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 Cali cartel and operation Green Ice
Posted: May 22 2011, 10:18 AM

The professional
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Cali cartel member Jose Santacruz Londono (shot and killed by police in 1996) (brother of Luis)

Cali cartel member Luis Santacruz Echeverri (brother of Jose Santacruz Londono)
Jose Santacruz Londono's half-brother and confidant, Luis Santacruz Echeverri, has been convicted on conspiracy charges in Miami.

Cali cartel member Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela (brother Gilberto)
Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela and his brother Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela.

Cali cartel member William Rodríguez (son of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela and Harvard graduate)
William Rodríguez, a Colombian lawyer who studied at Harvard University in the United States, he is the son of Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela.

Cali cartel member Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela (brother Miguel)
The Rodriguez Orejuelas are generally considered partners in Santacruz ventures, but they sometimes appear to operate independently. Their cousins, the Orjuela Caballero brothers, are also major dealers in Los Angeles (via which gangs??).

Cali cartel member Jaime Raul Orjuela Caballero
Gilberto rodriguez orejuela's cousin Jaime Raul Orjuela Caballero and his three brothers, who are prominent impresarios of concerts and sporting events in Cali, travel frequently to New York City and have offices in Los Angeles. Jaime, the family boss, is free in Colombia. So are Don Chepe Santacruz, the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers and such rising powers as the Urdinola brothers. "

Cali cartel member Henry Orjuela Caballero
While Henry Orjuela Caballero is in jail in New York State awaiting trial on federal drug-trafficking conspiracy charges.

Cali cartel member Carlos Orjuela Caballero
Brother Carlos is out on bail on similar charges filed against him in Los Angeles.

Cali cartel members
Victor Patino

Cali cartel members
Jose Sanchez Gomez

Cali cartel member Helmer “Pacho” Herrera Buitrago
Helmer “Pacho” Herrera Buitraga. Pacho Herrera, believed to be the son of Benjamin Herrera Zuleta, an Afro-Colombian smuggler known as the "Black Pope," is a wealthy valley rancher with business interests in New York.

Cali cartel members
Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia

Cali cartel members
Phanor Arizabaleta Arzayuz

Cali cartel member Richard Salcedo

Cali cartel associate Harold Ackerman
Harold Ackerman the coordinator for all Cali cartel operations in the United States. In 1992 was Cali’s distributor Harold Ackerman (55) arrested and got in 1993 life for the smuggle of the 22 tons of coke. Information in his computer led in 1995 to the arrests of 59 people who work for the Cali cartel under whom 6 lawyers.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartel member Jairo Ivan Urdinola Grajales (brother of Julio Fabio)
Jairo Ivan Urdinola Grajales and his younger brother Fabio, cattlemen and landowners from the northern Cauca Valley, are said to be exploring a regional television network. Jairo Ivan Urdinola Grajales and his brother Julio Fabio Urdinola Grajales head a major drug trafficking organization associated with the so-called Northern Valle del Cauca drug cartels. 27 April 1992 was Jairo Ivan Urdinola Grajales of the Cali cartel arrested, he ruled for them their opiumtrade which brings in more then cocaine in the USA, he had ordred hundreds of murders.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartel member Julio Fabio Urdinola Grajales (brother of Jairo Ivan)
Julio Fabio Urdinola Grajales surrendered to Colombian authorities in March 1994. The Urdinolas are related by marriage to the Henao Montoya family.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartel member Raul Grajales Lomos
Raul Grajales Lomos and his family, these are well known businessmen in the valle de cauca, chiefs of the family group. They worked in the business with the financer Beto Renteria.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartel members Arcangel de Jesus Henao Montoya and Jose Orlando Henao Montoya
The brothers Arcangel de Jesus Henao Montoya (who has surrendered to DEA???) and Jose Orlando Henao Montoya (he was killed in November 1998 by the Cali cartel), run trafficking operations out of the Northern Valle del Cauca region. The Henao Montoyas run the most powerful of the various independent trafficking groups that comprise the North Valle drug cartel. The Henao Montoya organization has been closely linked to the paramilitary group run by Carlos Castano, a major cocaine trafficker in his own right.

Diego Montoya Sanchez
Cousin of the Henao Montoya Brothers.

Jose Nelson "el Loco" Urrego Cardenas
Jose Nelson "el Loco" Urrego Cardenas, chief operator of Arcangel Henao Montoya.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartelleader Diego Montoya Sanchez
Diego Montoya Sanchez heads a North Valle trafficking organization that transports cocaine base from Peru to Colombia and produces multi-ton quantities of cocaine HCl for export to the United States and Europe. In a separate indictment in Miami Montoya, or "Don Diego" as he is known, was charged with operating a family cocaine business with two brothers and a cousin dating back to the mid 1980s.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartelleader Luis Hernando Gomez Bustamante
Luis Hernando Gomez Bustamante "Rasguno" is a major North Valle trafficker closely aligned with the Henao-Montoya Brothers. Although they have worked together for decades, Gomez runs a separate and distinct criminal organization. He owns cocaine HCl conversion laboratories in the Valle Del Cauca region, many of which are concealed on his farms. He also is involved in smuggling cocaine to the U.S. via aircraft. Gomez is wanted on drug trafficking charges in the United States.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartelleader Miguel Mejia Munera ("Los Mellizos" or "The Twins")
Miguel and Victor Mejia-Munera ("Los Mellizos" or "The Twins") are identical twins who run a major cocaine trafficking organization that transports cocaine to the United States and Europe. The Mejia-Munera brothers have links to both the North Valle and Cali syndicates.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartelleader Victor Mejia Munera ("Los Mellizos" or "The Twins")

Norte Valle del Cauca cartelleader Giovanni Caicedo-Tascon
Giovanni Caicedo-Tascon is another well known cocaine trafficker with connections to the North Valle as well as to the Cali traffickers. His organization runs cocaine laboratories in Colombia and transports multi-ton quantities of cocaine for distribution in the United States. Caicedo-Tascon’s organization is particularly active in the New York City area.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartelleader Denis Gomez Patino
Denis Gomez Patino has been involved in the transportation of cocaine base from Bolivia and Peru to Colombia for decades. Since the arrest of the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers, he has aligned himself with the Henao Montoya brothers and emerged as a major trafficker in his own right.

