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 S.S. Atlanta City
Posted by Frenchie5331 - 09-18-17 02:37 - 6 comments
S.S. Atlanta City, under command of Captain Karl Weikel, June 19-December 10, 1947. I boarded this ship as an ordinary seaman at the age of 16,for what was supposed to be a summer job but ended up lasting nearly six months. Our crew was an international mix with some expatriates from the Spanish civil war and others from various Asian countries. This was understandable not long after WWII. On this particular cruise we called at nineteen ports thoughout the near and far east, starting with our f more
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 30 day time lapse of a container ship
Posted by Chris Kozel - 09-11-17 15:05 - 2 comments
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Posted by ddonn - 08-26-17 03:43 - 4 comments
I've been doing some research on my family, especially on my father's side. My great-grandfather, Patrick Francis Donnelly, was the marine superintendent for the Isthmian Steamship Co. My father always told us that he was there from the very beginning and did important work for the company, traveling back and forth from England to New York. I found this article from the Marine Review when he retired:
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 SS Steel Surveyor from India to Savannah in 1948
Posted by Jeff Kozel - 08-17-17 16:59 - 2 comments
I received an email that said...


I was browsing on and I was wondering if you be interested to read about a voyage the Steel Surveyor took fro more
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