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Posted by: Rhodes Nov 28 2006, 04:04 AM
Back leaning against a tall maple. Wind blowing lightly in his face. Smoke from the Backwoods cigar seeps from nostrils. Hunting rifle cradled in the man's arm. Dry, dead leaves rustle lightly in the trees overhead. A woodcock cackles in the near distance. Dusk rapidly approaches.

An almost inaudiable snapping of a twig rings in Rhodes ears.

He lifts his head up and stares in the direction of the sound.

Close. Buck by the smell. Heavy by the weight of the twig.

Rhodes rubs out his cig on the sole of his boot, tucking the half smoked cancer stick behind his ear.
Crouching down to one knee, the vampire focuses his eyesight into the distance. The mid-east late fall has left the trees bare.

Movement between an oak and scraggly locust tree.

Flipping the safety off on the old 1917 issued 8mm Mauser, Rhodes lets his keen vision pull the landscape to him. A modest 5 point buck is sniffing at the wind, trying to track down a doe in estrus.

Smiling a half-fang grin, Rhodes lifts the hefty rifle to his shoulder.

Easy pickings. The ol'boy won't even see it coming.

As the last rays of sunlight fade, the deer suddenly falls down, just before the report from a rifle breaks the silence.

Flipping the safety on, Rhodes stands and slings the gun on his shoulder.
Lighting the rest of his cigar, he walks silently towards the downed kill.
600...700...856 yards the hunter paces off.

Standing over the animal, he tilts his wide brimmed hunting hat back.

Right thru the ears. Never even heard the shot.

Laying his rifle against an oak, he pulls out a length of rope and a large skinning knife.

Posted by: Drunkentiger123 Nov 28 2006, 04:22 AM
*guy emerges out of nowhere with a 7.62mm gatling gun*

"Right... a vamp hunting deers. U shouldnt part with your gun like that... especially when im around. Never know if a vampire hunter is waiting for a chance to strike, like now for example."

Posted by: Templar Nov 28 2006, 05:25 AM
"You just love ruining things, don't you Guy?" Said Vincent, who was sitting in a nearby tree with his legs propped up on a branch like some CEO of an obscure company kicking up his feet on a desk.

"Can't you see this is Rhodes' story? Jesus Christ. Let the man continue without your un-realsitic interjections of gatling guns and vampire hunting." the bloodsucker said shaking his head. He pulled out a mini stick of jerky that was shapped like a cigarette and stuck it into his mouth, sucking on the meat and savoring the smokey flavor.

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 28 2006, 04:15 PM
OOC: S'all good Temp... check it.

As Rhodes knelt by the half gutted animal, without looking up he smiles.

Ya know the one thing about being a hunter, you know when your being hunted yourself. Just as you need to have more knowledge of your surrounding, rather than where you put your gun.

Tossing a chunk of intestine over his shoulder, Rhodes cocks his head slightly to look behind as the piece of entrail lands just a foot from the vamphunters feet, setting off a catchtrap. The massive net immediately springs, enclosing guy as he's wisked up into the air, entangling him in the nylon webbing.

Continuing to dress his kill, Rhodes adeptly cuts the heart out of the deer and carefully sets it aside.

Word of advice son, always look where you're steppin. Specially in these parts.

Posted by: Templar Nov 28 2006, 08:39 PM
"Oh, you are a tricky one Rhodes." Vincent said smiling as he watched Guy struggle in the netting, "Tricky tricky tricky..."

The bloodsucker cracked his neck and took in a deep breath of the dusk air. It was a lovely end to a day and a perfect start to a night.

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 12:31 AM
Judder walks past a very cross Guy who is hanging in the trap.

He is dressed in hunting camoflague.

Though, He only has a baseball bat.

He looks at Templar and Rhodes for a moment.

"Mind if i get some batting practice in?"

Posted by: Templar Nov 29 2006, 12:47 AM
"Practice batting what, pray tell?" Vincent asked Judder, who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 01:12 AM
Judder looks at Guy mischeviously then to Templar.
"I will show you."
Judder rears the bat back and swings it into the hanging netted Guy.
It impacts with a meaty thump.

