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Welcome to a time and a place long forgotten, a place ruled by magic And mystery, WELCOME. . . . . . . . TO ORAGON! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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 Maulderin's holiday, Journal
Posted: Oct 8 2006, 07:01 PM


Maulderin = Blue
Cenaros = Green
Elven Warriors = Red
Human Guards = Orange

It was just on sunset in the green forrests of Celindarell.
Beams of light were falling on the forrest floor, a deep rumbling could be heard of in the distance, the attack was about to begin.

Mauldeirn had just been told by his father, the King of Celindarell, that he was to travel to the lands of Fallos across the seas for a holiday. It was to be his first holiday ever in a new land. He was so excited by the news that he had to tell his best friend Cenaros, son of the leader of the three relms, Alune, Alora and Deporana, the relms of the Elves and druids. So before he left he travelled to forrest of Alora to Cenaros before he left.

He left his guards at the border of the forrest as they were not permitted to enter and headed for one of the paths he knew well.
He had been been walking for about an hour when he finally saw Cenaros waiting for Maulderin where he usually did.
"Cenaros!" they both shouted and ran towards each other and embraced.
"How have you been, its been a wile hanst it!" Maulderin said
"Yes it has" Cenaros said "But things are as they usually are in the trees, nothing much had been happening. But tell me how was you journey? I know the Humans are in the misdts of a celebration of sorts, tell me about it."
"Oh! That, it is the time of Cherin, we have celebrated him every 7 years since the battle of Mithror. He led our armies to victory agaisnt Mithror and defeated them at cape Lynx nearly 900 years ago. There is dancing and fire displays in the sky made by the Mages and many fasts. Its always an occation to remember"
"I wish i could see it" Cenaros said, "But we dont travel outside the protection of the trees much thesedays.. But im sure it will be fine for me to leave for a few minutes to see it."
"Perhaps well go to Carsar, its only a few minutes from the Forrest, and its a very friendly town. But for now, i have news. I am to go to Fallos on holidays!"
"Fallos, really. Homeland of the elves. I would love to go there. I have heard that the entire land is convered in forrests and woods."
"I dont know, but I will soon find out." Maulderin said.
"Let us go, it is almost nightfall" Cenaros said, and they departed, heading further and further into the trees.

The air grew thick and humid, nearly all light was shut out by the large trees bar some random streems of light.
Their path turned south, and the land began to stadlily slope downwards. There was a deep rumbling of in the distance.

"The river must be full for it to be making such a loud noise" Maulderin said
"Hmm... That does not sound like the running of water" Cenaros said
and at that moment figures could be seen moving quckly of in the distance. Maulderin and Cenaors hurried forward and saw that they were elves. Each had fear in their faces, some carrying belonings some carrying children.
"Whats going on?" Maulderin said.
"I dont know!" Cenaors replied, and he hurried in the direction the elves were coming from.

They both ran, Maulderin for a second looked up and saw some of the elves, with their giant wings flying over the trees in the same direction as themselves holding swords and staffs.

They began to smell smoke and the air was with think panick and the sound of screems.

"Something is terrably wrong" Cenaros said

And they came to the source of the trouble.
They looked liked skeletons, mouldy, rotton skin but where alive and attacking an elven town. The trees aound them were ablaze, houses in the trees were alight and the evil creatures were in a deadly fight with warriors from the elven town. Blasts of green and purple shot across the scene and Cenaor rushed forward followed by Maulderin.

A group of skeleton like people ran at Cenaros, but he sent a green blast at them and thorns and roots sprang up from the ground and entangled there dead looking bodies then ripped them apart.
The smoke was so think, Maulderin and Cenaros were seperated.
Cenaros continued forward but Maulderin headed back to the edge of the town and watched on.

As he ran, he passed a group of elves surrounded by the skeleton looking people.
He stopped and sent vines and thorns at them and tor them apart freeing the elves.

Cenaros continued on and met an elven fighter. He was in combat with one of the undead. He brandished a sword that glimmered gold with the fire and swang it at the evil undead creature, taking its head off. The worrior turned and saw Cenaros and orded him to leave, but Cenaros would not so the elven soldier grabbed him and flew into the air and over the trees.
They were now in the midst of an aireal battle between giant vamperic like creatures and winged elves.

They quckly sped away from the battle and they landed not far from the rushing river Maulderin and Cenaros had passed earlier.
Once safe the warroir left and joined his brothers in the skys.
Maulderin saw Cenaros and rushed over to him.
Cenaros spread his own brownly feathered wings and was about to join in the arial battle but Maulderin grabbed him just in time and topped him.

"Let go!" Cenaros said, "I have to help!" There was such a look on his face that Maulderin let him go and Cenraos rose up into the air and out of Maulderin's sight, but by the time Cenaros reached the battle it was too late. There were only a few evil winged creatures left and they died quickly.

Maudlerin unable to follow ran over to the blazing town and tried to help. Most of the evil creature were now dead but one of them raced towards him. It unlike the others had a staff, and pointed at him.

Maulderin quickly changed. His eyes grew dark blue and a mighly wind blew up from behind him, causing the dark Mage to fight to stay upright. The wind grew feircly gold and the dark mage was beginning to turn blue, ice was forming on his robes and in his hair.
The mage tried to shoot a purple blast at Maulderin but it was so small it did little damage.

The mage was now struggling to stay concious it was so cold, but he couldnt and he passed out. The wind died, Maulderin's eyes turned back to brown and he ran over to the mage and kicked his staff away just a Cenaros landed a few metred away along with many elven warroirs.

"Maulderin! are you ok!" Cenros said rushing over to him.
Maulderin was about to reply when one of the elven warriors cut in.
"Maulderin! The son of the king of Celindarell?"
Maulderin nodded
"It is a pleasure to meet you and we thank you for your help, but it is not safe for you here anymore. You must return to you people now." "I agree" Cenaros said. "Come I will take you back to your guards."
"As will we." the elven warrior said and he ordered 2 of his elves to accompany them to the edge of the forrest.

The journey back was a very quiet one, neither Maulderin, Cenaros or the 2 elven warriors said anything.

When they all reached the place were the 2 human guards where waiting Maulderin turned and asked Cenaros if he still wished to come to Carsar.
"Cenaros, you still want to come with us?"
But the elves cut in.
"I'm sorry to say that he cannot" one of the elves said.
"Yes, his father will be wanting to see him and know if he is alright." the other said.
"Well you can both tell him that i am ok and that I have gone to the hunam city of Carsar." Cenaros said defenately and walked over by Maulderin's side.
"Fine!" one of the elves said, and they both rose into the air and returned to the burning elven town.

Maulderin, Cenaros and the 2 human guards begn to walk east towards Carsar.
"What happened?" one of the guards said.
"There has been an attack on one of the elven towns." replied Maulderin, "now ask me nothing further"
"Yes my lord" said the guard lowering his head, falling silent.
Just over an hour later they reached Carsar however, Cenaros did not wish to join in the celebrations. When they reached a hotel, Cenros said he wished to sleep.
"Of course!" sir one guard said. "I will show you your room."Explosions of golds, pinks, blues and white filled the skys as Cenaros layed in his bed. The human festivites raged on throughout the night and Maulderin did not Join Cenaros untill the early hours of the morning. Two guards who now each had the arms around Maulderin singing along with him, obviously all drunk.

The next day passed in Carsar as the one before, full of ale, singing, dancing and feasting, Maulderin said he would take Cenaros back to Alune forrest but Cenaros refused.
"It will be faster on my own." he said, and he spread his wing and took of into the air, flying solemly back to his people.
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