Norte Valle del Cauca cartelleader Wilber Alirio Varela-Fajardo
Wilber Alirio Varela-Fajardo (born 6 November 1957).

Colombian North coast drugbaron Alberto Orlandez Gamboa "Caracol"
Alberto Orlandez Gamboa "Caracol", runs the most powerful drug trafficking organization on the North Coast. Gamboa exploits maritime and air routes to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean islands, to smuggle multiton quantities of cocaine and marijuana into the United States. Orlandez Gamboa also uses front companies and banks to launder millions of dollars in drug proceeds.

Medellin based transporter Alejandro Bernal Madrigal "Juvenal"
Alejandro Bernal Madrigal "Juvenal", is a Medellin-based transportation coordinator for top Mexican traffickers.

Cali based Hugo Herrera Vasquez
Hugo Herrera Vasquez heads a Cali based trafficking organization that moves large quantities of cocaine from Colombia to the United States via Central America and Mexico.

Queens (NY) based Medellin coca queen Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco came to Queens in the late 60's with her lover, and the father of three of her four sons, Carlos Trujillo. Trujillo introduced her to Alberto Bravo, a trafficker from Medellin. Griselda Blanco arranged at some point the murder of her husband Carlos Trujillo and remarried Alberto Bravo.

Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela
Arrested for kidnapping in 1969, along with Jose Santacruz Londono "El Estudiante", and his brother Miguel Angel. Known as dangerous individuals, they also became involved in forgery in Pereira. Although from Mariquita, Tolima, they like Evaristo Porras and Jose Luis Ochoa Vasquez were brought up in Cali. They began trafficking by moving small amounts of cocaine between Peru and Valle (Cali) Colombia. With money from kidnappings they were able to buy a plane and move base to processing sites in Narino, Cauca and Valle.

Cali????, Jaime Munera
Involved with Santacruz Londono and Rodriguez Orejuela in setting up Miami-NY operation in late 1970.

Queens (NY): Medellin coca queen Griselda Blanco
After a warrant for Blanco's arrest was issued on October 4, 1974, the DEA issued a fugitive report on Blanco and listed it in the National Criminal Information System and the Treasury Enforcement Communications System. The DEA also put Blanco's name on passport and visa "lookouts" to search for her name and description.

Queens (NY): Medellin coca queen Griselda Blanco
Ruben Dario Roldan was arrested on October 4, 1974 on the same charges. Gustavo Hoffman, an interpretor who had listened to the tapes in this case at least twenty or thirty times, was asked to compare an unidentified voice on disputed tapes with voice samples on other tapes admittedly those of appellant Roldan.

Cali (Colombia)
22 November 1974 police find in a plane, belonging to Orejuela from Cali, 600kgs of coke. It seems he blames partners in Medellin because that weekend in Medellin 40 people get killed by sicarios.

Cali cocaboss Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela
In november 1975 Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was captured with 180 kilos of paste. The owner of the shipment was Tulio Enrique Ayerbe, from a wealthy Cali family.

New York's cocainemarket
29 December 1975 the policeinformer Oscar Toro arrives home with his wife to find out that his 2 children and the babysit have disappeared, later their killed bodies are found. It was done by a gang to which belonged Elsie Sanchez (from Colombia) and her friend Edgar Payan.

Medellin’s first cocabosses
Alfredo Gomez Lopez "El Padrino", Jesús Emilio Escobar Hernández and Fabio Restrepo Ochoa. They often coordinated their activities with the emerald smugglers of Boyacá whose center of operations normally was in Bogotá. They worked with Luis Carlos Gaviria Ochoa in New York and his wife Martha Ligia Cardona, who was a money launderer.

Queens settled Medellin branch leader Griselda Blanco
Destruction of the first Medéllin cartel began in january 1976 with the capture of some principal contacts of the Cartel in New York. "soldiers" of the Colombian drug queen, Griselda Blanco, operating out of Queens, New York were sentenced. El juez John Cannella condenó a Francisco Adriano Armedo Sarmiento, Edgar Restrepo Botero, León Vélez y los hermanos Libardo y Carmen Gil, quienes trabajaban para esta organización, que las autoridades norteamericanas creían dirigida por Griselda Blanco y los hermanos Carlos y Alberto Bravo.

in mid-1976 a new struggle for control of the Medellin group occurred.

Bogota drugboss Aguirre Ardilla "El Coronel".
Bogota gangster involved in early Bogota trafficking activities and host of the Drug mafia summit meeting held in Bogota in February 1976. He was murdered during one of the drug wars that swept Colombia. His cousin, Jose Manual Cruz Aguirre, former owner of Deportes Tolima, is wanted in Peru, and may be wanted in Miami.

Medellin cocaboss Jesus Emilio Escobar Hernandez
Jesus Emilio Escobar Hernandez was arrested in february 1976 in Colombia and soon released.

