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Posted by: Rhodes Sep 4 2008, 04:27 PM
[[OOC: Heres the write up fellers. I’ma gonna take ya’ll, generically, to the next part of the mission, chasing down this new hybrid zed-bug.]]

Inside the Directors Office of the FVZA, a phone rang followed by the desk intercom chirp, “Sir, it’s the field agent reporting in on Wilhelm, says its urgent,” said the voice of the secretary.

The DOO (Director of Operations) picked up the phone, “Yes?”

“Sir, the town was leveled. No word yet on our agents,” replied the field agent.

“Oh our boys are resourceful and hard as nails. They made it, send in an extraction team to find them. What about a sample?” asked the DOO.

“Got it sir. Turned in by our agents to the Nat. Guard there. We confiscated it from them undercover and its enroute to our lab guys for analysis priority one,” answered back the man.

”Excellent. I want that lab report on my desk by the end of the day. After you pick up our boys, I want you to send them to the east coast based on new intel I’ve received.”

”East coast sir? DC again?”

”Edmenton, North Carolina. Just north of the municipal airport, on the water. Intelligence has picked up several communications from Wilhelm to Canada to Mexico to somewhere in the Dakotas back to North Carolina. The messages were coded and buried within several server paths on the internet thru various boards, IM’s and such. I want our team to get there and check out the locals for any signs of either infection or a base of operations for the group responsible for the new bug,” ordered the Director.

”Yes sir. North Carolina, airport, bug, got it. I’ll get the extract team in place and they take them directly to the airport in Edmenton. Oh, one more thing sir, what’s the status of this mission?” asked the field agent as he quickly shorthanded the mission briefing.

A long pause from the DOO before he answered, turning in his creaky office chair, “Black bag Johnson. I want this under the radar of all the other agencies. Give them weapons clearance level 4,” ordered the high ranking FVZA official.

“Four sir? Did you say four?” stammered the man on the other end of the phone.

”You heard me Johnson. Authorization level 4, security code Alpha Mike Echo 4, 0, 0. Give em the package deal agent. I have a feeling they’ll need it,” repeated the Director before hanging up the receiver.

Folding his hands and tapping his knuckles against his chin in thought, the DOO pressed the intercom button and spoke.

”Sarah, clear my schedule for today. Looks like a nice day outside.”

”Golf sir?”

“Absolutely. Back nine if you wouldn’t mind,” he replied before releasing the button.

[[ OOC: the next post will be a chopper extract]]

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 4 2008, 04:53 PM
Rhodes leaned back against the quad as the sun began to set a few miles from the smoking crater that once was the city of Wilhelm.

A faint clicking was heard coming from his radio set. Putting it on he responded.

"Agent MS1 here, ready to be picked up."

"Roger that MS1, ETA 4 min. Have your shit ready we're low on fuel as it is getting out to this cornfield dump," radioed the pilot.

Chuckling, the vamp hopped off the quad and secured his gear.

The chopper hovered just a few feet off the ground as Rhodes jumped in and secured the door, putting on a headset after buckling into his seat.

"Home Jeeves," he joked.

"So sorry sir, but we'll not be going home. The order has another assignment for you, jolly good," replied the pilot with a long fanged smirk, faking a horrible english accent.

Rhodes rolled his eyes, "Fuckin hell. What hell hole they sending my dead ass into now?" he said throwing his dusty gloves down.

"Somewhere east coast. I'm suppose to drop you off somewhere in Lancaster, then you get your briefing. Sa'll i know man," the pilot said as he banked the chopper sharply.

Hours later, after Rhodes had cleaned himself up, sat down at a desk inside a nice motel room. Opening a brief case with a laptop in it left for him by his employers, the vamp stuck his thumb down on the needle that popped out the side. The needle was used to take a DNA sample, combined with a code and voice identification.

The vamp inputted the code and said the word, bringing the laptop to life. Scrolling thru the secure site, he found his briefing.

He read:

OoBC Directive Briefing,
Terrorist reports from Edmenton North Carolina indicate a base of operations for the group responsible for the new biological infectious gangrenous reanimation virus or BIG-RV.
The Order requests your services for the information confirming these reports.
Standard reimbursement fee applies.
Secondary objective would be obtaining viable sample of BIG-RV.
Standard PRIME reimbursement fee would apply.

Optional data intel:
FVZA agency also will be dispatched as the reports stem from same agency/findings.

Cooperation with FVZA still long as the truce is kept by both parties.
Contact should be made, but strictly optional upon agents discretion.

Further contact can be made thru normal channels.

Rhodes eyed the directive with close scrutiny.

"Ugg. Still hand holding the meatsacks. *sigh*"

The vamp scrolled the mouse to the "ACCEPT" button and clicked. Jumping up quickly he picked up his cell phone.

"Hey Russ, its Rhodes. Good, good, yeah I'm fine," he said.

"Yup you guessed it. Can you get me a location on a SVU with standard sniper optics for North Carolina? Usual fee plus tip. Right. Mmm hmm. Great. Thanks Russ," he concluded the converstaion by snapping the cell shut.

Kicking back for a moment, Rhodes stared at the ceiling and rested.
A moment later a knock at the door was heard. Smiling he got up and opened the door to see a rather homely looking obese female motel worker standing in the doorway.

"You called earlier about a problem with your TV sir?" she asked, pushing her glasses up her nose.

"Yes, yes i did. Please come in, i was just about to grab a bite to eat," he said devilishly, closing the door behind them.

Posted by: O_O Sep 4 2008, 11:55 PM
Ray looked down. It was a long way away. Him, Eric, Agent Marlowe, and
Leon were in the helicopter, halfway to there destination. "I'm so tired, didn't even get something to eat. And I hate flying, I prefer the ground. " Ray reached into his pocket, and dug out 2 packages of Captain's Wafers, and handed Eric a package "Wanna partner up again? We make a great team!" Ray opened his package and ate the 2 crackers in record time. "Come on, It'll be fun!!"

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 5 2008, 02:04 AM
"Sure Ray it looks like were gonna be heading to a new site to take care of this little deadhead break out once and for all" he then looked down. "Like I said if your ever in Florida or if we got another national case I would love to work with you." Eric then looked out the window and sighed resting his head on the back of the seat and fell asleep.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 5 2008, 11:30 AM
[[OOC: great job guys.. already in the choppa'! hehe I'ma gonna get you to where you need to be... in the thick of it.]]

The chopper pilot continued to fly for the bustling town of Edmenton NC.
The FVZA agents seated in the back caught some much needed rest.

A warning light blipped on the radar of the helio. The copilot checked the scope.

"Damn piece of government shit. That thing has been blippin like that since our last refuel stop," grumbled the copilot as he slapped the radar scope.

"What's the deal?" asked the pilot, glancing out his window at the ground about 2000 ft below.

"Aww its the target lock sensor. Its went off a few times, but only shows up for one sweep, then its gone. Been doing that ever since we crossed the mountains. Hey, aint none of you guys back there tryin to use a cell phone are ya? Heheheh," chuckled the copilot, yelling behind him to the sleeping agents.

A few minutes later the blip and warning light popped on again, just as the chopper crossed into the NC border.

"See theres the lil bug again," fumed the copilot, banging on the console.

"Easy there bud," replied the pilot calmly.

Suddenly the blinking radar was joined by a loud buzzing red alarm, waking several of the agents in the back.

"What the hell?" said the copilot as the radar blip continued to blink.

Seconds later a loud thud hit the right side of the chopper near the tail section.

"We been hit!" said an agent from in back as he leaned to look out the window.

"With what? We're not blown up and we're still flying?!" said the pilot as he quickly scanned all of his instrumentation.

Moments later a loud crackling of energy surged thru the aircraft, causing all manner of alarms and lights to go off.

"AW FUCK! We just got hit with an anti-aircraft device!! Hold on guys, I'ma gonna try to get us down in one, maybe two pieces!!" yelled the pilot as his instrumentation began to flicker off and on.

The copilot snatched up on the radio switch, "Mayday mayday, this is helio FVZ 2, we are going down, repeat going down, anti-aircraft ....shit the radio's fried now."

Bracing himself, the copilot glanced behind him to the agents in the back.

"There!!! A soybean field!!" yelled the co-pilot pointing to the pilots left.

The chopper began to list and rotate wildly as the electrode pinned to its side continued to crank out intervals of voltage, making piloting the craft nearly impossible.

The ground began to approach quickly.

[[OOC: Survive the crash guys. Your about oh, 250 miles or so from your destination south of the airport, across the bay.]]

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 5 2008, 03:51 PM
Rhodes, leaving the motel some time earlier, climbed into a dakota pickup truck. Driving a short distance away to a small furniture and bedding warehouse store, he exits the vehicle and strolls inside where a sales clerk approaches him smiling.

"Yes sir can i interest you in something today?"

"Yeah, where Martin?" replied Rhodes somewhat harshly.

"Martin? Oh he's in the back of the showroom with a customer, but i could..sir? Sir?" the shorter man said as the vamp strolled by him.

The man stopped following Rhodes after he reached the back of the store where Martin, another sales person sat at a desk with a pc and a mountain of papers on the desk.

"Hey Marty. I'm here for my pickup," said Rhodes flatly, starin into the mans dark brown eyes and caterpillar unibrow.

"Be right with you sir," he said looking up then back down again quickly.

"Now, Marty. The boss hates to be kept waiting on his special orders," replied Rhodes with more emphasis.

The customer seated was a paunchy woman, mid-40s, wearing way too much lipstick and a shirt that showed her sagging clevage.

Looking up and coping an instant attitude, she fired at Rhodes, "Hey, he's helping me! I was here first. You'll wait your turn or have another clerk help you. Sheesh!"

Rhodes glanced slowly down at the woman as she scowled and folded her hands across the purse on her bulging lap.

"Ma'am, I'm pretty sure that the order i'm picking up dwarfs even that large tank ass of yours by a cool $50,000. More than any piece of junk bed your hoping to get laid in with them sagging tits. So shut up before I snatch the dentures outta your pie hole," replied the vamp with the darkest of tones.

The lady gasped and sat with mouth agape as Martin covered his forehead in his hands and rose quickly.

"Ma'am, this gentleman placed his order months ago and as the manager, this will only take a few minutes and i'll be sure to give you another 15% discount off. I'll be right back, thank you," said Marty quickly as he ushered past the woman and led Rhodes down a hallway to the back of the warehouse.

"Geezus you know how to fuck a day up dontcha!" said Martin as he pressed a series of buttons on a doorpad and entered.

Inside the man in charge of the furniture/mattress barn... pulled out a cardboard box and in side the cardboard box was a metal briefcase, locked. He spun the combo's and opened the case and held it out for Rhodes to inspect.

"S'what you ordered. Premium grade .416 Barrett sniper rifle. Complete with extended suppressor, three 15 round clips, ammo is teflon coated rounds, optics are good at 1500 yds, nightvision and thermal modes," rattled off Martin.

"And it all fits in that lil case there all pretty," muttered Rhodes with a faint smile.

"Breaks down into three pieces for ease of movement. You DO have the payment with you? Right?" asked Martin bluntly as he closed the case and relocked it.

Rhodes cocked an eyebrow as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a visa.

"Plastic Ok?" he said with a chuckle and tossed it to the man.

"R U joking?" asked Martin, not amused.

"Prepaid Visa. Untraceable. Just load up the amount and hand it over. Saves carrying cash. Got your name on it. Swipe it in your machine and run a balance," said Rhodes.

Martin turned and did just that... seeing a withstanding balance of $157,000.

"What's the extra 7 grand for? My tip?" he asked.

"Sure. For delivery as questions. See ya round Marty," the vampire said picking up the case and walking out.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 5 2008, 06:19 PM
Eric slid out of the wrecked chopper on hsi stomach and groaned shaking his head as he did so, as he got to his feet he checked to see if his glasses were broken and after cleaning the glass off he quickly adjusted them so they fit back on his face. Eric then watched Ray come out and he muttered, "would someone please tell me what it is with me and getting into action movie style near death exprinnces...thats the second time today I've relived middle school daamnit."

