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Posted by: Templar Nov 24 2006, 04:26 AM
In the north Montana city of Aurora, people and pets have been turning up dead or missing. Many of which found are torn to pieces or have severed limbs. Blood is evident around the bodies, which suggests it's not vampires, but no one is certain what is causing this mayhem. Some say its zombies. Others say the claw marks and pawprints mean its werewolves. Either way, the city is terrified. No one leaves their houses between dusk and dawn, and strange noises are coming from the Echoe Woods to the north of the city. The mayor has officially declared the city under curfew, fearing that anyone out at night won’t return. Many are questioning these attacks and the mayor’s reaction to them.

(Above originally posted by Cyber78)

It has been thirty six hours since the vampires attacked the Wellingford manor. Lord Wellingford is in FVZA custody and their protection, held up in his now taped-off manor. The agency has decided to investigate the original killings in the area, sending out several investigatory teams to the surrounding area and city to find out what the hell happened.

Vincent and the other vampire’s whereabouts are unknown at the moment and it is unknown whether they will strike again.

The FVZA is now in the area in force due to the Manor incident.

*Please sign up for this mission in the OOC forum

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 24 2006, 05:01 AM
When I finally woke up I was in this room with a bunch of medical equipment, nearly everything was white, the bed I found myself laying on had white sheets and a big cherry red button, and I was dressed in one of those rediculous gowns. That told me that I was in some sort of hospital or something, and that led me to the conclusion that there were needles and IV's nearby that were likely to be stuck into me.. Suddenly I felt that I'd rather be knocked out in that old guy's basement than were I was.

But the first priority was getting my clothes back and then changing out of the rediculous gown I was in. Second priority would be to find my M1911 and knife. Third thing to do was figure out what was happening. And the fourth thing on my list of things to do for the day was to get myself something to drink.

I checked to make sure nothing was hooked up to me that might cause pain if I suddenly got up, and much to my pleasure there was nothing. So I hopped out of the bed, walked out of the room and saw two nurses. One was young, pretty and blonde, while the other one was older and less pretty. My first instinct was to talk to the prettier of the two, but my head told me to ask the older one for help. As bad as it is to stereotype I figured the pretty one probably got through life pretty easy so she wouldn't be as helpful.

"Excuse me maam, but it seems that I've got some wardrobe difficulties that you might be able to help me with." I said to the older nurse.

"What do I look like? Your maid?!" Exclaimed the nurse.

"Uh... what?" I said in a confused manner.

"Oh nevermind. Alice get over here and help this patient!" Shouted the nurse.

Almost as if trained like a dog, the young blond nurse immediatley came over towards me and the older nurse walked off while pulling out a pack of cigarettes.

"Can I help you sir?" Asked Alice, the blond nurse.

"Um... yeah... you see it seems that I'm not properly dressed... and I can't find my pants... or any of my clothes for that manner..." I said meekly. Alice let out a quick giggle and asked for my name so that she could help me out.

"The name's Miller, John Miller." I said, immediatley regretting trying to act like a well known British spy.

"Wow, so my boyfriend was wrong. Government agents really do talk like that!" Said Alice. I was getting the feeling she was either mocking me or she really was as dumb as her hair color suggested.

"Yeah... so about my pants..." I said trying to get back to business.

"Oh right, I'll be back in a minute John." She said as she walked to the elevator, hopefully to fetch my clothes.

And so she returned five minutes later with my clothes. I gave her a quick thanks and went back into the room I had woken up in. After a minute or two of trying to figure out how to get the curtain to slide I finally got it to work and changed my clothes in near privacy. Finally I was looking like a professional.

Now if only I had a clue as to where my team was.

Posted by: Drunkentiger123 Nov 24 2006, 05:57 AM
Guy Graphon walked into hallway.

"Hey man, how ya feeling?"

edited by Templar for grammer

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 24 2006, 06:09 AM
I saw a familiar face walk into the hallway, it was about time somebody showed up. It seemed that Guy was the only one decent enough to come fetch me.

"In all honesty I feel like I've just been gang raped by a whole state prison since you ask. But in the meantime I don't suppose you have any clue where the rest of my stuff is, what the hell's going on, and where the rest of the team is do you?" I answered and then asked Guy.

Posted by: goteamventure15 Nov 24 2006, 07:15 AM
(Jesse and Julie Sawyer are walking down the hall during a lively conversastion. Jesse has a large black backpack. They turn the corner and both stop dead in their tracks. Jesse burst out laughing while Julie kinda stares embarrassed for Miller. Jesse is bending over trying to catch his breath between laughs.)

JESSE SAWYER: God damn it Miller! I've seen you wear some pretty tasteless shit but this...this takes the cake.

JULIE SAWYER: Don't listen to him. Jesse wishes he had battle wounds to show off. He needs all the help he can get, when it comes to the ladies.

JESSE SAWYER: Please...the day I become a recruitment grunt to meet women. Anyway, I brought your shit Miller.

(Jesse hands him the black backpack.)

Posted by: KJ Crush Nov 24 2006, 07:50 AM
QUOTE (Cyber78 @ Nov 24 2006, 06:09 AM)
"In all honesty I feel like I've just been gang raped by a whole state prison since you ask. "


Posted by: Judder Nov 25 2006, 03:35 AM
OOC: I got permission to post from Templar.

A great shouting came from the entrance of the hallway. The enraged voice of Judder rebounded across the bare hospital walls like a zealously thrown rubber ball.

"What do you mean he can't come in here?" The nurse that had left John with the younger, prettier nurse to take a ciggarette break was blocking Judder and Razor's path into the hospital.

All of a sudden Razor's clipped ears slanted back to his head. A low growling began to eminate from his throat. Razor's gums slide back to reveal perfect white teeth, the kind made for ripping and mauling. The dog slowly walked towards the now terrified nurse, intimidating her and making her step back against the wall.

Judder watched this with satisfaction and walked past the terrified nurse. As he reached the corridor where Miller's room was, he called to Razor;

"Razor, come on boy" Razor looks at the woman for a moment and then ran to catch up with Judder.

Posted by: KJ Crush Nov 25 2006, 05:09 AM
( OOC: I hope you don't mind me using Razor, Judder. )

A howl echoed through the air, as a 7'5" monster steped out from the woodland area and made it's way into the back streets of Aurora, Montana. With peircing yellow eyes, he made his way through the alley ways, searching for prey. As he turned the corner of a rather large building, he spotted chiled with a cast on his leg, who seemed to be by himself, and with a huff he darted forward. The child looked to his right to see a 7 foot, wolf with what seemed to be endless rows of teeth, that latched onto the childs arm and pulled him to the ground, the Wolf then began to tear at the small boys flesh, it seemed he had caught his preyy...

Meanwhile as Judder and Razor entered the room, Razor darted tword the window. Razor stood on his back leg, bracinghimself aginst the window seal and began to bark out the window. Outside a comotion could be heard, sounds of a child screaming aswell as grunts and loud banging sounds, Razor continued to bark out the window...

Posted by: Alaska Nov 25 2006, 06:49 PM
[Wait. Have we confirmed It is a Werewolf? Cyber, I thought Werewolves weren't OK'd yet, and even so. The stuff on the site does not indicate a size increase, just some physical changes, right, either way, I'm posting, as it doesn't really look like many people care. If you need me to take my post down, then post or something.]

It had been about an hour after his plane touched down that he made it to Aurora. He had sped across the highway in the nice car the Government had provided for him, to which he was directed toward a Hospital, they didn't have the specifics, all they said was he was at a hospital. He only stopped once, or rather, was stopped once, by a passing Police Officer who apparently missed the Government plates on the back of the car. Alaska had briefly explained the situation, and then the Cop directed him toward the Hospital. Awful nice of him.

As Alaska stepped into the hospital, he was met with odd looks. Perhaps it was the suit, or something. As he stepped up to the receptionist, he asked, "Hi, I was looking for a, uh, Mister John Miller?" She began to look down to her computer monitor before she did a double-take, then looked at him and spoke, "Under what relation?" Alaska, caught unawares simply said, "Oh...uh... No relation." almost instantly after he said that, she replied, saying, "Well, our apologies then, but I can't let you see him. Alaska smiled a rather cynical smile, "Miss, I asked you nicely once, but now I'm going to ask you again, only this time, under the pretense that I'm a Federal Agent sent by the Government."

The Receptionist laughed so hard she nearly fell out of her chair, "You, you're a Federal agent!?" she broke off laughing again, "You're too young!" He sighed, then pushed his hand into one of the pockets, and took it out with his wallet, flipped it open and revealed his ID and Badge. "Ma'am, I'm going to ask again, where is John Miller?" The woman immediately sobered up and told him where to go.

Alaska stepped out of the Elevators, a little disoriented, as hospitals had that effect on him, he looked to his left, then to his right and moved on. As what appeared to be Nurses moved around, and the occasional doctor in a white Labcoat walked by, he started to get the feeling he was sticking out like a sore thumb. Maybe it was the Trenchcoat. Maybe the Suit, probably the Fedora, he shrugged, it didn't matter anyway, not until he saved half the Staff's ass from something dangerous. As he stepped around a corner, he heard the statement, "In all honesty I feel like I've just been gang raped by a whole state prison, since you ask. But in the meantime I don't suppose you have any clue where the rest of my stuff is, what the hell's going on, and where the rest of the team is, do you?" He moved briskly onto seeing two men standing and speaking to each other. Bingo.

Stepping in next to them, he started to speak, in response to the confused looks on their faces. "Hello, I'm, uh, Agent Alaska, I head the armory over at HQ. I read up on the reports, then got a message from the bigwigs that I was needed up here. Something about needing a Shadow for the mission, they told me as soon as my plane touched down to locate a John Miller at one of the hospitals, turns out there's only one. Not surprising. My planet touched down not too long ago, and now I'm here. Where do I need to go?"

Posted by: Randall Nov 26 2006, 03:19 AM
Some distance away from the town lay a cave, it entrance cleverly hidden with rocks and brush making it practically invisible to all but the most trained eye. Within the small cavern lay several bodies seemingly dead to the world. And for the most part this wasn't too far from the truth.

A group of vampires lay resting until the sun finally set and they would be free to walk the earth again. Only one body, near the entrance, showed signs of movement.

Randall sat there going over his latest footage in his digital camcorder. When he was on watch duty there really wasn't much else he could do to pass the time. He adjusted his sunglasses, the only way he could stare at the small LCD screen with hurting his eyes, and pressed the play button again.

His internal clock was telling him it wouldn't be too long before the sun finally set and the others would awaken, something he was looking forward too after several hours of boredom. Still, it was nice to know they trusted him enough for guard duty, if only a little.

He raised his head up as he saw the bodies begin to move. Wouldn't be long now.

Posted by: Templar Nov 26 2006, 03:36 AM
OOC: Alaska, if he wants to be a werewolf, let him be a werewolf. So speakith the one in charge of his mission.


Vincent sturred. He rose from the cot he had been sleeping on from deep within the cave and shook his head to clear it. His knee hurt like a bitch but was already healing. The nurse they had bitten a few weeks back was sure paying her rent within the order, the fresh bandages wrapping the bullethole in his knee.

I am going to snap that bastard's neck when I get the chance, he thought to himself.

The pack was going to move out and see what they could due about the FVZA in the area. Vincent walked up behind the guard they had set up for the day. He was fiddling with that camera of his.

Fancies himself an filmmaker... Good for him...

Posted by: Roncas Nov 26 2006, 05:05 AM
OOC: Hey Tmplar since this is a new one and i missed part one ima hop on in.


Roncas had arrived in Aurora City a hour ago after a long flight from New Orleans. I was providing a special lecture to an old friend back in his professor days. The man was a zombie enthusiast as myself and asked me all sorts of questions. I had to give him the old Top Secret BS because well I didn't feel like getting in trouble.

I missed the first assult up here and was rather disappointed. They seemed to have gotten into some trouble while fighting off soem baddies. The military vechicle dropped me off at teh hospitol that John was stationed at. I walked through the door and asked the recpetionist where John's room was. She was reluctant but hurried me in when I showed her my badge.

I took the elevator down and headed to John's room. I saw a few other agents there and greeted them accordonly. I sighed when I saw John all wrapped up.

"Can't go a day wihtout me helping can, ya? If I woulda known it was this tough I would have canceled my classes to help ya'll."

I reached down and sctratched Razor's head. I've grown kind of fond of the dog it is a filler for my old lab I lost a few months back. I reached into my pocket and gave him a treat. "Good boy."

Posted by: Drunkentiger123 Nov 26 2006, 05:26 AM
to cyber:

"hey, whyre you asking me? Ive bin away for the last few days! it should be ME asking questions to YOU! so... what the f*** happened to ya all?"

Posted by: Templar Nov 26 2006, 05:27 AM
OOC: No problem Roncas

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 26 2006, 05:28 AM
After taking a lot of "sympathy" from my coworkers I finally got dressed and ready, with all my stuff. I loaded my M1911, checked to make sure the safety was on, and slid it into my holster.

Now that I was ready it had seemed that there were a few agents waiting for me.. It was good to know that people seemed to care about my well being.

"Alright lady and gentlemen, I'm glad to see that you're all alive and well." I said as I cracked my neck and straightened my tie.

"But back on to the mission. As I'm sure you all know, what happened at the mansion wasn't pretty, if memory serves correctly those bastards killed Kenny. But I don't suppose that we can dwell on that, what we need to focus on is that we came to this town for a reason. Even though we succeeded in killing some vampires there's still plenty of them left, and we can't exactly leave until we've taken care of all of them." I said to explain the situation as I saw the blonde nurse Alice was suddenly watching us.

She'd probably heard me mention the word "vampires" and was probably trying to figure out if that's what I actually said. I looked right into her eyes, blinked once and then turned away to explain my plan for the mission.

"So anyhow, the problem is we don't know if they're going to skip town on us or if they're intent on holding their turf. So to be on the safe side we'll want to stay in town for at least a week, keep our eyes and ears open to odd stuff going on, and then act accordingly. I'll have the police give us a call at the hotel if any sort of assaults or homicides come up since in a place this small violent crime is rare enough where it'll run a high chance of us wanting to investigate it. But assuming we don't hear of anything weird happening all week then just think of it as a vacation. In the meantime I'll go out to buy us some beers and we'll have poker night in my hotel room tonight."

Posted by: Templar Nov 26 2006, 05:47 AM
Vincent placed his hand on the day guard's arm, patting it to let him know his shift was over. The pack leader waved his hand and several vampires gathered about him.

"Alright boys, this is how we are going to do this. We all know that the FVZA is in town. They are NEVER a good sign for our kind nor our order. If we are to take them on, we are going to need to be at full strength. You three will bring back Intel for us on the FVZA." Vincent said pointing to three senior members of his pack.

"You bunch will stay here and guard the cave and the blood packets the order has supplied us with." He said sweeping his arm over half the number assembled.

"And the rest of you will come with me to cause some what of a 'stir' in the city. Got that?" The bloodsuckers all shouted their approval and the plan was set into motion.


The group of vampires stalked over the high fence and into the backyard of one of the citizens of the city. By the looks of it, the owner was some type of hunting aficionado; the heads of all kinds of animals mounted on the inside of his house that were clearly visible through the windows.

This should be fun..., The bloodsucker thought.

They snuck in, Vincent punching his hand through the door's small glass window and turning the handle on the inside.

No alarm... dumb shit...

The pack spread out, moving throughout the building with practiced proficiency. The owner was passed out on a chair, a bottle of Jack Daniel's in his hand.


He pointed to one of his men and told them to take care of the hunter.

"I'll be checking out the man's gun stash..." Vincent said laughing evilly to himself.

Posted by: Roncas Nov 26 2006, 06:15 AM
I was glad to see that miller was better. I decided not to dwell on kenny for I barely knew the kid. ((OMG you killed kenny! You bastard!)) I half smiled at the idea of drinking. I haven't been a big fan since I lost my brother to alcohol poisoning and I try to stay away from the stuff.

"You can drink. If there are vampires around do not expect me to be drun. I like to be aware of my surroundings. Anyway. It makes it easier for me to win ya'lls money. Give me a call on my cell phone when ya'll are going to play."