Medellin cocaboss Fabio Restrepo Ochoa killed
Fabio Restrepo Ochoa narrowly evaded capture in march 1976 by the airport police in Bogotá, only to return home to Medellín and be killed by his nephew Jorge Luis Ochoa. Jorge Luis Ochoa assumed leadership of the family organization.
Medellin cocaboss Jorge Luis Ochoa Vasquez

Peru cocaboss Alfonso Rivera Llorente
In march 1976 was in Peru a plane of Tulio Ayerbe held with 292 kgs of coke on board of his boss Victor Crespo. Crespo had bought the coke from Alfonso Rivera and the party was for the brothers Orejuela in Cali. PIP Agent Jose Vasquez then observed the house of Alfonso Rivera in Peru,, but he was seen and kidnapped by former PIP officer David Barrios, Alfonso Rivera and Carlos Jordan who tortured him for information and then killed him. PIP agents arrest than 11 men under whom Vincent Guzman, Jose Franco, David Barrios and Carlo Jordan. After some pressure they confessed the murder and brought police to a load of coke. Rivera got his coke from the Paredes family who control the coke harvest in Peru. Rivera send than a package to Franco’s wife that contained a bomb and mutulated her. The prisoners from then on all kept their mouths. Most were soon set free also Guzman.

Peru druglord Alfonso Rivera Llorente agent Jose Dias Azca
Major Peruvian trafficker living in Medellin. He has and apparently continues to work with the Colombian cartels, especially through his agent Jose Dias Azca (who was caught in Uchiza, Peru in December 1986). Dias Azca is an assassin who in 1977??? Or 1976??? murdered a policeman who infiltrated the Rivera Llorente group of traffickers in Peru.

Cali, Colombia
In september 1976 was Vincent Guzman killed at the orders of Alvaro Crespo Manzur who suspected Guzman of having been behind the kidnapping of his daughter. Guzman’s friends Eduardo Guarnizo (owner of aircompany Aerolineas Especiales) and Santiago Ocampo (owner of aircompany Aerolineas Medellin) then put a price on the head of Manzur. The 2 bosses also did business with Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela’s aircompany TEA manufacturing, they all bought their planes mainly from Robert Lafferty.

Peru druglord Alfonso Rivera Llorente
In september 1976 peruvian PIP agents found in Chosica a lab of Alfonso Rivera that was led by Hugo Silva and in her 2 year existence had produced 8500 kgs of cocapasta.

Cali boss Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela
In the USA was Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela’s son Fernando observed by polie and they found out that the cali boss had send the last months 62 million dollars to the Panamanian firm Sandra Ana which was led for the Cali boss by Victor Crespo.

Colombian woman Sandra Antelo (later Raymond Craig’s wife)
Sandra Antelo had begun smuggling cocaine in Bolivia in 1977. Later she would marry Montreal drugtrafficker Raymond craig.

Montreal drugtrafficker Raymond Craig
Montreal drugtrafficker Raymond Craig was a friend of Frank Cotroni and Joe Di Maulo since the 60's, he is always a guest when the Calabrian clan of the mafia make a party. Craig was also a friend and neighbors of the lawyer Frank Shoofey who has his interest in boxing.

In 1977 there were 18 people killed in the biggest strike ever in Colombia which had been started by Tulio Cuevas a frontman of the Cali boss Rodriguez Orejuela and Ocampo.

Griselda Blanco and murdercase Duquero de Jesus Velasquez
In 1977 had Griselda Blanco her in miami working launderer Duquero de Jesus Velasquez in Colombia killed because he had stolen money.

Miami: Jorge Ochoa Vasquez escapes arrest
In 1977 was Jorge Ochoa almost arrested when he wanted to sell in Miami 27 kgs of coke to an undercover for the DEA for his uncle and boss Fabio Restrepo Ochoa but he escaped from police by motorbike and fled to Colombia. Soon was Fabio Restrepo Ochoa in Medellin killed and took Jorge Ochoa his place as boss.

Miami: Angela Maria Ochoa Vasquez
Jorge Ochoa Vasquez’ sister Angela Maria Ochoa Vasquez was arrested for muling in Miami in October 1977.

Jaime Cardona Vargas arrested near Medellin
Early Medellin trafficker working in USA and number two man until captured near Medellin in October 1977, with some 530 kilos of cocaine that had just arrived from Santa Cruz del Guaviare. Little subsequently heard of Cardona Vargas and his organization, which apparently had gone over to Alfredo Gomez Lopez, another early Medellin drugbaron.
Alfredo Gomez Lopez

Miami: Fabio Ochoa Vasquez
Jorge Ochoa Vasquez’ brother Fabio Ochoa settled in 1977 in Miami to organize their distribution of the coke from a building in Coral Gables. The DEA discovered that Jorge Ochoa Vasquez was a major supplier of cocaine to the East Coast of the U.S.

Jorge Luis Ochoa Vasquez representant Rafael Cardona Salazar in Miami
Starting at least in 1977 Jorge Luis Ochoa Vasquez his Miami contact was Rafael Cardona Salazar. Shortly thereafter Ochoa began to work with Pablo Escobar Gaviria, although the two organizations were formed separately.

Carlos Lehder
Carlos Lehder exported in 1977 for Compania (Company of which were part Escobar, Griselda Blanco and Jorge ochoa) 1358 kgs of coke to the uSA via his estate at Norman’s Cay in the Bahamas. From the USA was Lehder’s money brought by Ramon Millan to Panama where he was protected by Noriega. There Escobar was also introduced to Robert Vesco who owns the neighbouring island Cistern cay, Vesco introduced him to Bahamas president Lynden Pindling who he will pay every month briberies via Pindling’s friend the lawyer Nigel Bowe who then gave the money to Pindling’s moneyman Everette Barrister.