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 5 2008, 06:38 PM
[[ OOC: you guys crack me up]]

The OoBC agent strolled thru a parking lot carrying his case, whistling a no name tune from the early 1890s.

Rhodes plopped down in the truck and took off down the 4 lane towards Edmenton.

Arriving couple hours on the outskirts, he decided to drive thru the town, just for a quick look to see if anything struck him as unusal. The first pass allowed him the rough layout of the area... major intersections, business, exit routes, tactical positions, all of it he could memorize. The second pass, proved the most interesting to him.

No agents. None. Not even a donut eating fed dressed up as a town barney fife met his senses.

"Where the fuck is all the FVZA'rs? Hrmph. Prolly wacking it to some motel porn," he muttered as he pulled into a coffee shop.

Pulling out his cell pda, Rhodes quickly tapped into the local Wi-fi net and uploaded a text to a secure server.

In target area. Layout secure. No agent presence. Request updated intel.

He waited patiently for a reply.

Posted by: O_O Sep 7 2008, 04:14 AM
Ray looked around. "Great. We're probally about 300 miles away if I'm correct. Hold up, we're" Ray checked his PDA "257.6 Miles from Edmontons's closest border. " He pulled out a cigarette. He lit it, and held the smoke for a long time before exhaling. "Cigarette?" Ray offered to Eric, scanning the area slowly. "This is all fields, nothing for miles. " Ray said, watching everybody else crawl out of what used to be a helicopter. "We should move soon. We've got alot of walking ahead of us. "

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 7 2008, 04:54 AM
Eric sighed "No thanks dont smoke" he said as he started walking.

Posted by: Abnet Sep 7 2008, 07:35 PM
Leon and Agent Marlowe crawled out of the helicopter wreckage. Leon found his rifle on the ground pretty much undamaged and Marlowe, who had to get rid of his flamethrower to avoid anybody getting killed by the exploding gas tank, picked up an mp5.

"Go salvage whatever your can from the wreck. Ammo, water, food, anthing. I'm gonna try to find us a way out of here." Leon said to Marlowe.

"Alice. It's Leon."
"What happened out there? You guys are way off course."
"Yeah, we know. Is there anything around here that can get us where we need to go faster than walking?"
"Let me see... There's a road about 40 miles northwest of your position. You could comandeer a civilian car if you have to. If you wanted to be a little less conspicuous, though, there's a mall about 20 miles to the northeast. You could steal a car out of the parking garage if you're quick enough."
"Alirght. Thanks for the info."

Leon turned his radio off and faced the agents.

"Looks like we have a choice. Theres a road to the northwest that we could comandeer a car from. It isn't a really busy road so comandeering a car without much fuss would be pretty easy. Only catch is that it's about 40 miles away. Option number two is going to a mall to the northeast. It's only 20 miles away but we would have a better chance of being spotted stealing a car. I don't really care which one we go with so it's your call."

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 8 2008, 12:21 AM
Eric scracthed his head "Wait leon aren't we fedral agents we wouldn't need to steal a car in the parking lot all we would have to do is show our FVZA badages and tell them that we need to borrow thier car for a matter of national secuirty....also were in the middle of soybean feild why dont we try to find a farmhouse or something with people and ask them for help" he said.

Posted by: Abnet Sep 8 2008, 01:57 AM
QUOTE (AgentBenson @ Sep 8 2008, 12:21 AM)
Eric scracthed his head "Wait leon aren't we fedral agents we wouldn't need to steal a car in the parking lot all we would have to do is show our FVZA badages and tell them that we need to borrow thier car for a matter of national secuirty....

OOC: Yeah that's what I meant by comandeer. Pretty sure that's what it means. huh.gif I'll just chalk up the stealing comment as lack of a better word. I'll edit it when I think of a better word.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 8 2008, 03:07 PM
ooc: yeah you got it right i just got confused by the steal part my aplogies

Posted by: O_O Sep 8 2008, 11:51 PM
"We should go to the mall. " Ray announced, "It's closer, and I've jac-commandeered a car a few times" Ray stomped out his cigarette and checked his compass. "Let's move, I'm shit tired. " Ray walked northeast.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 9 2008, 02:40 AM
"I'm with Ray" announced Eric, "Let's get going to the mall"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 9 2008, 11:31 AM
The PDA buzzed and blinked an incoming message.

Agent transport hit by enemy fire. Presumed dead. Sat feeds indicated some survivors. Outside target area 200+ miles. Intel advises recon only.

Rhodes read thru the text before typing back an acknowledgement.

Harumphing rather loud, the vampire tugged at his scraggly goatee before hopping outta the truck, tucking his case behind the seat. Strolling thru a nearby park, he sat down on a bench and began the tedious process of watching.

Several hours passed as Rhodes moved systematically around the small city, makin all sorts of mental notes regarding possible areas that would need greater reconassance.

Finally, he reached the mall and hesitated outside.

"Grrr. Malls. Why does every town have to have a mall," he grunted as he entered, only to come out with lil to no helpful information.

In walking back to the coffee shop across town, Rhodes caught the scent of something familiar.

"Hrm?" he said to himself as he detoured toward the local hospital.

"Morgue? Bottom of that stairwell, turn left, down and to the left, can't miss it? Are you here to identify someone?" asked a clerk at the info desk.

"You guessed. Thank you kindly," replied Rhodes as he followed the directions.

At the morgue, Rhodes surveyed quickly and immediately realized his keen sense of smell was dead on accurate.

Undead is definately here or been here recently.

Strolling silently thru the double doors and some hanging strips of clear thick plastic sheeting, he stopped at the body room.

"Excuse me? May I help you?" asked a voice from his immediate right.

Smiling his friendliest smile, "I'm here to identify a body."

"Ok," said the small, thick glassed man as he walked away from a half covered, half open chested male cadaver.

"Right this way, name please?"

"Uh, Jane Doe. Police said it might be my missing ex-wife," he joked digging thru his pocket as he quickly scanned the room.

"Well im so sorry...or not depending the status of the relationship," the man chuckled as he opened a drawer in the wall.

Rhodes produced a small apparatus that resembled a small gun with a hypodermic needle at the end. He swiftly injected the man in the collar bone. Within two heartbeats the man slumped to the floor. The vamp made no move to catch him.

"Nitey nite," he said calmly as he walked around, letting his nose lead him.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 11 2008, 04:52 AM
Eric came close to the mall and he called out to the other agents. "Hey guys I think were almost there I can see the mall a block away"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 11 2008, 05:57 PM
Rhodes followed his sense of smell to a section in the morgue where the unclaimed "accident" victims bodies were held before autopsy.

"The chill out room," he mocked as he entered thru a double stainless steel door into a room full of black body bags stacked to the ceiling along the walls. Other cadavers lie on gurneys in various states of morbiditiy.

Stopping at a particular body, the vamp lifted the paperwork attached to a binder.
Thumbing thru the notes and report, Rhodes reads aloud.

"Jane Doe 23-A5678, Westing County Sheriff, 12-03-07. Victim apparently drug thru a combine piece of equipment."

He let the binder fall and unzipped the bag part way. Only half the body was recognizable. The vamp nodded with somewhat satisfaction before leaning in closer and sniffing.

Rummaging thru the piles of bodies, Rhodes could sense the presence of unlife, but couldnt quite pinpoint it.

"Hrm?" he said as he froze to the faint crinkle of heavy plastic.

Turning into a squatted position, he drew his .22 pistol and had it pointed at a specific bag that had shifted on the table. Walking slowly and silently, Rhodes approached the bag and slowly unzipped it. Inside was a female, mid 20's, gunshot victim as apparent by the gaping hole in her chest.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Perfect waste. Shotgun blast close range. Ugg.. nice boobs too," he commented before zipping the bag back up. When he got to the face, the eyelids flew open, sending the vamp a step back.

"What the fuck?!!" he barked, quickly putting his silencer up to the corpses temple.

The undead womans head jerked quickly to face Rhodes as the mouth opened to reveal shattered jagged teeth. A gurgling hiss erupted forth just before Rhodes put a bullet in the creatures skull.

Taking a moment to reflect, Rhodes holsterd his weapon reluctantly and fully exposed the body. Looking over the body carefully, he noticed a rather large puncture wound on the forearm. It appeared to be a needle mark, a LARGE needlemark, like the ones used to drain bodies of fluids before embalming.

"Hrm. That doesn't happen here tho, but at the funeral home...hummm," muttered Rhodes as he dug around a cabinet and found a syringe.

Taking a very small sample of the woman's fluids, he put it into a blood test tube and then slide it into another, stainless steel container before putting it in his coat.

Walking out, past the unconscience worker, Rhodes continued to let his senses guide him. Outside he pulled out his cell pda and dialed.

"Yeah, I got a sample i need checked out asap. Also, the host was turned AFTER the fact. Not while alive. This thing also moved fast. Not the usual shambler."

Rhodes uh hummed and ah ha'ad several times before stuffing the device in his pocket.

Posted by: O_O Sep 13 2008, 03:54 AM
OoC: Sorry if I kind of branched out and the post is long. Oh and I also did alot with everybody as NPCs (sort of, read it). Sorry.

Ray and Friends reached the mall. The mall was actually HUGE, on the Border of a good-sized city. It had 6 floors, a parking garage, and a small park next to it. "Either this was extremley lucky, or completeley set up. Either way, the parking gargae has a gate and a guard. " Ray looked up. The space in between each floor was about 8 feet, and the walls on the first floor had bars too small for a person. "Hmm.....quite a pretty penny............" Ray noticed an oak nearby that went about 3 floors up. "Ok, take out the guard or climb the tree?" Ray said pondering

"Also, how in the world is this mall not set up? And who shot us down?!? God, already there's already a conspiracy! Why didn't I just join the Army......." Ray yelled after a few minutes of akward silence. "I didn't even get any sleep...." Ray muttered, laying down in the thick St. Augunstines grass.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 15 2008, 11:52 AM
((OOC: i was kicking this idea around... to make intermittent posts as 'bad guys'... to give ya'll something else to consider in your posting while moving thru the rp...lemme know your ideas/thoughts? before i got posting))

Rhodes exited the hospital and got into his vehicle... sitting quietly he let all that he'd collected sit in his vampire brain and churn.

Posted by: O_O Sep 15 2008, 10:47 PM
OoC: Wait, we also RP bad guys, or you do? Also, how definent is the plot for this mission, cuase if we RP as bad guys, I want to know what I can do.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 16 2008, 11:17 AM
((OOC: Actually the answer is no.. we normally do not post as bad guys... but i've noticed on other boards i rp.. if someone (one or two) doubles as a badguy.. it gives the storyline a lil continuity? Your not just fumbling round randomly making shit up..... seeings how our rp only has like what... 4-5 guys posting?... it make sense if ONE posts as a bad guy. Back in the day... we had Agents vs Vamps... no body really died... or pk'd.. so it was always missed...blam... you hit me... mission over... and agents almost always won. Therefore we instituted the vamp-agency alliance.))

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 16 2008, 06:07 PM
ooc: i like it

Posted by: Abnet Sep 16 2008, 08:57 PM
OOC: Sounds good.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 17 2008, 10:57 AM
((ooc : Word then. I'll throw out, periodically some bad guy movement...etc... ))

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 17 2008, 12:58 PM

The small splinter cell of 6 gathered non-chalantly at a small local sporting event and took seats among the bleachers. Several men clapped and cheered to keep up appearances.

One regular looking man with a dark tan leaned over to the person beside him.

"Is everything ready?"

"Yes sir," he replied.

"Do not refer in public to me as sir. It will draw suspicion if someone is listening. Be casual," he reprimanded quickly but quietly.

The local home team scored and the bleachers erupted with cheers.

"Very well then. Proceed to step 3. Remain here until the halfs time then leave one at a time in 15 min intervals. Regroup a the factory for outfitting. Report ANY suspicious activity or persons," the man in charge said before getting up and walking past the others.

The man he'd spoke to beside him passed the word along the rest of the others before following his orders.

Posted by: O_O Sep 18 2008, 12:10 AM
OoC: I wanna use my nw guy, but Ray's already in teh mission >_<. Oh well, I'll just stick with Ray till next mission.