I stood up and walked out. The sun was setting and a cool breeze began to fill the night. I took out a cigarette and began smokign it while stairing out at the sunset. I waved to the military escort to pick me up and bring me to the hotel I had a room at.

If those vampire freaks are still out and about they best not expect to catch me off gaurd...

30 min later I arrived at my destination and told the escort he was relieved from duty for the night. I walked into my room and made sure to lock the door and check the room. After everything was clear I took a quick shower and unzipped my bag. I put on a pair of black spandex material and put on the kevlar armor pieces. They were positioned on my chest, arms, legs, and one around my neck. I slid two boweing knives into thier slots.

I put on a long sleeve button down which fit looslely over the under garments and slipped on my pants which fitted likewise. I put my DE in its holster and threw on my sports jacket.

Now to wait for Miller to call.

Posted by: Judder Nov 26 2006, 08:56 AM
OOC: Why, not I'll post.

Judder felt slightly embarrased when Razor had jumped up at the window and barked. Even though Razor had calmed down enough when Roncas came in.

Judder leans up against the wall that is not viewable by the hallway.

When this new person, in a trenchcoat of all things shows up. Judder listens intently to the man but kind of misses the words after "Hello, I'm, uh, Agent Alaska".

Razor gets interested in the new arrival and pads over towards him.

Judder walks around the nurse while John is doing his little speech about the things that go bump in the night. He leans up behind the wideyed alert blonde haired girl.
The girl jumps and hightails it out of the room, Startling Razor who is still sniffing around the Alaska fellow.

OOC: I know i butchered the present tense thing in this. Please bear with me as im trying

Posted by: Jay Nov 26 2006, 07:40 PM
OOC: Sorry I'm late, got carried away with playing Stepmania.

IC: Jay woke up as a jolt hit him in the back. He grunted and murmured sleepily, "Wh't th' hell?"
A man wearing a white coat leaned into his blurry field of vision and said quietly, "Just rest. You've just come out of surgery for removal of bullets in your arm and leg."


Lucidity returned to Jay with the force of somebody puching him in the stomach. "What the hell? Where am I? Where are the agents? How did I get here?" He tried to sit up, but was pushed down by two people who he could not see.
"Give him a sedative. I think he's going to be struggling."


The next few hours seemed like a dream, a dream where you cannot wake up or move your body, but are rooted to the spot in the middle of infinity...

Jay woke again to the sound of muffled voices. He groaned and shifted to see his shoulder, which was heavily bandaged. His thoughts drifted to the vampire who had done this, and he allowed himself some grim satisfaction at the knowledge that the hole he had shot in its knee had to be giving him as much pain now as his arm was. The voices returned, and he pinpointed their location as being through the wall.

Why won't these bastards shut up, so I can sleep? Maybe there'll be someone who knows WHY I'm in this hellhole.

He sat up in the bed and gagged at the wave of nausea that ran through him. Cursing, he half-rolled out of the bed onto his good right leg and leaned against the wall. Using the wall as a place to rest his back against, he shuffled out of the room. A young blonde-haired nurse rushed past him without even noticing his efforts to escape. She looked rather pre-occupied, he thought to himself.
The room she had left was where the voices were coming from.

Maybe someone is hitting on her?

Jay entered the doorway from which the voices were coming from and staggered into the doorway.

"Hey, you people! Shut up, some of us have just got out of surgery!" he yelled, then stared at the people assembled inside.

Posted by: Templar Nov 27 2006, 02:52 AM
Vincent pulled the small string that was hanging from the ceiling. The light hanging in the closet clicked on, illuminating the small room.

Oh my God..., the bloodsucker thought to himself.

Inside was the most expansive gun collection outside of a retailer he had ever seen. Rifles, shotguns, high powered hunting revolvers and magazine fed pistols sat on custom made display shelves. Vincent smiled his toothy grin and picked up a Colt, admiring the custom engraving on the grip that must have cost an arm and a leg.

Like a kid in a candy store.

The vampire grabbed the 1911's leg holster and strapped it to his leg, that smile still glued to his features. He slid in two clips of ammo into the side pouches and loaded the gun with another. He snapped the gun in place and looked around for anything else that caught his eye.

Two of his vampires followed him in. Vincent turned and grinned at his fellows. He grabbed two high powered rifles off of the rack to his right and threw the guns to the pack mates. They snatched the weapons out of the air and secured them to their backs with the attached straps, turning to see what else to loot.

Vincent then saw the back of the gun closet, the only part of the room that was still thrown into shadows. The vamp snuck over and clicked on the light. There, on a gorgeously made stand, was one of the prettiest guns the vampire had ever seen.


"Oh my... Yes please." the vampire said as he took the weapon for himself and a bag to hold all the extra clips of ammunition he was going to need.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 27 2006, 03:01 AM
"Well good morning to you too sunshine." I said to Jay as he shouted about just getting out of surgury. Sure must've sucked for him to have taken the beating he did back at the manor.

"Anyhow guys, for now I'm going to head out and do a little bit of shopping. I need to pick up some more 45ACP ammo, and some stuff for poker night tonight. If anybody wants to come along that's fine by me." I said as I stretched my limbs a bit before I walked over to the elevator.

The color of the elevator appeared to be some kind of byproduct of vomit mixed with melted plastic army men, like the carpet you'd expect to find in a retirement home or a DMV office. The cushions felt about as soft as jumping from the Sears Tower on to the concrete below, it reeked of smoke, and there was a mysterious red blotch on the floor. What appeared to be cigarette buts mixed with various crushed pills and some kind of mysterious orange sticky substance was sitting in the corner as if waiting to attack, and there was a dead cockroach sitting on top of the mixture.

Those clues together told me quite possibly the worst thing you'll ever want somebody to tell you about a hospital you're staying at short of being told "¿Usted tienen gusta de su nuevo corazón?". And that conclusion was that this was... *drum roll*... a public hospital. Suddenly I was wondering what they'd been injecting me with while I was unconcious, and then I realized I really didn't want to know.

When the elevator finally arrived at the ground floor after what seemed an eternity staring at the odd mixture in the corner, I practically flew out into the lobby. I saw an interesting collection of people roaming ranging from young to old. One gentleman appeared as though he'd just lost a fight against Godzilla, while one woman in her 50's had obviously just done with a bit of cosmetic work. I was getting the feeling that what ever she was injected with it wasn't botox, judging by her skin tone I was guessing that it was a flavor of Jello-O that was rejected by the FDA. And then there was one guy with a cane and a limp who went past that I could've sworn I'd seen on some medical TV show.

Finally I got out of the lobby and outside where I spied the parking lot. By the time I reached my Jeep I'd been approached by no less than five homeless people and had a vodka bottle thrown at me by a guy resembling Boris Yeltsin. Having no desire to stick around a hospital that even the vampires were probably afraid to take anything from I stuck my keys in the ignition, tunred on the vehicle and backed out of my spot. Upon driving past the front I decided to pull over and wait a minute or two to see if any of the other agents needed a ride away from this modern medical equivilent of a death camp.

Posted by: Judder Nov 27 2006, 03:07 AM
Judder decides to take John up on his offer. Instead of the elevator though, He and Razor takes the stairs. Judder jumps most of the stairs to save time, Razor follows suit easily. Judder bursts out of a side exit near the front and runs to the Jeep. He opens the door and razor jumps in. Judder hops in. he turns to John. "Lets get out of here".

Posted by: Randall Nov 27 2006, 03:42 AM
Randall walked down the hallway of the house as Vincent and the other vampires headed upstairs. He had already "taken care" of the owner of the place and had left him for the others to feed on. He himself wasn't really into drinking the blood of a drunk person, just didn't taste right. Now with nothing better to do he saw fit to check out the rest of the house.

He made his way into another room, and he saw something that made his heart skip a beat.

"Oh my God." Randall thought to himself.

There in front of comfy looking armchair had to be the biggest plasma screen TV Randal had ever seen, accompanied with a really nice pair of speakers. On a nearby self Randall could see the remote.

"Don't mind if I do."

Grabbing the remote and taking a sit he started flipping through channels. Golf, weather, cartoons, a documentary on flamingos. Unfortunately the only thing to catch his eye was the local news, which was doing a spot on the recent attacks.

Randall leaned back as he listened to the newslady go over the cases of people being slaughtered, running it through his head. It was odd, he couldn't remember any of their guys being around those areas were the attacks took place. He would have gone over it a bit more had something flashing on the wall not catch his eye.

There was a small panel attached to the wall, its little screen flashing repeatedly. It looked familiar, like something he saw in a movie once...

Oh shit, a silent alarm.

Mr. Gun Nut probably thought he could handle any intruders himself and thought the police would only be needed to clean up the mess. This was just perfect.

"Hey Vincent! We might have problem here!"

Posted by: Templar Nov 27 2006, 03:54 AM
Vincent's ears perked up. The grin on his face from finding the GLOCK immediately dropped off his features and he quickly holstered his new weapon, grabbing several pistols and clips as he and the other two vampires dashed out of the gun closet.

As he made his way to Randall's position the other pack members met him on the way. He passed out the firearms to them and kept two 9mm's in his hands. He clicked off the safety's and sprinted to where he had heard his pack mate's call. The bloodsucker kicked open the door and leveled his duel weapons into the room.

"What? What is it? What's wrong?" The vampire said looking around the room sweeping his guns. His breathing was only slightly hindered by his recent exertion. He found his underling sitting straight up in a comfy looking armchair with a clicker in his hand for the massive plasma in the room. Randall was pointing with his free hand at a glowing red panel mounted on the wall.

"Are you fucking KIDDING ME?!" Vincent shouted.

Posted by: Jay Nov 27 2006, 03:58 AM
QUOTE (Cyber78 @ Nov 27 2006, 03:01 AM)
And then there was one guy with a cane and a limp who went past that I could've sworn I'd seen on some medical TV show.


IC: Wandering back to his hospital room, Jay found a wheelchair parked next to his bed. It had obviously been left there by some well-meaning but dim nurse. He sat down and tried wheeling himself across the room. He ended up only being capable of moving in a tight circle due to his injured arm, and at one point got it stuck in the wheel spokes. Muttering and cursing, he pulled his arm out of the wheel and sat down on the edge of the bed.

His thoughts went to the events of last night, and he started to wonder how he had gotten to the hospital.

Right. I sent a help signal to the FVZA, and got a response. Obviously they got me and Miller out safely. I wonder where my car is, and what they did with my...

"GUNS!" he shouted as he realized what he was missing. "Where the fuck are my guns?!"

Noticing a small bag at the foot of his bed that he had overlooked, he opened it and glanced inside. A small note lay on top of a pile of weaponry.
'I got your guns for you. Drove your car to parking lot out back. Car keys and laptop computer included. Emptied rifle and shotgun.'

Grinning, he checked the ammunition in the guns. The GLOCKs (OOC: Yes, I already had two GLOCK 22s) were also empty.

Holy shit. I was out of ammo when that vampire was there. Lucky it didn't come to a firefight.

Jay sighed and pulled out his laptop, then settled back. He was gratified to see that his arm was still working. It just hurt like the blazes. Same with the leg. Accessing the internet, he decided that he would move some funds around and try and get himself discharged.

Posted by: KJ Crush Nov 27 2006, 06:59 AM
As the beast tore at the child's flesh, a police officer who was on patrol turned a corner and saw what looked like a big dog attacking a small boy. The cop grabbed his baton and charged at the dog. The officer raised the baton and brought it down onto the dog who was gnawing on the child. After a breif yelp, the wolf quickly turned around and swiped the officer's face. The Officer fell to his back holding his now bleeding face. After managing to clear some of the blood from his eyes, he looked to the wolf who now stood on two legs at about 7'5". The Officer grabed for his radio and spoke,

"Request assistance on..." were the only words he spoke before the werewolf lunged onto him and bit into the mans throat, ripping it from the rest of the body. The policeman grabed the hole in his throat before going limp, as the wolf began to tear into the new kill, a woman walked by and saw the horrible sight. She quickly turned tail and darted toward the nearest police station. Hearing the womans screams, The wolf turned his head up then quickly turned, dashing toward the dead child. It gripped the body with his teeth and began heading toward the woods.

At the police station the woman was telling the officers what she saw,

"It was a dog of some-kind, he attacked one of your officers!" She cried, the police cheif quirked his brow.

"M'am, I'm sure if one of our officers was attacked by a dog, he would have radioed in and told us about it" He said smugly. Suddenly a few officers darted from the back and started heading out the door.

"Whats the meaning of all this, huh?" The cheif shouted,

"Cheif, Daniels radioed in requesting back up. Before we could hear where he was, he was cut off. We've tracked his radio signal, and we're heading there now!" one of the lieutenant’s explained to the cheif. The cheif looked at the frightened woman, he then grabed his coat and his gun as well as his hat and headed out the door. After a short drive, they arrived at the scene. They looked about and noticed Officer Daniels' mangled body, laying in on the ground. The Cheif kneeled down and examined the body, he noticed that he looked as if he had been attacked by an animal. The Cheif then went back to his car and grabed his radio,

"Dispatch, contact the FVZA..."

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Posted by: Alaska Nov 27 2006, 10:09 PM
Just before Miller managed to drive off, Alaska tracked him down, motioning for him to stop, "I heard you mention that you were off to buy ammunition, that's correct?" The man nodded, to which Alaska grinned, "You don't actually think the Fed's sent me up here without weapons, do you? The car that they provided is conveniently filled with standard equipment, of which I think you may enjoy..."

After leading Miller and the other man with him over to the massive jeep, well, it would be called a Hummer, but he thought it inappropriate. As he did, he held down a button on the keychain and the trunk unlocked and popped straight up. Within it were many silver cases, presumably weapons. a rather thin but long case was in the middle of the stack, and he pulled it out first. "I heard you were a fan of M1911s, so I brought ten magazines with me, standard Cal. I also..." Looked to his left, then to his right for a moment. "Brought Ten M4A1 Carbines, standard, and accompanying them are some XM-26 Light Shotguns for under the M4 barrel, as I was notified this is a Leech problem, I ordered five, as they are susceptible to shotguns as much as some humans are."

Reaching for another thin case below the first one, he went on, "Standard 12-gauge shells, then another case for the M3s I took the liberty of bringing.", he became quiet for a moment, thinking of what to say next, then started, "I am aware that the Order's involvement is obvious, and you don't need to be a genius to know that they're going to stock weapons, what kinds, however, I do not know. But the matter at hand is to be able to take them down ASAP." he broke off again, then, "I didn't ignore anything else. We'll need to be able to break at a moment's notice, behind those I brought two cases of Flashbang grenades, as I am sure you are aware what they do, I'm going to instruct wise usage of them, even if it will incapacitate a Vampire for several minutes, you're not immune to them, so the best approach would either to clear a room out with it, or lob it, well, blindly into somewhere that might contain the Leeches."

"I also took care to bring a case containing a Set of FiveseveNs, and a case containing a set of P228s, both accompanied by cases containing ten magazines per. I've also got a surprise that you may enjoy. At the back is a case with two SIG- 556s an arm currently introduced to SWAT. Made legal just so our Military and Government branches could use them. They accept standard Assault Rifle clips, which is good, considering the someodd five or six cases filled with magazines for our M4s. I didn't bring any M16s, though. They are long-range weapons and not as good at close-ranges that M4s are, and they also can't use the XM-26 attachment, so I apologize if you wanted one, but the guys up at HQ said no. The last firearms I placed in here are the cases containing two UMPs and accompanying ammo. The only other stuff I carried with me is in the back seat of this Hummer, which are two complete sets of Kevlar, the new stuff. Two Sets of Night-Vision Goggles, Some bags containing holsters," as he pointed out the bags, "The first holds standard belt holsters, the second ankle holsters, and the third has shoulder holsters. The other bags contain M4 silencers, laser-hookups andscopes. Don't touch the bag in the front passenger seat, it's got my pair of TMPs, and anything else I deemed necessary to bring."

He paused again, rubbed his eyes, yawned, and spoke, first waving it off to jetlag or something. "Guys, as you may or may not know. I am a shadow, or at least that's what they call me up at Command. I prefer using guns, they only classify me as one because I've typically ran Solo. So, accurately applied, I'm going to track down the leeches and attempt to terminate them. I'll make contact if... No, when I encounter them, and I'll be moving out tonight. Stay sharp guys. I guess we'll see what happens, yeah?