Panama deal by Ramon Millan
Ramon Millan zet dan voor Escobar, Ochoa en Lehder een deal met Torrijos en Noriega opin 1977?? waarbij ze via Panama coke mogen smokkelen.

Miami murdercase Arles Vargas
25 December 1977 leave Rafael Cardona, Antonio Arles Vargas and Max Mermelstein than Fabio Ochoa's home and while they were underway, suddenly shoots Cardona than Arles Vargas to death. Max was told by Cardona he did this because Arles Vargas was suspected of stealing 3 kgs of coke.

Miami: Medellin coca queen Griselda Blanco
She traveled frequently between NYC and Miami, FL, moving south in 1978. At that time, Roy Pena, currently a D.E.A., Intelligence Analyst, was working with the Queens Homicide Task Force. Suddenly, a string of unsolved murder cases came in, the only common thread was bloodless corpses. It was eventually learned that they were the handiwork of Paco Sepulveda, one of Griselda's premiere hired hitters. Paco's m.o. was to hang his victims upside down, cut their throats and drain their bodies of blood. "This made it easier to fold the body into Pampers or TV boxes and dump them into the street," says Pena. "They were the most neatly-folded D.O.A.'s we'd ever come across."

Miami murdercase Ester Rios
17 April 1978 burglarized Jaime Suescun (who works for the cokeboss Carlos Panello Ramirez) in Miami the house of the cokeboss German Panesso and steals from there several kgs of coke and he also strangles the housekeepster Ester Rios.

Miami murdercase Jaime Suescun
23 April 1978 would Suescun buy 2 kgs of coke from Gonzalo Jiménez Panesso, Alvaro Palacio and Conrado Valencia Zalgado (his wife Luz Marina works for Griselda), they tie him up in a way so that he strangles himself to death in the trunk of their car where they put him in. Suescun’s friends were waiting nearby and suspect that something went wrong and start to follow the others car, and the occupants of both cars start firing at eachother at the highway with machineguns. When the police arrive both cars drive of different ways and police find only the car with in its trunk the body of Suescun. Panello Ramirez then put in Griselda to have her men kill Panesso.

Also killed were: Rubén Echeverría, Julio Gaona, Jorge Luis de Campo, Osear Penagos Ríos.

Bogota murdercase Gerardo Araque
27 May 1978 was in Bogota at the estate of Martha L C de G at her birthdayparty the dealer Gerardo Araque shot dead, she was probably behind the hit and her party was attended by many drugsdealers. In 1978 alone were more then 28 colombians killed in the Medellin drugwar. Also killed were: Manuel Delgado, José Ramón Ruiz.

New emerging Medellin king
José Hader Alvarez Moreno.

New York cocaine king Santacruz Londono (Cali)
In the mid-1970s (while Medellin's cocaine cowboys were monopolizing drug sales in Miami) Santacruz Londono was taking Manhattan. Heriberto Castro Meza the father in law of the Cali cartel boss Jose Santacruz Londono. The Santa Cruz group owned seven factories in Colombia that prepared cocaine powder.

New York cocaine king Londono (Cali)
Santacruz since 1978, when they found out that he was building an air fleet and setting up businesses along the East Coast. He owned four or five airplanes and employed as many as ten pilots to transport the drugs. Federal agents took nine years to crack a Santacruz-designed lumber scheme (so 1988 seizure). In 1979, a Cali operative was arrested with the name of a Baltimore lumberyard in his pocket. There, agents saw piles of mahogany boards sliced end to end, with pockets hollowed out and the tops veneered on. A few more clues popped up over the years, but nothing to pinpoint which planks, among the tons of lumber imported from South America, contained contraband.

Dade County Shopping Mall Massacre
12 july 1979, Griselda Blanco orchestrated the infamous Dade County Shopping Mall Massacre. A van advertising party supplies unleashed two hitmen, armed with automatic weapons, who converged on a liquor store where Blanco had arranged to meet two drug competitors to whom she owed a great deal of money. Her intention was to kill the competitors and thereby eradicate her debt. Her hitmen assassinated the two targets, and then chased two liquor store employees, who had been witnesses, throughout the mall, pushing aside shrieking little old blue-haired Jewish ladies and spraying bullets, "Miami Vice" style. The two witnesses were wounded but the hitmen escaped. After the Dade County Massacre, Miami law enforcement officials had definitively identified Blanco as a potential suspect.

Miami drugbaron Rafael Leon Rodriguez “Amilcar” and double murdercase cuban dealers
In 1979 tricked the Cuban Armando Gonzalez his fellow cubans and drugdealers Angel Acosta and Raimundo Martinez into a house in West Miami. There were they killed by Rafael Leon Rodriguez “Amilcar” and his bodyguard, this was told by the Cuban Hipolito Visuna.

Miami’s Ochoa representant Rigoberto Correa
In 1980 leaves Fabio Ochoa Miami and he was replaced by Rigoberto Correa.

Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela
Reportedly worked with Santiago Ocampo Zuluaga who was indicted in the US in 1980 as then head of the "biggest cocaine ring in US history".

New York cocaine king Londono (Cali)
Santacruz was indicted for drug-trafficking conspiracy in 1980, but he fled the USA.