Ray rolled over in the grass, onto his broken arm. "OW!!!" Ray yelped before rolling back over, "That hurt, alot. Anyways, who's gonna climb the tree and get us a car? " Ray said rather casually, seeing how they we're shot out of a helicopter a few hours ago.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 20 2008, 04:53 AM
Eric looked over. "Why would we need to climb a tree"

Posted by: O_O Sep 20 2008, 06:08 PM
"Gate's guarded, plus I'm pretty sure that this is set up, so they're expecting us to just run in guns ablazing. Or they may want us to climb the tree. Or maybe both. Anyways," Ray stood up "We're not getting any where now, so why don't you choose which way?"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 22 2008, 12:34 PM
Rhodes sat outside the hospital a few moments, contemplating his next move.
Meanwhile, inside, the medical personnel were beginning to recover.

"Fuck it... no other choice really," he said before putting the vehicle in gear and driving down the street.

After starting the engine, the radio powered on.

"In recent light of a military style helicopter crashing just outside the county line, airport officials have raised security efforts. No further details could be obtained by government officials as stating the crash was being investigated as a 'minor terrorist attempt at probing for weaknesses in the air defense capabilities.." the news reporter said.

Rhodes quickly pulled over and began tapping into his small portable laptop, linking into his network.

Request updated intel on agency presence

He waited after pressing the send key. Moments later a low beep pulled his attention back to the computer.

Helio attack coverup by agency. Enemy suspected of targeting FVZA transport. No count yet on body or survivors. Contact at discretion.

The uplink was then terminated by remote.

"Hrrrmmmm. Wonder if any of them meatbags survived," Rhodes commented to himself as he punched up an ariel sat view of the crash site.

Nodding with satisfaction, Rhodes pulled out his govt. issue radio and set the freq. used most often by the FVZA.

"This is field Agent V13, are there any other FVZA field agents within transmission range, over?"

He waited as faint static came from the radio.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 22 2008, 06:21 PM
Eric heard the static and picked up his radio "This is Benson...FVZA florida branch everything is A ok over. It's good to hear a freindly voice" he said quietly as leon and Ray were over talking about what to do. "need a sit-rep v13 over"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 23 2008, 05:49 PM
The radio crackled back.

The vamp chuckled in his head, friendly?!

"Sit rep? Boy you guys must be fresh outta training. Look, first off, how many survived and second, where the fuck are you?" asked Rhodes.

"Because as i see it, we're shit outta luck on this run fellers. Unless a regiment of you sons a bitches survived that downing, we's on our own here, over," he added.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 23 2008, 05:58 PM
Eric shook his head and spoke back through the radio. "Five agents has a broken arm though and the pliots are dead" Eric wiped the sweat from his brow. "Were at a mall 20 miles from the crash site possible set up or front for tangos and if it helps were all armed with high pwered assult rifles and colt 45 pistols" though i'd rather be using a desert eagle and an AR 15 right about now thought Eric, he then pushed the button. "Thats all i can tell you now"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 23 2008, 07:43 PM
Mall? Ugg, humans.

Pressing the talk button, "Negative. Malls clear boys. Hospital had first solid lead. New breed of after market zed. Faster than humans im guessing, over."

Rhodes quickly pulled out his pda-text'er and began tapping a quick message while listening to the squawker.

Judder... get to location via gps position attached ASAP...pack for light infantry and several explosives. Level 2 should suffice.

He pressed the send button and waited, glancing out his driver window, ever suspicious.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 24 2008, 09:56 PM
Eric shut off the raido and looked over at leon and Ray. "Hey guys just got a lead rhodes says that these guys have some kinda new breed of deadhead...says the hospital is the place to be...think we should call in some support and raid it"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 25 2008, 12:56 AM
Squeezing the talk button, "Hey, you guys still there? You read any of this? I say again I found some kinda new rotter. I have a blood sample and need to get it to a lab where we can run some tests, over."

Rhodes pulled up a small directory on the map and tapped in local labs and found one about 16 miles from his location.

"I am going to move to the local laboratory to start an analysis on this shit. If any of you ladies wanna tag along or at the least, meet up, feel free, V13 out!"

Throwing the vehicle in gear, Rhodes pulled out quickly into traffic and hauled his vampire ass towards the lab.

Damn i wish i had some more vamps to help out with this shit.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 25 2008, 12:57 AM
"Hes heading to a local lab guys" called Eric. "Let's get a car and meet up with rhodes"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 25 2008, 12:16 PM
Rhodes pulled into the parking lot of LabCorp Inc. He walked casually to the auto doors and when they didnt open, he noticed it was already after closing.

"Hrmph," he grumbled before walking around the building.

He made mental notes of sec. cameras and other security measures. Looking around for anyone who might see him, the vamp leaped half way up the wall before scaling the side to the roof.

He found an access panel that allowed him access to the buildings interior. Rhodes strolled around silently, avoiding any after hours personnel easily enough. Finally coming to a lab, he saw that the door was locked via a swipepad. Frowning, the vamp stalked around until he found an office worker engrossed in his terminal. Jabbing the man in the neck with his syringe gun, he took the badge as the man slumped over on the keyboard.

Returning to the lab and swiping thru the door, Rhodes found the equipment he would need to analyze the sample of zombie blood he took from the hospital cadaver.

Posted by: Abnet Sep 26 2008, 12:12 AM
(OOC: I'm still coming by the forum every day but haven't been writing because of school and a mean case of writer's block. Just letting you all know I'm still alive.)

Posted by: O_O Sep 26 2008, 03:42 AM
((OoC: Finally got the ball rolling!!! Sorry I've been off, internet's been screwed up for a few days. ))

Ray started walking to the guard "Let's move. " The guard noticed Ray's guns. "FREEZE!!!" The Guard, who's nametag read 'Hi, my Name is: Ted', whipped out a pistol. A Beretta 9mm from the looks of it. Before he could squeeze the trigger, Ray shot him in the knee, ran up to him, and rammed his knee into Ted's face, succesfully knocked him out. "Geeze, I wish I knew it would be this easy!!!"

Ray reached a Ford GT on the 4th floor. "Guys, I've found our car!" Ray pulled out a crowbar from his pack. "Keep this in case I need to go Gordon Freeman" he explained. He jammed it under the lip of the hood, and pushed till it busted open. "Okay now...just cut this...Is that part important?" He muttered as he cut wires and reconnected them. "Here goes nothing!" Ray fumbled with some wires and *click* thae car doors unlocked. "Knew I could do it!!" Ray quickly hopped into the driver's seat and hotwired the car in short order. "Transform and roll out!!" He said, jamming the car into gear and pulling out.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 26 2008, 11:11 AM
((S'all good fellers. Life aka shit happens))

The vamp ran the blood thru a centrifuge to separate its components. Sliding over to a electron microscope the size of a fridge, Rhodes put a few droplets on a glass slide and inserted it into the machine.

"Guess while my stuff's cooking over there on the toxicity machine, i'll have a looksy at this goop," he said as he powered the powerful scope and flipped on the monitor.

Adjusting a few knobs he focused on the sample and zoomed in. The blood, should have shriveled and decaying red and white blood cells. However, what Rhodes saw was red blood cells thriving and moving of their own accord.

"What the hell?!" he exclaimed and dug deeper with the magnification.

Attached to the outer edge of the red cells were billions of tiny virii. Each virii had a small set of tenticles that helped push the red cells around.

"Whoa. That's freaky. Hmm. But i need a test now for virility. Ah! My lil snoozer in the other room," he said jumping up and taking a syringe with him.

Coming back a moment later with a half tube sample from the sleeping worker, Rhodes opened the machine and put a tiny drop on the slide, barely touching the first sample. Looking back at the monitor, Rhodes' fears were confirmed.

The zed blood sample when coming into contact with normal blood caused a small reaction. The tiny virii would "steer" the red cell towards fresh normal blood. Upon contact the virii would fuse the two cells together, then the duplication process began. The virii would use its tenticles or cillia to penetrate the fresh cell and 'feed' until it could reproduce itself in normal fashion. When the virii had completely infected the new cell, it would break away and swim towards another cell. Rhodes scratched out a few notes on a sheet of paper as well as pressing the record button on the machine. After making two copies, Rhodes cleaned up and made everything look as he found it before exiting the building.

Hopping into his vehicle, he began to access his information network.

Gotta get this to command pronto, he thought as he typed furiously.

Priority 1...collected sample and analysis of new breed of zed. Contagion level Red. Speed and senses are level yellow. Unknown origin. Will continue recon to locate source. No enemy sighting yet. Contact of FVZA surviving agents is initial. ETA unknown. Request vamp backup team for support.

He pressed the transmit button and sighed heavily as he looked at a printout photo of the hairy infected blood cell.

"A face of the enemy as it were."

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 26 2008, 08:41 PM
Eric grinned "sweet" he then jumped into the car.

Posted by: Judder Sep 30 2008, 06:57 AM
In the darkness....a cellphones blinks and vibrates on the nightstand in a dark room, shortly after the cordless home phone rings. A hand gropes out of the darkness and grabs the phone and brings it to the person's ear.

A voice answers the phone in the dark.
"Yeah....Agent who?"
" I got it, I can be there in about thirty minutes."
"What?....Fuck off!"

The person throws the phone at the wall breaking it, then switches on the lamp on the stand while sitting up and getting out of the bed.

The light reveals Judder as he stretches and puts on his black and dark grey tiger striped cammie pants and his sleeveless black t-shirt with an inscription of a broken cross with a spiked shield across the back.

Judder grabs the cellphone and reads the message.
"hmm....light infantry and demo?!?...lvl2...fuck that noise"

Judder memorizes the gps coordinates in the message and then deletes the message from the phone. .

Judder walks into a large garage like room and flips a switch..

Bright Flourescent light floods the massive room revealing many rows of weapons racks and assorted ammunition and gear lockers.

At one end of the room there is a 89 chevy silverado black with silver stripes across a cowl induction hood and the red decal of 572 across the front fender panel.

Judder grabs a backpack off a nearby table and walks through the room grabbing two suppressed m4 assault rifles as well as a tabor assault rifle.

He slings them across his back after he straps on a modified black IBA ,with red eyes painted across the back shoulders, already loaded with thirty five fully loaded magazines for the weapons and a few other essentials.

Judder walks up to a table and chuckles as he grabs some claymore mines and throws them into the backpack along with a couple pounds of C4 and the arming material for both explosive items.

He opens the door and throws the back pack onto the bench seat and then places the three rifles into a rack convienently mounted onto the back glass of the truck.

Cranking the truck up, Judder listens the to 572 cubic inch motor rumble through the glasspak mufflers. The garage door opens and Judder backs out onto the road the door closing behind him.

Judder punches in the gps coordinates in the in dash display and peels out when he accelerates as he heads towards the objective, playing as backup for his fellow agents.

(OOC: It's been awhile since i Rp'ed, Fourteen weeks of Basic and Ait training was fun though, It's nice to be back.)

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 30 2008, 12:46 PM
((OOC Glad to have ya back dude...lonely as the only vamp here))

After transmitting the information across the network, Rhodes threw the vehicle in gear and decided to find the best location in town for possible bases of operation of the enemy.
He knew they were operating in the area, based upon the morgue findings. Where was the big question. This town, while not a NY, was fairly large and well populated. This made moving around easily enough, but made location a bitch.

The vamp scouted around the outskirts for any industrial warehouses...favorites among groups that want privacy for badman activities.
After scoping out the 9th warehouse, Rhodes came up empty handed.

Sitting at a redlight, frustrated, Rhodes caught a break. The vehicle next to him had some rather odd music playing on the radio. It was in russian. Non-chalantly glancing over, it was a uniform laundry delivery service van. The driver looked very much american, but again, the radio dictated otherwise.

As he strained his vampire hearing to pick up any conversation going on, the light changed and the vehicle sped off.

"Damn it...better follow," he muttered as he trailed behind the vehicle several car lengths thru the downtown area.

Posted by: Judder Oct 1 2008, 05:18 PM
Judder roars through the downtown area of the city following his Gps system's planned route when he flies past a van. He passes another vehicle paying it no attention.

