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Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 8 2008, 12:54 AM
Miller leapt off the back of a half ton truck as soon as it had arrived at its destination. He was still wearing his black suit and black fedora hat having lacked the time to change into a proper combat outfit. After disembarking from the truck he grabbed his bags and walked inside of the command center.

Outside the National Guard held perimeter around the infected town of Wilhelm a command center had hastily been established atop of a small gentle hill. It consisted almost entirely of tents that overlooked yet another farm in the seemingly endless expanse of corn fields. But in the distance one could see a few lights that indicated the location of Wilhelm, a small city of approximately twenty thousand people a few days previous.

Lightning bolts could be seen every few seconds in every direction and thunder boomed through storm clouds overhead. It was only about five in the evening but already the storm had plunged the area into darkness with the exception of the lightning bolts that gave a constant reminder to nature's fury. Rain continued to pour from the sky as if an entire lake were falling. The dirt had turned to mud, the roads were like Slip 'N' Slides, and nothing could stay dry.

"You must be Deputy Director Miller, I'm Colonel Taylor of the national guard." Said a military officer as soon as Miller walked in and extended his hand.

"Yeah, that's me. Nice to meet you Colonel. So has the situation changed at?" Replied Miller, shaking his hand.

"As much as I hate to say it, things have gone from bad to worse. The weather has gotten worse but it doesn't seem to be hampering these things that you've asked us to contain. My men have been having a difficult time with these things, and my snipers have had their sharpshooting reduced by this storm. Some combat meteorologist from the ANG has also informed me that we're even looking at the possibility of a tornado tonight." Explained the Colonel.

"Hmm... well I don't think that there's much we can do about that. So has the perimeter been holding up alright?" Asked Miller.

"The tactic of using the head shots has been effective when properly executed, but its been difficult to implement. My snipers have been doing most of the work, and my units without sniper support have been having to resort to drowning the enemy in overwhelming firepower. Thus far we've had some close calls with about twenty casualties, but we've managed to quarantine our infected and hold the line. Of course so far all we've encountered is groups of no more than ten enemies at at time, but the enemy offensives have been getting more and more frequent. I don't suppose you have any insight do you?" Reported the officer.

"I'd hazard to guess that they're running out of prey. Zombies aren't like your typical enemy soldier Colonel, they don't simply plan offensives or use battle strategies or anything like that. Instead they're more like predatory animals, they do what they do for food. Granted they do have some social instinct, but nothing complex enough for them to form actual strategies. Most likely they've consumed all they prey they can find in the city and are fanning out to find more. They don't see your soldiers as enemies so much as potential meals. I'd recommend expanding the perimeter so that the zombies don't know that your men are out there, that should keep them from knowing for sure that there's meals out here, which should slow their advances and buy us some time." Said Miller.

"Just one more thing, the data that your people sent me regarding this infection seems to be mistaken." Said the colonel.

"What do you mean?" Asked Miller.

"The time table from initial infection to reanimation is only half of what the data said it would be." Answered the colonel.

"Well sometimes it does vary amongst the old, the young, the sick, etc." Explained Miller.

"This was a perfectly healthy soldier in his early twenties of mine who went from being bitten to being a zombie in the span of only four hours." Said the colonel.

"Oh." Was the only response Miller could muster.

Posted by: O_O Aug 8 2008, 01:53 AM
Ray walked out of the tent.

"Hello, sir!!" He yelled at Miller.

He had been there for awhile. He got an early plane, because his Dad's friend was a General and he called in a favor.

"Sir, we've been holding the perimeter well, but the number of casualities has increased each wave. We need to move in before all the zeds are at the borders making entry nearly impossible, though that would make it easier to move once inside the city. " He said quickly, watching as a new wave of zombies rush the borders. "And where is everybody else?"

Posted by: Abnet Aug 8 2008, 03:02 AM
The Branson area. Earlier that day.

Leon walked through the door of a small convenient store located outside of Branson. If Alice was right this place was really an FVZA safehouse. He was greeted by a man with a thick Scottish accent.

"Can I help ye find anething?"
"Actually, yes. I'm looking for something to cure a bad case of HZV.
"Ah. I think I have just the thing for ye. Step come on back." The Scottsman replied as he opened a door behind the counter marked "Employees only".

Phew. This was the right place.

Leon stepped through the door and saw the Scotsman push a button on the wall. He heard gears moving and then the walls flipped around revealing racks of guns, ammo, and a bunch of different equipment.

"What can I get ye, agent?"
"I need something for close quarters and something for rain."
"Well for close quarters I have this." He pulled a Remington 870 with a flashlight mount.
"And for the rain I have this." He pointed to a set of black BDUs with a hood and a gas mask for face protection. It looked like something the SAS would wear.
"Anething else?"
"Um... Yeah. I'll need an ACOG scope, an extra flashlight, some flashbangs, and a tactical vest."
The Scotsman put everything on a table in the center of the room, along with a large dufflebag to carry it all in.
"That it?"
"Yeah thanks." Leon said as he packed everything up and left.

Outside Wilhelm. Prestent time.

Leon walked out of a tent in his full gear: "SAS" getup, REC7 in hand, Remington strapped to his back, M1911 at his side. He walked over to Miller and the other agent next to him.

He noticed Miller giving him a strange look. Leon lifted his gas mask, not realizing he was still wearing it and gave Miller a quick salute.

"Sorry sir. Agent Stevens reporting. What's the situation so far?"

Posted by: O_O Aug 8 2008, 03:44 AM
QUOTE (Abnet @ Aug 7 2008, 10:02 PM)
...Miller and the guy next to him who he remembered to be the assassin he came across during his first mission

((OoC: Quick question, am I the assasin or is it Colonel whoever? It's probally not me, I haven't been around long and don't recall if I was ever an assasin.))

Posted by: Abnet Aug 8 2008, 04:37 AM
QUOTE (O_O @ Aug 8 2008, 03:44 AM)
QUOTE (Abnet @ Aug 7 2008, 10:02 PM)
...Miller and the guy next to him who he remembered to be the assassin he came across during his first mission

((OoC: Quick question, am I the assasin or is it Colonel whoever? It's probally not me, I haven't been around long and don't recall if I was ever an assasin.))

