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 Appearence of the Beast, Kimera Fight: Part 1
Posted: Aug 20 2006, 03:16 AM

Group: Authors
Posts: 4
Member No.: 7
Joined: 20-July 06

((please ignore formatting errors those who wish to edit and help fix feel free happy.gif this is just the begining of the Kimera fight which i decided to break up into parts.))

Rain poured down in the digital forest, one navi stood amidst the bodies of other fallen navis electricity crackling between his talon-like fingers. "You are all worthless...not even a challenge" His voice sounded like that of two entities crackling with rage. "Lucius will not be pleased with us...we need to find Kaze!" More electricity sparked around his form. It was only then when he would hear the small crack of a branch behind him.

Quickly spinning around to face this new opponent, slowly flexing the clawed fingers of his left arm almost in anticipation for a battle. A female navi slowly stepped out in front of him already a bit soaked from the downpour and cursing having not brought better covering.

She was clad in cyan blue body armor, pink stripes simply accenting her curves, her long strawberry blond hair which had been soaked by the rain was tied back by a blue headband. She seemed on defense, and she had every right to be, so he would get right to the point. " you know him?" He smirked the name seemed to have surprised her a bit.

"Who are you? and what do you want with Kaze?" Her reply came quickly weapons finding her hands amber eyes scanning over the bodies of the fallen navis. This only seemed to irritate the clawed navi as he took a few hunched steps towards her.

"We are Kimera...though what we want with Kaze is of little concern to you. We asked you if you knew seem to do so. You will tell us where he is now, or you will force us to rip the data from your body like we have done to the others around us" Kimera's taloned fist clenched crackling with energy as he spoke. The only thing to answer his response would be ice stars sent in his direction.

"Like I would let a beast like you near Kaze at all!" A short reply as Hinata pulled the larger windmill shuriken out getting ready to throw it. Kimera simply replied with a short laugh raising his claw back as he dashed forward simply dodging the first round of ice stars, electricity pooled in a ball in his clawed hand before he thrust it forward catching the female navi in the stomach. She let out a loud cry the voltage rushing through her body before she would feel the talons pierce into her thrusting her against a tree.

"Weak and pathetic..just like the others..." Kimera smirked sending more electricity through her.

This is bad... Hinata thought trying to pry herself from her prone position, she could feel her power being drained as the sharp sting of electricity courses through her body.

"Now you're going to do something for know Kaze so you're going to send him a message." Kimera smirks thrusting his claws a little deeper into the female navi, taking great delight in her cries of pain, "Tell him to come here or else we're going to delete you, and we're sure he wouldn't want that" Cringing in pain Hinata opens a window writing a quick message before hitting send, feeling the talons leave her body she slumps against the tree. “Good... now all we’ll have to do is wait and then we’ll have his shadow program and Lucius will be very pleased with us...”

“He’s not going to come...” Hinata speaks softly covering her would as she weakly moved trying to stand.

“What did you say?”

“He’s not going to come...I told him not too, so you’ll never find him” There was a small smirk on her lips, she didn’t have much power left but at least Kaze would be safe. Kimera growls clenching his fists. Shadows swirl around his clawed fist gathering energy slowly.

“Fine...then we’ll take great pleasure blasting you to tiny pieces! Exterminating Fist!” Kimera yells bringing his fist forward, shadows forming three spikes thrusting towards Hinata. It was at this moment the form of a young navi would make an appearance wings of fire bursting from her back a large explosion ensuing from the clash. With that explosion an uproar of dust enshrouding the forest and the navi’s from any onlookers view.
Posted: Aug 25 2006, 06:58 AM

Group: Admin
Posts: 92
Member No.: 3
Joined: 20-July 06

This is a good job so far Mister Ninja Strider ninja.gif. There were few edits and was easy for me to format. I'm glad to be of service and if you need my assistance in the future please ask. smile.gif
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