"But hey, look on the bright side, we've got lots of shiny new guns!"

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 27 2006, 11:35 PM
I saw Alaska had come down and managed to catch me about a second before I slammed my foot on the gas pedal. He mentioned something about being sent with a bunch of weapons, which was probably a good thing considering what had happened at the manor.

I followed him in the Jeep towards the Hummer that he'd came in on, and had a look at what he had in the trunk. When I had a look inside I think my heart might've stopped out of sheer excitement. I watched as Alaska went through the weapons and I was getting that feeling that most people get when they see the selection of a good all-you-can-eat buffet.

"Ok I'll definatly take one of these..." I said as I took an M3 shotgun with and gathered 48 rounds of ammunition and transfered it into my vehicle along with the M1911 magizines I'd been offered. Getting back to the buffet of death I looked over and decided I'd like to try out one of those SiG-556's over the M4, and grabbed seven magizines for the assault rifle. And finally I grabbed a UMP with eight magizines just incase. Seemed that Christmas had come early for me.

Deciding that since there were only two pairs of nightvision and two pairs of kevlar I'd be nice and only take one pair of nightvision and leave the rest for the other agents. After all I'd already taken a SiG and a UMP. But in the meantime it seemed that Alaska had some searching to do, so I gave him a quick thanks and was about to open the door to my Jeep when my cellphone rang.

I answered the thing, knowing full well the damn gadget would probably render me sterile for a few years.

"Miller?" Asked a voice.

"This is Johnny." I answered.

"Uh... this is Miller right?"

"Miller here."

"There's a bit of a problem."

"What kind of problem? Because if it's anything to do with plumbing and a gorilla throwing barrells..."

"We just had an officer of our's, Officer Daniels, was killed."

Uh oh... now a cop's been killed. This isn't good news, I'm definatley going to have to cancel poker night now.

"Go on."

"He's been mauled pretty badly by an animal or something, we were hoping you might be able to help us out."

"I knew I should've stayed in bed this mornin'."

"We're sorry to bother you like this but we've really got no clue as to what's going on."

"Right then, where do ya need me?"

"It happend right near our station, so if you could just come on down here."

"Movin' out." I finished as I hung up my cellphone and hopped in my Jeep while I stuck the keys in the ignition.

Posted by: Templar Nov 28 2006, 02:04 AM
OOC: Good lord, guns up the wazoo. How the hell are the vampires supposed to combat THAT?


Vincent growled at the silent alarm. It had cut his fun short.

"Alright guys, grab everything you can from this place and lets get our asses out of here." the pack moved out from the TV room and once again raided the gun closet for all it was worth, the bloodsuckers coming out looking like something out of a bad Schwarzenegger flick.

The vampires dashed out of that placed faster than a little blue hedgehog which Vincent had always suspected was hopped up on crack. They were back in the cave within ten minutes and, much to the joy of the other vampires, they unloaded their newfound arsenal.

The three vamp's that Vincent had sent out for Intel were back, enjoying the new guns.

"So, what do you have for me?" the pack leader asked.

"Well boss, the agents have come in force this time. Andre says that they were unloading assault rifles from the back of a hummer and handing them out among their number. Tim says that the police completely ignored all other events and were now investigating an attack that occured during your little excursion near the police station. It wasn't any of our boys, so we assume another party is eating up the locals." said Raz, who had moved up from third to second rank in the pack following Daaken's death.

Hmmm.... this is interesting. Either there was going to be quite a large gunfight between the FVZA and the Order tonight... or somthing more sinister was afoot.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 28 2006, 02:15 AM
OOC: Hey, it's not like we can carry and use all those weapons at once you know.

Posted by: Alaska Nov 28 2006, 02:45 AM
[Templar, don't forget that you're a vampire. We can't gaurantee gun effectiveness on hunters of the night. Cyber, Sets, not pairs a Set is 10.]

Posted by: Jay Nov 28 2006, 02:54 AM
Jay winced as his arm was bandaged tightly aroung the bullet wound. The nurse who was getting him ready to leave seemed oblivious to his discomfort, and insisted on making the bandaging so tight it was practically cutting off the circulation and maing his arm numb. He noticed the FVZA agents in the parking lot below being armed by a newcomer, and watched carefully.

God, maybe I should think again about working for these guys. Looks like they have enough firepower to overthrow a small African country.

His view was obstucted by the other cars in the lot, but one look at Miller's face told him that there had to be some great weaponry being handed around.

"Ah, screw it." Jay stood up and gathered his things. Winking at the nurse, he minced out of the room and then the hospital. Flipping his car keys around in a small circle, he unlocked his car and slipped in. He pulled out his mobile phone, thought for a second, and then placed a call.

"Hey, it's Jay. Yeah, just fine. How are the kids? Great. Um, I need a favour. Do you have a drop point in Montana? Yeah, I'm in that area anyway. Post Office box 923? Okay. I'll leave some money in there after I'm done. Yeah, you too. See you soon." Starting the car, he drove out of the parking lot and out towards the center of town.

Posted by: Templar Nov 28 2006, 03:09 AM
OOC: Well, I was just getting worried that the sides were getting a little unbalanced... you know with all the automatic weapons being passed out and all. No worries though, I know you didn't mean to pull a Commando/Dean Hodos. Was that the guy's name? Ten points to whoever gets that old FVZA RPG reff.

Posted by: Alaska Nov 28 2006, 04:33 AM
[Yeah, well. About that, Templar. Basically the firearms here are for PC Agents, obviously as we are more talented than NPC Assault team members, even if they have an M3, no, just as you kick the ass of our NPC Agents, vice-versa on your NPC Vampires, then we are always *Magically* out of ammo in Close Quarters. *Cough*]

Posted by: Judder Nov 28 2006, 04:34 AM

OOC: John, Razor is with you, use him.!!

Judder looks at the equipment in the truck as John sped off to the police station, Razor is still in the Jeep.This Alaska fellow had the gear for any job it seems.

Judder turns to Alaska,

"My name is Judder its nice to meet you."
"Damn you have a lot of firepower."

Judder looks through the back of the truck.
He turns back to Alaska.

"It alright if i take one of the P228s, a holster and some clips for it?"
"Along with a suit of the Kevlar, and a single pair of nightvision goggles?"

Judder takes a moment to catch his breath.
"and last but not least some 12Ga shotgun shells.

Posted by: KJ Crush Nov 28 2006, 07:21 AM
After the hunt and the brief encounter with the authorities, the Werewolf carried the child's carcass to his den, where he dropped it and began to gnaw on the remaining meat on the body. After ripping the last bit of meat from the child’s bones, the wolf laid down and closed his eyes for a post meal nap. Meanwhile back at the scene of the attack...

"Chief, we got something over here!" one of the deputy’s called out to the chief.

"Yeah? What've we got?" The chief asked, while walking over to his deputy.

"It's seems to be a paw print, in blood..." the deputy said uneasily. The chief took a knee and looked to the bloody paw print and quirked his brow,

"What the hell could have made a paw print this big?" The chief asked.

"That’s not the strangest thing, look hear, it appears what ever made this print has an opposable thumb." The deputy said to the police chief. The Chief became more concerned as he awaited the arrival of the FVZA agents he had called for.

Back at the wolves den, the wolf awoke to a loud sound, something along the lines of gun fire, then what sounded like people outside his den.

"Eh, Billy Joe! Look at the size o' thisin'!" it seemed to be a hunter and his pal; they had shot down a deer and were admiring their kill. The wolf stepped to the opening of his den and looked out to the two hunters and then to the deer carcass at their feet. Though he had just eaten, human meat is no where near as sweet as deer meat. The wolf reverted to all fours and slowly stepped out from his den. He stepped into the brush and slowly began moving toward the two hunters. As one of them bent down to admire the kill, the other looked over his head into a bush where he spotted something moving.

"Eh, Billy Joe, I reckon there's a somethin' in them there bushes over yonder.”One hunter said to the other.

"Let's go see what it is then?" the other hunter said.

"You can go an' get yerself killed ifin' you're a wantin' to. I ain't not doin' it!" The hunter said loudly, at that point they heard a rustling in the bushes.

"Yer a pansy, stand back and let a real man take care o' thisin'!" The other hunter said, while walking unsuspectingly toward the bush. The hunter poked the end of his shotgun into the bush, and suddenly screamed loudly, and began to shake as if something had a hold of his arm.

"Billy Joe!" the hunter screamed, suddenly Billy Joe stood up and began to laugh,

"Ha ha, you really are a pansy, there ain't a thing in these here bushes, now c'mon and let'sa get this dead critter back to camp." The hunter said, walking back to the kill. All of a sudden the wolf leaped from the bush and onto Billy Joe's back, causing him to fall onto his face. The other hunter's eyes widened as he dropped his shotgun and a darted out of the woods, hearing the screams of his friend. The wolf grabbed a hold of Billy Joe’s neck with his teeth and began to rip at it violently… till Billy Joe no longer struggled. After killing the hunter, the wolf walked over to the deer carcass and dragged it back to it's den where it began to feed on it.

Back in town, the chief receives a call from dispatch.

"Chief, we've just received a report of an attack on a hunter by what was described as a large wolf." the dispatch informed the Chief. The Chief grabbed his forehead and slid it down his face to his chin and responded,

"Ask the witness to stay at the station till' I return with the FVZA agents....”

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Posted by: Alaska Nov 28 2006, 04:00 PM
Alaska was right about to respond to the guy when his cell phone rang, "Yeah?" he answered, then went silent for a moment, then longer, almost two minutes elapsed before, "Werewolf, what the FUCK do you mean Werewolf? I don't lead a fucking dog pound! I lead vampires and zombies to their death!" He went quiet for a moment, " BY MYSELF?! Are you fucking Out of your MIND?!" quiet again, "Oh... Huge bonus....? Alright, which way's the police station?" Quiet.

As he wrapped up the call he was suddenly aware again of the man standing there, "A P228 and 12 Gauge shells? Easy enough..." He fumbled around within the back until he pulled out several boxes of shells, a shotgun-shell holding clip that was worn on the belt, then he grabbed another silver case, opened it up, pulled out the handgun and hammered in a magazine, grabbed a few more, then spoke, "Alright, you're set. Now, you'll probably want a holster in case you are devoid of one, the first bag in the back seat has the standard hip holsters, and tie around your leg. Along with them is Kevlar and Night Vision goggles, both of which I advise you to take."

Posted by: Jay Nov 28 2006, 08:22 PM
Jay leaned over the very large safety deposit box that he had obtained the key for from the Post Office box.

Bloody hell. We really should get a guy here. Save money on gas, for a start.

He held his breath as he opened the box, but then left it out in a long, disappointed exhale when he saw the contents. There were only a few really decent guns in the case, along with a couple boxes of ammunition.

Why couldn't we be in Germany... he thought. Oh well, let's see what we have here.

He grinned however, as he got deeper into the pile. He pulled out his first find: a pair of Heckler & Kock MP7s. Next he tried the shotguns, and procured a USAS-12 Combat shotgun.

Excellent. Well, what have we here?

Jay pulled out a box of shotgun slugs and laughed out loud when he saw the brand. Brenneke slugs, well-known for their accuracy.

He frowned when he thought of Tim. It wasn't the very best rifle, so he pulled out a Heckler & Koch HKPSG-1 Sniper, for more distance and accuracy. On a hunch, he also pulled out a Kevlar vest that was at the very bottom of the box, and put it on underneath his clothes. He also picked up an armband that appeared to also be made of Kevlar, and put it on his injured arm so that it covered his injury.

All set. Time to leave.

Edited slightly by Templar for shotgun related accuracy reasons

Posted by: Roncas Nov 28 2006, 08:44 PM
I was lying on my bed in a somewhat dreamlike state, null to the world after waiting so long. I then heard sirens, allot of sirens. Jolted awake I stood up and unzipped a large case, taking out my prized M-16. Yeah it was longer and bulkier than the M-4 but I prefer the burst fire rather than M-4's full auto. I gathered a few of the mags and put them in holsters around my belt and grabbed a few clips for my Desert Eagle.

I rushed out my door and made my way onto the street. The cars were a block away and I ran to them. A police officer saw me with the M-16 in hand and ordered me to freeze, his own smaller weapon leveled at my head.

"Don't point that fucking thing at me.” I said. “I’m FVZA. We’ve been stationed here. Cut the shit."

The officer lowered his weapon and sighed in relief. I went to the chief and saw them inspecting a mangled body.

"Hey. I am Dr. Roncas Olui, Federal Agent with the FVZA. What happened here?"

"One of our officers was killed by what appeared to be a large dog."

I smiled, seeing the large foot print left behind by the killer... too large for any normal animals around here. I never saw a true werewolf before and I was skeptical about them existing. Even for a man who devoted his life to paranormal research finds it unlikely for something like that to walk around the way it does.

"Hmm. Okay, tape this area off. I will call the other agents to come take care of this. I want you all to go back to the station and send a cornier. I will give you my cell phone number; reach ‘em there if anything else goes bump in the night." I handed him a slip of paper with the number on it and waved him off.

I called John and told him I was here at the scene and he had already heard about it. I squatted down by the print and examined it. I found traces of fur around the blood and quickly collected them and placed them into a glass vile.

Roy would like to look at this.

((Remember Roy is going to be introduced later. He owns V-corp.))

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Posted by: Judder Nov 28 2006, 11:00 PM
OOC: Fuck, John has my shotgun and Razor!! *slaps head*

Judder opens the bag with the night vision goggles and takes a pair out.
He grabs a shoulder holster from another bag and secures his sidearm and its ammunition.
Judder fumbles with the body armor for a moment, then works all the pieces on to his body. He secures the shell holding clip about his waist and then loads shells into it.
He turns to Alaska.
"Well, Im no prom queen but I will get the job done."

"By the way my name is Judder Thompson."
Judder holds his hand out to Alaska.

"Im probably the newest agent out here."

Posted by: Templar Nov 28 2006, 11:31 PM
Vincent had taken a walk from the order’s hideout and checked on things in the city. He had brought a pair of binoculars with him and he perched himself on the top of a hill, overlooking the house his pack had raided earlier. A single squad car pulled up and both officers got out, the two of them walking up to the door and knocking three times in quick succession.

No answer.

The lead officer looked at his partner and then knocked again. Still nothing. The policeman turned his head and clicked on the radio attached to his left shoulder. He said something into it that the vampire couldn’t make out. The two of them shouted at the house, seeing if anyone was actually inside. When no response came, they checked the parameter once and then looked into the darkened windows. Their poor human eyesight could not see a thing and they radioed in again to HQ.

“They aren’t even going to go in?” Vincent said quietly to himself, looking over the binoculars at the officers, a concerned look on his face. The vampire placed the magnifying device back over his eyes.

The two of them made it back to their car and got in. They drove off within five minutes. Vincent stood and held the binoculars by his side. What was so important that the cops would overlook an obvious murder like that?

The thought worried the vampire.

* * *

The pack leader was walking back to the hideout, making his way through the woods as he did. The forest was quiet and dark, a perfect place for an individual such as himself. He felt right at home.

Then a scent caught his nose.


Vincent walked forward for ten more feet before he saw the body. It had been mutilated beyond recognition, the man having been ripped to shreds. Gore splattered the ground all around the corpse. A trail of crimson fluid lead from a certain spot on the ground near the dead man and lead off into the bushes. Vincent grabbed his cell phone off his belt. He pressed number one on his speed dial. One of his pack mates answered the phone.

“This is Vincent. I’m on the south slope of Willimaker pass and I just may have found our little friend. Get your asses down here now.” the bloodsucker said as he drew the 1911 from its holster. He flipped off the safety and closed his phone, placing it back into his belt.