Tulio Enrique Ayerbe
New York City operator in the early days of the Cali cartel's operation in that city. Caught in 1980 and sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Miami, Florida, USA
In april 1980 was in Miami 138 kgs of coke confiscated of Jader who then send Jaime Murcia to Miami to find out how that could happen. Jaime Murcia left his emeraldbusiness of his family in the hands of his nephew Carlos murcia. Soon was in Colombia Carlos Murcia’s brother in law shot and killed by a motordriver and also his sister was severely wounded. Carlos murcia decided then to get his wife and wounded sister to Miami to hide and they flew to Miami. At the airport they would have been greeted by Marlene Orejuela Sanchez , but a man came with his motorhelmet on, who shot and killed Carlos murcia after which the perpetrator fled on a motor driven by a second man. Jader then went into business with Jose Antonio Cabrera a former partner of Griselda and Blanco who has good ties with the Sicilians in New york.

Spain arrests of Medellin boss Jorge Ochoa and Cali boss Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela
15 November 1984 police arrest Jorge Ochoa and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela and their wifes. Ochoa had letters with him from the Spanish Gallician brothers Fernandez Espina and there had also been contacts with Laureano Oubina who leads the smugglingnetwork of Galicia. They worked with Jorge`s capo Teodoro Castrillon in setting up a distributionnetwork. The US asked the extradiction of Ochoa and Orejuela, but also Colombia asked their extradiction and they stay for the moment detained in Spain. Soon before the US embassy in Colombia exploded a carbomb which killed a woman.

Spain drugboss Laureano Oubina arrested
The same year, 1984, was Oubina with several other Gallician bosses arrested but they are soon free because of corruption.

Miami cocaine market is in the hands of Medellin
Miami’s cocaine market is in the hands of the Medellin cartel.

Miami crack market is in the hands of Shower Posse leader Lester Coke?? Jamaican
Miami’s crack market is in the hands of the Jamaican Shower Posse (Medellin associated) who had in october 1988 hundred and twenty members in Miami led by Vivian Blake and Lester Coke who fled from the USA.

New York cocaine market is in the hands of Cali
The New York cocainedistribution is in the hands of the Cali cartel

Brooklyn (New York) crack market is in the hands of:
crackmarket they gave to the Jamaicans in Brooklyn under Delroy Edwards

Washington Heights (New York) crack market is in the hands of:
Washington Heights and North Manhattan to the Dominicans of Santiago Luis Polanco Rodriguez.

Washington Heights crack distributor Santiago Luis Polanco Rodriguez
Washington Heights was among the neighborhoods hit hard first by the spread of crack-cocaine. According to the indictment, the group began selling cocaine in New York in 1982, then switched to crack in 1985 when the drug was first introduced to New York. The indictment also said that the ringleader used key lieutenants in New York City. While all the time living in the Dominican Republic, he still continued to oversee the entire operation in New York.

New York cocaine and crack king Londono (Cali)
Authorities said that Santa Cruz and his group were distributors of about one ton of cocaine in New York between 1985-1988, and reaped profits of over $51 million.

Washington Heights crack distributor Santiago Luis Polanco Rodriguez
Luis Polanco Rodriguez "Yayo" was born 16 June 1961 in Santiago, Dominican Republic. A small-time hoodlum and burglar, Polanco-Rodriguez became one of New York City's largest distributors of crack cocaine. In a raid on his residence in 1986, agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency found a gas mask, bulletproof vests, automatic weapons, and more than one-hundred thousand empty crack vials.

Washington Heights crack distributor Santiago Luis Polanco Rodriguez
On July 31st, 1987, Federal authorities said they had smashed a drug ring that they described as the biggest distributor of crack in New York City. Twenty-nine people were subsequently arrested for involvement in the drug ring, which was headed by a 26-year-old Dominican Republic man. The drug ring was believed to be putting out over 10,000 vials of crack per day, mostly in theWashington Heights, section of Manhattan, and the Bronx. These defendants were charged with operating an international ring that distributed “massive amounts” of crack in vials that sold for $10-$20 each. “We believe this group was selling 10,000 vials of crack per day”, said Robert M. Stutman, head of the New York office of the D.E.A., Americans answer to the “war on drugs”. He said that the crack was marketed under the brand name “based balls”, which he described as “the largest brand name on the streets of New York”. The ringleader of this group New York’s first large scale crack operation, was named Santiago Luis Polanco-Rodriguez. Rodriguez was probably “the marketing genius” behind the dramatic spread of crack-cocaine in the Washington Heights area over the past two years. In 1987, U.S. authorities charged Polanco-Rodriguez with drug trafficking, racketeering, money laundering, and other offenses.

New York cocaine and crack king Londono (Cali)
In 1987 the US attorney’s office in Brooklyn, NY, considered Jose Santa Cruz Londono the largest supplier of crack and cocaine in New York.

Jamaica’s Shower Poss boss Coke
In 1987 returned Lester Coke to Kingston. In 1987 were there 442 murders.

Cali murdercase Enrique Gomez Padilla
In october 1987 had the Cali boss Gilberto Jose Rodriguez Orejuela (41) almost an accident with his car after which his driver shot and killed the chauffeur of the other car Enrique Gomez Padilla (46) with 2 bullets.

Montreal based West End Gang boss Allan “the Weasel” Ross
In 1987, Ross met with Angel Sanchez to discuss the delivery of a large cocaine shipment to Canada. In the Spring of 1987, the Sanchez organization recruited Bertram Gordon to arrange a deal with Ross. Gordon met with Ross at Blackledge's home several times in 1987, and eventually they agreed that Ross would import three loads of cocaine from Colombia to Canada, through the United States. The loads, each consisting of approximately 600 kilograms of cocaine, were flown from Colombia to employees in Nashville, Tennessee.

