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Posted by: Templar Nov 19 2006, 06:01 AM
Thunder outside rumbled loudly as the storm raged on, the raindrops taping against the glass of the windows with a pitter-patter. The lord of the household sat in a plush chair, his best velvet jacket and slippers snuggly worn on his aged frame. He swirled a glass of red wine in a delicate etched glass as he spoke to his guests.

That man's name was Albreach Wellingford, the seventy year old very British owner of the Wellingford Manor. The Manor sat imbedded in a mountain side surrounded by a venerable forest of evergreens and a nearby lake. The normally pretty and serene environment was a nightmare compared to its regular self; the 'dark and stormy' night was making it look like something directly out of Bram Stoker novel.

Vincent crouched in the basement of the manor, busing himself with something on the floor. His head was bent low, slowly moving up and down. He lifted his head and stood up, brushing his black suit off. Fresh blood from the manor guard he had just killed dribbling from his lips. He spat out the crimson fluid, taking the bitter taste of a smoker out of his mouth.

He was there that night for a few reasons. His main concern was the guests the old man was entertaining tonight, a sizable group of FVZA agents called to the manor for as of yet unknown reasons. The second was the threat the agents posed to his nearby hideout.

Several dark clothed individuals ghosted out of the darkness of the cellar behind Vincent. Wiping the remaining blood from his mouth with the back of his hand, he stepped forward towards the stairs leading to the ground floor.

Edit by Cyber78: This is the Aurora, Montana mission.

Posted by: Dart Nov 22 2006, 02:21 AM
One of the figures was a vampire by the name of Dart, he was wearing all black and had three throwing knifes on his belt, he also had a handgun with three bullets in it which another vampire had made him take with him. Dart was considering his position, after the letter he sent to the FVZA he hoped that they would look into his past and find the drug charge which would hae a fingure print to match on.
He decided to play along with the plan of the others until he had to make his final decision. he looked up at the master of the pack and him in a tone of loathing
"So, Why again are we here, and what do the FVZA agents have to do with us they are after the werewolf or monster or whatever it is that is killing the people in town."

Posted by: Templar Nov 22 2006, 03:11 AM
Vincet stopped mid-step and turned aroud slowly. Dart had spoken up.

"Do you listen?" the bloodsucker hissed at the younger vampire. "FVZA, our enemy, is here tonight in force. We take them out here, we neutralize a threat. This is our mission from Order command. Period."

Vincent walked up to Dart and stood eye to eye with him. The leader of the pack was an inch taller. Not much, but enough to instill that 'alpha male' feeling.

Posted by: Ashi Tohya Nov 22 2006, 03:14 AM
Ashi growled something under his breath. "This isn't doing anything to help." Ashi said in a low voice. He walked over slowly to where they both stood and said. "How bout we work together and not against each other."

Posted by: Templar Nov 22 2006, 03:24 AM
Ashi was right, Vincent knew. Something about uppity youngsters always got him going. He nodded at Ashi and snorted in Dart's face. He turned back over to the stairs and silently made his way up.

(Meanwhile, in the living room of the Manor)

Wellingford sipped at his wine and relaxed. Several FVZA agents sat around on the couches and chairs provided by the gracious host, laughing at the story the old man had just re-told. The agents were staying at the Manor until morning, when they would investigate the surrounding area and check for any signs of their enemies.

(Back at the top of the steps)

A Manor guard, dressed in a thick grey sweater, passed by the cellar door talking softly into a radio. Vincent waited till he passed into the next room and eased the door open. The pack moved out into the main foyer.

Posted by: Dart Nov 22 2006, 03:55 AM
Dart muttered a swear under hid breath and fallowed for now.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 22 2006, 04:06 AM
OOC: I promise to jump into this mission tommorow when I'm not passed out from Chinese food.

Posted by: Templar Nov 22 2006, 04:10 AM
Vincent didn't know exactly wear Wellingford was, but before the old man died this night the pack had to find and neutralize as many agents as they could before this escalated into a full fledged gunfight.

Vincent dashed up the stairs leading to the second floor. A Manor guard was making his way down to the stairs and saw the pack moving up.

Aw shit, he thought.

He reached for his radio but Vincent was upon him before he took it from his belt. The vampire broke the man's arm and cracked him in the face with his knee. Several pack members moved up and took the guard from their leader, literally eating him up.