Though the massive 89 chevy stands out in the city.....

Judder stops at a red light and grabs his phone. He activates the voice recognition.

"Call R"

The phone rings several times and Judder waits.

The light turns green and Judder turns left and pulls off into an old parking lot, so as to not be distracted from driving, while on the phone.

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 1 2008, 06:13 PM
Rhodes is hot on the trail of the van when an old suped up chevy blows by him.

Rolling his eyes, "Stupid loud ass cars."

His cell phone chirps beside him. Picking it up he sees the callid is "J".

Instantly he realized the driver of the car. Pressing the talk button, he answerd.

"So you wouldnt happen to be driving that piece of shit Chevy on another low profile mission are you J?"

Posted by: Judder Oct 2 2008, 05:57 AM
Judder grins as he flips the ignition and starts the car gunning the motor and setting off the buiding alarms for a square block. Judder burns rubber coming out of the parking lot and accelerates rapidly until he catches up with Rhodes.

"Yeah....It's me..and this is my work should see my real toy."

Judder flips a switch on the Dash and puts the vehicle into neutral letting it roll through the street....He stomps the gas to the floor and bluish white flame streaks from the tailpipes. He slaps the car back into gear and roars down the straightaway, passing a group of cheering teens in a subway parking lot that watched it all.

"I'll be at the Subway three blocks down in the parking lot when you get done playing Serpico, see you there."

Judder whips the chevy around in the middle of the street and pulls into the parking lot coasting and shooting flames out of the tail pipes as he pulls into a parking spot next to the group of teenage hotrodders.

Judder gets out and pops the hood letting all the small town american teens blow loads in there pants at the massive chromed out motor.
"Yeah....It's not a hemi."

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 2 2008, 11:33 AM
Youngins.... pfffttt thought Rhodes with a grunt as he tailed the van around a corner a few blocks down.

"Always about the driving and not the mission with that one," he said to himself as he spotted the van pulling into a small building with a retractable door.

Pulling over quickly, he observed as the van lurched forward and the bay door closing quickly. Getting out of the car, Rhodes strolled down towards the street, glancing around making mental notes of the area.

His keen sense of smell alerted him to the obvious chemicals used in the laundry service, but that would mask the smell of anything else NOT related to the industry.

Nothing like the smell of bleach to cover up a stinkin zed factory.

Posted by: Judder Oct 3 2008, 03:46 AM
Judder talks with the teens in the parking lot as they swap stories about racing.
Many of the kids ask about the body armor he is wearing, several girls throw eyes at him.

Judder's response about the body armor question...
" You know 50 cent?....He ain't got shit on me..."

They laugh and ask Judder not to leave as he drops the hood and jumps in his truck and cranks it up.

Judder throws business cards labeled ( Judder's Auto Customs) with his cell phone number on them. "Call me if you guy's see anything wierd like"....Judder Chuckles and says " Zombies" before busting out laughing and leaving.

Judder grabs his phone and voice commands "R"

He waits as he puts the vehicle into neutral and shuts the motor off allowing him to coast down the street quietly, he pulls into and and alley near where he spots the car Rhodes was in.

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 3 2008, 10:58 AM
Rhodes pulls out a cigarette and lights it as he phone rings.

"Done making the locals jealous and hatin' all together? How bout you find me down here at the uniform shop so we can get to work," he said rather gruffly.

A quick glance around to the building and Rhodes noticed that the windows of the building were all greyed out with flat paint. A slight movement from above caught the vamps attention.

"We've also go watchers on the roof, so be casual."

Posted by: Judder Oct 3 2008, 03:19 PM
Judder grabs a black field jacket and puts it on before slipping out of the truck and answering "Yes Dad" really loudly. He grabs the Tabor and slips it on underneath the jacket and slides the backpack onto his back...

He walks down the street towards the cherry of Rhodes Cigarrette.

"Yeah...I brought my travel bag, since im staying home on leave, I even brought you a few things from Isreal."

Judder stops near Rhodes and grins as he quietly closes his cell phone and leans against the wall of the building.

Posted by: Abnet Oct 4 2008, 02:53 AM
As Ray drove closer to Rhodes position Leon started scanning the area. The first thing he noticed was that Rhodes wasn't dressed in any sort of combat gear which meant walking up to him wearing a full combat outfit would probably be a bad idea, the second thing was the person walking around on the roof.

Probably some sort of lookout.

Leon looked around the inside of the car for a change of clothing. He looked into the back hatch and saw a pile of dry cleaning bags with what looked like suits in them.

Awesome. I get to preform a mission in style.

Leon tapped Jay on the shoulder.
"Jay, find a parking spot. And pick somewhere crowded. From the looks of things we are gonna have to ditch the heavy weaponry and go casual for the time being. Grab one of those suits from the back and meet up with Rhodes at that medical building."

Ray parked in between two large cars and Leon stepped out. He went into the back and grabbed one of the suits from the pile.

Shit. There's only enough for three of us.

"Hey, Marlowe. Hate to tell you but you're gonna have to stay here and make sure our shit doesn't get stolen."

Marlowe frowned at the thought of being left out of the action but he figured that a little rest after all of this excitement wouldn't be so bad.

Leon took off his vest and put his rifle in the back before he changed into the suit.

Looks expensive. I'm gonna hate getting chunks of zombie all over it.

He managed to make a makeshift shoulder holster using his utility belt and wore the suit jacket over it. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world but it was better than sticking his sidearm in his pocket.

As the rest of the team was getting ready he walked over to the medical building and stood next to Rhodes. He looked at Judder then look back to Rhodes.

"He a friend of yours?"

Posted by: O_O Oct 4 2008, 06:04 PM
Ray started pulling on the suit. It was a little baggy, so his Magnums were hidden perfectly. He had his vest on underneath, and got on a pair of dress shoes. "Not bad. " Ray commented, as he found a fedora and put it on. Then he took it off, put something inside, then put it back on. He leaned against the wall next to Judder. "Nice truck. I'd love to take a peek under the hood later. " Ray said non-chalantly. He adjusted his tie. He hated loose ties.

Posted by: AgentBenson Oct 5 2008, 05:33 AM
Eric put on his suit and smriked as he got out of the car hiding his colt 45 pistol into his jacket interior pocket he left his rec 7 and body armor behind and got out of the car heading with leon and ray to the scene. As the young man looked back and forth he grinned. "so how about them panthers gents"

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 6 2008, 11:06 AM
Rhodes noticed all the Agents rolling up in a rather semi-conspicious manner, some obviously wearing some body armour.

Geez dont they teach these guys anything about undercover work?" he thought to himself.

"Next time, lets make it really obvious by having a family reunion under the targets pavillion shall we eh?" Rhodes said sarcastically.

"By the way, who's in charge among you Agents?" asked Rhodes as he scanned the faces, dropping his cigarette and crushing it under his heel.

Posted by: O_O Oct 6 2008, 10:44 PM
((Mine's baggy, you can't tell what the hell I have under mine. ))

"Well Leon's the most Senior I think, but I think it's been more of a group effort." Ray tightened his belt "Damn, I knew I bought a size too big!" It was the best cover he could think of "So, any one catch the last game? I missed it. When we heading to the Restraunt anyways?" He was trying. Stealth waasn't his thing.

Posted by: Judder Oct 7 2008, 01:53 AM
Judder was sidetracked analyzing the building taking in the details as well as watching the lookout atop the building. Judder's look of boredom as the agents show up and begin to chatter ceases when one guys comments on the truck.

"Yeah...It's better than a hemi ever dreamed....a viper cant touch my truck..."

Judder remarks as he thinks about the drag strip race about three months ago....he stares off into the darkness for a moment and remembers it

He snaps back into the present.

"Can we finish this so i can go finish building my new motor?"

Judder says irratibly.

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 7 2008, 11:06 AM
Rhodes threw Judder a semi-half irritated look.

"You got something better to do than bustin some bad men making bad zeds holmes? Theres the bricks...just leave me ALL the gear you brought and me and the meat sacks here will settle offense agents," said the weatherd-face vampire as he pointed behind Judder.

Last thing i need is someone who doesnt want to be here and getting us into a tight spot, thought Rhodes as his hearing picked up a distinct click from a two-way radio.

He held up his hand for silence and focused in his hearing.

"clic -êðûøà ÿñíà ," the voice said in russian.

Rhodes glanced at the others, "Roof guard checked in on his radio."

Posted by: Judder Oct 8 2008, 04:03 AM
Judder takes a step forward with a crazy gleam in his eyes.

"What...your saying i need to leave my stuff... I go?...It seems you needed my help.!!"

Judder pulls two flashbangs from his IBA under his field jacket, one in each hand.

"So....You wanna start this fuckin party, or should I?"

Judder pulls the pins and places his thumbs over the spoons to keep the grenades from going off as he sidles towards one of the windows.

"Come feeling lucky punk?"

"Do Ya"

Judder laughs in a low rumbling maniacal tone.

Posted by: O_O Oct 8 2008, 10:26 PM
Ray pulled back the hammers on his magnums, just looking like he was sticking his hands in his pockets. "Be ****ing careful. If that flashbang goes off in my face, when I can see, your ass is mine." He put his fingers on the triggers guards. This shit just got real.

Posted by: AgentBenson Oct 9 2008, 01:33 AM
Eric looked around slowly he then pulled a PDA out of his suit pocket and began to fiddle with it he was playing a game while at the same time keeping one eye on the vamps to see what they were planning.

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 9 2008, 12:23 PM
Rhodes recognized that crazed look in his buddies eyes.

He grinned revealing his fangs, "Yeah, lets get this shit started so we can end it. Toss them lights thru the third and fifth window. You agents sprint round to the front. Someone lob a couple tear gassers in thru the 2nd and 6th window. When we enter, start screaming ATF. Shoot anything with a gun or is oozing. Everyone clear?"

The vamp reached inside his coat and pulled out a silenced mp5 and .45.

Posted by: Abnet Oct 11 2008, 02:35 AM
(OOC: Stupid question: Are we at a warehouse, a lab or a hospital? I lost track over the last few posts.)

Leon saw the vampires and Ray draw their weapons and couldn't help but feel a little underprepared. All he took along was his silenced m1911 and a few extra clips.

Magnums? Flashbangs? SMGs? Where was I when we stopped at the armory? Guess I'll have to steal something once we get in this building.

Posted by: O_O Oct 13 2008, 01:05 AM
((CLEAR!!! *da-thump*))

Ray checked his ammo. 72 bullets. He could manage.

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 13 2008, 12:31 PM
((Inner city building like a warehouse))

Rhodes waited for Judder to toss the ordinances into the warehouse to give the team the element of surprize.

Looking up on the roof, the vamp kept his senses tuned to the buildings inner most areas, listening for any sign that they might be compromised.

Posted by: Judder Oct 14 2008, 04:08 AM
Judder tosses the grenades into the windows and the flash and concussion wave

blow out several windows... He immediately tackles his way through a door and

begins to clear the immediate room...
A person staggers past him covering thier face and ears, Judder stabs a

combat knife taken from his IBA into the back of thier neck severing their spine

after searching fpr any other hostiles and dropping a red chem light, then bringing

the suppressed Isreali Tavor assault rifle to the ready he moves to

the next door and waits, for Rhodes.....

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 14 2008, 11:52 AM
As Judder tossed the first grenades in, Rhodes bolted up the side of the building.
Scaling the wall like a spider, he hopped over the side as the first flash and tear gas grenades detonated. The lookout on the roof frantically tried to raise someone on his radio. Turning quickly at the sound of approaching footsteps, the russian holding a .45 saw the vampire rushing at him. He threw the gun up and fired a shot. As the bullet whizzed past Rhodes ear, he leaped into the air and kicked the man clean off the roof. As the lookout slammed dead into the ground, Rhodes was already heading down the rooftop stairwell.

Putting in his earpiece, the vampire could hear shouts and yelps from inside the building. The stench of tear gas welled up from below.

"Radio check Rhodes, anyone remember to bring their radios and earpieces, over?"

