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Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 24 2006, 04:11 AM
Here's where I'll be chronicling the adventures of the FVZA, the Order of the Broken Cross, and the important unaffiliated members. Basically I'm to put in a bunch of events, but I could really use suggestions and bits to include. Also please submit any corrections you may have.

1975- After exterminating virtually all known vampire and zombie populations within the US, the FVZA is disbanded.

1980's-1990's- Without the FVZA being around for the last decade and a half vampire populations slowly but steadily rise throughout the world.

Late 2001-2002- Powers granted by the USA PATRIOT Act to law enforcement agencies are perceived as a credible threat to vampire populations throughout the US. As a result vampires begin using the internet to meet, organize, and coordinate.

February, 2003- The newfound organization between vampire packs throughout the US leads to the resurrection of the Order of the Broken Cross to ensure vampire survival.

July, 2005- An scientist under the employ of the Santa Rosa Institute mysteriously disappears, as does a sample of zombie blood. The incident concerning the zombie blood is never reported, and the scientist is reported to have died of a heart attack. Mysteriously the county coroner has no record of the body and the funeral is a closed casket.

September, 2005 - The President of the United States signs into law a bill sent by Congress that reinstates the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. The agency starts off with only a handful of agents including John Miller.

October, 2006 - Zombie outbreak on a stretch of highway running through Missouri. There at a diner along this highway Judder, John Miller, Alexandria, Jason Drake, Dr. Roncas Olui, Alan Rowan, Jay, Guy, Arnold Johnston, and Kevin Soliday all end up meeting each other for the first time. It is also on record that the Sawyer siblings were on duty conducting a mission at the same location.

Shortly afterwards Judder, Dr. Roncas Olui, Alan Rowan, and Kevin Soliday were recruited into the agency while business relationships were established with Arnold Johnston and Jay.

November, 2006 - A mission in Aurora, Montana results in the deaths of several vampires and at least one FVZA agent (all were NPC's) during a battle in a manor owned by one Mr. Wellingford. The vampire known as Vincent, the agent John Miller, and the mercenary Jay were all wounded to varying degrees during this mission.

The second phase of the operation is commenced in order to track down the werewolf that both sides were looking for. This mission climaxed with a gunfight that resulted in numerous dead police, dead vampires, one captured werewolf, the mercenary Jay turning into a vampire and the kidnapping of Agent Judder.

December, 2006 - The Santa Rosa Institute is taken over by the US Department of Defense

Operation Vanity Yardsale begins in which a group of FVZA agents sent to control a small scale zombie outbreak turns bloody when a group of vampires behind the outbreaks fights against the FVZA. Casualties are sustained on both sides.

March, 2007 - Aftershock zombie outbreaks in Seattle result in a large scale zombie infestation in the city. The city is cleared with some casualties and vampire activity is continued in Seattle.

July, 2007 - Order of the Broken Cross performs a daring raid on the FVZA's headquarters during an inspection. Senator Raleigh Jones is murdered just before the raid takes place, and Senator Crepehanger was discreetly infected with the vampire virus.

October, 2007 - A vigilante mission conducted by several members of the FVZA results in the assassination of Senator Crepehanger and leads to a tentative peace within the agency between vampires and agents.

March, 2008 - The FVZA conducts a raid on a criminal organization running zombie vs. human cage fights in Branson.

...more to come in the future...

Posted by: Templar Nov 24 2006, 04:15 AM
You should input when the Order of the Broken Cross came back into power.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 24 2006, 04:16 AM
Hmm... I'll need to think of a bit for the Order of the Broken Cross.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 24 2006, 05:28 AM
Ok I added a bit of prehistory.

Posted by: Templar Nov 24 2006, 05:45 AM
Wonderful job.

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 28 2006, 06:14 PM
Ahh.. NOW i see the reason for Templar's 'recruitement' to the 'darkside'..*insert vader voice*... Rhodes... hrrrrk... i am your recruiter....hrrrk....One weekend a month....hrrrrrk.... two weeks per year......hrrrrk.

Eh ya'll get the gist of it. hehehehehe.

Anyway... I suppose i could 'loosely' tie my character to the Vampire cause...if merely from the standpoint of self preservation.

Now... onto further business... im a post mongering cybergeek, with WAY too much time on my hands.. (for those that do not know me).. also im a writer... not professionally, did some teaching back in college..etc etc.
ANYWAY... ideas were solicited by Cyber if im not too mistaken.

One thing always intrigued me when having two particular factions, was bringing them in to fight a common enemy. In this example.. vampires vs FVZA gets to be a bit stodgy and stifling... introduce into the mix a good zombie outbreak (or werecreature)... that somehow causes both sides irritation.

Zombies infect humans with anything from a scratch, bite, to nasal drippage. Meanwhile, vampires cannot feed on zombie (dead blood and all)... and they are a threat to the foodsource. (say cattle and whatnot sources are fouled by zombie decay).

When the V's and F's come together... they loosely unite... take on a threat.. but in the background.. they secretly try to knock the other down a peg if not altogether.

Just my two cents.

Another idea on a story.... Govt. begins to covertly back the vampire unions...finding their abilities are somewhat highly regarded... FVZA catchs wind... gets pissed... goes on an unauthorized spree.

Another still, a strange artifact is discovered from ancient times. Perhaps some paranormal 'concotion' that allows vampires to go fully undetected around/among humans.. no manner of technology short of a full on sighting will show a vampires true self. FVZA decides it needs to get that. Vice Versa, FVZA has some kind of new weapon against vamps.... Vamps strategically set a trap, make a raid to acquire/destroy it.

Posted by: Jay Nov 28 2006, 09:01 PM
*looks at history* Ooh, 'mercenary'. That sounds so much better than simply 'assassin'. I should change my occupation description. Please note the lack of sarcasm. I'm merely pointing out that mercenary sounds cool.

Posted by: Templar Nov 28 2006, 10:46 PM
S'all good, that is what the old Vincent was in the original RPG. It's pretty fun, the grey area that normal agents don't have allow you much better character development.

Posted by: Jay Nov 28 2006, 11:56 PM
Yeah, and you can do stuff like have a contract out on another PC, like I did with Cyber.

EDIT: And you have freedom to join FVZA or the vampires (willingly or unwillingly), which I might have to think about.

Posted by: Rhodes Nov 29 2006, 01:04 PM
Precisely my point on the whole 'merc' thing.
In my LARP group of Dagorhir, my unit is a merc group specifically.
We will fight for any group that will hire us...(contract terms vary on size of hiring group, outline of battles, size of opposition).
Because we are a very small unit of 4-5 members... we rarely draw much attention. we, however, are effective at wolf-pack or vulturing when the main force mobilizes.

So it was only natural, my single PC would be a 'mercenary' vs an assassin.
Assassin's are in the service of someone/thing. Merc's assassinate for pay, or just simply cause distractions, demolitions...etc etc. whatever the need of the employer may have of our services.

Posted by: Jay Nov 30 2006, 02:29 AM
@Cyber: Are you going to update this after every mission?

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 30 2006, 03:39 AM
Something like that. Plus I might continue to update as I get stuff off of

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 3 2007, 03:10 AM
Timeline is now updated.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jul 22 2008, 05:31 AM
A couple of small updates have just been made.

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