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Posted by: Rhodes Nov 16 2010, 07:31 PM
Scenerio for posting in the Walking Dead Scenerio (a run-on free form rpg)

No God-like Powers
No Super Guns or weapons (lasers, rifles, etc)
No Endless Ammo
No posting for/against other players...only NPC's (not created by other players either)
Use common sense in situations
NO PLAYER KILLING w/o AUTHORIZATION (Admin will adjust your post accordingly)
No posting about acquiring commodities (Food, Water, Ammo, Weapons, Medicine)

Be creative and make it fun.

The Walking Dead scenerio is a free roam rpg based upon the AMC tv series airing.
Synopsis: A zombie plague has struck the world. Survivalist situation where the basic human needs have changed, money is worthless and staying alive is top priority.
Food, Water, ammo, and weapons are high price commodities. What good is a gold brick if you have no food, no water and 6 bullets in your revolver when faced with a daily dose of undead hunting you along with 2/3rds the population gone.?

Try to keep to the USA if at all possible. If your from another country...try to reference maps or just be generic. A big city like Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles could be easily replace with Raccoon City, Big Town, Jerkwater Usa...etc.

Enemy Dossier:
The enemy is comprised of two factions and TWO ONLY!!!
#1 - Undead in various stages of decay. From your fresh geek, to your half torso rotter.
Dispatch Means: Trauma to the brain, full body damage (ie burning, blowing up).
Speed: The stages dictate the speed of the enemy. Fresh geek = fast as normal human. Half decay - shambler Half Torso - crawler
Senses: Undead will rely on scent, sound, then sight to acquire and pursue a target.

#2 - Survivors.
These will basically be opportunists (NPC) looking to steal to survive. They will more than likely not play nice nor share in anything found. They will however, carry supplies and could be coerced for information and or goods.
Methods of Dispatch: Same as humans. Shoot, stab, bash, blow up, burn, electrocute, Kill by any normal means necessary.

General Operation Knowledge:
This section is provided to help explain the posting parameters.

What generally will happen is a 'starter' post by the Admin/Mod will get the ball rolling. Everyone will be placed inside a general area.
(example cartmen, kenny, kyle, stan are all in different locations in south park co. The undead have risen and are starting to fill the streets and infiltrate homes and businesses. A general broadcast on the emer. network goes out for 45 min before the power goes down. The info relayed was thus: [relevant info here])

The players will then post a general (not too lengthy) about how they react, their situation (alone, family, dog, horse, gramma whatever), and supplies they have and any action they would like to take next. (Admin may modify)
The admin will periodically post random events which can Help, or Hinder your players progress.

There will be certain situations where the player is given a choice. A radio/cb transmission is heard with a small group stranded and asking for help. They have food and water, but no ammo and are under seige by a large force of undead they cannot escape from. Do you help? and get the food as you are running low, or wait til they die, then move in and take it for yourself?

Feel free to team up with other players....but be warned, just as you think you have it made... Fate can deal you a shit hand.

Commodities - (Food, Water, Medicine, Ammo and Weapons)
Posting about these items are restricted. You may post that your SEARCHING for said items. The admin/mod will determine what and how much you find.

It's easier to survive if you raid a military base and get 10 yrs worth of mre's and a few canisters of ammo for your m16 rifle... assuming you can run with it--away from 100 fresh zombies?? Hence - Posts will be modified for 'fair play'.

Authorized Player Killing :
No one may attempt or otherwise post player killing...either by their hand or a npc.
This is a kicker feature !!!
Example: Stan posts and finds (admin) a cache of ammo in some rednecks basement while searching for some tylenol for a toothache. A mile away, Cartman fired his last rifle round. He walktalkies to Stan and asks for ammo, tries to cut a deal..etc.. Stan says..hell no fatboy.
Cartman may not try to kill Stan and take the ammo...... UNLESS the admin has given authorization. **This will be VERY discretionary and well written/choreographed** The Killing player must PM and request the kill.
((You can always create another player character if you get
In the meantime, Stan may be made aware and try to thwart the attempt.


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