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Posted by: Rhodes Mar 11 2009, 01:59 PM
Operation: Unknown Origin
Location: TBD

Agency Status: CODE Orange


With the changing of colors in the political party at the White House administration, tension among government agencies always rises. Govt budgets, spending, and resources are always reevaluated and assigned according to policy shifts. The same goes for “black bag” departments that are not in the public eye. With Pres. Obama, a relatively young, tech-engineer oriented black democrat taking over things, the FVZA leadership jumped to the forefront of the pack to gain much needed critical funding. Several weeks of petitions, analysis, reporting, fact finding and schmoozing the new President finally paid off….but at a price.

Head of FVZA changed hands several times. In the adult stages of the internet, the super informational highway, silicon valley and other assorted ‘techie trekkie’ age advances, personnel became ‘obsolete’ for a good handheld blackberry or a high powered super computing laptop. Still, manpower and field agents were needed to respond to any ‘threats of credibility’. Thus came about the PRA (Paranormal Research Act) of 2009, which allocated a modest amount of government funds to various research branches.

The FVZA went thru a severe round of cutbacks on manpower. Only tested field agents with the most tenure of experience were kept on as active agents. All others were put on ‘in-active’ duty…without pay. Despite the cutback in personnel, funding for “equipment” also was made available. Still out of the public eye, the FVZA was left to ‘business as usual’.

At the new FVZA headquarters outside of Dodge City, Kansas, several active agents were continuing to organize and get the agency up to full operational status.

”So, this is where the meatbags like to hang out now eh? Dodge fuckin City. Geezus they even have a road named after Wyatt fucking Earp,” came a rather unsettling and familiar voice to the older agents.

Standing in the doorway with a large canvas duffle bag was the unmistakable tall pale figure of the vampire known only as Rhodes. One agent grimaced while others looked amongst themselves quickly, unsure of this wolf amongst the sheep.

“So, what corner am I suppose to throw my shit in before I drag you donors out for some flight training?” asked the OBC (Order of Broken Cross) operative.

An administrative assistant, John, walked thru the door and handed Rhodes a locker key.

”Here you go sir. Storage number 1313-V, you will have 24 hours to input your personal code to access your personal locker. Same code will also grant you access to the computer systems and database throughout the department,” instructed John as the vampire took the key and shoved it in his pants pocket.

“What the hell is HE doing here?” asked an agent adamantly.

Rhodes smiled rather wolfishly, “Oh, didn’t you get the memo? Our new Prez has met with ALL paranormal groups….including my employers and basically cut a deal where my group merges with yours. Gives the “demo-craps” a big ‘plausible deniability’ for anything you fleshys screw up in the field. Think of us as your safety blanket,” retorted Rhodes sarcastically.

((OOC: Ok heres where you all can chime in…. soon as those of you post, the mission will come soon afterwards.))

Posted by: O_O Mar 11 2009, 11:28 PM
((Oh Shi- Looks like Ray might get back in the game!!))

Ray sighed. He was put on "in-active" duty and was working in a garage. To tell the truth, it wasn't that bad, but he liked working for the FVZA much more. He clocked out. After some Chinese food on his way back home, he laid on his couch. "Dodge City sucks. " He said out loud to himself. Moving to Kansas was not something he wanted to do, but it was either that, or go back to Texas. At least it was a change of scenery.

Posted by: Abnet Mar 12 2009, 01:20 AM
Leon finished setting up his space in the new FVZA HQ. It had been a boring few weeks moving into a new town but he couldn't help but feel nostalgic. He finnaly had some time to think.

A shiny new HQ at the cost of losing nearly every agent I've worked with in the past. Jesus Christ... I shouln't be complainig though. After we screwed the pooch on that last mission I'm luck to have kept my job. Can't say the same for the others though, Marlowe and Ray are gone and I haven't seen Eric in a while. I can probably assume he was put on "in-active duty" too. Guess I'd better start--

He was interrupted when he saw someone standing in the doorway. He was silohueted in the door frame but when he heard the man's voice, Leon knew who it was.

Rhodes. Never really liked the guy but he's one of the few familiar faces around here. Got a pretty good feeling we will be working together again too so I guess I'll be better off getting on good terms with him.

Leon approached Rhodes. Not as unhappy as the agents around him, but not beaming with joy either.

"Rhodes. It's been a while. What's all this about flight training?"

Posted by: Judder Mar 12 2009, 11:21 AM
Judder drives up into the parking lot in a light blue 2006 mustang. He looks at the buildin in front of him.
"hmm..this looks like the place."
He gets out and grabs his small black duffel bag.

Looking rather sharp in his shades, dark blue polo and tan khakis with blue shoes he walks over towards the front door.

Rhodes is standing in the doorway talking to a bunch of agents...Judder recognizes a few of them.

"Rhodes..Hows it going buddy?" Judder says.

Judder places his duffel bag down when he stops walking.

Posted by: O_O Mar 13 2009, 01:16 AM
Ray rolled off his couch and checked the time. He got up and checked the fridge. Out of food. Great, looks like I'm gonna go have to buy groceries. I just got hoem from work though... He though to himself.

A few minutes later, Ray was locking his door. It was fucking COLD. At least for a Texan. He slipped into his car, a black, low aerodynamic. He never checked what it was. The company gave it to him, and it was nice. All the features, electric AND manual meters. He pealed out, slowing down just before he got off the street. The ride was dull, when a blue car appeared in his peripheral vision. It looked familiar, and he knew he had seen it. He parked next to it, stepping out and looking at it. Judder? He looked at the building. Would be a normal office building, but it had armed guards. Few as small as this even had one. He grabbed his gun from his front seat and marched towards the door. A guard stopped him just before he reached it. "I demand to know what company this building works for. " He said threatening. "That information is for select people sir." Ray turned and thought. He didn't know who got active duty and who didn't, but he could guess. "Let me see Marlowe, Eric, or Leon." This time he demanded, leaning in threateningly. The guard signaled to one behind him. He hit a button. Inside the building, Leon's pager was going crazy.

((Could be more subtle, but that's no fun biggrin.gif ))

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 15 2009, 01:35 AM
Special Agent John Miller was recollecting the past few months and what had transpired. After he killed the man named Silayev it had essentially closed the book on a large scale conspiracy involving a new viral strain that had been deployed on against civilian targets across America. Ever since then the mysterious John Doe Sr. hadn't contacted him, leaving Miller in the dark as to what was happening in the background as work returned to the relative norm.

With the changing of the administration and a series of upheavals Miller had found himself replaced as the Deputy Director, leaving him back to his old job as just another special agent of the FVZA. But it suited him, it meant he got to spend more time back out in the field and a lot less time in the office.

Posted by: Judder Mar 15 2009, 02:02 AM
Judder jumps at Ray's voice and turns around. Staring rather
wideyed at the ranting agent.

Judder reaches into his pants pocket and pull out his cellphone.
He looks up and old friend on the contact list and dials...John Miller

Judder mutters "I hope he still has the same number" as the phone rings.

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 15 2009, 02:47 AM
As Miller was slothing about his home in a t-shirt and basketball shorts, the phone began to ring. Not really wanting to answer, Miller attempted to ignore it before finally muttering, "fuck it", and answered.

"This is Miller." He said, answering the phone.

Posted by: Judder Mar 15 2009, 03:05 AM
Judder grins with delight as Miller picks up the phone.
"Im standing outside this wonderful new building and wondering where my new boss Miller is, my orders are to check in with either a Rhodes or you"

Judder holds the phone away from his ear and sneezes.

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 15 2009, 04:11 AM
"I'm taking a sick day, cough cough. I think I might have whatever you have, real nasty. But yeah, consider yourself checked in." Said Miller.

Posted by: Judder Mar 15 2009, 05:39 PM
Judder laughs softly on the phone.
"you take care man..also im no longer a field agent, they have me as a garage tech now man."

Judder hangs up the phone

Judder turns and looks at his mustang. He thinks to himself.. Only stock, but so much potential, and i cant wait to get under the hood.

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 16 2009, 11:23 AM
((OOC: sorry guys i was sick in the hosp. w/ massive infected sinus cavity all work hates me now..hhhaha))

Rhodes smilled at the question of flight training, "Well i'm glad someone asked. Basically up until now we've all been ground rats. New government leadership sometimes, on rare, VERY rare occasions, means new toys and access to new toys. Some of you meatsacks get the opportunity to get some flight training on helo's and aircraft."

The vamp turned to Judder and winked, "Now don't getting wet in the undies just yet girls. We're not talking about F18's or the stealth bomber or apaches here. We go with egg copters and cessnas for now. But the basics still apply to the big boy birds, got it. Part of my 'role' in this new administration, is providing you with basic flight schooling. Get you up in the air and down without ruining any equipment or broken bones. This of course is all voluntary. Some got a thing about heights."

Rhodes strolled over to a dry erase board and marked down "FLIGHT SKOOL", and walked away to unpack his gear in his secured locker.

Posted by: Judder Mar 16 2009, 01:06 PM
Judder walks over to the dry erase board after Rhodes walks away from it.
He takes the marker and puts his cell phone number down on the board and writes Vehicle Specialist/ Motor Pool Mechanic, then his name.

He looks at a map of the building with the ridiculous you are here star in the middle. He memorizes the locations of the important rooms in the building. Then he walks back to his mustang.

Judder cranks the mustang up and revs it up, the car barely making any noise. He drives around to a garage door on the outside of the back of the building. He hits a button on a garage door opener and the door opens.

Judder pulls into a parking spot on one side of the garage and shuts his car off. Then he steps out and walks into a small office with a locker, he puts his gear into it and proceeds to take inventory on all of the items and equipment in the garage.

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 17 2009, 06:22 PM
After navigating the various corridors, stairs and such, Rhodes came to the locker area. A rather large warehouse area tucked deep in the bowels of the FVZA headquarters. Accessing his personal area, Rhodes walked into the large 15X15 steel and concrete room and began taking inventory.

All manner of weapons and ordinance were stacked, catergorized, complete with tons of ammo.

"Hrmm. Aint much, it'll do and more importantly...its free !!" he muttered as he scrutinized over the equipment.

Noticing the HE materials were not around, the vamp expected them to be in a secure, sign only for area. All manner of spy and 007 devices too were available, some more antiquated than others, but all at his leisurely discretion as missions dictated.

After unpacking his personal gear into a secondary stored biometric locker, Rhodes went out to the garage area and found Judder looking over the rather meager stock of automobiles.

"Uh. What are all of these dog turds lying around? Please tell me just because the auto makers are hurting, they gave the govt a bunch of returned shitboxes?" asked Rhodes as he peeked inside a rather ragged out LTD with a small puddle of fluid collecting underneath.

"Ughh. Fuck. Tranny fluid? Hope the birds are in better condition...else we wont have to worry about personnel cutbacks," chuckled Rhodes looking at Judder as he walked past towards the small hanger outback.

Rounding the corner, Rhodes looked around, hand on hips. Sitting side by side was two small, two seater, egg copters, three cessna single prop high wing, and one small leer jet.

"Great blood gods what a sorry bunch of shit. I'll bet my bottom donor I find duct-tape on one of them," muttered the vampire under his breath as he found a clipboard hanging on a wall above a dust covered desk.

Checking thru the paperwork and maintenance records, the vampire-agent picked up a phone and punched in a 4 digit code and waited till someone picked up on the other end.

"Q-78 Brad Workman," came the voice.

"Yeah. This is uhh. V-13 Rhodes down in the flight hanger. Yeah, uhh I need to requisition several personnel to get these, ahh, antique aircraft flight ready and operational, based on the maintenance records im staring at now," said Rhodes in his best commanding, authoratative tone.

"V-13? Hold on a minute," Brad said as Rhodes could hear tapping on the other end and paper flipping, "ah, Agent Rhodes, ok, you have budget authorization for 2 maintenance members and they can staaaaaaaaaaaart...tomorrow."

Rhodes shook his head turning and looking at the aircraft, "Tomorrow is fine, TWO on the other hand is insufficient. How the hell do i get 6 aircraft in the air with only TWO men?"

"Actually sir, one is a female, Meg. And im sorry but that's all your authorized for at the moment. Budget reviews are in 6 months where you can request more personnel...or new aircraft," snickered the younger man.

The vampire growled into the phone, "Fine! Tell them 0500 hours sharp!" before slamming the receiver down.

Looking at the paperwork again, he noticed one copter and the jet were the most recently serviced. Tossing the clipboard down, he strolled to the copter and did a thorough go over before getting inside.

The engine sputtered but eventually fired up, turning the rotor around.

"Life in an unalive thing," he said as he slipped on a headset and ran thru the startup procedure from memory.

Minutes later, the copter eased up a few feet and Rhodes maneuvered it out onto the heli-pad before taking the helicopter up into the air.

"This is V-13 outside of hanger Fox1 doing a low level flight ready test, over."

A brief blip of static and the radio burst to life, "This is tower 129, V13, you are not authorized for flight. We have no flight plan on file, over."

Grinning, "Tower 129, this is V13, you can kiss my black ass. I'm just testing the equipment 50 ft above heli-pad, over."

"V13, please land before we dispatch authorities to have you arrested. You are in direct violation to FAA code..." replied the tower controller before Rhodes switched off the radio.

"Wankers," he said before putting the copter back into the hanger.

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 17 2009, 11:36 PM
OOC: Happy St. Patricks Day everyone. For all those over the age of 21 please enjoy some Guinness or Jameson's. For those not of the age of 21 or older, happy St. Patrick's Day anyhow.

Looking out the window of his new apartment Miller was able to see one of the agency's new choppers lift off into the air through a pair of binoculars. Having been voluntold to assist the aircraft maintenance section of the FVZA he had spent the last couple of days attempting to return the aircraft to working order. They now flew, which was a big improvement over when Miller had started work with them, but he still wouldn't voluntarily get in one of them.

That's when it hit him, that particular chopper still had a red X in the forms, a red X being a condition that prohibits an aircraft from flight. He simply commented to himself, "That fool had better land that thing soon, I never got around to putting in new oil after I drained the thing."

After watching the chopper hover in the air for a little bit it finally landed, apparently without any sort of problems. Miller simply said, "Meh, maybe it was one of the other birds. But if they're testing them all out that means they'll eventually fly whichever one I didn't get the oil into. Fuck... that means I've got to go to work.

Still wearing nothing more than a Flogging Molly t-shirt and a pair of boxers with Homer Simpson on them, he put on a pair of black basketball shorts, grabbed his keys and wallet, and headed out the door for work.

"So much for a sick day."

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 18 2009, 02:00 PM
((OOC: oooh good one cyber..heheh))

At 0445 hours, the administration of the new FVZA HQ was at his desk rifling thru paperwork when a knock on the doorway caught the acting Directors attention.


"Sir, you've a call on line 3."

"Who is it? Can't you see im up to my eyeballs in beauracratic red tape from hell?"

"They didn't say, other than it was very necessary you speak with them before 0600."

The Director harumphed heavily and yanked up the phone handset and jabbed the button.

"Yes," he said rather gruffly.

The Director sat and listened, his expression went from bloodpressure red to near pale white.

"Y-y-yes sir. Right away sir. T-thank you very much. I'll get that over to you before 0600. Thank..." stammered the man stunned, getting cut off abruptly.

Jumping up out of his seat, the suited executive dashed from his office into one of his aides cubicles to find the tall skinny man just sitting down at his desk, briefcase in one hand, Starbucks cup in the other.

"Don't bother sitting down Jarvis. I want you to get your skinny accounting aide ass down into the trenches. We have a govt approved grant on the docket, and I need budget analysis from EVERY branch on my desk before 0530 THIS morning!" the Director said rather quickly.

"Uhh. Who else is gonna help?" asked the aide stunned.

"Do you see anyone else around here Jarvis?! Get your butt moving!!" the Director barked before rushing to his office and yanking up the phone and trying to find his directory buried in the mountain of paperwork.

Down in the motorpool/aviation area, Rhodes was sitting at the desk, laptop up and running. Looking at aviation equipment when the phone rang, nearly sending him sprawling.

"Uh, yeah?" he asked.

"Who the hell's this?" asked the commanding voice.

"This is Rhodes, aviation, who the fuck is this?"

"This is your acting Director! Look, I'll make this short and sweet. I will have an aide running around to ALL departments and branchs and he'll need budget analysis and figures. We have a rather substantial sum on the line in the House and Senate committtee, but we HAVE TO HAVE the budget numbers ready. Think you can handle that?" the Director said nearly out of breath.

"Sure, I'm in the hang--" replied Rhodes as the phone went dead.

"Fucking suites," the vampire said disgusted slamming the phone down as a young woman came walking around the hangar doorway.

"You must be my new boss?"

"You must be my grease monkey?" replied Rhodes, not turning around.

"Name's Meg. Soooo, this is the shit-birds I'm suppose to fix and maintain?!" she said looking around, dropping her duffle bag on the concrete.

"Yup. But hey, I got a strange call from a Director somebody? Said he needs budget numbers for a committe something or another," said Rhodes finally turning around.

"Ok. So you're gonna ask for the moon and stars right? I'd say looking at the condition here of these ladies...We'll need a cool 3 million just to get them up," said Meg, wearing mechanic overralls.

Rhodes scratched at his goatee, "Nah. I think i'll ask for 30 mill and negotiate down. Shit, if the govt is giving defunct banks and shit 200million, i'd say we'll be ok our 'tiny' request."

Meg shrugged and walked over to the desk and picked up the flight logs.

"Wow. I thought they recalled half of them cessnas on account of bad injector-port designs. Well, hopefully we can get new funds for upgrades," she said hanging the clipboard on a nail on the back wall of the hangar.

Posted by: Judder Mar 19 2009, 12:44 AM
((OOC: Yes, tax reforms and st. patrick's days good mix i spent all st. patricks day driving drunk people around was pretty sweet.))

Judder reaches up touching the bottom of the engine block of the old ford ltd.
He pulls his hand back after feeling the oil slick down the side of the block.