Posted by: Jay Nov 22 2006, 05:23 AM
Jay looked up at Wellingford from his vintage Sauvignon-Blanc. "So," he asked, "what seems to be the problem? Why do you want to have the FVZA and me here? I'm not exactly fond of working with these guys."

Posted by: Templar Nov 22 2006, 05:33 AM
Wellingford smiled and sat up in his chair.

"Come with me Jay..." the old man said, getting up and sweeping his arm toward the backroom, welcoming the contract killer to a more private audience.

Meanwhile on the second floor Vincent and his pack sucked the last bit of blood from the guard and dropped his lifeless corpse to the floor. The vampire stalked over to the fireplace, in which a roaring flame was set ablaze within. He gazed into the fire, watching the dancing energy dissapate into the air.

To the eyes of a vampire, fire was a sight that made you feel full of memories and the past. To the eyes of a vampire... memories... can be far more deadly than any bullet fired from the gun of any FVZA agent.

Posted by: Jay Nov 22 2006, 05:36 AM
"Alright," said Jay to Wellingford. They were standing in a small alcove. "What do you want? Why did you bring me here?"

Posted by: Templar Nov 22 2006, 05:40 AM
"You see my dear boy," Wellingford began, "I don't really think these FVZA fellows have the... determination... to do the job I want. I suspect there are a few 'nocturnal visitors' hanging around this area and I know from a realiable source that you want nothing more than you get your hands on a bloodsucker of your own. This is a win-win situation you see. You get a vampire and I get to sleep soundly at night."

The old man smiled and sipped his wine.

Posted by: Jay Nov 22 2006, 05:46 AM
What? How much does he know?
"I am after a particular... 'bloodsucker', as you put it. I doubt that he will be present at this place, at this time. Clan leaders generally let their underlings do the work." Jay surveyed Wellingford with a slightly creased brow. "One question. Why would vampires be after you?"

Posted by: Templar Nov 22 2006, 05:51 AM
"Oh? Well that is a shame my son. To tell you the truth Jay, I don't know why they would be after me. I just do not feel save with soul-less monsters roaming about the area around my home. I want to feel save. My guards just don't have the... specialty... hence the FVZA and yourself." The old man paused to sigh.

"Even though you can't have the one you wanted, you will still be generously compansated for your time and effort."

Posted by: Jay Nov 22 2006, 05:56 AM
"Excellent. Speaking of which, I think you should return to the dining room. We are about to have company, I believe." Jay glanced over his shoulder, then checked a small PDA. "Yeah. The infra-red beams downstairs have been tripped by something cold as... death, if you'll pardon the expression."

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 22 2006, 08:39 PM
It had been a pretty long trip out to Montana, and I don't think that any of us were too thrilled to be in a state where sheep outnumbered humans. You see it wasn't so much that I felt this would be boring, it was quite the opposite. You see, because of the low population of humans compared to sheep and other farm animals, vampires could often keep themselves alive without having to feed upon humans for blood. It wasn't as high quality, but the vampires smart enough to survive the purges of the old FVZA and live until today were generally smart enough not to overindulge themselves on human blood when it wasn't nessesary. So you see, we knew that Montana was a pretty safe haven for vampires since the food supply was suprisingly plentiful, yet they could go unnoticed for many years, their attacks often being passed of as wolves, or even the Chupacabra.

Thus, if a vampire living in Montana had managed to attract our attention it meant that either it was feeling very ravenous, making it that much more dangerous, or the vampires weren't from around here, which was just as dangerous. That of course meaning that although boredom might not be a problem, our live's could easily be on the line. But it was still our job to protect and serve as stuff, so we couldn't exactly refuse considering the evidence presented to us.

So here I was in the living room listening to this old man tell his stories, watched him sip his wine, and enjoyed the genuine leather couches. The manor was large, well decorated, and gave off the air of a home made for a horror movie. I half expected to encounter a pair of creepy little girls in the hallway on my first trip the the bathroom earlier that night. And it didn't help that my only armament was a handgun, the rifles and shotguns were still in our vehicles parked along the equisite brick driveway. After all, the man was obviously old and British, so it'd be bad manners to bring a shotgun to a polite meeting.