Oops. Wrong guy. Guess I should have checked my history. laugh.gif
Edited my last post.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 8 2008, 05:25 AM
OOC: I've made a few edits to keep things consistent, namely just switching the MP5's to the M1928 to fit with our armory and the name of the zombie virus. We go off of where the zombies are caused by the Human Zombie Virus as opposed to Solanum. It's practically the same thing, but we have permission to use the FVZA's material for this RPG but not permission from Max Brooks. Sorry to be a bit uptight, but there's a few things I prefer to keep uniform.

IC: "Alright... seems like we've got a pretty ugly situation on our hands. Colonel, I think this reinforces the recomendation I just made; pull back your forces and a bit. There's not another town for at least fifty miles so we don't have much too loose by giving the zed's a bit more breathing room." Miller explained to the Colonel.

"Miller, I hope you realize that by widening the circle it thins out our lines. If we do fall under attack by the enemy it'll be easier for them to breach the perimeter. And don't forget that this weather means that we can't send reinforcements in good time." Countered the Colonel.

"Don't worry colonel. If you pull your men back it'll draw less zombies so their attacks will become less frequent and less intense. Besides, this terrain isn't going to allow you to hold your lines much longer anyhow. The corn fields are giving the zombies far too much cover and concealment to engage them at long range. The best option is to avoid the engagements and let us handle the bulk of the zeds." Miller said to the colonel.

Finally the colonel relented, "Alright, we'll do it your way. But I need your teams to get going on the offensive shortly, I don't have time to hold these things for much longer. I'll give you three hours to do what you need to do before I start leveling the city with artillery fire."

"Thank you colonel, that'll be all the time we need." Miller said gratefully.

After his exchange with the military officer in charge, Miller walked over to his agents and began with the orders.

"Ok, the situation is something like this; there seems to be a weaponized strain of the Human Zombie Virus going around that works twice as fast. The weather is terrible so the zombies have the sensory advantage on us, and there's no chance of air support. And now we've got three hours to get enough done to convince the colonel not to level the city. That's especially important if we're still in the city when the clock runs out. So despite the fact that we're walking into a strategic and tactical nightmare, I agree with Ray. We're going to need to move out soon, so get ready to move in shortly." Miller said to the agents.

Pulling out his radio Miller said "All agents, human or vampire, get ready to begin the assault in fifteen minutes.". He then grabbed his gear and went to another tent to change into a combat outfit and ready his equipment.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 8 2008, 10:15 AM
((OOC sorry gents for being and schtuff)))

Rhodes made his stop off at the safe house before making his way to the town of Wilhelm. Reading the file brief on the computer, the vamp agent realized he was in for a rough run with zeds, as well as keeping an eye on his back regarding trigger happy vamp-hating FVZA agents. However the substantial money involved balanced the risk.

Why does this always happen to me?

Hopping on his 'Busa a short time later, Rhodes made it to the op area in record time that would make a Cannonballer's head spin. Sucking in a deep breath, the vampire, dressed in a black ops jumpsuit, kevlar vest, and wrestling shoes, approached the gathering of army tents and associated military personnel. Amid side glances and unfamiliar stares, Rhodes responded to the colonels inquiry.

"That's because this virus isn't the normal run of the mill zed infection. It's been enhanced for a much faster conversion rate. Normally a healthy bitten person has about a 50/50 chance of surviving. This new bug is 98% lethal," said Rhodes from behind the men, approaching nearly silent.

When the men turned to see who had spoke, Rhodes nodded to Miller.

"Agent Miller. Almost a pleasure to see you again. Under different circumstances albeit, my enemy's enemy is my friend, as it were. My employer has sent me to assist you. I'll need a radio frequency for this mission," said Rhodes with some authority.

Rhodes had armed himself with a MP5 outfitted with a suppressor and ACOG optics. His side arms strapped under his arms were twin .45 ACPs. He'd packed along his trusty silenced .22's inside his jumpsuit. Tucked on his back were several flash bangs and frag grenades.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 8 2008, 01:45 PM
Edited my post again for a gear change if that's alright.
I swapped out the tommy gun for the REC7 I had last mission.

Posted by: Maelstrom Aug 8 2008, 04:43 PM
(OOC: My agent is a Shadow. Is it okay if I had him dropped in to a high rooftop with personal defense weapons, a radio, and other observation equipment to act as an Overwatch?)

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 8 2008, 05:07 PM
Eric came out of the tent and adjusted his glasses as he was dressed in a flak jacket and a combat helmet he was carrying a colt 45 at his hip and on his back was a rec 7 he patted the new assult rifle on his back prefering it over his shotgun he then smilled and looked at miller "good to see you agian sir just got in an hour ago from florida"

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 8 2008, 08:12 PM
OOC: Abnet, that's totally fine. I'm glad to see people using the REC7's. Maelstrom, there's no air support so paradrop or helicopter rappel is out, but if you can find another way to get on to a rooftop then that's fine by me. Personally I'd recommend sneaking into town and then using parkour or free running, it's a very ninja like way of moving around urban areas.

IC: After a quick change of outfit Miller had switched from being suitable in a Fortune 500 boardroom to something more suitable for a different kind of hostile environment. Over a dark gray jumpsuit resembling a flightsuit he wore a kevlar vest, elbowpads, kneepads, utility belt, and ruck sack. He wore black boots and gauntleted biker style gloves for an extra edge in hand to hand work. Around his neck hung a pair of nightvision goggles, and he had a gasmask raised atop his head, ready to be put on at a moment's notice. For weapons he wielded a REC7, an M1911 with a silencer, a couple of flashbang grenades, a Ka-bar knife in his boot, and his Ruger short sword sheathed along his rucksack.

"Eric, good to see you. You got here just in time, I hear they've been canceling all flights in the region due to the severe thunderstorms." Miller said to Agent Benson before turning his attention to Rhodes.

"Rhodes, I'm glad we could come to this alliance of sorts. Because you're absolutely right, it's a matter of we share a common enemy and right now they've got the upper hand. We're operating on 1900 kHz." Miller said to Rhodes while being very careful to maintain eye contact.