Proceeding down the steps, the vampire had drawn his mp5 slung across his back. He squeezed off a few rounds into the head and shoulder of a russian hunkered down at the bottom of the landing. He was just inside the doorway peering out, waiting for someone to step into his line of fire. Too bad Rhodes cut his plan short.

Posted by: O_O Oct 18 2008, 12:10 AM
Ray hopped through a window, popping guys left and right, before noticing what looked like a blast-proof basement door. "Anyone else think the basement door looks suspicous?" He said in response to Rhodes.

Posted by: AgentBenson Oct 18 2008, 03:31 AM
Eric adjusted his glasses and looked at the team a manical smile crossed his face as he looked at the tea. "Anyone bring something that goes boom/
he asked as he looked towards the doors.

Posted by: O_O Oct 19 2008, 12:22 AM
Ray pulled his 'surprise' out of his hat. It was a pound of C4. "It's my insurance policy." He said smiling maniacally. He started making his way to the doors. This was gonna be one long walk done one short hallway.

Posted by: Cyber78 Oct 19 2008, 09:09 PM
Meanwhile back at the shopping mall...

Miller had been strolling through the mall for quite a while, pretending to be like any other shopper just browsing through all the high priced things that were for sale. Instead of his usual suit he simply wore a pair of jeans, a black AC/DC t-shirt, and his leather jacket that was decorated with a variety of patches. On the left sleeve were the flags of many of the countries he had been to and on the right side was a number of states he had lived in. Instead of the low quarters shoes he was generally stuck in he had on a pair of black combat boots that he had neglected to shine for many years.

As he strolled past the food court his cell phone rang. He checked the caller ID to find that it read "John Doe Sr.". After letting it ring twice more he reluctantly answered, "Yeah, what?"

"Time to get to work, you know what to do." Said John Doe Sr..

"Alright, I'll do this job for you. But I'd like to know what the hell's going on with my agents right now." Demanded Miller.

"You've already been debriefed on the Wilhelm operation, as of right now a couple of them are working on the warehouse just as we intended. They've already declared the mall as clear, you should be free to do your business." Replied John Doe Sr..

"What about the Russians?" Asked Miller.

"The agency still seems to believe it's ultranationalists, they don't seem to have any suspicion that we're behind this." Said Doe.

"I feel kind of cliched by having Russian ultranationalists on our payroll. I mean really, they're so overdone I wonder if anyone even knows what ultranationalist means, I'm pretty sure for most people it's just a phrase attached to Russian to make them bad guys again." Commented Miller.

"At least we're not using the whole Middle Eastern terrorist card. In any case it's time for you to get to work before the FVZA and their vampire allies clear out that warehouse." Said Doe.

After that Miller hung up and immediately began to leave the mall to the parking garage. Once he was in his car he drove out of the parking garage and on to the open road before pulling out a cheap cell phone from the glove compartment and dialing a number labeled "Pandora's Box".

Back at the shopping mall near a JCPenny's and a variety of other smaller shops a Honda Civic that was available to win exploded in a cloud of fumes as a cell phone triggered bomb set off a bomb in the trunk filled with the new zombie virus.

Posted by: O_O Oct 19 2008, 09:22 PM
((Dun Dun DUN!!!!))

Posted by: Abnet Oct 19 2008, 11:25 PM
(WHOA! Miller's back and he has plot twists.)

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 20 2008, 11:49 AM
((OMFG .... just wet myself..AWESOME!!))

Rhodes stood at the landing and quickly vamp scanned the floor.

Shouting, "This floors clear! Get that basement door open ASAP!"

Dashing over to an airvent in the wall, Rhodes thought for a moment.

"Hey Judder, you got any more gas grenades? Toss one down this air vent, it should run down below. Its an intake vent after all and goes down," said the vamp as he yanked off the grate as if it were tissue paper.

His acute hearing picked up several faint voices.

Grinning evilly, Rhodes didnt notice that his cell phone was vibrating with an incoming text message.

Posted by: AgentBenson Oct 21 2008, 07:45 PM
Eric's eyes went wide and he looked over at ray as he started to back up a bit "Jesus christ ray be careful with those will you"

Posted by: O_O Oct 21 2008, 11:28 PM
Ray stuck the C4 to the door. He backed the hell up and readied the detonator. "Tell me when!"

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 22 2008, 11:01 AM
Rhodes looked back at Ray and held up his hand as he waited for Judder to toss in the ordinance into the shaft.

Posted by: Judder Oct 23 2008, 02:42 AM
Judder knods at Rhodes as he tosses several CS gas grenades down the vent...after a few seconds the sounds of coughing are heard by the vamps in the room..

Judder turns to Rhodes..." Im going down the vents to get in behind them as soon as you guys blow the door...what do you think?"

Posted by: O_O Oct 24 2008, 01:06 AM
Ray blew the door to answer. Who disposed quickly of 2 guards stumbling through the door. "Fire in the hole." He pulled a gas mask off a hook on the wall and onto his face. "Grab a gas mask and move!"

Posted by: AgentBenson Oct 26 2008, 12:02 AM
Eric followed pulling his colt 45 out and grabbing a gas mask as he moved quickly behind ray both men were taking ponit as they spread thier guns and swept from room to room.

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 27 2008, 12:07 PM
Rhodes nodded to Judder....
"You go below... i'll follow the meatbags and keep them outta trouble. Eliminate EVERYTHING...just dont torch any evidence or intel we could use."

Posted by: Judder Oct 28 2008, 11:02 PM
Judder grabs a gas mask out of his backpack of wonders and places it on.

He slides into the air vent and slides down it to a halt in front of some vent slats...

He hears movement and looks through the venting....bringing up the tavor he puts a collective pair into the target before busting out of the vents.

He proceeds to down several more people as he clears the room...One guy gets
back up after being shot several times...

Judder shoots his knees out from under him and curb stomps him right as the

agents reach the room and they get splattered by the resulting gore.

Judder looks down at the crushed cranium of the person..."You bit the Curb...bitch"

Posted by: Abnet Oct 29 2008, 12:27 AM
(OOC: Whoo! Finnally able to come up with something!)
Leon stepped through the smoke created by the explosion with his gun raised and ready to fire when one of the goggles of his gas mask got splattered with blood. He wiped the lens clean with the sleeve of his suit jacket and looked at Judder, his foot covered in blood.

"Holy shit. Glad you're on our side."

Leon walked over to one of the dead Russians and picked up an AK-47. Not one of his favorite weapons but it was better than his pistol. He looked around at the room. It looked like a regular office building for the most part but slightly more high tech. The walls, floors, and cubicles were all made of a polished metal. Whatever the Russians plan was it looked like they had been setting it up for some time. How nobody found out about this before now was over Leon's head.

He walked into one of the cubicles and flipped though a pile of papers. They were all dated a few months before the Wilhelm op. From the very limited amount of Russian Leon knew he could make out only a few sentences.

"Hey guys, I found something." Leon said as he walked back to the group. "I couldn't make too much sense of it but they look like medical records. Something about test subjects I think."

(OOC: That's all I got today. So who speaks Russian?)

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 29 2008, 01:56 PM
Rhodes strolled in thru the doorway behind the agents, fanning the smoke and gas more for affect than anything.

After hearing Leon call about a discovery, the tall vamp hurried over and shuffled thru some of the papers.

"Reading the shit is different than speakin it. I speak it well, just cant reading it worth a damn. Guess we shouldve maybe kept one semi-alive. Not all of these guys were russian tho. See that one there...That's american. Let's keep searching, one of you get on the computers and start looking for files and transmission records," said Rhodes as he stepped over to another desk and started rifling thru a computer.

After a half hour of searching he found a batch of emails, in english, outlining the progress of the testing facility. Apparently the team had busted a remote relay station.

"Fuck. This is not the site. A relay station. The real facility is somewhere else. Its close, but not in this area," he said with a hint of irritation.

The vamp-agent pulled out a small thumb drive and downloaded all the files he could secure.

"Anyone find anything else? Hey! What's that monitor have on it?! That one," said Rhodes as he moved over to a CC camera monitor station.

The monitor was split into four live feeds. One was the outside of what appeared to be a mall. The other was different angles and distances on the inside. Grabbing a small joystick, he rotated the camera on the inside of the mall.

"Its just a security feed from a mall? Big deal?" said an agent from behind.

"Why would a relay station have that feed up? What's the significance? Look, there!" Rhodes said, quickly pointing to a small section surrounding a car parked in the mall.

There were several people lying on the ground around the car. More people were seen running in and out of view sporadically.

"People, i think we have a problem," muttered Rhodes as he watched the screen intently.

The outside mall view clearly showed the name of the building.

"Fuck. That's here," groaned Rhodes as it dawned on him.

"Damge control, now. What do we have or can call in to contain this shitstorm that's about to boil outta the pot?" he said looking at everyone while pointing to the monitor that was quickly revealing a zombie outbreak before their eyes.

Posted by: Judder Oct 31 2008, 06:28 PM
Judder searches through the bodies quickly stripping them of anything useful be it weapons, money, or valuables.

He looks up at Rhodes after he asks the (oh shit) question.

" I got a garage full of enough hardware to level this city..."

Judder shrugs and begins placing all of his spoils into his backpack.

" I mean...if that's what you need then by all means...lets set the det and roll"

Posted by: AgentBenson Nov 1 2008, 04:09 AM
Eric looked over at judder and quirked a brow as he folded his arms "if this is really a realy station what good could it possibly do"

Posted by: O_O Nov 1 2008, 11:17 PM
"We're not going to level the city." Ray said from the back. "I'll call in and see if I can get a Quarantine on that mall and a few miles out. Then we'll call in a perimeter evacution and a surgical strike. After that, we'll sweep through a ten-mile radius for any zombies left. There's no need to kill off this entire city." Ray hears some shouts and movement down the hall. "We'll clear this building first." Ray re-loaded his magnum. "Damn, this is hard with a broken arm."

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 2 2008, 01:05 PM
Rhodes listened to each man (and vamp) in turn...rolling thru the various scenerios in his vampire brain.

"This building is shit. Worthless. Priority is containment of that mall. Nuking the mall is not possible as this is undercover, black bag work, its too closely populated by its surroundings. Second there might be survivors," thought Rhodes out loud as he eyed the door way with a nod to the closest man.

"Besides, calling in a quarantine would take too fucking long. No offense meatbags, but you guys are slow...the paperwork alone. Secure this room for two minutes," said the vamp as he found a terminal with an uplink to the net.

Rhodes typed blazingly fast as he routed thru the net to a private network and left an encrypted message.

"Hey Jud, you 'member Phil...the girl? Well i think she can help us on this one. I just hope the bitch isn't to jacked up at the moment," asked Rhodes as he furiously wired a deposit from a private bank account in the Cayman Islands.

Phil, age 27, female, 250lb heifer with an emo-goth appearance...specialty...remote containment specialist with a world wide biohazard company. Downside, hooked on every pharmecutical drug known to mankind. Real name and address...unknown.

Rhodes turned to the group, "Ok, that's in motion, lets get the fuck outta here and over to that mall. Anything, and i mean anything that gets in our way, waste it! In the meantime, FZ' boys call in whatever you need to, tell your supers that a biohazard company on the Orders payroll is enroute and will have the area secured within the hour. THEY need to do PR work on the media, papers, etc etc. Lets MOVE!"

Posted by: Judder Nov 3 2008, 04:12 AM
Judder peeks around the corner but snaps back into the room as the chk-chk of a

shotgun being cocked is heard and the door way suddenly seems to explode into

splinters and dust.

Judder talks as he eases the tavor out around the bottom of the doorway.

"Oh...Yeah..I remember her."

He fires a three round burst down the hallway... the guy with the shotgun fires back tearing the doorway up some more...

" She had the helo set me down in a village full of zombies after the hurricanes tore through the islands last year."

He fires another burst down the hallway and this time a grunt and thud is heard....Judder rolls through the doorway into another doorway on the side of the hallway

" The money was good......just not the enviroment"

Another guy runs through the doorway at the end of the hallway with an uzi on full auto spraying and praying Judder chuckles

" These guys are Amatuers.....Surely the Russian's would have better trained people for this."