The odd part was the it wasn't just me and a couple agents, also in attendance was that asassain who'd mysteriously appeared at the diner. Although he seemed to have an interest in vampires, it was rather uncanny that he'd be at the spot where I'd recruited at some some fresh meat for the agency, and now he had appeared on the first real mission since. Perhaps it's possible that this Mr. Wellingford had known of the asassain's reputation, however that sort of information being out there so readily wasn't the hallmark of a good asassain from what I'd learned. Maybe it was possible that the asassain got his intelligence from the same sources as us and had offered his services to Wellingford. Either way it was still a bit unnerving.

It didn't exactly make me feel any less suspicious when the two of them excused themselves for a bit, leaving us to wonder what the hell was going on. Was it possible that a contract had been taken out on somebody in this manor? I figured it was a possibility. But only time would tell.

Posted by: Jay Nov 22 2006, 09:50 PM
Jay stormed into the dining room and drew his GLOCK 22. Looking over the FVZA agents, we allowed himself a small grin at their sudden nervousness. "Hey, fellas, I think we have company. Get ready. NOW. And can somebody help me get Wellingford to a safe place?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 22 2006, 10:26 PM
Upon hearing this my left handed moved to my holster and grabbed the grip of the pistol I was carrying. I didn't quite know for sure what sort of company we were dealing with, but I guessed it was vampires, which was never good news.

"Damn, I was just getting comfortable." I said as I got up out of my seat.

Posted by: Jay Nov 22 2006, 11:18 PM
Jay grinned at Miller. "Long time, no see, huh? We have vampires approaching on the first floor. I have a feeling things have already gotten messy. How about helping me get Wellingford safe?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 22 2006, 11:19 PM
"That plan sounds absolutely great, just one question. Where the hell is safe for an old guy in a house full of vamps?"

Posted by: Jay Nov 22 2006, 11:50 PM
Miller was right. The vampires were likely to be after Wellingford, and there is almost no place safe enough to keep a vampire out.
"Okay, maybe we should just keep him with us?"
A crash of tinkling glass interrupted his thoughts.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 22 2006, 11:58 PM
I heard the crash of the glass just as Jay did, and I withdrew my weapon from it's holster as my response.

"Alright, we're at a temporary disadvantage here. Let's move the man out to the cars, we've got some better weaponry there which will compensate for the vamp's advantage here." I reply as I begin to scan the room with my senses.

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 12:02 AM
I heard the breaking of glass as i was standing outside, next to the cherokee that John and I had arrived in. I reached into the vehicle and grabbed my shotgun, flipping the safety off and loading a round into the chamber. I whistle and am soon joined by Razor. "Razor, scent." Razor begins to immediately pad the grounds around the cars on guard.

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 12:11 AM
Dart knew if he was going to save himself he was going to have to do it quickly, he seperated from the pack and decided to get outside as fast as he could knowing that the FVZA was smarter then his leaders pack, he figured they'd of gone to there cars to get better weapons or to run away and he was right

Dart yelled to the FVZA agents "I am the one who sent the letter dont shoot" then he threw his gun at there feet and hid his knifes inside of his belt. he hoped that they had read or heard of the letter in which he spoke.

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 12:16 AM
The gun skittered out of the darkness and bounced off of Judder's boots. In a flash Razor shot off into the darkness. Judder follows Razor to where Razor has pinned a lanky looking fellow down. Judder stares at the fellow for a moment. "Razor, stand guard" Razor puts a large paw on the person's face and growls a little bit.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 12:18 AM
Jay glared at Miller. "Don't take him outside at night! He's British nobility. He'll probably have some sort of hunting trophy room. I'll keep this vampire busy, you go with Wellingford." He drew his second handgun and opened fire on the vampire.

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 12:20 AM
OCC: opps miss read thanks, i'll edit.

Dart got away from the dog and jumped on to the hood of a car, he said "Look i am Dart the vampire who sent that letter i want to help if you can help me, please. what other choice do u have they'll be here any second"

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 12:22 AM
OOC: Dart, you aren't the vamp I'm shooting at. I'm inside. You and Judder are outside.

Jay glanced down at the corpse of the vampire and kicked it contemptously. Hearing yelling outside, looked out of the smashed second-floor window. Judder appeared to be having some sort of standoff with a lone vampire. Jay unslung his rifle and took aim at the vampire's head...

