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 Wanted to say thanks......
Posted by Jeremy S - 04-25-17 01:49 - 1 comments
Today my good friend Robert "Bill" Adams has passed away at the age of 91. Bill was a Merchant Marine during WWII and later spent several years working for Isthmian Lines and sailing on board the USS Steel Worker.

Bill spent many years wondering what happened to the Steel Worker and his old company. Thanks to your site I was able to give him much history about the company and his ship. He practically wore out the papers that I printed from your webpage from reading them so more
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 SS West Hardaway, Torpedoed 6/15/42
Posted by Jeff Kozel - 04-23-17 18:14 - 0 comments
I got an email from Matthew Bessell regarding The Library of Congress and its Verterans History Project. He has recorded about 1 hour 15 minutes of an interview with his father, Wesley S. "Bob" Bessell, concerning his experiences in the Merchant Marine. Bob enlisted in 1941, began in 1942 as an AB and finished at the end of the war as a Lieutenant Commander. A large part of the video has to do with him being aboard the S S West Hardway when it was torpedoed in 1942. The more
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 Badger State
Posted by writeramy - 03-18-17 01:28 - 1 comments

I'm doing some writing about the Badger State - a merchant marine ship bound for Vietnam in 1969 that encountered a harrowing storm. Looking for anyone who either sailed on this ship or knows someone who did.

Thank you!
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 3 Other WWII Era States Marine Ships
Posted by A.Abulhasan - 03-16-17 21:40 - 2 comments
This is a first post. I registered to ask about States Marine-Isthmian ships my grandfather served on starting in 1941, which I haven't found mentioned yet in these pages. He was 4 months into a 7 month voyage to from NYC to Sumatra when Imperial Japan launched the war in the Pacific. The ship was the Matson Navigation SS Honomu. I have her official log for the voyage and a matching ship movement card listing: Operator -Isthmian SS. Co., Agent.

The log bo more
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