"hmm...must be in the upper seal." Judder frowns with dismay and yells across
the motorpool towards Rhodes

"Hey put the vehicle maintenance division down for four million if you can."

He curses as he reaches for a flashlight that is not within arms reach.
Judder grabs the frame and slides himself out from under the car.
Taking a grease rag from the back pocket of his mechanic's suit he wipes his
hands off as he walks over to the table frowning in thought.

"That makes six of the ten cars they've given us with cracked engine blocks."

"Three of them have busted trannys. With some time i could probably make four
good cars out of what we have ,but some new vehicles would be alot better than putting new ones together out of old ones"

Judder picks up a pen and writes in a neat handwritten fraktur font
2 million vehicles and maintenance
1 million motor pool equipment and maintenance
1 million for adequate personnell and facilities.

He signs his name on the budget request spreadsheet and hands it to Rhodes.

"Since your the head of both divisions, i guess thats your department, im just a grease monkey"
Judder goes to a cooler next to the office door and grabs a bottle of water.

"They gave us a bunch of old junk cars, like i said i think i can make something of them, they wont be pretty and i might have to put some illegal stuff in them to get them working the way i want but thats your call boss"

He waits for Rhodes reply as he opens the bottle and takes a swig of water

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 19 2009, 03:11 AM
Miller pulled up in the parking lot, parked and hopped out of his vehicle. He put on his sunglasses, walked into the building and announced to the whole lobby, "I'm here and I'm partially dressed!"

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 19 2009, 12:32 PM
Rhodes turned to Judder, "First off, I'm not in charge of shit. I only was assigned by the Order to get these fleshys up and in the air. Some one aint in charge here yet. So... i guess that makes you in charge of the motor pool buddy, but I'll throw down another 2 mill on top of your 4. Maybe we can get some 'upgrades'," he said grinning with a sly wink.

Meg was puttering on the leer jet, cursing like a sailor as some sort of component came sailing out the open door.

"Fuckin Aholes. Just about everything worth anything has been scavenged off these things. Rhodes, you know half these shitbirds dont have OIL in them?!!!" she bellowed across the hangar.

Rhodes just blankly stared in her direction before turning to Judder again, "I take that back. I'm taking charge, as of right now. You're in charge of motorpool. Get them things running. I don't care if you have to go to the admin parking deck and strip every car down. I want a fleet running by tomorrow evening."

The lanky vampire stormed off towards the admin part of the HQ, just as he ran upon Jarvis carrying an electronic notepad.

"Outta my way pencil neck," Rhodes growled pushing thru the cleric.

"Uh, Mr. Rhodes? I'm Jarvis sent down by the Director, I believe he called you about a budget requirement paperwork?"

Rhodes stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder, "Oh yes, the money geek. 25 million should just about cover our needs," before walking again.

"BUT...but I need paperwork!?" the man squawked, pushing up his glasses with the back of his hand.

"Go see Judder in the motor pool. He'll give you ALL the paper you need pal."

The vampire continued walking until he reached a set of elevators and stabbed the button for the admin floors.

Minutes later, the vamp stormed thru the cubical area and right up to the budget committee directors office. The admin stood up and raised her finger.

"Um, you can't go in without an ..."

"SIT! Stay!" commanded the vampire with his mindspeak, causing the woman to abruptly sit back down.

Entering the office, the vampire saw the budget guru sitting at his desk, tie askew, looking as if he hadn't left the office in weeks.

"Excuse me?" asked the man cautiously.

"Rhodes is my name. Killing you meatsacks is my entertainment for the century. What's the big idea putting us in charge of air and motorpool with hunks of junk? How bout i drag your buerucratic ass down there and take you up for a ride, eh?"

The man held up both hands and shook his head wearily, "Look, we will get the funds approved. It just takes some time. Please, I haven't slept or showered in four days. Please, give me just a lil room to breathe," the man pleaded.

Rhodes looked about the office and noticed the half eaten fast food bags scattered an piled around.

"Geezus," he muttered finally realizing the overwhelming body odor lingering in the air with his keen vampiric senses.

Meanwhile, across the country, bad men were plotting bad things to good people....very bad things.

Posted by: Judder Mar 23 2009, 05:37 PM
Judder just knods as Rhodes storms out, quickly changing the figures and running the numbers for the spreadsheets. Like a jew during tax time Judder mutters as he finishes both the aviation and motor pool budget reports right as a mousy looking fellow with coke bottle glasses walks in.

"Im Jarvis looking for a Mr. Judder, uh..Mr. Rhodes told me to get the budget
sheets from you.."
Judder turns and advances upon Jarvis menacingly causing the substantially smaller human to back up through the motor pool door.

Judder looks at the terrified clerk for a moment and and grins then he asks
"What type of car do you have?"
Jarvis blinks for a moment and then perks up when he says

"I drive an 2009 Challenger"

Judder smiles at Jarvis, "Is it the one with the 5.7 or 6.1?"
Judder grabs the sheaf of paper that is the budget report and slides into a notebook and puts an arm around Jarvis's shoulder, leading him out of the motor pool.

They walk up to the director's office where the admin is in a daze, Judder eases the door open to find Rhodes and the director having a rather heated talk.

He taps Rhodes on the shoulder, even though it's not necessary.
"Hey, boss i just got the figures done with Jarvis here"
Judders says to both Rhodes and the director.

He throws the notebook down on the desk and it lands with a loud thump.

Judder then leaves all three of the others in the room, only waiting to get down the hallway before twirling his new dodge keys around his finger.

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 23 2009, 06:16 PM
((This is plot development posting))

At an unknown location, a team of scientists wearing biohazard suits, carrying several small vials of a strange compound and packing them in special crates were being watched from overhead thru several protective layers of bio-glass.

"How long until the shipment is ready?"

"That is the last of the samples being packaged now."

The man nodded slowly as he watched the crate being sealed and one of the techs turning and giving a thumbs up thru heavy black rubber gloves.

"What about the next shipment?" asked the first gentleman in an expensive three piece suit.

"Next month before the 15th."

"Excellent. Have it ready."

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 23 2009, 06:22 PM
Rhodes turns at seeing the squirrely clerk looking confused. The budget director was semi-relieved to see others coming into his office, relieving him from being under fire from this menacing looking motorpool agent.

"Look. All I'm sayin is if Jarvis has the figures. We can run them up to the Deputy Director and then he'll take them to the committee meeting and get them approved. DONE! Now please, leave me be. I have to go to the bathroom really bad!" the squatty man said, sweat pouring from his foul odored pores.

Rhodes turned and stopped at the door, "I want every penny on that sheet for the deptartment as well as the other departments in the entire FVZA organization, or else i'll come back up here and bleed you and your weasly clerk like cattle," he said before storming out to catch up to Judder.

"Hey I hope you put us down for enough greenback funding. I got a lil pet 'project in mind for that egg chopper. I'm talking grade a A-team type shit. You up for it?
That is after the 4 wheels are all up to spec?" asked Rhodes as he knocked some poor woman clean off her feet, back into a cubical, papers flying everywhere.

Posted by: Judder Mar 23 2009, 06:50 PM
Judder knods.

"Give me two days and i'll have at least seven cars ready, plus im gonna go acquire Jarvis's challenger and modify it.

Judder twirls the keys in front of Rhode's face.

"I need more help than what we have, Ive got a few freinds in this city, their records arent as clean as thier attitudes with cars, but if we can work something out. Then they would be more than happy to help us if we could get the cops off thier ass or provide some sort of community service that would drop suspicion on them."

Judder and Rhodes walk out to the admin parking deck and jump into the newly aquired challenger.

Judder looks at Rhodes, "Where to?"

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 23 2009, 07:29 PM
Rhodes pulls out his cell, "Hey Meg, Rhodes, look I need to go scrounge up some, uhhh... extra personnel... Start on the choppers...leave the jet. We'll be back in a bit...i'll even bring you lunch. OH, btw, keep your eyes open in our lil area. I have feeling other agents maybe on the prowl to scavenge more parts."

He hung up the phone and turned to Judder.

"Get us to your best picks in this backwater town as far as gearheads go. We need to get the rides right asap. Funding or not, I need you on the choppers sooner than later. Let's roll," instructed the vamp as he looked around the car.

"Wow. Jarvis has nice taste. Too bad he's a tool," chuckled Rhodes.

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 27 2009, 11:21 AM
((OOC: OK where the hell is everyone??!!))

Posted by: Abnet Mar 27 2009, 06:42 PM
(OOC: I'm still here it just doesn't look like I have much to write about.)

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 27 2009, 11:56 PM
Walking up to the front desk Miller immediately points at the receptionist and says "You there, with the hair, yes, you."

The receptionist was a lady by the name of Irene who appeared to have been in her forties or fifties, had a scowl that seemed to be permanent, and wore a green sweater. Rumor had it that she had gone from a career at a Midwestern state's DMV to working at military MEPS stations as a de-motivational consultant before finally coming to the FVZA.

"Take a number and wait your turn." Said Irene.

Miller looked around and noticed an absence of other people in the lobby and said, "There's no one else here."

"Take a number and wait your turn." Repeated Irene.

After letting out an audible sigh Miller took a number and took at seat in the waiting area. He took a look at the now serving counter behind the desk and it read "2", taking a look at his number he saw an "8".

Several minutes later after numbers being called and no one coming up to the desk Irene announced, "Next." Miller looked to the serving counter and it was for number eight so he went up to the desk, presented his number and prepared to finally get somewhere.

Irene glanced at the number, looked Miller straight in the eyes for a few seconds until Miller averted his eyes as if he had been staring at the Ark of the Covenant, and then said, "This is not number eight. You'll have to wait your turn."

"What do you mean not number eight?" Asked Miller, bewildered by the lack of help he was getting.

Irene took the number and turned it sideways to give him "∞".

Miller stared at his sideways number for a what seemed like an eternity and finally said, "Infinity? You've got to be shitting me."

Irene simply said without emotion, "Next!".

Now thoroughly disgruntled Miller went to his cubicle and decided to start looking through his emails, finding one in particular of interest.

Posted by: Judder Mar 29 2009, 05:31 PM
((OOC: Sorry was camping with freinds.))

Judder drives to what looks like an abandoned building and drives around between it and another building. He pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.

"Hey, im here with an associate,...yeah its business." Judder says.

After a few minutes what looks like an old tin wall opens up smoothly to reveal a very high tech garage.

They pull into the garage and Judder gets out. A couple guys walk around the challenger checking it out.

"What's up guys?" Judder says.

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 29 2009, 07:31 PM
Rhodes exits on his side and looks around long and hard, nodding with approval.

"Nice shop...very nice."

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 31 2009, 01:24 PM
.......Region: Mid-town Dallas, TX.
.......Time: 3:20am
.......Location: Storm Sewer Junction
Several men in black combat fatigues unload several canisters outside the storm drain junction, lowering them below the empty streets.
Down below, in the depths of the miles upon miles of tunnels, hundreds of thousands of rats scurry about.

"I hate rats," one worker said, glancing over at a black, beady eyed rodent.

"Sok. Few more of these and we wont worry about them. This new stuff is guaranteed to nuke every rat it touches. Highly lethal," the coworker replied as he tapped on a small PDA, causing the canisters to illuminate immediately.

"Time delay release. Gives us time to get out."

"Can this stuff kill us?" asked the worker cautiously.

"Probably. Don't want to find out. All i know is I just punch in the code, and 10 minutes later... the canisters open... release the juice...every rat that touches this stuff is a goner," replied the man as he started back up the service ladder to the surface.

Both men replace the manhole cover to the citys drain system and drive off.

The canisters timer counts down... 3:14 remaining.

Posted by: Judder Mar 31 2009, 09:32 PM
Judder walks over to a charger with the hood off. He looks at the motor and whistles.

"This is what we need Rhodes"

He turns just as a guy attempts to punch him, Judder ducks outta the way.
Bringing up his fists.
"Aight, Jonesy, you still holding that grudge?"

the person swings again and they clinch up and fall to the ground.

"Come on man, we got a legit job for you" Judder says as he ducks another punch and throws one of his own.

The guy stops. "You got work for us in this economy?..." the guy thinks about it then asks "what's the job?"

Judder looks at Rhodes, "You tell him man"

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 1 2009, 11:40 AM
Rhodes strolls to the charger and stares, his brows furrowed.

"This should do a'ight," the vamp said turning and looking at the gathering of misfit monkey wrench mechanics.

"Gentlemen, we need to retrofit several cars with todays highend technology. We need the works. By the works, i mean they will not only be tech savy, but faster than a frog dropped in boiling water. Boys these rides need to be sleepers. They need to be inconspicuous."

Rhodes moved to one side of the vehicle.

"The pay will be substantial for excellent work."

He grinned devilishly.

Posted by: Judder Apr 4 2009, 05:00 AM
(OOC: Feel free to take the npc dude and use him, sorry bout the wait)
Judder stands up and offers his hand to Jones.
"The only downside to working with him, is that im the head of the garage at our facility."
Judder shrugs at the guy and hands him both his and Rhodes card.
"Just let us know if you guys want to work for us."

He glances at Rhodes on his way to the challenger and says.
"Get in the car man,we gotta get back to work."
With that Judder spits a stream of thick black blood onto the shop floor at the guy's feet and opens the door of the challenger, sliding into the seat.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 5 2009, 12:09 PM
Rhodes looks over at Judder towards the challenger and nods.

"If you boys want to play, call the number on the card and we'll chat. I warn you in advance, i need the best, and i'll pay the best," he said with an upraised eyebrow before sliding into the seat.

After the car rolled out of the shop w/ Judder behind the wheel, down a few blocks Rhodes turns to him.

"So, you think they'll work or do we need to keep driving around?" he asked flatly.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 5 2009, 10:03 PM
As Miller shifted through his email he found several variations of "natural" male enhancement being advertised and casually moved them into his junk folder. After finally sorting out most of the junk he found one he figured might be worth reading based on the subject title;


As you likely know, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX. Something of a similar magnitude is about to occur at the same place.

Looking to who had sent it the address was showing up as the email the mysterious John Doe Sr. had been using to send him stuff on his earlier missions.

Miller remarked to himself, "Damn, I was hoping for free Billy Joel tickets." But he on the inside he knew it was more serious than concert tickets. Something was out of place. Why would John Doe Sr., the man who had contracted Miller to play secret agent for a variety of unscrupulous activities suddenly give him warning of something his organization was about to do. Unless it was something they wanted him to do. Still, if they wanted action out of him the email they'd sent was pretty vague. He decided that in either case he'd best check it out.

He went back to work on the computer to buy airline tickets to Dallas with his government travel card, printed out the itinerary, and then logged off, gather up a few things and headed towards the armory.

Posted by: Judder Apr 7 2009, 04:24 AM
Judder knods as he makes a right turn.

"They'll take the job, we just have to wait on them, until then, its best i do what i can with what we have at the moment."

He rubs his cheek for a moment

"His right hook hasn't lost any power thats for sure" Judder remarks

They turn onto the street heading back to the garage complex that houses the motor pool area.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 7 2009, 11:11 AM
"Good," Rhodes replied glancing down at his cell/pda just as it beeped.

"Yeah," he answered shortly.

"Really. Excellent Meg, thats great work. I guess i need to get you a raise or something. I'll be back in like 20 minutes," the vamp said hanging up.

He punched in another number.

"Yeah, Rhodes here. I need flight clearance today for testing. Yup. Mhmm. Nope. Yeah. Whatever just get it," he growled.

"Friggin retarded govt red tape bullshit. Meg got one of the choppers up and ready," he said grinning to Judder.

Posted by: O_O Apr 8 2009, 11:07 PM
((Yep, I'm still alive. Somehow...))

Ray does stuff.

Posted by: Abnet Apr 9 2009, 03:05 AM
(OOC: I'm still here too.)

Leon also does stuff.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 9 2009, 11:56 AM
((OOC: story building takes time gents))

As the canisters of "liquid X" sat quietly, the timer attached to them counted down.


A small *pop* occurs inside the canister and pressure builds. When the internal pressure reaches maximum, as rats scurry about, the canisters release an atomized mist all around like a cloud. Rats leap and run about as the mist engulfs them, coating their bodies with the chemical compound.


Somewhere within FVZA a phone rings in the communications office. A secretary answers and puts the caller on hold, buzzing the head honcho.

"Yes Margaret?"

"Call for you line 4 sir."

"Thank you," he says politely, punching the #4 button that began blinking.

"This is Jones, how may I help you?"

"You can help me Mr. Jones, by listening very carefully. Dallas TX is about to experience a very violent outbreak of one of the most deadliest infections," the male voice on the other end of the phone line.

"Out break? Infection? I'm sorry you must be looking for the CDC."

" not interrupt again or this informative call will be terminated. Like i stated, a deadly infectious outbreak is about to take place. Within 72 hours, Dallas TX will need to be quarantined and then subsequently eradicated. By eradicated I mean something short of a nuclear cleansing will be necessary to safeguard the rest of the continent. Do you understand what I've told you?" the voice reprimanded sharply.

Jones was furiously scribbling notes on a legal pad in shorthand.

"Yes. Outbreak...Dallas...quarantine. But why? Who are you? How do you have this kind of information?" he asked quickly.

"Who i am is irrelevant Mr. Jones. How i have this information also is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact YOU now have this information. How you and your organization proceeds is what matters now."

"Is this a terrorist act? Are you asking for something? Money? Why?" asked Jones desperately.

"Terrorism has its reasons. Money is not important in today's society. But...Why...THAT is the exact question. Why is what will drive you hardest Mr. Jones. Have a nice day."

The line on the other end went dead with a

Jones hung the phone up and stared at the notes briefly, too stunned to act yet.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 9 2009, 01:35 PM
Rhodes and Judder arrive back at the HQ. Getting out of the car, Rhodes strolls over to Meg, as she wiped her hands with a dingy red rag.

"Hey boss, got that bird ready to go. Also, the flight plan was approved. Your all set," the eager young mechanic said with a grin.

"Awesome," he replied simply, turning in his course towards the chopper.