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 12:25 AM
Judder looked incredously at the vampire that seemed to be pleading for help. "What do you need some help with?" Judder looks around as Razor begins pacing nervously, "Hurry, Before i put the dog on you again"

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 12:27 AM
"I know you have a cure for this thing i have, this vampire, i know you have it, and i want it, just promise me that and i can get u all away from here faster then they can reach you or help you fight them, i need help." he was in a panic as he spoke, they'd be here soon.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 12:30 AM
Vincent snaps back to reality. He had been staring at the flames for a time now. There was movement throughout the manor.

Aw fuck...

The second team must have made their move. These rookies were starting to get on his nerves. The vampire turned to his men, noticing he was missing a soldier. It was that fucking new guy.

"Move out! Kill everyone on this floor. You know your objectives! MOVE! Daaken! With me!" Vincent shouted as he drew a .44 magnum revolver from his suit jacket. Daaken, Vincent's second in command, strode up next to his leader. He had a Mac-10 in his hands and a cold, calm look on his face.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 12:31 AM
"Not a bad idea but there's another agent outside with a one hell of a dog. If we can get him to one of the vehicles we should be able to safely evac him." I responded to Jay.

I was considering firing at the vampire that had come to attack, but I figured Jay could handle it and I'd need my ammo for later.

"Sir, we need to get you someplace secure." I said to Wellingford while I continued to scan for vampires and led him towards the foyer.

"Oh and best of luck." I called out to Jay as I continued into the foyer with the old guy.

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 12:33 AM
Dart was panicing now, "make up your mind shoot me or let me help you there here"

OCC: i put jay instead of Dart for some reason..

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 12:36 AM
Razor began to growl at the darkness. Judder spins around and drops to a knee. "Well, Vamp, if you are going to help, now is the time". Bouncing from knee to knee in a kind of duck walk, Judder backs up to a car. Razor stands next to him no longer growling.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 12:36 AM
Judder hasn't opened fire yet... maybe he has the situation under control?
Jay frowned. He didn't have Tim with him. It was in the car with his other stuff. He stood up, then jumped out the window, grabbing onto the windowsill, and from there he pushed off the wall and landed in some dense shrubbery.
"Dignified? I think not..." He brushed the leaves and dirt off his coat, and sprinted for his car. He opened the back door and pulled out Tim, a shotgun and 2 boxes of extra assorted ammunition. Sprinting back to the house, he faded into the darkness.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 12:36 AM
Wellingford nodded knowingly and followed the agent. They entered the foyer. Suddenly from above two forms crashed down in front of the pair. One of them wore a completely black suit with a crimson tie. He smiled, showing off his pearly white teeth.

For a breathless moment the agent and vampire stared into each others eyes.

Daaken leveled his submachine gun at the two of them and fired, clipping the old man in the shoulder.

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 12:39 AM
"There are atlease five other vampire inside, he need to get as many of you out as possible and get u away from here" i hissed into the blackness, get him in a car i'll be there in a minute, start driving." i took out my knifes, and threw one it hit its target on the shoulder and i dived into the darkness where another vampire was waiting for me.

this was my only hope.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 12:42 AM
Oh, fuck.
For once, Jay was thankful that he owned his black coat. At times like these, he faded right into the darkness. Other times, it just made him look like a goth. Running from shadow to shadow, he noticed another vampire running off into the house. He raised Tim, took aim, and fired. With a small FWIP, the silenced rifle propelled a bullet right into the back of the vampire's head. He just happened to glance through a window above, and saw the twin silhouettes of Miller and Wellingford, perfectly still.
What the fuck are you waiting for? Move, damn it!
In a blur of darkness, he rushed into the house.

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 12:45 AM
Judder opened the door of the Jeep Cherokee and told razor to jump in. Judder grabbed the radio on the dashboard and switched it on. "All FVZA we need to get to the vehicles." Judder threw the radio back into the truck as a shadow darted between him and the floodlights of the manor.

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 12:46 AM
a vampire dropped dead killed by its own kind, Dart stood up and spit the blacken blood of a vampire out of his mouth and came out of the shadows in a run with a knife in each hand, he herd a gun shot and saw a dead vampire, and the scene happening before him, the old man was shot, "shit" he said as he jumped threw the window and threw two knifes at the vampire who fired the shot.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 12:49 AM
Vincent snapped out his arm and snatched the small knife from the air, his super human reflexes surprising even him. The second blade flew past the two vampires and imbedded itself into a nearby wall.

Bringing his gun up to bear, Vincent fired twice at the man who jumped through the window. The powerful gun kicked in the bloodsuckers hand. It took a second to regester who it was...