Posted by: Dart Nov 28 2006, 11:57 PM
Dart had just awoken from a very bad sleep, the FVZA had put him in a basement hotelroom and had a agent standing guard at the door. He could not tell if it was day or night but the FVZA agent seemed to be on edge. Dart could smell him sweating through the door.
" I need to speak to someone about my situation" Dart called through the door. He could tell the agent had jumped at the sound of his voice although he replied.
" Who would you like to talk to?" his man was clearly incompitent. I sighed and said,
" I think his name is Judder or at least thats what another agent called him, the one with the dog. I need to talk with him." a few minutes later the agent called through the door.
"hes not reachable, i told other agents to send him here when they see him." I growled.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 29 2006, 12:42 AM
I was almost out of the hospital's parking lot when I heard something moving in my back seat.

Oh shit... I've got Judder's dog... but not Judder...

That's when I turned around, and went back to where Judder was getting his weapons. And in the process I nearly hit some kid who was skateboarding around, guess the kid figured if he was going to get injured he'd do it right by the hospital. But on the way back the cellphone rang again. And against my better judgement I answered it.

"Miller here."

"Sir, this is Agent Duran, I'm looking for Judder."

"Is there something I should know?"

"We need him back at the hotel, somebody needs to speak with him, urgently."

"Right, so what was your name, Durcan or something?"

"It's Duran, DURAN!"

"I hear ya."

Finally I got back to where Alaska had been distributing an ungodly amount of weapons and spotted Judder. I pulled up next to him and opened my door from which Razor flew across my lap and out of the vehicle.

"Hey man sorry about nearly kidnapping your dog, but in the meantime there's someone that needs to talk to you and I've sort of got to skiddadle." I said to Judder as I tossed him my cellphone and shut my door.

"Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry." I said as I remember his shotgun. Deciding he might miss it I rolled down my window, tossed him his bag with the gun in it, and then took off.


About twenty minutes later I'd finally arrived at the police station, an old and rundown facility. Along the way Roncas had called me and mentioned that something big had attacked, nothing I didn't already know. Although I could tell by his tone that that there was something particuarly interesting about this case. Parking in one of the open spots I grabbed my Winchester from the back and placed my nightvision goggles over my hat.

"Somebody call for an exterminator?" I announced to the police waiting outside for me. The look on their faces was grim and they looked ready to take on just about anything out of vengence for killing one of their friends and teammates. Each of them was wearing some kevlar vests, and everyone was armed with either a rifle or a shotgun.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. Now if you wouldn't mind following us I think we've got a dog to put down." Said one of the older looking officers who's name tag identified him as Sgt. Malvesteen who was armed with a Winchester 94 as well.

"Right on." I said as the police led me a block or two to the alley where the attack had apparently happened. And much to my suprise Roncas was already there on the scene collecting some samples.

"What a pleasant suprise to see you here already on the job doctor. So do tell me, what've we got here." I said to Dr. Roncas.

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 01:03 AM
Razor jumped out of the vehicle as Judder caught the cellphone and then his bag.

The cellphone rang and Judder answered it.

"Yeah, This is Judder"

A rather pissed off Duran was on the line
"Get your skinny white ass over to the Hotel, that vampire is asking for you."

Judder looks annoyedly as Razor relieves himself on some woman's Minivan.

"Ok,Ill be there."

With that Judder walks down the sidewalk towards the Motel.
about 15 minutes later..(Im not sure how far the motel is , but lets say Judder was booking)
A now sweating Judder steps into the lobby of the motel followed by a panting Razor.
He spots agent Duran.
"Now where is he?"

Agent Duran quietly takes in the picture of the tall skinny white person holding a black bag and wearing body armor.
"He is downstairs."

Judder walks to the stairs and opens the door, allowing Razor to come in.
He shuts it behind him and sits on the steps. The semi-darkness is where Judder cannot see much past the stairs.
"Ok, Im here. What do you want?"

Posted by: Roncas Nov 29 2006, 01:05 AM
"Either big foot or a werewolf. And I don't think big foot can tear apart a man like this." I took one last sample and stuck it into a metal case.

I turned to one of the officers and tossed im the case.

"I want you to send this off to a Roy Mcganly at V-Corp 12312 Corporate blvd Washington DC."

I got up and threw my M-16 over my back.

"Look at this fucking print. Its huge. Very similar to a wolves but it has a thumb. I've doubted werewolves to exist but this aint no normal animal... and it will be tough to take down."

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Posted by: Dart Nov 29 2006, 01:08 AM
Dart was pleased that Judder had apeared so fast.

"I wanted to thank you, because of you I am alive right now and for that I am in your service. I also want you to turn me human again, I rescued that old guy from certain death back there and I can tell you where the Order is. I have all the information you need about The Order and The Werewolf... all I want is a cure and a job."

Dart looked into Judder's eyes as he stepped out of the darkness.

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Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 01:19 AM
Judder returns Dart's look

"Well the job I can talk with you about."

Judder motions Razor towards Dart.
Razor walks behind Dart and sits at attention.

"Tell me about the werewolf"
Judder pauses
"Wait just a moment... In fact you want some food or coffee or something?"

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Posted by: Dart Nov 29 2006, 01:30 AM
Dart looked at the dog and tried to pat it but the dog tried to bit Dart. He looked at it with a hint of hatred.
"I don’t suppose you have a rare steak by any chance? I don’t know much about the werewolf. I don’t know where it came from or why its here all I know is where one of its dens are. What job are you offering and you never mentioned curing me" Darts voice faded a tear passed down his face. He always new it was hopeless but from that moment on he resolved to kill every last vampire, the last one being him.

***edited for spelling/grammer and added in a little bit***

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 29 2006, 01:30 AM
"Well that thing about werewolves not existing, that's not entirely true. You see they do exist, just in such minute numbers that the FVZA never really had to deal with many. Maybe once or twice in a blue moon they'd have to go out and take them down, so although the FVZA had a bit of training on how to deal with Werewolves very few agents ever encountered one. That and a lot of data on them was being stored in St. Louis for some reason and we lost a bunch of that data during a fire during the 70's." I explained to Roncas in front of the police officers, and they didn't seem to thrilled about what I'd just mentioned.

Even though they didn't seem to like the idea of taking down werewolves, they seemed eager enough to get their revenge.

"So... I suppose that to start we should follow this trail of blood and see how far down the rabbit hole goes." I said as I had a look at the blood trail that led away from the body.

Posted by: Templar Nov 29 2006, 01:46 AM
The other vampires had arrived. There were about fifteen of them in all, fully armed with the looted guns that they had taken from the nut's house. They met up with their pack leader a little ways off from where he had found the mutilated body.

"Alright you dogs, looks like we have a wolf to catch. Shoot first, ask questions later. Lock and load, lets go." Vincent said, cocking his .45 and turning to find a naughty little doggy.

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 01:49 AM
Judder knocked on the door behind him.
"Get us two rare steaks down here, some coffee and me a Chili-Meltdown from DQ."

Razor pads back up to Judder and sits on the step below him.
Judder looks at Dart quizzically for a moment.
"About the cure and the Job, another agent will have to talk with you"
"Though i could use the location of the Werewolf Den."
The door opens and two steaks are passed through as well as the burger and coffee.
Judder tosses one of the steaks to Dart and Razor eats the other one.
Judder proceeds to chow down on his chili-meltdown.

Posted by: Dart Nov 29 2006, 01:53 AM
Dart ate half of the steak in three mouthfuls before he talked, and when he did talk, he told Judder of the where abouts of the wolfs den and then asked Judder.

"No offence to you, but I would like to be there when you guys attack the beast, but for that to happen you would have to arm a vampire and i am sure that against some law or another. Please talk to the others and come back for me when you have an answer."

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 01:58 AM
Judder got up and left the room.
He talked it over with the other agents.
Then walked back into the room.
"Well they said you could come and they are gonna arm you with a pistol, though it will only have one shot in it."
Judder gets up and Razor leaves the room with him.
Before shutting the door Judder turns
"They will take you, i have to get back to the field."
Judder leaves, shutting the door, and letting the darkness reenvelop the room.

Posted by: Dart Nov 29 2006, 02:04 AM
Dart yelled through the door, " I am better with a knife or two then any gun"

Then he slumped down in the corner, he knew he should be happy but he was everything but happy. He never relized what urges would come over him with all the fresh blood around him. When Judder was talking Dart had half listened and half daydreamed about drinking him dry. Dart understood that he had to control these urges like he had until the last until they cured him.

Edited by Templar for minor errors

Posted by: Randall Nov 29 2006, 02:09 AM
Randall walked carefully through the woods as he and the other vampires fanned out in search of their new prey. They were dealing with something dangerous all right. Anything that could tear a man apart like that by itself was definitely not to be underestimated.

"What a mess that carcass was. All that blood strewn everywhere, wasted..."

A scent hitting his nose broke him out of his thoughts. It was blood, but not the hunters. If his nose was correct it was about as old but belonged to an animal instead of a human. Following the scent Randall eventually spotted several spots of blood on the ground along with what looked like large wolf prints.

Ahead of him past the darkness and trees he saw a cave, one that they had passed up themselves as a hideout for being too conspicuous. A werewolf probably wouldn't think about stuff like that however.

Randall waved his arm to signal the other vampires to come over to his position. Nervously he raised his gun at the cave, not willing to take any chances on this. Of course, he wouldn't have been able to live with himself if he didn't get his camera out and press record; it was just too good an opportunity to miss.

Posted by: Jay Nov 29 2006, 02:14 AM
A car pulled up next to the police station, and Jay stepped out, complete with concealed handguns, his shotgun in his coat, and a rifle on his back next to a bag containing several boxes of ammunition. He studied the vehicles in the parking lot.

Well, that would be Miller's car. Looks like I was right. Cops attract cops. Now where is he?

The receptionist seemed slightly startled by the appearance of the man with the rifle.
"Um... can I help you, sir?" she asked.
"Yeah, I'm looking for a friend of mine, John Miller? He's a government agent."
The receptionist brightened. "Oh, yes. I remember. He went with some of the men up a few blocks. Seems there's been some sort of murder uptown. Do you need the location?"
"Yes, thank you."

While the woman was writing down the details, Jay drummed his fingers on the counter absentmindedly while pondering the information he had.

Murder... This could mean that those vampires are still in town, if it was unusual enough for Miller to be called out. Excellent. I can see if that one that I shot knows anything, since he probably won't be in any condition to run. If so, then it's a win-win situation.

"Sir?" The receptionist was holding a piece of paper out to him.
"Thank you," Jay said as he took the paper. "Well, I guess it's off to the scene of a murder that I didn't commit," he continued to himself. "Life sure is strange."

Posted by: Templar Nov 29 2006, 02:18 AM
Vincent padded Randall on his shoulder smiling. He always wanted to star in his own movie. The pack leader strode ahead of the rest of the vampires; the .45 in his left hand the GLOCK 18 in the other, it's high cap mag sticking out of the bottom of the weapon. He held the 1911 by his side and the GLOCK by his ear, ready to level it and blast the crap out of anything that popped it's head out of cover.

Where are you, you furry bastard?

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 29 2006, 02:41 AM
It must've been an interesting sight to see. Ten police officers, all well armed trecking through the woods with a man wearing nightvision goggles over his hat and an old lever-action rifle.

By the time the trail seemed to end we found ourselves atop a hill overlooking a cave that wasn't too well concealed. Seemed that our furry friend had made his den in there.

"Hold it, looks like we've found where the damn critter's been hiding out." I said back to the team of irate policemen behind me.

"So what's the plan?" Asked one of them.

"We're going to go setup positions behind those logs over there..." I said as I pointed to some logs that about ten feet infront of us, overlooking the cave. "...and then we're going to wait for that wolf. Once it appears the plan is to simply unleash a crapload of lead on it's position and hope for the best." I explained.

"That's your plan? I thought you were supposed to be trained to deal with this sort of thing." Said one of the officers. He seemed a bit skeptical of my skills.

"KISS theory. Keep-it-simple-stupid. No need to make it any more complicated than it needs to be." I replied.

"Alright, let's do this." Said Sgt. Malvesteen as we setup our positions and waited while the sun dipped below the horizon.

Posted by: Drunkentiger123 Nov 29 2006, 03:53 AM
OOC: really! its been almost 50 posts since I asked my question.

Guy, who had been keeping quiet all this time, spoke up.

To cyber: "Look, ive waited many hours for an answer, but you apparently didnt hear me, or are deliberately ignoring me. WHAT THE F*** S GOING ON HERE?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 29 2006, 03:57 AM
OOC: Considering my character was pretty much in a bed since whenever the fight at the manor occured he knew practically nothing. So I assumed somebody else would answer.

Posted by: Jay Nov 29 2006, 04:00 AM
OOC: It is alright to post now, isn't it?

IC: Jay picked his way through the woods, following the trail of blood, when a stealthy movement flicked through the woods that he saw out of the corner of his eye. Without preamble, he crouched down low and moved towards in, leaving the trail behind him. His eyes widened when he noticed a large group of people moving into tactical assault positions. One of them briefly turned his face, and Jay felt a surge of recognition.

Vincent. Well, this means that these are vampires.

But something was wrong. The cave that seemed to be the focus of their attention was uncamouflaged, and they appeared to be ready to launch an assault on it.

Scanning the area, Jay turned his attention to the surrounding environs, and was once again surprised as he noticed some people in police uniform arranging themselves on a hill overlooking the cave.

That will be Miller's team, then. It's funny. They don't appear to be aware of the vampires. Come to think of it, the vamps haven't noticed the police yet. Interesting... What the hell is going on?

Posted by: KJ Crush Nov 29 2006, 04:25 AM
As the wolf tore at the carcass of the deer, the sound of echoing foot steps in his den starteld him. He quickly dared into the darkness, and crouched remaining silent. As he watched on, he noticed what looked like people, after a breif odor check, he discoverd that these were not humans. As they treded closer to him, his smell receptor picked up another scent, humans were near by. Feeling cornered, the wolf Let out a bark, and leaped from the shadows with it's arm reared back slashing at one of the vampires who let off a couple shot. After attacking the Vampire the Wolf darted tword the entrance of the cave, exiting it and into the open. The wolf stoped for a moment and looked to where the scent of the humans was coming from, baring his teeth, he darted off tword a wooded area, about one hundred yards away....

Posted by: Drunkentiger123 Nov 29 2006, 04:36 AM
OOC: so sorry. i havent read the first part of this mission so i really dont know what the f***'s going on. i dont have time to read it - barely enough to post this.

Posted by: Alaska Nov 29 2006, 04:36 AM
[Alright. To clarify. There is no cure for Vampirism/Undead(ism?) There simply isn't. There's a Vaccine for first exposure but there is no cure. There wasn't fifty years ago, there wasn't twenty, there isn't now. We are a legitimate RPG not a Godly one. If you are a Vampire, you stay a Vampire. Period. Sorry to be the one to say it but someone had to.]

Concealed perfectly, even while standing up was Alaska, after arriving at the local PD, he had been sent toward the great forrests that surrounded Montana. Damn rural state... In the standard all-black attire of a shadow- and rather than kevlar, his personal body armor- SOV-3000, better known as Dragon Skin. Extremely good for say, a vampire trying to sink their teeth into you, or in this case, a Werewolf with his claws into you. Alaska still didn't believe in Werewolves, it frankly wasn't possible, [And still isn't. They can't exist, as I'll point out at any time.]Regardless of whether or not they existed, he was heavily armored for a shadow, or for that matter, an Agent in general. Above all else he had been smart enough to carry several Flashbangs, as well as a few HEs(Fragmentation Grenades, for those unknowing) He also was carrying a couple of pistols, to which he had chosen the magnificent P228 and the .45 M-1911 he had brought a case of, along with a UMP strapped around his back, two TMPs strapped where pistols were traditionally kept, as he had kept the handguns within his shoulder holsters, and to take the cake, he was carrying an M4 as well, with the XM-26 for field-testing, and a particularly nasty weapon- an M203 Grenade launcher, currently hooked up under the barrel of his M4, loaded with a standard HE slug. And fondly accompanying that was a specialized Night vision scope. Sure, a lot of people would think he was more than well-equipped. But the way they made out what it could do, he probably only had just enough, if even that.

As he moved a shape materialized within his visor, then it became a pair, then more, until a large number of them were moving forward, years of training told him that they were not his friends, they moved too swiftly, no caution about moving in the dark, let alone moving through a Forrest, they were either ridiculously well trained, which ruled out local police departments immediately, or, the alternative option...