Making the preliminary checks like a trained professional, Rhodes gets into the helio and fires up the engine. As the aircraft purrs to life, he checks all the controls and makes sure they feel right to him before slowly lifting off after informing the local tower of his takeoff.

Buzzing into the air, Rhodes flew around for an hour or so. After testing the aircrafts capabilities, he returned to the HQ and landed the chopper onto the heli-pad. The rotor blades whirred down slowly as he disembarked and walked back into the hangar.

"Nice job. Feels great. Ready to start training the recruits on," the vampire complimented before sitting down at his desk and getting a clipboard with a list of flight trainee names.

Posted by: O_O Apr 9 2009, 08:09 PM
((I'm putting Ray in the situation and adding some depth. He just didn't really feel like a person before. Sorry if teh times aren't realistic, I'm a not a good judge of time. ))

4:27 A.M. Central Time (Leaving Dodge City, Kansas)
Ray looked out the window of the plane. He was, luckily, not alone in his seat, but with his girlfriend, Sam. They sat in one row, the other seat empty. They had been going strong for a few months now, and had even been thinking about marriage. He was taking her to see his mom and dad in Dallas, to see what they thought. He and Sam were happy but tired. He closed his eyes and slept.

5:49 A.M. Central Time (Somewhere over Southern Oklahoma or Northern Texas)

Ray woke up. Sam was still asleep, her head in his lap. He started playing with herhair and she opened her eyes.
"Yes?" She asked sleepily. "We're almost there. Maybe 10 minutes. I'm not sure." Ray replied.
She sat up and put her head on his shoulder.
"You do know you'll have to ask my dad to marry me" She said slyly.
Ray sighed, "I know, but he hates me."
She smiled brushed hair out of Ray's eyes "He doesn't hate you, he just thinks you're immature."
"I know, I know." He said, sitting up. The seat belt light dinged and he put it on.

Posted by: O_O Apr 12 2009, 05:13 AM
((*cough* Umm....Hello?))

Posted by: Judder Apr 13 2009, 03:15 AM
Judder gets outta the car, and begins working one of the old cars, using some skill

and a whole lot of luck he manages to get three working cars done within the day

and night's time.

The shop's phone rings and Judder answers it.

"Motor Pool, Judder speaking....Yeah hang on a minute."

Judder puts the phone down and pokes his head into Rhode's office.

"Hey those guys we talked to, they wanna talk on the phone outside."

Judder shrugs, "I honestly thought he wasn't gonna call"

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 13 2009, 01:24 PM
Rhodes glances up from a training guide post dated from the nixon admin.

"Handle it will ya. You pretty much know what we need if the SHTF. I gotta get these meatsacks on some air time. Oh, and I prefer sleeper cars reason advertising," Rhodes replied as he
picked up the phone and punch a three digit number.

"Yeah, Rhodes here, send Ray to the hangar asap. He's due to for flight training."

He hung the phone up with a slam before spinning in his chair and yelling, "HEY MEG! Get on the jet next. I need that bird flight ready before Friday !!"

Posted by: O_O Apr 15 2009, 10:04 PM
QUOTE (Rhodes @ Apr 13 2009, 08:24 AM)
"Yeah, Rhodes here, send Ray to the hangar asap.

((Ray's off duty. They cut him because He was such a low rank.))

Ray checked into the hotel. It had been a long flight, and he was practically carrying Sam. They were REALLY tired.

Posted by: O_O Apr 18 2009, 07:53 PM
((Someone else post dang it!))

Posted by: Abnet Apr 19 2009, 03:19 AM
(OOC: I know Leon wasn't called down for flight training but for the sake of moving things along I'm sending him down.)

After organizing all of his gear in the armory and moving the rest of his stuff into the office portion of the building Leon was sitting in his cubicle nearly falling asleep, somewhat due to the fact that he was tired but mostly because he was bored out of his mind. Stopping bioterrorists and saving the world from zombies was one of the most fun jobs he'd ever had but all of the paperwork that needed to be done afterword made him want to kill himself from boredom.

Leon was just about to slip into an afternoon nap when his phone rang.

A woman's voice was on the other line. "Agent Stevens?"
"Yeah, this is him."
"You're needed at the airstrip. Report to Agent Rhodes for flight training."
"Right. Tell him I'm on my way."

Leon hung up the phone and quickly slammed a mug of coffee before heading out to the airstrip.

He walked onto the airstrip and saw Rhodes standing in a hangar full of planes and helicopters. They greeted each other with a simple nod and Leon looked around at the vehicles in the hangar and back to Rhodes.

"So what are we starting with?"

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 20 2009, 12:17 PM
Rhodes looked at Leon with a quizzical look.

"Yeah, stupid paperwork said Ray was still listed as "active". Dunno what the hells up here, but since your here... get in that chopper there and put the headset on," Rhodes replied as he pointed at the black and red stripped helio before getting in.

"First, headsets. I've already done the preflight saftey checks. We'll worry bout that shit later. Right now i need you to be able to get this thing off the ground, navigate, and land without killing yourself or anyone else. Pay attention cuz im only going thru this once," the vamp said firmly as he flipped a series of switchs labeled 1 thru 11.

After getting the nimble helicopter in the air, Rhodes looked at Leon and instructed him to take the stick.

Posted by: Abnet Apr 20 2009, 06:52 PM
Leon had learned alot of different skills over his life but flying a helicopter wasn't one of them so he payed attention as Rhodes controlled the chopper and tried to remember all of the important bits: basic movement, what the buttons do, and everything like that.

When his time came to take the controls he got off to a shakey start (both literally and figuratively) but soon enough he had the basics down. He took the chopper around the building a couple of times and landed it on the helipad with little more trouble and stepped out of the cockpit.

He dropped the keys in Rhodes' hand.

"What's next?"

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 21 2009, 10:59 AM
Rhodes caught the keys and nodded, making notes on a small clipboard he'd brought along. Nodding and um'hmm'ing as he'd check marked.

"Not bad. We didnt die, crash or get fined by the FAA. We'll move onto the jet as soon as Meg has it flight ready. Meantime, here's your flight ready approval for the helio. I think you need to take it to some office somewhere and have it filed....or some stupid shit. IF we ever get called out on active, don't worry bout the 'red tape' bullshit...just grab gear and move," said Rhodes with a heavy bit of sarcasm as he handed Leon a small piece of transfer paper.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 22 2009, 12:40 AM
Miller exited the FVZA's headquarters with a pair of duffel bags in hand and strode over to the flightline at the local airport the FVZA was using as an airstrip. He began loaded the bags on to one of the planes and then called out on the radio, "Foxtrot five, aircraft 121. Requesting a pilot, over."

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 22 2009, 07:31 PM

::1 year forward::

Dallas, TX - USA - North America
Rats infected with a new breed of zombie virii have emerged. Much like the black plague in europe, the rats carried the seeds of destruction in the form of fleas and ticks. But the bioweapon was much more potent than antcipated. The disease was meant originally to lay dormant, as a form of bioterrorism to extort billions of dollars in ransom for the cure. Underestimation was the root of many a folly.

The rats spread thru the city, infecting other vermin which then moved thru the metropolitan sewers into homes and business. The low income were the first to succumb and cause the powderkeg to ignite. The fleas bite the infected rats which then became carriers. The disease mutated in the rats somehow...scientists today are unsure what the cause for mutation started. But they all agree, a mutation occured and turned the diseases dormancy switch from off to hyper active. Excrement, fluid, feces, bites, saliva, anything coming into contact with the carrier would become infected almost instantly.
From then the time from infection to death was less than 8 hours. Post mortem, the diseases true effect manifested within 24 hours. Animated undead!!

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) became aware of a possible epidemic among the low income area hospitals and clinics when patients with flu like symptoms would die after several minutes of convulsions. The disease immediately began replicating and attacking every major organ, with the brain being the last to fall in series. From then the virus switched to more like a bacteria and started to 'rewire' the brains of the host. Antibiotics were useless. The disease was designed to ignore any man-made drugs.
After 2 months, the CDC was alerting the US Government about an obvious epidemic of unknown origins. The government responded by dispatching a team of medical experts and scientists to gather data. They never returned. Dallas within 3 months of outbreak had become overrun with undead.
The government in the following months tried to quarantine the epidemic. However, they were unawares of the method by which the disease was spreading. As rats infected other rats, bred more carriers, the disease moved from state to state, into Mexico and down as far as the Panama Canal.
Whole populations were wiped out within 48 hours of an infected carrier arriving.
Quarantines only slowed the spread by a few weeks. Walking dead, highly infectious and aggressive with heightened senses of smell and hearing, were moving outward as all living creatures were consumed.

After 10 months of a losing battle, the final act of the US government before Washington DC fell to the hordes of undead, was to empower the FVZA with military power and funding to stop the spread to other countries.
All agents, regardless of status was given full authority to deal with the new threat. This included mechanics, admins, secretarys, even the janitors were armed and given government clearance to dispatch the undead.

Little good that did. Severly out numbered and still underfunded, due to all the dollars bled out thru failed military spending...the FVZA moved its base to a more fortified and secure location labeled FVZA PRIME, just off the Mississippi River where a hydro plant had been converted to an impregnable fortress against the undead army ravaging the North American continent. A makeshift airstrip nearby had been reinforced with highly electric fences, mounted gun towers, and heavy machinery to push and/or bury the undead.

The agency now had to primary and keep the remaining human colonies alive until scientists abroad could come up with a cure or antibody...and erradicate the zombie threat altogether.

May all they do not be in vain.

"Rhodes to base, on approach vector Victor 9er, 9er, copy."

"This is base, you have a green light for supply drop, over."

Rhodes piloted his modified apache helo in and expertly moved the stick, bring the chopper into a hover above a fortified community surrounded by tall thick concrete walls. Pressing several buttons, a crate loaded with ammo and food supplies was lowered. Afterwards, the vamp agent manuevered the chopper in a clockwise manner and began sweeping the outskirts for any movement.

"Base to Rhodes, any zed activity out there, over."

"Not much base. Had a lil pocket moving along the I-75, but i chopped them with the 30mm guns. Gonna have to restock my bat before the next run, over."

After returning to FVZA Prime, Rhodes hopped out of the chopper and saw Meg standing at the edge of the heli pad waiting on him with a clip board.

"Seen some action huh? I see your 50 cal. guns are empty," she said making a note on the paper.

"Yup. 30's are low too. I used my last hellrocket on a big horde of the fuckers back over birmingham. Just looked up when i dropped it on em. Boom. How's the other units?" he asked as he walked towards the building.

Meg's face scrunched up after the tall vampires question, "We lost Gamma 3," she said stopping, waiting for the inevitable.

"What?! Wait lemme guess...south fucking wall? We told them time and time again that the friggin lil pissant deep creek would not hold them back if the river dropped more than a couple feet. Stupid morons," Rhodes fumed before continuing on his way.

"That's not the worst of it," Meg said somewhat slowly...knowing the 'bad' news would set off the agent, "we lost Zulu team."

Rhode's froze in his tracks, "What?! What the fuck you mean we lost them?"

"They were making a supply drop at Gamma when the river dropped and the zeds broke thru the outer wall. They tried to push them back, but...didnt make it," Meg reported as her voice lowered.

"GOD DAMN IT I HATE FUCKING ZOMBIES!" the vamp bellowed before entering the building, nearly ripping the doors from their hinges.

After a shower, Rhodes had cooled down slightly from receiving the bad news. He had reported to the briefing room to meet with the rest of the agency.

"...and so our scientists have came out with the latest version of serum. Problem is we've run out of test cases. We need fresh, no pun intended, subjects. Which is why we're having Victory and Xray team go on a seek and capture mission. 5 subjects should suffice for trials," a man over an intercom reported.

Several agents in the room groaned while others breathed a sigh of relief.

Everyone knew the most dangerous mission was trying to capture a highly contagious, infectious, rotting, animated corpse. That's why the send in the vamp squad 99% of the time. Xray squad was Rhodes own hand picked band of agents. Victory was the highly decorated FVZA (human) based unit in the agency.

Rhodes cleared his throat, "What's the op area?"

The comm squawked, "South Chicago."

Frowning, Rhodes looked at the rest of his team and Victory, "Chicago? I thought they were quarantined and otherwise cut off?"

"That was the case. There was a slight breech thru one of the outposts. The government there reported new sightings. Best place for fresh infected," the voice on the other side instructed.

"Off to the windy city we go then boys, saddle up," said Rhodes with a grin.

((Ok..fromm here the SHTF.))

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 23 2009, 01:50 AM
Six months after the outbreak...

John Miller was sipping on a glass of water, trying to relax as he tried to get through the meeting he was in. Miller then adjusted the positioning of his nameplate on the table that read John Miller, Zombie Control Specialist. He was in a large conference room sitting near the head of the table. The room was darkened with lights only above the table itself and the glow of large television screens throughout the room broadcasting channels all the main news channels.

Seated at the head of the table was an older man in a suit with thinning gray hair on his head and a weathered expression on his face. His nameplate indicated him as Mr. Davis, Chairman of the Omega Council. He was the one who led meetings within the clandestine Omega Agency, an organization that had until now been dedicated the concept of an American led New World Order.

Mr. Davis addressed the other men and women at the meeting, twenty one agents in positions of substantial influence from across the US government and private sector, "Special Agent Miller, would you please explain your take on the situation."

Miller took another sip of water and began, "I hate to say it, but at this point all signs are pointing towards zombies overrunning the entire United States within anywhere from four to six months. The Eastern states are steadily going and their loss is pretty much guaranteed, the rural areas are slowly but surely being overtaken faster than the local hunting parties can work. While we're holding the major cities through mass amounts of resources they're all going to inevitably fall while in the mean time we're rapidly loosing the small cities. The Great Plains are also falling apart as a result of a lack of attention being paid to those states. The Pacific Coast is falling apart as well much like the East is, I predict we'll loose that too in due time. However on the upside the Rocky Mountains are still reasonably clear and I predict that they will remain so, hence I recommend keeping our headquarters here at Denver International Airport. Denver will probably be one of the last cities to fall so an evacuation of the Omega Agency to the bunker should have little complications."

Mr. Davis then said, "Thank you sir, now if we could hear from our chief nuclear adviser..." motioning towards General West, Commander, USAF Global Strike Command.

The general simply said, "As you all know, at the last meeting we ruled out the use of nuclear weapons in the interests of preventing survivors from surviving zombies only to die of fallout. However as our men and women in the intelligence community have discovered, the rest of the uninfected world hasn't made the same choice. Evidence is suggesting that the European Union, the Russian Federation, and the People's Republic of China are strongly considering laying waste to all of North America as soon as they feel that we've lost the ability to counter attack with our own arsenal. Therefore in order to prevent a nuclear war from making things any worse we'll need to maintain full security of our nuclear arsenal. This shouldn't be too difficult though since most of it is concentrated in areas such as North Dakota, Montana, and on submarines that are at very little risk."

Mr. Davis then said, "Excellent, now if we could hear from our Black Ops chief..."

Sitting next to Agent Miller on his left was a man in his fifties with streaks of gray hair starting to appear in his hair. He had a thick mustache, steel gray eyes, and spoke with a commanding voice. This was the mysterious man using the codename John Doe Sr.. His name plate read Jason Miller, Black Operations Chief.

He said to the room, "As you are all aware, our initial attempt to contain this infection within the Dallas-Fort Worth area was a catastrophic failure. The forces at work behind the attack went to great lengths to cover up the fact that this was not in fact a strain that we were accustomed to dealing with. Believing it to be the standard Human Zombie Virus we had assumed that it would act within predictable parameters. However as we're all away this strain is highly infectious and works much quicker, but unlike other similarly virulent diseases such as Ebola it does not kill its victims outright, therefore it does not burn itself out in the manner Ebola mercifully does. Had we known this we would not have attempted to keep the federal government in the dark for as long as we had. For the time being we still do not have a positive ID on the group that supplied the attackers with this particular strain. However we have found some evidence suggesting that there was a meeting with an unknown contact in Zimbabwe, given the difficulty of investigating much of anything at the moment we have allies from the United Kingdom working on that lead at the moment. We're hoping that if we can trace the laboratory responsible for the creation of this strain we might be able to use our remaining resources to secure or infiltrate the lab and gather data that could possibly lead to a vaccine.

Mr. Davis then stated, "Thank you, and now finally I'll give a bit of what I have to say. For starters, I think it's safe to say that our original goals are now a bit unrealistic, instead what we need to do is focus our resources entirely on America surviving as a nation. Perhaps in the future a rebuilt America will be stronger and have a better chance of implementing our vision for humanity. But until then, the Omega Agency must work behind the scenes to ensure that there will be an America. Your orders are to return to your official duties and carry on as normal, Black Operations teams will be assigned to keep the rest of the world out of our affairs. The last thing we need is a UN led invasion of the US that leads to us being the puppet of a Chinese superpower."

That was six months ago. Now a year after Outbreak Zero of the new strain Agent John Miller found himself in an organization hardly resembling the one it did only a year ago. No longer did he wear a suit with a fedora hat. No longer would he investigate the undead over the course of days in largely human environments with a pistol in hand. Now here he was dressed in full fatigues carrying an assault rifle and hazmat gear everywhere.

He was in the briefing room when the orders came down for a mission to capture live fresh zeds in Chicago. While hardly his idea of a fun mission the Chicago area was at least reasonably familiar to him. He said to the others in the room, "I'm taking Victory team on this little trip, we can't let the vamps have all glory."

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 24 2009, 12:09 PM
((OOC: dude thats a killer write up on alt. perspective...!!!!))

Rhodes glanced over at Miller. He never fully trusted anyone...vamp or otherwise.
However, this one in particular, he trusted even less. Something ever so 'shift' about Miller set all of Rhodes' senses on end.

"Glory? What glory is found in capturing undead shambling former meatsacks?" Rhodes said sarcastically.

"If it hadn't been for the braintrust up the ladder saying "nukes woulda coulda mutated" these rotten bastards even further...I'd be flying a bombing run across the country right now. But we're playing catch up...again," he added further, with bitterness filling his powerful deep voice.

