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 Code White 0013
Posted: Aug 13 2008, 07:53 AM

Adminbot3000's Alternate Personality

Group: FVZA Agent Command
Posts: 535
Member No.: 2
Joined: 16-November 05

Report Number: 1337B
Date: September 15th, 2000
Location: Santa Rosa Institute, Kirtland Air Force, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Background: After the disbanding of the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency the Santa Rosa Institute continued to operate and the duties of the FVZA were transferred to the USAF where the SRI was concerned and the CDC throughout the rest of the country.

Incident: After a sample from the the Lazo Disaster the SRI began where the Soviets left off. As expected one of the infected monkeys did indeed bite a researcher, beginning an incident that started off very similar on American soil.

InvestigationStaff Sergeant Miller grabbed his P90 submachine gun, loaded it and then cocked it. The alarm was blaring loudly and high pitched and flashing lights permeated the entire room. Around him was his squad of airmen who like him were dressed in black tactical SWAT style outfits. They were one of the base's Emergency Services Team, this one being assigned specifically as combat biohazard containment specialists for the on base Santa Rosa Institute, a facility that researched vampires and zombies. The rest of the squad was armed with either P90's or MCS 870 shotguns, a close quarters kit through and through.

"Listen up airmen, we've got a situation at the Santa Rosa Institute in basement level five. I haven't been told any specifics yet so stay sharp." Miller said to his squad as they continued to ready their gear.

After a ride by Humvee to the institute the squad disembarked from their vehicles and swiftly moved up the front entrance and let themselves inside. As people evacuated the building the squad made their way past the lobby and through a set of secure metal doors into the laboratory area where they grabbed an elevator downstairs after entering an electronic card for entry.

As the elevator door opened up the airmen looked around to find themselves in a hallway with blood smeared everywhere. Glass windows looking into the labs were shattered and displaced from their frames, security doors were left wide open, the siren blared faintly in the background, and spinning red lights flashed everywhere.

"Sure looks like the shit hit the fan in here." Commented Senior Airman Cromwell.

"For fuck's sake, didn't the major recommend upgrading the windows to plexiglass?" Said Staff Sergeant Murphy, the second in command.

"Huh, guess they'll have to take him up on-" Began Miller before he suddenly stopped upon the lights suddenly going out. As soon as the lights went out a series of hisses was heard all around the team coming from seemingly everywhere. By instinct the team put on their gasmasks and nightvision goggles as they tried to get a fix on the location of whoever was making the noise around them.

"Alright, we'll split into three groups of four. Cromwell and Murphy, you each lead a team." Ordered Miller before the three groups split up.

Miller lead his team into Laboratory 3 on the northern side of the compound without incident. Upon entering the lab the team discovered the lab to be in ruins. Beakers and petri dishes lie everywhere as shards of glass and a variety of scientific equipment was strewn all over with papers in a state of chaos. Then Airman Daniels said, "Hey, I think I see someone moving up ahead."

"Safeties off, lasers on." Said Miller as he turned off the safety on his P90 and activated the laser sight. Smoke and dust in the air from the ruckus was causing the entire beam of the laser to become visible through the lab. The group of four advanced to the end of the lab where Daniels claimed he saw something, and he was right.

They came to what appeared to be a quarantine chamber where a figure was sitting inside. Miller knocked on the glass with his gloved hand while pointing his gun at the figure. The man inside got up and pushed a button and spoke, "You're already too late, everyone but me is already infected. All you can do now is retreat and initiate the Ragnarök Protocol."

"Sir, you're sounding a bit confused. We have a vaccine that's highly effective, developed in this very facility. There's no need for us to flood the floor with neurotoxins. Things will be ok." Reassured Miller.

The man in the room said irritably, "You just don't get it. This isn't the typical vampire virus, it's a continuation of a variant the Russians created. It's completely immune to our vaccine, there's no hope for anyone who's been bitten."

Just then a clatter was heard in the ceiling that seemed to be moving. The team of airmen pointed their guns upwards but ultimately had no idea where to shoot until a vampire popped out from a vent in the ceiling inside the quarantine room. The vampire was dressed in a white labcoat and had blood running down his chin and neck all the way down his labcoat. He reached down and bit the uninfected scientist right in the jugular, spraying blood everywhere.

Miller quickly inserted his keycard in the door to get in while his partners covered him from the rear. He darted inside, used his laser to level his gun, and then let loose a quick burst of automatic fire. The rounds penetrated through the vampire, causing it to loose it's hold in the vent and fall to the floor. The sergeant then ran up to the vampire and pumped the rest of his fifty round magazine into the vampire's body.

"Just... shoot... me..." Begged the scientist.

"We'll get you out, everything is going to be ok." Assured Miller, lying through his teeth as he knew the scientist would bleed to death as a best case scenario, and a fate far worse if not death.

Miller knealt down beside the scientist to try and comfort him, but with his last act of strength the scientest grabbed Miller's gun, point it it towards his own head and as Miller screamed "NO!" the scientist pulled the trigger.

Click, click, click. The magazine having been emptied, the P90 did nothing. Miller simply said, "Sorry, haven't had a chance to reload-" before being cut off when the scientist grabbed Miller's M1911 handgun out of his hipside holster, put it in his mouth and fired.

"Fuck." Muttered Miller before walking out of the room.

"Sir, what the hell happened?" Asked Airman Daniels.

"Apparently the vaccine doesn't work. He decided to end his own life rather than live as a vampire." Miller said quietly.

That's when the hissing began again and a vampire leapt from behind a table and charged at the airmen. The three other airmen in Miller's team quickly opened fire and knocked it down before advancing and putting a few rounds in it's head for good measure.

"I think it's high time we make our exit." Suggested Miller as he reloaded his P90 with another magazine and advanced towards the door to exit the lab. They exited the lab into a hallway where it seemed deserted.

But as they walked past a lab the glass shattered as a microscope flew through it and a vampire leapt through the opening a second later, right on to one of the airmen before biting down on the throat. Miller without hesitation opened up his P90 on both the airman and the vampire. The two remaining members of his team were horrified by this but said nothing as Miller continued on and they followed close behind.

"Watch the windows." Ordered Miller.

Then another vampire flew through another window to a lab. But this time they were ready. Miller quickly fired the first few shots and the other two in his team followed up before the vampire hit the ground with precisely aimed shots.

Just as the vampire's face contacted the bloodstained floor another one rounded a corner about twenty feet ahead and began sprinting to the agents for a kill. The team quickly opened up on it.

To be continued...

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