The alternative option, in the tiny part of a second in which his eyes communicated to his brain, his brain replied. Vampires. He flicked on his radio, which was a comm wire wrapped around his ear and fed into his Night vision goggles, then spoke, very quietly into it, "Miller, be advised, I have spotted a large group of leeches moving close to my location, even with my training and the Dragon Skin... I don't think I can take all of them on, even with the flashbangs. I need you to get to my location ASAP. Grid coordinates are as followed..." As he finished he immediately became quiet, and took from his back the M4, then, after taking it from his belt, he placed on the silencer, "Caution, I will be detonating several Flashbangs as well as High Explosive grenades, I've got my M203, but above all hurry your ass up here."

Posted by: Roncas Nov 29 2006, 04:47 AM
OOC: They are called the HZV and HVV. There is no cure for it now! But seeing as they are virus then they are cureable. Roy is just a support character looking to fix the diseases. He is a researcher who will later on join the FVZA.

And HEs are High Explosives... not Frag grenades.

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 06:00 AM
OOC: Sorry Dart, Your stuck as what you are and you are FVZA detainee. Prepare to live off of hospital blood packets and be a night Janitor. ROFL

Judder walked through the lobby towards Agent Duran.
"I would say lets give him what he wants, But im not babysitting his ass." - Judder
Duran turns from the desk he was standing next and puts his finger on Judder's collar bone menacingly.
"I have senority over what you say, you underling." - Duran

Judder doesn't say anything as Razor walks through his legs, looks up at Duran and jumps on him.
Razor has the appearance of licking Duran's ear. But actually he is gripping it with his teeth. Duran screams for Judder to call Razor off.
"Shit..Oww...Call the dog off...Call the dog off"
Judder looks Duran in the eyes "No"
"I need a radio to contact the other agents."
Duran makes a slight motion to a mid-sized box on the table.

Judder walks over to the box and opens it revealing Throat radios.
He attaches it to his body and flips it on.
"Judder hear, Ready to rock."

Duran has now pissed himself.

Judder opens his bag and takes his shotgun out. He thoroughly checks it before loading it with shells from an unmarked box in the bag. He locks the chamber close by sliding the pump into the armed position after putting a round in the chamber.

Judder walks over to the door and looks back.
"Razor, come on lets go hunting."

As they walk through the town heading towards where Dart had told them where the hideout was. They hear Duran screaming at the top of his lungs, something about head on a platter and nailed to a wall.

Posted by: Alaska Nov 29 2006, 03:10 PM
[Frags are High Explosives. Vampirism/Undeadism is a disease and thus uncurable. Even treating it wouldn't work. If you try, you should at least be good about having science backing you up. ]

Posted by: Roncas Nov 29 2006, 04:39 PM
[HE's are cheical explosions while fragmental gernades produce shrapel. And I believe that HZV and HVV were concluded as virus in which diseases can be cured given the propper research.]

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 29 2006, 07:47 PM
OOC: Ok to clarify I believe that HE's are involved in frag's, but frag's aren't referred to as HE's. Also, HZV and HVV are viral in nature, and thus could potentially be cured. And although vaccines for both have been developed, no cure has been made yet. And as it stantds we're all out of vaccine at the moment. So Dart can't be cured at the moment, but that's not to say research won't make progress some day.

Also, werewolves are real and are very possible.

Posted by: Templar Nov 29 2006, 07:58 PM
OOC: Guy, when you are ignored like that it is not like anyone has anything against you. Sometimes characters are too busy with what they are doing or story-wise know nothing. Use your imagination to work around this. It happens to everyone.

Posted by: Jay Nov 29 2006, 08:10 PM
And as it stands we're all out of vaccine at the moment.

OOC: My character isn't; I have enough for one dose. Remember, my guy has an NPC vampirical target in mind (see backstory). It helps to always be prepared.

IC: Jay noticed the black-clad individual like most people do a mirage: you aren't sure it's really there until you get close enough. But it was indeed there, and it appeared to be heavily armed and focusing on the group of vampires.

A Shadow. They really pulled out the stops for this thing.

He busied himself with silencing his rifle and loading his shotgun.

Well, shall we get the ball rolling? he asked himself, leveling the rifle at one of the vampires' head.

Posted by: Judder Nov 29 2006, 08:18 PM

Judder reaches the woods with Razor in pursuit. He pauses to check all his weapons. Then he flips his radio on and hits the mike to speak.

"This is agent Judder accompanied by Razor, Where is everyone?"

Posted by: Alaska Nov 29 2006, 09:37 PM
[Roncas, again US HE grenades are Frag grenades, they remain high-explosives regardless of if they produce shrapnel or if they don't. So stop trying to be a smartass and shut your mouth.]

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 29 2006, 11:28 PM
OOC: Calm down, Roncas had a very good point. Although frag grenades are frequently referred to as HE grenades, frags aren't the only one's that use them. Concussion grenades use essentially the same explosives (just a little bit more of it), but they rely entirely on explosive force without shrapnel. So there's always the possibility of confusion. Of course I'm a little curious as to why the FVZA would be using frag grenades in the first place so this whole grenade bit is a little bit beyond the realm of belief.

Posted by: Templar Nov 30 2006, 01:02 AM
OOC: Jesus Alaska, stickler much? We are here to have fun, not nit-pick about weapons... it's just a freaken grenade...


Vincent turned just in time to see the wolf leap out at one of his men. Sirius ducked under the swipe and fired off a few shots at it with his shotgun, missing and instead ripping up a nearby tree with the buckshot.

"Fuck!" Sirius said, trying to follow the beast with his gun. Vincent was about to speak out to tell Sirius to shut the Hell up and keep frosty, but something caught his eye... somebody lining up a shot with a rifle on one of his men.

Not while I'm still breathing.

The bloodsucker leveled his GLOCK at the sniper and let rip on full auto.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 30 2006, 01:33 AM
While we were all pointed at the cave, ready to annilate anything that went past some odd events happened unknown to the police squad and I. You see, we had absolutely no idea that the werewolf wasn't even in the cave, we had no clue that Jay was afoot, and we had absolutely no notion that the vampires were practically right next to us.

That's when we saw something moving right infront of the cave, and gunfire erupted simaltaneously. Not from my squad, and not from me. Of course in the heat of the moment I didn't exactly think about it. And within seconds of hearing the automatic fire go off every police officer in the team, and myself included let loose a hail of lead unlike any that Montana has ever seen. Dirt kicked up from all around the enterance to the cave, and we didn't stop until we ran out of ammunition. And then we simply reloaded and fired again. It wasn't until we finished our second volley that we felt satisfied.

"$10 says that thing's dead now." Bet one of the rookie cops.

"No way I'm betting against that." Said another police officer.

"Let's have a look just to be sure." Said Sgt. Malvesteen as he continued reloading his rifle.

Deciding that the idea of looking to make sure what we were shooting at was dead I turned my hat around, dropped my goggles, flicked on the nightvision and inspected the carcas of the furry critter we just rained doom upon.

"Damn... looks to me like we nearly just vaporized a squirell..." I said while in awe of how far the squirell's guts had flown.

"Aww shit. Who fired the first shot?" Barked Sgt. Malvesteen.

All the men in the police team responded with a negatory response, until one of them pointed out that he heard gunfire coming from farther away.

"Wait a minute, are there two teams or what?" Asked Sgt. Malvesteen while he made the following gesture;
user posted image

"There weren't any other teams that anyone told me about." I responded while I lifted the nightvision goggles and reached for my cell phone. That's when it hit me, I gave my cell to Judder.

"Alright, seems we're in a bit of a pickle." I commented.

Posted by: Jay Nov 30 2006, 01:46 AM

Jay's shot went wild as he dived from the hailstorm of bullets sent at him by Vincent, and hit an innocent bird in a nearby tree. As it fell from its branch, Jay rolled behind another tree that would hopefully give him some measure of cover. From this point, he could hear the vampires gathering, confused at why their leader had fired into the woods for no apparent reason. He attempted to glance around the tree, and ended up an inch from having his nose shot right off his face.

Right. They know where I am. Well, I suppose it's time for all hell to break loose. Yay for me.

He slung his rifle across his back and pulled out his shotgun, fully loaded and ready to rock. He'd gone with regular shells, since the concentration of vampires in the area was relatively high, and reloading was a bitch anyway.

He went back in his memory to attempt to identify the weapon in the pack leader's hand. This was apparently a side-effect of his 'mental defect'. Regardless, Jay was capable of treating his memory like a video recorder. Simply rewind and pause to get what you need. In this case, he had to get the details of the gun, then remember any particular weapon that looked like that. He closed his eyes, and in less than a second had identified the gun.

A GLOCK 18. No wonder I could recognize it so quickly. It looks like my 22s. Now, how to counter it?

Thinking furiously, he pulled out his own GLOCK 22, stepped out from behind the tree, fired a burst into the advancing bloodsuckers, and retreated behind his tree again. The sudden screams of pain provided an excellent backdrop to his thoughts.

Posted by: Alaska Nov 30 2006, 02:37 AM
[Looks to me, Cyber, that you ignored the part of my last IC post with the "Large number of leeches moving" point]

Alaska had a flashbang in his hand, readying to pull and throw when a burst of light exploded in his goggles. Gunfire. In the split-second that followed a spark erupted in his brain and he started running in cover. [Basically where you run very fast while hunched down. Good way to avoid fire.] As he moved his eyes were drawn to the enclave where gunfire was erupting, typical hell. Vampires and Agents trying to blow the Hell out of each other, but to no avail. He leaped, [It's spelled Leaped but pronounced Leapt, FYI] grabbing a rock the was held into the cave, and used it to pull himself higher until he was breathing hard, lying flat on the ground high above the fray, he rested for a moment, then moved on.

Crawling out over the view, his visor revealed the group of agents, far off and spread out, communicating, along with another group, opposite to the agents, and closer together. Vampires... It took less than a second for him to make his decision regarding the Leeches. He slowly took a Bipod from his belt and hooked it under the M4, removing the M203 in the process, which luckily could be fired independant of the M4. He kept his goggles on, but only for a moment as he grabbed two flashbangs from the back of his belt, then pulled and lobbed the first, followed by the second and then dropped. He understood that it was apt to get the agents as well, but he had warned Miller about it...

In the moments that followed, gunshots rang out, but only to those who could hear it, or the only one who could hear it, in being Alaska. He had removed his Night Vision goggles and placed his eye on the scope, already having changed the firing to Semi-Automatic, he began aiming and firing at the group, the Vampires beginning to scatter as light exploded into their brains and ringing was beset into their ears.

[Basically, Flashbangs, for those unknowing, but I doubt there are any who don't, make extremely bright flashes and noises, blinding someone for a number of minutes, as well as ringing is in their ears. In the case of Vampires, with extremely good Sight and extremely good Hearing, the Flashbangs would at least be twice as effective. those in direct contact would be blinded for anywhere from 5 and up, and the ringing would be debilitating. Think hella bad Migraine.]

Not all of the Leeches completely moved, some had just fallen for cover (For those PC Vampires), he managed to pick off the few writhing on the ground, then moved onto firing at those fleeing. He knew he didn't get the entire group, but at his count he had downed at least Five. Five... plus those in cover, more than seven... Why the Hell would the group be so large? He pulled his M4 back, tossing the clip and pushing in another. "Damnit, I should've grabbed the 556." Until a voice in his head popped up and said, No, no, no, no, no! You're experienced with the M4. And you stll killed a good number, quit your whining! he sighed, pulled down his visor, set the M4 again on his back, and from it, grabbed the UMP. After that he took care to radio Miller, because those stupid guys decided to start firing when they got flashed, "Miller, this is Alaska. Those were my flashes." he paused to hear what appeared to bring a string of swears, either from Miller or somebody elese on the radio, "But good news, I took down five tangos, several are still under cover, however, I'm going to start moving now, tell you're crazy-ass soldiers to not fire at me, though."

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 30 2006, 02:48 AM
OOC: I didn't ignore it, I just gave my only communication device to Judder. Thus I'm a little cut off at the moment.

Posted by: Templar Nov 30 2006, 02:54 AM
Vincent spun away from the gunfire coming from the sniper. Apparently he had more than just a rifle with him. The Vampire dashed over to the left, keeping his head down.

"Sniper! Flank him! Flank him!" Vincent shouted. The pack's confusion disappeared as they realized what was going on. The bloodsucker in the suit fired off another burst from his GLOCK at the sniper's position, ripping up the tree he was hiding behind, sending splinters and sawdust in all directions. The pack used their unnatural speed to spread out and began firing upon their attacker.

That is when the flashbags went off.

Diving and coming up in a roll behind a pile of fallen logs, Vincent peeked out and fired off two shots from his 1911, the .45 rounds blasting huge chucks out of the bastard's cover.

That should make him keep his head down... Vincent thought.

Turning around and taking a breath, the vampire found himself in a very interesting situation; a very large group of policemen were blasting the crap out of what Vincent could just make out as a squirrel not ten feet from the bloodsucker.

That's something now isn't it...

Vincent thought about the sniper, but figured his men had enough guns to take care of him. The vampire stood and dashed over to the group of 'good ol boys' and holstered his .45 as he did so. Grabbing the nearest human he could, Vincent covered his mouth with his powerful hand and bit down on his neck quickly, savoring the flavor of the man's blood for only a few seconds. This type of bite had a rare chance that the virus would be transmitted, and only really served as an attack mechanism.

I only wanted a little taste

Pressing his GLOCK against the man's spine, the vampire fired three bullets into his back and dropped him to the ground. Another cop heard the commotion and turned with his shotgun held tightly to his shoulder.

Nothing was there.

The officer saw the dead body of his fellow and a confused expression came over his features. Suddenly the officer felt a cold breath on his neck and let his eyes drift to his side. Not a foot from his face was a blindingly white fanged grin, the rest of the vampire's face thrown into shadow.

"Hi." Vincent said simply. He threw out his fist and cracked the cop in the nose, knocking him backwards and sending him to the ground... out cold.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 30 2006, 03:32 AM
It was absolute chaos. Vampires running everywhere, somebody had been playing with a bunch of flashbangs, most of my crew of cops had expended their ammo and needed to reload, millions of girls still didn't have a date for the prom, I had no clue where the werewolf was, we'd basically shredded a squirell, and I had a really bad itch that I couldn't scratch on the account of reloading my rifle.

Well at this rate the stars should begin falling like mortar fire pretty soon, and the sea's should boil over any minute now.

I had my rifle aimed at the head of a vampire armed with an MAC-11, my safety was off, and the rifle was cocked. I focused, inhaled, exhaled, and then I heard a loud crack, causing me to miss my shot as I exhaled. When the bullet missed I think I hit another squirell, and completly missed the vampire. But what concerned me was the source of that loud cracking noise. I looked over my shoulder real quickly and it wasn't the most encouraging of sights to behold.

There were two cops down on the ground, neither of them moving, and both of them bleeding. Standing over them was a vampire I recognized; Vincent. I cocked the rifle, stood up, and cracked my own neck.

"Alright Vincent, I admit it, I'm a little curious as to what you're doing here. I wasn't aware that werewolves were much of a priority for your kind, and I'll have you know that as a former cop I don't take kindly to people killing police." I said to Vincent as I raised my rifle to his head.

Posted by: Jay Nov 30 2006, 03:33 AM
How do I get myself into these messes?

Jay felt the tree trunk shudder as dozens of bullets ripped into it. Sheltered behind the foliage, however, he was sheltered from the detonation of the flashbang grenades that appeared to have been thrown by the Shadow. After all, he reasoned, he was packing.
Gunfire broke out right after the initial explosions, and mixed with the screams of blinded vampires.

Well, there goes my plan up the spout. Time to get going.

Jay ducked out from behind the tree and moved swiftly and silently towards the hill, where he hoped to both get a good vantage point and rendevous with Miller. He saw the pack leader of the vampires begin launching an assault on some of the policemen, and recoiled when he saw one be bitten, then shot through the back.

Nobody should die like that. Bastard.

He felt the bloodlust rise within him. This wasn't just normal bloodlust, either. The urge came like a tsunami, the urge to rip and tear, kill until there was nothing left.
The last sane remnants of his mind began to fight, then close down to this overwhelming tide of violence.

