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Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 9 2006, 12:16 AM
Unsuprisingly for Seattle in December, snow covered the ground like a blanket, and the wind whipped off the lake at what felt like supersonic speeds. All in all, it was a typical day in Seattle, frickin cold and an uncomfortable amount of precipitation. Just like being back home years ago.

Due to the snowstorms that had been ravaging the nation, most of the agents assigned to the case had flown in on one of the few flights we could get out to the city.

5:00pm: After arriving at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with the rest of the agents I proceeded to a hanger where a FedEx plane was being kept after having flown in a few hours prior. It was through them that we'd shipped out the weapons that the agents had checked out and had sent out to them seeing as we couldn't be carrying long barrel weaponry aboard civilain flights, just our pistols which we kept well concealed.

Upon arriving at the hanger to pick up my shotgun for the mission before they delivered to the hotel I confirmed my identity and recieved my Remington. But before I went off I decided it'd be best to check over what weapons had been shipped out, I was pretty curious as to what everyone had chosen, rifle or shotgun. Seamed that we had about twenty shotguns shipped out, along with ten Winchesters. Personally I felt that was a pretty good mix, and at least nobody was dumb enough to try using automatic weapons out here.

6:00pm: Once I'd recieved my rental van (a Chevrolet Express) from AVIS, I proceeded to go on to hop on to route to the FBI building to the north with a bunch of agents in back. Considering the traffic I'd say I made good time when I got there an hour later.

7:00pm: By the time I'd arrived at the FBI building the nightsky had gone dark, the moon being gone, and the stars covered by ominous clouds that warned of more of what Frosty was made of. When we entered we presented our ID's to the receptionist and got a point in the direction of where the zombies had been held. That's where it got interesting.

You see, it was no simple task trying to explain to the FBI agents that we weren't looking at Dawn in the Dead in the making. Ok so maybe we were to an extent, but I'll be damned if I was just going to let them panic about it. Sure made me wish that guys like Mulder and women like Scully actually worked for the Bureau.

"Hey wait a minute... weren't you the third baseman on your agency's softball team last year?" Asked one of the FBI agents.

"Yeah..." I responded as I scratched my head.

"I remember you, you were that guy wh-" Said another agent as his face lightened up from a memory of his right as I cut him off...

"Right, somebody called about a zombie problem?" I butted in before the agent could announce what happened at last year's inter-agency softball game right in front of my co-workers who weren't around for last year's team.

"Yeah that, they said that you and your boys were supposed to help us move these loonies to the nearest airport and then it's not our problem anymore." Answered the first FBI agent.

"That's the plan alright. Now let's get ready to move some Z's." I said to the FBI agents as I cracked my neck.

Posted by: Judge Khan Dec 9 2006, 12:31 AM
The snowstorm seemed like a gentle breeze after a year spent in the Antarctic. After picking up his Remington from the supply plane and stowing it safely in the trunk of his car (a battered old Delta 88), Judge had driven to the FBI building to meet up with the rest of the agents.

As he drove, Judge thought back over the past undead free year, about how it felt to be back in the game, and about how he was getting too old for this shit.


Judge parked the car and got out. He headed towards the main entrance of the FBI's Seattle branch, and went inside. He spotted Agent Miller speaking to what appeared to be a standard FBI agent (why did those guys all look alike to him?) and went over to see what was what...

Posted by: Adminbot3000 Dec 9 2006, 12:40 AM
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Posted by: Templar Dec 9 2006, 12:58 AM
Vincent sat on a plush chair, sitting beside a roaring fire within Seamus's office. The other vampire was pouring the two of them a drink of a very dark crimson drink into two highball glasses as the pack leader fiddled with his new knee brace. The nurse had placed the crutch onto him when they finally got a chance to stop when they arrived in the city two days ago. Snarling at the thing, Vincent rolled down his pant leg back down. It would have to do for now.

The bloodsucker had to change out of his trademark suit (which he was very angry about) and into some stolen winter BDU's Seamus had lying around. The jacket was hung up on the back of the chair and Vincent was sitting there in a tactical black t-shirt, white camouflage cargo pants and a pair of combat boots. A cigar was in-between his right index and middle fingers, the smoke lazily drifting from the tobacco into the upper reaches of the office’s ceiling. Vincent’s right elbow was resting on the same side knee and his eyes were looking into the fire.

“So,” Seamus said from next to him, handing his old friend a glass of the liquid, “That’s what happened in Montana eh? I’m sorry about Daakan but the higher-ups are not going to like that Vincent… that is strike number two for you. You fail another mission…” the vampire trailed off.

“I know Seamus, I know. I came to you for a reason. I know you can get the Lord’s off my back and supply me and my men with something I can clear my name with.” Vincent replied, taking a sip of his macabre beverage.

Seamus was silent for a while, thinking of what his old friend could mean. Then a slight smile came to his face.

“I’ll have it prepared immediately.” The vampire said, scampering off into his warehouse.

Posted by: Roncas Dec 9 2006, 01:06 AM
Fucking cold weather.

I hated the cold weather. I grew up in the swamps and winter was always in the 40s. fucking cold but not this damn cold. I had just grabbed my pistol and a shotgun, no point in bringing the m16 in this overly populated city. I loaded in with miller and smoked a cig, a habit I have been meaning to break for some time now. I hated these long drives and I hated dealing with the FBI. Always thought I was crazy.


We arrived an hour later and miller was remberencing about last years softball game, which I read up on, and laughed. We were suppose to transport some zeds elsewhere but I knew what we were going to do. Take them out back and shoot them in the head. No way these guys were going to be released into civilian life.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 9 2006, 01:16 AM
"Alright ladies and gents, here's how I'm thinking we do this. What we'll do is release each zed from the cell one at a time, knock it down, tie it down to a cot, and then repeat until all of them are tied down to cots. From there we carry them off into the van, have one guy drive and a couple guys with shotguns pointed at the bitey little bastards just incase. Once we get them down to the airport and loaded on the plane it'll be the CDC and USAF Security Force's problem as to how they get down to New Mexico." I explained as I pulled out a roll of duct tape.

Personally I would've rather just taken them out back and shot them, but for some reason the Santa Rosa Institute wanted these guys live and fresh.

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 9 2006, 01:22 AM
A small fishing trawler appears from the misty waters. Standing on the front of the boat deck, a tall slim figure stands in a peacoat with a large canvas duffle bag slung across his back. His face is partially obstructed by a large brimmed hat.
The frigid wind whips about his booted feet. As the boat groans against the dock, the captain steps out from the control room via a small side door.

"Aye. Here we be. Seattle in all its glory. You be needin' anythin else?"

Shaking his head, the man stepped lightly from the boat onto the slippery dock. The scent of a fish processing plant filled the air as if it were a wet blanket. It assaulted the nostrils of the stranger.

"Happy huntin then friend," said the bushy bearded captain as he put the boat in reverse.

"Aye. That I will. Thanks for the lift," replied the tall man as the boat swung around and headed back out into the murky waters.

Heaving the large bag on his back, the stranger glanced around. Pulling his coat closer about his neck, he noticed several others of his 'kind' puttering around. One threw his head back in acknowledgement. The stranger glided silently over to the small group of night stalkers.

"I'm looking to do a little hunting. Any work around these parts?"

One of them looked him up and down momentarily.

"Yeah. Maybe. We heard some jobs were opening soon. S'why were all here. You got a name buddy?" asked the one vamp.


"Is that your first or last name?"

"Nunya," Rhodes replied with a slightly annoyed look, "Rhodes is enough."

Shaking his head with a roll of his eyes, the vampire turned away from Rhodes and went back to leaning against the wall of a dock building.

Posted by: Jay Dec 9 2006, 01:27 AM
The car was about 5 miles out from Seattle when the phone rang. The occupant of the car - Jay - was at first confused by the unfamiliar ringtone of the cellphone in his pocket.

This isn't my ringtone. What the hell?

He pulled his phone from his pocket. It was off. Then he remembered about the phone he had stolen from one of the dead vampires in Montana.

After Jay's transformation, he had wandered through the woods of Montana, attempting to come to grips with his new status as vampire, whilst tracking the somewhat diminished pack of bloodsuckers commanded by Vincent Citzamimual. His wandering led him to a cave that had been recently abandoned by the pack. All that he had found were some dirty bandaged and mangled corpses. Stuck without a clue as to where the pack had gone, Jay returned to the battlefield where he had been bitten. The place had appeared to be cleared of all of the bodies, but careful examination had turned up a headless vampire corpse. Jay had despoiled it of all its valuables, including its mobile phone. Running through the text messages, the most recent message, sent from Vincent himself, seemed to order as many vampires as possible that were in the area to make for Seattle, Washington, mentioning also a guy named Seamus. With a plan in mind, Jay had followed.

He checked the message on the stolen phone. It looked like it had been sent to all vampires in the area.

Meet at docks? Interesting. Better get Sammi to arm me up, first.

His thoughts were rudely interrupted by an "Ah, excuse me?" from the back seat. Jay turned around and looked at the hitchhiker in the back seat.

"Yes, what?"
"Dude, you just passed my stop."
"Oh, sorry."

Jay pulled the car over but made no attempt to do a u-turn.


He was feeling hungry anyway.

In a quick motion, Jay spun around and buried his fist in the side of the hitchhiker's head, shattering the temple bones and killing the man instantly. With the guy out, he'd have no distractions while he fed.

Vincent... here I come...

Posted by: Randall Dec 9 2006, 03:26 AM
"Maybe I should get a toupee..."

Randall was sitting on the cold ground, his back against a dock building. He was running his hand though his sliiming hair while keeping an eye on the rat he held in the other one.

He had ben waiting at the docks for wuite ahile, waiting for any word from the higher-ups. Next to him and his duffle bag lay a pile of dead rats, drained of blood. He had been playing with them before feasting on them for the last couple hours. Now he was bored.

"Sorry little guy."

With a quick movement he brought the rat to his mouth to feed, quickly draining its blood. He could see a few other vampires looking in disgust, the very idea of feeding off a rat disgusting to them.

Shrugging them off he threw the rat into his pile and got to his feet, grabbed his duffle bag and went off to find someplace better to hang out. Maybe he could find out what was going on while he was at it.

Posted by: Roncas Dec 9 2006, 03:48 AM
"Why the fuck should we bring zeds to a populated airport? These CDC guys are idiots. We should bring them to the nearest military base and move them from there. Ah. nevermind. I don't have the clearence to make a decision like that anyway. Oh but the Director of Operations isn't going to hear the end of this from me."

The cold weather had put me in a bad mood and to top it off they want us to bring these zeds to a POPULATED airport. I always hated how our agencies take the cheapest way instead of getting us a military airplane for something like this. I was quite disappointed in these actions.

"Bah, for give me. Cold weather makes me agrivated."

I decided to walk ahead to the holding room and examine the live specimens. Their rotting bodies were in the first stages of decomposition. The pugent smell of rotten flesh was starting to fill the roomand it made me gag. Lucky for us they were still strapped down so taking them to the vechicles would be a simple task.

Well... I am going to spend a nice little vacation in bayous after this cold weather.

Posted by: Templar Dec 9 2006, 03:49 AM
Vincent strode down the hallway to the stockroom where they were keeping their hostage. Reaching the end of the corridor, the pack leader turned the handle and entered the room. Inside Yuri was standing guard, a machete held tight in his right hand. Seeing his leader, he saluted casually.

"Wait outside." Vincent said dismissively. Yuri followed orders and stood guard outside the door.

"Hello Judder." The vampire said with a stern look on his face as the door slammed behind Yuri.

Posted by: Judder Dec 9 2006, 04:00 AM
A starkly bruised Judder brings his head from on his chest as he hears Vincent's voice.
His arms are bound through the chair and they are shackled in several places. The dank smelling room reeks of sweat and general filth.
Judder looks at Vincent with bloodshot ruemy swelled-up eyes. "You can shoot me, stab me, or kill me, Just dont bore me" Judder spits in Vincent's direction.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 9 2006, 04:03 AM
"We're taking them to the Boeing Field, it's much closer, much less populated, and we sure as hell are not even going through the terminals. We'll literally pull the van right up to an air force cargo plane and unload them right there, so I doubt we'll have problems." I said as the stench of the zeds poured out of the holding room.

Posted by: Templar Dec 9 2006, 04:15 AM
The spit falls short as it splatters onto the cement floor of the storeroom. The weakened agent could barely do anything. Smiling, the bloodsucker smelled that familiar odor of brothership between the two of them.

Vincent remembered thier travel here. He was starving and... well... the two teeth marks in the side of the agent's neck was a testiment to his deed.

"Feel different Judder? Feel... alive?"

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 9 2006, 04:27 AM
Alan was actually quite at home in the cold. Admittedly, the wind off of the water rivaled any winter he'd ever been through in Colorado, but it didn't bother him significantly and his "lucky" brown jacket was more effective than one would suppose on first inspection, and was combined with a pedigree based in the Scottish Highlands.

He felt a bit better after hearing John's explanation of the transportation plan, though he did still agree that a military transport would be safer...

But even more than that, he was worried about the original cause of the outbreak. Something told him that homeless guy the cops had put down hadn't been the proverbial "Patient Zero" in this situation. That is why he had come.

"Sir, will we need all of this manpower just to get the zeds to the DZ? We might make better use of our time if myself and maybe one or two other agents split off and begin the investigation right away. After all, it's only two."

He indicated to the rental Hyundai Sonata parked outside that he had followed behind the others to the FBI building in. He was starting to feel a rush of blood to his head, like the feeling that he was some sort of movie star. This was his first mission, and he was quite anxious to get down to business

Posted by: Judder Dec 9 2006, 04:28 AM
Judder looks at Vincent with unknowing contempt.
"Yeah man, I feel different"
Judder fights against his restraints.
"I feel like kickin your scrony ass"
Blood and sweat beads off of Judder's yellowish pale face as he screams the words out.
"Where is your bitch ass freind at?" "Im gonna rip his head off and shit down his neck."

At the mention of Yuri, Yuri steps into the room and smacks Judder in the head.
"Shut up you bastard" As quickly as he enters Yuri leaves the room.

With that finished Judder's head collapses back onto his chest where the bullet proof vest has fallen open to reveal where Yuri has dragged the machetes in several V shaped patterns up and down.

Posted by: Jay Dec 9 2006, 05:04 AM
Jay's car pulled up outside a suburban house not far from the Seattle docks. The vampire stepped out of the car, carrying a large sports bag that appeared to be very heavy. As he knocked on the door, he felt a pang of apprehension at the thought that the occupant of this house might notice his... problem, and attempt to kill him.

Too late for that now.

The door flung wide open, and an attractive woman of average height stood in the doorway and surveyed the visitor.

"Jay? That you?" Jay grinned back, careful not to show his fangs.
"Yeah, it's me. How's it going, Sammi?"
"Pretty well, actually. Come in, I just put some coffee on."

Two minutes later, Jay was sitting in a living room across from Samantha Wilkinson, aka Sammi, the head of armaments in the USA for his organisation (OOC: Not his as such, he belongs to it), complete with a cup of coffee in his hand. Sammi looked him up and down.
"Your little... assignment going well?"
Jay took a sip of his coffee before answering.
"You already know that."
"Yes. You can't blame me for trying out some small talk, can you?" It was always like this. Jay had to constantly remind himself that the blonde sitting opposite him was an incredible intellect, not to mention a font of knowledge about guns.
"You know why I'm here?" he asked.
"I assume you need weapons or ammo."
"Yes, but I also have something for you."
"Oh?" Sammi leaned forward slightly. Though she tried to hide it, Jay knew she was curious. He opened the bag he had brought in, and tossed her a Remington 700 rifle and a .50 Magnum.
"Yours. Now, I need some ammo, and a rifle."
"Got it," replied Sammi, who promptly rummaged through the bag. "What are you carrying, apart from Tim? Oh, the GLOCKs. What's this? An HKPSG-1? Classy..."

Jay exited the building an hour and a half later, replete with a new set of weaponry (will add later). As he opened the car door, he heard Sammi ask quietly,
"When did you turn?"
Jay turned around with a haunted look in his eyes.
"A couple of days ago. How did you know?"
"I just do. It's obvious. Jay - godspeed."
"Thanks, Sammi." And with that, Jay slid into his car and drove away.

Posted by: Zippo Dec 9 2006, 05:28 AM
Zippo stomped off his boots in the Boeing Field terminal. The corps had seen fit to recall him for a quick mission in Iraq. Now he had had to fly all the way to damn Seattle without stopping to see his wife. Now he was waiting for Sgt. Morgan to return with the keys to a USAF veihcle. The thin man came out of the garage and tossed him a beat-up set of keys, "That's all I got left Sam, they're to the only MUTT left on the lot."

"Jesus H. Christ!" He mumbled as he pulled his Mackinaw's collar up, buttoning it over the green ACU fatigues.


A freezing trip later he got out of the open jeep in front of the FBI building. At least I found goggles, Sam thought as he pulled them up on his hat. Inside he brushed the snow off his hat and jacket surprising the agents nearby. His newly rebuilt Colt hung at his hip, "Which way'd the FVZA fellers go?"

"That way," one stammered.

Sam clomped down the hall looking as dismal as possible until he came upon John and a crowd of other agents including one that was smoking, it didn't mask the rotting smell but nothing did.

"What's goin down John?" Sam asked in his mild Erie accent.

Posted by: Agent Armor Dec 9 2006, 08:56 PM
Shaking my head to try to clear the jetlag still troubling me, I approached the group trailing a little behind Zippo.