"Right then, let's get this show on the road" Miller said to the entire group.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 8 2008, 08:48 PM
he watched the two men talk looking back and forth between them eric just shook his head he then looked at miller "whats the plan sir" he asked hus nerves having calmed down a bit seeing that the vampire was on thier side.

Posted by: O_O Aug 8 2008, 09:41 PM
Ray checked his equipment. Magnums, check. Silenced MP5, check. Spas-12, check. Ammo, check. Tactical vest, Helmet, Nightvision Goggles, check, check, check. He was ready.

"So, what's the plan, sir? Are we gonna go in guns a-blazing, or a more tactical entry?"

Posted by: O_O Aug 9 2008, 01:13 AM
((Cyber, we're waiting on you. Post. Now T_T ))

Posted by: Maelstrom Aug 9 2008, 03:50 AM
(OOC: Okay, the rain is probably making it a little too slippery for Parkour. I'll figure out something. Gonna switch to third person for this one.)

The rain was positively pouring from the skies now. Fat droplets sprinkling off already soaked surfaces. A pair of headlights punch through the downpour and the noise of a car engine draws near.

The black suburban practically screamed "government black-ops" with its tinted windows and conspicuously modified wheels. Even the doors were heavy from bulletproof reinforcement as it lazily swung open. A booted leg stepped out onto the wet pavement, followed by the large poncho-swathed figure of Warren Harding Jr.

Wiping the raindrops from his brow, the Shadow Agent nodded to Miller.

"Evening, sir. Hell of a situation here, isn't it?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 9 2008, 04:40 AM
"Hell of a situation? I'd have to agree. Now for this one we're going to need to make an incursion to some very specific sites. There are five air raid sirens in town that we need to activate in order to lure the zombies to them. There's one at the town center next to the fire station and police station, one near the shopping mall on the north end of town, one by the Wal-Mart on the south end of town, one by the high school to the east, and one to the west surrounded by townhomes and apartments. The problem is that each one is next to structures likely to be housing survivors. Since we'll be attracting large amounts of zombies, and eventually a lot of firepower to those locations we'll need to evacuate the survivors nearby any of the air raid sirens." Said Miller before pausing to let everyone take in his plan.

Continuing Miller stated "We'll have to split up to activate each siren as quickly as possible. Whether to go in stealthy or with guns blazing is entirely up to whomever would like to lead a team to each siren. Just remember that once you activate each one you're going to be swarmed with zombies from all directions, so make sure that you have a quick exit plan. I'll lead the foray into the center of town but I need volunteers to lead the other teams."

Posted by: O_O Aug 9 2008, 04:47 AM
Ray stepped up. "Sir, i may be fairly new to the agency, but I'd like to lead a team. However, I have a question - Why does this town have Air Raid Sirens?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 9 2008, 05:42 AM
"You might be new, but I'm willing to trust you with the job. As for those air raid sirens, they're relics of the cold war. A lot of towns built them back then and mostly use them for severe weather warnings anymore. They should be on right now, but seeing as there's no one left to man them it'll be up to us. Now let's move out." Explained Miller.

Posted by: O_O Aug 9 2008, 06:40 AM
((Have to get off in 30, gonna try helping more tomorrow. ))

"Sir, I'm taking the mall, My plan is quick, and I should be able to get there quickest." Ray declared confidently.

Ray briefed his men. They would go for the mall, because of the high chance of a group of survivors, and since his plan was basically trying to be swift, he also thought he could get their the quickest. They would follow Miller, then break and go for the mall. After getting any survivors and activating the alarm, he would then exit the town, and go around it, where they would hopefully be less zombies.

"Alright, when miller goes, we follow him. Check your equipment. It's gonna be a bumby ride. "

Posted by: Abnet Aug 9 2008, 07:46 PM
Leon decied to step up.

"I guess I'll lead the other team. I have some experience with dealing with zombies in this kind of environment anyway. I'm planning on heading for the town center. I'm assuming that there will be a heavy concentration of hostiles, zombie or otherwise, so anybody that wants in on some action feel free to come with."

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 9 2008, 10:08 PM
eric saw who were leading the teams and he sighed. turning to miller he spoke. "can i come with you sir... your the only one who i trust my life with..please"

Posted by: Maelstrom Aug 10 2008, 12:04 AM
"I'll take the Wal-Mart. I'll get me ten guys, should be enough to clear a route."

With that, he shrugged off the poncho and headed for his suburban, his black tear-resistant overalls soaking in the rain. A lightweight combat LBV he strapped to his chest, loaded with smoke grenades, flash grenades, and extra magazines. An M14 fitted with an marksman scope he lifted into his arms, one with a traditional wooden frame (the kind that doesn't shatter the second you try to smack a zombie with it). A black raid Boonie hat topped it all off.

"Gather 'round gentleman, few words before we head off," Harding snapped to his team, "Without a doubt, this situation sucks. The rain is hell for visibility and footing and yes, a few of us are gonna catch a cold. But remember, the rain will also mask our scents and mess with the Zedhead's vision as well, so I don't wanna see any Rambo bullshit. We play it silent and quick, until we absolutely have to. Drop all your heavy gear, you won't be needing it. Remember--speed and silence."

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 10 2008, 05:44 AM
"I'm always in need of good people on my team, you're in." Miller said to Benson.

After hearing a bit of Harding's speech to his team, Miller began to lead his team into the town by foot. The rain continued to pour from overhead, making the journey miserable. The wind continually howled across the plains and through trees, lightning occasionally lit up the sky, and the thunder drowned out all other noise.

Eventually Miller and friends finally reached the outskirts of town on the northwest side of the city. Row after row of cookie cutter houses dominated the landscape before the agents and their vampiric counterparts. What they lacked in style they at least made up for in utility.

As they began to walk down the first block of homes it became readily apparent that either something very bad had happened, or some local sports team of some sort won something. Litter was strewn everywhere, cars were flipped over, and evidence of a variety of fires was present.