Fucking traitor

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 12:52 AM
Judder barely had time to duck as the vampire struck the truck. Luckily, Judder was short enough to roll under the truck and then pepper the vamp's knees with several shells worth of buckshot. The vampire screamed with pain as it's severed knees went one way at it went the other. A small growling is heard and then more screaming as dark black blood geysers out of the vehicle's open door. Judder thinks Way, to go Razor

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 12:52 AM
Dart was able to miss one of the bullets but the other one hit him in his left arm. he looked at the vampire and laughed "good show, although the suits a little much,"

he grabed wellingford around the waist and jumped out of the window with him, he ran into the surrounding woods knowing the road would be to easy to follow and hoped the FVZA would follow him.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 12:56 AM
I hate it when this sort of thing happens. I thought as the vampires dropped down in front of me and Wellingford. One of the vamps was dressed in a rather fine suit with a crimson tie and obviously had a good dentist. The other on the other hand could've been dressed in a pink pokadot sweater for all I cared, the guy had a submachine gun that could easily rip a person to shreds at close range. And close range was exactly the range we were at.

The vampire with the SMG opened fire, and was out of ammo in the snap of a finger. Those guns fired pretty damn fast, and although he had run out of ammo at least one of the rounds had hit the old guy in the shoulder, knocking him on his back. So far I wasn't doing to well at this whole protect the old guy gig.

I quickly knelt in front of Wellingford to put a meatshield between myself and him, kind of a shame that I had to be that meatshield. My weapon which had been pointed upwards I quickly dropped downwards, then leveled it right on the chest of the vampire with the SMG.

"What I've felt never shined through what I've shown, never free, never me, so I dub thee unforgiven." I said to myself as I pulled the trigger five times in rapid succession, each time sending a round spiraling towards the vampire I was aimed at. The first two rounds struck him square in the chest, the third flew right past his head and missed completely, the fourth round hit him right in the throat and punched right out through the spine, the fifth round another miss. If the vamp was still alive he was most definatley paralyzed and wasn't any threat.

Now for that one in the suit and crimson tie...

Somebody who I didn't catch a glimpse of had grabbed Wellingford from behind me so at least that'd be one less distraction. I considered the possibility that it was a vamp, but figured if that were the case I'd have been sucked dry since the old man couldn't possibly fight back.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 12:57 AM
Jay, hiding in the darkness and watching the drama unfold, was at a loss. Miller had stopped, then gone crazy, vampires had shot Wellingford, a vampire seemed to have gone rogue, and was now in the woods with Wellingford.

What the fuck is going on?!

It didn't matter. Or did it? Wellingford was paying. No Wellingford, no money, and he'd already got two vampires. He fired Tim twice at the remaining vampire. One shot went wild. The other, due to his position, went through one of the vampire's kneecaps.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 12:59 AM
Wellingford remained calm as the vampire grabbed him. The old man reached into his jacket pocket and produced a mace can thrusting it in the bloodsucker's face.

"Fuck you." the british lord said, filling the vampire's eyes and mouth with high concentration mace.


This is why we need to do background checks on the newguys... Vincent thought as he fell to the ground.

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 01:02 AM
Judder whistled to Razor and reloaded his shotgun. Judder reached past a sizeable pile of gore in John's Jeep to grab the radio. "This is Judder calling all agents, Whats your position?"

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 01:03 AM
Dart jumped into Judders the car and hoped he was not seeing the sunrise...

he sayed, "I've done my part now do yours.." he passed out.

OOC: we both changed are post JUdder... umm change your back or me change mine back?

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 01:09 AM
I heard a crash through the window behind me, and a load ouch to complement it. That wasn't a good sign.

"They say that only a woman can break his spell, pure in heart who will offer herself to nosferatu. But unfortunatley, I don't have the luxury of having a woman pure in heart to offer herself to you, much less a woman at all. So it looks like I'll have to deal with you the good old fashioned way." I said to the vampire in the suit as I aimed my weapon at him.

I heard Judder call for the position of all agents on my radio. Thank goodness he was still alive. I picked up my radio with my right hand with my weapon in the left still pointed at it's target.

"In the foyer, and a little busy at the moment." I responded on the radio.

"Now, where were we?" I asked the crimson tie wearing vampire.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 01:13 AM
Never... EVER... take your eyes off a vampire.