Standing up, kicking his chair back with a metal on metal screech, the vampire agent turned and walked away before the commanding voice dismissed the assembly.

Hours later, Rhodes met with Meg to see if his chopper had be restocked.

"Yeah, i got her all locked and loaded up boss. 50's, 30 mils', even found a couple rockets to slap in there," Meg said as she tossed the keys to Rhodes who had a duffle bag slung across his bag.

"Great job. If you live thru this another year, I'll see about a raise," joked the agent as he opened the chopper door wearing his black spec op jumpsuit, armed to the teeth.

Meg just laughed shaking her head and walked away as team Xray assembled just inside the hangar.

"Alright listen up and listen good. We're flying from here to Fort Mobic. We refuel, then on to our target area. There is a secured highrise building where we'll land our bird. Then...its bag'em and tag'em. Humans will basically be acting as bait...more or less whether they like it or not. Our job is to secure 5 zeds. We'll have net guns," Rhodes instructed as he looked over the small team of bloodsucking agents.

"What about the gel-foam?" asked a particularly new recruit.

"Shits useless and degrades too quick for this trip. We net em and then zip'em in the carbonfiber bags. Wouldn't want any of the shit stains coming out on us mid-flight. Alright, stow your gear and saddle up," Rhodes replied as he hopped in the pilots seat.

Thinking to himself, Rhodes had calculated flight times and distances as he slipped on the headset.

"Xray 1 to tower, Xray 1 departing in 10, over."

"Tower to Xray 1. Roger that. Good to go, repeat xray 1 good to go...over."

Rhodes flipped the birds cockpit switches and the motor churrned to life.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 24 2009, 07:05 PM
Meanwhile in the back of one of the Blackhawk helicopters carrying half of Victory team, the human agents were fully stocked on gear. Miller in particular had ensured he would be fully prepared for the mission. He had on most of his chemical warfare gear, waiting until they were in the hostile zone before putting on his gasmask and donned the hood. Holstered on his side was his M1911 with a longslide barrel, strapped too his right leg was his knife, and strapped to his back was a short sword with an eighteen inch blade known as the In his hands he held his rucksack with his scoped M14 rifle.

One of the agents, Stanton said, "Man, is it just me or is there something not right about the vampires on X-Ray team?"

Miller responded, "You mean aside from the fact that they never accept an invite to the beach on a bright summer day? Because yeah, that's a little weird. I even told them there would be Corona."

"No, I mean why all of a sudden is a vampire hunting agency working with vampires. Something isn't right." Said Stanton.

"We've been working with them for quite a while now. We negotiated an agreement with them, priorities for both of us changed. Besides, they'll make good bait on this gig. They just don't know it yet." Said Miller.

Stanton said, "I still get the feeling like they're plotting something, like they're just working their way into position so they can betray us later. I'll bet they'll try something funny on this mission."

Miller simply though to himself, If only you knew what happened back in Dallas.

Elsewhere in the South China Sea aboard CVN-65, the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, a black operations group had just returned from their latest mission. The team belonging to the Omega Agency known as Nightmare Force had a few days ago infiltrated a laboratory in the People's Republic of China. For this mission they had been joined by the agency's black ops chief, Jason Miller, who had formerly led Nightmare Force prior to his promotion. The leader check his messages and found one from the Omega's contact within the FVZA, "Will be in Chicago on mission. Find anything at the lab?"

The leader sent a message back stating, "Pick me up a pizza while you're there. Lab infiltration confirmed that PLA special forces picked up some sort of hazmat one week prior to delivery to a white male suspected to have been involved in attack on Dallas. Timeline fits and the lab was without a doubt running a clandestine bio-warfare program for the PLA. No evidence of any sort of vaccine, but we have a possible lead on another lab in N. Korea that we plan to investigate next."

Posted by: O_O Apr 25 2009, 10:22 PM
Ray hopped the fence, Sam barely a second behind him. He popped one of his last grenades and chucked it behind him. The group of zombies behind him exploded into a shower of guts and gore. He slid into the apartments entrance, nearly hitting the blast door when Gregory opened it. He fired at the few zeds behind Sam as she ducked in, just before Gregory slammed the 3 inch thick steel door. He went three doors down and walked in the room on his right. He threw his backpack on the table and Sam followed suit.
"What'cha get?" Gregory asked, leaning against the door frame as Ray and Sam collapsed on the couch.
"14 boxes of 9 mm rounds, 6 boxes .12 gauge shotgun shells, 7 .22 boxes, and 4 boxes of .357 Magnum rounds." Ray said, setting them out as he said their names.
"And you Samantha?" Gregory asked.
"It's Sam, Greg. Sammy at worst. Don't be so fucking formal." Sam said.
Gregory sighed but asked again "What did you get Sam?"
Sam sat up and opened her bag. "6 cans of peaches, a box of fish sticks, some onions from a garden, a pound of frozen fish, and 3 packs of crackers."
"Damn it, it's getting hard to get stuff. You to look exhausted. Get cleaned up and go to bed." Gregory ushered them out and lied down. Life was hard.

Ray and Sam had been in Dallas when the outbreak happened. They fortified their selves were they were in the beginning, but decided to move later on. They made it to a Chinese Restaurant, where they found three other survivors. Gregory, a former stock broker, had been the leader of that group, and was actually very likeable. The other two were Jim, a security guard, who was actually a bit of a coward. And Victoria, Gregory's wife. They together made their way to the apartment they were currently in, which they had also used lights at the top to attract other survivors. They currently had 10 more people, including a doctor, Dr. Yates. He was basically their medic. Their life was tough, and it consisted of finding food, ammo, and fighting off zombies. But they were alive at least.

Posted by: O_O Apr 25 2009, 10:36 PM
Wow, I repeated words a lot last post. I think my skills are getting a little rusty. OR have I always written like that? Hmm....))

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 27 2009, 11:37 AM
As the apache piloted by Rhodes left the refuel point, the comm's radio blipped a moment. The vamp-agent turned the mic up and held his earpiece a little bit tighter.

"Radio check? Over."

Radio silence.

"Anyone on this frequency channel? This is agent Xray 1, do you copy?"

Radio popped and crackled a few times.

"Anyone else catch that?" asked Rhodes over his shoulder.

Several other vamp agents just shook there heads...except Brad... his eyes were closed and a strained look was on his face.

The radio cracked one time with static, and then a faint voice broke in.

" of...door.." the radio went silent.

Rhodes dropped in altitude, hoping to get a better signal.

"This is Xray 1, say again, over."

" us...breaking...defense down...wont last another...please help!", came the voice over the radio.

"Sup boss? Sounds like we got some straggling survivors in need of help," said Brad as he glanced out the helio door.

"I know what i heard. We're full up here tho. We'd have to either leave some of you behind or dump gear...any of those two options sound appealing?" replied Rhodes as he began an infrared scan search of the surrounding area.

The other vamps on the team just shook their heads without answering.

"Thought so. Find them so we can assess their situation," said the pilot as he got a faint reading on the scanner display.

"Xray 1 to Victory, have possible survivor contact 4.9 clicks north by north west of refuel station. You boys got any room? Xrays all full of vamp and gear, over?" radioed Rhodes to his sister gunship.

Posted by: Judder Apr 27 2009, 11:05 PM
OOC: Sorry bout not being on, had a rush for school. Any way i can get in on the fun?)

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 28 2009, 02:22 AM
((course man...just post as your in our chopper.))

Posted by: Judder Apr 28 2009, 07:05 PM
Judder sat with his back to the wall in the chopper. This wasn't his idea of a great mission, but he was not gonna be caught unprepared. In addition to the standard assault rifle which he had strapped onto his rucksack as soon as he got on the chopper. Judder caresses the heavily modified M249 Squad Automatic Weapon that he has in his arms. On the inside of both legs slightly above his combat boots are two ten inch fighting knives. This plus a vamp's fighting load of ammunition and grenades.

He bows his head and begins to pray audibly for the ovverrun team.

"Dear lord, who art in heaven..."

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 29 2009, 01:57 AM
As Agent Stanton contiuned to ramble on about vampires and conspiracies Miller had stopped paying full attention. He had put on a wireless radio headset and started listening. The headset wasn't nearly as sophisticated or powerful as the one's on the choppers, but being able to talk to a chopper or other agents within a range of a few miles was still a valuable advantage.

Rhodes said over the radio, "Xray 1 to Victory, have possible survivor contact 4.9 clicks north by north west of refuel station. You boys got any room? Xrays all full of vamp and gear, over?"

Before the pilot for Victory's chopper could respond Miller answered, "That's affirmative, I could fit Kim Jong-il's ego in here if I had to. Guide us in and give us some cover, I'll make sure that guy gets extracted."

The Victory's pilot muted his mic, turned around and said "Sir, we're just as full as Xray's team. There's no way we can pick up another person."

"Just get us there and I'll take care of the rest." Replied Miller.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 29 2009, 11:04 AM
Rhodes heard Millers reply then turned his head slightly to his team, "The meatsacks say they have room, FIND those survivors...NOW!"

After barking his orders, Rhodes dropped the chopper quickly in altitude, causing several agents to grab for holds around them.

Flying just above the treetops, the vamp-agent strained his hearing on the radio to detect any more chatter. Glancing at the thermalvision radar, he noticed several 'blue bogies' below them scattered about.

"No fucking reds...come on...where the fuck are you twats at?" he muttered as he dodged a church steeple by mere feet.

After several minutes of flying, one of the agents in the back pointed and yelled, "GOT EM! 8 oclock low, over by that school building."

Rhodes narrowed the scanner on the location, swinging the chopper around.
Sure enough, there were several zombies battering on a barricaded school building that had been fortified. The agents observed several undead clambering thru open windows and doors that had finally been beat open. Lying outside the school were several zombies....presumably fully dead from human means.

"Roger that. Victory 1 this is Xray, we've got possible survivors at the school building at our location, Looks like the roof is semi-secure, no contacts. Repeat roof looks secure. Dropping a small search and rescue team. Bogies have, repeat bogies HAVE broken thru perimeter you copy, over?" radioed Rhodes as he swung the chopper over the gymnasism roof.

"Alright i want three volunteers to drop down and find the survivors. Nothing fancy, just get in, assess, give Victory team the lions share, then get the hell back to the roof," ordered Rhodes as he leveled the attack transport chopper into hover mode.

Posted by: Judder Apr 29 2009, 03:21 PM
Judder finishes his prayer just as Rhodes calls for volunteers. Without saying a word he moves to the chopper doors and jumps from the skids to the roof executing a perfect landing fall. As quick as a flash he drops to one knee and levels the sights of his squad automatic weapon onto the only entrance to the roof.

Two more agents drop down, one with a shotgun and the other with an assault rifle.

They stack up on either side of the door as Judder aims for the middle of the door. He knods for the vamp with the shotgun to blast open the door. The vamp checks the door for wires or other signs of IEDs, finding none he blasts the door down.

Judder runs into the stairwell and into a small group of about three or four humans huddling on the stairwell.

Judder jerks his head toward the doorway and growls, "Get outside on the roof."

They whimper but the sight of a person with a machine gun,not to mention looking like something out of a science fiction movie, and with all his gear on they go running out of the doorway.

Judder turns the stairwell and is about to step across the threshhold when a sixth sense tells him to stop and look down. He looks down and sees a wire stretched across the step he was about to get on.

His eyes follow the wire all the way to a claymore mine that has been stuck into the ceiling at an angle facing downstairs. A small chuckle escapes his lips as he sees who put it there duct taped a bag of screws, nails, and bolts to the front of it.

He thoughtfully steps over the wire and continues down the stairs. The smell and sound of the reanimated beings reaches him right before he turns the corner. He fishes a mirror out of one of his vest pockets as the other vampires stack up on him.

He edges the mirror slightly around the corner after sticking it onto a mirror holder.

Judder frowns,
"Ok, looks like the rest are dead."

He pulls the mirror back around the corner and puts it away.
"Lets move back to the roof, watch that claymore on the stairwell, we might as well leave it there."

::Edited for clarity--this is not the mission objective but a stepping stone prior to the target location-Rhodes::

Posted by: O_O Apr 30 2009, 12:00 AM
((I'll post them leaving a little bit later. Maybe tomorrow. I plan on making it a two-poster. Even if that is just to give me a break at key points lol))

Ray sat and ate his cold cereal glumly as he listened to Greg.
"We have to leave. The zombies are piling up outside and they all know we're here." Greg said firmly, standing in front of the table where everyone was eating.
"We can't!" Some man yelled from the middle, "We have a large group and no where to move!!!"
Ray sighed and put down his spoon, making sure it made a large clinking sound so everyone would notice him. "Look, Greg's right. We need to move out of this block completely, hopefully out of this district, and ideally, out of this state." He cleared his throat and continued "All the zeds know we're here, all the supplies we need are far away and diminishing."
The man sat down and everyone murmured silently before nodding at him.
"Right," he said confidently, "we move tonight. It's now or never people. Get packed, strapped, and ready to go. "

Hours later...
"Honey, are you sure we should be doing this?" Sam asked Ray, nervous.
"Yes," Ray replied solemnly, "we should. If we never get out of here we'll never live. "
He finished pulling on his boots. He was wearing tear-resistant blue jeans, a nondescript black T-shirt, and his army jacket. Strapped to his hips were his twin .357s and a 1911. On his back he had a M16. The jacket, 1911, and M16, he had looted from dead soldiers. Everything else was his. Sam had a Colt .45 and a Semi-Automatic AR-15, showing that she wasn't afraid to use the big guns. He hugged her and let her cry in his arms for a little bit before she looked up at him, straight into his eyes and asked him if he would promise to stay by her side if she was down. He promised.

Posted by: Abnet Apr 30 2009, 01:02 AM
(OOC: Yay, writer's block! Anyway if any of this stuff isn't clear with the rules, say the word and I'll change it.)

What a year... I learned how to fly, risen in the ranks of the FVZA, and lived not only to see half of the world go to hell but be fighting on the front lines in the battle for humanity. Did you ever think you'd make it this far?

Leon sat in the helicopter with what had become his prefered combat gear: Heavy duty black fatigues, elbow and knee pads, a gas mask, and a tactical vest. He was armed with an M1911 and an m4 heavily modded with a dot sight, silencer, front grip, and a flashlight.

He finished cleaning his weapons and securing his gear and went over the mission with the second aspect of Victory, Bravo team, which he was the newly promoted leader of.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 30 2009, 02:30 AM
(OOC: I just had my wisdom teeth pulled today, so right now I'm hopped up on some fun really fun meds. So right now I'm not seeing anything breaking any rules, but I'm really not in any state of mind to say. And that being said, forgive me if my post isn't the greatest. Oh and Rhodes, I'm just curious as to what the chopper situation is. The Apache is an attack helicopter that doens't carry passengers, does have Xray have two choppers or are you flying an assault/transport chopper?)

Miller's chopper quickly followed in pursuit of Xray team, trying to follow Rhodes' maneuvers as best it could. Once they leveled out after a dive that Miller didn't think was exactly safe for choppers to being pulling off they skimmed the try tops, but stayed about ten feet higher than Rhodes did.

""Roger that. Victory 1 this is Xray, we've got possible survivors at the school building at our location, Looks like the roof is semi-secure, no contacts. Repeat roof looks secure. Dropping a small search and rescue team. Bogies have, repeat bogies HAVE broken thru perimeter you copy, over?"" Said Xray's leader over the radio.

Once again Miller responded instead of the pilot, "Roger that, we'll give your guys some cover."

Turning to face the pilot Miller pointed at a water tower across the road from the school where Xray's search and rescue team had set down. He then said the the pilot, "Set me down on top of that tower, assist the rescue team in any way they need it, and then pick up that survivor."

"Sir, once I pick up that survivor there won't be any room for you on this chopper. You won't have a way out until we finish the mission." Responded the pilot as he reluctantly began to fly over to the tower.

Miller jokingly replied, "Look flyboy, I once made a wrong turn at Albquerque and had to hitchhike my way all the way to Chicago. This isn't even half that trip."

Victory's helicopter then reached its destination and began to hover over the water tower. Grabbing all his gear, Miller gracefully undid his seatbelt and hopped out of the chopper on to the top of the tower. He then gave the pilot the thumbs up and the chopper began to circle around the school.

The pilot then radioed Miller, "Are you sure about this sir?"

"Everything's going to be alright." Replied Miller with a sense of calm. He then plugged his Zune into his headset, hit play and began to listen to Where is my Mind? by the Pixies. It was the song that played during the credits of Fight Club so in a way it seemed kind of fitting to him.

He then pulled over his gas mask, tightened the straps and checked the seal. Once he was sure his gas mask was on securely he pulled over his hood, tightened it up and then did a final check of his chem gear. With that accomplished he charged his rifle, flicked off the safety, and then peered into the scope of the M14, scanning for bogeys.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 30 2009, 11:17 AM
((OOC: LOL posting on material sometimes..hehehe feel better buddy.. and thanx for the clarification.. i was thinking what you said... but apache just came to my head....durrrrr.... changed my other post))

Rhodes watched as the Victory teams chopper swung by and dropped a couple of agents onto the rooftop to escort the victim. Seeing the chopper then drop a man off on the water tower, the vamp-agent radioed his team via their private frequency.

"Look sharp boys...we got some 'support' on the water tower...and if i had to guess...its Miller. Hurry up and get that vic secure and your pasty asses back in the chopper," he said gruffly as a small gust of wind caused him to make a small control adjustment.

Glancing out his window, Rhodes saw a rather large force of zombies approaching the school rapidly.

Radioing the team, "Xray to uhh...everyone... there's a really really large group of bogies approaching from the west...i suggest you hurry the fuck up, over."

Rhodes rotated the chopper arround to train the 30 mm guns on the approaching horde.

"Come to daddy," he muttered sarcastically before squeezing the trigger on the flight stick, causing the rotary chain gun to spin and spew forth a barrage of hot lead into the group.