"Alright, here we are, the city of Wilhelm. Seems like a pretty decent place to-" said Miller before a bullet whizzed past, cutting him off.

"Take cover!" Miller shouted as he ran behind an overturned luxury SUV.

"That gunfire had better have come from the other side of this yuppymobile, otherwise I'm pretty well screwed." He muttered as he raised his rifle, checked his magazine, and began to listen for another shot.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 10 2008, 04:58 PM
Rhodes followed along with the other agents. He could sense the uneasiness from them with his presence being a direct conflict to their training and past history. None the less it was just another mission to him.

When the gunshot went off and zipped by, Rhodes didn't bother ducking but tuned his acute senses towards the direction from which the shot originated. The rain coming down was making his hearing and sense of smell almost moot. But his vision was the edge needed.

"Rooftop about 300 yds away. Looks warm, my guess either an agent with some mis-information or a survivor scared shitless and shoots anything that moves," he replied after focusing his distance vision on the soft reddish hue his vampiric vision gave him.

Snapping the bolt back on his suppressed MP5, he kept his attention on the rooftop but spoke to Miller.

"Its your show, i could get up there quicker than any of you and take em out?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 10 2008, 08:20 PM
Taking into account what Rhodes had to say, Miller pulled out a pair of binoculars and then popped his head out just a bit to peer down range. After a couple seconds of scanning he located the gunman on top of a roof with a bolt action rifle. The target was wearing full woodland fatigues and a balaclava of his face, but didn't seem to have an thing identifying any particular organization. Miller quickly figured a way to test if it was an agent or survivor.

"To any snipers on rooftops in the northwest sector of town, report in. Over" Said Miller over the radio. After a few seconds there was no response.

"All I can tell for sure is that the target is wearing woodland camo and is using a bolt action rifle. I didn't get any response by radio, so either it's a rogue agent or more likely just a survivor that doesn't know what he's shooting at. If you think you can get to him without getting shot along the way then go for it, but try to talk him down first. We'll give you some covering fire to keep his head down while you advance." Miller said to Rhodes.

Posted by: O_O Aug 10 2008, 09:54 PM
"Sir, wouldn't it be easier to do something that would prove that we're humans, something a zombie wouldn't do? Like, wave a glowstick, or shine a flashlight?" Ray questioning how well a person would react to a vampire. Or someone climbing up a building in 5 seconds flat.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 11 2008, 01:46 AM
eric looked over at rodes and took cover behind a wall his rifle pointed towards rhodes as he waited ready to blind fire so rhodes could get to the man safely "when your ready...."

Posted by: Abnet Aug 11 2008, 02:31 AM
OOC: Since nobody seems to be going with me can I take a couple of National Guard guys with me or am I gonna be going it alone? I edited my last post to say that I'm going for the town center.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 11 2008, 05:03 AM
OOC: I'd already called town center. So you can either join my team or take east or west. But if you do go for your own team then I'd recommend just making some NPC agents to go with.

IC: Miller considered what Ray had to say, pondered it for a few seconds and replied "I suppose that would be easier, but it also risks the life of the guy waving the glowstick or shining the flashlight. I'm just concerned that the guy might still consider us as hostiles, in which case he has the exact position of one of our people."

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 11 2008, 10:08 AM
Rhodes glanced over at the agent pointing the rifle in his direction and frowned slighly, but waited for the banter to die down.

Finally having his patience stretched a bit, the vampire spoke up.

"Well lemme make it easy, gimme about 10 seconds to move, then fire a few pot shots at this boogie. I'll be there in about," he calculated his movement speed vs distance, "oh less than a minute. Alright? Then i'll uh, 'negotiate' with them. Oh, and Miller, just make sure none of your hot bloods get any funny ideas about capping me with an 'oops i thought he was a zed' stray shot?"

Rhodes nodded at Miller before tightening his grip on his weapon, turned and bolted off at preternatural speeds parallel to the target on the roof. He went a few dozen yards then waited for the distraction fire from the FVZA agents to commence.

Posted by: O_O Aug 11 2008, 09:47 PM
Ray took his silencer off his M1928 and shot a few shots in the air. The sniper ducked. Ray fired off a few more shots. It looked like it was working.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 11 2008, 09:58 PM
Rhodes took off like a bolt of lightning thru the pouring rain. He reached the snipers building in a matter of minutes. Quickly he assessed the wall's scalability.

Nodding he glanced around for any other entry points. If this guy was any good, he thought, he'd have any roof access boobytrapped. So scaling the wall was his best option. Taking a few steps back, the vampire did a wall sprint and grabbed ahold of a ledge before ascending the wall like a spider.

This guy better not be an agent, I'd hate to have to pop one in him and risk having the entire FVZA bureau shooting at me.

Peeking over the edge, Rhodes could see the sniper was hunkered down, reloading his rifle with 5 more cartridges. He was squatted amongst several cans of spam, soup and fruits. A small can of ammo gave a clue as to his affiliations.

"Looks like a survivor. Gonna take him alive if possible. Hold your fire. Repeat hold your fire," Rhodes said as he spoke into his throat microphone.

As soon as the man peeked over the ledge and began to look thru his scope, Rhodes lept silently over the edge of the rooftop and in three steps was standing behind the sniper. One swift blow to the side of the man's skull and he slumped over like a sack of potatoes.

"Target neutralized. I'll cuff him and bring him down the sta... Hold it. I got something," the vampire agent said as something caught his attention off to one of the flanks of the main FVZA body.

Straining his vision to the limits, thru the rain, Rhodes barely made out some cool shadows moving between several buildings and abandoned vehicles.

"Miller on your 9, you have possible shamblers moving toward your position. I, I can't quite make them out, the rain's fuckin with my vision," warned Rhodes as he quickly put a couple zip ties around the wrists and ankles of the unknown prisoner.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 11 2008, 10:28 PM
eric ceased fire when he saw rhodes take thr sniper down as he leaned back aginst the wall he sent a call to ray "it looks like the vamp got him" can you confirm

Posted by: O_O Aug 11 2008, 10:35 PM
Ray looked to his left. "Sir I can make out...something, may be zombies. Do we engage?" Ray asked, slowly reloading his M1928.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 12 2008, 01:38 AM
~negative do not engage until conformation or attacked" said eric as he turned his radio to miller "sir reports suggest deadhead activity confrim or deny" he said giving the coordites

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 12 2008, 02:53 AM
The sniper groaned softly at Rhodes feet as he monitored the radio. He strained his vision again to try and make a definitive identification of what he saw.

