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Posted by: Rhodes Dec 29 2008, 01:57 PM
((OOC: Ok fellers I'm gonna fast forward us to the Part II of this mission. I'm using broad technique here for time compression. We'll basically get an overview of the area, mission, etc etc... Then you guys can feel free to throw in your perspectives and we'll take it from there. Any ?'s holler at me PM or whatever.))

The containment of the mall outbreak was well underway and in good hands. This afforded the joint ops team of FVZA and OBC to mobilize quickly. With the latest intel pointing to an isolated island resort in the middle of the river channel in a no fly zone, the teams best chance of infiltration was a frogmans approach.

The small team was picked up by a large freight truck covertly owned by a subsidy of the OBC. In the back was moderate armament to restock the team.

Rhodes entered the main cabin area thru a secure door near the front of the trailer.

Walking towards the weapons locker, he picked up extra rounds for his MP5 and pistols.

Turning to the rest of the team, "Alright, our eta to the insertion point is about 25 minutes. I suggest we go over the topography and layout of the hotzone so we don't fuck up and get some of you dead," he informed as he took up a remote and switched on a large LCD monitor.

"Here we can see the satellite view of the compound. Its a basic 3 star resort layout. Two docks on either side of the compound facing the river banks. The channel on either side is currently running approximately 20-25 feet deep. The north and south banks are very shallow as this IS an island mass in the middle of the river. There is a bridge just north of the island about 2 miles away. Little far for a sniper and the bridge has no line of sight. Which means we'll be blind going into this one folks. We'll have to have a recon team get some eyes on intel before we hit this place. We have no idea how many guards is on this rock, nor do we know their armaments or defenses. I can tell you this much, it sucks goat dick. The island perimeter is completely fortified. As you can see here from the satellite image there is no cover, no banks, only two docks about 6 feet above the waters surface. You can bet your ass they'll have guards there and or video survelliance," reported Rhodes as he guided the LCD monitor image with the remote.

A hand among the team went up, "What about cutting the power or tapping into their systems?"

Rhodes grinned before shaking his head and replying, "No good, buried power lines, plus they have a generator on site. Encrypted microwave and satellite communications would be too time consuming to hack. We need to move quickly. So this will be an old school op, people."

Several reactions were less than enthusiastic.

The vampire frowned, "Look, it's not all blood, shit and tears. We have the element of surprize. Plus we are goin to go in under the cover of night. Night vision equipment is readily available as well as some stealth weapons provided by my employers. So i suggest we get our heads on straight and get ready to bust some scumbag ass."

Rhodes looked over the able bodies before making a small command decision.

"I suggest since we are small in number to break up only into two teams. Each enters from opposite sides of the island. Divide their attentions between two assaults. Now, who wants to be on teams?" he asked grinning wide revealing his fangs.

Posted by: AgentBenson Dec 30 2008, 01:55 AM
"i'll lead team one" said eric as he brought his hand up looking over at rhodes a smile on his face as he waited to see what rhodes would say.

Posted by: Judder Dec 31 2008, 02:33 PM
Judder memorizes the lcd map in silence...his eyes focused on the monitor as his

left hand sketches a small mini map for him to carry with him.

Rhodes finishes his briefing to the people, a human agent quickly raises his hand

up volunteering to be a team leader.

Judder raises his hand slightly

" We should keep fangs on one team and pinks on another speed differences."

He puts down with his hand without waiting for acknowledgement...then scratches the olive green bandage over the lower part of his leg.

Posted by: Rhodes Dec 31 2008, 03:26 PM
Rhodes nods his head to Agent Eric, just before Judder speaks up.

"Hrm?" muttered the vampire as he tugged at his chin thinking tactically.

"Normally i'd agree Judd, however, what if the 'pinks' need a lil muscle in the event they get into a tight spot? Then us 'fangs' would have to provide support?"
he replied as he continued to stroke his chin, looking over at the map.

Posted by: Judder Jan 1 2009, 06:15 PM
Judder grunts acknowledgement as he begins to go throuh his rucksack which was placed in front of him.

He mutters "Ya want muscle..i'll give you some fucking muscle." under his breath.

He begins to empty things out of it making a motley assortment of weapon parts in his little area.