Montreal based West End Gang boss Allan “the Weasel” Ross
In July 1987 Bertram Gordon left the United States for Canada, where he served as a middleman in certain of Ross's drug transactions. That summer, Angel Sanchez sent two boats to Europe, the "Finesse" containing 146 kilograms of cocaine and the "Big John" containing 600 kilograms of cocaine. Working for Ross, Trepanier was to off-load the "Finesse" cocaine and distribute it in Europe. Of the "Big John" load, although some was targeted for the Sicilian Mafia, the majority was scheduled for distribution in Spain by Ross. Ross sent other employees to assist Trepanier; however, Portuguese and Spanish authorities made arrests and seized the "Finesse" cocaine. After the seizure of the "Finesse" cocaine, Sabio and Gordon fled Spain for Holland, where Gordon was arrested by Dutch law enforcement authorities on February 13, 1989.

Montreal based West End Gang boss Allan “the Weasel” Ross
Contemporaneous with the ships' sailing, the Spanish National Police were observing Ross agents, Sabio and Francois LeBoeuf. The Spanish National Police wiretapped various telephones in accordance with Spanish law and observed Trepanier meeting with Ross at the Malaga, Spain airport in late January 1988. The Spanish police then, again pursuant to Spanish law, wiretapped Ross’s hotel telephone. Transcripts of these various wiretaps were presented at trial, showing incriminating conversations between Sabio, LeBoeuf, Ross, Blackledge, and Angel Sanchez and his associates. Simultaneously, the Spanish police in Madrid observed meetings between Angel Sanchez and members of Ross's organization, including LeBoeuf and Sabio.

Cali represent Bettien Martens meets Klaas Bruinsma in Amsterdam
Bettien Martens was in 1988 introduced by John Ferrol and Azevedo Da Silva to the boss Klaas Bruinsma and his men Etienne Urka, Geurt Roos and "Lesley".

Santacruz Londono
In January 1989 New York agents seized a Santacruz Londono truck loaded with $19 million as it was departing for Mexico.

Eindhoven based brothers van der Pelt
Mid 1989 was Theo van der Pelt (36) sentenced to 16 years for cocaine importation. With van der Pelt were also convicted F.Lampe (29) from Geldrop, I van Wijlick from Helmond and the American Bertram Gordon (60). Bertram Gordon had been sentenced in the US to 2 life sentences.

Camorra boss Francesco Toscanino arrested in Brazil
5 August 1989 was in Brazil the Camorra boss Francesco Toscanino (54) arrested, he had contacts with cali cartel members Arias Fuentes and Giraldo Caceido.

Montreal drugtraficker Raymond Craig and supplier Calicartel boss Londono
Craig was involved in the record cocaine seizure of 29 september 1989 (20 tons) in Los Angeles. The cocaine bricks were marked with a destination code, "Baby I." Baby I turned out to be a Santacruz protege in New York, Luis ("Leto") Delio Lopez, 28. Craig’s main customers were the West End Gang and principally the Italian mafia.

Cali cartel boss Londono
The cartel has also buried cocaine in toxic chemicals. In november 1989 Customs agents and New York policemen found almost 5,000 kg of the drug inside 252 drums of powdered lye. No sane inspector would poke around in lye, which can inflict severe eye, skin and lung burns. Luckily, someone had tipped off the authorities. The cocaine bricks unearthed from the lye were marked with a destination code, "Baby I." The same marking had been found on an 18,000-kg seizure near Los Angeles two months earlier. Baby I turned out to be a Santacruz protege in New York, Luis ("Leto") Delio Lopez, 28.

IJmuiden coke case against Cali cartel member Raul Grajales
28 February 1990 police found in IJmuiden 2658 kilos of coke, the main suspect was Pedro Felipe Villaquiran (Grajales) who had just gone and escaped. The coke is from the boss Raul Grajales from Cali and the operation was led by Francesco Rubin Dario Garzon Londono and his brother in law Orlando F. Also is connected Pepe Vilas who is a friend of Bettien Martens.

Bettien Martens arrives at Schiphol
3 March 1990 arrived Bettien Martens at Schiphol and was welcomed there by John Ferrol, Jos Langendijk and Nick P from Trinidad, they want her to deliver coke to Klaas Bruinsma.

Marbella (Spain) murdercase Charles Wilson
24 April 1990 was the former English train robber Charles Wilson (58) shot and killed near Marbella, Spain, by Danny Roff and the murder had been ordered by Roy Adkins. One of the first that was questioned after the murder was Walter Douglas. Wilson`s friends of the train robbery Thomas Whisby (60) and James Hassay (57) are imprisoned in England for coke smuggle.

Marbella (Spain)
Bruinsma had in Marbella the Moroccan Ali killed by Colombian sicarios because he wouldn’t pay a debt to Bruinsma, the sicarios were delivered by Martens.

Luxembourg, Cali cartel boss Jose Santacruz Londono
29 June 1990 were in Luxembourg the Colombians Franklin Jurado (43), Edgar Garcia Montilla (had been part of the direction of the Panamanian bank for Cali) and Ricardo Mahecha Bustos arrested. They had 36 million dollars put at the account of Heriberto Castro Meza, the father in law of the Cali cartel boss Jose Santacruz Londono. Jurado would just have left for the Soviet Union to investigate the cokemarket there as a professor from Harvard and he was Londono's most important moneylaunderer. Montilla led all moneytransactions in Europe for Cali. The 36 million dollars was suspected to have come from the sale of cocaine in Europe and was paid by Giuseppe Lottusi who worked as an accountant in Milan and did the payments to the Colombians for the coke transports of Francesco Madonia.