Posted by: Templar Nov 29 2006, 01:17 AM


Vincent's jaw drops and his right eyebrow perked up. A human piniata isn't what he had expected, but Hell, life was random right? 'Specially when you are in a non-main storyline section of the forum.

"Dear Lord! You neary broke his spine!" Vincent proclaimed, jumping from the tree he had been sitting in. He looked at Guy and then back at Judder.

"... You I like." the bloosucker said, smiling.

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 01:21 AM
Judder laughs and takes another swing, a crunch is heard this time.
Guy says "You broke my fuckin nose."
Judder replies with another swing, which is followed by cursing and groans,before looking at Templar.
"Ain't life a bitch?"

OOC: Guy I know i used your character but leave it be

Posted by: Templar Nov 29 2006, 01:35 AM
"Only when you are being beaten to death... which happens surprisingly often." Vincent said. The vampire turned over to Rhodes, who was still gutting that deer he had killed a while ago.

"Hey! You gonna eat all that? I am famished." the bloodsucker said, licking his lips and making his way towards the corpse of the deer.

Posted by: Drunkentiger123 Nov 29 2006, 03:42 AM
Judder walks over to Guy and tugs at the crumpled mans face. surprisingly, it comes off, revealing a distorted and bruised face of Judder. he then pulls his mask off, and guess who? Judder turns out to be the real Guy, who had been pretending to be judder.

*judder lets out a exhausted moan*

"now where was i?" Guy pulls out another gatling gun.

*judder moans again*

"Shuddup!" *swings the baseball bat at full power*

Judder: "Nooo! Not my scrotum!" there is a sickening 'crack' *Judder faints* the groin part of his trousers begins to turn red.

OOC: Judder I know i used ur character but leave it be

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 29 2006, 04:27 AM
OOC: How the hell do you slump over when you're stuck in a net?

Posted by: Drunkentiger123 Nov 29 2006, 04:29 AM
OOC: oops...

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 06:11 AM
Judder moans in the net.
"Dammit, you busted my kidneys."

He pulls a .45 out slowly and shoots Guy in both knee caps and shoulder blades.
"Asshole, Now stay down."

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 29 2006, 02:12 PM
Rhodes finishs the gutting process and while everyone is having their fun taking turns knocking the stuffing out of the poor fellow in the net trap, he strings up the deer.

Sure help yourself. I merely want the heart. I normally process these animals then haul it to a feed the homeless shelter...stews and such.

Picking up the heart, Rhodes slips it into a ziploc bag and tucks it inside his wool hunting coat. Wiping off his hands in some dry leaves, he glances up at the net.

Taking out his large skinning knife he slices the rope and with a loud THUD, the drops to the ground. Placing the blade in its sheath, Rhodes glances over at Guy's bloodied, broken kneecaps.

Ow. You should get that looked at soon. *snifs the air* The coyotes are near, and the bears not too far behind.

A that moment a coyotes yipping howl is heard in the distance. Rhodes swiftly picks up his 8mm rifle and slings it across his shoulder, turning to walk away he stops momentarily.

By the way, my name is Rhodes.

Rhodes walks away and passes behind a tree, utterly disappearing into the early night.

Posted by: Templar Nov 29 2006, 07:50 PM
Vincent watches Judder and Guy go at it with both eyes wide open and his jaw slackened.

"What... I... Huh... who... fua..."

Only then did he notice that Rhodes had vanished.

"Oh well... fuck." Vincent said, dumbfounded. The bloodsucker snatched a large piece of dripping red meat and stuck it into his mouth, sucking on it.

Mmmm thats nice.

Snatching a few more pieces of meat and snuffing them into his mouth, Vincent smiled a bloody grin and stalked off into the woods, the deer carcass thrown over his shoulder.

EDIT: Yep, sorry Judder.

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 07:56 PM
Judder rolls his tortured body over and hammers the .45 into Guy's spine and head.

A sick moist crushing sound is heard as Guy's brains ooze out of his fractured skull.

Judder crawls away from the scenee as the coyotes make their way to Guy's incapacitated body.

Edited by Templar for editing fiasco fixing

Posted by: Templar Dec 9 2006, 11:26 PM
Very angry coyotes.

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