Wincing from the pain his wound caused him, Vincent rolled backwards and onto his feet, pointing his revolver at the agent's head. The bloodsucker smiled again, his dazzling teeth shining in the faint sunlight coming through the widow.

and everything was going so well...

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 01:16 AM
"Ill get the old man"
Judder sprinted towards the fallen British man."My name is Judder im here to help"
Judder grabbed the man and commences to pull him to the Jeep.

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 01:18 AM
There was a FVZA radio in the jeep and Dart who is falling in and out of conciousness pressed a button and spoke

"The mans in the jeep the suns coming up i crawled into the trunk, leave any vampire and get away now! Wellingfords wounded."

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 01:20 AM
OOC: Dart, please for the love of God use grammer when you post. I am having a hard time understanding what you are doing.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 01:23 AM
Great... a mexican standoff and I'm about 90% sure that neither of us are mexican...

By this point I had my weapon pointed at his head, and I'm pretty sure his weapon was pointed at my head. Nothing like a standoff to keep the blood flowing. I stared into his eyes which were black and dialated like a normal vampire and I saw him flash his pearly white teeth. I gave a quick smirk in response as I tried to think of something to turn the odds in my favor, not even noticing that it was just about dawn.

Posted by: Dart Nov 23 2006, 01:24 AM
OCC: Sure sorry, i'll do it from now on. I never noticed I was not doing it, sorry. *smiles*

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 01:29 AM
OOC: No worries mate. Just trying to make it easier on everybody.


Vincent let a breath out of his mouth, letting his exhalation pass over his teeth. It had been almost ten years since he had had a worthy opponent. The bloodsucker memorized the agent's face and stored it in the back of his head for later use... that is if either of them made it out of this alive.

"It is good to see someone in the FVZA is worth the title the agency has come to bear." he said, almost growling the words.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 01:39 AM
"Why thank you very much. You yourself seem to personify the kind of vampire that would rival Dracula himself." I responded.

Having small talk with a vampire while we were facing off. Although much more pleasant than trying this sort of thing with a zombie, this wasn't exactly something I did everyday.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 01:47 AM
Two forms crashed to the floor next to the Vincent and the agent having fallen from the balcony above. One was the dead body of a Manor guard, his throat ripped out viciously. The other was of an FVZA agent, a rookie. His face had been completely bashed in and was oozing brain matter to the floor.

Vincent didn't even flinch.

Three vampires landed next to the bodies, their weapons leveled at the agent and hisses spread across their lips.

"Well well," the vampire said coldly.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 01:50 AM
Two gunshots rang out from the darkness, and Jay stepped out with his two handguns pointed at the two recently departed vampires.
"You didn't forget about me, did you?" he asked sweetly. "I've been here the whole time."
He grinned. "Darkness, be my friend..."

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 01:53 AM
"Well, I suppose that this does indeed even the odds a bit." I say with my weapon still locked on to the suited vampire's forehead.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 02:00 AM
and everything was going so well...

Vincent had been reaching for his back pocket the entire time he and the agent had their guns pointed at one another. In it was the throwing knife Dart had tried to kill poor Daaken with. With a flick of his wrist, the bloodsucker threw the blade rocketing towards the agent's gun, defecting off of it and throwing the agent's aim off.

Perfect, one in a million shot

Vincent then turned and fired three times at the individual who had just gunned down his men and hobbled to the cellar door, firing off another shot as he almost fell down the stairs and smashed the lightswitch with the butt of his gun on the way down.

The basement was thrown into darkness and the vampire dissapeared.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 02:06 AM
Jay dodged the first bullet, and took two in the leg. The third hit him in the left arm. "FUCK!" he roared, as his arm and leg succumbed to waves of pain, and he fell to the floor. He let off 1 full clip of the Glock into the one remaining vampire, spraying the wall with blood, then lay back and groaned.

OOC: Sorry about that other post.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 02:10 AM
Damn he's good.

Something that I never expected was to have a knife thrown at me, and then hit my gun, completely throwing my aim. When it hit my gun I fired one round immediatley, and hitting the floor a couple feet from where my target actually was. The vampire ran off pretty quickly and I tried reajusting my aim fast enough to hit it, but my second shot completely missed, and the third shot... well the gun was out of ammo so the third pull of the trigger just made a nice *click* noise. Pulling the trigger while being out of ammo is far from the best thing that can happen to your self esteem, that's for sure. But at least I was fortunate in that when the vampire had fired his shots that had missed as well.