Please, no... not now... there are innocents around...

Little by little, by clinging to that thought, Jay's tortured mind came back from the brink. The red haze that was clouded his vision lifted slightly, and he saw the stand-off between Miller and Vincent.

I'll leave them be. Something tells me this could be something big.

Posted by: Judder Nov 30 2006, 03:35 AM
The gunfire erupted, then the flashes went off.
Judder runs towards the fray as a heavily panting Razor follows him.
He flips the safety off of it and begins to look for a target.

Slowly he walks among several dead bodies, Razor intently nudging each one.
Judder takes a knee to see what has happened.

Hmm... Looks like a sniper got these guys and the others must have begun flanking him. Ten to one its the new guy.

Judder steps through a section of bushes only to get tackled back through it by a vampire. Luckily the vampire rolls off of Judder. It lunges at Judder once again and pulls a knife out intending to slice his neck open.

As Judder dodges a few knife swipes he tells the Vamp. "You really messed up now"
Judder does a combat roll away from the knife wielding Vamp and recovers from it in a one knee stance, In a flash Judder's sidearm is out of his holster and he pumps three rounds into the Vamps' chest and another through the head.

Judder shakes himself off for a moment and looks around the clearing. Razor is standing next to Judder's shotgun. "A lot of help you were" Judder tells the dog as he picks up his gun.

Several more gunshots sound out and Judder runs through the forest towards them.
He sees a vampire knock a cop out cold. Judder runs towards him and aims his shotgun at the vampire. "Stop it right there" Judder screams. (Templar thats you)

Razor explodes out of a bush onto another vampire. The vampire screams and tries to fight with Razor but gets mauled into submission. As a coup-de-grace Razor rips the vampire's throat out.

Posted by: Randall Nov 30 2006, 03:48 AM
Randall felt like someone had just let off a cannon next to his ears. Falling to his knees his hands shot up to his ears which were ringing like crazy.

What the $@#! was that?!"

He didn't have time for an explanation however as he opened his eyes and saw the head of one of his comrades burst open as it was fired upon by an unknown assailant.

Not one to stick around in the line of fire, Randall picked himself off the ground and ran for cover, ducking behind a tree and praying to whatever god would listen that he was out of the shooters sights. He could see a few more vampires taking similar positions of cover and several others on the ground either dead or dyeing, black blood leaking out of their wounds.

Gripping his 9mm he poked out of the side of his tree and fired wildly in the direction he though the shots came from, ducking back quickly when he saw another of his teammates get knocked off.

"Well, you sure showed him."

By now that werewolf would probably be long gone so these humans were the high priority for the moment. Randall looked around and then made a jump for one of the tree limbs, hosting himself into the treetops. If he could stay unnoticed in the foliage, maybe he could sneak from tree to tree and get the jump on them.

Congratulating himself for the thinking up such a plan, he only cursed it when he reutilized he dropped his camera.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 30 2006, 03:56 AM
OOC: Three on one is hardly fair. I get the feeling Templar could use some backup.

Posted by: KJ Crush Nov 30 2006, 04:19 AM
Finaly reaching the wooded area and out of the line of fire, the wolf darted through the brush, avoiding tree's and logs. After a couple loud bangs the Wolf stoped and sat down, he looked to his right arm, blood staind his fur. He then reverted back to all fours, and started running once again, the sound of gun fire everywhere, his only concern was his own safety. After while the wolf took another break this time next to a stream where he began to drink. The exhausted wolf, spoted a small cave, it crawled into the cave and layed down holding his wounded arm...

Posted by: Alaska Nov 30 2006, 04:50 AM
Alaska darted through the underbrush, again running in cover, Looks like some of them got lucky...He kept on moving, amidst the scattered gunfire, UMP out and hand steady, unsure about how he could take the Bloodsuckers down... There is that monsterous Bowie Knife wrapped around your ankle... said a thought. He shook his head, not a good idea to take on a Vamp with a bladed weapon unless absoloute neccessity, no. He was going to blow them open, and there came his first oppurtunity. Just as it rounded a tree he aimed low, for the knees, to be exact. The Vampire dropped, shrieking. The thought crossed his mind to go for the P228 but it was a rather stupid idea, he crouched low, took aim and sundered the leech with a burst to the skull. Damnit, there's gotta be more around he somew- as another Leech exploded from behind him...

Life [The Universe, and Everything] went through his eyes, all in slow motion. What he saw himself do, however, was curl as he reached for the TMP on his left thigh, grabbing it, then turning as the Vamp lunged for him, what seemed like seeing every shot individually exit the gun and penetrate the Bloodsucker. all Thirty. Holy shit that was close... He thought, but that wasn't the rest, he jammed another clip into the small Sub-Machine Gun and grabbed the UMP, also ejecting the clip and hooking it in. This wasn't over. Rolling to his right, he saw another try to shoot him, too bad he was better. He reached for the P228 under his left arm and pulling it out, fired as the Vamp came in sight. It took two shots. The first slug hit the Vamp in his stomach, and dropped him to his knees [Because they're nice fucking guns and they can do that.] and the second blew the back of his head off. checking again, he saw one step cautiously out, look at the body and exclaim something. Probably a swear, as he bent down, Alaska pulled the M203 and pumped it, edging out from the side, he could just barely make out the top of the Soon-to-be-dead leech, he aimed briefly, then pulled the trigger, and again, his insides went to ice as the Vampire stood and pulled out a Vicious-looking gun, pulling another Forty-mill from his belt and slamming it into the gun, and then he saw it, and then he heard it, and then he felt it, the explosion rocketed the ground as the Vampire became tiny chunks of what-was-once-but-now-is-no-more.


Posted by: Roncas Nov 30 2006, 05:22 AM
I had lagged behind while Miller went ahead. I wanted to get this mess taken care of before I helped defeat the wolf. the coriner had finally arived about 5min after John left.

"Allright guys. This is a basic clean up. Load him in. Ship him off. I have Agents waiting for his body."

I started to walk off into the woods with my m16 in hand with the safety off. I saw where the trail leaded off to and veered off to the left a bit to get a good vantage point over the area. I had final reached a large rock about 200 yards from where the John was. I had a clear view of the area except a few trees blocking my view on the otherside of the cave. I layed falt on my stomache with my gun aimed in the direction of the cave and waited for any sign of danger.

Gun shots were fired, but i didnt see a thing and hesitated on my shot. I reamind still until a vampire killed two officers and was stationed to attack Miller. I aimed my sights centered on his legs. I didn't want to kill him, he could be good leverage for the order. I let my bullet rip and the gun kicked my shoulder slightly.

I looked up out of my scope and saw a a large object climbing into a small cave. I wasn't sure what it was but it made me nervous. I put my gun over my shoulder and took out my Deagle. I crept slowly and hid in the shadows of the rock i was on. I didn't want to advance on the creature alone for I new very little about werwolves and dint want to take a chance. I turned my radio on and lowerd the volume significalenty.

I wispered softly into it. "John. Are you alright? I fired a shot at teh vampire near you. I am in a situation abotu 200y NE of you. I spotted something big."

Posted by: Randall Nov 30 2006, 08:15 PM
Randall made his way through the tops of the trees, jumping from tree to tree like a monkey, his presense hidden from the firefights going on below. Lucky for him everyone was too distracted with their own fights to look up in the trees, so he was able to make some distance without being noticed.

Taking a moment to look at his surrondings, he saw Vincent on the ground below him next to the bodies of two police officers. But what cuaght his attention wasn't the dead, it was the man pointing a rifle straight as Vincent.

Grabbing the oppurtunity of surprise, Randall jumbed down to the ground, raised his gun and fired.

Posted by: Templar Nov 30 2006, 08:29 PM
OOC: Damn, you guys sure post lots after I go to bed. Also, Alaska, your character is a beast and damn cool, but how they hell do you carry that many weapons? That would weigh a ton, plus ammo, plus how the hell would you move with so many things hanging off of you? And you are the one pushing for realism?


"Well John, something that eats my food is not a friend of mine."

The vampire heard an agent yell at him, holding up his gun. Freeze or something like that. Looking down and over his shoulder, he saw the man with a shotgun in his hands. A few other policemen had also regained their wits and were hastily trying to reload their weapons.

A shot exploded in the ground next to Vincent's feet, sending up a puff of leaves. The vampire didn't flinch. He looked back at John, glaring at the agent.

Seems I've gotten myself into a pickle...

Suddenly a shot rang out from behind the standoff. Several of the men were distracted by the commotion.


Vincent leaned back and fired at the agent threatening him with the shotgun, the GLOCK letting a hail of shots towards the vampire hunter. Spinning low and to the left, the bloodsucker spun all the way around and brought his .45 down upon Miller and the cops behind him. He pulled the trigger four times and ejected the empty clip. Using his preternatural speed he holstered the gun, switching his grip on the GLOCK from one handed to two.

Posted by: Jay Nov 30 2006, 08:30 PM
The vampire jumped down from the trees and aimed a gun at Miller. Jay acted quickly. He punched the gun as it fired, knocking the aiming off-target and almost breaking his knuckles through the vibration. The vampire seemed to look rather startled at Jay's appearance.

"Leave them," the assassin growled. "They look like they have smething to sort out. I think we can find a way to fill in the time, though..."

As he settled back into a martial arts stance, gun in hand, he seized the remnants of the rage he had felt earlier and submerged his mind into it.

Let's see whether I'm good enough yet. You are going to be my test. Bring it on, bloodsucker.

Posted by: Roncas Nov 30 2006, 08:42 PM
I recieved no answer and became worried. I sat down wiht my back agiasnt the cliff well hidden in the shadows. I pulled my rifle up and aimed towards where I shot. To my suprised it looked like i had missed.

Looks like I'm slipping in my old age. I need to hit the range more.

I looked through my rifle and saw another vampire. It is still 3 on 2 over there and I decided they could handle themselves. I had something else to investigate.

I turned off my radio to keep noice to a mininum. I kept my pistol drawn and crept towards the cave remaining in the shadows. My clothing was dark and the moon was not out so there was very limited light. I saw a distinct outline of a large creature breathing in and out. The smell of it reaked of mexican food in a babies diaper and I wanted to gag. I took aim and fired. The bullet pierced through it there was a loud yelp. It got up but quickly fell over agian. I walked up to it and saw look up at me then drift off to sleep.

OOC: Do not worry. It was a tracalizer. Seeing as I am interested in a werewolf. Why would I kill it? anyway if wished for it to be changed will do.

Edited by Templar for OOC problems, Vincent was firing on Miller and Judder.

Posted by: Judder Nov 30 2006, 08:46 PM
OOC: Damn i love Kevlar. Ouch that shits gonna hurt come winter

As the vampire spun around and fired. The only thing that went through Judder's mind was "Oh, shit I can't believe he did that." Then the training and reflexes kicked into overdrive. Even though It was no use.
Lights and pictures of life exploded into Judder's eyes as he is blown off his feet and lands a few yards away.

Strange though, at that range the bullets should have penetrated The thought goes through Judder's mind as he blacks out from the pain.

To the others though it looks as if he is writhing in agony and then falls still.

Darkness...Then a spark, no wait, its a heartbeat. Slowly Judder drifts through unconciousness.

Thats when the idea hit Judder, The body armor that i put on earlier!

Posted by: Randall Nov 30 2006, 09:29 PM
The human seemed to come out of nowhere just as Randall fired, punching his gun and throwing his aim off. Randall jumped back in surprise, looked like Vincent was on his own.

The human entered some kind of martial arts stance while sitll holding his gun, telling him to leave Vincent and the other guy alone. In response Randall bared his fangs and let out a hiss.

"Alright human, been awhile since I had a drink anyway."

It was more than likely this guy had more experience with firearms than Randall did, so it would be to the vampires disatvantage to let there be too much didtance between them. His mind made up, Randall lunged towards the human in a burst of speed, hoping to dodge anything that he threw at him and get close enough to maybe sink his teeth in something.

Posted by: Jay Nov 30 2006, 09:55 PM
I've done this before. I lost, but this time I won't.

Jay's right arm throbbed once as the vampire leapt towards him. He grinned.

Just as expected. Bastard wants to get a bite out of me.

Out loud, he yelled at the vampire, "NOT-THIS-TIME!" and dropped to his knee, under the pretense of getting better accuracy. He waited until it was almost on top of him, then threw himself backwards, his legs catching the vampire in the chest. The resulting throw took the vampire's momentum and hurled it right over Jay, landing it about 10 feet away with a heavy thud.

Jay stood up and dusted himself off.

Well, Rule One is shot. Never go hand-to-hand with a vampire. Better finish this off quickly, then.

He aimed his GLOCK at the vampire which was struggling to its feet.

"Ready to die?"

Posted by: Randall Nov 30 2006, 10:41 PM
Needless to say Randall hadnt expected to be taken down so quickly by a mere human. As he struggled to get to his feet, Randalls hand landed on something that he was quite surprised to find.

My camera! So thats were I dropped it. Must have fallen out when I was in the trees."

"Ready to die?" He heard him say.

Looking back up at the human, his fingers fiddiling with the buttons on the camera, his mind started racing.

"Think of something cool to say, think of something cool to say,Think of something cool..."

"Been there, done that."

Quick as a flash he lifted his camera to face the human and pressed a button he hadn't used in a lond time: the spotlight.

"Hope this guys eyes are as used to the dark as mine are."

The light shined right in the humans eyes and Randall used the distraction to make a run for it.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 1 2006, 12:53 AM
God damn him.

I saw Vincent unleash a burst of rounds from the Glock at the guy's behind him, one of which was Judder. I figured he took around five rounds, all to the chest, maybe more, maybe less, maybe hit in other places.

Yep, he's dead.

It's bad enough watching one your comrades seemingly die right before your eys, but when a guy fires four rounds in your general direction, it's generally not a pleasant feeling either. And when another guy drops from a tree and fires at you, that's not a good thing either.

...Oh... shiiiiiiiiit.....

The bullet fired from the vamp that'd lept out of the tree somehow missed me, but I couldn't take my eye of Vincent to find out how. The shots Vincent fired however all came close.

The first round fired whizzed within what sounded like an inch of my left ear, the second flew directly over my head, the third flew right beneath my armpit, and I've no clue where the fourth one went. All I knew was that I didn't feel any bullet wounds, and now a rather dangerous vampire in front of me had a Glock in his hands that was probably nice and still loaded with enough rounds left to make my medical insurance rates go up.

"So this werewolf is eating your food supply. And here I thought I had problems with people cutting me in the buffet line." I said to Vincent as I steadied my rifle.

Posted by: Roncas Dec 1 2006, 01:36 AM
I turned on my radio as the wolf was sound asleep for atleast 6 hours.

"Roncas. calling in clean up. Wolf is neutralized and sleeping like a baby. I want a task force here ASAP. Coordinates is 23.78 65 104.53. take extreme caution when picking up the cargo. Leeches are littering the place."

I decided that I should moniter the situation where the police and Miller was. I went back to my spot where I was shooting from and set up my gun. I saw Judder on the ground seemingly lifeless.

Fuck. this shit has gotten out of hand.

I took percise aim on the vampire's back. I waited until my scope stopped moving and fired three shots...

Posted by: Jay Dec 1 2006, 02:27 AM
The light from the camera shone right into Jay's dilated pupils, turning his vision into a kaleidoscope of magenta and blue blotches.

"Damn it!"

When his sight cleared up, the vampire was gone. The fighting also seemed to be taking a turn for the better in regards to the FVZA agents. Corpses lay along the ground near the foot of the cave. His right arm throbbed again, like it had before challenging the now-gone vampire. Looking at it, he saw blood seeping through a small tear in the fabric of his shirt. By pulling his sleeve up, he got a better look.

It was hardly big enough to be called a scratch, but it was how he got that scratch that worried him. That, and where that scratch was. The area was slightly swollen, like the buildup of scar tissue.

Damn... I must have gotten this from that vampire. So he did get me. How ironic. Same place as the last time.

A wound inflicted by a vampire should be treated through application of the HVV vaccine, he knew. But he only had one dose with him, and there was a full-scale battle going on against the bloodsuckers. He could only hope that this wrapped up soon, and there were no virus-affected casualties to apply it to. In the meantime, he had to hope that the antibodies in his blood would keep him in the land of the living.

