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Posted by: Adminbot3000 Nov 16 2005, 11:02 PM
1. Be respectful of the opinions of others. In other words play nice, don't troll, and keep the flaming to a minimum. It's ok to have a fictional arguement between players, but try not to take it too far.

2. In game disagreements are bound to happen, so we ask that try to solve any disagreements in a peaceful manner. Arguements such as whether or not zombies can run or not should not be conducted in the RPG forums.

Instead will be the definitive authority to any and all issues concerning zombies, vampires, the FVZA, and most other issues that will arise. If you and the person and disagreement still cannot agree, it should probably be taken to the OOC forum in order to fully debate the issue at hand. However, moderators have the authority to settle an arguement with an answer, so long as it does not clearly contradict the FVZA website. The highest authority in arguements however is Dr. Hugo Pecos (aka Dangovich from the FVZA forum), he will have the final say in any and all arguements.

3. This is the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency RPG. That means we're here to follow the adventures of the FVZA (and their counterpart vampires). One of the problems I saw with the original RPG was that we dragged Umbrella Corp (from the Resident Evil games) into every single mission. Out of the three missions that were participated in, all three involved Umbrella. In fact we fought B.O.W.'s (Bio-organic weapons, usually in reference to a Tyrant or similar creature) in all three missions, and even fought two of them in the last mission before the RPG was deleted.

This means we stick with the FVZA. As of now, there is no Umbrella Corporation, there is no T-Virus, or G-Virus, or Tyrants, or anything like that. This is not a Resident Evil RPG forum. However this is not limited to Resident Evil, we'd like to keep this story somewhat original. You cannot simply go about and take the hard work of Capcom (and other's) and then expect it to be good fiction. It's good when they make it, it's no fun for anybody else when you make it.

You can have a quick reference here and there, just don't make it a huge part of the story. For example, you can say "Looking eerily similar to the Spencer Mansion...". Just don't make it the focus of the story. You can make a passing reference to an event that would go unnoticed (such as some from the Zombie Survival Guide, just note that book is not accepted as fact on this forum), or have your character yell "They're coming to get you Barbara!", just try to have some originality.

But above all, when on the RPG forums, pretend that what is on FVZA is fact not fiction, but regard everything else as fiction.

4. Although we're not looking for perfect spelling or grammer, please make an effort. Readable is a nice start, but just try to make it so that it's easy to read and not an eyesore. If you're having a lot of problems with this, please spellcheck before you post.

Like I said, your postings don't have to be perfect, but don't come crying to the mods if a grammer nazi attacks you for saying "1 xorz teh 1337orz ju re7@rd!"

5. Please use the return key every once and a while. Seriously, there's nothing worse than a very good post being made hard to read because it's all one massive paragraph. Just break your paragraphs apart every now and then (every five to six sentances is a good recommendation) and you should be ok.

6. Keep your weapons and equipment realistic when RPGing. I've seen a lot of RPG's were it's present day but some guy is carrying a laser cannon around. Don't do that, please. Also if you can, try to keep your weapons physics and functions realistic. What I mean is no unlimited ammo clips, try to have some recoil, no bullets that always hit the head, or superlight blades, or katanas that suddenly gain 100 lbs. when they hit their enemy.

Note: Although fine weapons, katanas are not superpowerful magically awesome weapons that can cut through brick walls with little effort. This goes for any melee weapon, however it seems most common with katanas thanks to Japanese anime.

7. No God mode. For those of you unfamilar with that video game term, it means stuff like invincibilty. Just so you know, you cannot survive a grenade to the face. Even vampires, who have enhanced abilities have limits, and grenades to the face are beyond those limits.

You can do some cool action stunts like some awesome rolls, leaping off a building into a helicopter (within resonable distance), leaping and decapitating a zombie with a sword and whatnot. Just no stuff like leaping from from the roof of a building to the top of a building all the way across the street. Now yeah you can survive a few gunshot wounds in non-vital areas, but you cannot take .50 caliber rounds to the head and survive.

8. No controlling other player's characters. This is extremely annoying and aggitates me to no end. It's ok if you were to assume something like the other player would blink when exposed to bright light, however those details are so small they're not worth mentioning.

You can control NPC's however. NPC's being Non-playable characters. These are things like zombies. You can make up NPC vampires, FVZA agents and civilians to interact with, command and fight.

However if a player introduces an NPC that seems important to the story, out of common courtesy unless said otherwise you should allow the creater to control that particular NPC.

9. Please write this in a format that's easy to read. 3rd person novel style is a good example of this. Another good style you can try is first person past tense, basically just pretend like you're telling a story like in World War Z by Max Brooks.

10. Use common sense.

Be sure to frequently check this thread in order to keep updated on the rules as they will be updated without notice.

Also be sure to have a look at

And now for some guidelines;

1. When joining a mission you need to provide a reason for being there. Whether it be that you just so happen to live there, or you're investigating a mysterious lead, you can't just spontaneously appear and start breaking shit.

2. Keep fair when using weaponry. Meaning don't bring a shotgun to a knife fight, don't bring a katana to a fist fight, and stuff like that. Nobody likes bringing a weapon that's force appropriate only to face a guy with an inappropriatley powerful weapon.

3. With the exceptions of a few cases such as when the shit hits the fan, you're not above the law. Meaning you can't just go breaking shit at random, and you most certainly cannot rob a gunstore unless the store is unoccupied and the police have pretty much been eaten alive.

4. Black trenchcoats are sort of discouraged, unless it's an enviroment where it's fucking cold and it rains a lot. However I'm going to slap you silly incharacter if you use any of the following in combonation with a black trenchcoat; katanas, Uzi's, Desert Eagles, dual handguns (one in each hand), miniguns, scars that are visible for quite some distance but don't impare physical ability, describing yourself as "badass", combat boots, custom made handguns (modifications are fine, a weapon built from scratch is not), stating that you're single in your profile (mentioning that during a mission is fine), describing your sense of humor as "dark" or "morbid", having a crazed look in your eye, having "jet" black hair (as opposed to regular black hair), being a member of (or formerly of) special forces/marines/CIA/NSA/, matrix styled sunglasses, and wearing an emo band t-shirts.

5. Use common sense.

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