Fucking lousy weather.

Suddenly an idea hit he snatched up the snipers rifle and looked thru the scope.

"I'm scanning with the snipers weapon so don't anybody take a shot at me or i'll rip their head off. 2 oclock clear, 6 oclock clear, 9 oclock...yup. Confirmed i can see 6 maybe 7 rotters moving toward you."

Posted by: O_O Aug 12 2008, 03:43 AM
Ray wipped out out his magnums, and shot every zombie in the head. Then he twirled them around his fingers and blew on the barrels. "Sorry, I didn't get permission sir, but I'm breaking off here. See you at base. "

Ray flagged his men, theyt we're moving out.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 12 2008, 02:36 PM
weapons free right thought eric as he turned the saftey of and popped up blasting two deadheads with a 6 round burst he then called out to miller im going need covering fire

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 12 2008, 05:40 PM
OOC: O_O, just for future reference I'd suggest adding more detail to the instant killing of a group of zombies, and it's usually nice to leave something for the rest of your teammates when working in a group of players.

It wasn't long before more zombies were on their way over to where the agents stood. Miller quickly counted additional groups coming from all directions. Ray had just dropped a sizeable group on his own, and Benson had just nailed another two in a seperate group.

Ray was breaking off so Miller shouted to him "Right then, keep on the move and good luck!"

He then turned his attention to Agent Benson who was requesting covering fire. After considering how many zombies seemed to be approaching, and how many were probably on their way Miller determined that they didn't have long before they were completely surrounded and stuck fighting under siege.

"No dice man, we can't afford to get bogged down here so don't have time for covering fire. We're all charging forward on my mark!" Miller called back before pulling out his radio and announcing, "All agents, prepare to charge forward in five... four... three... two... one... GO!"

As soon as he shouted "GO!" Miller had leapt from behind his cover and had hit the ground running forward towards the town center. As a zombie exited one of the houses to intercept, the agent quickly jumped into the air and released a forward flying kick to the chest of the zombie, knocking it to the ground with Miller standing over it. Wasting no time he quickly pointed the rifle directly at the zombie's forehead, pulled down his gasmask for safety, and then squeezed the trigger.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 12 2008, 07:28 PM
Rhodes watched thru the optics on the snipers gun the main body take off running towards the town center.

"Geezus. Just leave my ass hanging out here. Hmph. I work better alone i guess. Oh? Cept for you skippy. What the hell do i do with you?" said Rhodes as he looked down at the prisoner who was coming around.

Looking back thru the scope, Rhodes provided some weak cover fire for the agents. He would try to clear a rough path thru the zombies that were slowly filling in the way of the agents. After the 5th shot, Rhodes tossed the gun down on the rooftop and yanked the snipers mask off.

"Hey, hey!" he yelled slapping the man in the head to rouse him quicker.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doin up here?" asked Rhodes.

The man looked up and then realized he was bound.

"Uh, uh, I'm tryin not to get bit by them things !!" he stammered, struggling against his bonds.

"Do I look like a half rotten zombie you dumb meatsack?!" fired back Rhodes as he glanced over the edge of the roof and spotted that he was quickly being left behind.

"Well, no, not now. Hey, can you untie me now?" aske the man holding his wrists up.

Rhodes slipped his combat blade out and slit the tie in one smooth motion. The man began to work on freeing his ankles. The vampire turned and leaped over the edge, hanging on with one hand, making sure his landing area would be free from rotters.

Letting go, Rhodes radioed, "This is NiteFlyer 1. I am bringing up the rear. Thanks for waiting assholes," just before landing atop a laundry service van, caving the roof in.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 13 2008, 01:28 AM
ooc;sorry bout the shitty detail on my wii

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OOC: Sorry for the inactivity lately. Having some writer's block. Anyway, disregard my last few posts. I'm going to the mall if nobody else is and I'll be using two NPC agents since nobody else is going with me.

IC: "I'm gonna take the mall with the two new guys I'll let you know if I find anything interesting." Leon said over his headset.

The two new guys he was refering to were Agent Marlowe, an Australian carrying a flamethrower, a Desert Eagle, and some throwing knives and wearing a black tactical vest with urban camo BDUs and steampunk-looking welding goggles with a bandana covering his mouth and nose, and Agent Harris, a Californian carrying an REC7 with an M2O3 grenade launcher attachment and a silenced Remington 700 sniper rifle and wearing a greatcoat and one of those breating masks that painters wear.

Leon pulled his gasmask down over his face and the three agents started moving north. They had some ground to cover and little time to waste so they moved as fast as they could while trying to stay out of the open(as usefull as Agent Marlowe's flamethrower was it made him a high profile target for confused survivors.)

The agents moved through the city eliminating any small groups of zombies that happened to get in their way. Leon noticed an increasing number of fields and single family homes and knew that they were getting closer to their destination.

Leon heard gunfire in the distance as he and his group neared the top of a hill. He motioned them to get down as he pulled a pair of binoculars from a pouch on his belt. Through the binoculars he could tell that the hill they were on was overlooking a valley with a group of buildings inside of the valley. He also saw a large sign reading "Wilhelm Shopping Center" with a list of fast food places and a sign for the Wilhelm mall under it.

He zoomed his binoculars in and saw an enormous group of zombies crowded around the mall and groups of armed humans on the roof of both the mall and an Arby's across the street from it. The odd thing about the group on the Arby's roof was that they weren't firing into the zombies. It looked like they were firing on the group of people on the mall.

"Alright newbies, listen up..."Leon began,"We have possible hostiles on the roof of an Arby's. Agent Harris, I want you to get into a firing position in those woods to the east and give me a threat assesment on whoever is on that building and don't even think about firing on anyone until I give you the go-ahead. Agent Marlowe, you're with me. We have to sneak into that mall and secure those survivors, that may or may not include taking out whoever is on that roof. You have your orders, let's move."