Judder puts three rounds into the guy's chest...he falls with a loud thump and lies still. Judder gets up and runs down the hall way and through the doorway....

" I found a way's this...oof....."

A giant muscled arm encircles Judder and puts him in a bearhug lifting him off the ground and as Judder comes face to face with the ugliest and largest guy he has ever seen he yells.

"Damn...your big..."

Judder squirms in the massive guy's grip until he gets his hand on his pistol and pulls it from it's holster and pumps four shots into the guys belly....

Judder's feet touch the ground as he clears the room and boots the exit door down and waits for the others to catch up to him as he looks out the doorway trying to check the alley's to make sure they are clear.

Posted by: Abnet Nov 3 2008, 05:33 AM
Leon took his phone out of his pocket as he followed Judder out of the building. He scrolled through the list of contacts until he got to Alice's name and hit send.

"Alice? It's Leon...We had to do some undercover work so I left the radio...We've got a bit of a situation here...No, we've got containment covered. Just get all of the paperwork out of the way...Great. Thanks."

Leon walked out of the bulding and leaned against the alley wall.

"PR should be taken care of. I hope your guys know what they're doing." He said to the vampires.

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 3 2008, 01:33 PM
Rhodes pulled his silenced .45 out and strolled out behind Judder, glancing down at the large man as he held his midsection, trying to staunch the flow of his life.

"Judder, you always new how to make a mess," said the vamp as he put a round in the big mans forehead before walking outside.

"Don't worry bout our guys, agents. We know what we're doing. We need to triple time it over to that mall and keep the situation contained. Pull out any and all heavy arms you have, im talking cyclic rates people. If one infected person gets outta that mall, the only solution then is fatboy. And we don't want a fat boy coming down where we will be. Is everyone clear with that?" asked Rhodes as he walked quickly towards his vehicle, holstering his weapon and pulling his coat around him.

Arriving at his ride, the vamp retreived his gun case from the back seat and checked to make sure his rife and equipment was still there.

"Hello my darling. Time to go to work putting the stop to bad peoples intentions," he said quietly as he ran his finger along the soft warm wood of the highly decorated stock.

Posted by: Judder Nov 3 2008, 02:40 PM
Judder knods "Got it R. I'll meet you there"

Judder sprints to his truck and opens the door, he hits the ignition and drives into the street. He rolls his window down and gestures to the other agents.

"Get in if you need a ride"

Posted by: O_O Nov 3 2008, 11:58 PM
Ray grabbed his shotgun and his "special" clip from the backseat of the GT and hopped in the back Judders truck and loaded the special clip. It was a chain of slugs, which he had adapted his Spas to accept. It was 30 chain-fed slugs shot out of an automatic shotgun. What could possibly go wrong?

Posted by: AgentBenson Nov 4 2008, 04:49 AM
Eric followed suit getting into the bed of the truck and looked around as he got low resting aginst the wall of the truck as he did so he prepped his pistol and prepared it for battle and checked his ammo stock as well.

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 4 2008, 12:39 PM
Sliding the case to the front passenger seat, Rhodes got behind the wheel of his piece of shit car and high tailed it toward the mall. Typing on his small portable laptop as he navigated the lightly trafficked streets.

Outbreak immenient. Prep for cleansing in event of team containment failure. Intel on possible suspects responsible zero. Backup team for evac on standby alert Bravo 6. ETA next update 3 hours.

Rhodes swerved around a granny motorist sitting idle at a yellow light. The mall was just in sight as a light duty pickup truck driven by three teens clipped the vamps rear bumper. Gritting his teeth, Rhodes whipped the wheel around and came to a screeching stop. He could hear his metallic bumper hit the pavement.

Leaping from the car, he glanced at the rear and turned slowly to the driver who was getting out and inspecting the smashed front corner of his custom S-10.

"MAN YOU ASSHOLE !! WTF man?! R U COLOR BLIND?!!? The light was red!!" the kid yelled, flailing his arms up and down, gesturing at his grill.

Rhodes glanced around to see if any other eyes were watching.

"Bummer kid. Guess mommy and daddy's insurance will go up now huh?" replied the older vamp as he walked to the back of his car and finished ripping the pitted bumper off as if it were tissue paper.

He pulled the tags off and tossed them in the back window before discarding the bumper on the side of the road.

The teen's already red face when into a scowl as he contemplated jumping on the slightly taller but thinner man before him.

"I should stomp you in the ground old man. One less geriatric on the road causing accidents," he said rather sarcastically.

"I don't have time for this shit junior, I have more important things to worry about," replied Rhodes as he got into his car.

Like saving your stupid ass from becoming a mindless brain eating abomination.

Peeling out, Rhodes left the teens flipping him the bird as he pulled up to the mall parking lot. Some people began to emerge from the front sliding automatic doors, coughing violently.

Oh shit.

Rhodes sped up and whipped the steering wheel around to send the car into a controlled sideways skid, slamming into a man and several women at the entrance. As the victims flew backwards, Rhodes lept from car and jerked out his rifle case. Glancing around he spotted Judders truck roaring up the street. Rhodes waved to his coworker to stop.

"Get your ass around back Jud. You agents, find something to bar all the service entrances around his building. Only way in or out for those inside had better be the north and south sliding entrances and the roof. And hurry the fuck up because they are starting to wake up inside and make for the exits.!!"

Pulling his coat off, the vamp put on a pair of saftey glasses tinted a slight amber-red and pieced his rifle together at vampire speed. Looking around, he assessed that no one suspected of infection had left the building yet.

The man struck by Rhodes car staggered to his feet, his eyes and nose were running with some kind of strange orangish color.

"You ok there buddy? Sorry bout that," asked Rhodes as he snapped a magazine into his rifle.

Coughin and holding his chest, "What...the hell man?! R U nutz?" the man replied as he tried to stagger towards him.

"No. Just curious how you survived from inside? What's that shit all over your face?" asked Rhodes again as he drew his .45.

Shaking his head and coughing up blood tinged with some kinda mucus looking stuff, "I was shopping with my wife when i heard a loud bang and then blacked out. wife...she's over there. I think you...killed her..... ARRRGGGG!!!"

The man fell to his knees and began to convulse violently. Rhodes could hear with his vampire senses the man's heartbeat beating at an incredible pace.

Suddenly the man fell deadly silent. His internal fluids seeped from his body. Rhodes watched carefully, and waited. Several seconds went by, the vampire never taking his eyes off the man's face.

A slight twitch in the bodies left eye...then the right. The head jerked up as the bloodfilled eyes fixed on Rhodes.


Rhodes fired a round into the forehead, splattering the man's brains on the sidewalk. He put a round into the women lying on the ground outside.

Pulling out his cell he quickly txtd Judder.

Its starting. Bullet to head if you can to conserve ammo. Back up notified.

Posted by: O_O Nov 10 2008, 02:59 AM
Ray jumped from the back of the truck and hit the ground with a roll. He ran through the parking garage to the service exit. Some people we're already stumbling through, hacking like crazy. One jumped at him, grabbing. He held the trigger and fired three shots into his head. He smashed the window of the car parked next two the door, and hotwired it. The alarm went crazy, but he threw it into reverse and slammed the side into the wall and blocked the door, closing it on a teenager trrying to get out. She coughed up orange blood on the trunk. "Sorry." he said, shooting her between the eyes with a Magnum.

Ray ran around to Rhodes wiping his eyes. "Parking garage service exit's blocked." He said somberly.

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 10 2008, 11:09 AM
Rhodes made a quick double check sweep of the parking area he could visually see as Ray came running around. The vamp had his gun raised and trained on the agent, before quickly lowering it.

He could tell the man was a lil shaken by the mere scent coming from his body.

Rhodes was an operative, this man was an agent, both had a job to do, therefore he felt it no reason to even consider the man's "feelings", just that he could get the job done and not become a liability.

"Hey, i thought i made it clear to have the outer doors secured?" he said with some authoritative annoyance.

Glancing around the semi-full lot, Rhodes began to analyze the barricade possibilities.

Posted by: Abnet Nov 12 2008, 03:57 AM
(OOC: Taking it back a few minutes.)

Leon walked opened the trunk of the car the agents stole a while back and suited back into his combat gear. He sat in the passenger seat next to Marlowe who was asleep with his iPod on full blast. Leon shook him awake.

"What's up?"
"Drive to the mall. I'll explain on the way."

(Fast forward to now)

"Holy shit. The entire mall?" Marlowe said with disbelief.
"Yeah. Be ready to kill anything that's not on one of us." Leon said with a clear amount of annoyed depression on his voice. "Park it as close to that door as you can. We can't have anyone escaping and spreading the infection."

The sight in front of the mall was pure chaos. People were dead in the streets. No doubt the work of Rhodes and the agents. Leon could see a faint orange gas clouding the windows.

The entire mall must be filled with the stuff. Containment isn't gonna be easy.

The car came to a screeching halt next to the mall door. Leon put on his gas mask and hopped out of the car. He saw several civilians covered in a thick orange mucus and shot them on the spot. It wasn't easy but he knew it was necessary.

"Stay here. Make sure nobody gets out of the mall." Leon said to Marlowe and he walked to Rhodes and Ray.
"Looks like we have at least two main exits sealed. We have any idea how long we have until the infection takes over? I don't know how much longer I can take out civillians like this."

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 12 2008, 11:12 AM
((OOC: Containment will arrive in a few posts))

Rhodes looked at Leon standing a few feet away.

"Does it matter how long we have? We'll keep taking out anything thats infected and comes outta that mall until the second coming of christ or until the containment crews arrive. You get me? Now I suggest we double check all the doors and any windows, hatches and ...WATCH YOUR SIX!!!," Rhodes was saying just as he spotted an orange face-covered man in work overalls racing with mouth open and hands outstretched.

Throwing his rifle up Rhodes fired a shot into the mouth of the infected zed. It fell face forward at Leons feet.

"Fuck me how the shit did it get behind us?!," muttered Rhodes surprized.

Grabbing his radio, "God damn it we have a breach somewhere! Double check all possible exits, ventilations and......," he paused as he looked in the direction from which the zombie came.

"Fuck. Underground utility and sewer tunnels. Fuck fuck fuck! We need to demo every manhole we find. Cut the power to the mall too. Don't want the fumes in there blowing out or anything. Come on, I have some tnt in my car there and I'm sure Judder has c4 stashed too," said Rhodes as he sprinted to the trunk of his car.

Posted by: Judder Nov 13 2008, 05:27 AM
Judder slaps the truck into reverse as the people in the back jump out and powerslides through the parking lot....he backs the truck up to a door right as an infected gets about halfway through it. A sickening crunch and squealing tires as the massive truck slams the door shut pinning the infected person into the doorway

Judder digs through his pack

Judder doesn't notice a person climbing up onto the hood of his truck.


He finds the c4 just as the person kicks his windshield....Judder whips his pistol out and points it at the person on the hood of the truck.. he puts two rounds into the guys face.

Judder grabs the C4 and his tavor and jumps out of the truck running and dropping blocks of armed c4 into man holes around the mall.

He runs up to Rhodes with the Detonator....

He hits the trigger on the detonator and waits for the delay.

((Sorry for not posting sooner ive been terribly busy..))

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 13 2008, 12:13 PM
((OOC: S'all good homey. Least you made it for the big boom. biggrin.gif ))

Rhodes saw Judder running at vampire speed around the mall only to emerge
beside him from the opposite side holding a detonator in his hand.

The delay offered Rhodes a moment to ask the question, "Jud did you set them for unison or order detonation?"

The resulting series of blasts shook the ground. In the rear part of the mall lot, Judders explosives severed the main power line coming into the property. Rhodes winced as the last bomb went off.

As dust settled, he turned to Judder with a grin, "Soooo love it when multiple c4's go off. Just puts a smile on my face."

"OK people. We got an above and under ground containment. If a zed comes outta there now, it'd have to be the size of a 2 month old. We need a sweep of the outer lots for any stragglers that might have gotten thru the utility lines underground before sealage. Any volunteers?" asked Rhodes looking around?