The helo's guns chewed thru the meat of the group, sending bits of zombie parts scattering...but the main body still kept moving forward at a pace somewhat faster than normal run of the mill undead move.

"Hrm. These aint shamblers," he said.

Posted by: Cyber78 May 1 2009, 03:36 AM
Miller observed as Rhodes cut down an approaching horde with a storm of fury from above. As lead cut through the inbounds many were destroyed, others simply sliced to so many pieces that they became practically harmless. But as was typical of using large amounts of imprecise firepower many still remained. While it made Miller's job that much easier it didn't change the fact that there was still a substantial number left, in addition to the zombies already breaching the school house.

But something wasn't right, some of them were moving faster than they should have been. Miller could tell that even without looking through his scope. Taking a closer look he noticed that some of them were moving faster than normal. They weren't pulling a 28 Days Later or anything, but they weren't just plodding along at the speed of a snail. While he had seen plenty of zombies in his day moving at that speed he had to admit it had been quite a while. The speed these one's were moving at was that of relatively fresh zombies, not one's that had been decomposing for a while.

Adjusting a dial on his scope to zoom in a bit further for an up close look, Miller studied one of the faster moving zombies. While there was no doubt that it was no longer amongst the living so to speak, it sure didn't look too past the expiration date.

Miller called in over the radio, "Xray and Victory teams, Victory 1. Some of these zombies are looking a bit fresh. I'm thinking you guys evac that survivor to the refueling point, I'll stick around and hold these things attention, and then we try and bag one."

Posted by: Rhodes May 1 2009, 11:05 AM
The radio crackled to life as Millers voice filled Rhodes headset.

"Xray to Victory...Are you sure bout that? There's an awful lot of targets down there? We could get overrun rather quickly?" Rhodes replied as he rotated the chopper around slightly to get a better view of the ground targets.

Cocking his head to the side he addressed Judder on the ground, "How we doing down there chief?" he asked quickly as he began to get a bad feeling.

Moments later, Rhodes saw something from the corner of his eye that completely flabbergasted him and defied all logic up to this point in his several lifetimes.... he observed a zombie climbing a drain pipe up the side of the school building.

"Uhhhh Miller. Do you have eyes on a zed CLIMBING a drainpipe on the side of the school, over? I swear to you I aint touched a drop of tainted blood," said Rhodes very slowly and clearly as he strained his vampiric vision.

Swinging the attack transport, Rhodes kept his finger on the .50 cal gun trigger.

Posted by: Cyber78 May 1 2009, 07:40 PM
Miller was about to tell Rhodes that they were still slow enough not to be much of of a threat and an overrun was unlikely. Then Rhodes said something about zombies climbing up drainpipes.

Climbing zombies? Yeah right. Thought Miller, about to ignore it when caught something out the corner of his eye. He could've sworn he had just got a glance at vertical movement by zombies. Quickly turning his attention back to the school house and observing the drainpipe he saw exactly what Rhodes was talking about.

With a confused look on his face Miller quietly said, "Wait, what?...". Not believing what he was seeing he peered through his scope to get a closer look. A couple of zombies that were looking a bit fresh like the one's that had been moving quicker than the others were indeed climbing up a drainpipe.

He lined up his crosshairs, made a minute adjustment for the slight breeze that was blowing, exhaled, and squeezed the trigger. His muzzle lit up like a firecracker, and a single bullet flew its course. The top zombie's brains soon vacated from its skull, causing it to go limp and fall down atop the rest of the zombies on the pipe. Miller estimated the one he had taken down must have been a good two hundred pounds of mostly lean tissue, most likely used to be an athlete. As it fell to the ground it took the rest of the zombies that were on the pipe with him, washing them down like spiders in the rain.

Miller then radioed to Rhodes, "Yep, those were zombies climbing a drainpipe. If we get out of this one alive I'm asking for a raise."

Posted by: O_O May 2 2009, 01:39 AM
((Damn, that's condensed. Everyone else's is about this size, just with more spaces lol. Also, I have obtained the bad habit of saying lol at the end of sentences (lol) ))

Ray and Greg were on opposite sides of the door and everyone else was stacked up behind them. They opened the door and rushed out, not even bothering to shoot zombies nearby and shoved them out of the way. They rushed across the tiny courtyard and practically slid into the alley. Someone, Ray had forgotten most people's names by now, was about to fire before he grabbed their gun.
He whispered quietly to him and just about everyone else to use silencers.
Heeding Ray's advice, the man and others who had silencers quickly put them on their guns and continued. A few pot shots were unleashed on zombies who got too close, but it didn't even make a dent on the population of zeds of course.
However nothing works out as planned after Z-Day of course. A zombie lurched, someone panicked, a shot was fired. A unsuppressed shot. Every dead head and zombie in a block's radius was already rushing the group.
"God damn it, move!! We'll head for the national Guard building. If you get separated from the main group, stick together, if alone, find some people! Go Go Go!!!" Ray took off immediately, not giving it any thought. Everybody was right behind him. He fired blindly but at head level, killing most zombies in front of him. He rushed through more zeds and thundered through an alley. Him, Sam, and about 6 more people made it through before it was cut off. "Hurry!" He shouted.

Ray hauled Greg through the window. They were in the building, albeit stuck. He had headed here for the trucks, which were here, but he had hit some unforeseen barricades. Mainly fast zombies and climbing zombies. Most were fresh. But he had noticed a few more decayed ones that should've been hitting the Rigor mortis stage for sure by now. But they were running and climbing.
He got everyone into one area and shouted to be heard over the constant gunfire that had erupted. "Okay, we're going to just rush the trucks. I'll lead. It'll be cramped but we'll be able to get away if I drive. I've done my share of running over zeds before." He hopped through the window and was immediately followed by his group and a crap load of zombies. He clambered into the truck, dived into the floor board and had it running in a few seconds. He was about to just drive away when Sam screamed "Greg!"
Ray turned in his seat in time to see Greg barely dodge being tackled. He yelled to the closest person to get in the seat. He ran over to the edge and Greg hopped onto the tailgate He's gonna make it... Ray heard a sickening pop and crack and Greg screaming. A zombie had grabbed his leg, then twisted and pulled. Bone was sticking out and his wound was bleeding freely. "Drive!" Ray yelled at the person sitting nervously in the driver seat as the truck was being pounded on.
"I don't...I don't think I may survive or not..." Greg said, his consciousness already slipping.
"No, you're gonna make it, you're gonna make it!" Ray said, tears welling up in his eyes as he bandaged Greg's wound and made a splint. Greg screamed for a long while before blacking out. Ray held his friend on the tailgate till they were, miraculously, out of town unharmed. They had only lost 3 out of an astonishing 47 people. 45 people in one military truck. Amazing even for something that big. Ray closed the the end after dragging Greg in. He stood up and announced: "Right, let's go North."

Posted by: O_O May 4 2009, 01:42 AM

Posted by: Abnet May 4 2009, 02:26 AM
((Just for future reference, how big are these teams?))

Leon surveyed the area from his seat in the helicopter and saw several zombies climbing drain pipes and even trying to scale the brick walls in an effort to reach Miller and Alpha Team.

"Looks like they'll need some backup." Leon yelled to the helicopter pilot. He turned to Bravo Team. "Weapons ready, guys, we're going in."

Leon and Bravo Team slid down onto the roof on their rappelling chords.

Bravo team moved to the sides of the roof to cover the area and Leon "radioed" Miller.

"I'm moving downstairs to check for survivors, think you can hold out there for a while?"

::edited for clarity based on Cybers explanation::

Posted by: Cyber78 May 4 2009, 02:32 AM
OOC: I'd say about a dozen guys per team, give or take a few. And I'm not on the school roof, I'm on top of a water tower that overlooks the school. That and I left alpha team back on the chopper, I'm camping on the water tower on my own. I'll have another post up soon hopefully.

Posted by: Rhodes May 4 2009, 11:00 AM
Rhodes saw the top climbing zeds head pop like a waterballoon, falling to the ground taking several others with him.

"Nice shot," he muttered into the mic before flipping channels.

"Listen up, this is more than just a rescue mission. If we're gonna capture a couple of these freaks, we need a better defendable position. One survivor aint worth losing half our team," Rhodes said into his head set as he trained his gun sights on another batch of zeds battering away at the boarded up windows.

The .50 cal guns barked and hot lead flew into the crowd of undead, sending chunks of zombie flesh flying. Even if the rounds missed, or passed thru, the impact with wall, ground, metal, anything...sent deadly shrapnel in all directions.

"We need a plan people," the vamp-agent said as he released his gun trigger.

Posted by: Abnet May 4 2009, 06:37 PM
((Well it looks like I've got some serious post changing to do.))

Posted by: Judder May 4 2009, 11:38 PM
Judder leans over the side of the roof and checks out the zombie masses beating upon the boarded up first floor, just as the human team come rappelling down onto the roof.

He touches the throat mike and speaks to Rhodes on a private channel.
"Rhodes, these humans want to risk themselves and my guys on this one survivor?.."

Judder looks up at the chopper as rotted and decaying hand flops itself over the side of the roof.

The vampire with the shotgun sees it and motions to Judder to move to the side. Just as Judder moves away from the edge the zombie's head comes into view but for no more than a few seconds as it explodes into a red mist caused by the massive impact of double ought buckshot from the shotgun.

Judder taps the throat mike again.
"Ive got a great solution for this, and it might buy us some time also..."
Judder makes a neck snapping motion towards the survivors.

Posted by: Rhodes May 5 2009, 11:08 AM
Grinning, Rhodes taps the private switch to Judder, "Nice thought...but we cant risk it...besides...we might need a snack for later. Worry about keeping your ass in one piece down there."

The attack chopper swooped in an arc around to the other side of the building, moving higher for a better view.

"We also don't want to be caught in the dark out here either...not with these climbers...hold on a sec," said another Xray team member leaning over the edge of the south wall, firing a mp5 into the gathering crowd of undead on the ground.

Rhodes lowered the nose of the chopper and opend up the guns, chewing up the small group easily.

Glancing around, he pressed the radio button to the team, "Hey, someone get on the flamer and drop down on the rope and give me a perimeter burn around the building.

"Roger that," replied Zack, slinging his m16 around to his back before picking up a flamethrower and slinging it over his shoulder.

Grabbing the repelling rope, Zack quickly slid half way down as Rhodes began a slow circle of the building. The dangling vamp began to squirt a flaming jet of liquid along the edge of the school buildings ground.

"That outta keep em at bay for ah....AYYY!!!!!!" cried Zack.

Rhodes glanced out his window and saw the rope dangling...absent one agent.

"What the fuck just happened?!" asked Rhodes quickly over the channel as he frantically searched the area.

The radio lit up, "A fucking zed...just ...leaped at him from inside the building!!", stammered Joe, another Xray team member.

"Bullshit!! He mustve fell," replied Rhodes quickly, but in his mind, he somehow would believe anything after seeing a zed climbing.

"Fucking truth chief. I saw it with my own eyes. The thing came flying outta the second story window and slammed him. There!!! See on the ground, that dogpile!! That's where they landed....Fucking things I hate em," spat Joe as the rooftop opened up with fresh gunfire on the huddled mass of feeding zombies.

Rhodes aimed the chopper at the group to get a better look. With his keen eyesight he saw Zack struggling briefly before succumbing to overwhelming numbers. The undead were not just shambling corpses...but ravaging savages. This turned a new page in the playbook on the undead. Normally they wouldn't pay much attention to vampires over humans...but now...even they seem to be on the menu.

Pressing his Victory team button, "Miller...we need to get outta here. We can't hold that position and our fuel will be an issue in less than 40 minutes. And...I'm not keen on losing any more agents to these fucking abominations," he said darkly into the mic.

Posted by: Judder May 5 2009, 12:25 PM
Judder leans over the edge of the building looking at what used to be Zack as the zombies tear into corpse noisily.

Unclipping an incendiary grenade from his vest he pulls the pin and flips off the safety clip and lobs the grenade in a beautiful arc. It ignites just as it hits the vampire's corpse and it ignites the writhing mass of zombies.

"Born by the fire, Death by the fire" Judder says grimly as a loud explosion and smoke comes up from the stairwell.

He quickly touches the mike on his throat as he grabs his saw. "Yeah, its go time now," Shadows mass at the opening to the stairwell and hungry red eyes look towards the group of agents from the darkened door.

Judder raises his machine gun and opens fire just before the zombies begin to gush forth from the door, the 5.56 rounds tear the zombies into pieces forcing thehorde back into the stairwell as the other agents begin to open fire; adding to the carnage crescendo

Posted by: Cyber78 May 5 2009, 06:46 PM
As he was pumping off rounds at the zombies advancing towards the school Miller saw the zed's take out the dangling vampire with the flamer. That was something very new, taking out a vampire like that was rare, but pulling a stunt like that was unheard of. Something sure as hell wasn't right here.

Rhodes had just radioed informing him that it was time to get going, and Miller happened to agree. He replied back to Rhodes, "Yeah, copy that. This party's starting to get a bit wild for my liking."

He then took a moment to squeeze off a round at another zombie on the ground before radioing his pilot, "Victory bird, Victory 1, personnel Miller waiting for a pickup whenver you get a chance."

"Roger that, I'll swing by once Bravo team is aboard." Responded the pilot.

Posted by: Abnet May 9 2009, 03:37 AM
It didn't take long for Leon to realize that things were getting very out of hand very fast but only when he saw exactly what they were up against did he accept that the possibility of saving a small group of people would be out of the question.

I can deal with shamblers. I can deal with sprinters. But once zombies start jumping out of fucking windows, that's where I draw the line!

"Everybody gather round. We're getting the hell out of here." Leon radioed to Bravo Team.

Victory 1 landed on top of the school and Bravo Team piled in. The helicopter hovered over Miller's position and Leon threw down a rope ladder.

"Eyes on that position. I don't want any surprises." Leon said to the team.

Posted by: O_O May 9 2009, 03:54 AM
((Ugh, writer's block sucks >_< ))

Posted by: Rhodes May 11 2009, 11:19 AM
Rhodes realized that they were now one man light, due to one of his team becoming a zombie buffet in the school yard below.

"Xray, we're fuckin outta here. Proceeding to target area downtown Chicago...this place is too crawling for me," he radioed the team as he maneuvered the chopper over so the team could ascend.

"Judder... Get on the horn to intelligence and get us some new data on our new breed we just encountered. I wanna know what the fuck we're up against," he said on his private channel.

Posted by: Judder May 13 2009, 03:04 AM
Judder grunts over the radio as the other vampires jump on the skid and they attach a large heavy duty d ring to the back of his body armor. Judder continues to pour fire into the stairwell aided by the vampires riding in the chopper.

"Take it up Rhodes im set."

The zombie parts begin to pile up in the stairs as the first zombified hand gropes its way onto the lip of the roof.

Posted by: Rhodes May 13 2009, 12:17 PM
Rhodes replies via radio, "Roger that, up up and away...proceeding to target area. Victory...we're flying high, out."

The vamp-pilot hit the throttle and up the attack copter went into the air.

After reaching a cruising altitude, Rhodes noticed his pda was blinking at a received message.
He ignored it.

"Wheres my intel?" he barked at the other agents as he scanned the instruments and piloted them towards the downtown Chicago area....or what was left of it.

Posted by: Judder May 20 2009, 03:13 AM
Judder talks into the radio for a few moments,

"What do you mean cut off?"
"The thing jumped out of a fuckin window and more of them crawled up the fuckin wall"
"I don't care, im reckomending we scrub the fuckin mission."
.. Judder makes a disgusted face.
"With all due respect, fuck you sir, You are a disgrace!"

With that Judder yanks the long range radio off of his vest and throws it out of chopper

He keys up his private throat mike
"Hey, Rhodes, they are telling us that we disregard the new moves the zombies are putting on us."
Judder pauses,
"I say we scrub the mission, and you let me have fifteen seconds alone with that intel and operations officer back in the compound" Judder snarls into the mike.

Posted by: Rhodes May 20 2009, 11:20 AM
Rhodes expression goes from digruntled to enraged after Judder gets off the horn with HQ.

"IGNORE THE MOVE ?!!? WTF ?!", he bellows, head whipping around like a dog with a rabbit in its mouth.

Stabbing at his radio, Rhodes calls up Miller in Victory chopper.

"Miller... WTF is up with HQ? They told us to 'just ignore' the fucking crawling/jumping zeds!! Ignore?.. That's like trying to ignore a 900lb love sick gorilla in a jail cell at Alcatraz?! We can't. Further, they want the mission to continue. What's your take on this new round of redtape bullshit?" he asked releasing the call button.

Muttering to himself, Rhodes glances down at his scanner to see that they were rapidly approaching their ETA insertion point.

Posted by: Rhodes May 21 2009, 11:21 AM
((OOC: I am getting married this Saturday and will be out away from technology the following week...Punta Cana Dominician Republic.... Behave yourselves...))

Posted by: Cyber78 May 22 2009, 12:51 AM
OOC: Many congrats man, here's hoping you have a good wedding and a good trip.

IC: Miller responded over the radio, "Well fuck me running if we're just going to ignore them. I say we keep an eye out in Chicago, my Spidey sense's are tingling on this one. I wouldn't be too surprised if there's some kind of connection between a well secured area and the shit we just saw.

Posted by: O_O May 27 2009, 01:40 AM
((Fuck I disappeared. sorry, I just can't think of anything for Ray right now. I'm playing around with an idea, I'll try it later maybe. ))

Posted by: O_O May 30 2009, 07:57 PM
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Posted by: Rhodes Jun 1 2009, 12:27 PM
((OOC: NEVER DEAD NEVER SAY DIE !!! PS im back from honeymoon!!!))

Rhodes rolled his eyes at Millers comic reference.

"Well good luck with them... im just about 3 min from ETA. Boys, get your weapons hot n ready like a 7-11 taquito," the vamp said as he spotted a small beacon flashing on the rooftop of a modest high-rise corporate building.

The building was 5 stories tall, surrounded by a 5 foot thick steel reinforced concrete wall ringed with barb and razor wire. The heavy steel entrance gate was retractable and electrified. The place was more secure than fort knox and the federal reserves all put together....Donald Trump eat your heart out.