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OoC: I'm taking the Wal-Mart.

Ray ran through the alleyway, Miller was making a great decoy. He ran down the street, avoiding the few lingering zeds, untill he came across a group of about 30 zeds blocking the road, a few blocks away. "It seemed to easy. I knew it had to get harder. "

Ray and his men unloaded on the zeds, only taking a few down, and geting the rests attention.

"Oh crap, this doesn't look good, but we're only a few blocks away" Ray said, noticing more zeds filing in behind. Ray pulled out his Mags, and killed as many as he could. "Men, just run for it!" Ray said, putting his shoulder down and running at the zombies.

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Fifteen minutes in, the radio channels were already abuzz. Seems the Undead Population of Wilhelm had gotten together and are throwing the Agency one big welcoming party. Miller's already run into his share of the fun and Harding has one of those nasty feelings that he's next.

God damn this rain, he cursed quietly, it can never be a SUNNY day for an outbreak, can it?

"Eyes open fellas," the hoarse whisper rasped from his throat, "shit's hit the fan over at town center. Let's be gentlemen and go last, shall we?"

With that, he flicked his fingers and two assault team agents bolted past him to the opposite side of the street. Their light footsteps nonetheless kicking up small splashes on the flooded asphalt.

Nothing yet.


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(OOC: By the way, Abnet, 0_0, I already called the Wal-Mart. You guys are welcomed to join me if you want to or we can work out something separately. Your choice.)

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OOC: Geez I'm having bad luck picking out a place to go. How about the mall? It doesn't look like anybody picked that yet right?

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OOC: The way I see it is this, you've got three options. Two of you can take the other objectives that haven't been called, you could all retcon this so that it's one big happy team off to the Wal-Mart, or the three teams can all arrive at the Wal-Mart and chalk it up to miscommunication incharacter. Although if it helps it seems that Maelstrom first called the Wal-Mart while O_O called the mall. Now I really don't care where each of you go despite what you called earlier, just as long as something happens where no one pretends that the other isn't there.

Miller quickly said into his radio, "Sorry Rhodes, we kind of got surrounded by them buggers. I'll swing by to pick you up in a minute."

Looking for a good quick exit out of the mess Miller quickly spied a pickup truck that would have to do. Quickly rushing over to it he opened the unlocked door, hopped in the driver's seat, pulled out his knife, and then began to hotwire the thing. "Pile in!" he shouted.

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eric looked over at miller and nodded as he jumped into the shotgun seat his rec between his legs as some other agents hopped in he then lookef at miller "whats the plan bossman" he asked as he took out a soft cloth and wiped the zombie gore off his glasses.

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(OOC: I'm fine with any of the above options.)

Posted by: Abnet Aug 14 2008, 04:41 AM
(OOC: Okay, I'm at the mall right now. If anybody else is coming/already there speak up.)

IC: Leon and Agent Marlowe made their way into the shopping center. They stayed close to the buildings and tried to keep as quiet as possible knowing that if any of the zombies noticed them they were, to put it lightly, utterly fucked.

Leon heard Agent Harris' voice crackle into his headset.

"Agent Stevens, I'm in position and awaiting orders."
"Give me a threat assessment on those guys on the roof of the Arby's."
"Alright... it looks like four guys. They look a little too well armed for survivors."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, the breifing mentioned that Wilhelm didn't have any gunstores but these guys have AK-47s, Dragunovs, hand grenades, the works."
"The briefing did mention a terrorist orginization too. Do these guys have any sort of markings, badges, anything like that?"
"Let me see... It looks like they have some kind of patch on their arms but I can' tell what they say. I'd be willing to bet that if there are terrorists operating in the area these guys would be likely candidates."
"Alright, we are gonna head up to the roof. Give us cover fire but do not shoot to kill until we have confirmed hostiles, got that?"
"Got it. Shoot to disable only. Agent Harris out."

Leon slowly made his way up a ladder on the side of the Arby's with Agent Marlowe behind him. Leon peeked over th edge and looked at what he had to work with: Four possible hostiles and a generator being the only available cover. He ducked back down when he saw one of the guys start to move toward the ladder. He walked to the edge of the roof, right above where Leon was. Luckily with Leon's outfit and the weather conditions he was practically invisible.

Wait for it... Wait for it... NOW!

With that thought Leon pulled himself up over the ladder, grabbed his target's head, and slammed it down on the side of the building, knocking him out instantly. He quickly vaulted over the wall on the roof and dragged the unconscious man behind the generator. Any sound that would have been made by Leon's actions would have been impossible to hear over the combined sounds of gunfire and moaning zombies. Leon and Agent marlowe moved behind the generator and took a look at Leon's victim. He was wearing a balacava and woodland camo BDUs with a kevlar vest over it. He looked at the nametag on the man's vest. He couldn't quite tell but it looked like the name was written in Russian. Leon checked the patch on the guys arm and saw that it was a red star with a hammer and sickle inside of it with something written underneath it also in what he assumed was Russian.

Leon drew his silenced M1911 from its holster and Agent Marlowe having nothing quieter pulled a throwing knife from one of his wristguards.

"Agent Harris, we have confirmed hostiles on the Arby's roof. You have permission to fire on my signal. Shoot to kill in three. Two. One. Now."

When Leon gave the signal the three agents killed the men on the roof with almost machine like effectiveness. Leon and Agent Marlowe dove out from behind the generator, taking out two of the terrorists and before the third could turn around, Agent Harris shot him in the head.

"Nicely done guys." Leon said over his headset.
"Thank you, sir." Agent Harris replied. "I'll regroup to you no-"

Agent Harris was cut off and Leon heard a thud followed by loud screams and animalistic snarling.

"Agent Harris, come in!" Leon yelled into his headset. There was no response.

Leon looked through his binoculars and saw a large figure hunched over what had to have been Agent Harris.

He zoomed his binoculars in and saw that the figure over Agent Harris was some kind of dog.

