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Title: Tommy & Kimi
Description: A perfect couple if you ask me!

NintendoMax - March 9, 2006 03:59 AM (GMT)
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Thomas Louis "Tommy" Pickles and Kimi Watanabe-Finster. If you ask me, they're perhaps the most perfect couple in the world of "Rugrats". I'm not quite sure what got me hooked on the pairing. Maybe it was because of their similar personalities. Maybe it was because they both have some kind of personal connection to Chuckie (Tommy's his best friend, and Kimi's his new sister). Or maybe they just looked cute together; they certainly look cuter than if Tommy were paired with Lil. Either way, Tommy & Kimi make an adorable and perfect couple, and I hope they will eventually get together on the show. (And by the way, for the record, I also like Chuckie/Lil and Phil/Susie, but those can be discussed on other topics.)

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Here's a few Tommy/Kimi hints I've had pointed out to me. Hopefully, I'll be able to find more for a list I'll probably be putting at my T/K group.

RR=Rugrats; AGU=All Grown Up

"Rugrats In Paris"
  • When Kira lets Kimi sit down right next to Tommy, he seems rather pleased about it.
RR: "Wash/Dry Story"
  • Tommy stands up to Angelica when she accuses Kimi of taking Cynthia again.
RR: "Falling Stars"
  • Kimi was the one who went exploring with Tommy.
  • When the walls were closing in on the pair, Kimi grabbed Tommy's shoulder, and then Tommy took her hands in his.
RR: "All Growed Up!"
  • Tommy and Kimi got on the bus together.
  • Kimi tells Tommy (and Chuckie, but he is her brother) that she will save them a seat.
  • Kimi felt bad for Tommy when he got grounded because he lost Stu's medallion.
  • Kimi is probably waving at Tommy at the concert, but that's just me.
RR: "The Braveliest Baby"
  • After Tommy saved everybody, Kimi hugged him!
AGU: "Truth or Consequences"
  • Is it just me or was Kimi the angriest of the group when they find out that Tommy video-taped their private moments? And she was the first to accused Tommy of "betraying them". Well, you know what they say. "You hurt the one you loved." ;D
  • Tommy tosses his camera to, who? Kimi, of course.
  • Kimi was the one to come back in, and Tommy smiles when she does. He got sad again when Kimi picked Dil up and leave.
  • Kimi's moments were shown first in Tommy's new and improved movie at the contest.
  • Kimi told Tommy that he should've won.
AGU: "Bad Kimi"
  • Tommy was probably worried about Kimi hanging around Z as much as Chuckie is. (And why not? ;D)
AGU: "Tweenage Tycoons"
  • Sometimes Tommy speaks to Kimi the most (or I may be wrong. Who knows?).
AGU: "Bad Aptitude"
  • During the episode Tommy's test says he's to be a businessman and he starts to lose his artistic-ness. After Dil gets a brainstorm to have a film festival of Tommy's work, Kimi introduces it and then sits next to Tommy.
    AGU: "Memoirs of a Finster"[LIST]
  • In Tommy's nightmare, Kimi was the last person he sees before he heads into the restroom. She calls him "Tommy-San", and in a sweet way.
RR: "Tales From the Crib: Snow White"
  • During the concert where Prince Charming is performing, Tommy and Kimi danced with each other and holding hands too!
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As of this post, I have not written a Tommy/Kimi fanfic myself, particularly since there are other fans who most likely do a better job themselves. I did, however, think of doing a fic for Valentine's Day about Kimi and Lil teaming up to combat against Rachel, Tommy's (ugh) girlfriend who appeared in "R.V. Having Fun Yet" and will hopefully be gone at the end of this season, who is doing dirty tactics to keep Tommy away from the both of them. And although I haven't written any "Rugrats" fanfics at all, Tommy & Kimi were one of the twelve couples I had getting married in the poem I posted for Valentine's Day, Cartoon Weddings Are Nice.

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And now here's a list of all the Tommy/Kimi fanarts I've done:I think maybe my next pic of them will be a FOP-style wedding fantasy pic! ^_^

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:wub: Tommy Pickles + Kimi Finster = TRUE LOVE :wub:

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