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Title: On the Spot Journal

Rick Mattix - May 6, 2008 06:49 AM (GMT)
For those here who are current subscribers to On the Spot, the Spring 2008 issue is finally on its way. Others can get info on back issues and how to subscribe at our website:

Scholarly yet entertaining, On the Spot is the only regularly published magazine in America devoted exclusively to crime and crime control during the classic gangster era. Plus, new subscribers still receive free promo copies of "A Devil Incarnate", the autobiography of Willie Radkay, Alcatraz Inmate #666.

Anyhow, here's the lineup for the current issue:

Johnny on the Spot: The Assassination of John Lazia
by Brian James Beerman
Egan's Rats
by Michael Webb
It's Death to Bonnie and Clyde!
by Sandy Jones and Bob Fischer
George Guy Osborne and the Killing of G-Man Truett E. Rowe
by Rick Mattix
Toni Jo Henry's Date With Death
by Laura James
The Outlaw's Thrill of the Chase: Dillinger's Essex Terraplane 8 in St. Paul, March 1934
by Ellen Poulsen with Sandy Jones
Q.P. McGhee, The Gangster's Mouthpiece
by Robert R. Ernst

Our Summer issue will be an all-Mafia edition and thrill-packed as always.

Rick Mattix

Rick Mattix - June 13, 2008 01:44 AM (GMT)
Summer issue of On the Spot Journal will be available in a few weeks and focuses on early 20th Century American Mafia figures. Here's the lineup for this issue:

A Test of Resolve: The 1932 Mafia Murder of Pittsburgh Boss John Bazzano
by Thomas P. Hunt and Michael A. Tona
Goodfellas: Berrien County and Prohibition Era Gangsters
by David Critchley
The First Mafia Boss of Los Angeles? The Mystery of Vito Di Giorgio, 1880-1922
by Richard N. Warner
The Man in the Shadows: Sam Pollaccia
by Thomas P. Hunt and Louis P. Cafiero

"A Test of Resolve" by Thomas Hunt and Michael Tona covers the early history of the Pittsburgh family, up through the Bazzano assassination. "Goodfellas" by David Critchley reveals once and for all the identity and past of "Buster from Chicago", the shadowy killer of the Castellammarese War. Both are lengthy but entertaining pieces and well documented. Critchley's article, slightly revised and expanded here, was originally published in Chronicle, the magazine of the Michigan Historical Society and covers the mutual tie-ins to Berrien County, Michigan of both "Buster" and the more publicized Fred "Killer" Burke and various members of the Capone Syndicate.

There's a goldmine of Mafia history in all these pieces on New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

To subscribe, or just to check us out, drop in at our website:

Rick Mattix - November 26, 2008 07:09 PM (GMT)
Subscribe, renew, or extend your subscription to OTSJ between now and
January 3, 2009 at our special 20% Holiday Discount. Or purchase a gift
subscription for only $37.50 (a 25% savings). Owing to our extensive
printing and mailing costs these discounts are only being offered
within the continental U.S.

Subscriptions or back issues may be ordered by PayPal or credit card at
our website ( or by check or
money order to:

On the Spot Journal
701 Jackson
Bussey, IA 50044

On the Spot Journal is the only magazine in America dealing exclusively
with crime and crime control in the clasic gangster era.

Our Winter issue deals with the formation and early decades of the FBI.

Rick Mattix

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