Miller and Vincent were still tied up, so Jay pulled out his rifle, and began picking shots off at the remaining vampires.

Posted by: Templar Dec 1 2006, 03:33 AM
OOC: 6 hours? Since when has this battle lasted for 6 hours?


Vincent was known for his dashing good looks, marksmanship, and preternatural speed granted by the virus that had been running through his veins for almost 35 years. The bloodsucker tilted his body forward and kicked off from the ground, throwing his body into motion. He ran counter clockwise to Miller, pumping his legs with a speed that would make an Olympic sprinter blush.

Then the vampire remembered why it sucked to have a gunshot wound in your knee. The thing flared up and pain wracked his entire leg. Wincing, Vincent used all of his willpower to push through it and keep up his speed. He was not five feet from the agent when he heard the gunshots.

The first shot whipped past his ear, nearly spinning the vampire completely around. The second grazed his arm, cutting through his suit's jacket and drawing murky colored blood. The final round slammed into the bloodsucker's left pectoral, knocking Vincent up and off his feet.

I am so fucking sick of these damn snipers...

As he landed on the ground, Vincent rolled, throwing himself onto his stomach in a prone position with his GLOCK held out in front of him. He fired a burst at Miller, wincing from the pain in his chest caused from the recoil of his weapon.

Why am I always the one that everyone takes pot shots at? It can't be my looks... well, Hell, it just might. These agents wish they looked as good as I do when THEY turn sixty.

The vampire made a promise to himself to find that bastard who was sniping him out. He smiled as he thought of the things he would due to him. Maybe rip off the fucker's arms and stab them through his own chest? Yes, that sounded Great... just like the vampire's favorite breakfast cereal.

Posted by: Jay Dec 1 2006, 03:44 AM
OOC: He means that the wolf is gonna be out for a good 6 hours, if not more.

Posted by: KJ Crush Dec 1 2006, 03:59 AM
As the wolf slumbered he heard what sounded like foot steps, he opend his eyes and looked, but in the darkness he couldn't see anything, dismissing the sound he layed his head back down and closed his eyes. After awhile, the sound of a gun fire erupted in the cave and the wolf felt as if he had been stung by a giant bee. Leaping to all four, he attempted to fix his eyes on a dark figure the looked as if it was holding a gun, The wolf made an attempt to charge but fell on it's chin with a thud, then the sound of logs beiung sawed was the only soun inside the cave, aside from the human radioing his companions.

Posted by: Templar Dec 1 2006, 04:38 AM
OOC: Ah, I gotcha.

Posted by: Roncas Dec 1 2006, 07:15 AM
OOC: My fault. I was use to typing in past tense. KJ sry for controling your character. I think it may be used for a plot point later.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 1 2006, 07:54 AM
[An M4 weighs less than ten pounds, seven, loaded I think, UMP weighs a bit less, I think, TMPs weigh a bit more than pistols. Maybe 25-30 pounds on me, I'd say 33, with Guns ringing 27 and ammo at 6, Dragon Skin is lightweight, and guys in Iraq wear more. I'm fine.]

Alaska, again, darted through the underbrush, the P228 steady in his right hand, and his left hand was tingling at the TMP. Even without the Vampires, he was concerned. That damn werewolf was still out here, and Leeches don't do much to help the problem, he stopped, panting, Perhaps it wasn't the brightest thing in the world to carry so much. said that same nasty voice in his head, Yeah, but I'd be dead if I hadn't, now wouldn't I?, he said it only to reassure himself that it was a good idea. But he had no idea how many vampires were still out there, letting common sense take ahold of him, he pushed the P228 back down and pulled out the M4, then reaching for the XM26 down his leg, he clicked it in and slammed the box of ammo into [* M4 Light shotguns use boxes- they're like clips except with Shotgun shells] it, then pumped it once and started moving again, Night Vision sure helped in a situation like this, particularly as he noticed that one vampire, a particularly special one move swiftly.

Moving as fast as he could to intercept that leech, he blocked out all the sound, so now all he heard was his beating heart. And it was one hell of a tune.

As he dashed, he checked occasionally, the Vampire had managed to blow away an agent, more, it seemed, now, but what he needed to do was get close enough to Slam that bowie into his thigh... Suddenly, that seemed like a good idea, and as he watched the guy get scraped with bullets, it started becoming a better and better idea, he hooked back the M4 and reached for the Bowie Knife on his leg and unsheathed it, revealing a monsterous Eight-inch dagger, specifically designed to cut and pierce flesh. In this case, that vampires flesh. Just having the knife freed things up, he was able to move faster with it out, and was closing in on the atheletic, damn-good-aiming, Somehow-good looking man, the surest aspect of the situation, was, was that the blade in his hand was going to draw that Vampire's blood...

He rounded the bend just as the vampire started to side-skip to dodge fire, years of training exploded into all of the nerves of Alaska's brain and lunged for him, holding his palm to the base of the knife to guide it in, and in it went. What he felt was the satisfying like-cutting-through-butter feel of a knife entering flesh, what he didn't notice was the blade not going in right, and only going through the muscle, and not doing any real damage [Because Templar, you're going to have to escape.] But what he did notice, was the cringing of the Vampire from the wound, and what the vampire would notice, was an FVZA Shadow getting ready to punch him in the jaw.

Posted by: KJ Crush Dec 1 2006, 07:54 AM
(OOC: It's cool.)

Posted by: Roncas Dec 1 2006, 03:37 PM
OOC: I feel bad for Templar. He has a bullet wound in his leg already, a grazed bullet wound on his arm, a shot into his side and now about to have a knie wound. He is going to be in pain in the morning.

Posted by: Templar Dec 1 2006, 10:11 PM
OOC:That is because I am the main bad guy here that you agents just can't shoot me in the head like you do to the other vampires. Haha, oh well, vamp's regenerate right? I'll be tip top by next mission I think. Anyway, I will not be posting much tonight because it is my sister's birthday today. She is 20! We are going out to a movie and dinner. Shall be grand. Gonna have me a big ol' steak. I might come back later.

Alaska... Alright, the whole damn many guns thing I'll allow, but don't be pullin' any "dashing like a mad man" or "shadow back flip antics" stuff. Just because our boys in Iraq wear more, do you see them doing crazy stuff? Nope. Just keep it realistic, that is allot of stuff you have there.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 2 2006, 07:55 PM
[Meh. Years of training with carrying guns would let my guy run faster than most people with guns, and he can run anyway, so carrying an M4 and a UMP (Because Pistol/TMP would be little) won't bother him much.

GUYS: I've struck gold and come down with Pneumonia. Cyber- Until I next say, you have direct control over Alaska's actions.]

Posted by: Jay Dec 2 2006, 10:19 PM
The rifle was out of ammunition, just as Jay had lined up a perfect shot on the vampire feeding on a downed policeman.

Fuck. Looks like I've got to get into this. Not what I wanted.

He sprinted down the hill with his shotgun in hand. By the time the vampire was aware of him, he was already right behind it. As it turned in shock, Jay unloaded a barrel full of shot into its face at close range. The policeman moaned, so it appeared he wasn't quite dead yet, but his wounds made it clear that the only way he would survive would be through transformation to vampire.
Jay looked down with pity at the man.

"Sorry," he murmured, then fired a single bullet from the GLOCK into the man's head.

Looking round, he saw the battle begin to go the way of the police and the agents. Many of the surviving vampires were fleeing into the woods. He made a small note of which direction they were moving.

Looks like it's just about over. Heavy casualties on both sides. I guess we won.

OOC: Kind of a hard thing to ask, but would somebody get bitten? I need to get rid of this vaccine, and not on myself.

Posted by: Templar Dec 3 2006, 02:52 AM
Vincent bared his fangs at the man atop of him. The bastard had jumped on his prone form and stabbed a massive knife into his leg... like that part of his body had not taken enough damage already. The agent was rearing back to punch him in the face.

But no matter how fast a human is, a vampire is always faster...

The pack leader used his fast-twitch muscles to throw out his free hand, grabbing his enemy’s fist mid-air. In the second the two of them struggled against one another's strength, Yuri, one of Vincent's vampires, came running up and kicked the shadow's ribs hard as if punting a living foot ball, his steel toed boots most likely causing a break or at the least a very nasty bruise. The blow sent the man flying off the pack leader and onto the ground a few feet away, his landing kicking up a cloud of leaves.

Yuri opened fire on the nearby policemen with his semi-auto shotgun, making them scramble for cover. When they stopped returning fire, Yuri grabbed Vincent by the collar and threw him over his shoulder, keeping his gun in his free hand. As his underling carried him off, the bloodsucker saw another one of his men grab the unconscious agent that Vincent and shot earlier and carry him off too, the remaining vampires disappearing into the darkness of the forest.

Posted by: Judder Dec 3 2006, 04:21 AM
OOC: Damn templar, You taking hostages too,huh?

Judder felt the slight dragging and then carrying sensation but could not bring himself above the pain to see what it was.

Razor barked and whined to save his master, But the agents and police officers held him back.

Posted by: Templar Dec 3 2006, 04:51 AM
Fuck that hurts! Vincent thought as he pulled the knife out his leg. The wound was soon disinfected and dressed by the pack's nurse, the young woman smiling a toothy grin as she padded the newly wrapped gauze.

The survivors had made it back to the cave. There was no possible way that the agents could find the place unless they could jump as high as a vampire... which was more than unlikely. The weary vampires growled to themselves and slumped to sit or lay down to rest.

Their new prisoner was lying unconscious in the far reaches of the cave, near Vincent's own cot. He had been handcuffed and bound, resting quietly with his head slumped into his chest that was slowly rising and falling.

With the knife in his hand, Vincent limped over to the captive.

Posted by: Judder Dec 3 2006, 05:12 AM
In his mind Judder was being told by Razor to wake up. He thought, A talking dog? How fucked up am i?Judder heard the slight crunch of a footstep on hay and snapped completely out of the state of subconciousness he was in.

Judder eyes snap open as he sits up and tries to fight the cuffs as he screams.
The vamps in the cave jump with alarm with the exception of two. The mutherfucker who shot Judder and then what appears to be a nurse.

All the people turn to look at him.Judder looks at the nearest vampire, the one that shot him and is now advancing upon him with a knife. Judders hands quickly remove the handcuffs and begin to work on the intricate series of knots that keep him from removing his bonds. He looks at the Vamp while doing this.
"What the hell you think you gonna do with that knife?" Judder asks

Posted by: Templar Dec 3 2006, 05:34 AM
Vincent watched as the agent miraculously began tearing away his bonds. Vincent shambled over and backhanded the prisoner across the face. Even in the weakened state caused by his wounds, he was still a very strong vampire. The hostage was thrown to the ground.

"Shut the fuck up." Vincent growled, brandishing the knife in his other hand. His own black blood was still dripping from the sharpened metal.

"You are going to answer a few questions for me. Answer them right and I let you live... answer then wrong and well... I'll eat your kidney with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."

Posted by: Judder Dec 3 2006, 06:03 AM
The slap to the face just about knocked Judder out cold. Slowly getting back to a sitting position, Judder didn't let the fact that he was bleeding or that he had slipped the last of his bonds.
Judder serenely looked at the Vampire. Judder spits blood across the boots of the vampire. "I do not fear death." He takes and pushes himself with his feet against the wall until his back is firmly against it. "Besides, Im your huckleberry" Judder laughs as he remembers the quote from Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone.

Posted by: Templar Dec 3 2006, 06:23 AM
Vincent's jaw dropped slightly and his right eyebrow rose while his left narrowed downward. The look quickly faded for a more stern appearance.

"Tell me where the FVZA are based in this city and where I can find that traitor." Vincent growled. The bloodsucker was flipping the knife in his hand around and around with preternatural skill as he thought of Dart… the little bastard. Knife fighting was something he did when he was still a mortal. He had a knack for small blades and how to work them in close quarters. He was never very good at throwing them however, but he could do it when called upon.

The graceful dance of the small weapon continued as the vampire quietly waited for an answer.

Posted by: Judder Dec 3 2006, 06:33 AM
Judder watches the knife with feigned disinterest as he takes the count of the vampires. Hmm..fifteen Judder thinks to himself. Another thought crosses his mind.I wonder how my vest is.

Judder slowly, deliberately moves his hands into view and unbuttons his overshirt. Underneath it is the Kevlar vest that saved his life. He counts the bullet impacts before removing the vest to reveal the sickly purple impact bruises. "Well, I have to say, those are the worst looking bullet impacts I have seen in a while."

Judder looks up at the vampire. "By the way, since it seems we are going to be here for a while." "My name is Judder." He chuckles at his remark and winces with pain as he gingerly touches one of the bruised points on his body.

"If you must know, there is an assload of agents in the hotel." "I think about fifty, including an asshole called Duran." "Im not sure but i believe they keep the traitor in a top floor walled in room." Judder says in a disinterested voice as he looks over the vest.
"Hmm..One more bullet and you could have killed me"

Posted by: Templar Dec 3 2006, 07:12 AM

There was no way his team would be able to take a hotel down. Judder did tell him that Dart was still alive though, so where the FVZA went that fucker was sure to go like the little lamb he was. Vincent paced as he thought.

This mission had gone to shit. The higher-ups would have his head on a platter when they found out that he had failed so damn bad twice in a row. He needed to report back to HQ. The nearest Order relay station was a few states away at a docking station in Seattle, Washington. An old friend by the name of Seamus oversaw that facility. Last Vincent heard they vamp was fiddling in the zombie virus, injecting locals with it that he picked up off the street, creating a small army of the buggers.

It would have to do. The pack leader turned to Yuri.

"Yuri... help our prisoner get ready for travel. We are going to go see Seamus." Yuri nodded and walked over to Judder, raising his gun into the air and slamming the stock into the agent's jaw.

Posted by: Judder Dec 3 2006, 07:18 AM
OOC: Godamn, Im no use dead Templar.

Posted by: Templar Dec 3 2006, 07:18 AM
OOC: You are a tough guy, you'll live.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 3 2006, 08:34 AM
I freaking hate it when people shoot.

"I'm starting to wonder what the first mate of the Red October saw in this place." I muttered to myself as I observed the carnage around me.

Vampires had ripped cops apart, cops had blasted vampires to bits, and I still had no clue what happened to that werewolf we came for. The nighttime cold was setting in, and I was starting to shiver to to the point where I doubt I could've kept my rifle steady enough for any long range shooting anymore. Most of the leaves had fallen, and now many of them were covered in blood from the fight.

That's when Alaska came from out of the brush with an M4 in his arms, a few black splotches on his uniform, and a look on his face that told me that he'd had better days. It was about time I saw a good agent around ever since Judder had disappeared while I was focusing on another random vampire. And was I ever glad to see him.

"So, what's the story?" I asked him as I brushed a leaf off my shoulder.

"Bad news is that Judder seems to have been kidnapped. Also one of the leeches kicked me pretty hard in the ribs. But the good news is that the vampires seem to be in full retreat." He responded.

"Well the retreat is good, the fact that they're taking Judder isn't. But in the meantime sorry to hear about your ribs, any idea if they're broken?"

"Not sure."

"Well I'd bet they're at least bruised."


"Alright, I think it's about time we got the hell out of dodge and regrouped back at the hotel." I said as I zipped my jacket and located Polaris so I could figure out which way was north.

OOC: Alright people, let's get this thing wrapped up. I'm in the mood for some zombies.

Edited by Templar for italics usage

Posted by: Alaska Dec 3 2006, 03:14 PM
[The medicine they gave me is workin' fine, thank goodness. Yeah, Zombies sounds like a good idea. Mid-scale infestation sounds nice. How about the Mall of America? Ha. Not the most Cliché thing you've ever heard. Yes it is! SHUT UP VOICE.]

Alaska was still moving around, the Dragonskin had the nice little perk about spreading out damage, (Same thing with bullets, the bullet hits, the energy is spread out, weakening the hit), without it he would have likely broken a rib, or two. And you expected you could beat a vampire hand-to-hand? At this, Alaska would've laughed, if he could've. "Oh, yeah, right, you tell me now after first telling me to stab the guy in the side. Nice advice." He coughed a couple of times, then moved on.