Santacruz Londono
October 1990 agents found an additional $14 million inside heavy cable spools on Long Island, along with records showing shipments of $100 million more over the previous nine months.

Klaas Bruinsma orders murder of irish drugbaron Roy Adkins
28 September 1990 sat the irish Roy Adkins with 2 men in a hotel lounge when 2 Colombians came in and execute him at the orders of Bruinsma. Bettien Martens said she had arranged the hitmen for Bruinsma

Bettien Martens in Colombia
7 October 1990 were Martens and Langendijk brought to Schiphol by John Ferrol and they flew to Colombia where they stayed with El Medico who works for Jaime Orejuela? They wait there for Nick P. when he arrives Martens told them that the family Grajales wants to deliver them 2000 kgs of coke hidden in stone coal and send to Rotterdam. They start working with Claudio Enden and Pereira cartel boss Jose Duran.

Netherlands, Germany, Italy operation
In november 1990 got dutch police from german police the tip that a cocaine line was in Holland via Germany. 12 November 1990 police find in Venray 125 kgs of coke and arrested several members of the gang of Piet Schneider. The 19th police arrested the Rotterdam brothers T.C. (35) and R.C. (33) with 50 kgs of coke. 21 November arrested police their Colombian deliverers in Amsterdam, police then can also arrest the Yugoslavians B.R.(40) and E.S. (40) from Amsterdam who also have 24 kgs of coke. 23 November german police arrest then the Colombians Oscar Escobar and Arturo Restrejo and the Italian Lodovico Pancrazio the righthand of Vincenzo Pavia (the brother in law of the Calabrian N'drangheta boss Mimmo Belfiore). Pancrazio had just paid 400000 dollars for a party of coke which is already in Italy, the germans tipped the Italians. At the end of november were Gioacchino Matranga and his secretary Renzo Succi Lionelli arrested thanks to the germans and not much later also his brother Pietro and the in Ecuador living Italian Salvatore Lamincia.

Netherlands, Germany, Italy operation
4 December 1990 police find 400 kgs of coke from the Matranga brothers in Milan and police arrest 23 men under whom Vincenzo Pavia, Saverio Saffiotti, Guido Palmisano and Luciano Tedesco.

Miami, Cali cartel associate Harold Ackerman
16 December 1990 were in Miami at a buildingsite in concrete poles 16 tons of coke found, it was already the 13th delivery of poles. The transports were organized by Harold Ackerman (51) for the Cali bosses the Orejuela brothers. Also arrested for this case Jaime Garcia Garcia (43).

In January 1991 Martens and Langendijk got in Colombia to hear that a coke transport of 614 kilos in barrels with asphalt from Trinidad was confiscated in Rotterdam. Martens went to Venezuela and Dunstean Phillip was soon arrested.

Francesco Cotroni jr
In february 1991 Francesco Cotroni jr travelled to Colombia and met Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela the bosses of Cali.

World's biggest hasjsmuggler Klaas Bruinsma killed before Amsterdam's Hilton Hotel
26 June 1991 talked Klaas Bruinsma with horecaexploiter Pietje B and Ton Winninghof in the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. Also Bruinsma talked there with Johan Verhoek and his partner Koos Reuvers. Outside was Bruinsma then shot dead by Martin Hoogland. His bodyguard Azavedo Da Silva and Henk Boom (from Rotterdam) are on vacation in Spain to get money from some bad payers to Bruinsma who were in Spain.

In march 1992 are Bettien Martens and several Colombian sicarios from Frankfurt in an Antwerp cafe when buyers come to get their coke deliveries. The party of 500 kg is of the Cali bosses Javier Baena and El Medico. In Amsterdam was a buyer arrested with a party in his car and in Nijmegen was the kickboxer Ronald van Z arrested with 80 kilos of coke in his car. Colombians from Martens then kidnap Dick V from Nijmegen and break his knee. Jos Langendijk the third partner went into hiding and phoned with Martens who wants her money.

2 April 1992 talk Martens and the Colombians Cesar Hincapi and Miguel Ramirez "the dwarf" with the scared Langendijk and they want their money.

5 June 1992 arrived Martens at the airport of Rome with the Equadorian Eduardo Enrico Gilberto Orellano.

Corleonesi represent Massimo Quadra
In june 1992 arrived 526 kilos of cocaine with the Ecuadorean ship Cinta it was arranged by the Sicilian Massimo Quadra (represents the corleonesi) and Antonio Cangemi in Palermo.

Cali associate CC in Amsterdam
Summer 1992 arrived the Colombian C.C. in Amsterdam , before he had lived some time in Frankfurt or Hamburg. In Amsterdam he got the leadership for Cali over the coke distribution.

DEA operation Green Ice (DEA supervisor Tom Clifford)
DEA agent Heidi Landgraf laundered money for 5 Colombian cartels: Medellin, Cali, Pereira, Costa and Valle del Norte. One of her customers was the violent colombian Osvaldo Montalvo. Also she laundered money for Salvatore "toto" Riina and his Corleonesi, for the Napolitan camorra boss Zaza, for the calabrian N'drangheta family Piromalli? And Sacra Corona Unita (SCU). The Cali cartel worked with the Italians. Police found out in the roman part of operation Green Ice that there had been a meeting between 4 important sicilian coscas with Orlando Cediel Ospina Vargas "Tony Duran". 22 September 1992 were arrested Bettien Martens (40), Tony Duran (boss of the Pereira cartel) and Pedro Felipe Villaquiran (works for the Grajales family) in Rome and operation Green Ice closed and police also arrest Bettien Martens female Belgium friend Jeanna Rooskens (33). Operation Green Ice brought also in sight n’drangheta boss Piromalli and the Corleonesi.

