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 Badger State
Posted by writeramy - 03-18-17 01:28 - 1 comments

I'm doing some writing about the Badger State - a merchant marine ship bound for Vietnam in 1969 that encountered a harrowing storm. Looking for anyone who either sailed on this ship or knows someone who did.

Thank you!
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 3 Other Ww Ii Era States Marine Ships
Posted by A.Abulhasan - 03-16-17 21:40 - 2 comments
This is a first post. I registered to ask about States Marine-Isthmian ships my grandfather served on starting in 1941, which I haven't found mentioned yet in these pages. He was 4 months into a 7 month voyage to from NYC to Sumatra when Imperial Japan launched the war in the Pacific. The ship was the Matson Navigation SS Honomu. I have her official log for the voyage and a matching ship movement card listing: Operator -Isthmian SS. Co., Agent.

The log bo more
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 Isthmian Lines
Posted by - 02-13-17 14:21 - 1 comments
looking for help with steel ranger
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 S S Steel Artisan
Posted by Jeff Kozel - 07-18-16 20:14 - 1 comments
I received some email from Ken Hunter about the Steel Artisan's last Isthmian Radio Officer, Al Erdman. I thought that I'd share. --Admin

Hello Jeff...

I hope that you are still around and in good health.

I just came across the Isthmian Lines website while searching for a vessel that a neighbor and old friend (Al Erdman) had sailed on. His position on the vessel was the Radio Officer and I believe that he was the last R/O prio more
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