"Guh...hate flying" I muttered to myself.

I couldn't help but shudder, both at the thought of what was coming, and at the smell I was just starting to catch hold of.


I'd only smelled that once before. And seen those hellish things that once. I wasn't gonna like this. But I knew I needed to butch up and do my job.

I removed my sunglasses and pulled my black suede coat a little tighter around me, fighting off the chill from outside.

"Good morning, gents"

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 9 2006, 10:39 PM
"Ah.... good mornin' to you too Joel..." I said as I checked my watch. It was 7:23 pm.

"Anyhow Sam, the plan is to just strap these Z's to these cots and then we carry them out to the van." I explained to Zippo.


About hours time later the zedheads were strapped down to their gots, and I was praying that the duct tape would hold. We'd gotten them loaded into the van, with me driving to Boeing Field and the rest of the gents in back with their guns pointed at the rotting fleshbags in back. Such a shame that zombies didn't just fall asleep when you took them for a ride, I heard that worked with kids all the time.

By the time we'd gotten to the airport the duct tape was starting to look like it'd snap anytime, I was hoping the AF security guys had something else to restrain them with. After presenting my ID to the guys at the gate I thanked the FSM that they didn't ask to look at what we were carrying, and we continued out to the runway where a C-17 Globemaster was waiting with a full complement of several security guys, each armed with shiny new looking M4's. I did a quick three-point turnabout so that our back door was lined up with the back cargo ramp of the plane and put the van in park.

"So, you boys ever handled a zombie before?" I asked the USAF security troopers as I stepped out of the van.

"We've been very successful in wargames against a variety of special forces. So I'm sure we can handle whatever 'zombie' is a codephrase for." Answered their leader.

"Uh huh, so you ever seen a special forces guy survive a full magizine to the torso?" I asked.

"No that's quite impossible, and I strongly doubt that you're carrying anybody that can" Said the leader while I opened up the rear door of the van.

Deciding it was time to demonstrate to these guys what they were dealing with, I pulled out one of the cots on to the runway and pulled out my handgun.

"Alright then, I'll bet you ten dollars that I can fire my entire magizine at one of these things torsos and it'll be just like I hadn't." I said as I pulled out a ten dollar bill from my pocket.

"I don't think you're supposed to be shooting prisoners, but I'll take that bet." The security man responds.

That's when as I said I would, I emptied my entire mag upon the zombie who I'd placed on the runway. The thing continued to squirm around as if I'd merely tickled it.

"What the hell..." said the leader in awe.

"Like I said, zombie. Now pay up." I said as I put my money back in my pocket and held out my hand, waiting for the cash the security guy had just lost.

Posted by: Jay Dec 9 2006, 10:56 PM
Ugh, this place is a dump.

So thought Jay as he walked around the docks. The few people standing outside leaned against the walls of various fish processing buildings, including the one that was walking away, didn't look very friendly. They gave off the feeling that they were waiting. One looked up at him, and it's darkened eyes immediately gave away what it was.

Excellent. Looks like I'm in the right place. Now, to-

His thoughts broke off as he felt the cold barrel of a gun pressed against the back of his head. A voice floated into his ears.

"I thought I recognized you. You're that guy from Montana. What are you doing here?"
Jay considered the merits of back-sassing the gun-wielder. It didn't take long.
"I'm looking for Vincent," he said calmly. "I need to speak with him."

He heard a couple of voices laughing.

Right. More than one.

"I'm sure you want to see him. But I think we should stop you right here."

Jay's patience broke.

"I don't have time for this."

He spun under the gun in a pirouette that would make a ballet dancer proud, and came up with a fist to the jaw of his would-be-assailant that knocked it out. The second vampire barely had time to draw his gun and aim it, before he had a GLOCK 22 pointed at his head.
The pair stood there for a second, locked in a deadly stalemate. The guard took the opportunity to study Jay's eyes and teeth. He stepped back.

"So, you got turned. Who did it?"
"I am not going to explain myself to anybody but the pack leader. Now, take me to Vincent."

A moment of silence, then the guard sighed.

"Alright. We'll both go. I must warn you though, he is in a bit of a bloodthirsty mood. I wouldn't be surprised if he simply ripped you limb from limb. See, we have this hostage..."

Posted by: Templar Dec 9 2006, 11:13 PM
Vincent growled at Yuri's bloodthirsty tendencies. Clearing his voice, he calmly explained to Judder what was going on, how the change would effect him and what would happen to him now that he was a vampire.


Exiting the room fifteen minutes later he told one of his men that was going by to bring the nurse in to treat Judder's wounds. The man questioned this, and Vincent simply replied,

"He's one of us now."


Vincent stood in the back of a warehouse with his men surrounding him where Seamus kept his armory. He had enough guns here to supply a small army; Mostly Remington 700's and small arms. Seamus "Fishtail" Murphy was a nortorious sniper in his mortal days and it was no surprise that he stocked his pack with the trustworthy rifles.

"Help yourselves boys. One rifle per. Don't get greedy." The vampires smiled and armed themselves. Throwing a rifle over each of their shoulders, the pack leader made a circle motion with his index finger.

"Guards, rooftops, NOW." the men saluted and made their way to take up positions.

One of Seamus's men jogged up to the pack leader and informally saluted. Vincent nodded in acknowledgement.

"Sir, Seamus has gotten everything prepared for you as ordered. Also there are a few newcomers asking for you."

Vincent's eyebrows raised. New blood... this is good. The Lords will be happy with more vampires.

"Bring them to me." Vincent said.

Posted by: Zippo Dec 10 2006, 12:51 AM
Sam pulled up near the Globemaster, grabbed his shotgun and trudged over to the small crowd of people thinking, Seattle blows. I should be home eating a good meal before falling asleep in my own bed next to my wife. He'd put on a pair of gloves slipping a nightvision monicle in his pocket. Watching the writhing zombie on the tarmac he raised a frozen eyebrow at the Air Force puke and his fellow agent, "He took you for some money didn't he kid?"

He just nodded, ashamed like.

"Well let's get'em into the plane," Sam moved towards the already out cot, "Someone grab the other end."

Posted by: Agent Armor Dec 10 2006, 02:26 AM
If you've never seen a zombie soak up a mag of 45 ACP, believe me, it's..."something to see". Gross out or not though, I couldn't help chuckling at what the boss just pulled. If we get to mess with the Chair Force this much all the time, I am gonna love this job.

"shoulda took him for a $50, jefe. We could use some...uh, soft drinks back in the lounge"

slinging my "gym bag" with my 870 in it across my shoulder, I helped Sam secure the cot.

Posted by: Roncas Dec 10 2006, 02:53 AM
"You can't spell slaughter without laughter..."

I laughed.

Too bad bossman didnt go higher.

Posted by: Jay Dec 10 2006, 04:39 AM
"...and here we are."

The guard accompanying Jay opened the door to the warehouse and stepped back, making an 'after you' gesture.

"Thank you."

Jay strolled into the large warehouse, and was immediately taken aback by the sheer number of weapons stacked in crates and the like around the room. He was immediately reminded of Sammi's garage, but on a larger scale. The second thing that caught his eye was the number of vampires aiming guns at him.

Not good. Just relaaax...

A familiar figure stood at the end of the warehouse. Jay calmly walked towards it, trying to ignore the rifles that were tracking his every movement. When he got to about 20 feet away, he called out casually:

"Hello, Vincent. How's the knee?"

Edited by Templar for sheep errors

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 10 2006, 05:35 AM
OOC: Just to clarify, my character is at the same rank as the rest of the agents. It just so happens I moderator and admin the forums.

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 10 2006, 05:58 AM
OOC: Then who's the CO on this mission?

And Jay, you used the phrase "Sheep Number of Weapons" in your post.
I'm a bit baffled at how the crap that could happen. P and R are like on opposite ends of the keyboard X0

Posted by: Judge Khan Dec 10 2006, 06:03 AM
Judge pulled on a pair of disposable rubber gloves and turned to one of the USAF guys. "Grab the feet end of that cot. This one looks heavy." The security guard turned pale but did as he was asked. "Whew," Judge grunted, "this guy's a little ripe." Between them, secured to the bed, the zombie writhed and tried to snap with it's duct-tape gagged jaws.

In short order, it and the other undead were loaded into the plane. Judge turned to Miller and said, "Well, that was easier than I thought it was going to be."

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 10 2006, 06:07 AM
OOC: Hmmm..... I guess I'll just play the role of CO on this mission, but my rank will still be equal to that of everyone else. Which reminds me, we need to think of ranks.

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 10 2006, 06:14 AM
Alan was a bit irritated that everyone had ignored his suggestion and he'd been forced to come along on this escort mission. Seriously, did they expect two bound Zs to break free and wreak havoc with so many agents around? Anyway, he was anxious to start the investigation. Every minute that went by could be another ghoul for an elusive hoard...

"Sir- I mean John, I really think a few of us should split off and start looking for evidence of the initial outbreak. We're wasting valuable time and resources camping a small army on this runway just to export a couple zeds."

Posted by: Templar Dec 10 2006, 06:37 PM
Vincent stared at Jay with a slightly twinge of anger in his features. He smelled the change all over this one. Recent... most likely only a few days old.

"Better than you're doing showing up here, Sniper. You really ought to figure out which side you are going to be on before you go shooting at the man you come to for work."

Vincent growled the last few words. He was pissed that this shit-bag was showing his face, here of all places, to him of all pack leaders. Some people don't learn that when you almost cause someone to lose the ability to walk, they tend to be a little peeved at you. But more vampires, again, meant more brownie points for Vincent to the Lords. Losing men was something, quickly replacing them with well trained individuals that far surpass their prior placeholders by many times was something completely different.

"But you're not dumb," the bloodsucker said waving his hand, causing his men to lower their rifles, "A lesser pack leader would have you killed on sight, regardless of your newly found lifestyle. Give me a good reason why I shouldn't kill you myself right now. God knows I need to let off a little stress."

Posted by: Jay Dec 10 2006, 07:21 PM

IC: Jay's eyes burned with the fury that only someone being held in contempt knows.

"This was not my idea. Your little camera man got me." he said. "And as for the reason... I have a couple."

He drew his coat away from himself for just long enough for Vincent to see the GLOCK 22s.

"You may be fast, but I doubt you're fast enough to kill me before I open a round into your head. And..." his voice trailed off, then picked up again, this time with a twinge of hopelessness:

"I'm nothing now. I'm dead to my friends and to the FVZA. I need to be something. Anyway, I know how many vampires you lost in the last missions. And let me tell you, it took me only slightly more effort to kill those hacks than it did to reload my weapon. I am, or was, an assassin. A good one. And I have a feeling that you need my help as much as I need yours."

He tossed an MP7 at Vincent's feet.

"Kill me if you wish. But ask yourself, am I not an asset?"

Posted by: Zippo Dec 10 2006, 08:20 PM
"He's got a point," Zippo added, "We shouldn't leave the zombies unguarded but we should send an investigative force." This was what he'd been waiting for a chance to lead a team of investigators. Even if he was a high school drop out he was fairly smart.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 10 2006, 08:48 PM
"Alright, you guys can start gathering some info if you'd like, but I don't want you gents getting your hands dirty until daybreak. My rule is to never engage on your first day. Collect some info, get a good sleep, and then we earn our keep after the jetlag and such has worn off." I said to Sam and Alan as I helped load another zed into the plane.

Although I had little doubt that they had the brains for nighttime hunting I didn't like the idea of discharging firearms in a city until we had daylight on our side. Because as good as nightvision is, it's still nowhere near as reliable as sunlight. Plus zombies weren't the only things to worry about in the city. The live humans could be just as bad if you weren't careful.

Posted by: Judder Dec 10 2006, 09:42 PM
A loud commotion of a woman yelling and a man yelling draws everyone's attention back towards where Judder was being held at.
"I dont need no goddamn bandages"

The door slams open violenty and a still bloody Judder comes staggering out of the room, Most of his ribs are bandaged up and the vest is hanging loose on his body.

The nurse blocks his path for a moment, trying to bandage his head.
"You need the bandages, young one."

Judder looks at the nurse vampire for a moment in a state of slight shock, which quickly turns into anger. He pushes her aside and begins to walk towards everyone else.
"I ain't no goddamn youngin" Judder screams over his shoulder.

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 10 2006, 11:35 PM
OOC: Sorry fellas for the absence, xmas parties and squat.. ahem.!!!

Rhodes watched from a reclusive spot as the new vampire became involved in a scuffle before being led off.

Hmm. Perhaps a good target to follow. Pack mentalilty and all. Perhaps I can find some work in this forsaken hole.

Rhodes walked thru the marina parking lot, trailing the other vampires towards a large warehouse type building.


Hmph. This place reeks of vampire. My kinda place alright. Let's see what's shakin up in here.

Heaving his large canvas duffle bag onto his shoulder, Rhodes walked thru the snow towards the warehouse door. Noticing two large guards flanking the front. Rhodes played it cool in his approach.

"No trespassing. Beat it drifter. This ain't no soup kitchen," grumbled the one guard.

"Well that's obvious. It's a mental ward and you two monkeys must've escaped. Now I suggest you take this piece of paper to your boss in there before he decides to shove you back into a cage," replied Rhodes confidently as he produced a folded piece of paper and held it out to the scowling guard.

*Edited for clarity and location--thanx to Templar*

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 11 2006, 12:42 AM
Alan nods, surveying the situation.

"Right. Anyone who wants to roll out with me, my car's parked right over there. The grey Hyundai."

He begins to walk towards the vehicle, checking the somewhat unfamiliar M1911 a couple more times and waiting for others to follow.

"Alright," talking and walking at the same time, "We need to take stock of what we know already. The victims- any common segregations we can fit them into. The initial place of attack, wound size and quantity, and anything weird that's happened here in the past few weeks. Personally, I say we go check out the docks. It'll probably be windy as hell, but I hear that's where we may find other drifter types that may know our deceased killer...."

Posted by: Templar Dec 11 2006, 01:56 AM
Vincent kept his gaze on Jay, not flinching as the submachine gun came to a stop at his feet. The vampire next to the pack leader, Yuri, eyed the weapon on the floor with greedy eyes. Taking in a deep breath, Vincent replied.

"You can stay Sniper. I'll be watching you."

Posted by: Zippo Dec 11 2006, 01:56 AM
Sam nodded at John, "I'll make sure and keep an eye on everyone." He followed the new agent and listened to his strategy.

He nodded in agreement before adding himself, "We'll want to check the shelters and the neighborhood the attack occured. Remember zombies travel in packs and don't usualy go to far from home. What's your name again?"

Sam was also glad he had transportation his own had been turned back in to the base motorpool. He removed his own Colt .45 MEU from his holster and checked it. Full clip, one in the chamber, safety on, and good to go.

Posted by: Judder Dec 11 2006, 02:56 AM
Judder stomps down the hallway towards a large steel door.
The nurse is following him, still carrying the bandages.
She grabs Judder's shoulder and spins him around.
"You need these bandages"
Judder looks at the woman with anger in his bloodshot eyes.
"Listen woman, I don't need them damn bandages."

Judder turns back around and walks to the door.
He slowly pulls the handle till the lock clears and kicks it.
WHAM!! The door flies open to reveal one large armoury and a bunch of vampires. Judder walks in and spots Yuri, Vincent, and (Jay??).
"Hey Vincent, Tell this woman to lay off with the bandages" Judder yells angrily.

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 11 2006, 02:59 AM
"Rowan, Alan Rowan. Yours?"

He takes the key, attached to a rather obnoxiously large Enterprise logo keychain, and puts it in the ignition before looking over his shoulder to see if anyone else is coming.

Posted by: Templar Dec 11 2006, 03:00 AM
Vincent looked amazed at the newly turned vampire, his wounds still bleeding slightly. Yuri growled at the new arrival and gripped the handle of the machete in his hand. Waving an open palm to the nurse, she backed off.

Posted by: Randall Dec 11 2006, 03:14 AM
Randall backed away from the door as the new vampire burst inside. When he had followed those other vampires in here looking for work he didn't think things would be so hectic. Of course, "hectic" kinda described the vampire lifestyle altogether.

While Vincent took care of the wounded guy Randall approached the other new guy, the sniper. He almost didn't recognize him until he mentioned who it was that turned him.

"Can't believe I tunred someone! Hi, names Randall. I'm the cameraman around here. Welcome to our little family." He held his hand out to shake. "And don't worry, once you get past the thoughts of suicide and self-loathing this whole vampires thing's a breeze."

Edited by Templar for minor errors

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 11 2006, 03:14 AM
"Sounds like a plan to me. I'm going to stay here a bit and make sure they get this last zombie loaded on, and make sure they're all secure and whatnot. I'll catch up with you gents later." I said to the departing group who were going out for some investigations while I grabbed one end of the last cot.


After a couple of minutes later with the help of some of the other agents the last zombie was loaded, and we made sure that all the zombies were well secure. Sure was thankful that the air force's security guys brought along some good restraints, otherwise we'd have one hell of a movie to compete with snakes on a plane.

By the time the rest of the agents had gone I was left with six that I'd take by van to the docks. Agents Duran, Reeve, Cook, Cropes, Rieper, and Jackson all stood waiting for their ride.

"Ok everyone, let's get going." I ordered to the motley crew of agents.

"I like your style friend." Replied Agent Duran as he got in the van and inspected his Winchester. The guy was pretty friendly, but he was one hell of a shot.

