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Posted by: Rhodes Nov 16 2010, 08:09 PM
The Walking Dead Scenerio

State of Union:
The zombie apocalypse has finally hit. Whether mother nature went awol, or just decided that she was tired of wiping humanitys ass, she's now mia and the undead are at large !!!
The USA's population is now 1/3 prey, 2/3 predator, 100% fucked.

Every town, city, metropolis was normal day to day operations. Men, women and children went about their routine lives.
Then, the plague of the new age struck without so much as a peep. People started with cold and flu like symptoms progressively got worse until their fevered braincells ruptured and killed them. 24 hours later, they would reanimate and hunger for living flesh and blood.
One week after that period, morgues and graveyards began to 'come alive' with undead activity. Deceased persons began to doctors and scientists a curve ball to figure out what could have caused this new epidemic.
The source was a mutated form of a bacterial and viral infection of the basic cells in the brains cerebral cortex. The body was fully deceased. No internal workings other than electrical impulses generated by the brainstem which allows the body to move and feed. Hearing, sight and smell were also 'online', enabling the zombie to acquire targets of opportunity.
Transmission of the disease can be thru saliva, blood, or open wound contact. A host commonly would grab onto the prey and bite, transmitting the disease to the new host with 100% infection rates.
Scratches could transmit at about 50-60% effectiveness.
No cure has been developed.

Military response after the realization validated, proved to be futile. Biohazard suits were dispatched but the undead population had already increased to outnumbering proportions rendering them ineffective.
Survivors began to fortify, while others tried to mobilize away from the larger populated areas.

Power, water, civil engineering were the first to fail. With no one to maintain the facilities, electricity grids were shut down. Water and sewer plants stopped working.
Basic human provisions became the new basis for economy. Food, bottled water, guns and ammunition became the new coin of the realm. Medicine was at a premium. Simple Tylenol and forms of Antibiotics fetch a premium.

Survival is now of the smartest as well as the fittest !!!!!!

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