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 Thank you.
Posted by toaroni - 03-18-14 14:16 - 5 comments
I'm looking back for nostalgia and prosperity's sake, and still find the whole Knight-Nui project and body of work so exciting. It very much shaped who I am today, and I want to thank it for that. Some areas, of course, make me cringe, and others are slightly shoddily produced, but it was very much the time of my life and something I'll never forget.

Thank you to everyone who ever helped Knight-Nui become the glorious empire and fragrant mess it did. I owe you all a hell of a lot and wouldn't have it any other way.
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Posted by toaroni - 10-5-13 09:17 - 1 comments
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 EverBirdd is here!
Posted by toaroni - 07-13-12 16:07 - 10 comments

Welcome to EverBirdd- Possibly the most ambitious website on the entire internet. Whilst we may have the appearance of a small blog, the spirit running through EverBirdd is the same that pulsated in our predecessor, Knight-Nui.com. One of ambition, of spirit, of will. While KN, for years, struggled to match its tall targets set, EverBirdd has decided to revel in them. By aiming to catalogue every single movie, video game and TV series ever made, were taking on a deliberately uphill struggle. Its going to be great trying to achieve it.

Instead of being your average review site, EverBirdd aims to give you an insight. We aim not to look at how good a product is, but why its good. (Or not, as the case may be) Weve got one article on each of our subjects (One film, one TV show and one game) ready for you to read, with plenty more coming for you to sample our unique take on entertainment coverage. There shall be no surface-skimming on EverBirdd. Unless were doing it deliberately, in which case please praise us for being vigilantes rising up to our own dictatorship.

Anyway, EverBirdd is here now, and its here to stay. Weve got a team of excellent (Well, average-to-just-above in any case) writers here to hopefully enthral you in our gleefully impossible task. Wish us luck

The EverBirdd Team
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 The Award Season is closing...
Posted by toaroni - 01-20-12 18:07 - 4 comments
You've all got until the 24thof January to get your votes in for the KN 2011 Awards! On the 31st of this very month, we'll be hosting a KN Best of 2011 Spectacular, with the GOTY Top 10 being unveiled, plus the reader awards and all manner of other assorted pieces of well-earned prizes to be given out. Be sure to check back at the end of the month.
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 Good old logo
Posted by Knightghost - 01-5-12 18:37 - 4 comments
Well, Christmas and all stuff is over and so it was the time to go back to our good old logo again.
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 Forum Update
Posted by toaroni - 12-21-11 19:38 - 0 comments
Seeing as there was no revamp this year...

As you probably know, KN's currently going through a bit of a dip in activity. While we, as staff, hold our hands up for this, in an attempt to keep KN fresh and with the times, we've taken the site for a bit of a jog and it's slimmed down a few dress sizes, and as a result is now easier to navigate, more streamlined and also open to guests, such as YOU. No, not you, the other you. Yeah, you. Guests can now come and see what they're missing on not being a member of the world's greatest forum.

However, as ever, we're open to criticisms, and if you don't like any of our revamp, then just say so and we'll address it in a special staff council meeting. We can't do it without your support. Thank you.
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 Advent 2011!
Posted by toaroni - 11-29-11 12:28 - 3 comments
Yes, after the longest hiatus ever, KN is finally back with a bang, as our traditional Christmas Countdown begins the site's long-awaited revival on Thursday!

As per the KN norm, every single day in the build-up to Christmas brings an extra treat for everyone to enjoy, with tasty new festive content spewing out of the website and forum for you to enjoy, for the first time in months as well. Amongst the traditional reviews, previews and Christmas specials shall be some exclusive new ideas that we haven't looked at before.

It's all very exciting, so stick around for the next month of KN!
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 New Banner
Posted by Knightghost - 10-31-11 17:17 - 9 comments
For today (and maybe a day or two extra) we've just got a new logo to mark Halloween. We didn't afford it to be too scarry as we want our members to return and revive the forums.

We hope you will like it though.
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 Everythings fixed!
Posted by toaroni - 10-18-11 11:05 - 4 comments
Finally! Everything at the KN Office is fixed once more, meaning we're back onlnie, and hopefully able to keep it all running smoothly again. That's all for now. Bye!
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 KN Revival
Posted by toaroni - 09-27-11 15:54 - 2 comments
I'm not going to beat around the bush: KN is hardly going through it's greatest period of activity lately. The site has hardly been updated and the forums are getting very few posts since the 5th Anniversary celebrations wore off. However, this is not the end! Here at Kn we're not ones to admit defeat, and I think something has to be done- Let's try and get old members back online, advertise again, and generally get a buzz going once more, like there has been in the pas.

We need your help to make KN the great forum it once was, and shall soon be again. Thank you.
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