"Doesn't take a telepath to know what you're thinking." Said Agent Reeve as she whipped some zombie blood off her hands. She may not have been too bad looking, redhead and all, but she wasn't one to be underestimated. Such a shame she was even less pleasant than Irene.

"I like the cut of your jib." Answered Agent Cook as he wrote down some stuff on his notepad. I always figured he'd do better as a researcher than a field agent.

"Gladly." Said Agent Cropes with a twisted smile. Cropse had to have been the most sadistic man I'd ever met, knowing him he was just itching for some action.

"Oh, is that it?" Responded Agent Rieper in a typical manner for a man who was in Hell's Angels.

"Sure thing." Said Agent Jackson. He was probably the only normal one in this agency, although considering he was only about three months into his job that'd probably change.

Once they were done with their pleasant replies to the order they were all finally in the van and ready to go. I looked back and noticed none of them were buckled in.

"Sure would be a shame to put so much preparation into hunting zombies for my team to get killed because they couldn't use a seatbelt." I said to myself loudly enough for the rest of the team to hear.

The only one who actually took the hint and buckled up was Cook, but the rest were just as rebellious as ever. Determining that it was the best I'd get from them I waved goodbye to the air force guys, put the van in drive and headed for the gates on our way to the docks.

Posted by: Roncas Dec 11 2006, 03:48 AM
I watched the van take off speachless.. "Well hell. Looks like I'm walking."

I mumbled something about the weather agian and began walking to the exit of the air strip. I reached into my pocket and called an old friend for a favor.

"Hey Colonel McGeiger. It's Roncas. I am in seattle. Need transport ASAP. Yeah. I am at the airstrip still. All zeds were secured on the plane. Yeah I know you think I'm crazy. Just get me a damn car. Haha. I would kick your ass if you turned me down. Thanks. Tell the wife and kid I said hello."

I only had to wait 20 minutes for my ride to get here. A brand new USMC hummer pulled up and blew its horn. A soldier dressed in civilian clothing stepped out and handed me the keys. I offfered him a ride but he told me he was due for a flight anyway. He saluted me and headed to the departure gates.

I started the vehicle and headed to our room and board for the night.

Posted by: Judge Khan Dec 11 2006, 03:48 AM
"I'll follow behind you guys, I've got my own wheels." Judge walked over to the Delta and climbed in. He lit one of his very rarely smoked cigarettes, started the engine, and followed the grey Hyundai.

Posted by: Jay Dec 11 2006, 03:49 AM
Jay nodded at Vincent, then turned to the vampire that was eyeing up the MP7 and made a small gesture at it.

"You can keep that, if you want."

A commotion at the door made him spin around, drawing his GLOCK. He considered it was appopriate, considering he was new. His aggression quickly turned to shock, however, when he saw the face of the mutilated man who had walked in.

Judder? What's going on here?

Judder also seemed confused by Jay's presence in the warehouse. But Jay had no further time to dwell on it when a quiet-looking vampire walked towards him. He recognized the bloodsucker immediately, but kept quiet as it said its piece and held out its hand. He paused for a second, then took the proffered hand.

"Nice to see we don't have to fight this time. You know, I have this strange urge to kill you, actually. But I won't."

His attention flicked back to Judder.

He smells like me. Looks like he's not too happy about it, either.

"Vincent," he said. "What the hell is going on?"

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 11 2006, 04:11 AM
Alan nodded to Khan, then shut the door and revved up the engine. As it started to sleet mildly, he turned on the windshield wipers and got back out onto the airport thoroughfare before turning to the other agent with him.

"So, I think I'll check the docks first if that's alright with you. And I still didn't get your name yet, agent..."

Posted by: Agent Armor Dec 11 2006, 04:26 AM
Coming back from the airport terminal after sicking up my breakfast after the display with John's pistol and the rotters, I sipped my coffee casually. Bacon and eggs over easy sure tastes better on the way down. I had better get used to this if I wanted to stay an FVZA Special Agent.

Turning back into the lot, I saw a convoy of vehicles leaving the airport.

"Aaawww crap!"

Sighing forlornly, I jogged to the front of the airport and hailed a cab.

"To the docks, mack"

The cabbie snickered.

"Ain't you a little well dressed to be headed that way?"

I flashed him my FVZA ID.

"Government business, you understand.."

He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Look bub, you could get in real trouble carrying around a fake like that. That's the tackiest looking ID piece I've ever saw...and what the hell is the FVZA supposed to be?"

"We're the Federal Vamp..."

I really didn't want to get kicked out of a cab, best not go there.

"...Look, here's a $20, just bring me to the friggin docks"

What a first day on the job.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 12 2006, 03:19 AM
[Hmm, I know it's a tad bit late, but, Cyber, lest you mind I could run CO for the mission as Alaska's specialty is the Undead.]

As he was the unfortunate Agent to get stuck with finalizing cleanup, which was the glorious task about working our the details on the various deaths of Leeches and Humans, Alaska had the sheer joy of getting stuck behind after several jets left into Washington. But that was that, plus, he had to go grab the particular Arctic Camo that the government had provided extra late, all the while, the infamous quote ringing in his head, If you want something done don't let the government do it... So he got rocketed from Montana into Washington on a private plane, landing very groggily and with unexpected Jet Lag, which was okay, because various caffeine methods blow that away. He had been ordered to rendevouz with the other agents, simple enough, if he could pull that off.

The only unfortunate thing about this mission was the Vampire aspect. Alaska had specialized in dealing with the Undead, that's why, odd as it may have been, he had a Large Clawed cane currently on him, which had the nasty little aspect of actually being a sheathed blade, of a particularly straight variety with a nasty sharp thin blade, giving it, pardon the pun, an edge over the competition. Perfect for slicing through flesh and bone at high speeds, it was more of a self-defense weapon rather than an undead-hunting weapon, which is why, for regular close-combat situations with vampires, he had picked up a pair of Morning Glories (Basically Wolverine claws) that had been provided for the situation, perhaps a bonus of waiting for another flight. He had taken care to swap out his M4, but only because the UMP would be One-hundred percent more effective on an Undead, only next to a Benelli M3, which, along with the 556 he had been persistent to bring, could screw him over in the wrong situation, but going past that, he was particularly well suited for Undead Combat, all that was left was finding Miller.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 12 2006, 03:37 AM
OOC: I've sort of led all the other missions so go ahead Alaska.

Posted by: Agent Armor Dec 12 2006, 10:07 PM
If it had one saving grace, the taxi was fast. Might have smelled like curry, the music sucked, and the cabbie wouldn't let me smoke, but at least he put the pedal down. I took in some senery you sure won't find in a Seattle tour guide as it whizzed by.

Before too long (well, almost) the car stopped at the wharf. Complete with the smell of dead fish and the sounds of gulls.

I threw an extra $5 on the seat to shut up my new friend and walked a little along the piers.

"Huh...must be the first one here"

I got myself out of sight, light up a smoke, and waited for the rest of the team to arrive.

Posted by: Zippo Dec 12 2006, 10:17 PM
"Sam Edison Mr. Rowan, how long have you been with the agency? I don't think I've met you before," Sam asked clicking the seatbelt into position. He also put the shotgun across his lap, muzzle away from the driver.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 12 2006, 11:01 PM
After what seemed an eternity in Seattle traffic I managed to make my way to the docks without causing too many irate drivers on the roads. The place smelled of fish mixed with assorted chemicals, the cries of seagulls filled the air, and the sight of decay made this place seem perfect for zombies. There were a couple of assorted homeless men buming around, and the occasional fisherman would appear from out of the snowfall to continue working. It was unusual in that the docks at this time of night seemed so barren, yet there was the knowledge that it was thriving just out of eyesight and earshot.

I put the van in park in a spot, put some quarters in the parking meter and hopped out. The rest of the assorted team of agents pilled out from the back, and we all did a check of our handguns to make sure they were in good working order. The Winchesters and shotguns would have to stay in the van for now since we weren't going on a combat mission, just a short investigation.

"Alright lady and... guys, I've been told that we were supposed to meet up with some other agent who's supposed to relieve me of command once we meet up. However I don't see him here yet, so I guess we'll just have to wait for him." I mused to the team while wondering where the new special agent in charge (SAC) was at.

"Of course." Agreed Agent Duran as he began to overlook the area.

"Anyhow, I figure command might get a little peeved if we took off without the SAC, so who's up for a game of Texas Hold'em?" I asked as I pulled a deck of cards out of my coat pocket.

"You may have time to play games, but I've got a job to do." Said Agent Reeve in a tone of voice that suggested she was getting irritated.

"And your job is to wait for the bloke who's taking command. Now you can either sit your rear down and have some fun with us, or you can go freeze it off while disobeying our all knowing superiors. Your choice." I said as I hopped in the back in the van so as to keep out of the cold while I took some time off to play some cards.

After a groan that told everyone in earshot that she was in a bad mood, Agent Reeve simply leaned against the van and waited outside in the cold with a face that was even colder while the rest of us hoped in the van to play some cards. Once she was outside and I was inside it just became a matter of waiting for the new SAC.

Posted by: Templar Dec 13 2006, 02:30 AM
Vincent shouted at his men to get moving. The vampires snapped out of the haze put upon them and dashed off, bringing themselves and their rifles onto the roofs of the dock buildings. The pack leader threw a Remington to Judder.

"You can keep that for now." He said gruffly. The bloodsucker turned to the new arrival. "You, Sniper, follow the others and take up a position on the roofs. Go."

A small, slightly hunched creature of the night scuttled up to the vampire and stood on his tip-toes to speak into Vincent's ear. The bloodsucker's eyebrow rose. Nodding to his servant, the small man grabbed a rifle and followed the others out.


Vincent came to the door of the warehouse. One of his guards met him before he opened the door and handed the vampire a slip of paper. Reading it over quickly, Vincent snarled.

"Why didn't you tell me before?"

The guard, somewhat cowed by his leader's anger, shuffled his feet. Vincent rolled his eyes and pushed past the large man. He opened the door and motioned for the newcomer to be let in.

Shutting the door behind them, Vincent faced (Rhodes).

"Looking for work are you?"

Posted by: Judder Dec 13 2006, 03:02 AM
Judder watched in a slight state of shock as Vincent left the room.
The smooth curve of the stock of the Remington 700m, felt familiar in Judder's hands.

Judder slides the bolt back to check in the internal magazine, full with one in the chamber.

"Hmm...Where is ammo?" Judder looks around and sees a table with several dozen boxes of .308 ammunition. Judder grabs a box and slides it into a pocket on his vest.

He pauses waiting for Vincent to come back, that is the misfortune of not knowing the building layout.

Posted by: Jay Dec 13 2006, 04:22 AM
Up on the roof, the wind had certainly picked up. The cold cut through Jay's vampiric body like a knife, even with the protection of having a lower body temperature. A lack of good food added to his gloomy mood. Hitchhikers were meagre fare.

"Newbie, huh?" asked one of the vampire snipers. He gestured to the space next to Jay, against a chimney of one of the dock buildings. "Mind if I take a seat?"
"Go ahead." Jay was fiddling with his SSG550.
"So, are you regularly a sniper? I overheard Vincent..." the vampire seemed to be wanting to make conversation.
"Yes. I was an assassin. I don't think I will be anymore, though. Not after this."
"You should meet Seamus. He was a good sniper in his day."

A small light down at one of the piers (Armor) drew the attention of the pair. A second of scrutiny, then:
"No, too light for that. I bet it's some old boatsman who's lit up."
"Boatsman? I'm starving... maybe we should check it out?"
"Don't be stupid, what if it's an FVZA agent?"
"I heard Vincent go on about them. Apparently they're in town to check out the zombie problem that Seamus got involved with."

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 13 2006, 12:31 PM
Rhodes stood confidently before the apparent leader of the group invited him into the large warehouse. He slipped past the vampire and out of the cold.
As the vampire (Vincent) closed the door, Rhodes shook the snow off his coat with his free hand before speaking.

"Kept me out there long enough. You really should train your dogs better. But to answer your question, yes, I am looking for work. Saw the letter and thought I'd see if you needed some professional help."

Vincent eyed the tall stranger up and down. It was apparent to Rhodes that this man must've heard the same bravo a thousand if not a million times before.
Rhodes rolled his eyes, dropped his canvas bag and opened it in one fluid motion, productioning a Reminton model 700. While the gun was stock, the optic scope was obviously not. The high-end optic sniper scope almost looked military grade.

"This is what separates the puppies from the professionals," said Rhodes as he handed the weapon to the man.

"I'll break this down for you. My name is Rhodes, and I am a hunter. Mercenary by trade now. Have a military background of sorts. If you have a target, I can drop it for you."

Rhodes stood stock upright, reading the mans facial expressions.

Posted by: Agent Armor Dec 13 2006, 08:59 PM
"Well if it isn't the FVZA mobile!"

I walked over to the van, more than relieved to see backup had arrived.

Knocking on the window softly, I saw what looked like a game of Hold'em going on.

"Awesome! Deal me in!"

Posted by: Alaska Dec 14 2006, 12:10 AM
If there was one thing that could possibly grasp Alaska's mood at the moment, it would sure as Hell be Irate. He arrived in Seattle late because of cleanup, which is an extremely easy job when it's by yourself, then it took another hour and then some just for the government to get a Ride there. The only perk, if you could call it that, of the operation was that he was commanding it, but unlike with Vampires, the Undead are to unwieldly, and strong-ass too. Vampires would not make the situation better. But even being the CO was going to hinder him, normally he took place as a Shadow, but he'd be moving to leading Assault with how it worked out now. [He's pissed at that for Dramatic Flair, btw.]

As he finally made the rendevouz with agents, he opened up his briefcase and tossed out various folders, "Read up, I'm sure you guys will enjoy the situation. As I'm sure you all are aware, we are dealing both with Leeches and the Undead, and not the same group of Leeches as always, From standard intel we've got on the Order, I'd say we've got High-rankings here, kinds that will take out half an assault squad before they know what hit them. Which means you all are going to be wearing Kevlar and Helmets, I'd bet a good deal of Novice Agents' lives that there are going to be Vampires with Snipers, more than that, too. And don't forget they've got Judder. Right now, he's our Top Priority, assuming he is not infected or dead, if you see him, grab him, unless your life is directly threatened in the process. That is indeed an order. His life is of a great deal of importance to us.[And to the Government who I believe would have to give a $500,000 to his family] If you make visual contact, notify Me, or Miller ASAP. Also, I've got Thermal Trackers in my pack, set it on him first, in training you know how to pick Undead And Vampires out with them. That is all. I'll notify you all on your Radios when we need to move out."

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 14 2006, 02:16 AM
OOC: Damn, 500K, that's pretty nice death benefits.

It was right after I won a couple dollars on a flush against Agent Cropse who'd had a three of a kind that Agent Armor finally arrived. I was pretty happy to see another agent who knew how to relax and I was about to deal him in when Alaska appeared and gave us the bad news. Somehow he had a way of convincing command to give him intelligence that they wouldn't share with the rest of us. My guess was that he was doing favors for Irene back at HQ.

"Judder's in this town? Well damn, I wish they'd tell me details like that every once and a while. Although the fact that there's vampires in town doesn't suprise me at all, you get those in any major city. So unless command has some intel that specifically says those vamps are out for us I doubt we'll need that body armor until we actually go on until we actually begin the rescue operation. But since you say so I'll put on the kevlar, even if I do suspect whoever analysed that intel was a bit histrionic. " I said as I collected my deck of cards, slipped a pair of rubber bands around the deck and put it in my coat pocket.

Soon enough I had my kevlar and helmet on, unfortunatley the helmet stood out pretty well. No way we'd be passing off as civies now, but at least our coats covered up the kevlar pretty well. Figuring that since we were going to be in assault mode for quite a while and our cover was going to be blown anyhow, I took hold of my shotgun and began inspecting it and then loaded it.

"Well considering that we're going to go SWAT on this I suppose I may as well keep this handy." I said, jesturing with my left to the shotgun I was holding in my right hand.

Posted by: Jay Dec 14 2006, 03:30 AM
The bobbing, weaving light of a cigarette that had attracted the attention of almost every hungry vampire on the roof disappeared behind another of the dock buildings, much to the disappointment of the small crowd of snipers. Jay and Solomon, the vampires who had originally spotted the human, were immediately dispatched to see where it had gone and to see whether it was, as common opinion held, an elderly boatsman out for a smoke.

Solomon waited on the roof of one of the warehouses, waiting for his companion to attempt a 9-foot leap from one building to the other.
"Come on, it's easy. You don't know your limits if you don't test them."
Jay was standing stock-still on the roof. "Are you sure I'm able to do this?"
"Hey, I did it no sweat. Come on, where's your pride?"
His ego stung, Jay wasted no further time in running to the very edge of the roof and leaping across the gap, with plenty of clearance.
"See? Simple."

Two minutes later, the two vampires lay against the roof of the building, behind which the cigarette-smoker had disappeared. Peeking over the edge, they caught a glimpse of something they had not expected.
"That's a van," breathed Solomon. "Rented. See, it has the little sticker. Must mean these folks are from out of town."
A man, possibly in his twenties, and smoking a cigarette, called something into the van, but was almost immediately interrupted by a familiar person walking up, opening the door and entering the vehicle.

Jay's mind went back to Montana and matched the face to one stored in his memory.
The Shadow from Montana... So this means that this is the FVZA.
He nudged Solomon. "It's the FVZA. I recognise that guy from Montana. He's a Shadow."
The van door slid shut, but not before Jay had caught sight of another face in the van.
Miller? Well, I'll be damned.