He had been thinking for a bit about the carnage, and for some reason his mind kept returning to Judder, they had taken him, sure, probably to feed on... Right? His mind started sparking, which would've occured earlier had that kick not dazed him. "Miller, good news/ bad news." the agent turned around, "Bad news first, alright, they took Judder. That's not the bad news, bad news is they probably got the location of Dart out of him, that's the only reason they would've taken him and not killed him on the field. The good news is, I'm sure as Hell that they know they can't break the hotel. Too many agents around it, but it seems likely enough they'll try."

He sighed, coughed some more and began moving again.

Edited by Templar. Alaska, YOU ARE NOT SHERLOCK HOMLES.

Posted by: Roncas Dec 3 2006, 06:39 PM
I began walking slowly to where John was, smoking on my cigarette all the little way. "Well hey there guys. Miss me? Probably not. I was just your little Guardian Angel John. And when are we completing our shooting range? I am the worse shot ever now. 2 out of 4 bullets hit that vamp."

I let out a smile and shared some more good news. "Clean up crew i going to be here ETA 5 min. The wolf is neutralized and still has a good 5 hours left of sleep in him, in case your wondering. I picked up some trank's from the PD when I found out it was a wolf. This outta be a thrill... and about Judder; I'm sure we can trace his signal. He still has his cell phone in his pants and we just have to find his signal through GPS."

Edited by Templar for minor errors

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 3 2006, 09:23 PM
"Pretty good assessments gentlemen, but I doubt there'll be much chance of catching the vamps. Strategically speaking, Montana is only good because it's easy to lay low. Now that their cover is blown in this area, the city has the strategic importance of a banana, so if their leadership has any brains whatsoever, they'll just let us have the banana. That way their packs can live to fight another day over something more important." I explained.

As much as I wanted to know that we'd won a pair of victories, it was debatable as to whether or not they were victories. We got our werewolf, but we lost Judder. That and I was starting to wonder where we were going to keep a fully grown werewolf.

"So... Dr. Roncas.... I don't suppose you've got a cage for a werewolf laying around... do you?" I asked him.

Posted by: Roncas Dec 4 2006, 12:31 AM
"Taken care of. I called in assistance about 20 min ago. Clean up crew is coming and I for one don't want to hear their bitching. Im sure they have something wiht them to get him."

I began walking out of the wooded area. "they have the coodinates. the beast won't be moving for awhile so we can head back and have that poker tounament after all. And as I said. We can alwasy trace Judder's cell phone."

Posted by: Jay Dec 4 2006, 03:45 AM
The trail was growing cold, and his headache was starting to interfere with his vision, so Jay slowed down, stopped, and leaned back against a tree overlooking a pond about a kilometre from the main battle site.

Damn it... they're too fast. They'll probably be gone by the time I catch up, anyway. Maybe it's time for a breather.

He massaged his temples and grimaced at the pain. The headache had been getting worse for the last twenty minutes, and he wasn't feeling that great anyway. Jay allowed his mind to wander in the way that some do when they have a fever...

...fever? Headache? Generally feeling like shit? Oh, fuck, no!

He frantically tore off his backpack and opened the sealed metal container he had packed. Inside, foam packed and safe, were a vial and a syringe. His hands trembled as he attempted to withdraw the liquid from the vial into the syringe, but as he managed to finally draw the liquid into the syringe, his head throbbed with intense pain and he blacked out. The syringe, still with the needle inside the vial, rolled down the incline and into the pond, sinking immediately.

OOC: I also want to finish this up quickly, so I'm gonna post what happened that coming night.

IC: Sunset. The tossing and turning man who was sleeping against a tree by a small pond, deep inside the woods of Montana, opened his eyes.

Woah, must have slipped off. Where the hell am I?

He glanced at his sleeve. It was rolled up, revealing a scar on a scar. Memory's floodgates opened, hardwiring his brain into action.

Did I get the serum in time?

He rolled his tounge around his mouth absentmindedly, then recoiled when he felt the pointed teeth.

What? No, no, nononono... Please, God, no...

Fighting off a sudden wave of nausea, he staggered to the pond and, dropping to his knees, glanced at his reflection.
Red and black eyes. Paler-than-usual skin. Pointed teeth.
Then the full force of his condition hit him like a fist in the face, and rising to his feet, the newly-created vampire Jay screamed his horror and revulsion to the sky.

There was only one place for him now. Unsteady on his feet, Jay began walking towards the vampires' hideout.

Towards a new life.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 4 2006, 05:21 AM
"I never understood how those pyromaniacal nutjobs could bitch about their job. Most of the time we just let them burn everything, it's a shop class reject's wetdream for crying out loud. But in the meantime we don't really have a cage back at HQ for werewolves we can use, nor do we need another pet. So I guess I'll give the boys down at the Santa Rosa Institute a call, I'm sure they'd appreciate something new and live for a change." I explained after my little rant about the cleanup crew.

But in the meantime the vamps were most likely leaving town, so I figured the best course of action would be to enjoy the rest of the night at the hotel, maybe pick up a pizza before the local pizza joint closed, play some poker, and then talk with the remaining police in the morning.

OOC: Ok I'm going to leave this open for another day or so in the event that somebody has something important to say, and then I'm closing this so we can get to our next mission.

Posted by: Judder Dec 4 2006, 07:48 AM
OOC: I almost left a loose end myself.

Razor came limping out of the brush towards Roncas and John. A nasty bruise shows why he is limping. He is carrying the sling of Judder's shotgun in his mouth. He drags it to John and lays down whimpering. A look into his eyes show that he misses his freind and owner.

OOC: All i can do im bushed. That ties my loose end up. Cyber you got Razor for a while.

Posted by: Jay Dec 4 2006, 07:13 PM
OOC: Just a small note pertaining to my loose end here. Jay's whereabouts are currently unknown, to the vampires as well as the FVZA. It'll be addressed in the next mission.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 5 2006, 02:16 PM
[Alright, I dub my post the closer, then Death Manor II is closed and we can move onto the Undead. W00T! Oh, Templar, a Vampire would have an extraordinarily difficult time being able to use their Fast-Twitch muscles effectively if they had suffered all the wounds you had, they need a lot of energy, you must realize. That, and Alaska could just as well of been using Fast-Twitch muscles to punch you, as they exist in people who do, say, Weight Training. Basically I'm saying an Agent without wounds who had just been running for a small time would have the possibility of over-powering a vampire. Not saying I should've, saying I could have.]

Alaska had frequently gone around the area where the skirmish occured, for he was still wondering why they hadn't tried to bite him, last time he had checked skirmishes didn't prevent bloodsuckers from, well, bloodsucking. This time, even, the Dragonskin would've stopped it, but it's just that they didn't. Something was behind it, whatever their purpose for being in Montana was, it obviously couldn't contain good. The Order didn't have a history of things that are, as it were, socially acceptable, Hell, acceptable at all. Kidnapping the Agent was only the start of things, he'd be lucky if he got out a Leech.

He scratched his chin, for the most part, everything else was looking up, a large number of Vampires were now dead, a Lycan or whatever the Hell it was was sleeping peacefully in a cave or somewhere else, so the threat was down. The mission, was, for the most part, extremely successful, and that's what HQ wanted to here, and that's why they told him to bring everyone in afterward.

"Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency Caroline speaking" Alaska's eyes lit up, "Caroline, I need you to patch me up top." no tone, then, "Identification?" Ugh... "Agent Alaska, code S9-1M-12W-GM"(It'd make sense don't bitch) "Alright, Agent Alaska, I will connect you immediately." Hold music, At least the music's good "Field Mission Director FVZA." Alaska relayed everything that occured, "Sir, we captured the Lycan and over a dozen vampires are dead, we have an agent missing, however. Taken by Order Vampires. Please Advise." Only a few moments elapsed between his statement and the reply, "As this is Order business nothing's going to happen without bloodshed. Your objectives have been complete, however, so, Agent Alaska, you are to return to HQ ASAP. No questions." Alaska had nothing else to say except, "Yes, sir. We will be there."

He clicked on his radio and spoke, "All FVZA Agents, this is Agent Alaska speaking. We are to return to Headquarters immediately. They've closed the mission. The missing agent is another priority, but not our immediate one. There's a Government plane already waiting at an Airport nearby, I'm moving out ASAP. You all are to as well, and no, that's not a suggestion. It's an order."


Posted by: Templar Dec 5 2006, 06:17 PM
QUOTE (Alaska @ Dec 5 2006, 09:16 AM)
[Oh, Templar, a Vampire would have an extraordinarily difficult time being able to use their Fast-Twitch muscles effectively if they had suffered all the wounds you had, they need a lot of energy, you must realize. That, and Alaska could just as well of been using Fast-Twitch muscles to punch you, as they exist in people who do, say, Weight Training. Basically I'm saying an Agent without wounds who had just been running for a small time would have the possibility of over-powering a vampire. Not saying I should've, saying I could have.]

OOC: OK, you have no idea what you are talking about. You can't just "use" fast twitch muscles, certain muscles of your body are made up of the fast twitch variety. Vampires just so happen to have the majority of their muscles of that type. The muscles exist in everyone, regardless of "weight training" as you put it. Also, you had about a split second to overpower me with one hand before Yuri came and kicked you, and against a 60 year old vampire that has had all the training in his mortal days plus the 30 years as a vampire... don't you think that particular bloodsucker would be quite above your young little shadow's strength even with the wounds he had? I certainly think so. You had your arm pulled all the way back with your elbow bent to punch me. I simply threw out my arm and locked my elbow. In that position, you have nearly no chance of overpowering anything, much less one of the "close-combat fanatics" that we vampires are.

So cut the shit and shut your mouth Alaska, you and your little "know-it-all" attitude isn't flying around here.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 5 2006, 07:30 PM
OOC: I've got a Jeep here that we can't just load on your typical airplane, so I'm driving back.

Anyhow I'll leave this thread open until midnight tonight (central time zone) for OOC comments, and then I'll lock it. But no in character stuff anymore.

Oh and finally, there's always the issue of the average vampire being roughly five times stronger than the average human. So I figure a well trained vampire vs. a well trained human will result in the vampire being significantly stronger. Although that's not to say that strength is everything, wit and skill counts for a lot too.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 5 2006, 08:10 PM
QUOTE (Templar @ Dec 5 2006, 06:17 PM)
QUOTE (Alaska @ Dec 5 2006, 09:16 AM)
[Oh, Templar, a Vampire would have an extraordinarily difficult time being able to use their Fast-Twitch muscles effectively if they had suffered all the wounds you had, they need a lot of energy, you must realize. That, and Alaska could just as well of been using Fast-Twitch muscles to punch you, as they exist in people who do, say, Weight Training. Basically I'm saying an Agent without wounds who had just been running for a small time would have the possibility of over-powering a vampire. Not saying I should've, saying I could have.]

OOC: OK, you have no idea what you are talking about. You can't just "use" fast twitch muscles, certain muscles of your body are made up of the fast twitch variety. Vampires just so happen to have the majority of their muscles of that type. The muscles exist in everyone, regardless of "weight training" as you put it. Also, you had about a split second to overpower me with one hand before Yuri came and kicked you, and against a 60 year old vampire that has had all the training in his mortal days plus the 30 years as a vampire... don't you think that particular bloodsucker would be quite above your young little shadow's strength even with the wounds he had? I certainly think so. You had your arm pulled all the way back with your elbow bent to punch me. I simply threw out my arm and locked my elbow. In that position, you have nearly no chance of overpowering anything, much less one of the "close-combat fanatics" that we vampires are.

So cut the shit and shut your mouth Alaska, you and your little "know-it-all" attitude isn't flying around here.

Alright, covering everything said (Because me mentioning something OOC is clear room to be a dickhead.)

Note, an average Human, and as there is no indication of how strong an average human in relation to an average vampire is, there's a good as Hell chance that there's a human somewhere in the world that's going to be stronger than vampires. So yes, a strong to very strong man would probably be many times stronger than your average joe, which is what is indicated, but that's not my point.

I know good and fucking well that you can't just "Use" Fast-Twitch Muscles, and yes, I know that a Vampires body contains more Fast-Twitch than Slow-twitch, what that means, is opposed to say, John Doe, having Fast-Twitch in his legs but not his arms, whereas a Vampire with Fast in his arms and legs.

Bur Alaska obviously would, seeing as he would need them in his legs so that he could get out of a situation fast. (Because you would've bothered to explain them if you really were so diehard about the point) Let's make a situation, Alaska has just seen a group of vampires, he works out so his Muscles have become of the Fast-Twitch variety, (And it happens and you can look it up) so what he does is he turns around and breaks off running.

There are two basic forms of Fast-Twitch Muscles, first, "Intermediate", which contain a high capacity to contract under conditions of Aerobic Energy production, or Anaerobic energy production.

The second basic form is the type all of your are farmiliar with, the "Turbo-Charged", any predator animal has them, it allows, say, a Lion to sprint at its prey and then take it down in a short burst, and you already know it. This is what you, Templar, are using.

The fast-twitch muscles allow him to run faster and harder, that's also what gives people who workout better running times and whatnot, and what the whole of this may sound like is a Crash-course through Muscles, it's part of my point.

My point, is Alaska, who has not had to do anything too stressful (Toward his physique, mind you.) Whereas Vincent, who's had bullet wounds and now a knife sticking into his thigh, would've already expended a lot of energy, and his muscles would already be tiring, as everyone's would (Because it'd be stupid to argue that your character isn't exhausted.) not instantly be able to incapacitate Alaska, as they both would have Fast-Twitch muscles in their arms (And we can debate who's got more but it'd be dumb.) Because Alaska would be relying on them (Although not knowing) to deliver one hell of a good punch, otherwise me, being the person I am would'nt have had him try and punch a Vampire, but just stab him again.

Ugh, to round this up.

Alaska stabs Vincenet, then begins to punch, Vincent, relying on Fast Twitch (Turbo-Charged) same with Alaska, would block, then grab and attempt, and do so to Incapacitate Alaska. My point is, Alaska, being under much less physical stress, and being someone who works-out, and someone who as his career life has entitled, complete physical duress and workouts that would make training courses that last years look like shit. (Because that's what they do at Westpoint and in the Military.) Would have just as good of a damn chance of having a punch sink on a Vampire who has bullet wounds and a Large knife wound, THAT'S WHY HE PUNCHED. Duh.

It's not a strength contest, because obviously Vampires and the Fast-Twitch muscles would almost always win (I'm citing the Stomp-a-vampire-on-the-foot/kick-in-shin that the Site says would work)

Ugh, the point is, it's like Templar forgot that he had an Eight-Inch long knife sticking into his leg and bullet wounds, and managed to take down Alaska. It's just. Ugh. I didn't have enough of a problem to stop it because I don't like making Alaska God, but I didn't think the possibility should be ruled out that a Human could Punch a Vampire in the jaw.

And Cyber, get me average human cards then I'll talk on that matter.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 5 2006, 08:14 PM
And Templar, sorry for sounding like a Know-it-all jackass. Clearly had I had a problem with it I would have done something more, but I was making the point of what your character had gone through in relation to Alaska. And I think I would'nt have done that much if you hadn't called me a Know-it-all but seriously, that's fucking annoying as Hell.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 5 2006, 10:49 PM
Well I must say I'm quite impressed with the entire explanation on muscle type. A most excellent job you did. However I'm going to let you and templar work out if any changes are made, but my advice would be to live and let die and worry about it next mission.

Posted by: Templar Dec 6 2006, 12:24 AM

Templar didn't take down Alaska, Yuri did. Remember the whole kick to the ribs thing? Yeah, not the tired Vincent. Vincent just managed to hold the punch back.

Go ahead, post another comeback.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 6 2006, 12:44 AM

No, seriously. I don't care. It's good he got kicked in the ribs. I just can never be wrong. It's the whole "Know-it-all" part of me. XD, naw, Alaska was overpowered and got kicked in the ribs by Yuri *cough*.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 6 2006, 12:54 AM
Needless to say I'd say both Alaska and Templar are going to need an icey-hot patch before the next mission.

Posted by: Alaska Dec 6 2006, 01:10 AM
That's what she said. You need to close this sucker up.

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