"Attention all agents operating in Wilhelm, be advised, I have lost contact with an agent presumed KIA and I have just encountered a group of Russian terrorists which may have a connection to the outbreak. The terrorists are well armed and have attack dogs with them. I managed to take one of the terrorists prisoner and I'll try to get more information later but for now I am proceeding with my mission. Agent Stevens out."

Leon looked over at the unconscious Russian.

"Agent Marlowe, lets take our new friend on a little trip to the mall."
"Right, Agent Stevens." Marlowe replied as he picked up the unconscious man.

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Rhodes pulled his MP5 out and began scanning quickly his surroundings.

"Thanx there Miller. Remind me to offer you a live handgrenade next time you sneeze. Just get your asses over here. Or let me know where your going so i can get moving," radioed back the vampire agent as he spotted a main group of undead shuffling after the mobilized FVZA'rs.

A low moan from his left alerted Rhodes to a potential threat. Spinning his gun around his reflexes told him to fire at the precise moment. One bullet shot from the barrel and connected with a rotter that was clamboring atop the van Rhodes was perched on. The back of the zeds head exploded in gore, splattering the ground.

Geezus, I must be getting old. He was right on top of me.

"Miller, I'm moving toward your location, mines getting too hot. I'll meet you halfway, out."

Rhodes dropped from the van roof and sprinted at vampire speed thru the mass of abandoned vehicles and burning debris. Spotting a small station wagon, Rhodes rushed up to it to find a dead woman hangin half out the open driver door. There were groceries in the back still. Her head had been gnawed on and the brains inside were missing.

"Ewww," muttered Rhodes as he unbuckled the corpse's seatbelt and jerked the body out. He turned the key and the engine fired up.

Slamming the door, the vamp slammed his foot on the gas and began his weeving towards Miller and the other agents position. He managed to run a few straggling zeds over in the process.

Posted by: O_O Aug 15 2008, 12:11 AM
Ray broke through the zombies, infront of the mall. The door wa blocked, and zombies were getting closer. "Let me in!!! FVZA Agent, I'm here to help!!!"

He heard voices, but the door didn't open.

Ray radioed Miller.
"Miller, Mall's closed up, they won't let us in. What do we do?"
Ray said firing at the closing zombies. Then he opened the radio channel.
"Any agents in the mall, this is Ray, let me in!!!!"
Ray was trying desperateley to reload his shotgun.
"Help, we're surrounded, and running out of bullets!!"

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 15 2008, 01:41 AM
Rhodes heard his radio in his ear that Ray was in need of some help. Just as he was trying to respond, a rotter went thru the grill and into the radiator, killing the engine.

"Fuckin rotters! This is Rhodes, Miller...come in god damn it, the mall is a cluster fuck. We gotta get to some high ground and assess this situation better before you all are getting it up the butt by a zed!"

The vampire jumped from the trashed vehicle and rushed towards an retail shop and began scaling the wall.

Posted by: Maelstrom Aug 15 2008, 03:40 AM
According to the radiochatter, Wilhelm was really coming alive now. Well, perhaps "alive" is not the best term.

Ten shadow-like figures moved swiftly through the storm. An array of large caliber weapons point in every direction, sweeping every rooftop and passing across every shadow. Harding would've preferred if there was higher ground to go through, but when life gives you lemons...

Through the rain and fog, silhouettes formed in the distance. Moaning, shambling forms, staggering aimlessly forward. Throngs upon throngs of them, sloshing through the rain, blocking the entire street.

Harding screeched to a sudden halt and swept his hand-'take cover'. The ten assault agents melted into the shadows, weapons protruding slightly from their concealment.

"Listen up, roadblock ahead. We're gonna circle around and head in from the East. Might be passing the high school, so keep an eye out for survivals. Hooah?"

A chorus of whispered acknowledgments buzzed in his ear.

"Okay, let's go."

With that, the figure rose from their hides and trotted into the night.

(OOC: Potentially anything at the high school?)

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Climbing up a drainpipe like a macak monkey, the vamp hopped over the ledge and quickly scanned for hostiles on the roof. After clearing the area, the rain slacking up a bit, Rhodes radioed again for the rest of the team as he hunkered by the town facing edge.

"This is Rhodes, I'm atop a small retail building with eyes on your street. Miller do you read me?" he radioed as he scanned the area below with his vamp-vision.

Several blueish hues were easily identified, moving around the warm vehicle he just vacated moments ago. Towards Millers direction, Rhodes could make out faint movement and warm bodies, however the various fires and such around made it hard to discern anything more. Glancing over his shoulder, he spotted a large water tower in the distance just behind the apartments and townhomes. It wasslit up with the name WILHELM W&P on the side.

Hmmm. Town water supply. Could be a possible toxic delivery point. Might be worth checking out, he thought before turning his attention back to the streets below.

"Miller, this is Rhodes, proceed to your objective. Repeat proceed to your objective. I'm gonna check out the water tower across town near the air raid siren there. I'll rendezvous with you at the mall after i check out the water supply and fire up that siren. One person can make it in there easier than a whole team. Besides, with that being residential, the risk of higher zeds will be greater, no use risking a whole team. Rhodes out."

After checking his gear thouroughly, Rhodes slid down the drainpipe and began to creep his way along the side streets towards the water tower. He noticed the zombie count was climbing as he picked his way thru the buildings. The zombie count would naturally be higher in residential areas. A whole team would draw attention, especially warm blooded ones. Vampires were usually ignored by the undead, unless they had recently fed and were warm.

Hopping over a small fence separating two townhome complexes, Rhodes' sense of smell alerted him that the undead were thick in this area.

"Ooooofff. God i forgot how bad these things stink," he mumbled tryin to move silently as possible.

With his back to the wall down the narrow alley, the vamp peeked out and could see the high fence surrounding the water towers base. There were several zeds clawing at the fencing. Thru the shambling mass, Rhodes spotted several warm blooded bodies w/ the aide of his vision.

Hmmmm... survivors? I doubt it.

Trying the handle to the door to the townhome stairwell, Rhodes broke the lock and slipped inside. Making his way up he found an apartment unlocked and entered, MP5 level and ready. Sweeping from room to room, he walked into a bedroom and a lil girl standing in the corner, blood smeared barbie doll in her hands. The milky eyes told him everything he needed to know.