Solomon began crawling backwards so that he could rise without being seen by the occupants of the van.
"Come, quickly. Vincent needs to know about this."

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 14 2006, 04:01 AM
OOC: For clarity, the van is just a rental from AVIS.

Posted by: Jay Dec 14 2006, 05:54 AM
OOC: Really? Oh, damn. Post changed to match new info.

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 15 2006, 05:52 PM
Alan pulled up at the docks only to notice that John's team had beat them there.
"Damn, that piece of scrap is fast," stepping out of the car to approach the other agents.

"So what do we have going here? What is this I hear about bloodsuckers?"

Alan had thought he'd be investigating a zombie outbreak, but now the new CO was saying something about vampires on the radio. Alan had never seen a vampire before. Hell, he'd never even considered their existence. Zombies were a stretch, but this was in a whole new league...

Posted by: Zippo Dec 16 2006, 12:30 AM
"Alaska good to see you!" Sam slapped the AIC on the back, "Vampires? Are they regular or Order or non-order." It was good to see his old friend and fellow agent.

Posted by: Templar Dec 18 2006, 01:00 AM
Vincent looked at Rhodes evenly, holding the gun he handed him.

"Well Rhodes, you seem to know what you are doing," the bloodsucker said, handing the rifle back to the new arrival, "You're in. I'll catch your specifics later. The others are on the roof tops. Go head up with them."

Turning, Vincent backtracked to the armory room. Standing there was Judder, holding a rifle and some ammo.

"Looks like you are getting acclimated to the Order lifestyle pretty quickly."

Just then, Seamus walked in holding a piece of 8x11 standard white printer paper with what looked like a stock list freshly printed on it.

"Hey Vincent, everything is prepared for ya." the bloodsucker said handing the pack leader the paper. "The boys are telling me that there are a few intruders outside in a retail van. FVZA or something. Better go check it out while I get everything else ready to go."

Vincent nodded to Seamus, checked the list over once, stuffed it into his back pocket, and turned to Judder.

"If you would, Judder, follow Seamus here and help load our gear into the vans."

Vincent turned and marched into Seamus's office and took his camo coat off the back of the chair he had been sitting in and put it on. Slipping a ski mask on, the vampire strapped his gear to himself; including the shadow's knife in a shoulder holster... he planned to "give" the weapon back to those FVZA bastards if they had indeed planned to show themselves at the docks.

Posted by: Jay Dec 18 2006, 01:33 AM
OOC: If I may be so brusque as to ask WHERE THE HELL ARE THE ZOMBIES?

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 18 2006, 01:35 AM
OOC: I was planning on finding a couple around the docks which would somehow lead us to a stereotypically gloomy warehouse where they'd be packed in like sardines.

Posted by: Jay Dec 18 2006, 01:40 AM
OOC: Love it. May I take the opportunity to say that the FVZA and the Order are several buildings away? Jay and Solomon had to go across some rooves to see the agents, okay? Don't have to jump in 'cause I saw you.

Posted by: Zippo Dec 18 2006, 02:35 AM
OOC: Come on Alaska

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 18 2006, 03:28 AM
OOC: Bout dang time Temp.. LOL... was getting figety over here.

Rhodes took his rifle back and slipped it into the canvas bag along with his other gear.
Meh. A man of action and few words. I like this guy already.
He thought as he hoisted his bag on his shoulder and found the stair up to the roof.

Upon reaching the roof access door, Rhodes sat his bag down silently and dug thru it, putting a small pen light in his mouth. Rummaging around for a bit, he pulled out a 3 clip strap and quickly fixed it to his thigh. Digging further he produced a set of high grade night binoculars which he slung around his shoulder.
Rhodes sucked in a deep breath, tightened up his black wool peacoat and stepped thru the door to the warehouse roof.

Glancing around thru the falling snow, he immediately saw a few hunched figures along the walls...all vampires.

He silently moved over to a couple peeking over the ledge.

"So. What are we exactly hunting here boys?" he asked barely above a whisper.

"Another named Jay and some others hopped a few buildings over. We were told to watch the area from here. Supposedly a 'zombie' problem," the one replied, not moving his gaze from the area below.

The other turned to look at the newcomer. He eyed Rhodes with a bit of skeptism then noticed the high grade optic attached to his rifle, then his attitude changed.

"Izzat a LRS optic system, laser range finder, nightvision and shit?"

Rhodes nodded, peeking over the ledge for himself.

"Yeah. And full spectrum light modes, thermal, night, EMF, the works. Did you say zombies? What the hell would we care about rotheads?" the older vamp replied flatly.

"You must be some slick hot shit sniper then, ex-military?"

Rhodes eyed the man steely.

"Uhh, yeah zombies. I dunno why, I'm just following orders," the bloodsucker replied before looked back towards the docks below.

Rhodes frowned but eventually shrugged. He quietly slid a full clip into the remmy and switched the optics on. He held up his night vision binoculars and began to look around for any signs of unusual activity.

Posted by: Judder Dec 18 2006, 04:32 AM
A rather perturbed Judder silently follows Seamus through the hallways and into a small garage to where the gear is next to several vans.

Seamus points the gear and then the vans.
"Well, lad you know what te do"

Judder looks at Seamus for a moment and then opens the back doors of the vans. Before loading the gear, Judder sets his rifle down on a nearby crate and strips his vest off throwing it to the ground. This exposes the now scarred and still bloody though muscled torso of Judder.

Seamus walks over and grabs the Remington rifle. He looks it over and chambers a round quietly. "I know how to use this boy, now even though your one of us, I still dont trust ya, so no funny business, Aye?"

With a angry grunt Judder begins loading the vans with the gear. After a few moments Judder's anger gets the best of him and he begins plainly throwing the gear into the vans instead of placing it.

Seamus speaks harshly "Quit now boy, you dont want to damage the gear."

Judder slows his pace down in his work and begins placing the gear into the vans once again. But a small muffled "Go fuck yourself" is his only verbal reply.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 19 2006, 03:41 AM
[Had to edit it because I messed up on the briefing.]

"Yeah, the Vamps back in Montana were Order leeches, and came here. Closest major city. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's more in store for us. The Order is, well. Difficult, to say the least. As an added bonus, we'll have high-ranking Order Bloodsuckers..." he paused, lost in thought, "Oh, and Zippo. It is great to see you too, man."

Alaska had watched a couple of assault agents put on the helmets and vests, so not only did they look extremely conspicuous, but dumb as well. At that point a general bolt of logic went through his brain and he spoke, almost immediately after it, "Alright, agents. Scratch that plan. I'm sure the Order leeches are well aware of our presence by now. You're no longer wearing standard uniforms, rather. Civilian clothing with Kevlar is mandated, without the helmet. All agents, here this." He paused, waiting for the attention, then spoke. "Alright, men. While in civilian clothing you are not to carry any weapon above Class I. That means Pistols only. However, the agency was kind enough to send several items particularly efficient at Vampire combat. First up, is the best pistol we have, and it's killed a hell of a lot of Vampires, gentlemen, behold. The Migraine Molly." He held up the pistol with a scope attached to the top, "Men, the Migraine Molly, or rather, the Night Stalker, is an extremely powerful pistol that shoots now-bullet piercing explosive bullets, coupled with a Night Vision scope, this weapon is going to be an excellent form of defense. Seperate munitions are contained within several other crates, next up, is the FVZA Specialized Highly Concentrated Mace. Be warned, this mace will not by likely to work on older vampires, but will provide a sufficient enough distraction to incapacitate or terminate said leech." he rustled about in another crate and pulled out a smallish gray rounded square, then held it up. "This, agents, as some of you may know, is a Wavemaker. The Wavemaker creates Ultrasonic waves, perfect for downing a Bloodsucker, due to their hightened senses. Recent modifications have made it several times more powerful, perfect for both new vamps and old." setting it down, he moved to the final crate, of which he had no idea what was contained within, until he opened it, and to his delight, was a large number of very long-bladed Bowie Knives, he picked one up, grinning. "Men, as most of you are aware, this, is the Bowie knife. Although under many different modifications, they all carried the same ass-kicking appeal. These blades are just under Twelve inches, making them perfect to sink into a vampire, a quick slash should be enough to stun them, to where a mortal blow can be landed. I must warn you, however, it can lead to a quick death should you pull the knife on an older vampire, they have the ability to quickly outpower you, and thus, should be treated with extreme caution."

He paused, then began to speak again, "It would be wise of you to keep to personal pistols holstered, however, I'd suggest you carry the Night Stalker as well as your firearm of choice within that holster, and the bowie knives somewhere on your persona, obscured from view. For the mace, a pocket should be good enough to carry. I've got Ammunition for the Night Stalkers in those three crates right there, and Shoulder holsters can be found in the back seat, in the large duffel bags, as well as Kevlar for any who are not currently wearing it."

"Remember, what is more important to the Agency than exterminating Leeches and the Undead, is your safety. What I am advising you all to do is follow my requests regarding your safety, I will order it if I have to, but please do not make me."

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 19 2006, 03:47 AM
OOC: Ah yeah, the Night Stalker pistols. Absolute classics. I can't wait until we can throw together some stats like ammo capacity so we can formally induct them into the armory. Same with the mace, wavemakers, and eventually I'll toss in the O'Malleys.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 19 2006, 05:54 PM
[Well, I was thinking about Gyrojet pistols (Pistols that shoot Miniature Rockets FYI) and I was thinking about kickass weapons that would be seriously effective on the Undead and on Leeches. Thus, Voila, the Migraine Molly. Like, if you don't know what it is, go to Google and type in 'Migraine Molly' and click the first link.]

Posted by: Zippo Dec 19 2006, 07:49 PM
Zippo frowned as Alaska dashed off, "Alright we can handle your job too, don't die!" He watched the other man take off. He squinted up at the nearby buildings looking for vampires on any of the roofs.

"There!" he proclaimed pointing at a wharehouse roof, "Somebody got NVGs I think there's movement up on that roof."

Posted by: Alaska Dec 19 2006, 11:27 PM
[Must have misread the briefing. Oh well.]

Posted by: Alaska Dec 19 2006, 11:33 PM
[Yeah, edited it. Alright. Zippo, maybe edit your post or something.]

Posted by: Zippo Dec 20 2006, 12:42 AM
[Edited mate]

Posted by: Agent Armor Dec 20 2006, 04:09 AM
I took in everything our boss had to say. It sounded like I'd met another leader with a solid head on his shoulders. If everyone in the agency is as cool as these cats here, I wouldn't be having any trouble at all.

"I want one of those migraine mollies, I've never seen anything like that before..."

I was cut off in mid sentance by Zippos warning. Scanning the area he pointed out, I thought I saw movement.

I tried to take a NV set from the van without looking too obvious about it and gave a quick startled look.

"I don't know Sam. I swear I saw a flash of something...But it looked more like a shadow than anything else."

(OOC:Are our NVG's thermal or just starlight/IR emitting?)

Posted by: Alaska Dec 20 2006, 11:14 PM
[We've got, uh, NV and Thermal. I'll answer it a bit later.]

Posted by: Templar Dec 24 2006, 05:35 AM
OOC: GOOD LORD! I'm sorry for not posting in a while, all kinds of stuff.

IC: Vincent stood outside, watching the van of agents with disgust. He knew who they were just from their smell... and the messenger sent by his snipers reinforced his feeling.

He blended excellently with his surroundings. The only thing that could possibly distinguish him was his breath, which, for the most part, was covered up by a nearby vent that was issuing warm air.

And now to see what Seamus has been working on all this time

Pressing a small button on a remote he held in his right hand, a nearby warehouse overhead door opened up...

... and a single moan issued from the darkness within.

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 25 2006, 01:39 AM
OOC: This topic needs a defibrillator- somebody start shooting : P

Posted by: Alaska Dec 25 2006, 05:12 AM
[Meh. It's coming. And not ALL RPs have to only have violence.]

Posted by: Templar Dec 26 2006, 07:43 PM
Dropping the remote to the ground, Vincent dashed from cover to cover... ever nearing the van holding the agents within. The opening of the over head door should have signaled to his snipers to attack. The sooner the agents were taken out, the easier it would be to clean up.

One of the agents, a rookie it would seem, was looking to where another agent had pointed. His eyes were scanning the rooftop as the pack leader drew closer. Swift as a lighting strike, a pair of arms burst from the darkness of an alleyway and wrapped themselves around the rookie's mouth and under his arm. Yanking the agent backwards, both individuals disappeared into the darkness. Any noise made by the attack was easily covered up by the orders the agents were shouting to one another.

Vincent didn't savor the bite, it was all business. The rookie was infected and unconcious within ten seconds. Wiping the fluid from his mouth, the bloodsucker dashed down the alleyway to position himself for another attack.

Posted by: Jay Dec 27 2006, 12:26 AM
Jay and Solomon had split up, each taking cover on a building that provided clear views of the van and surrounding environs. Jay was still startled, however, when a long pair of arms grabbed one of the newer-looking agents and pulled him into the shadows.

Shit, Vincent, you sure you're safe there?

A flicker of movement from Solomon's rooftop returned his attention to the sniper. Solomon was making the sniper's sign for 'Take out the vehicle'. Jay briefly considered shooting into the fuel tank, but dismissed the idea, since most of the agents were already out of the van. Instead, he took careful aim and shot out the rear left tyre. Any sound that the SSG made was dampened by the silencer. In this manner he took out the front left tyre as well. The vehicle leaned for a second, then two shots from Solomon put the van steady. Hopefully none of the agents would notice.

On a signal from Solomon, Jay turned around. A small figure on the ground some way away from the van drew his gaze. It moved with the shambling motions of a zombie. More began to come into view.

Ha, so this is what Seamus was up to. Zombies.

An agent that was wandering around the building on which Jay was perched looked like he was on the way to noticing the undead if he turned a corner. Not one to take chances, Jay sprinted across the roof and swung down the fire escape. Hanging from his knees, he grabbed the agent by the neck before he was spotted, hauled him up to the landing, gave the agent a flick across the temple to knock him out, and buried his fangs into his victim's neck. He took a slow suck before disengaging and bringing the unconcious man onto the roof.

Taking a position on the roof again, Jay began to aim at the remaining agents.


Posted by: Tsumari Dec 27 2006, 06:53 AM
Alan cocked his head to the side a bit, swearing he'd heard a hissing noise, like air being let out of a balloon...

But looking around, agents piling out of vehicles all around him, he didn't notice anything particularly out of the ordinary. His mind wandered: Wait a minute, hadn't there been two agents standing over by that alleyway...? As he moved towards the vehicles to investigate more closely, another sound filled his ears- a moan. He'd only heard it once, but he knew it all too well.

Whirling around, Alan pointed and shouted out "Zeds! Incoming!"

He fired off a couple rounds, but being spur of the moment and with an unfamiliar weapon he only managed a leg and a torso shot, leaving the closest ghoul clawing its way prone towards the agents, at least a half dozen more following.

"I guess we've found our outbreak..."

Posted by: Agent Armor Dec 28 2006, 03:17 AM
"Zeds! Incoming!"

Oh fuck.

I turned as soon as I heard the shout, and even then the agent was firing by the time I saw them.

Stomach turning, my mind threatening to close up shop, denying I could be seeing what I was seeing.

Still though. I'd already seen a pair of rotters today, and I think I was getting better at handling them. Doesn't mean I wasn't wanting to toss my cookies again.

There were at least six, maybe more. Some dressed like dockworkers in coverall suits, some looking like hoboes. All of them ragged, missing patches of skin, hair matted with blood. One of them soaked up some .45 rounds and began crawling towards us.

"I've got your back, brother!" I shouted to the agent who was firing. "Someone grab the shotguns from the van?"

I decided I'd feel a hundred times better with a long gun in my hands as I drew my pistol and took a two handed stance. I thumbed off the safety and looked past the zombies, making sure I wasn't going to put rounds in anyone downrange. Leaving the crawler for the time being, I sighted in on the head of the closest walking zombie, but at that range it wasn't exactly easy. Especially not with shaky hands.




Hit, shoulder. The zombie spun slightly under the impact, looking somewhat perplexed


The top of the thing's head flew off, it's scalp and hair peeling back, and a gray mass blowing out the back and side.

One down. How many left to go?

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 28 2006, 03:36 PM
Rhodes scanned the ground below with his night vision binoculars. He noticed the agent motion towards an adjacent rooftop.

Glancing over, he saw another vampire duck down quickly.

Freaking greenhorns.

Shaking his head, he turned his attention to the alleyway where Vincent had snagged him a quick snack. Pursing his lips, Rhodes watched the activity around the van erupt into a frantic melee of shouts and then gunfire as several zombies began to shamble towards the agents.

Grinning, Rhodes flipped the safety off his rifle, sat the binoculars down and looked thru his rifle optics.
Switching thru the various modes, he settled on a digitally enhanced night vision.
The falling snow shouldn't interfere too badly.

As he panned along the scene, he noticed the agents were engaging the rotters with small arms.

Big mistake. Unless your aiming for the head, your just wasting time and ammo.

Rhodes got a shambling zombie in his sights. The rotter was wearing a pair of stained work overalls. He could make out the jawbone sticking out. It apparently was male, long straggly hair, fairly heavy set.

Hmm. Good test to get the range and wind figured out. He's moving slow enough. Better sight in using it than on someone who matters.