He gets up and goes to a weapons locker pulling several boxes of linked 5.56mm ammunition out along with four empty drums out of one locker and two barrels out of another locker.

Judder returns to his rucksack area and pulls a small notebook out of his cargo pocket. Resorting to the instructions he begins putting the weapon together.

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 7 2009, 06:01 PM
Rhodes senses the brakes being applied and shifts his weight as the semi comes to a quick halt.

A loudspeaker announcement crackles thru the big rigs trailer, "We've arrived."

The vampire nodded as he looked amongst the team.

"Alright people. Look alive... cept you Judder," chuckled Rhodes at the joke.

Grinning, the vampire picked up his MP5 and slung it across his shoulder before lifting up his smaller caliber sniper rifle.

"We need to get positioned and get ready for a timed, coordinated assault. Alpha 1 will get out here. Alpha 2 will stay with the truck and be dropped off on the other side of the channel. This is a frog mission. No boats. We're all gonna be upstream of the compound. We'll insert into the water and get a rolling intel eyes on from the river and rivers edge. Radio silence until we get our info. Channel is secure 13 point 568. Keep the chatter down," said Rhodes as he glanced at a clock on the wall.

An agent spoke up, "Who's on what team?"

Rhodes nodded, "We're going with Judder on this one. Fangs on Alpha 1, rest of you on Alpha 2. Reason being, we can move faster and more silent than you fleshys."

Agent nodded once, jerking the bolt back on a bullpup style assault rifle.

"Alright Judd, lets roll out so these boys n girls can get to their insertion point," said Rhodes as he opened a secured door at the rear side of the trailer and hopped out.

Posted by: AgentBenson Jan 9 2009, 04:34 AM
Eric looked at judder and rhodes bail out and he loaded his m468 assult rifle a smile on his face as he strapped a shotgun and his baseball bat to his back "you guys suit up and prepare for drop"

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 16 2009, 05:47 PM
Rhodes hit the dirt running. He sprinted at a blurry-vampire speed. Causing barely a ripple in the surrounding foliage, the vamp zig-zagged silently around the surrounding trees until he reached the edge near the water.

Hunching to a very low profile, Rhodes scanned with his heightened vision of the surrounding area up and down the channel banks.
A faint but steady heart beat reached his perked ears, alerting him to a human presence. Turning his attention, he spotted the unmistakable heat signature thru the low river bank weeds of a fisherman.

Speaking quietly, "Contact south, single male. Senses wide for sentries."

Moving like death incarnate, Rhodes crept up closer to the fisherman. Making a mental note there was no campfire, no light, lantern or even a can of worms lying about. Rhodes decided to incapacitate the man, for his own safety. As he drew closer to his target, the vampires sense of smell caused him to stop immediately. Gun powder, oil and something highly acrid. Explosives. Looking around carefully, Rhodes finally spotted a claymore mine positioned just a few feet away at the base of a rock. The trip wire ran just inches ahead of his next step.
Arching his brow from the close call, Rhodes became even more wary.
Drawing his throwing knife, Rhodes flung it with pin point precision at the man. The blade imbedded in the side of the mans skull, killing him instantly.

"Judd, booby traps. Claymore. This guy was posing as fishermen," he whispered quietly as he came up to the dead man and retrieved his knife.

Searching the body and area over quickly, Rhodes found a MP5 lying under a small towel. The vampire glanced around quickly before retreating back into the dense low river vegetation.

"This is Fang 1 to Fleshys. Approach recon with extreme caution. Guards are posted outside op area, repeat approach with extreme caution. Fang 1 out," he radioed before ressuming his march down the river towards the island fortress.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jan 16 2009, 10:46 PM
After quickly locating the compounds boat docks Miller picked out a tree that had a view of both docks. He climbed up the tree and got into a comfortable position from which to shoot, looked out upon the river and scanned for his target. After a while of waiting a small object finally appeared from around a bend in the river and sailed towards the island. Miller pulled out a pair of binoculars and found that it was two men on a small fishing boat. He couldn't make out any facial features and therefore couldn't tell which one was Silayev. While he'd been sent a picture of his target he still needed to wait a little bit before he could identify which man to shoot. Deciding to wait a while longer so he could pull off his job with one shot rather than two Miller simply waited lied in wait for a better picture of the men on the boat.

