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Posted by: goteamventure15 Nov 18 2006, 01:04 AM
Names: Jesse Sawyer/ Julie Sawyer

Sex: Male/ Female

Occupations: FVZA Investigate Field Agents

Hometown: Boston, Mass.

Age: 25/23

Eye color: Brown/ Blue

Hair color: Blonde long length

Complextion: tan /white

Height: 6 feet 3 inches/ 5 feet

Build: Muscular, avid weight lifter/ normal female build

Atire: Tacky red dressshirt with a black tie. Black dress pants and suspenders. Sunglasses. Hair kept back in a pony tail./ White tank top and black swat pants. Hair down with a red bandana over it. Combat boots.

Background: Jesse and Julie were born into a family full of conmen and criminals. Their father never had a steady job and taught them various other ways of making a quick buck. By their teenage years they both had assembled lengthy well documented criminal records. The Sawyers could make a buck anywhere. Whether it's scamming old women, loaded card games, detailed planned heists, insurance frauds, pyramid schemes, and even a good old fashioned hold up, The Sawyer children were pros at it. Eventally the went for "too big" of a prize and fell into the hands of the FBI. The Feds saw value in them however. They were given the choice between two equally dangerously and horrific options. Jail or FVZA. Not wanting to be split up they choose the latter.

Skills: The Sawyers are both experienced con artists and sweet talkers. They can easily get someone to reveal information or follow an order. They are both experienced at sneaking around and infitration of dangerous areas from their former proffesion. They have the weapon knowledge one would expect of two former criminals. Both are also very athletic. Jesse is an avid body builder and knows some judo. Julie has several years of gymnastics training. She can flip around and dodge with great speed. Despite their rough pasts both are kind and caring. Although Jesse can be a lazy jerk at times...

Posted by: Templar Nov 24 2006, 05:29 AM
Cool, a brother-sister team. Nice.

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