Only problem was it seemed that Jay had been hit instead of me. Guess this meant that even though he'd gotten off with a couple shots to the extremities, I didn't think he would be too pleased if that vampire had gotten away with it.

Within about a second I hit the floor running after the vampire in the suit, and went down the stairs looking for him as I reloaded my weapon. That's when I realized by the time I was in the basement that the lights were out, I had no idea where the light switch was, and he had nightvision that I didn't. And even though I had a full magizine and a round in the chamber ready to go, my only chance of detecting him was to hear him or see his muzzle flash. Problem was that the muzzle flash would most likely be a result of shooting at me, which could easily end in injury or a mild case of death.

Now I see why children are afraid of the dark...

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 02:28 AM
Vincent watched from the shadows. The agent looked around, trying to see the him in the inky blackness. The vampire smiled, moving about like a ninja in the darkness.

Like a game of cat and mouse the bloodsucker followed the agent, dashing front place to place in the cellar.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 02:36 AM
I saw something to my left. But I also saw something to my right. And yet I heard something behind and in front of me.

Great, my mind is now playing tricks on me.

That's when I saw something move about ten feet in front of me. I brought my weapon level, aimed at where the motion had been, and then let loose all seven rounds in my weapon at my target.

And instead of the kind of squishy noise I expected from hitting flesh, or a moan of pain, or a scream of terror, all I heard was the shattering of glass from where I had shot.

Oh that's just lovely, I just wasted my entire magizine on some British guy's wine collection while there's a vampire who's probably right behind me. And knowing my luck he's probably thirsty, or just really pissed at me. Damn I just made an idiot of myself.

I pulled the release on my weapon and the magizine dropped, hit the floor with a dull thud and I reached for another magizine, all while knowing that my prospects weren't looking too spectacular.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 02:42 AM
Vincent closed his eyes and shook his head.

Such a waste of good wine...

The vampire's arms reached out from the darkness and wrapped around the agent's neck and under his gun arm. The bloodsucker jerked the weaker man around and kneed him in the back.

"Now now boy, lets not get hasty. Our little conversation back there was cut a little short thanks to your friend there. You I like. What is your name?" Vincent said, breathing heavy and laughing slightly.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 02:49 AM
Getting kneed in the back by a man who's roughly five times stronger than he would be as a human freaking hurts, and this was no exception. Other problem with a vampire's strength is that once one grips you your chance's of escaping are pretty minimal unless you've been rolling around in garlic recently. And as much as I liked garlic, vampires weren't the only one's who tended to be offset by the smell of a guy who rolled around in food seasoning.

Oh... so this is why standard procedure dictates you don't go chasing after vampires on your own.

"My name is John Miller, FVZA field agent. Now what might be your name?" I answered and asked in response.

Hmm... I wonder if I could get to my knife... and how much good it would do me...

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 02:53 AM
The light flicked on.
"His name is Vincent," a hoarse voice announced, "and I would appreciate it if you did not kill him right away, Miller."
Jay was perched on the steps, a gun in his left hand, his right hand clenched over where he was hit with the bullet. It was covered in blood.

OOC: Vincent? For some reason, you reminded me of Vincent Valentine from FFVII. Man, his gun rocks, but that's beside the point.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 02:55 AM
I gave a quick grunt now that the pain of being kneed in the back was seeping in,
"Oh don't worry about me killing him, I'd say that in actuality I'm sort of the bitch in this relationship at the moment." I called out to Jay.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 02:59 AM
"Really? I hadn't noticed; I thought that was you on the top." Jay shook his head to clear his dizziness. No use. It just came back.
"Don't mind me. I can't do jack-shit right about now."

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 03:01 AM
Vincent looked up at the man he had shot before falling down the stairs. The vampire re-grabbed John and aimed his revolver at the man on top of the stairs.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 03:04 AM
Jay grinned weakly. "Don't try it, hotshot. I don't care whether you're a vampire or not; I can empty a round into you before I die, if you do shoot me." He leveled his gun at the vampire. "Where should I get you? The head? Chest? Maybe the other kneecap? Something that'll make you let go."

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 03:09 AM
Vincent looked at the man at the top of the stairs with awestuck confusion. Did he really think he had the upper hand? The vampire was entirely hidden by the body of the agent. If this guy shot, he would hit John.