The compound encompassed an entire city block. The corners supported lookout towers where snipers and lookouts could keep watch both in and outside the area.

Rhodes spotted a red light waving him and his bird down.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 3 2009, 03:50 PM
As the whup whup whup sound of the choppers blades slowed, Rhodes brought the attack helio in for a quick n dirty landing. Several 'official' looking military types were waiting over by the edge of the rooftop access door. The doors of the chopper flew open and out poured the Xray team of vampires...loaded to the max.

Rhodes slid from the pilots chair and threw a set of hand signals to the copilot who nodded back in response with a thumbs up.

"Agent Rhodes... we got word of your encounter...we would like to debrief you before you head out. Some of the mission parameters have...changed slightly," the first lieutenant said as he motioned for team Xray to move towards the building interior.

Rhodes waiting getting inside before hearing more.

"Alright, what fresh hell do you have in store for me and my team now?" he said rather bluntly as he rested his arms on his mp5 sling.

"Well to put it rather simply, we need you to try and capture one of these new breed of tangos agent," the second officer said quickly, getting a rather proturbed look from his superior.

"Yes... Our scientists want to study the new ones your team encountered enroute. That's top priority. We still need several other regular fresh test subjects..."

"Hold it... you want my team to try and catch one of them fucking freaks?! What kinda fucked up logic is that?" Rhodes shot back...but totally not surprized.

"We need to study the changes in the zeds chemistry. Something or someone is altering the virus that causes the mutation. Its the only way to learn and adapt to build and antidote. Surely you see the need.."

"Fuck need. Your asses ain't out there in the trenchs boys...eyes in the back of your head 24/7 wondering when the next rotter is gonna pop up and take you to hell with it Fed Ex style," Rhodes cut the man off sharply.

"We're fully aware of the danger and the compensation will be most adequate," the first officer said rather firmly.

Rhodes just grunted in response and turned his back to the men to look at his team who were patiently standing behind him.

The men's faces were granite...ready for anything. Rhodes had handpicked this team from the finest the Order had to offer. No man or woman present...were there unless they wanted to be there and were highly qualified.

"Sir...i've lost a man already. Taken out few hundred of them suns'a'bitches... If you want one...we'll get you one. But the rest are going back to the earth," he said turning back to the officers and nodding before walking toward the intel room.

Stopping he glanced over his shoulder, "Oh, and our fee is going to be triple."

The second, lower officer raised his hand in protest but the higher rank spoke up quickly, "Done agent. Go get us a specimen."

The lower officer shook his head and turned to walk back towards communications.

Entering the intel room, Rhodes was handed several print outs and maps of the area, highlighted with recent activity and photos.
Studying them quickly at vamp speed, he passed them around the room for the others to review and memorize.

"Alright vamps, lets go hunting...say we start with sector A1...make a circle pattern. We'll have air support on standby for any extraction. I aint trusting the meatsacks to pull us out if the shit hits the fan. Also, I want everyone to use your vision lights. Quick, quiet, and clean. Three of you will be net n secure. The rest strictly support. Lets creep out team," Rhodes ordered as the team all nodded and began moving towards the compound gates.

Looking over at Judder, Rhodes gave his compadre' a quizzical glance.

Posted by: Judder Jun 4 2009, 06:50 PM
OOC: CONGRATS MAN, Hope to hear of some lil Rhodes running around in a bit.

Judder returns the look with a grimace of disgust as he breaks his saw down and cleans it without thinking. He looks over the maps and the other stuff, memorizing the maps and other terrain features. He takes a laminated map and a grease pencil then he begins marking down symbols and notes on different locations that are scattered about the map.

He pauses and places the map down on the table and begins to clean his 249 Squad Automatic Weapon. He breaks it down and puts it into a small case. He wallks over to the other side of the room past several people cleaning weapons and such and he places the case inside of a wall locker stenciled with a large J and a broken cross on it. He reaches into the wall locker and pulls out what appears to be an mp5 but its chambered for .45 rounds and modified to carry drum magazines. After that he pulls out a large ashwood baseball bat. On it is stenciled "Clubba"

Judder walks back over to Rhode's and smiles at Rhode's as he hefts the bat in one hand.
"Ok, now im happy, lets do this." Judder says
Judder flicks his eyes at some of the human agents that are snickering across the room. He examines a particular large one to make sure he has body armor on. He starts around the table towards the humans and begins to walk around Rhodes...

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 5 2009, 11:32 AM
(OOC: dude im 35 and between the two of us we have 5 kids....ROFL. The baby factory has been an amusement park ride for a long while now....but thanks for the thoughts..hhheheheh))

Rhodes puts his arm out with out looking to stop Judder from advancing on the human. Last thing they needed was a human casualty before even leaving the HQ.

"Save it for the zeds man. Aint worth it. Our time will come. Right now.. i need you focused on getting ALL the gear rechecked before we set foot outside this compound. We do not want any new 'surprizes' like earlier bitin us in the ass. We get back outta this.. you can have romper room time with anyone you want. Promise," said Rhodes quietly to his friend straining against his arm.

"Alright team... Have Agent J here check your gear one time before leaving. Last chance to pansy out. Anyone?" he asked blocking the doorway to the courtyard.

"SIR NO SIR" came the creepily quiet reply from the rest of the team.

With a grin, Rhodes glanced over at the humans throwing mocking looks.

"You'll appreciate us more later bloodbag. So keep snickering. We'll be laughing once a zed is fucking you up the ass with your own dick," Rhodes said darkly before striding quickly out the door, slapping the mp5 action down.

Posted by: O_O Jun 6 2009, 06:29 PM
Ray and his group had been traveling for awhile now. He had avoided towns and any other place that might have a population over 50. Now he saw something very different. It was the Texas/Oklahoma border, except it was covered by a 3 story tall reinforced concrete wall, the top of which was covered with barbed wire and the occasional .30 cal turret. In the middle it had a large steel door, 2 stories tall and wide enough to drive 3 tanks side by side through it. He stopped the truck and turned back to talk to everybody else. "Okay, this place looks like it was meant to keep the zombies from escaping," he noted the blood and dead bodies, "it doesn't look like that plan worked very well. It probably has some barracks, so here's what we're gonna do. 4 of you guard the truck and Greg. The rest of us will split into two groups. My group will look for barracks, Sam's will check out the top. Move!"

Ray entered the barracks with caution. He found a generator inside the first room and started it after a few pulls on the cord. With the lights on, it only took him and his crew a few minutes to check the entire complex. There were about 20 beds, a mess hall with adjoined kitchen, and a bathroom complete with chemical showers and all. He walked outside, surprised at the lack of zeds. Sam came down from the wall a few minutes later and gave him the report. "Well, a few zombies, and a whole lot of dead soldiers."
Ray kissed Sam on the cheek and told her his plan. "We're gonna make this place a camp. A camp for other survivors to go to. We'll make a farm, hunt, and maybe even find some cows. I know it might sound crazy, but we have to help these people. A place to live will only boost their chance of survival. Plus, we can build the homes to be livable and zombie proof. We could go into towns and put up signs there and put signs besides the road. We could make our own town!"
Sam sighed and hugged him "It's not crazy, it's a great idea.

That was a few months ago. Now Ray's idea had become a reality. There were homes, built to repel zombies and a giant wall surrounding that. They used the original wall for defense as well. The village, named "Haven", had a well, a farm, and a few cows even. Now there were 126 people living there, and everyone supported Ray, much to his relief. After all, he had made this place for them to live. There was a barter system in place, as no one could decide on a currency. And most people knew each other and got along, so all was well. They had constant search lights going, letting people know that this town was a beacon of hope.

Posted by: Judder Jun 10 2009, 01:40 AM
OOC: Cant wait to have a few of my own man. lol.)

Judder points at the snickering human with the baseball bat. "Your time will come"

He busies himself with checking the gear each vamp has, telling them to strip down unneeded items like Night optics, gas masks, and other unnessential items.

He pauses, thinking for a moment, then he goes and grabs a crate full of Entrenching shovels. He makes sure each team member has one beside thier personal melee weapon, which between the eerily quiet team ranges from baseball bats, brass knuckles, swords, and shortened scythes.

Judder looks at Rhodes as he holds out an entrenching tool and the case to him, the bright metal serrated edge having been sharpened to a razor keen finish.

"Green Beret Special Rhodes ?"Judder offers the E-Tool and asks at the same time.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jun 10 2009, 05:22 AM
After the near confrontation Miller simply said to his team, "Saddle up boys and girls, we're not getting paid by the hour." He checked his gear over once more, replenished his expent ammunition, loaded his magazines, and then put on his hazmat gear once more.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 10 2009, 11:07 AM
Rhodes nodded to Judder and took the improved tool/weapon and slung it across his back...securing it from making any noise against other stuff.

After team Xray had been checked thoroughly, they made their way thru the complex to the main gate, Rhodes pulled his custom sword from its sheathe. He stood with it in his left hand at his side while in his right was the mp5. Looking up at the towers on either side, he gave a quick nod and the main gate began to groan open.

Opening only about 3 feet, the team went out in single file. Outside the perimeter walls, the vamps scanned quickly for any sign of hostile zombies. Their keen senses gave them the advantage, especially at night. Rhodes made a hand signal for the team to move forward before setting his communicator to the chopper.

"Ground to Nitewing... you read me?" he asked quietly, moving forward at a decent pace.

The radio in his ear crackeld slightly, "Roger ground i gotcha. Gassed, stacked, packed and ready to roll boss. The female vamp co-pilot replied, knowing what her commander was going to ask.

"Good. Keep your shit ready to lift off...oh one more thing. Don't let anyone get near our bird. If anyone comes up and tries to..."

"I'll nuke em boss. Happy hunting and watch your ass out there," she said quickly.

Rhodes smiled slyly. He liked Maggie alot. Her style and knowledge in the field were always an asset. The only other person Rhodes trusted to watch his ass would be Judder. Switching his mic over to team channel.

" got anything back there?" he asked as his vampiric vision ramped up the further they got away from the compound flood and search lights.

Posted by: Judder Jun 10 2009, 06:25 PM
Judder shakes his head.
"Besides a few of those meatsack fucks smoking a cig, im not seeing anything."
Judder moves in the darkness stretching his arm out and then a small twanging snap sound eases through the darkness.

One of the humans holds his stomach.
" Ahh fuck what was that?"
The human begins throwing up and falls over doubled up.

Judder looks up the small line at Rhodes and shrugs

"We got our distraction for the rotters now, humans making noises like thier in pain" Judder whispers over the mike with a toothy grin

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 18 2009, 01:10 PM
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Posted by: O_O Jun 20 2009, 07:49 AM
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Posted by: Judder Jun 21 2009, 02:04 AM
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Posted by: Abnet Jun 21 2009, 04:02 AM
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Posted by: O_O Jun 28 2009, 08:11 PM
QUOTE (Abnet @ Jun 20 2009, 11:02 PM)
(Damn you, writer's blooooooock!)

((Post something dammit. ))

Posted by: Abnet Jun 29 2009, 01:46 AM
QUOTE (O_O @ Jun 28 2009, 08:11 PM)
QUOTE (Abnet @ Jun 20 2009, 11:02 PM)
(Damn you, writer's blooooooock!)

((Post something dammit. ))

(I'm trying. Plus I'm not exactly sure where we are.)

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 29 2009, 11:59 AM
((OOC: Back from vaca fellers... anywho... i'll kick start this piggie.))

Rhodes grinned slyly as the sound of the human puking drew a fresh set of groans, growls, moans and shuffling feet.

Motioning with his hand, team Xray moved forward into the pitch blackness toward their objective point.

Speaking barely above a whisper, but more than enough for vampire hearing to pick up...
"Eyes sharp...first one of those speedy fuckers we come across, i want it bagged n gagged so we can get the fuck outta here," he said as his vision caught the slight movement of a half rotten shambler with half of its side missing.

Making the 'eww' face, Rhodes sped up to a blur and drove his footlong field knife into the rotters brain, dropping it to the ground with a near silent thud.

Posted by: Judder Jul 3 2009, 05:46 PM
Judder nods in response to Rhode's cryptic order. He doesn't miss the quiet thud of the zombie hitting the ground either or the zombie that shambles around a tree behind of his teammates.

With a quick swing of his baseball bat, Judder damn near takes the zombies head off, the skull of the zombie gets crushed instantly and makes a sound similiar to someone dropping a watermelon onto concrete off of a second floor balcony.

Judder pauses for a moment, using his keen night vision to look into a small fogged filled valley, thats when he notices the rapid flailing movements of the shapes in the fog.

He keys his throat mike up, "Hey uhh...Rhodes I think we got a situation that gives us a cause to gain some altitude fast, If my eyes are telling me the truth, we got a LOT of the running buggers coming our way!!"

Judder looks at Rhodes rather worried
"Im saying we get into some trees and see what there is before we engage." Judder shrugs "It's your team though, boss."

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 5 2009, 05:34 PM
Rhodes had sensed the zombie Judder took out a split second after knifing his. Turning his vision to lock onto his teams intel...the vamp confirms it.

"Aw crap. Treetops, asap. We need to see if they are hunting by sight, smell, sound, esp, what the fuck ever. Get topside, go silent, dont even pretend to breathe. Wait for my mark then we bag one, and pop caps in the rest. MOVE!" he said barely above a windy whisper.

Rhodes moved to a small grove of trees looking down over the valley. Scaling the tree like a squirrel, the vamp lay flat on a large upper limb and drew out his mp5 and went dead still.

Posted by: Judder Jul 6 2009, 10:41 PM
Judder scales the trees quickly after Rhodes and all of his teammates get up the trees. Judder wait until the last vampire is in the top of trees. Judder pops his throat mike and growls,"Rhodes,...Im gonna warn the human team, we didn't get their radio freq when we were staging out.

Without waiting for Rhode's reply. Judder takes off at an extremely fast quiet run, he makes a beeline for the human team, which are still smoking and joking. The one human which is still throwing up is the first one to notice Judder.

Judder growls at the human team
"You guys had better get to some high ground you got alot of tangos headed your way." The human team members laugh and they point out into the darkness where there NODs cannot see. They say" You guys cannot see that massive group down in the valley, they are headed are way." Judder makes gestures towards a large grove of oak trees. "Go there NOW!!!"

The human team laugh at him and continue to goof off.

Judder dissapears into the darkness towards a large tree between his vampire teammates and the human team, watching for the zombie mass to pass between them. Judder whispers into his mike
"Hey, Rhodes, lets let the meatbags get what they deserve."
The anger and disgust is highly evidence in his voice

Posted by: Abnet Jul 7 2009, 06:18 AM
(I'm not dead yet.)

Leon is standing with Victory team surveying the area through a pair of binoculars.

"You guys cannot see that massive group down in the valley, they are headed are way." He hears Judder say and looks toward the direction of the valley.

Leon can't quite make it out at first but after a moment he sees the shapes of several zombies headed their way.

"Goddamnit he was right." Leon says to Victory. "Cut the shit and head for the trees and climb as high up as you can. I don't want anybody getting killed today you hear me? Let's get moving."

He turns back to the team. "Oh, and next time somebody with super-hightened senses tells you they see something I suggest you fucking listen. It might save your life in case I'm not here to pull your shit together."

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 7 2009, 11:11 AM
((OOC Nice posting!!))

Rhodes scowls as Judder moves off point and to the rear to issue the warning. He shakes his head and focuses his attention on the moving small mass of zeds from the valley.

Breaking thru the fog, he immediately counts less than 20. 17, more or less 'whole' zeds are moving up the valley. The vampire studies the group carefully.

Pressing his mic, he quietly speaks, "17 full zeds, and 1 half'er. Look like shamblers but be ready. Netters, I want you to be fucking ready as a light switch."

Several acknowledging 'roger that', came back in response.

The zombies shuffled along at their usual slow draggin pace. Rhodes could feel the slightest twinge of mortal fear creep into his belly...something he relished in his mortal days long long ago.

Snapping from the moment, a quick movement caught his eye. A zed stopped amongst the mass and looked around.

Quirking an eyebrow, Rhodes focused on the rotter, a female, mid-30's...fresh looking like she had just died in her sleep. No bodily trauma to show...just the reddish puffy eyes oozing what appeared to be bodily fluids and massive bruises all over her naked arms and one leg coming out of a ripped pair of jeans.

"Female tango, stopped in the pack. Looks like she's "sniffing" or trying to sense something.

After Rhodes spoke into his mic, the zed began moving. He noted a lil more fluidly than the rest. Then it dawned on him.

"It's a fuckin ambush! A wolf amongst the sheep, er actually its more like a friggin sabertooth in a pack of wolves!" he hissed into his mic, hoping Juddar was listening in.

The zed mass moved forward until it passed close by the grove where the vampire Xray team was hiding in the treetops.

Posted by: Abnet Jul 8 2009, 05:14 AM
Leon sat on a treebranch with the rest of Victory team scattered around in other nearby trees. He was watching the group of zombies moving toward their position keeping an eye on the one Rhodes had pointed out.

"Female zed, ripped jeans. Shoot to disable then get nets on it. As for the rest, shoot to kill." Leon radioed to the team. "On my signal."

The group of zombies passed near the treeline.


The treeline erupted in assault rifle fire. The members of Victory team shot down most of the slower zombies while Leon took aim at Ripped Jean's legs. He fired a quick burst at her legs, nearly blowing them off at the knees.

"Nets now!"

Victory tem's netters threw down their nets covering Ripped Jeans in a mass of heavy duty fiber wires.

Leon radioed Xray team. "She's bagged. Let's finish off these rotters and get out of here." He looked down at the netted zombie, disgusted. "I want this thing out of my sight as soon as possible."

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 8 2009, 02:34 PM
Rhodes heard the human team move. He frowned, but decided it was all the same.
"GO GO GO." he said to the vamp team as bullet flew from their perched position.