One of the nearby vampire snipers looked over at Rhodes.

Rhodes adjusted his optics then shouldered his rifle, took in a shallow breath, and began squeezing the trigger slowly.
The zombie shuffled and moaned, dragging his right leg slightly behind it.
Rhodes had the red dot in his scope trained on the zombies temple. A hissing pop issued from his rifle. The bullet entered just below the zombies jaw, shattering it and taking off half its face. The zombie staggered from the impact and keeled over.

"Shit. Dropped more than I expected. Wait a second."

Rhodes pulled out his clip and examined his ammuntion.

"Hmm. Must be a heavier grain."

He slid the clip back in and ejected the spent casing, chambering a new round.

"Jesus. That was one helluva shot!"

Rhodes shot him an annoyed look and made another adjustment on his scope before looking back to see if anyone noticed the zombie had been shot.

Posted by: Tsumari Dec 28 2006, 10:02 PM
The normally astute Alan was operating on tunnel vision at this point. He'd only faced down free-walking zeds once before in his life, and then he'd only survived on a combination of fast reflexes and luck. Steadying his hand, he faced the shambling group which now seemed to number over eight at least, even with the three or four that he assumed must have been dropped by the other agents.

He took aim...

Fire one.
A total miss. He shook it off and took aim again.

Fire two.
A smooth headshot.

Fire two.
Just below the jawline, the thing was still coming.

He had a bit of a high going after that one clean kill, but it didn't do him any service. Most of the rest of his clip went wild, scoring only one other kill. And was it just him, or did it seem like the pack was getting thicker?

Posted by: Alaska Dec 30 2006, 04:27 AM
[Just a note. Alaska's not surprised because he's got a Thermal Imaging visor, however, what makes leeches and the scourge stick out like sore thumbs is because of his training.]

Shots rang out, one, then two, then more and more. The years of training began to fill up his mental circuits and he began to duck and run, it was, perhaps, luck, that had granted him enough time to grab what he needed, unfortunately, it was just enough.

But more than just saving his ass came into play, he was heading up this operation, which meant that his job now dealt with making sure each and every agent remained safe, rather, those that were still alive remained safe. And it started with a flashbang. Quickly opening up his Communication system he sent out the brief message. "SNAFU! Repeat Situation Normal all Fucked up! Get your asses under cover, Miller , Zippo, move to X.97 under Y.40, all other agents, the Undead are Top Priority, repeating, The Zeds are Top Priority!"

Taking cover behind a rusting metal building, he pulled down his goggles, then clicked on the Thermal Imaging, under it, the landscape turned into a nether world, for anyone inexperienced with such gear it would disorient them almost into a daze, but for Alaska, it now gave him the edge- that of just what he needed.

[Sorry Cyber and Zip, but for this post to work out I'm gonna need take a tad bit of control of each of your guys.]

Although the Colt 1911 had been out mere moments after the first shot rang out, it only now would begin to see use. As assumptions are known to make assholes of people, this surely would take the cake. But he alone couldn't pull this off, no, that's where Zippo and Miller came in, they would assist him in flanking the Snipers, Allowing the remaining agents to begin an assault with more freedoms.

Movement, he turned rapidly and noted two shapes moving toward him, wrists, hands and their heads were warm, bingo. "Miller, Zippo. Those Snipers are peppering out guys down below, and with the Undead, we've got too much of a hazard for Infection, both of Undead or Leech, we need to storm that building of which the Vamps are located, terminate them all, with the exception of the Higher-up who's been fucking around with Zeds and the vamp we've been chasing since Montana. The Agency needs both alive, but not at your own personal risk. If you need to kill them, you are cleared to."

He stopped for a moment, turned and moved, quietly, if not very quietly, toward the turn, peeked out for a moment to check if they were still blank, then moved back.

"Good news bad news here. Unfortunately, you both need to get to that van to grab supplies. Fortunately, I have Flashbangs, which can blind those snipers in an instant, bad news, our guys will be blinded, but for a very short period, only those not looking through scopes will suffer the largest consequences, the rest will only be dazed for no more than thirty seconds, just enough time for you to grab and run, so..." He stopped and moved and ran against the wall, rolled and took cover against a parallel building, removed an ominous cylindrical object from his belt, and removed the pin from it, "I'm going to throw this, then count to three. At three, you need to run, blindly, eyes and ears covered, to the van, else you get hit as well. I'll have already moved into the warehouse at this point. Get ready."

He sighed, changed the grenade from his left hand to his right, pulled his arm back and threw the grenade as hard as he could, near straight-up.

"One... Two...Three."

Posted by: Judder Jan 5 2007, 03:56 AM
Judder jumped instinctively as several small pops and then a loud bang sounded outside the building.
Luckily he had just finished loading the vans, Seamus yelled "Ach, Ya daft fucker, take the rifle and get to the roof." Seamus tosses a wadded up thing of clothing towards Judder. "Take that too and put it on." Judder stuffs the wadded thing into his pocket
Judder grabs the rifle and runs through the building towards the staircase.

Suddenly an exit door opens and a man enters. As Judder runs towards him, he recalls who he is. The reflex in Judder makes him swing the rifle up to hit the man with the butt as the man turns towards him.
Agent Duran turns and manages to yell "Judd--" THUD!

The hit slams Duran down the hallway as the recoil spins Judder around, the rifle butt hits the door and slams it close. Judder regains his balance. "Damn" He shakes his head and approaches the unconscious Duran.

Grabbing him by the neck Judder slowly bites down into the Jugular vein, tasting at first and then hungrily slurping the dark crimson liquid that flows through Duran's veins. Seamus's order is momentarily forgotten as the adrenaline from both himself and Duran's body flows into him, creating a euphoria more addictive than any drug

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 5 2007, 04:21 AM
"Vampire snipers, well isn't that just lovely?" I asked sarcastically just as Alaska threw his flashbang.

As soon as it was in the air the sniper it was headed towards saw it, but could do nothing to stop the flashbang in the air. With the distraction made before it even properly detonated I hit the ground running towards a Honda Civic with a shotgun in hand. Noticing that none of the vampires seemed to be looking in my direction I popped out from cover and made a mad dash for the side door where Agent Duran had entered.

Opening the door in a smooth motion I found myself in an industrial stairwell. Concrete dominated the tall room with iron guardrails on the stairs adding to an atmosphere made for practicality. However adding a bit of a gothic flair to the room was the body of Agent Duran, the bite marks on his throat quite clear from where I was standing. He didn't seem to be concious, I guessed that whoever attacked him was a hungry fucker who had just enough sense to leave my good friend alive and but infected. That would've been a good time to have had vampire vaccine.

"Well that's interesting." I said as I worked my way up the first few stairs towards the roof.

Posted by: Agent Armor Jan 5 2007, 05:05 AM
It didn't take long to figure out that the pistols really weren't the way to go, after using half a mag to drop one zombie and seeing others shoot about the same. I could use the plan the Boss came up with to help us out.

"Hold these fuckin' abominations off for a minute and I'll get us some real firepower!"

I bolted towards the van, getting a good look and then closing my eyes, covering one ear, and opening my mouth as I ran.

I hoped it would help negate the flashbang.

I hoped bangers would fuck with zombies.

I hoped the vamp snipers...well hell, I hoped a lot of stuff. Didn't hear the stupid banger go off, just noticed my ears were ringing (Metallica concert loud ringing, at that) and I was seeing spots and flashes and a blurry ass van. But at least those blessed, blessed shotguns were right where we left em. Grabbing three, I dashed back to the boys in time to see Alan firing his 45 at another zombie.

"Here gang, try these!" I threw two of the shotguns, one to Alan and one to another agent, and practically tore mine out of it's bag. I checked the mag, racked the slide, and shouldered my new toy.

"Party time now, you sumbitches!"

Posted by: Alaska Jan 5 2007, 08:54 AM
A loud crack and one more zombie head had been, uh, added to the non-head count. Hmm.... he thought, he briefly made a motion to his visor and his world became a haze of bluish-waves, lights and other objects suddenly grew bright-white, until it hit circuitry surrounding a doorway, to which he rushed in, stopping to remove the 1911 at his waist and placing the 90 firmly on his back, then clicking the Thermal Visor back on, he looked around briefly, becoming re-oriented, then he found himself staring firmly at a body, perhaps corpse, hopefully not a corpse. [At this point, I'm going to doubt Duran could have made it in, as even Alaska couldn't manage it without a Flashbang.] He checked it once over, finding that it was Agent Duran, "Dammit, he's bitten. HQ's going to give me so much shit for this. Ah, fuck it."

He continued upwards until the visor showed, or rather didn't a body. This time, cooler. Vampire-cold He crouched low, holstering his 1911, then slowly extending the Morning Glories strapped to his forearm, [At this point, for those Unknowing, A morning glory is basically a harness strapped around your wrist with foot to foot and a sharp blades, often ending with a pointing downward, like some knifes or video game swords do. Extremely potent against vampires. Undead, not so much.] As he moved slowly up the steps he silently thanked whoever was watching out for him due to the door being open and the Leech standing with his back to the stairs, Ha, unlucky bastard. He crept, then stood and struck, turning his arm palm-up to allow for better puncture, until his fist was right into the small of its' back, in one deft movement he brought them upwards, slicing straight through skin and bone, and gashing the side of his head as it exited. Bloody horrible way to go. Bloody in general, really.

Several more bloodsuckers fell to the Glorious might of the, uh, glories, until he hit flight of stairs heading to the top, he closed the Glories and reached for the P228 in his shoulder holster, raising it slightly and removing a Flashbang from his belt. Then moving into a room outside the doorway of the stairs, "Cyber, Zippo, I'm at the top floor, waiting for you two, I will not proceed to attack until both of you are at my location, be advised and aim high. Alaska out." He then stopped, to send a quick message to the remaining agents, "All FVZA Agents, this is Alaska, we are closing in on the Leeches firing upon you, be advised, more zeds as well as leeches will be coming, Alaska out."

Posted by: Tsumari Jan 5 2007, 10:39 AM
Alan was a bit dazed having nearly avoided the flashbang, but he caught the shotgun gratefully, glad to exchange his handgun for some Bruce Campbell-class firepower. Popping off three successful kill shots in less than half the time it had taken him to do so with the 1911, he was on somewhat of a high and only slightly disheartened to hear Alaska's warning that more shit was on a collision course with the proverbial fan.

"Well blokes, looks like we have a bit of a party on our hands. Lets just hope we have enough fireworks."

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 6 2007, 05:41 AM
Figuring that there wasn't much I could do for Duran, I left him where he was and proceeded up the stairs until I reached the second floor. I opened the door to find myself on a walkway that overlooked the ground level where there was still about ten zombies left inside chewing on what appeared to be the carcass of a homeless man. As I looked around the balcony I was on to find that there were a few rooms up there.

I went immediatley to my left and went into the first room I came to. It appeared to be an ordinary office; it had a computer and a file cabinet and nothing else of interest. Figuring that this was a pretty large operation I shook the computer's mouse to bring it out of it's standby mode. Whoever owned this computer had installed Starcraft it seemed, but as tempted as I was to play a game I went right into My Docuements to look for interesting files. There were a couple of folders, mostly labelled as downloaded music or pornography, but one labelled as Seamus' Files caught my interest.

"Cyber, Zippo, I'm at the top floor, waiting for you two, I will not proceed to attack until both of you are at my location, be advised and aim high. Alaska out..... All FVZA Agents, this is Alaska, we are closing in on the Leeches firing upon you, be advised, more zeds as well as leeches will be coming, Alaska out." I heard on my radio.

"Don't hold your breath Alaska, I'm noodling around on a computer of their's and I think I might've found something interesting. Oh and if you've got a blood fetish they've got a pretty large pornography file here if you're interested." I responded over the radio.

Opening the folder with all the stuff belonging to whoever Seamus the first thing that caught my eye was a docuement labelled as an FVZA roster. Double clicking it I discovered to my horror a file with the name's and descriptions of everyone the FVZA had sent on this mission. That wasn't a good sign, it meant that they had some pretty good intel on us and that they were expecting us. Scrolling down I noticed that there was a label telling to capture or kill each respective agent. I noticed that Alan, Armor, Zippo, Judge Khan (everever the hell he was) and I were the only one's marked for death while the rest were marked for capture except Alaska and Reeve weren't even on the list. That made me feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside being good enough (or incompetant enough) to be killed instead of captured alive. But it seemed odd that of the agency's shadows on this op wouldn't be included on such a list. That's when I decided to check out the file some more.

It was dated for the previous day, and it appeared that it had been written by someone known on this file only as the Queen of Blades. This was getting pretty interesting. And I was starting to wonder how they had gotten this information, but without the two shadows being listed. It's not as if they were really kept a secret, the agency's shadows were just like the rest of us but with a different job specialty. Needless to say this would lead to an interesting debriefing.

Deciding that I'd have to have a look at this computer after the mission was over I got out of the seat and walked out of the room back towards the stairs. I noticed four of the zombies downstairs were gone, so took note of that and made for the stairs since my shotgun wouldn't do too much to the Z's with only buckshot at the range I was at. Figuring that Alaska could probably use a hand and that he'd be interested in the info I got I entered the stairwell and was about to head up the stairs when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Spinning around fearing it might be a vampire I found myself face to face with Agent Reeve. She had a malicious smile and a a look in her eyes that suggested that she was ready to kill something.

"Shnikes, you shouldn't sneak up on people like that. It's likely to get you shot one of these days." I said to Reeve.

"On the contrary, stealth-"

"-Spare me the lecture please."

"Your mistake."

"Sure. So shouldn't you be outside killing zombies or something?"

"The other guys can handle it. Or at least they should be able to without those snipers keeping them supressed."

"That's why we better give Alaska a hand. That and I need to tell him what I found on the vamp's computer. They've got our roster for the mission, but oddly enough it doesn't include you or Alaska."

"I'm sorry John, but I can't let you do that."

"Why do I get the feeling that you're not stopping me so that you can give me a romantic kiss?"

"It's time that you got what was coming."

"Look if this is about Morgan you know damn well I..."

"Miller, I know the truth about what happened. I doubt that Morgan would've wanted me to kill you, but I doubt the zombies will leave much evidence of what happened tonight." Said Agent Reeve as she drew her knife.

"I knew I should've stayed in bed this mornin'." I said as I pulled out my knife from my boot.

Posted by: Agent Armor Jan 9 2007, 06:12 AM
The shotguns booming beside me felt like speakers in a loud club, and I chambered another round. The one zombie who was dropped initially and was crawling towards us caught a load of 00 in the face and had his head taken off. After a few more rounds from the gang, that was that.

"Looks all clear guys...Keep your eyes open though, and grab some cover if ya wanna. Those snipers are making me nervous."

I wondered what was going on in the building.

"Armor to Alaska, Zippo, and Miller...Whats your SITREP, over? We have cleared out the zombies out here."

Posted by: Jay Jan 10 2007, 10:02 AM
OOC: Sorry for being late. Net problems... sleep.gif By the way Cyber, how many more Starcraft references can you fit in this topic? Jeezus. Not that there's anything wrong with Starcraft, of course. Starcraft rocks.

IC: When the flashbang went off, Jay had the misfortune to be looking in that general direction, abeit with a scope pressed to his eye socket. The flash completely blinded him in his left eye, while the sound set his ears ringing. Possibly the only things that saved his hearing were his distance from the actual point of origin, as well as the fact that he had only been turned for about three days, and some of the trademark senses of his kind had not had the chance to fully develop. Nevertheless, the combined effects of the Shadow's grenade had Jay rolling on the roof for a minute or so while letting off a string of mid-European curses that made Ozzy Osbourne slightly more polite than the Queen of England.

"You fucking bastard!" he screamed to nowhere in particular after the nausea died down. "What the fuck do you think you did to my fucking depth perception?"

His sniping abilities now severely diminished, Jay dropped his rifle and drew his trademark GLOCK 22s. In close-range combat, they weren't going to be as good as a shotgun, but hey. Jay without a GLOCK was like, in his opinion, a rifle with no ammo. Still good as a blunt instrument, but definitely improveable.

He made it to the roof hatch of an adjacent building with minimal problems, except for tripping over a small piece of metal which he could not detect because of the purple afterimage across most of his left-side vision. Opening it up, he swung down into a small office space which he recognized as the room next to Seamus's personal office. Opening the door, he stepped out onto a walkway overlooking the ground floor of the warehouse. A lone zombie appeared to be wandering around aimlessly, next to a fresh carcass of what appeared to be a street bum. Unable to resist, he awkwardly aimed at it using his right eye, then propelled one shot out of the silenced pistol in his right hand. Grey matter splattered across the corpse of the bum as the zombie keeled over.

The sound of a door opening made Jay slink back into the shadows, from where he saw an obviously preoccupied John Miller exit Seamus's office and head for the stairs, where he was accosted by another government agent, by the looks of her outfit. Jay could smell the adrenaline rushing through both of them as they drew their knives.

He was torn. Letting nature take its course, then eliminating the survivor would be the right thing to do. However, he and Miller had worked together before, and letting him die seemed... wrong. He made up his mind. Miller would live, just this once. Next time, no mercy.

Springing from the darkness, he reached the back of the female before either of them noticed him, and sank his fangs into her neck, giving her a punch alongside the head for good measure. The three of them were locked in that tableux for a long second, then the woman collapsed and Jay withdrew. Seeing Miller's stare of recognition, he bared his bloody fangs.
"She is ours. And next time, Miller, no help, no mercy. You die like the rest."