Posted by: O_O Nov 16 2008, 04:36 AM
((You know my 2nd character Rhodes? Well, since this is pretty much contained, It might just help to have someone else attacking us. So I don't confuse you, I mean something like them attacking us so we have another priorty and don't have to worry about straggling dead heads only. However, if anybody else has anything the interjects, I won't do it. Worrying about a few escaped zombies = Boring. Worrying about a few escaped zombies while you have a guerrilla force is attacking you = Alot less boring. Sorry if it's a stupid idea, I'm a bit tired at the moment.))

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 17 2008, 12:00 PM
((OOC: yeah. Sounds like a plan.... containment will show up in the next post. Then, im pretty sure another bomb will be set off. But in the meantime.. feel free to toss out a few hit parties.....within reason of course. biggrin.gif ))

Posted by: O_O Nov 18 2008, 01:12 AM
In a hidden bunker...

Bean was at his desk still logging all of his data from the last mission when his phone rang. "Yes? Verified? Got it....okay, I see, only a few...with Vampires? Interesting... No vehicles? Good... Send in both assault teams... Yes both, trust me, they're tougher then they look!!! Also, send in some snipers. ETA? 20 minutes? Perfect. Also, tell them to incapacitate the Agents, I don't care about the Vampires. Send the order, over and out." Bean leaned back in his chair. "This is turning out to be a better day than expected."

On top of a Building next to the Mall...

"This is sniper one, all snipers check in." He released the button on his radio. "Sniper Two Check." "Sniper Three Check." "Sniper Four Check." He pressed the button. "Good. Assault check-in." "Assault One Clear." "Assault Two Clear." He lined up his scope. "Alright, Assault move on my mark. Mark!"

In a Van one Block from the Mall...

"Assault Two Clear." The squad leader said into his mike. "Mark!" "That's the signal boys! Have all weapons ready." He tunedt he the van's old engine ovber two times before it caught. The second it did, he was off.

At the Mall...

"I guess I'll check the parking lot." Ray ran off, and saw two zombies almost immediatley. He quickly shot both. He continued on, before seeing the van. An identical black one came from the parrallel street. "We got two vans coming up fast. May be hostile, ge - " he was cut off by a man leaning out the passenger window of the first van and shooting a few rounds by Ray's head. "Dammit, they are hostile! Get some cover!" Ray dived inbetween two cars. "Shit."

Posted by: AgentBenson Nov 18 2008, 07:55 AM
Eric grolwed and looked over at ray as he took cover and started to blind fire with his pistol in the genral direction of the car his fgun blazing as he looked at ray "got any spare toys you can share buddy"

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 18 2008, 11:49 AM
Rhodes heard the shout from Ray come over the mic before the report of gunfire. The vamp quickly dove over his parked car and took cover.

"Talk about being between a rock and a shitstorm," he said as he glanced over his shoulder at the mall entrance where several zeds were pounding futilily on the shatterproof glass.

"Take the hostiles out. Red alert fellers!!" the vamp yelled into his radio before raising up quickly to see the van that was shooting at the agents swerve and the back doors flung open.

Throwing his rifle up, Rhodes popped a round into the drivers head, splattering red and grey all inside the cab. With a grin he worked the bolt with vampiric speed and began to acquire a new target when the glint of light caught his eye. Looking up across the parking lot he spotted the telltale outline of a man on the building roof looking thru a scope.

"Snipers!" he barked into the radio before another eruption of bullets peppered their positions.

He cursed himself for not brining enough grenades.

Posted by: O_O Nov 18 2008, 11:44 PM
Ray slid his MP5 across the space from the cars to Eric. "Short bursts work best. aim for the head." Ray said quickly as he grabbed his flashbang. "Cover your ears and close your eyes!" He said as he threw the grenade into the open back of the truck, with men still coming out. He ducke behind the car and quickly jammed in earplugs. Hopefuly Rhodes doesn't think I'm attacking him Ray thought. Vampires could be such pre-madonas.

Posted by: O_O Nov 22 2008, 05:02 AM
((*slaps topic* WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!))

Posted by: O_O Nov 23 2008, 10:49 PM

Posted by: Judder Nov 24 2008, 04:28 PM
Judder slides behind rhodes car as bullets whiz past him.

"What the fuck?!?"

Judder sets his rifle up on the car and begins to shoot.

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 24 2008, 05:38 PM
Rhodes looked at Judder and grinned.

"Apparently the bad men REALLY want this outbreak to happen bad!" he said as glass shattered all around him.

As the yell from Ray was barely heard, Rhodes clamped his eyes shut and cut off his ultra-sensitive hearing as the flashbang went off.

"Ugg hate those fucking things," he said as a sniper bullet ricocheted just an inch from where his head was as he peeked up to get a fix on the snipers position that had them pinned behind the rapidly evolving swiss cheese car.

Looking at a random agent nearby behind some debris, Rhodes pointed to the rooftop.

"HEY! How's about a lil coverfire there chief?" he barked as the agent swung his automatic mp5 and started to empty his clip into the edge of the roof where the sniper was hiding.

Rhodes checked the lot to see that he could aim safely, then rolled into a flat back position and used his bent knees as a rest.

"Ok, cease fire," he yelled as he was ready.

After a few seconds, he saw the roofsniper raise back up to his shooting position.

Grinning, "Gotcha," Rhodes chuckled as he fired.

The special .416 cal rifle round crossed the distance between the vampire and russian sniper. The bullet struck the man in his closed eye and exited the back of his skull.

"That's one down folks. Look lively people! We have more out there. Let's suppress, flank and clean them up!!" barked Rhodes as he raised his mp5 and prepared to move to another position.

Damn i hope them glass doors hold long enough for containment to get here, he thought to himself as he leaped to another vehicle and returned fire at an enemy fireteam location.

Posted by: AgentBenson Dec 2 2008, 04:21 AM
Eric popped out and opened fire with his submachine gun the bullets striking into his oppents bodies and heads one by one he used three round bursts two to the head and one to the body like he had been trained. as the bullets slammed into his oppents Eric sighed and shook his head as he looked to Ray, "why the hell would a private secuity team be shooting at us...they should be on our side"

Posted by: Judder Dec 3 2008, 07:11 AM
Judder peppers a rooftop with a sniper on it and makes the guy duck down.

He ducks to reload his assault rifle with some vampire speed flipping the doubled up mags around.
"Hey Rhodesy........Theres more of those pesky long rifles...this is starting to remind me of Colombia last year.."

Judder vaults over the car and sprints to another one closer to a second van.

He grabs an incendiary grenade from his vest arms it and throws it under the van
then ducks behind the car while waiting for the boom.

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 4 2008, 12:14 AM
Rhodes grinned and swung his rifle around.

"Columbia? Oh dont bring that shit up again. I'd just forgot about that shit hole," he yelled after Judder as more machine gun fire riddled his hiding spot.

Peeking up over his cover, the vamp got a bead on the new sniper.

Where the hell is our containment crew at?!!

Seeing the top of a head on the roof, Rhodes threw his gun up and fired, taking the man's skull off.


"Hey, we gotta get this shit under control!! Give me some cover while i go bar hopping!" yelled Rhodes as he slid his rifle under the half destroyed car and took up his MP5.

Posted by: Judder Dec 6 2008, 02:42 AM
The grenade goes off destroying the van in a flash of burning hot metal shards.

The heat wave blows through the parking lot making the mall's giant shatterproff glass sliding doors ripple inwards and knock a large amount of zeds away from the glass.

Judder leans around the front of the car and puts controlled pairs into several people ignoring the amount of rounds hitting the other side of the car.

" Go on good buddy, lets do like the Bandit and the Snowman and get the hell outta this"

He slides over to the other side of the car and begins to fire from behind it leaving his leg exposed...

A round comes in and hits his leg....Judder falls to a sitting position and moves to get behind the tires of a car.

He yells to Rhodes...." Hey good buddy....there starting to piss me bleeding you know i don't like bleeding."

Judder grins in pain and then turns back to suppressing the enemy's attempts to move or even fire back.

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 6 2008, 01:55 PM
The scent of fresh blood fills his nostrils as Rhodes lets his vampiric senses heighten.

"No worries bud. They are about to find out what the face of death looks like...personally," said the vampire as his eyes began to transform.

With an inhuman snarl, Rhodes lept high into the air from behind his cover and fired his MP5 from his ariel view. Several of the hidden bogies looked upward in disbelief...just before rounds struck them in the face, head and chest. Landing then springing in the air again but in a different trajectory, the vamp agent continued to tigger-bounce from one spot to another with vampire speed. Not only giving the enemy something to shoot at, but distracting them in the process.

Several bullets, when they finally fired, whizzed past Rhodes. His teeth bared in an angry animalistic manner. His final leap, the vamp landed into a tuck roll and came up in a group of three enemies. Bloodlust filling him, Rhodes fired a round into one of the enemy then grabbed the second and rolled him around by the neck and sunk his teeth into the man's fleshy exposed neck. The third staggered back in horror, firing several rounds into his companion. Rhodes put a bullet in the mans weapon hand and kneecap.

Dropping the lifeless shield corpse, he squatted down by the bleeding, screaming man.

"Mmmmmmm. Tastey. Nothing like an adrenaline filled meatsack snack. Now, before i make you the main course...tell me what i wanna know and i'll let you die real quick," he whispered huskily thru a bloodcaked moustached mouth.

Posted by: Abnet Dec 7 2008, 01:47 AM
Leon saw a cloud of blood spray out of Judder's leg.

"Damnit. Marlowe go patch him up. I'll cover you."

Marlowe ran over to Judder and took out some medical supplies he salvaged from the helicopter and Leon leaned out from behind the wall he was taking cover behind, ready to fire.

He scanned the area in front of him and didn't see anything but Rhodes and his victims.

Damned snipers. Had me pinned down so long I couln't get in on the action.

He saw something rustling in a bush behind Rhodes. He took a look through his ACOG scope and could make out someone holding a handgun and trying to sneak up on the vampire. Leon ran out of his cover firing in short bursts until he saw blood spray out of the bush.

Leon realized it was his luck day when he dragged the body out of the bush. The man was still alive with just a few bullet holes in his arms and legs. And judging by the patch on his sleeve, he was fairly high ranked.

"We got a live one over here. By the looks of it, he lead the rest of these guys." Leon said to everyone before looking at Rhodes.
"I guess this makes us even?" He said, remembering when Rhodes saved his ass a few minutes back.

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 7 2008, 02:01 PM
Rhodes was so tuned to the man lying in front of him, he didnt notice the ambush lying behind him...down side to have a rise in makes a vamp careless.
When Leons shots whizzed behind him, Rhodes kept his focus on his pow.

"Yeah, even. See what you can get outta this one. I want a taste of the commander, plus my russian's pretty good," said Rhodes as the gleam in his eyes quickly faded, wiping his bloody mouth off.

He turned around and walked the few paces slowly, seeing the pain and fear in the commanders face.

The commander was holding his wounded leg with his good arm.

~Russian~ "You'll not make me talk, trash of Rasputin," he spat grimacing.

"Well comrade, I don't HAVE to make you talk. I can just sink my teeth into you and get all i want. That leaves you shit outta luck my poor man," he replied in Russian crouching down by the man and began to reach for his head.

The man's eyes widened in stark terror.

"No! I do not want to betray my country. I'd rather die first!" he gasped and tried to bleed out by letting go of the bullet hole in his leg.

Rhodes chuckled and pressed his knees on the mans leg and grabbed his arms, stemming the flow.

"Oh we can't have that now gorbie. Not till i get what we need to know. Easy or hard way friend? Last chance before i send you into the pits of darkness forever," he said with an eeiry quiet tone to his voice.

The man struggled feebly in the vampires iron grip.

"Easy way i guess then," Rhodes said before clamping down on the man's bleeding arm.

He opened his mind to the flow of blood splattering in his mouth. The vampire could get bits and pieces of memories and such. Over time, this ability can be trained and grown into valuable espionage tools. After a few minutes, Rhodes released the man's arm and closed his eyes...deciphering the flood of images.

"Thanks comrade. You've served your country well," Rhodes said as he smashed his fist into the man's forehead, knocking him unconscience.

