should get going... though i've no idea how to get back of course...*slurp*
Kaede stares at her, thinking about something.
Little Kaede: Sister Kikyo, please you must!
Kikyo: Take the jewel Kaede, and see that is burned with my body.
Kaede: Fifty years have past since then.
[SCENE CHANGE] The centipede seems to be alive and is slithering throughout the fields. It crashes in to village buildings, destorying the one by one.
*Village alarm bell rings*
People are running away in panic. Kagome and Kaede emerge from the hut.
Kaede: Whats going on?
Kaede and Kagome run out.
Kagome: *GASP*
Villager: Its a monster!
Screams of terror from the villagers and the neighing of a horse nearby.
Mistress Centipede has a horse in her mouth. People are attacking her with flaming arrows. She retaliates by using her long body to whip the villager away.
Mistress Centipede: HAHAH!!!
The centipede drops from her mouth and lands dead on the ground in front of Kaede and Kagome.
Kagome: It's that thing!
Mistress Centipede: Give me the Sacred Jewel!
Mistress Centipede heads towards them rapidly, and Kagome and Kaede dodge her from both sides. They both land on the ground, and regain position.
Kaede: It said Sacred Jewel. Bear ye it still?
Kagome: Uh, i have no idea, I mean I've heard of the Jewel, but I-
Villagers attack Mistress Centipede with more arrows.
Mistress Centipede: I must have it. I must!
Mistress Centipede twirls her body around like a tornado, and knocks the villagers away.
Kagome: That thing. Its after me!
Villager 1: Spears, arrows, nothing works!
Kaede: Ye must lure it to the dry well.
Kagome: The dry well?
Kaede: In the forest of InuYasha.
Kagome: The well I climbed out of! Which way is the forest?.. Where the light's shining, right?
Kaede: Wait!
Mistress Centipede attacks them again. Kagome runs to the edge of a river bank, and jumps into the shallow water. She continues to run.
Kagome: I'll draw it away!
Kaede: How is it that she can see what cannot be seen in the forest of InuYasha?
Villagers: Lady Kaede!
Villagers and Kaede mount their horses, while Kagome continues to run towards the aura of light around the forest.
Kagome: Someone will save me, right?, They've got to! Grandpa? Mum? Anybody?
Mistress Centipede is catching up to her from behind.
Kagome: Whoever you are, please, somebody help me!
*ENORMOUS ROAR from the forest of InuYasha*
*heart beat.*
The boy who was asleep in the forest suddenly awakens. He sharpens his claws.
InuYasha: I smell it. The blood of the woman who killed me. And it's coming closer. Arrgh!
He attempts to remove the arrow in his chest, but the aura of the arrow is to strong for him. He cannot remove it.
Kagome is running away from Mistress Centipede.
Mistress Centipede: The Jewel... Give It to ME!!
Kagome: [still running] I told you, I don't have it!
Mistress Centipede slithers on the ground, and gets really close to Kagome. Kagome flies though the air, and lands at InuYasha's feet.
InuYasha: Hello, Kikyo. Playing with bugs now, are we?
Kagome: Huhhh? Did he just talk? So your'e alive?
InuYasha: Why are you taking so long to kill it? Just do her like you did me.
You look pretty dumb there, Kikyo. The Kikyo I know wouldn't waste her time.
Kagome: That does it. Kikyo. Kikyo. Whoever she is, she's not me, 'cause my name is-
InuYasha: She's here.
Mistress Centipede comes from above and corners Kagome. Two spears with ropes tied to them land in her side.
Villager: Good! Now Pull!
Kagome: So i was saved.
InuYasha: Your'e pathetic, Kikyo.
Kagome: I'M NOT KIKYO!, Look, I'm telling you, I'm not her! Whoever her is!
InuYasha: And I'm saying you gotta be her, 'cos if you're not there's no way that you could smell so-
InuYasha takes a few sniffs of her.
InuYasha: You're not her.
InuYasha is obviously embarrassed that he was wrong.
Kagome: I know. My name is Kagome. Ka-Go-Me!
InuYasha: You're right. Kikyo was cuter. Much cuter.
Kagome: What d'you...
Mistress Centipede takes hold of Kagome, and Kagome clings on by holding inuyasha's long hair.
Kagome: LET GO OF ME!!!
InuYasha: Ow,Ow!,Oww! You LET GO!!
The Villagers and Kaede arrive at the scene.
Villager: InuYasha has revived!
Kaede: How can that be? The seal should have held forever!
Mistress Centipede: The Sacred Jewel!
InuYasha: The Sacred Jewel?
Mistress Centipede opens her mouth to reveal fangs,and attempts to bite Kagome.
Kagome: STOP IT!!!
Kagome retaliates by pushing her hand in her face.
A power shoots from it. It severs 5- the rest of Mistress Centipede's arms. Kagome lands on the ground, panting.
Kagome: Hey, I did that before, the well...
Villagers look aghast. The arms sizzle, slowly decomposing.
Kagome: But how'd I do it though? *GASP*
Kagome notices a glow in the side of her body.
