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Fvza Rpg > Introductions > New Agent to the southeast region

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 20 2007, 06:18 AM
Agent Name:Eric Benson



Group afflition:FVZA

Eduction: High school



Physical traits: Eric is a young man with an athletic/few extra poudns body frame and wears glasses he has white skin and brown hair and brown eyes

Weapons: Colt 45 pistol and Katana altough he prefers his trademark melee weapon a metal little league baseball bat eric use a sword if he is forced to.

Hand to hand style:Muay thai and some brazilan jiu jistu

Background: Always intrested in the paranormal Eric spent his life studyinf vampires and zombies he always belvied that they existed, and looked for stories abotu thier sightings wanting to be an amuatur hunter Eric learned mixed martial arts in a speical dojo jsut as leagues like the UFC were becomeong popluar to further add to his training Eric headed to sarasota florida to learn swordsmanship from his girlfreind a blackbelt in goju karate and weapons. He also learned how to use firearms from a freind of his dad's feelign his training was compelte and with his knowlwdge of cvampire and zomibe lore Eric had no idea how to start his carrer. That is until the FVZA came along.

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