"Sure..." Vincent said. The vampire fired, the bullet rocketing towards the man at the top of the stairs.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 03:11 AM
Jay was lucky; he collapsed from blood loss and fatigue. The bullet flew harmlessly above him, but his vision was spinning.
"Fuck, why now...?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 03:13 AM

Why didn't I just met a nice girl, settled down had a family, and lived a peaceful life as a small town cop?

Here I was a hostage to a vampire, the very that I was paid to exterminate. I don't know if that was irony, or just a cruel twist of fate, but probably the worst feeling of the night was when this vampire I now knew to be named Vincent fired. But not at me, that would've been quick and painless. No, he fired at Jay, the very guy trying to get me out of this mess.

Seing Jay collapse after being shot at just sent a feeling to my stomach that made me feel like throwing up. I've seen people get shot, I've seen zombies have their heads exploded, I've seen vampires get decapitated. But never a comrade (even if we didn't officially work together) shot quite like that.

That's when I began reaching for my knife that was in it's leather sheath down near my ankle on my right leg.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 03:18 AM
"Why didn't you just met a nice girl, settle down, have a family, and live a peaceful life as a small town cop?" Vincent said, mockingly. He had a nitch for feeling other's emotions and putting them into words, sometimes being accused of reading minds.

"Anyway John, my gun seems to be empty. I could kill you with my pair hands right here and now, but I respect you. We will meet again." with that the vampire slammed his knife-like hand onto the agent's neck.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 03:25 AM
The last words I heard were kind of eery. When a guy who essentially controls whether you live or die goes and practically reads your mind then you start to get this feeling. For me it wasn't so much fear as it was surreal, and it was somewhere between intrigue and despair.

The second part about that we'd meet again essentially told me what was going to happen. In that second I knew that I'd be left alive, but unable to pursue him. And what a coincidence, half a second later I wasn't even concious.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 03:35 AM
Jay staggered to his feet. Vincent was nowhere to be seen, and John...
Jay practically fell down the stairs, and crawled to the prone figure, checked his pulse.
He's still alive... thank God. No bites either. What the fuck happened?
He pulled the walkie-talkie from Miller's belt and turned it on to the FVZA frequency band. The radio silence was strange and not very promising.
"Broadcasting on all FVZA frequencies. Vampire attack on Wellingford Manor. We have an agent down, he's badly hurt, and so am I... hello?"
Jay just about gave up, when...
"Hello? This is Smith of the FVZA. I'm with Judder and Wellingford. They're safe. Where are you?"
"In the wine cellar... please hurry..." And with that, Jay passed out.

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 03:44 AM
Vincent watched as FVZA vans pulled up and swarmed the manor. The attack had been a failure, but he had learned many new things... at the cost of many of his men's lives. Daaken was among the dead.

Rest well old friend, Vincent thought.

"I will be watching you John Miller." he said quietly, the surviving members of his team gathering about him and they dissapered into the rain-drenched forest just as the sun peaked over the horizon and bathed the area in light.

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 03:46 AM
Judder walks up to the Wellingford person. He extends his hand out to him to shake hands "My name is Judder, the dog's name is Razor"

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 03:53 AM
The very roughed up Wellingford shakes hands with Judder and eyes the mean looking dog, not knowing weather to pet the beast or not. The old man smiled regardless and continued,

"Thank you Judder. You and your FVZA boys did quite the job of driving those vampires off... I do have a concern though... what about the vampire that grabbed me and delivered my person to your capable hands?"

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 03:56 AM
Judder makes a gesture."I thank him, He asked me about helping him get cured from the vampirism thing" Judder scratches the matted hair that is upon his head. "Anyway, Razor killed one of those things, and i got the better part of another one." Judder holds his shotgun up in pride.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 03:59 AM
OOC: Hello-o... still in the cellar, bleeding out...

Posted by: Templar Nov 23 2006, 04:02 AM
OOC: Jay, the FVZA are all over the place now, you would have been picked up and given medical care by now.

Posted by: Jay Nov 23 2006, 04:03 AM
OOC: Ok, thank you.

Posted by: Judder Nov 23 2006, 04:03 AM
OOC: Templar Got it again

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 23 2006, 04:04 AM
OOC: Well I think I'll just assume I got some medical treatment and call it a night. Infact I'm going to close this down as a mission complete and then we can investigate the original source of the disappearances during Part II of the mission.

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