So saying, he scooped up the body of the soon-to-be vampire and walked to the room with the roof hatch, hurled his burden onto the roof, then climbed out himself.

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 10 2007, 04:41 PM
Rhodes had been staring keenly thru his high grade optics when he saw the grenade whiz thru his field of view. He immediately squeezed his eyes shut and tried to clench his jaws to close off his hearing...but it was a split second late.
While he saved his vision, his hearing was somewhat shot. The flash bang grenade went off, he could heard the buzz-muffled screams from the bloodsucking greenhorn sniper beside him.

This is getting rough. Time to switch locations, Rhodes thought as he quickly got to his feet, scooped up his duffle bag and made a beeline for the edge of the roof.

Hunkered down low to avoid being seen, his rapid running skill served him well. Several shooters had been blinded by the flash even had a smoking hole thru his eye, apparently following the projectile in his scope when it detonated.

With his rifle gripped in his one hand, bag in the other, Rhodes leaped the gaps easily between the buildings, putting as much distance between him and that immediate area.

Upon landing on the third rooftop, Rhodes was dashing around a corner when he spotted a lone zombie shuffling along the edge. Glancing around the area quickly, he continued along his course, and shoulder checked the rotter hard. As the zombie fell several stories to the ground, Rhodes leaped to the next roof top and found it unoccupied. He was barely able to hear the 'splat' sound the zombie made as it hit the ground below.

Rhodes found a good shadowy position that gave him a slightly limited view of the area. He was able to make out the front of the agent van. He could also see some of the rooftops he came from to his left. Rhodes hunched behind the access door to this building. Catching his breath and allowing his hearing to return, he pondered his next move.

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 12 2007, 03:26 PM
(OOC: Mind if I jump in? If you don't, how do you want me to come in?)

Posted by: Judder Jan 13 2007, 03:45 AM
Streaks of red filled Judder's vision. Everything he saw was blurry, and he was sweating profusely. He ran through the halls attacking anything living he saw. He runs into a zombie and engages it in a swift and bloody battle resulting in the head of the zombie literally getting pulled off.
He slips in a pool of blood "oh shit", and slides past an open door looking into a stairwell. He sees someone he knows on the walkway. He walks back to the door and looks into it, by now his vision has cleared, a headache is forming, and he is calmed down.

Rather nonchalantly, Judder's cursing brought the attention to someone.
"Hi, John"

Posted by: Alaska Jan 13 2007, 07:49 PM
[Maelstrom, I'm not sure. If you were a Vamp it'd be another story. It's fine, but I'm not sure how you could come in. Backup, maybe. I don't know. Regional Agent or something.

I haven't posted because I've been waiting for others to go before I do, btw.]

Ten minutes, then twenty minutes, then time ceased to move forward and Alaska was left in a very uncomfortable position, "Ah, fuck it. They trained me to do this kind of stuff anyway..." he briefly scanned the area with the thermal visor, then slowly began to move, Colt raised, he began to move up the flight of stairs, checking behind him every so often to make sure he was alone, until he slowly backed himself into the slight sides of the doorway, taking a quick glance and noting several low body-heat signatures, should the Snipers or Undead not have appeared, killing them would be much more difficult, instead, it was remarkably more easy.

He rounded upon the Leech standing a bit to the left of the doorway, had it not been snowing as well as windy, he would not have been able to down him so easily, however, a brief swipe of the combat knife riding his side did just that. The next unfortunate bastard had a hole graciously blown through his head, and the next met the same end as the first. It then left Alaska with the several snipers remaining, he needed to kill each fast enough to prevent alert from the others, because four Bloodsuckers on one agent would quickly spell their end. So he cautiously moved into position that held significant views of each Leech, and would give him ample time to aim and fire, each shot rang out, and accompanying it, an inaudible 'Thud', and thus the process repeated itself until all had been taken care of.

He stopped, moved for his radio, and quickly said, "Agents, as I am sure you are now aware, the Snipers have each been neutralized, you are now open for free combat. Repeating, the Snipers have been neutralized."

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 13 2007, 11:33 PM
As Rhodes' hearing gradually returned, he used his vampire vision to scan the surrounding areas. Glancing back across the rooftops from which he came, he wanted to check on the vamp snipers he left behind.

He immediately saw thru the light snow not a single sniper on the rooftop he had originally been shooting from. In fact, he realized, they were all lying motionless.
Pursing his lips, he stared at the area, looking for any signs of movement.

"There's my huckleberry. Slick bastard," Rhodes muttered under his breath.

He spotted a large male speaking into a radio. Rhodes couldn't make out what he was saying, his acute hearing was still shot. But he could see him. Raising his sniper rifle, Rhodes drew a bead on the stationary target and slowly pulled the trigger. The remington made its trademark pop-hiss sound.

Posted by: Alaska Jan 14 2007, 03:14 AM
[I'll explain everything in the post.]

After wrapping up the message, Alaska removed the magazine from his 1911 and hammered in another clip. Turning around, he briefly made note of all of the killed leeches, then turned once again, and began to move back toward the staircase.

Except he never made it, a Sniper round found itself into the upper-middle of his back, sure to blow a hole straight through, and sunder him forever. However, Alaska just so happened to be wearing a specialized form of body armor (Dragonskin, to be exact), which easily absorbed the round impact.

Unfortunate for the Shadow, though, was the sheer impact of the round, which in the right place, (as it was) stole his consciousness away and he collapsed onto the Flooring of the rooftop.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 14 2007, 04:46 AM
OOC: It's amazing how easy it is to reference Starcraft. I love that game so much.

"Well that was a bit... anticlimactic." I muttered to myself as quite suddenly Jay came from seemingly nowhere and abducted Agent Reeve while biting her in the process, all while sparing my life. I felt that to be unusual. If Reeve was on their side then it didn't make much sense for one of them to attack her. Man, these guys must have worse communication than REO Speedwagon.I thought to myself.

And just as Jay left me to wonder what the hell was going on an old friend of mine popped in through the door and said hello. Good old Judder, it was nice to see him, although something was a bit off.

"Oh hi Judder, you don't look so well. Have you been getting your daily fiber intake?" I responded to the vampiric Judder. Not that I realized what had happened. Just the other day, I swear it was just the other day things seemed to be pretty normal. Until today. Zombies running amok, vampires sniping my co-workers, vampires abducting my co-workers, and I couldn't find a decent pizza place in town. I'd say that makes for a stressful day, so of course it didn't sink in that Judder was a vampire. Deciding that I needed some quiet time I shut off my radio so that I could think things through, despite it being against protocol. My mistake seeing as it caused me to miss what Alaska said about the snipers being neutralized.

So in a state of shock I simply walked up the stairs towards the roof, completely oblivious to the fact that Judder was likely to drink my life sustaining fluids, and that there was a skilled sniper watching where I was headed for. By the time I made it up the stairs I'd checked my shotgun and straightened my tie. When I walked out on to the roof things got even weirder.

There were vampires all over the place, dead of course. The problem was I had no clue what had happened to them. That's when I tripped over Alaska's unconcious meatbag and dropped my shotgun. Realizing that some bad stuff was happening I grabbed my shotgun from the ground and turned on my radio as I stood back up.

"Huh... well Alaska plus vampires would equal dead vampires... but if the vampires are all dead... then why the hell is Alaska on the ground like this... and what the hell happened to Jay..." I asked myself, still unsure of what was going on.

"Oh. Shit..." I answered myself as I raised my shotgun, realizing that I was probably in trouble.

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 14 2007, 10:42 AM
(OOC: Thanks, Alaska. Does anybody mind radioing for backup so I can get in the game?)

Posted by: Alaska Jan 14 2007, 03:56 PM
[Uh. Let's just assume somebody called for it when the Vampires started shooting. Or the Zeds came.]

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 15 2007, 12:32 AM
The smile on Rhodes lips revealed the slightest glint of fang. Seeing the agent lurch forward and lie still pleased him. Chambering another round, he continued to observe the area thru his high grade optic scope.

"Gotcha," he whispered.

Suddenly, Rhodes noticed another live body flop and land sprawling over the dead agent. He licked his lips, drawing in another breath.

"Fuck this place is getting more and more crowded by the minute. Better take out this fleshy then reposition," Rhodes thought to himself as he fingered the trigger lightly.

He followed the agent in his sights, he watched as the target retrieved a dropped shotgun. Rhodes squeezed the trigger, and another pop-hiss from the gun.

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 15 2007, 05:00 PM
The large armored Hummer battered through the throngs of undead, throwing stiffened bodies this way and that. The monstrous roar of the engine clashing against the sea of monotonmous moans.

The large vehicle screamed in to the FVZA position and spun around, skid marks burned into the pavement behind it. When the smoke settled, the heavy doors of the reinforced car opened. Out leapt five FVZA assault team agents, strapped in full tactical gear. Kevlar helmets, dragonskin armor, black hawk assault vests, MultiCam BDUs, and a large (not to mention varied) assortment of heavy-duty crowd controlling firearms.

A man stepped forward, his Novice Agent insignia (OOC: I assume we have that) overshadowed by his large physical presence. Six foot two, a two hundred odd pounds, and all muscle.

"Okay, who's in charge here?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 15 2007, 11:39 PM
"What the hell is that?" I asked myself as I spun towards heard the load roar of a gas guzzling automotive advance towards the warehouse.

I've got to say I was a bit lucky in that Rhodes missed due to my amazing spin towards the noise. Unluckily however whoever owned that Hummer must've been compensating for something by removing the muffler, so I didn't even hear the crack of Rhodes' rifle. Meaning of course that although his first shot missed altogether and hit some seagull, he could've still taken a good second shot at his liking.

Looking over the edge of the roof I saw a large Hummer and five armored agents amidst an even larger cloud of smoke. I honestly could never understand the reasoning behind wearing so much armor that was designed to protect against bullets and shrapnel against a bunch of rotting meatbags that used their teeth. Or why on earth they'd even bother using such nice and new military camoflague against an enemy that had such poor eyesight that it mostly depended on it's nose. What amazed me even more was that it appeared that they'd simply used the Hummer to ram through a multitude of zombies. Talk about tactical ineptness. I figured they must've thought the vampire sniper teams were still on the roofs. Which they were, just not on the particular roof I was on. At least not the live one's.

"Yoohoo!" I shouted down to the reenforcements as I waved to them.

Posted by: Judder Jan 16 2007, 01:54 AM
Judder crept up the stairwell to the roof. He had regained his composure and cleaned himself up in a small janitor's closet. Judder had also found some weapons that had been lying around. Namely, a combat knife, a remington 700 with a modified scope, and a colt 1911. Judder had also put on a shirt that had been hanging off of a rack in the hanger. He now looked like the basic white headbanger, With a highway to hell shirt and faded jeans.

Judder was ready for war now. He heard the yelling of John. Mysteriously as he exited the door to the roof, bird feathers fell past him. The large and loud vehicle and had just deposited its occupants. Judder whistled at the sweet ride. "Im, gonna borry that"

Right then Judder shoves John over the side of the building and begins to run to the edge of the building, hoping he can find a freind.

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 16 2007, 03:32 AM
"Fucking dumb luck!" exclaimed Rhodes when he saw the target in his sight turn at the last possible second.

The bullet passed thru a floating seagull and ricocheted off somewhere. As the hapless bird dropped from the sky, Rhodes gritted his teeth and chambered another round quickly.

Looking back thru the scope, the vampire sniper watched as the agent called out to a rather loud vehicle somewhere below. Just as Rhodes lined up his next shot, a clean head shot, he spotted something moving at the corner of his vision.

Like all good shooters and snipers, they are trained to shoot with both eyes open, a most invaluable skill. Rhodes spotted a fellow sang feeder walking up behind the agent who was precariously leaning over the building edge.

"Well. I suppose we'll just let this play out. No use wasting the ammo," he thought as he waited and watched as the agent went falling over the edge.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 16 2007, 04:33 AM
I know for a fact that I've seen this in a game I'm played before. I thought to myself as I felt a pair of hands push me over the edge of the building. About the time when I lost balance and most of my mass began falling forward I remembered which game my situation was featured in. And it never did end well for the guy being shoved.

Quite quickly I found myself falling towards the concrete three stories below, not exactly a good height to be falling from. At least it wasn't a shark tank I was falling into. Not that the remaining few zombies made it much different.

Rapidly coming down I spotted my only chance for survival, a power line. Not an ideal life line, but it was something. Grabbing it with the grace of a drunken pirate I got both hands on, only for my right hand to slip a second later. And then another second later the power line snapped, sending me plunging towards the ground below yet again.

Upon landing I didn't hear any crunching noises, which was good. Although it that didn't change the fact that I'd managed to sprain my right ankle and severly hurt my right hand wrist. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was indeed broken. Not a very severe fracture, but more than enough to hurt like hell. As consolation though the power line did come down and electrocute a seagull. Didn't get any of the zombies, but at least that was one less bird to leave white spots on my car.

"Oh hello gentlemen. Excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable, like SHOCK!" I exclaimed in pain at a pair of zombies that had noticed my arrival and began shuffling towards me with only a few feet to go while I reached for my M1911 with my good hand.

Posted by: Judder Jan 17 2007, 02:26 AM
Judder grabs the Unconscious Alaska and drags him to the stairwell before stripping him of his vest and camoflauge clothing. Judder immediately changes into the clothing and puts the dragonskin vest on. He slides the pistols and other implements the man has into the pockets of the vest. Judder puts on the black balaclava, that Seamus had given him. He puts the black shirt and jeans on Alaska's knocked out body. He drags Alaska's body into the building and deposits it in the closet where he found the shirt. Judder turns the light off and shuts the door. He then grabs the helmet and puts it on.
(Don't ask details, I aint going there)
Judder walks down to the doorway leading out of the building at the ground level, kicking it open to stun a zombie momentarily and then use the captured 1911 to kill it with a quick effecient double tap, this is because he is in view of the new arrivals. Judder walks over past John to the agents ,in a raspy deep voice imitating Alaska's, Judder orders; "Clear that fuckin building of leeches, and tend to the wounded, Now, while i check the building across the street." The agents tend to the incoherent John and begin to sweep the building with the exception of one big tall one.

Judder runs to the other side of the hummer before stopping and making sure all of the agents backs are turned and he rolls under the hummer. He takes the knife which he found and stabs three holes in the gas tank's underbelly and removes the closing bolt on the oil pan as well as stabbing holes in it. He removes the knife from the oil pan grinning as some oil dripped down upon the ground. Judder breathes a sigh of relief as more oil drips out of the hole and oil begins to pour from the draining bolt.

With that done Judder rolls from underneath the vehicle and proceeds to get to the building across the street from where John fell, he climbs the fire escape quietly and hops the gap across the alley to the next building. Here Judder applies the thermal visor that he stole, once his vision clears he looks across the street and sees the last sniper, he waves to get his attention.

OOC: Comment, dear god comment.

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 17 2007, 10:02 AM
(OOC: Uh... the car was still running. Can you do that when the car's still running?)

"Holy SHIT!" was all the rookie agent managed as he watched the agent in charge plummet down a three story building. Hell of a way to kick off a first day.

"Sanderson, Sykes, weapons free," he snapped out to his fellow agents, before turning and sprinting for his superior. Dear God, please don't be dead.

As he drew closer, he breathed a sigh of relief as the man displayed signs of life. Like yelling out the fact that he's slipping into shock. A fall from a three story building tends to do that. However, his elation quickly evaporated when two Gs turned their cloudy eyes toward the downed agent and began their shuffling. Sound carries.

The man fumbled to free his Colt, but it was obvious he wouldn't get it out in time. Even if he did, there's no telling if he could hit them. Not that the rookie didn't think he was a good shot, but sweet Jesus the fellow had just plummeted down from an incredible height, grabbed a powerline and fell some more. You don't need fifteen years of military experience to infer that now would not be a fair test of his marksmanship.

Without missing a beat, the assault agent smoothly raised his UMP submachine gun and fired in perfect form. Two controlled bursts, two pink puffs, two dull thuds as the bodies hit the ground. He reached his superior just as the rest of the team moved to clear the building on the orders of some other guy.

"Hey, where're you hurt?"

Posted by: Judder Jan 17 2007, 11:49 AM
OOC: Yes, Ive seen it done in movies and real life.

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 17 2007, 01:07 PM
(OOC: Okay)

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 17 2007, 06:22 PM
[OOC: Judder nice move. I can shoot the leaking gas and get a spark...blowing the hummer to hell !!!]

Rhodes watched as the fellow suckhead pulled the agent he previously shot into the stairwell.

"Hmm. Hope that's a quick snack. Altho, i shot him square in the chest. He should be dead. We don't drink from the dead. These meatsacks must have body armor or vests on. Ammo change time," thought Rhodes as he turned his attention towards the ground below.

He wanted to see the agent go splat on the pavement, but instead he just caught the aftermath of the landing on a parked vehicle.

"Damn. A REAL lucky fucking bastard," he muttered as he rapidly dug thru his canvas sack for new ammo.

Smiling wickedly, Rhodes jerked out his clip and replaced it with a high-powered jacketed bullets. Armor piercing. Anything short of tank armor, and it was going thru.

"No underestimating from here on out," he thought with a sly grin as he quietly worked the bolt on his sniper rifle, pocketing the softer ammo.