Posted by: AgentBenson Jan 19 2009, 03:07 AM
Eric looked over at his radio guy and heard the order and the warning about the guards and looked over at leon as he took ponit at the head of the boat "hey leon..think you can hit and guards with a sniper rifle"

Posted by: Judder Jan 20 2009, 12:22 PM
Judder grunts his acknowledgement at Rhodes as he sidles along the trip wire till he reaches the claymore, he moves to disarm it then pauses.

"Hey Rhodes, clever bastards these are, check this out."

Judder eases his hand behind the claymore and pulls a hand grenade out that the safety pin has been taken out, leaving the spoon on.

"It's like they knew i was gonna attempt to get the claymore."

Judder pulls a small length of metal wire out of his IBA pocket with his free hand and threads it through the spoon hole then puts the grenade into one of his pouches.

He then returns to disarming the claymore mine.

Posted by: Rhodes Jan 20 2009, 05:38 PM
Rhodes arches his eyebrow at Judders find.

"Holy shit. This just a lil more interesting huh?" he replied as he covered his team mate during the disarm process.

"Ya know, if i were a sneaky bastard, i'd move that claymore AND grenade over to the lookout i knifed. Someone will come looking after a while," grinned Rhodes as he continued to scan the area.

The loud pop of a twig caused Rhodes to freeze and tune his senses.

"Company," he said as he pushed his vampire vision to its limits.

Staring thru the foliage, he could make out two people approaching in a zig zag pattern, walking normaly.

Posted by: Abnet Feb 1 2009, 04:22 AM
Leon unholstered his sniper rifle, a VSS with a silencer he picked off of one of the hostles in an earlier firefight, and layed in the dirt.

There were two guards up ahead and it didn't look like they were aware of what was going on. He wouldn't be able to take one out without alerting the other unless...


Leon did an internal fist pump as one of the guards moved right in front of the other.

Leon quickly lined that guards in his crosshairs and squeezed the trigger. The bullet went straight through the first guard's head and hit the second one behind him, killing them both.It was caused by pure luck but it was a perfect shot nonetheless.

"Tangos are down. Let's get this show on the road." Leon said over his radio.

Posted by: O_O Feb 26 2009, 12:47 AM
((What the fuck guys? I leave for a month and it dies?))

Posted by: Abnet Feb 26 2009, 01:18 AM
OOC: Yeah, really. Just needs a post from Rhodes or Cyber to get things going again probably.

Posted by: Rhodes Feb 27 2009, 01:18 PM
((OOC: Yah basically you cant run a board rpt with TWO, maybe three'll stagnate quicker than an unflushed toilet in a bar))

Posted by: Judder Mar 3 2009, 04:12 AM
((OOC, Sorry guys, been overworked, underpayed, and too fuckin tired at night to post. I started extreme pt at the military college im going to, hurts like hell now but i should be able to get an officer's commision in 4 out of my seven remaining years in the army. Also Glad to be back ))

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 5 2009, 03:52 PM
((OOC: Glad to have you back and congrats man.. Pain now payoff later !!!))

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 5 2009, 07:01 PM
((OOC: ok... seeings how we are basically dead in the water here... im considering taking this mission off and rewriting/starting a completely new one.
What are ya'lls' thoughts on this? ))

Posted by: Abnet Mar 6 2009, 01:11 AM
OOC: I'm good with whatever you have to do. I just want to get back into the game. laugh.gif

Posted by: O_O Mar 8 2009, 02:56 AM
I know I'm not helping by disappearing, but COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: Judder Mar 11 2009, 02:26 AM
((Lets rock and roll guys, im only getting older)

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 11 2009, 11:23 AM
((Well all right giggety... Lemme get this lil snippet posted....heheheheh put you "hardcore" rp'rs to the test....see just how 'creative' you can be.. muwhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)) ninja.gif

Ok... you fargin hacks....... heres the deal..
sign up NOW... in the signup/rollcall area for the next mission...
i want committed people..... cuz i have to know how many people
to write into the beginning......
ya know..s et the stage kinda thing.

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