His silenced mp5 barely bucked in his hand as zombie began dropping to the grass. The netted female zed struggled against the fibers but there was 0 chance of it breaking free.

Unfortunately, there was more than one 'fast' zed in the pack playing oppossum. Rhodes saw at least three quick moving deadheads whip their eyes up at the trees from which his team was perched.
The closest was a rather balding pudgy male, mid 50's. After a bullet struck it near the shoulder, the creature hunkered down and leaped into the nearest tree.

"WE GOT A LEAPER!! WATCH YOURSELVES!" barked Rhodes as he caught the second one scaling his tree from the base.

It's nails dug into the tree bark and started climbing quickly towards him.
Looking over his shoulder, Rhodes quickly turned and leaped down to meet the oncoming mutant zombie. As its mouth opened, revealing a set of crooked teeth covered in a funky goo, the vamp blasted it in the face and head on his way down the tree.
The first set of rounds jerked the head back sharply while the rest passed thru the neck and shoulders, into the things body cavity. It toppled over and slammed into several thick branching, richocheting like a Plinko puck on the Price is Right.

Grabbing a branch with his free hand, Rhodes dangled in the air about 20 feet from the ground. He watched the zed carefully for a few seconds, making sure it was down for the count. Its head lolled at an odd, broken angle, as well as its limbs had protruding bones now.

"That's one for inspection. Team, get this area cleaned. I want the package secure for extraction as of yesterday!" he said into his mic.

Dropping to the nearest branch, Rhodes qued up his chopper freq.
"This is Xray leader to big bird. Need extraction asap. Package secured. Maggie...get your sweet ass here pronto!" he relayed.

Without bothering for a confirm back on the horn, Rhodes began surveying the damage and body count.

The tree with the leaping zed lay somewhat silent until a silouetted shape came flying out of the top.
The body hit the ground and bounced several times before coming to rest. Rhodes walked over to it, gun at the level.
Upon inspection, the fatman zed lay on the ground with its head missing.

"Hey boss, check this out," said one of the vamp members holding the zed by its thinning hair.

The head was still alive. Unequivocaly so based on the fact the eyes were moving and the mouth was working, trying to bite the team member holding it. His neck was an oozing stump of some viscous fluid. The vamp holding it had his field knife in his other hand.

"Huh!? WTF Harry? You couldnt just kill the sumbitch but you cut it's head off?" asked another vamp walking up.

Harry grinned and explained, "Yup. Sucker landed right beside me, nearly breaking the damn branch i was on. So i pulled my knife and just swiped at its neck. Cut the damn thing clean in two, and kicked the chest. The body flew away...head landed in the forks below, but was still gnawing. I figured it was just latent chemical nerve stuff. But its still alive man!"

Rhodes studied the head closer, keepin a safe distance.

"God damn. Look at that shit comin out of the stump. Ain't blood. Some kinda oozy shit," he remarked pointing with his mp5 barrel.

As the head contined to drip, the other team members strapped down the detained specimen. Rhodes turned to look over the valley when he caught some movement at his feet. Glancing down he saw a dead zombie's shoulders twitch. Normally this would go unnoticed or chalked up to 'normal'. But zeds were neural activity even when a brain is opened up with a few lead bullets. This body continued to twitch at his feet. Stooping, he spotted some of the dripping ooze from the head held by Harry had landed on the body.

"SOB...check this out. That shit coming out of the head got on this zed here on the ground and the fuckers twitching. Someone check the the other bodies. See if they have any of this oozy shit in them?" Rhodes said as he poked at the body with his knife.

Posted by: Judder Jul 11 2009, 02:26 AM
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Judder watched the brief skirmish with a disinterested look. The radio chatter that Judder monitors has some comic intent. A few of the humans remark about some oozing and shortly after Judder hears Rhodes comment over the radio about sticking the zombies.

Judder doesn't pay attention to the radio now, as he worries about the group of zombies that seem to just materialize out of the mist that creeps up out of a hollow, to his rear. For the first time in a long while, Judder feels the cold fingers of death creep down his spine.

Ignoring the urge to shiver he slowly taps the switch on his throat radio activating the private channel between Rhodes and him.
"Hey, Rhodes, If they aren't getting smarter they are getting lucky, better move your asses because theres are larger group of...zrrpurrgh"

Hands grab Judder's boots and yank straight down. Judder instinctively grabs the limb and pulls himself against the unseen opponent. The wieght suddenly dissapears and Judder moves around on the limb to see his attacker as he pulls his silenced M9 pistol from its holster. He looks down to see a leaping zombie pulling itself up on the limb, its opens its mouth in a oozing toothy grin.

Judder smiles back with his own fanged grin, and pulls the trigger on his pistol twice. Instantly both of the zombies eyes burst and fluid pores out of them. The zombies slumps down and Judder reaches down and grabs the zombie to keep it from falling out of the tree and alerting the other ones.

Judder scans the large group which is standing around on the ground amid the group of trees that Judder is hiding in. Judder goes to key up his throat mike to find that its not there and he watches it drop quietly to the ground below him.

Judder looks skyward for a moment and mutters quietly, "Fuck"...

Posted by: Abnet Jul 11 2009, 04:29 AM
Leon stared in awe at "living" zombie head.

"Jenkins, get over here."
Agent Jenkins, Victory team's field scientist walked over to the group. "What is it, sir?"
"This like anything you guys in the labs have ever seen?"
"No, up until now it's been the standard 'remove the head or destroy the brain' business we've been at for years."
"What about this ooze stuff?"
"Yeah, we've seen it but never this much of it."
"Looks like you guys are gonna have a field day with this." He looked up at Rhodes, "What do you say we take these back to HQ? We've got more than enough specimines."

A couple of the vampires from Xray ran from out of the treeline.

One of them stepped forward. "Have any of you guys seen Judder? I lost contact a minute ago and we haven't been able to find him."

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 13 2009, 11:15 AM
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Rhodes looks around and makes an immediate assessement/headcount upon hearing about losing contact with one of his own.

"I just had contact from Agent Judder a moment ago. He's on point up above. Bag n tag anything you want. We're outta here in 5. MOVE!" Rhodes ordered sharply and punched his comm link macro msg button to radio for extraction.

After that, he pressed his throat mic channel to Judder.

"Judman we're out in 5. ETA on your bogies over?" he radioed then waited.

Silence and the deafening minutes that passed.


Pressing the mic again, "Agent Judder this is Team leader to you copy, over?"

More deathly silence.

Deeper frowns.

Looking skyward, Rhodes swears, "Fuck."

"You, you and you, stay with the meatsacks and wait for extraction. Maggie will be here in 5. Make sure the cargo is secured then get your asses outta here. That's an order," he said pointing to three vamp agents.

"I'm guessing Judders out playing tag with some new friends," Rhodes grumbled before storming off, mp5 raised.

At a mindnumbing speed, the vamp called upon his innate talents brought on by his several decades of vampirism to cover the distance to their last known position.

Kicking his vampiric vision into supra-drive he scanned the areas trees for any sign of his team member and long time friend.
Finally after a few seconds, he heard an unmistakable grunt and zipped along to the tree, stepping on something hard that make a crack-pop sound. Looking under his combat boot was the remains of a military grade, and really expensive throat mic.

"Oh Judder. Do you know how much these things cost us man?" he said looking up and narrowly avoiding some dropping goo as he spotted Judder up in the tree hanging onto a dead (hopefully still) zombie.

Forward down the hill a ways, his vampire hearing picked up sounds. The sounds of tendons and undead muscles straining against bone and sinew providing movement in an unnatural way.

Looking down the valley towards the newest threat, Rhodes stepped foward and raised his weapon and begin to take calculated precise shots at the oncoming hoarde.

"Drop that fucking zed and get down here man. We got all the specimens we need. It's past time to go go GO !" Rhodes hissed as he ejected his empty magazine and slapped in a fresh one to deliver hot death to that which is already technically dead.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jul 18 2009, 11:37 AM
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Agent Miller had long since passed the point where he became annoyed by having to wear the hazmat gear. But what agitated him more was the discovery of the mysterious ooze coming from the zombies. That was something new, something that could potentially change the rules that Miller had gotten so good at playing by.

Since moving out of the safe zone Miller had seen more weirdness with the zombies than he cared to. But that wasn't his main concern at the moment. What was bothering him was that he was no longer hearing Agent Stanton's usually ranting about how vampires were untrustworthy. A quick look around the gathered team failed to turn up any sign of Stanton, and that didn't put Miller at ease one bit.

Attempting to hail Stanton on the radio Miller called out, "Victory 8, Victory 1.

A reply came in, "Go ahead Victory 1."

Miller said, "Victory 8, status report."

Stanton called back, "Alive and well, I'm about a half mile behind the lines in an apartment complex covering the rear flank."

Miller would have normally ordered him back up to the front, but he figured both teams would likely need to retreat now that they'd bagged some specimens. Deciding to just keep Stanton covering the escape route he simply acknowledged, "Roger that."

As the horde began to move in towards both Victory and Xray teams Miller focused his attention forward again and began to pick off targets. Several downed zombies later he heard another radio call, "This is Xray 7, Xray 8 is down. He appears to have been..."

"This is Victory 8, I just saw Xray 7 and 8 get taken down. I'd recommend an immediate evac, I'll cover the retreat."

Without using the radio Miller said verbally to both humans and vampires alike around him, "Everyone stay put until I say it's clear, I'm going to go make sure that escape route is covered."

Miller quickly began making his way back towards base before coming to a rather tall tree a few hundred feet away from the road where the park area ended and the housing complexes began. A few minutes later after using ropes to scale the tree Miller made it up near the top where he had a commanding view in all directions, including a good view of the the apartments. And with the tree being lush and filled with leaves it also gave him an excellent source of concealment. Looking down in the direction of the base he saw a figure taking cover behind a long abandoned minivan out on the street. Not far across the street from the vehicle was a corpse laid out flat.

Zooming in with his scope he could tell that both were with Xray team. Yet there were no zombies to be found. That left one other possible attacker. Miller zoomed out his scope so he could see all the apartment windows and then called out on the radio, "Victory 8, Victory 1."

"Go ahead."

"You get those zombies that got Xray 7 and 8? I don't want them biting us in the ass during our return to base."


"Stanton, I'm looking at Xray 7 and 8 right now. I don't see a damn zombie anywhere."

As soon as Miller stated his last message he caught a bit of motion to the left on the third story. Adjusting his aim and zooming in he saw that Agent Stanton was now in a shooting position looking down range through the scope on his own rifle. Stanton then said over the radio, "Where you at sir?"

"Up on top of the tallest tree you can see from your position." replied Miller. He kept his rifle trained on Stanton. The other agent took his eye off the scope for a second while he changed his target area to find Miller. Stanton quickly had his eye on his scope again, obviously pointed in Miller's direction. The fact that Stanton was aiming his rifle at him as opposed to using binoculars was all the proof that Miller needed for his mind to justify what came next. Two triggers were pulled, the shots so close to each other that it sounded as if only one large round was fired off.

After a moment the silence was broken by the radio once more, "This is Victory 1. Exit route is clear."

Meanwhile in Pyongyang, Nightmare Force was recovering from yet another one of their black ops missions. This time they had infiltrated North Korea and had just got back from a series of investigations in the countryside. Nightmare Leader, the veteran Jason Miller sent a secure message to his boss Mr. Davis stating;

Mr. Davis,

While you will soon receive the full debrief on our latest operation, the short version was a disappointment. The laboratory complex that our leads had pointed us to no longer exists. We discovered over the course of the mission that the complex was apparently located where the North Koreans performed one of their early nuclear weapons tests.

My analysis of the situation is that it was no coincidence, and I theorize that the DPRK may have suffered from a catastrophic release of the pathogen or of another pathogen of a similar level of danger and took extreme measures to contain the incident under the guise of international political games.

Our next step will be to covertly break into the Korean People's Army headquarters and see if we can't find any other leads. With any luck we'll figure out where the lab imported it's materials from, we might still be able to find source material close enough to help develop a vaccine. If we can find personnel rosters it might also tell us if anyone from any other nations were involved. I have a strong suspicion that the DPRK may have just been used as a safe zone for the development of such a deadly disease.

-Nightmare Leader

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 18 2009, 12:59 PM
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Rhodes continued picking off target when Millers call came in over his radio.
Gritting his elongated teeth in frustrated anger. Two more of his men were gone. Beings that he'd handpicked every team member, this was getting into his personal space where most people would snap.

"Victory 1, this is Rhodes. You and i are gonna have a chat over tea and cranberry crumpets back at base," the vamp growled into his mic before beginning to back pedal while shooting at the oncoming horde of zombies coming up the valley hillside.

Things have sure went to shit quick in this outfit. Even after everything that has just cant fix stupid.

Pressing his team mic button, "Everyone, apparently Victory team may have been compromised. Keep one eye on the meatsacks. If one of them raises a weapon, even a butter knife in your direction," he hestitated, thinking about his next choice of words.

"Put the bite on them...Rhodes OUT!" he said and kept backing away and firing, hoping things with the humans hasnt gotten bad.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jul 18 2009, 11:57 PM
"Victory 1, this is Rhodes. You and i are gonna have a chat over tea and cranberry crumpets back at base." Said Rhodes over the radio, an invitation that Miller wasn't particularly thrilled about.

With a bit of hesitation Miller responded, "Sounds great old chap, I'll put on my monocle and everything. God save the queen!"

And then switching over to the Victory team channel he said, "This is Victory 1, everyone keep an eye out for the vamps. They may be a little pissy, understandably so, but nonetheless keep your guard up in case they decide that they no longer feel like working with us and want our blood as severance pay."

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Posted by: Rhodes Jul 20 2009, 11:50 AM
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Posted by: Judder Jul 21 2009, 01:15 AM
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Judder waits until after Rhodes berates him for dropping the mike. Rhodes begins to fire at the zombies. Judder drops the zombie with a sickening thud and the oozing goo splatters on Rhode's boots. Judder drops down from the branch without a sound. The zombies that can run towards the deathly duo, do so with extreme menacing growls.

Judder yells," Go Rhodes, I'll hold them off.

Judder unloads his mp-5 on three danger close zombies and knocks a fourth one off of its feet by throwing the weapon at it. Judder quickly stomps its head in as more rush him. Judder shoulder blocks a zombie and knocks it backwards a few feet and he swings the baseball bat into its skull with enough force to completely shatter the zombie's skull. Judder grins a massive toothy grin as his eyes dilate and red haze creeps into his vision. He slams the bat into the skulls of more zombies while growling loudly.

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Posted by: Rhodes Jul 21 2009, 11:10 AM
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As Rhodes backs away, taking out more zombies, he turned when Judder hit the ground to make sure their path back to the rest of the group was clear.

As Judder yells," Go Rhodes, I'll hold them off.

Rhodes stops in his tracks and glances over his shoulder with clenched teeth.

"Keep it together man, we're getting outta this mess together. They're will be time for wacka'zed later. Now ...MOVE YOUR ASS THATS AN ORDER!" Rhodes bellowed, drawing more attention from the nearby shamblers.

As he continued to retreat slowly, something out of the corner of his eye grabbed his attention as well as his vampire senses along a treeline. Shifting his eyes, the vampire team leader could see the silouettes of 8 or more hunkered figures lurking in the shadows. His vampire vision pegged them as fresh undead ...or vampire, due to the lack of heat radiating from their corpses.

Switching his mic on to broadband he said flatly, "Uh, this is Xray1...I think we are about to have a very very bad day. Maggie, if your still enroute, home in on my signal and warm up the choppers guns. The rest of you, get your defense face on," as he slowly raised a flashlight in his weapons free hand.

Flicking the light on, fearing what he already guessed, it spread its illumination on a dozen or so more zombies watching them. As their heads twitched and eyes remained focused on the two vampires making a slow retreat from a growing horde of zombies, their mouths dripped the strange ooze.

"Oh fuck me in the goat ass," muttered Rhodes as he could see the muscles beneath the zombies skin ripple and twitch.

The upgraded zombies growled and hissed as they sprang forward with just above human like speed. Rhodes swung his mp5 and started to empty his clip in a sweeping arc.

"We got fast movers!!! ALOT OF THEM!" he yelled at Judder who was still bashing away like a crazed baseball player.

After the first three zombies went down, the sickening click click of an empty magazine filled the air. Dropping his automatic, Rhodes went for his side arms, twin .45 colt semi-autos. Blasting a few more rounds into the heads.

"Roger that Xray1, this is Batwing on approach, I got you on thermals. Looks like you boys are having a party without me?," chuckled Maggie as the attack chopper swooped in and the whirling sound of a chain guns barrels spinning was sweet music to Rhodes ears.

Squeezing the flight sticks trigger, the helio's guns belched out a spray of hot 30mm lead into the fast moving zombies.

Posted by: Judder Jul 21 2009, 09:53 PM
Between the chainsaw like sound of the helo's 30mm cannons and Rhodes's angry bellowing. Judder snaps out of his bloodlust and the cold, icy fingers of fear creep up along his spine into the back of his brain causing him to go into a sort of traumatic shock/trance. He looks across the clearing to see two members of the human team get encircled and torn apart by the fast moving zombies. Judder watches all this in what seems to him like slow motion...

Suddenly Judder snaps back into reality just in time to stop an approaching super zombie from literally biting his head off, he jams the bat into the creatures mouth just in time. The force of the zombie tackling and biting at Judder knocks them both onto the ground. Judder smiles at the zombie as it seemingly gags on the bat, at least until it bites down on the baseball bat.

Judder mutters, "Holy....Shit."

The zombie seemingly smiles as it splinters the bat in its mouth, Judder throws his knees up into the zombies chest effectively lifting it up off of him, out of biting range. He uses what's left of the bat to spear the zombie through the head and rolls the corpse off of him. Judder scrambles to his feet and draws his sidearm from its holster as he run/limps towards Rhodes. On his way to Rhodes he shoots several zombies in the head effectively neutralizing them, or so he hopes.

As Judder limps up to Rhodes he tosses him the last of his MP-5 magazines and says, "Im ready to fuckin leave and we gotta get a bigger team for this bullshit" That being said Judder sets to helping clear the way one round and deader zombie at the time.