He moved silently long the edge of the roof, peeking over every 10 feet or so, keeping an eye out on the action below. More rotters had heard the commotion and began shuffling towards the newcomers. Great diversion for a sniper to pick and choose his targets when they are preoccupied. Rhodes paused when he saw an agent come rushing from the building and barked a few orders to the agents standing beside the hummer. He realized it was the same clothing as the agent on the roof. All doubt vanished when Rhodes saw the agent slip unnoticed under the vehicle.

"Ahhh. Very slick. Disable their means of escape. Better reposition for a clean shot," he thought bemusingly when he saw the vampire in agents clothing come sliding back out and trotting to a building nearby.

Moments later, Rhodes was set up in a pitch black alcove between to large industrial vents. He was scoping out the hummer and warm bodies milling about below, as well as the ever approaching zombies. From the corner of his vision he spotted someone waving inconspicuously. Lifting the pair of binoculars around his neck, he saw thru thermal vision the body was rather cool.

"Hmm wonder what he wants besides spotted and shot," muttered Rhodes quietly.

He lifted his hand slowly and pulled it back down, letting the other vampire know he had been seen. Rhodes looked back down thru his sniper scope at the hummer, bleeding out fuel onto the wet asphalt. He licked his lips anxiously.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 18 2007, 02:30 AM
OOC: First off, just as note about what Judder just did, yes you can do that in reality. However for future reference please don't try that trick at home. First off the gas milage will drop dramatically, thus potentially costing them thousands of dollars in gas assuming they don't notice it. Secondly, if they don't notice the lack of oil you're likely to trash their engine. Third, you're likely to squirt hot oil in your face if you do it to a running or recently running vehicle (same goes for radiator coolant). And fourth, knifing a gas tank is extremely dangerous due to the possibility of generating a spark due to metal on metal contact. And fifth, it's just flat out illegal as hell.

Therefore assuming Rhodes doesn't blow the shit out of the thing it's going to get even worse gas milage (if that's even possible on a Hummer), and it's grind the engine to hell. And don't do it in reality.

IC: "Oh it's nothing really, just a boo-boo. And a sprained ankle. And probably a broken wrist. And most likely a case of superherpies, although that's a different story involving the accounting department. In the meantime the current SAC isn't exactly in any condition to be leading, so I'll be taking charge. The new orders are these, have somebody grab Agent Alaska and then retreat. We'll regroup and evacuate the area, the Order's presence in the area is too strong. The zombies on the other hand are slow and we can deal with them later." I said to the new agent while I raised myself up using my shotgun as an improvised crutch.

Posted by: Agent Armor Jan 18 2007, 03:34 AM

"Hey guys, the boss just took the fuckin' Nestea plunge!"

I can't believe I say things that stupid sometimes. Really. But seeing Miller take a toss off a 3 story roof kinda sucked. Hard. And used too much teeth.

I ran over to John and the new Agent and announced myself, waving over the group I was about to use to clear the building.

"Fisher reporting, all zombies outside have been neutralized. Slick shooting, new guy! That was right on. We'll watch your back as we move out, sir!"

As the NG and Miller pulled back, I used the Agents with me to leapfrog with them in case we drew any more fire.

"Sir!" I yelled.

"Those zombies had our number, and we had to stop them. But being stuck out here in the OPEN under sniper fire kinda did suck just a little, sir! Let's not have to do that one again!"

Fucking vampires.

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 18 2007, 09:56 AM
"Sorry about the truck, sir. We grabbed that thing off the motorpool without asking whose it was. Poor guy must've been trying to compensate for something..." with that, the assault agent reached for his mic, "Yo Sanderson! Abort! New orders are to retreat and regroup. Order presence is too high. I repeat, regroup!"

With that, he slipped Miller's arm over his shoulder and steadied the SAC. Nodding to Fisher, he proceeded to help his CO toward the vehicles.


Posted by: Rhodes Jan 18 2007, 06:18 PM
[OOC: Cybers correct, first degree burns easily by punching an oil tank when its been running for a while]

Rhodes watched thru his scope as the new arrivals helped the lucky bastard agent off the car roof. He quickly looked up at the other vampire on the roof top across from his position. Rhodes made various hand gestures which basically interpreted meant, 'get ready to shoot, blowing the transport, cutting off their retreat'.

The sniper went back to his optics and focused in on the ground just underneath the leaking fuel tank on the Hummer. Rhodes drew in the usual shooters breath, held it a second, then exhaled while putting pressure on the trigger of his rifle.

As time slowed down in his mind, the vampire perception took over. He saw the small trickle of gasoline hitting the ground as individual droplets. The agents moved slowly, their voices distorted like a tape run at half speed. Snowflakes fell before his face at a snails pace. Only his thoughts moved at normal speed.

"Get the angle, aim small in between the drips, hit it just infront of the drip, but on the asphalt to get that one good spark," Rhodes thought as his intense focus gave him the ability to shoot above and beyond the normal living human.

As the trigger reached maximum, the bolt released, the firing pin striking the primer of the rifles high powered shell. The resulting discharge of the powder was rocketing from the barrel at supersonic speed, the bullet travelled in slow motion thru the cold, crisp air, spinning as it neared its target. The bullet's angle was anything short of perfect as it struck the asphalt below the agents parked vehicle. The jacketed shell hit, slid in a richochet which resulted in a single, glorious spark. A spark that immediately ignited the surrounding gasoline vapor, the actual dangerous part of gasoline when its out of its container. The ever growing puddle erupted into flames and began to spread, black smoke billowing up around the Hummer.

Time returned to normal for Rhodes as he chucked the spent shell from his rifle and chambered yet another one.

"Well that should put a damper on any retreat they may have planned. Let's see if my comrade across the way can make some more trouble for our meatsacks on the ground," thought Rhodes coldly as he looked up from his scope to line up his next shot.

Posted by: Alaska Jan 18 2007, 08:37 PM
[Time out. Judder, there's no way in HELL that you would pull that off. Picture this; 200-degree oil burning on your skin, but wait! It gets better, I would, as would an Engineer I know, guarantee that the Combat Knife would cause a spark when either entering or leaving. Even if it didn't, you wouldn't be able to pull off more than one, the burning oil would cause super Third-degree burns. the kind that would melt skin off. Listen to me when I say this, The oil pan draining alone would put enough oil on you to fuck you for life. I will not accept that post as valid unless you are willing to have a character who's either going to die by way of the Hummer exploding, or being incapacitated and/or killed by the oil.

To sum it up, you put the holes in, Judder is screwed for life, and if Rhodes goes along with the post then Judder just got blown the fuck up.

To Cover your other post. Alaska's 6'6, Judder would stick out like a sore thumb, Implements is vague, which means you've only got his Dragonskin, which isn't really a loss, and the 1911 is not really a biggie. He keeps his USMC KA-BAR, which is under his current clothing, not the stuff you took, as well as his radio, and his morning glories.]

Alaska awoke, coughing, disoriented as Hell and wondering just what the fuck was going on, he felt himself over, noticing that except for the clothing beneath what he had been wearing, his radio, the Morning Glories and his KA-BAR, were gone. He cursed, then stood, then pulled out his radio, "This is Agent Alaska, be advised for a figure, presumably smaller than I, they will be wearing my gear, which is the standard Assault Team atire as well as a Dragonskin vest, be on the lookout for someone with oversized clothing. I will be making my way down. Alaska Out."

He strapped his Combat Knife to his side, then moved back to the roof momentarily to grab one of the rifles that the Leeches were using, he donned it then moved down the steps, Glories out. As he exited the building, he dashed to the Hummer he had come in[There were two, btw, plus a van.] silently thanked the FVZA for requiring him to bring additional Body armor, and slipped a set on, set the rifle aside and popped open the rear, grabbing for the additional arms he had brought, which now included a 556, and an Assault Rifle Magazine pack, as well as an extra Night Hawk which he had set aside on a Hella-bad basis. He holstered it, grabbed a few clips as well as another imaging visor, then began to move again, Deagle out. [I actually got the oppurtunity to fire one, and handled it fine, it most likely is due to my Firearm experience, but either way it's not just flashy Hollywood, anyone in the Military could handle it fine, most likely.] And rolled into an allyway, flicking on the Thermal visor.

As he scanned the area, he marked off several low-heat soures, particularly one that happened to be stationary. Memorizing the location, he proceeded to move on, noting that particular signature as the Vamp that had put the round in his back. At that point, Alaska began to move.

Posted by: Judder Jan 18 2007, 08:57 PM
QUOTE (Alaska @ Jan 18 2007, 08:37 PM)
[Time out. Judder, there's no way in HELL that you would pull that off.]

Last time i checked buddy, You aint a MOD.

Posted by: Alaska Jan 18 2007, 09:57 PM
QUOTE (Judder @ Jan 18 2007, 08:57 PM)
Last time i checked buddy, You aint a MOD.

Last time I checked, buddy, 200 Degree Fahrenheit oil MELTS SKIN. QED. Let me put it simply. You would have approximately One(1) second to get the oil of your skin before it starts to really fuck around. And that's only at 155 Fahrenheit. When I said, "Would" I was meaning, as in, "You would get scalded the fuck out of" if you tried that out. The metal alone on the drain bolt would cause at least a second degree burn. Face it, the only way you coul pull that off is if you were willing to have your character fucked up for life.

I hate to be an ass, but I won't stand for bullshit.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 19 2007, 12:27 AM
OOC: As someone who works on cars almost five days a week I'm going to say it's possible to do such a thing so long as you're not directly under the puncture point and that it's on a surface that's paralell with the ground. Not that one should try it in reality though, still dangerous. On to the gas tank, it's not exactly guranteed that there'll be a spark. I can say from my expirience that the chance's of a spark are suprisingly low from jabbing a knife through a gas tank. I've seen people take a drill right into a gas tank, despite there being more than enough vapor inside (we learned that when somebody got too close with a cutting torch). But like the oil thing, it's very possible to do that without killing yourself, but you still shouldn't try it at home.

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 19 2007, 01:11 AM
[OOC: And let me point out MY post when Rhodes shot the gas lying beneath the hummer. Gasoline vapor is what's dangerous and highly flammable! So punching a hole in tank with anything will NOT cause the immediate explosion. Cars can set over a fire and not explode. Its when fuel leaks out and the vapors form. Oil from the bolt is typically off to one side of an oil tank. (not sure bout a hummer cuz i've never been under it) Removing the bolt would burn your hand, possibly your forearm. I don't know too many dipsticks that remove the bolt while looking right at it. Better re-read the posts, Alaska. Judder sabotaged the hummer then left and went over to a building then went up to the roof THEN signaled Rhodes.
Are we to assume that after Alaska was stuffed and LOCKED in a closet, he just walked out? Ok.. you busted out with your 6'6 terminator physique. But rather than sit and nitpick a persons post apart (all judder has to do is clean up his post about the oil and we're golden) I'd sooner make with the real posting.
FOR the record, Rhodes is squatted inbetween two large industrial air vents, on a roof, in the snow. Wearing rather thick clothing. What are the chances do you think anyone with thermal vision is gonna pick him out on a rooftop? Nil to .01 percent if any.]

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 19 2007, 01:20 AM
OOC: I think Alaska was just dragged into a stairwell. Although I could be wrong. But still, pretty damn clever on the thermal camo. I wouldn't have thought of that.

Posted by: Agent Armor Jan 19 2007, 01:23 AM
Guys, Cyber saw it, he is the admin, and he passed it. He says it happened, than it happened.

There's things here I don't feel are very realistic either, but this thread is neither the time nor the place.

Let's not shit in it and fuck up our game

If anyone has any beefs, take it to PMs and otherwise lets carry on playing without the actual play thread turning into this?

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 19 2007, 03:29 AM
[OOC: heheh hey, its cold out there and if your already undead, why the hell not ninja.gif roger that, my thoughts Armor too. no im pretty sure he was tossed into a closet.... ah but NOT locked, just the door was closed.... my apologies Alaska.]

Posted by: Judder Jan 19 2007, 10:47 PM
QUOTE (Rhodes @ Jan 19 2007, 01:11 AM)
[OOC:.. But rather than sit and nitpick a persons post apart (all judder has to do is clean up his post about the oil and we're golden) I'd sooner make with the real posting. ]

We can do that man, Ive edited the post.
SO no more nit picking buddy.
Youve got some editing to do alaska

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 20 2007, 02:52 PM
The explosion didn't exactly lift the car off the ground, but it sure as hell wasn't a firecracker either. The shockwave and dust momentarily disoriented the assault agent and he almost dropped his charge. Instead of flopping over, the newbie grabbed his CO with one arm while drawing his secondary weapon with the other. His mind was racing at incredible speeds, what the hell just happened?

"Report! Report! Everybody okay?"

Then it hit him. The truck, kaput. How the hell were they going to get everyone out of here?

"Ah shit, it's gonna get crowded."

Posted by: Alaska Jan 23 2007, 07:00 PM
[It's fine. He would've barged through it any way. Assuming the Oil pan was not near the side of the Hummer, there would be no way he could pull it of without him somehow coming into contact with the oil. It's about impact and strength, etc.

About Alaska marking off your location, if it were someone not as experienced with Thermal Imaging, then no, tracking your location would be impossible, however;

-Alaska's extremely experienced with Thermal Imaging, key to locating Vampires and the Undead
-Alaska is very familiar with the body heat signatures of Leeches and the Undead
-Rhodes, your character, as a Vampire, would have a body heat of about 60F
-60F Body Heat would make 60F Clothing, bringing out a heat-center mark on Thermal Imaging
-Snow would make the temperature 32F or lower, with the Metal of Industrial air vents, you'd have 32F or lower vent temperature

Why, you ask? Because a 60F figure in the middle of two 32F- air vents would have your Sniper stick out like a sore thumb, particularly for someone who's trained with it.]

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 23 2007, 09:18 PM
[OOC: Ok Alaska, your the man with the experience. But before you go all terminator. Just remember that insulated coats have many layers, which keeps heat in but cold out. The coats inner most layers will warm up, your correct. But the outershell layers will not. Secondly, and more importantly, the vents are either sucking in cold air, or expelling hot air. Either of which would mask Rhodes from a side view. Dead on straight (front or back) and you may have a chance at detecting him. Lastly, if you were down in an alley, i'm assuming your looking head on at him. If thats the case, he sees you as well. Happy hunting.]

Rhodes watched as the hummers gas tank exploded in a great orange fireball.

"Boy if anyone was wearing any vision enhancements got an eyeful there," he chuckled as he thought to himself.

Rhodes rose up slightly to scan the ground movement. Agents were scattering, coming out from behind cover, picking themselves off the snowy, wet ground. Orders were being barked out all over. The sniper vamp just grinned, then gathered his belongings and glanced at the opposite rooftop at the other vampire dressed like an agent.

Posted by: Alaska Jan 23 2007, 11:37 PM
[Mm. You'd still have a Heat center. I've moved past the whole oil thing anyway. So, besides that, it's either he sees the Heat trail, or he manually does the search. Either way, it'd be key time for you to high-tail it.]

Posted by: Agent Armor Jan 24 2007, 02:54 AM
God, the Hummer! And the van with it's flat tires....this stopped lookin good five minutes ago. Now we were hurtin for certain. I just hoped the agents near it were okay.

I dashed to the new guy and Miller as quickly as I could, waving to attract some of the other Agents.

"Guys, face outwards, grab some cover and prepare to return fire! We could use a permeter here."

I looked at the new Agent, and it seriously felt good to recognize we had someone else in this situation who knew his stuff.

"I've got some first aid training, you guys okay? Let's get behind the Hummer."

Shit, if there were any more zombies around here, they'd be headed to to burning vehicle but we needed the cover if the agents were injured. Fuckin Stevie Wonder coulda saw that thing blow up.

"Does anyone have ANY contact with Roncas? He had a privately owned truck!"

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 25 2007, 12:00 PM
The assault agent yelled,

"We could be a whole lot worse! Most of these guys are mobile, and I know how to handle a few paper cuts!"

With that, however, he glanced at the burning vehicle, then at the throngs of undead milling toward the flames. The thing was like goddamn lighthouse. Between the sniper (which he STILL couldn't locate) and the Gs, the wreckage was the last place they wanted to stay at.

"We gotta get movin'! I could see this fire all the way from Bragg, and the Gs are a hell of a lot closer. We dig down and we're dead! I say we grab what vehicles we have left and use them as moving cover. Keep goin' until we rendezvous with the rest of the Regional troops. Shouldn't be long now, we were only the rapid response team!"

With that, he started heaving the SAC toward cover.

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 25 2007, 12:29 PM
{OOC: How many Vamps DO we have on the rooftops? I feel like its just Judder and myself all alone out here !?!?!?!?}

Rhodes noticed by the ground activity, the agents were strategizing and trying to get out of their stick predicament.

Time for some mind games. thought Rhodes as he slung his rifle on his back and pulled out a twin pair of .45's.

Moving silently, undetected amongst the rooftop shadows, he repositioned himself to get a better view of the bulk of the ground forces. He saw the fire was attracting more and more undead, which helped him with his job.

Rhodes began popping up on the rooftop firing rounds intermittently at the agents. He wasn't trying to kill persay, just distract, wound, and immobilize as many as possible. He would fire, then move with vampiric speed, firing as he ran. Every so often Rhodes would aim at an agents legs, trying to put a bullet in the shin or thigh. Leaping between buildings like a cat, the shadowy vampire was putting some distance between him and the majority of 'players' on the ground. He wanted to find a small group or force of bloodsuckers to get further orders.