Kagome: What's happening now?
Mistress Centipede attacks her, and cuts her in the side. She throws her up in the sky, blood spurts form Kagome's wound, and also the Sacred Jewel that she's been looking for.
Kagome: It came from inside me. Is that the Sacred Jewel?
Kagome lands hard on Mistress Centipedes body, and then stumbles onto the ground. The Sacred Jewel follows her, and lands just within her reach.
InuYasha: Gimme the Jewel! Quick! Hurry!
Mistress Centipede's body surrounds them, tightly wravels up, and binds Kagome to the tree with InuYasha, leaving the Sacred Jewel on the ground.
Mistress Centipede: I heard some half-demon spawn was after the Sacred Jewel. It's you, isn't it?
Kagome: Half-Demon? What is he?
InuYasha: Half's all I need to kick your scaly hide! Anything more than that'd be a waste of my time.
Kagome: Listen, you talk big, but can you back it up?!
InuYasha: [Totally dumbfounded] Hmm?
Kagome: Can you or not?!
Mistress Centipede: What can he do? Pinned there like that, or you, for that matter. You're powerless to stop me.
Nuhahahaha. You're helpless. The both of you.
Mistress Centipede uses her long tongue to pick up the Jewel lying on the ground... and swallows it.
InuYasha: Don't you dare!
Villagers: Its swallowed the Jewel! Lady Kaede! What shall we do!?
Mistress Centipede's arms that were lying on the ground glow red. The 5 arms re-connect to her joints. Kagome clenches Inuyasha's red kimono tight with fear.
Kagome: Look, its re-arming itself!
Mistress Centipede's skin peels off, revealing a black reddish skin underneath. She has red eyes now.
Mistress Centipede: Yesss! my power is complete!
The wrap of Mistress Centipede that bound Kagome to the tree with InuYasha has become even tighter, making Kagome sink even lower. She is gripping the kimono of InuYasha.
Kagome: Its.. crushing me!! aurrhh!!
InuYasha: Hey, can you pull out this arrow?
Kagome: Huh?
InuYasha: Look, can you pull out this arrow or not!?
Kagome: I...
Kagome attempts to reach the arrow embedded in InuYasha's chest.
Kagome: I don't know! eeahh..
Mistress Centipede's wrap is getting even tighter. Kaede jumps down from her horse.
Kaede: Nay, child! Once the arrow is removed, then InuYasha will be free to destroy us all!
InuYasha: Don't be stupid, you old hag! At least with me you've got a chance!, Were if that thing is gonna eat you!
And what about you. Are you ready to die yet?
Kagome: I... I don't know...what I should do...but-
Kagome grabs the arrow.
Kagome: Hugh.. But given the choice, I chose to LIVE!
Kagome pulls out the arrow, and the aura shines brightly, and the arrow dissolves.
Kaede: Its.. gone! My sisters spell vanished.
InuYasha's body is shine so brightly, it blinds the eyes of surrounders. The aura dissapates to a gentle glow.
*heart beat. bump-ump... bump-ump.... bump-ump...*
Kagome: Umm eh...Inu...Yasha?
InuYasha: [laughing] AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!
Mistress Centipede is frightened, and re-tightens her grip on the two.
A big smash of power aura appears, and InuYash afrees himself and Kagome from the Centipede's wrap. Kagome falls to the ground.
The centipede is blown to pieces. Kagome looks up.
InuYasha is fast, somersaulting trhough the air, and landing in front of the Mistress Centipede. He uses his claws.
InuYasha: NASTY HAG!!!
He slices his claws through the air, ready for his attack.
His slicing is perfect. His claws slice Mistress Centipede into half.
InuYasha: Heh.
The energy from such a powerful attack explodes Mistress Centipede. Her body bits lay on the ground, scattered.
Kagome is kneeling on the ground, watching in awe.
Kagome: Now I know. He is strong.
Some of Centipede's body parts are still wriggling. Kagome squeals in fright.
Kagome: It's still moving!
Kaede: Find the glowing flesh. Quickly!, that's where the Jewel will be. It must be removed at once, lest the flesh of Mistress Centipede revive.
Kagome:Whoa! Whoa! Tell me you're joking!
Kagome looks for the glow, and spots it.
Kagome: There!, Its that one.
Kaede goes to the part, and picks the Jewel up. The flesh dissolves into the air, leaving piles of scattered bones. Kaede stands up, and hands the Jewel over the Kagome.
Kagome: Huh? But...
Kaede: Only ye may possess the Sacred Jewel, Ye, who so resembles the dead Kikyo.
Kagome: But how did it get inside my body? Why would I have a Jewel wanted by demons?
InuYasha walks over, and smashes the rib bones of Mistress Centipede with his foot.
InuYasha: Exactly. Humans can't use it, so why bothering to keep it? If you don't hand the Jewel over right now, I will have to start sharpening my claws on you.
Kagome: Wha- What? What?! You mean, he's not the hero?
End Theme Song:
My Will by Ayumi Hamasaki

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