Getting to his feet quickly, Rhodes turned to Leon who was interrogating the other enemy. Putting a bullet in the enemy's head, the vampire scowled.

~in English~

"We have a problem guys. Comrade commander here showed me where their base of ops is. Far away from here, heavily guarded like a bitch. We have to somehow crack into them there, but keep this situation contained. That stretchs us WAY thin. I'm guessing containment got held up and we have no backup. We need suggestions and options pronto. Their base is about 100 miles from here sitting smack in the middle on a small island retreat about 300 yds in the middle of the main channel. Worse yet, its a 'no fly zone' so we couldnt get so much as a cropduster in there," Rhodes radioed to all the team members.

Posted by: AgentBenson Dec 7 2008, 08:33 PM
[QUOTE] We need suggestions and options pronto. Their base is about 100 miles from here sitting smack in the middle on a small island retreat about 300 yds in the middle of the main channel. Worse yet, its a 'no fly zone' so we couldnt get so much as a cropduster in there," Rhodes radioed to all the team members.

Eric quirked a brow hearing that over the radio and he pulled his out and hit the push to talk button. "Wait, aren't we techincaly fedral agents couldn't we just premission from the FAA using the cure all excuse of matter of national secuirtiy"

Posted by: O_O Dec 7 2008, 10:52 PM
Ray compared some bodies. "Well guys, looks like the guys in the vans were mainly american, while it looks like some Russians came in during the rest of it.
My estimation is we're facing multiple enemies. However, the Americans are using old outdated military equipment, so they shouldn't be our main priorty." He glanced at the zombies pounding on the mall door. "When will containment get here?"

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 8 2008, 05:52 PM
From in the distance a faint rumble and whirring noise slowly grew in volume.

"Err?" said Rhodes as he cocked his head and listened harder w/ his vampiric hearing.

Grinning, he recognized that familiar sound. The sound of several big rig Peterbuilts rolling in convoy along with a large helio above. His cellphone buzzed in his pants pocket.

Glancing at the ID before answering, "Bout fuckin time Phil!!", barked Rhodes.

*Sorry. Got tied up on the toll bridge. My lead driver didn't have the exact change. I gotta invest in them damn EZ Pass thing'a'majigs. But we're almost there now. I can see the mall from my bird. What's the situation? You boys had enough time playing around?* said the female voice on the other end of the call.

"Yeah, just get your ass down here on the double. We have places to be god damn it. OH, you got any armed escorts to watch your backs while we take off?" asked Rhodes as he pressed his radio button to gather the troops to his position.

"All field agents report back to front of mall. Containment is here."

The three diesel rigs rolled up and parked in a semi-arc in the front lot of the mall. Two trailers expanded outward while the third opened from the inside and two dozen men and women, some armed, leaped out the back and began securing the other two rigs. The large helio touched down in the adjacent lot where a rather portly looking young woman slid out of the cockpit and walked over to meet Rhodes.

"So, how you want this?" asked Phil with her hands on her wide hips.

Gesturing to the building, "I want a FULL containment. Eradicate ANYTHING inside ALIVE or dead thats organic. I do, however, want phyiscal evidence left alone. Meaning i dont want anything disturbed. We might need to get some evidence to help us locate the mode of deployment."

Phil frowned, "Well, I can contain the building no prob. If you want organics destroyed, no issue there. I was gonna test out some new shit i picked up. Caustic type airborne cleaner. It'll turn anything...and i mean ANYTHING organic into nothing but a harmless puddle. Even bone turns to moosh. Metal, concretes, alloy, and some compounds remain unharmed. Will that work?"

Rhodes nodded, "Fine. I want all the zeds in that building gone before the boys in blue arrive. You'll need a perimeter for when the fuzz shows up. You got your papers in order?" he asked.

Phil grinned and pulled out an offical looking govt issue hazmat badge.

"Just picked it up last month. Pretty cool huh? Shrivels up them schphinters real quick," she said with a chuckle.

"Fine. I want this place ready for feds to come in with their forensics team by tomorrow," said the vampire as he glanced around at the other agents who began to report in.

"12 hours man. S'all my shit needs to do it's job. Count on me," said Phil as she yanked up on her walkie talkie and started to bark orders into it at her containment team.

Rhodes turned to the team members, pushing in on his earpiece to radio those lagging behind.

Phils team had begun to circle the building. Several men carried large firehose looking apparatus' and began spraying the exterior of the building with a foamy compound. The compound would harden in minutes to a rock like substance, creating an airtight seal. Upon "containment" another hose from one of the tractor trailers would pump a specially designed chemical agent that would dissolve on contact, any organic substance...aka zombie flesh and any latent biochemical agents.

"Ok. Listen up folks, containment has this scene. We need to focus on the new objective. Mainly the guarded compound from the intel we picked up from the bogies here. FVZA will need to check in with their command to facilitate a forensics scene here. We on the other hand will be long gone on our way to the compound. We need all the intel and data on that position within the hour," said Rhodes as he quickly changed mags on his mp5.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 9 2008, 04:39 AM
Miller was lounging at a Starbucks enjoying the free wi-fi and overpriced coffee, reflecting on what had just happened at the mall when he received a call from none other than the enigmatic John Doe Sr.

"I've already done your dirty job, this call had better be worth my time." Answered Miller irritably.

The voice on the other line paused and then said, "Omega requires your services once again."

Miller with a slight tone of anger in his voice, "Find someone else to do it, I just got off the job. I'm through with you people."

"That's not a problem at all, however the person we send might not show as much discretion with your agents as you'd like." Said John Doe Sr.

"What the fuck are you talking about? You'd better start talking some God damn sense before I find wherever the hell you are and..." Began Miller before being cut off by the man on the other end.

"Our men in the NSA have informed me that the FVZA-Order joint force is about to launch an assault on the headquarters of our fingermen on this job." He said.

"So? Didn't you plan for them to take out those Russians from the start? Because if that's the case then I don't see what you need me to do, just let my agents take care of the Russian compound and everyone goes home happy. The Russians get to die thinking they're heroes, the FVZA and the Order get to go home thinking they've destroyed the source of all these outbreaks, and I get to go home in time to catch a new episode of the Simpsons." Explained Miller.

"Yes but there's one slight problem with that assumption. These are government agents and vampires, they're bound to try to take some prisoners and recover evidence." Said the voice.

"And your point? None of them have any idea what's going on, they all think that they're fighting American imperialism or something. Not to mention all their gear is shit that they could've plausibly gotten off of a rogue or corrupt general of one of the old Soviet Republics." Said Miller.

"The problem is that this strain of the virus has been altered since I myself stole it from the Soviets at Lazo back in 1967. It was worked on further at the Santa Rosa Institute. Normally this wouldn't be a problem since it's still similar to what they've got stored at Moscow and it would be passed off as some corrupt general selling it on the side, but the FVZA still has this specific strain on record. It's classified and it's not very well known about, but if they capture the liaison alive he could give away information that could lead them to believe it's an American made viral strain rather than an old Soviet one. If they begin to investigate the possibility of it being an American strain then the whole show falls apart, all this nonsense of hiring Russian loonies will have been for nothing and we'll have the whole public knowing that there's a conspiracy." He explained.

"Alright, when I get back to FVZA HQ I'll see if I can't do anything people looking into Santa Rosa's classified projects if they get tipped off. But there's only so much I can do if they begin to suspect it's one of our own strains." Said Miller.

"We can't let them have any indication in the first place. We need you to kill the liaison, the one that we sold the whole bio-warfare playkit to. He's the link back to us, he doesn't know exactly who he bought the weapons from, he thinks he bought it from a retired Soviet general or something, but anyone with half a brain that interrogates him can probably figure out that the Soviet general he bought it from doesn't actually exist, he was nothing more than an actor we borrowed from the CIA. The liaison's name is Silayev, silence him before the FVZA or the Order gets to him. I don't want him telling them anything." Ordered the man.

"Alright, but Omega's gonna owe me big time for this gig. Send me the tactical details on my laptop." Replied Miller before hanging up. A minute later he recieved an e-mail with a cornocopia of information ranging from satellite images of the facility to arrangements for him to infiltrate.

A hundred miles later and thirty two thousand feet in the air Miller was riding in the back of a C-17 Globemaster III cargo plane flying towards the target compound. The pilot's were under orders to fly at the altitude they were at and to keep all their navigation lights on so as to look like ordinary civilian airliner traffic by keeping just outside of the no-fly zone that was in effect. As soon as the plane came within twenty miles of the target Miller jumped out the troop door in the aft of the plane, spread his arms and legs to reveal a winglike webbing connecting them, and then activated the small jet engine on his backside.

Omega sure has some cool toys to play with, but I sure as hell am not trained for this sort of thing... thought Miller as he raced forwards towards his target at high speeds, soaring across the sky like a superhero of some sort.

When he saw the target compound in the middle of a channel he quickly killed the throttle on the jet engine and began to freely glide in before finally coming to a landing on the roof of a small building. Within minutes he had disembarked from the powered wingsuit, and was in combat gear ready to go with an M468 assault strapped to his back his M1911 with a silencer to his hip, and a Raptor knife in his boot. He set the self destruct timer on the wingsuit for fifteen minutes and he then lept off the side of the building to land atop a dumpster, the noise of said landing drawing the attention of one of the guards.

As the guard approached Miller quickly took cover in the shadows on the other side of the dumpster while pulling out the Raptor knife. When the guard came around Miller sprung out from the shadow with his knife to the guard's throat and began to do an on the spot interogation, "You guys have got some nice gear. Where'd you get it?"

"It was Silayev, he handles our weapons purchases." Said the guard in a thick Russian accent.

"And where is this Silayev, I think I'd like to meet him." Said Miller, his face obscured by a mask and nightvision goggles.

"He arriving by boat in ten minutes." Said the guard.

"Good to know." Commented Miller before he punched the guard unconscious and then placed the body in the dumpster.

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 9 2008, 11:46 AM
((OOC: LOVE your timing Cyber..heeheh))

Posted by: AgentBenson Dec 13 2008, 09:19 PM
Eric was with the others as they ehaded towards the safe zone preparing for htioerlnext mission. "Man when i get back to florida my girlfreind is gonna be on the edge of her seat when i told her how my business trip was"

Posted by: O_O Dec 14 2008, 04:29 AM
((I'm really hoping we get there while Miller's still there. The plot would be like custard after that. Also, woot for obscure analogies!!))

Ray was the second to arrive. "This is escalating pretty quickly, do you think we should we call in backup?" He checked his arm. Still broken, but the cast was still solid.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 15 2008, 03:13 AM
OOC: Yeah, Miller will be sticking around for a while.

Posted by: Judder Dec 17 2008, 04:01 PM
OOC: Sweetness....glad to have you back man.)

"No ya don't" Judder snarls as he pushes the agent away from him.

"Just leave it there i'll patch myself up."

The agent steps forward again to patch the wound up.

"Dammit Rhodes tell these guys to leave me alone with the shit to fix myself...i dont like people touching me."

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 17 2008, 10:51 PM
Rhodes pulled out his pda from his pocket as he shot a warning glance at the agent trying to perform medical services to Judder.

"Leave him be. He's had worse holes playing footsie in Sing-Sing with Bubba Ray Jim Bob. He'll be fine in a few pints," he barked as he tapped on his device.

Grumbling he glanced around before doing a quick 360 lookaround.

"Ok. How many able bodies do we have rolling outta here to put the final nail, hopefully in this shitty coffin?" he asked looking around calculating.

Posted by: Abnet Dec 17 2008, 11:07 PM
"I'll go along. I want to see the looks on their faces once we bring these bastards down." Leon said, reloading his rifle. "Marlowe can stay here and help out with containment."

(OOC: I can hand over Marlowe if anybody is sticking around at the mall. Or I could just switch characters every once in a while. Whatever works.)

Posted by: AgentBenson Dec 19 2008, 02:20 AM
i'm ready to kick some ass rhodes...

Posted by: O_O Dec 19 2008, 08:50 PM
"I'm game." Ray said, checking his clip "I'm a little low, but I can manage."

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