Posted by: Abnet Jul 22 2009, 05:13 AM
(Sorry for your loss, man.)

The remains of the human and vampire fireteams formed a circle with one man firing above another in an attemt to hold off the zombies long enough for the helicopter to land. Leon, along with the majority of the other soldiers, was down to his sidearm.

"Sir, we're running low on ammo!" one of the Victory team members said before clubbing a nearby zombie in the face with the butt of his rifle.
"Make the best of it, Jackson! We've got to hold these rotters off until that helo touches down." Leon yelled to Jackson between shots of his two Colt 45.s.

The roaring of the 30mm cannons from the helicopter suddenly stopped and it slowly started its decent.

"Rhodes, Judder, the chopper's incoming so I suggest you get over here ASAP if you want to leave."

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 22 2009, 11:29 AM
Rhodes catches the mp5 ammo and slaps them in, holstering one of his .45's.

"Another minute buddy and i'da had to shoot you myself. Heheheh. Play times over. Lets move to the pickup point," said the vamp agent as a fresh set of rounds from his mp5 kept the horde at bay.

The chopper began its decent as Maggie dropped the throttle and touched down light as a feather.

"EVERYONE IN !!! I passed over a large group of tango's enroute. They were moving FAST!" she said over the choppers PA system.

Several remaining vamps snatched up the constrained specimens and literally threw them into the back of the chopper's holding area. One Xray agent yanked down a mini-9mm cargo gun latched to the choppers roof and loaded it with a blur of hand motions.

"Chopper bay guns armed and ready!" the vamp said as he started the gun to rotating.

Rhodes and Judder made it back to the chopper in under 3 minutes, capping zombies along the way.

"Everyone better be on board by the time we get there or your on your own!" said Rhodes as he spotted the chopper as the topped the lil knoll.

The cargo gun on the chopper barked with its whirling, lead flying sound.
The zombies that were running, not shambling behind Rhodes and Judder were turned into chunks of flying zombie flesh.

Climbing aboard Maggies chopper, Rhodes tapped her on the shoulder and made the 'take her up' sign.

Looking around as the chopper leapt skyward, Rhodes noticed the team looked ragged, and awfully thin compared to the numbers he'd arrived with only a few hours earlier.

Posted by: Judder Jul 28 2009, 10:18 PM
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Judder sits on the side of the chopper with his legs hanging out in the air. He looks at the bloodstained, and torn up ground. He wipes at his face with a cloth that he pulls from his pocket out of habit. Looking back into the chopper he makes eye contact with Rhodes,

"This was some bullshit." Judder mutters over his breath so that Rhodes can hear him as he turns his attention back to the landscape that is flying quickly beneath the helicopter.

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 29 2009, 03:24 PM
Rhodes nods with a pissed off look at Judder.

"Dont i know it buddy. Someones gonna get a 5 knuckle deli special when we get back to the compound...mark my words," the vamp agent said darkly, turning to Maggie, the pilot.

"Has our finders fee been deposited into our account?"

"Yes boss," she said and the helio lurched forward sharply, increasing its speed.

Grinning, "Good."

Later, after landing the chopper at the compound and off-loading the wriggling wrapped up new breed zombies to waiting scientists, Rhodes ordered his team to board a larger transport chopper after cleaning themselves up and checking with an OBC medic.

Storming into the intel room, Rhodes walked towards the smiling ranked officer that sent them on the zed hunt.

"Agent Rhodes you did it, the other half of your fee is being dep..."

Rhodes slammed his fist into the man's smiling perfect set of military paid for teeth, knocking about 5 down his throat and sending the man flying backwards over a mapping table.
The second in command stood dumbfounded, eyes wide even as several MP's pulled their pistols out and trained them on the vampire.

"You can keep that half of the fucking fee asshole. Use it to fix the teeth i knocked out. I lost several good men, including a few of you meatsacks! All for what?! A couple rotters with some funky fucking DNA?! Gimme a fucking break! Your lucky i dont burn this god damn shit hole to the ground before i fly whats LEFT of my boys back to HQ!!," Rhodes bellowed at the dazed officer, cold black hatred blazing in his ice blue pale eyes.

"Stand down agent or i'll order these mp's to shoot you dead," the squeeky second in commad tried to say, sounding authoritative.

Rhodes slowly turned his eyes onto the man, freezing his breath in his lungs.

" I'll kill for the sheer shits n giggles of seeing you squirm without your arms. As for the Mps', they'll be learning what it's like to shit in a bag before the first shot's fired, so you better shut the fuck up this second," Rhodes replied, turning his attention back to the commander getting back to his feet, spitting blood and teeth out.

"Sok Roger, I guess I had that coming. It was a suicide mission to say the least. Probabilty rate of survival was less than 0 for our boys. The vamps added a 15% chance of success in getting just one of the new breeds," he said, spitting more and holding his nose as well.

Rhodes stared at the man, letting him finished before he decided if the entire compound needed..."cleansing".

"Besides, he brought back at least two viable subjects. More than we could've hoped for anyway. Rhodes, I'm truely sorry for the loss. But it's war and war has casualties. You might hate me for my job, but its a necessary evil in these times," the commander said holding up his hand causing the MP's to lower their weapons to their sides.

"You'll get your fee, as agreed. I wont press any charges, nor will you be detained any longer. Your free to go with the thanks of the country for your services. If we need you in the future, we'll contact you thru the same channels. Now if you'll excuse me, i need to have my nose reset and see the army ortho," the man said, standing up straight and nodding at Rhodes before walking out, holding a handful of bloody teeth.

Somewhere in the pit of his stomach, two things occured to Rhodes.
One, this commander was a tough man. Not many take a sucker punch to the kisser and not cry and boo hoo, let alone spit his teeth in his hand and give a speech.
Second, he just got a little more uncomfortable working for the government.

Turning, Rhodes left the room and out to the larger transport helio on the pad where the rest of team Xray was waiting.

"How'd it go boss?" asked Maggie as she sat in the pilots seat.

"Fine. Let's get back to HQ and file our 'reports'," he replied as he
jumped into the chopper and took a comfortable seat in the co-pilot chair.

"Chief we got some chatter over a radio about a small human compound near the border. They have quite an establishment but they were chattering about some zeds that moved fast. I think they might be seeing our new breeds that far away," replied another vamp team member with a set of listening headphones on.

Rhodes didnt really care anymore...losing so many over something so stupid seemed to him like he was still living inside the nightmares nightmare.

"Give the radio fix to Maggie, we'll do a fly by. If its credible, we can report the intel and make a couple extra bucks...otherwise..we can just "cleanse" the town and pretend to never have heard a thing," he replied, exhaustion in his voice as he slid a head set on and leaned back while Maggie fired up the choppers rotors.

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Posted by: Judder Aug 1 2009, 02:30 AM
Judder walks into his own little room and pulls the release strap off his custom body armor and load bearing equipment. He walks into the bathroom as he strips off his uniform jacket and turns the shower on. He sits on the bed in the room and unties his boots and strips off the rest of his uniform and steps into the shower. He washes all of the grime and blood off his body and steps out of the shower in front of the mirror and shaves his face and brushes his teeth including his fangs.

After drying off and dressing in his solid black tactical uniform including the solid black vest with a large white tribal wolf stencil spraypainted on the back of the vest. Judder grabs his small amount of personal belongings and heads to the installation's armoury to get what is left of his gear. He opens up his wall locker in the armoury and begins pulling his weapons out of the locker and setting them in a bag several people watch him as he does his busy work in an ominous silence. Judder pulls a wicked looking kukuri knife out of the wall locker and attaches it to the back of his body armor vest with the handle over his left shoulder.

"Hey, bloodsucker!" Judder stiffens as the words ring out across the room.

He puts the last of his equipment into his bag and he closes it as a large person steps close to him and punches him in the side of the head. Stars burst into Judder's view as his head bounces off of the wall locker door. He instinctively reaches out and grabs the unseen opponents closest knee and squeezes hard. A sickening crunch follows and a woman screams falling to the floor.

Judder stands up with an extremely pissed off look on his face. He pulls the seemingly massive curved blade from its sheath slowly, letting the rasp of carbon steel on nylon sound through the room. He takes a knee over the woman and looks into her scared blue eyes as he presses her head back against the floor with the curve of the blade.

"Never call me that you fucking lowlife piece of shit"

Judder growls as his eyes dilate and he grins letting his fangs show. Judder enjoys the smell of fear and pain from the human. The extremely scared look in her eyes are a plus too. After a moment of awkward silence as people run out of the room looking for MPs and Rhodes.

In a deep, raspy, and whisper-like voice the enraged vampire speaks to the petrified human as the blade bites slightly into her neck, a small trickle of blood flows off the blade onto the floor.

"Two choices, die in here or die out there. There are many things that the people dont think about that could kill them." Judder whispers

He keeps one hand on the blade and pulls a grenade from one of the prepared pouches on his vest. He pulls the safety pin out of it with his thumb and holds the spoon down with his fingers. Waving the grenade slowly in front of the frightened woman's eyes allowing her vision to follow it. Judder places the grenade slowly under the woman's neck to where the spoon is held in place by the floor.

" Mine is a gift of life and death. You should really appreciate what im giving you as it will affect your every thought."

Judder leans down and licks the blood off of the blade. He whispers into the girl's ear. "The taste of fear is so seductive." Judder chuckles as little as he runs his tongue from her neck to her ear and he nips her ear slightly before he leans back to feel the cold steel of an M-16 barrel against his head. He doesn't turn around but the large Samoan MP says in his islander accent "U betta get off her white fang, or im gonna kill you good."

Judder sighs and looks at the girl on the ground who despite having a grenade under her neck and a pissed off vampire kneeling over him with a large kukri biting into her throat is smiling as if she has been saved by god himself

Posted by: Abnet Aug 17 2009, 06:09 AM
(OOC: Speeding it up.)

Leon sat in the helicopter briefing Victory team on their newest mission: Investigating an area near the border and checking for possible survivors.

The helicopter circled a small section of buildings. Leon saw snipers posted on the rooftops and patrols on the ground. One thing was for sure, whoever was in charge of this place knew what they were doing.

The helicopter touched down in the woods out of sight of the settlement and Victory piled out.

"Alpha, stay here with the chopper. Bravo, come with me."

A sign leading up to the settlement read "Lift arms or be shot." Leon strapped his rifle to his back and unholstered his pistol.

"I'm gonna see if we can get in. Keep your eyes open, if any of those snipers looks like they're about to fire give a warning shot. There's no reason we can't work this out peacefully."

Leon and Bravo team walked toward the settlement. Leon had his arms raised with his pistol in hand.

One of the snipers called down to him. "What's your business? You all look too well equipped for survivors."
"Let us in. We're with the FVZA." A member of Bravo team yelled out.

Fucking rookies jumping the gun. I'm gonna need to have a long talk with this guy about subtlety.

The sniper shot Bravo team a quizzical look and said something into a walkie talkie. A minute later he walked out of the building he was guarding.

"Follow me and holster your guns. I've got someone you might want to meet."

The sniper lead Bravo team through the settlement. Given the conditions, it seemed like they survivors here were fairing pretty well. They seemed to have a decent amount of weapons. Everything from from basic hunting rifles to military grade machine guns. It was apparent that these guys have been scouring the area for quite some time.

They finnaly arrived at a tent somewhere in the settlement.

The sniper leaned into the tent. "They're here."

A man walked out of the tent. Leon didn't believe it at first but he soon recognized the man as Ray.

Well, no shit...

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 19 2009, 02:53 PM
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Posted by: Judder Aug 20 2009, 12:06 AM
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Posted by: Rhodes Aug 20 2009, 01:10 PM
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Rhodes was sitting in the chopper as the engines roared and the rotors began to spin.
Moments later, he could hear the thudding footsteps approaching rapidly. He turned and glanced out the bay window and saw two vamps and an MP.

"We aint got time for this shit, Victory's already on site and we needed to be in the air... god damn it" the vamp muttered as the MP stopped at the door.

"Agent we have a situation with one of your team inside," the MP yelled over the engine noise.

Grunting with an eye roll, Rhodes throws off his head set and yells to Maggie, "Get this thing ready to lift off, this'll only take a minute and a half."

Leaping out of the chopper, the tall lean vampire races to the building and walks in to find Judder leaning over a woman, a big ass tanned looking MP with his weapon on his vampire-mate. And several other humans and personnel standing around wide eyed and panting like rabbits in a cage.
The room was filled with the air of fear, adrenaline and .... blood lust hunger. Rhodes mouth instantly became dry from the overload of the scent. But decades of conditioning gave him control needed to function.

"Well who didnt invite me to this lil pawtay?" Rhodes said with a bit of levity in his voice.

The MP just kept his trained eyes on the back of Judders skull.
Rhodes could hear the man's finger tensing slowly...waiting for any sign of movement to put a bullet in the vampire.

"EVERYONE OUT!!!" barked Rhodes as his voice became loud like a megaphone, startling several bystanders into jumping and quickly filing out of the room.

Once the room was clear, Rhodes glanced at the two vamps behind him with an MP nervously handling his m16. Judder was froze in position as the woman at his feet whimpered. The samoan gripped the stock of his gun tightly as beads of sweat glistened under his helmet.

"Ok. Now that we have some 'privacy', lets just cool the jets a moment. Oy, big guy, if you'd kindly move that barrel away from my friends head, im sure he'd be willing to let up the lady?" asked Rhodes very politely.

"No sir. He attacked this woman and im under orders to arrest him or anyone interefering," the big guy said, sweat running off the tip of his nose.

Sighing heavily, more for effect than anything and just stared at the big man while behind Rhodes, the two other vamps slowly stepped back from the MP who was watching everything carefully and shouldering his weapon, but with the barrel pointed at the floor.

Rhodes stared at the Samoan MP, waiting for the opportunity to present itself. Wait for it .... wait... the mans sweat was pouring by now.
In a split second, when the sweat ran into the MP's eyes, causing him to blink hard, Rhodes moved at vampire speed and grasped the barrel of the m16 and held it away from Judders skull. The MP had pulled the trigger from reflex upon feeling the weapon move. The bullet missed Judders head by a fraction of an inch and tore up a chunk of floor beside the woman's thigh.

Behind Rhodes, the MP was bringing up his gun but was immediately halted by the two vamp-agents. One grabbed the gun, the other the MP in a half nelson.

"Tsk tsk, I even asked nicely," Rhodes said quietly before snatching the gun from the big man's stunned hands and palm striking him in the chest, sending him backwards 15 feet over a metal desk.

"Alright, nuff of this romper room kiddie garten shit. We have a job to do. Judder, do your thing, I know your starving. In fact, do both...we could use the extra fangs," Rhodes said tossing the M16 over to the vamp who disarmed the MP.

Walking out the building, Rhodes jumped back into the chopper and put on his headset and waited for the others to join him.

Posted by: Judder Aug 20 2009, 09:46 PM
Judder knods his head slowly, his eyes never leaving the female soldier.

Her eyes widened as he bent down and kissed her gently on the lips at first, then deeply. Judder savored the sweet taste of blood, excitement and fear. Letting his tongue drag from her mouth to her throat, he gently bites into her throat. Judder enjoys the sweet taste of her blood and he examines her body as he makes his plans with his new toy. Nice body, pretty face….she will be a little plaything.

He finishes with her and stands up, picking her up, and placing her up on his shoulder. He walks over to the gigantic ass Samoan dude and mockingly says,” Sorry Brudda…but you mine now...” He bites him and drains him just enough to infect him. Judder and the other vamps grab the unconscious infected people and take them to the chopper.

A bunch of MPs follow Judder, the other two vampires, and the new initiates with weapons drawn as Judder makes his way to the helipad. He puts his “cargo” in the chopper, grabs a few red smoke grenades, and pulls the pins as he steps onto the skids. He tosses them onto the pad as the chopper takes off.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 30 2009, 08:04 PM
((ummm.. hellooooo... anyone home??))

Posted by: Abnet Sep 30 2009, 11:52 PM
(Yeah I'm still here. Can't really post anything until O_O does though...)

Posted by: O_O Oct 22 2009, 01:51 AM
((The boy came back from what was his long hiatus. And 'lo, he cried tears of joy and sorrow. For he had left, feeling banished. Nor did he feel he should be in the presence of these men. Yet he came back, and 'lo again, he was needed. But it appeared as if his calling had come to soon, and he had come to late. However, he forsooth his gods to show him mercy and let the gift of revival be blessed. Hark, the wish was granted, and life was restored to the garden that is this board.

Hey guys, what's up? ))

Ray looked Leon up and down. "How's the FVZA been doing? Good to see you're not all dead. " He put his hand on Leon's shoulder "It's good to see you. Come inside." He motioned towards the tent.

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 26 2009, 11:58 AM
((OOC: Ok.. lets do a Mulligan and have a redo.. fresh start.. as it seems several are back now... gonna take more than just two or three people to keep this thing rolling....there is more than two or three of us on here ??? right??))

Posted by: Cyber78 Oct 27 2009, 12:14 AM
OOC: Give me a day or two and I'll have a new mission worked together for this little mulligan. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions go ahead and post them or send me a PM or something.

Posted by: Rhodes Oct 27 2009, 12:12 PM
((WOOT !! I love the new rp story premise !!!))

Posted by: Judder Oct 28 2009, 12:36 AM
(OOC: Wow, someone finally shows back up...I posted the dark ages..but im still and college has consumed my life..)

Posted by: Abnet Oct 28 2009, 10:19 PM
(Hells yeah.)

Posted by: Cyber78 Oct 30 2009, 05:40 AM
New mission will by up sometime this weekend, quite possibly tomorrow night.

Posted by: Judder Oct 30 2009, 06:14 PM
Seems pretty sweet nice to be back though.

Posted by: O_O Oct 31 2009, 02:30 AM
((Man, it's good to see you guys again. I can't believe we keep on coming back to this and resurrecting this. We should make a club. It could have jackets! ))

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