Also arrested were the roman Fausto Pellegrinetti (50), Gaetano Sideri (40 and a member of the Magliana gang) and his wife Antonella Porcacchia (36) and her brother Giancarlo Porcacchia (who lives in Colombia and was married with the Cali woman Melo Blanca), Silvio Mauro Spediacci (44), Giuseppe Collecchia (48), Giovanni Carloni (38), Giuseppe D’Alessandri (36), Gianfranco Carminati (32), Serafino Magnoli (44 and represents the n’drangheta), Alvaro Casagrande Marianelli (47), Lamberto Simoncini (36), Tatiana Brandolese (29), Vera Romagnoli, Roberta Sampetri, Carlo Principe. In naples were arrested Domenico Verde, Immacolata Busiello, Giacomo Iazzetta, Francesca Pirozzi and Bruno Di Napoli. In Palermo were arrested Massimo Quatra (who represents the corleonesi), Maurizio Brancatelli, Antonino Mancuso, Giuseppe Pollara. In Milan were arrested Giorgio Orio Refe and Giuliano Zani. Carlos Rodriguez Polonia Camargo.

operation Green Ice was an important operation because it opened the door to several investigations. It led directly to operation Casablanca which exposed the involved of two of the largest banks in Mexico: Banco Serfin and Bancmer, in laundering of drug money. Coincidental to the rise of the Tijuana cartel and the beginning of the slide of the Juarez cartel, operation green Ice applied direct pressure to the Rodriguez brothers as well as Amado Carillo Fuentes. Green ice also turned up proof that the groups were fabricating kennels made of fiberglass and cocaine in an effort to smuggle their product into the states. Another method included shipping cocaine to Miami in loads of Broccoli. Involved were Demetrio Penaherrera “el vaticano” (godfather of the Peruvian smugglers), Henry Tapia Achondo (owner of a sylmar warehouse which had been raided during the Casablanca investigation and housed 21 and a half tons of cocaine and Martin Deleeuw (head of the Los Angeles distribution for the Cali cartel and who also served as money washer for the Juarez cartel).

Stanley Hillis, Robert Mink Kok and Jan Femer group
In april 1993 allowed the IRT police team their Group to import 1250 kilos of Colombian weed.

Stanley Hillis, Robert Mink Kok and Jan Femer group
In may 1993 allowed the IRT polic team the group to import 3000 kilos of Colombian weed, The Delta crime group owned in Wouw a XTC lab.

Amsterdam police operation “Gouden Kalf” (Golden Calf)
18 October 1993 were in Amsterdam 5 money exchange banks of the Israeli family Eini closed for laundering drug profits. They had laundered money for Cali represent Bettien Martens and Robert Mink Kok (the head of the division drugs of the Bruinsma heirs).

Queens murdercase Vladimir Beigelman
2 december 1993 Zapinakmine's friend Vladimir Beigelman (36) killed by colombian in Queens at the order of the cokeboss Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia "chupeta". Abadia had worked for the brothers Ivan and Julio Fabio Urdinola Grajales, the leaders for the North Valley cartel, a kind of dependance for the Cali cartel.

Cali cartel member C.C in Amsterdam
C.C organized in october 1994 the import of almost 12000 kilos of marijuana in The Netherlands.

Amsterdam, Cali cartel member C.C arrested
24 December 1994 arrived 1161 kgs of coke in the Amsterdam harbor and police arrest the Colombian C.C. (26) who leads the dutch branch of the Cali cartel. Also connected were JB (30) the son in law of the Surinam minister of Social Business Willy Soemita. JB was also seen by police as a potential witness against AB (29) a member of a morrocan drugsgang who with an other drugsgang was dismantled in october 1994 by police. AB got his coke from JB. About 70% off all to Europe smuggled cocaine could be connected to the dutch Antils especially Sint Maarten (where lives Spadaro) and Aruba (here has settled the La Costa cartel who work for Cali and organize the distribution to Europe and Miami via the Caribbean islands and Mexico.

Cali cartel boss Rodriguez Orejuela arrested (position 1)
9 June 1995 was the Cali boss Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela arrested.

Cali cartel boss Jose Santacruz Londono arrested
4 July 1995 was Cali boss Jose Santacruz Londono arrested.

Cali cartel boss Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela arrested
6 August 1995 was Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela arrested.

Jose Santacruz Londono escapes
He escaped La Picota Prison in Bogotá on January 11, 1996.

Cali cartel boss Jose Santacruz Londono shot and killed by police
5 March 1996 was in Medellin the boss Jose Santacruz Londono (52) shot dead by police. He was the 3th man in the Cali cartel. He was also suspected of ordering the murder of journalist Manuel de Dios in 1992 in Queens.

Cali cartel boss Helmer Herrera arrested
1 September 1996 Helmer Herrera the last free boss of the Cali cartel turned himself in to police (the other 6 bosses are already imprisoned).The USA asked Colombia for extradiction of the Cali bosses Helmer Herrera Buitrago, Carlos Ramirez Abadia and the 2 brothers Rodriguez Orejuela.

Police operation Azienda di Cavoli (Cabbage Farm)

Police operation Raccolto verde (Green Harvest)

Jose Cardenas "el Loco= Jose Nelson "el negro" Urrego Cardenas= same person= no cali cartel =member of norte de valle cartel= IT chief operator of Arcangel Henao Montoya (brother and sucessor of then murderd / by cali cartel/ orlando henao), informant to dea.
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