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 25 2007, 02:13 PM
A round ricocheted off the ground and kicked up a small tuft of snow. Not a moment later, a nearby agent yelped and grasped his leg, a fountain of blood spouting from a new wound. The assault agent set down his charge behind solid cover and handed the man his submachinegun.

"I'll be right back, sir!" he told the man, before turning and dashing toward the wounded.

This was almost certainly suicide, he knew. But he also knew that if they took too many casualties and got bogged down now, it would be a massacre. True, more agents were imbound, but who knows what their ETA was? The long range radio was in the truck, and THAT had become a burning wreck.

Hoisting, the wounded man onto his shoulder, he began running back to cover. This is not the way to go. We cannot get stuck here. He thought to himself. Again.

"Okay, we gotta move! Everybody grab someone who can't walk and let's go! Get them to the vehicles, pad up the walls with the vests and start movin'! We stay here and we're all zombie fodder, got it!"

He followed his own advice and tossed his man into the back of one of the remaining vans. Binding the man's leg hastily, he comforted the agent and told him he'd be all right. Now all they had to do was keep the van rolling and hide behind it from sniper fire. Jesus, where's the main strike force?

"HEY! Anybody got a long range radio that works!?"

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 26 2007, 01:28 PM
Rhodes continued the guerrila tactics up for another clip in his .45's. He paused only a moment to reload both pistols. He peeked over the lip of the roof and mentally made some details out of the ground force, zombie count, locations, buring wrecks, etc.

As he leaned against the brick low roof wall, he felt something hard, poking against his back. Leaning forward, he tucked one of his .45's under his arm and reached inside his coats.

"What the..? OH, now I remember. Just for a rainy day I tossed this lil baby in there," smiled the vamp, pulling out a cylindrical device the size of two soda cans.

Rhodes holstered his offhand .45 and inspected the slightly higher constructed pipebomb. It had a PVC outer sleeve which he removed and set aside. The large section of pipe had several nails and ballbearings fixed to the outter shell. Upon detonation, the resulting shrapnel had a highly devastating effect. On one end was a small black plastic box with several wires and a single switch. Rhodes dug thru his pockets and pulled out a remote trigger to the explosive.

"Now. Just have to find a place to drop this baby and give them fleshies a real party," thought the vamp as glanced over the rim of the roof.

He didnt see any reinforcements arriving. Rhodes moved swiftly to a flanking position on the main body of agents. He scanned the area and calculated doing the most damage with his incindiary package. The vamp thought about taking out the few remaining vehicles, but decided that would be less effective as they would spread out or concentrate on a building. With him pretty much alone, that wouldn't work out best. Instead, Rhodes spotted a group of shamblers moving towards the agents. A small group of 5 or 6 were shuffling past the burning wrecks. Rhodes grinned wickedly thinking of vietnamese tactics used back in the day.

He checked quickly around the area, flipped the switch on the bomb, stood and slung the bomb right at the pack of zombies. Rhodes ducked and watched as his projectile soared thru the air and struck a zombie in the shoulder. The slightly spiky object stuck, for about 20 seconds, in the rotters flesh, then dropped to the ground.

"Damn. Guess he was softer than I guessed. Shit. Oh well, it'll have to do," he said softly as he thumbed the trigger lightly, waiting for the right moment.

Posted by: Judder Jan 26 2007, 11:52 PM
Judder drops his hand an takes aim through the scope of his rifle. Judder takes some potshots at the agents with the remington 700
but most of the shots fall close but not hitting them. He throws the rifle at them and watches it thunk down on a car near them, he laughs as one of the agents is struck a blow upon the back of the head by the rifle.

Thats when he notices the older vampire has stopped and is watching a group of zombies, Judder's eyes focus in on the large improvise explosive device.
"Oh, Shit" Judder yells as he drops on his belly on the roof of the building.

Posted by: Alaska Jan 27 2007, 01:50 AM
[Ugh, the IED or Pipe bomb whatever the Hell you want to call it. What materials are we assuming it's made out of?]

Posted by: Agent Armor Jan 27 2007, 02:15 AM
I snapped a round at the vamp sniper with my shotgun, but he seemed duck it, as something clanked to the pavement behind me.

Enough is enough.

"Alaska, you runnin this show? We've been pop cans on a fence for these bastards long enough, and we keep taking wounded! Pretty soon none of us are gonna be able to move! Give us the order to charge those fuckin buildings already. While you had a three man team clearing buildings, the rest of us were a shooting gallery over here."

Posted by: Alaska Jan 27 2007, 05:39 AM
Kind enough of a fellow agent as Alaska moved silently through the dark, rang out the cliché "I'm gonna die, let's just fuck everything up" call, he sighed, moved close to the wall to his side, back straight, then had his message echo throughout the skirmish, "Armor you should good and well know that in a situation like this, it's either a hell of a lot or not a lot. We sure as hell don't have enough for the former, so I had to take the latter. I understand your frustration but our asses would've been cold and dead had we tried to swarm the building. All except two or three leeches are dead, you've taken out all the zeds and I'm making my way up to the most problematic of the vamps, so sit tight and stay low and be careful."

He lunged back out onto an opposing street, Night Hawk raised. After a brief survey of the buildings around him, he took what appeared to have the most height, and kicked the door but to no avail, then just shot it open. Inside he quickly checked the ERW[Electric Resonance Wave] visor, which directed him quickly to a staircase tucked away in the dark, take the steps two, sometimes three at a time, until out of breath, he located an elevator.

Taking it quietly to the top, Or near the top, anyway... Alaska checked once again for the flight of stairs, then progressed to the top. Outside, the cool air made the sweet clash of hot on cold, and he was refreshed, but that wasn't what was important, what was important was finding the wise-ass vampire of whom kept on taking potshots at the agents below, it took him perhaps the longest it had ever taken him to locate the leech, perhaps because of the snow. As he scanned, the visor picked up the slightest heat source, two buildings away.

"Mother fucker..."

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 27 2007, 01:56 PM
(OOC: Still waitin' for someone to reply about that radio...)

Posted by: Agent Armor Jan 27 2007, 11:39 PM
(OOC: Likewise. I have a cell phone. I don't know how many other Agents do or do not have cell phones or radios. And we have no vehicles.)

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 28 2007, 03:53 AM
[OOC: Pipebomb. N.-a length of pipe filled with black powder or other explosive material designed to explode, causing immediate structural damage either thru heat or shrapnel.
A length of pipe (two soda cans together both long and in diameter) filled with blackpowder and a small blasting cap detonator attached at one end with a remote detonator. The outer of the pipe has ducktaped nails and several ballbearing to it.]

Rhodes watched and smiled. He pressed the little button on the detonator, hunkering way down below the roof line.

The explosion was nothing fancy nor spectacular as a 4th July rocket, however the small explosion sent the nearby zombies flying in all directions. The nails and bearings taped to the bomb went speeding in all directions. The zombies surrounding took the brunt, however a few unlucky agents fell to the ground clutching at their legs, arms, shoulders and torso as the nails embeded deeply.
Nothing serious or life threatening to a healthy body, but it was meant to scare, and slow down.

Rhodes chuckled and quickly got to his feet, dropping the detonator and speeding along the roof tops, to take up another position.

Rule #2 of sniping. Always keep on the move after you've fired or detonated.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 28 2007, 04:18 AM
OOC: As to what those pipebombs are made out of I'm going to declare right now that it's stuff that explodes. We don't need to be telling kids how to make pipebombs, and I really don't need the Department of Homeland Security looking through my hard drive.

"Sorry guys, but I didn't think to bring any long range radios. This was supposed to be an in and out sort of mission. You know, cruise on into the joint, get down to the point and clean out a few rotting fleshbags." I said while I propped myself against a bench.

I thought about what was going on. Armor was right, we were getting slaughtered out here like a game of Duck Hunt.

"Alright, this is not a good situation. And despite the vampires taking pot shots at us we did clear out all the zombies so I'd have to say our mission objectives are basically done. Meaning we've got no reason to stick around. I've got the van parked a while down, I'm not sure how to get to it but if we can we can use it to bug out." I explained. I may not have been officially in charge, but I did know the mission objectives.

Posted by: Alaska Jan 28 2007, 05:09 AM
[Ha. No, I was asking for the purpose of a post I may make.]

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 28 2007, 08:00 AM
No long-range radio. Aagh, perfect.

The assault agent took a look at his surroundings. The list of casualties was piling up and the ground was peppered with wounded agents. The guerilla sniping was taking them apart, and they were fast losing their mobility. Pretty soon, getting out of dodge would no longer be a valid option.

He swung his head around to the SAC and spoke, his voice coming across as more insubordinate than intended, but the situation was getting quite desperate.

"Sir, hate to interrupt, but we gotta move or we might as well shoot ourselves and get it over with. If we wanna get outta here, we gotta haul ass right NOW, cuz that sniper can go all day."

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 28 2007, 02:24 PM
[OOC: Yeah cyber i know enough about that to not post details on the 'how to make'... but what i DID post was general and broad knowledge wink.gif ]

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 28 2007, 09:21 PM
OOC: Just figured I'd mention it ahead of time, just to be on the safe side. But I'll let what's already posted stay up. Unless of course the DoHS shows up at my house, in which case you guys owe me a Coca-Cola.

Posted by: Agent Armor Jan 30 2007, 03:43 PM
Damn but it was good to have Miller back in action.

"You're right sir, we have to scoot...But the boss took off into a building by himself. Do we wait for him to get back, or split now?"

We could gain entry into the building, I would be safer there...But we would still be stuck, pinned down. And it would cost us men to get out of there alive. Then again, all of us hanging out in the parking lot waiting for him to assault the building all by himself means casualties too.

But we couldn't just take off on a fellow Agent...

"Maelstrom, is it? How about we try a good old center peel back to the van, we could bring it up here...but how long we can have it sittin here before it gets shot to shit, I do not know."

(OOC: does the van have a flat tire?)

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 30 2007, 04:12 PM
[OOC: Do you want it too have a flat tire?.. hehehehehehhe.... cool.gif ]

Posted by: Alaska Jan 30 2007, 06:15 PM
[Alaska took out all of the Snipers on the infamous rooftop, and I didn't see you mention others, so for all attentive purposes, only the important NPC vampire and the PC vampires are left.]

As soon as he reached the adjacent rooftop, he knew something was wrong, it only took him a few moments of searching around the vast metal vents before he came upon that the Vampire was gone. Cursing, he swept the area until it was obvious. He sighed, the mission was success sure, the Zeds were dead but the important Leeches were gone, even with so many dead. He shook his head then moved for the radio at his side, "All agents, this is Alaska, our primary objective is complete. Your new orders are to rendezvous at the field HQ two clicks southeast, there is a van Point-Two clicks south as well as a government Humvee. I'm moving to that location now. Alaska out."

Posted by: Maelstrom Jan 31 2007, 11:41 AM
The assault agent was wracking his brains for ideas when the radio crackled to life. "Rendezvous at the field HQ?"
The man looked up at his fellow agent and smiled,

"Well, I guess that solves ONE of our problems. Let's peel back to the vans. Oh, and the name's Harding. Warren Harding Junior, codename "Maelstrom." And you don't have to call me 'sir'."

With that, he hefted the temporary SAC onto his shoulder again and jerked his head toward their intended target.

"Now, shall we?"

With that, he turned and started to move.

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 31 2007, 02:57 PM
Rhodes was pressed against a wall, hidden by shadows. The snow was beginning to fall in greater quantities. He watched, quietly, as the agents swept and cleared the area. He smiled to himself. When the rooftop activity was clear, he stealthily retrieved his canvas bag with all his belongings. Adjusting the sniper rifle slung on his back, he quickly rifled thru the bag and pulled out several extra clips. After breaking down his rifle and putting it in the bag, he dug thru his pants pocket and found a set of car keys. The vamp checked the ground movement, satisfied he'd done all he could really do, he moved from building to building until he reached a safe place to drop to ground level.

"Hmm. What do we have here? Looks like a lone rotter, trolling around," thought Rhodes as he peered over the roof's edge.

Dropping like a meteor from heaven, the sniper landed on the hunched zombie, stomping it to the ground. Bending over quickly, he snatched the head off and stuck a hunting knife thru the skull to end its miserable undead existance.
Turning the rotting head over in his hands, he saw it was a 30something male, missing an eye and skin peeled back from the lips to the tip of the nose.
Grimacing, he set it gently on the ground, pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled a quick note it.

~"Bitter and cold, biting deep and taking hold, twas only the wind this time, whence next we meet you'll be mine."~

Rhodes picked the head up and stuffed the note in the zombies mouth. He strolled nonchalantly down the alley and peeked at the streets around him. He spotted several agents helping their wounded, exterminating anything remotely resembling a zombie.

Rhodes chucked the rotten skull in a high arc towards the agents. As soon as he released, he spun on his heel and trotted off into the cold blustery Seattle night.

Posted by: Alaska Jan 31 2007, 06:18 PM
[Right. I'm not sure if the site covers this or anything, and I'm not planning on using it against you Vamps or anything, but can vampires be turned to zombies from bites?]

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 31 2007, 10:53 PM
OOC: They sure can, there's a brief mention of it on the site somewhere. And now that this seems to be wrapping up I'm going to let in a couple more posts before we close this mission down and go rolling with another.

Posted by: Alaska Jan 31 2007, 11:29 PM
[Ha. Vampire Zombie. Zombpire... Vambie! The mission wrap-up sounds good. I'll close off again, lest any one else want to.]

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 31 2007, 11:57 PM
[OOC: yes i concur they can be turned...they basically become a blood sucking meat eating ghoul]

Posted by: Alaska Feb 1 2007, 01:42 AM
[Stupid Zombpire. Oh well, it's there problem now. Teehee.]

Posted by: Maelstrom Feb 1 2007, 11:46 AM
(Um... I think someone with more seniority should answer that post by Rhodes. After all, Harding is new, he wouldn't know what the hell was up with the zombie head.)

Posted by: Judder Feb 2 2007, 02:56 AM
Judder slides down the side of an fire escape and slides down the ladder to the ground as he is momentarily sidetracked by a flying head. Judder heads in the direction that the head was thrown from and finally comes face to face with the sniper.

"Im Judder, Mind if i go with you?" he asks the mysterious vampire.


Posted by: Agent Armor Feb 2 2007, 03:12 AM
(OOC: Not that I am that senior, I was the cherry before you signed up Mr. Harding).

Covering the egress of the wounded agents I saw a shadow scurry down an alley and raised my weapon....just in time to see something tumbling through the air.

"Get down! Its a...."


The severed head thunked and bounced towards us from across the pavement, making sick rolls as it slowed down.

I trotted over to it, very much scared it was from one of my comrades...and was...well about as relieved as one could really be to see a zombie's head staring at you. With paper in the mouth.

Well hell, it didn't look jury rigged.

I kicked it over to the guys (I ain't touchin no fuckin zombie head)

"Looks like there's a note stuffed in it's man pleaser, boss"

Posted by: Rhodes Feb 2 2007, 05:47 PM
Rhodes was walking briskly when the other bloodsucker came trotting up to him, asking if he could tag along.

Not reknown for his 'buddy-system' ethics, Rhodes made an exception, realizing after a moment, this guy was the one who walked right thru the agents in disguise and sabotaged their vehicle.

"Sure. You can tag along. I'm parked just round the corner, Rhodes' the name," he replied, mustering a smile as best as he could before continuing along his route.

He never offered his hand to the newcomer, mainly because anyone approaching him would be reason to have a gun or knife in hand. The case still held true, bloodsucker or not, Rhodes only trusted three things in this world, his gun, his knife, and his skills. As Judder walked along, Rhodes had his hands in his coat pocket, and a small silenced .22 semi-auto that he carried at all times.

Rhodes, with his free hand, pulled out a set of keys and began squeezing the unlock button repeatedly, slowing down. Eventually a car's lights flashed, it was a simple 4door dodge shadow, white in color. He walked to the rear, driver side door and tossed his bag in the back seat then got behind the wheel.

Posted by: Maelstrom Feb 7 2007, 11:51 AM
(OOC: Uh...seriously. Someone, one of the SACs perhaps, needs to reply to all this.)

Posted by: Alaska Feb 8 2007, 03:16 AM
[A'ight, sorry, I was waiting for Cyber or someone to respond. My post is the closing post of this thread, so, yeah.]

As Alaska moved onward, he heard a cry out from behind him, turning around swiftly he dashed to where the cry was, as he grew nearer to the origin of the shout, he found a lower-ranking agent standing, befuddled, at what appeared to be an Undead's head, severed, containing what looked like a note within its mouth, taking extreme care, he slowly moved for the swiss army knife tucked away near his combat boots, pulling it up, he pulled up the scissors from within it, then slowly used them to pull the note out, refraining from touching it, he read the message inscribed, ~Bitter and cold, biting deep and taking hold, twas only the wind this time, whence next we meet you'll be mine~
. He stood, contemplating the message for a moment or two before he let the note fall, and he pulled back his arm and let the pocket knife loose out away from him as far as he could throw it, on the account that Zombie Flesh is toxic.

Once again, moving forward, he removed the government Cell Phone at his side and dialed in a number, waiting briefly before a voice came up on the other end, "Command, this is Agent Alaska currently in Seattle, Washington. We encountered and disposed of the Undead threat, while meeting some Vampire resistance, which now have all been terminated by my actions, we will be meeting at the field HQ, then leave to return back to headquarters, as I see and call it, this mission was indeed a success, Agent Alaska out."


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