POP. The bullet dropped her like a drunk uncle. Rhodes walked into the room facing the water tower. His higher vantage point allowed him to see the men standing in fatigues and carrying m16's at the base.

"Yeah. Just what i hoped for...targets of opportunity."

Rhodes pressed the radio button on his throat mic, "This is Rhodes, I've got three hostiles guarding the town water tower. I'd guess they used towns water lines to deliver the turning agent en mass. Proceed with caution. Out."

Posted by: O_O Aug 15 2008, 10:27 PM
Ray blew off another zeds head. He was still cornered, the survivors didn't trust him. Thought he was a terrorist, though he said "Goverment men". A crazy.

Ray overheard Rhodes. "Rhodes, the water towers not far from here. I can see it, barely. Mind helping us out, after you're done there? We need it. The air raid siren's, on top of the mall, the buildings pretty old. We can't get inside, can you?" Ray said quickly. The zombies knew there was fresh meat here, and they wanted some.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 16 2008, 12:24 AM
OOC: O_O, I was actually in the process of sneaking into the back of the mallso as of where you left off you are on your own.

IC: Leon and Agent Marlowe were searching the mall for survivors and coming up with nothing.

Must all be on the roof.

Suddenly Leon heard Ray's voice coming through his headset.

"Any agents in the mall, this is Ray, let me in!"

Leon looked over at Agent Marlowe.

"So much for stealth. We've gotta go save Ray."

Leon and Agent Marlowe headed for the front entrance of the mall. It took a minute but once they heard the gunshots getting louder it wasn't long until they were at the door.

Leon unlocked the door Agent Marlowe took out a group of zombies closest to Ray.

"Get the hell in here!" Leon yelled.

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eric grabbed the raido and looked at it as he turned in the ferquncy "rhodes this is benson miller is curently trying not top get us raped by deadheads" we are heading to god knows where and will be waiting for you whne you get thetere suddenly a shot rang out from his 45 TAKE THAT GHOUL he shouted over the raido as he sild back into the drivers seat.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 16 2008, 04:27 AM
OOC: Alright gents, I'll probably make just a few more posts and then I'll have to bail out. I have to ship out for basic training with the air force on Monday so I'll be gone for about two months between basic and the early phases of tech school. Maelstrom, as for what's at the high school is totally up to you to decide. Since your character is going there it's your show until someone else shows up.

Miller was driving along in the pickup truck he'd highjacked with Benson riding shotgun and the rest of of his team in the flatbed into town center. Upon arriving in downtown on Main Street he took out his radio and said "Miller here, sorry for the delay, these zed's aren't making this go any faster. I'll try to activate the siren and try to get a hold of plans for the water infrastructure around here."

As much as he wished to continue in the relative safety of a vehicle, downtown was blocked off by what appeared to be a hastily assembled barricade of vehicles, furniture, and other assorted matter. Miller parked the truck on the sidewalk on the corner of Main Street and Jackson Street a block away from the barricade which started at Jefferson Avenue and then dismounted.

Miller quickly took the lead up front, walking quickly with his rifle in hand as he continued to scan forward for any threats. As they approached the barricade an unarmed man opened the doors of one of the cars and then ran out, but instead of running to the agents he quickly tried to run to the left down Jefferson Street. Unfortunately for him the crack of a single gunshot filled the air and his knee suddenly exploded in a small shower of blood and bone fragments. He let out a horrifying scream of pain as he collapse to the ground and put his hands to his knee which continued to pour blood as a pool of it gathered around him. Before the agents could even muster a response to help the man a group of three zombies crawled out of a gap in the barricade.

Damnit, this guy needs help. But it could mean risking the team. It's our job to risk our lives to save others... but I do need this team to save many more lives. And helping that man could attract the attention of the sniper who could theoretically take out the whole team. For all I know that man was being used as unwilling bait for us. Thought Miller.

"I know I'm going to regret this." He muttered quietly to himself before giving the hand signal not to take any action.

They quickly began devouring him amidst his screams of terror and pain. Blood spurted from various places where they took bites and they continued to feast upon him like a Thanksgiving meal despite his continued flailing. But then Miller noticed something, the zombies were all crawling on the ground as opposed to the normal shambling. He had a hunch and pulled out his binoculars to find out. The zoomed in view confirmed his theory, each zombie had suffered from wounds to the knees.

Interesting. These zombies came from inside the barricade despite the fact that I hadn't spotted any inside there. That means that it's possible that there's more in there but they weren't visible from our side of that barricade since they'd all be crawling. This means that there must be a sniper shooting for knee caps, possibly because he hasn't figured to shoot for the head and taking out the knees slows them down to a crawl. Or... he could be purposely crippling other survivors to make them easy prey for zombies and these zombies might be people that were surviving inside the barricade until this sniper started taking them out. And the man from the car must have hidden himself inside and mistook us for more assailants and decided to flee. But that must mean that whoever initially attacked them must be well armed and possibly dressed for the occasion.

That would explain a lot... except where the sniper is. I couldn't tell where the bullet came from, but I think I can take some guesses. The sniper must have been able to target the whole barricade, yet he hasn't targeted us yet. In order to hit that man from Main Street we'd have to be well within view... unless... unless the sniper changed locations from Main Street to some place on Jefferson Street. In which case he hasn't seen us yet since we haven't yet rounded the corner. That means that unless the sniper has figured out that we were what caused that man to break from his cover we'll still have the element of surprise.

Miller said quietly to his team, "Alright gentlemen, I think that we've got a hostile sniper somewhere on Jefferson Street, I'm guessing somewhere south to our right, but it could be from either direction. Normally I'd have us set up an ambush for the bastard when he moves to a new location, but we're racing against the clock here. Instead we'll go back to the alley we just passed and use that to access the buildings via their backdoors. We'll manually search each building on this side of the street for him. Just keep in mind that there's a fifty percent chance that he's across the street, in which case you'll probably have to somehow get a shot at him without being noticed. And if you run into any zombies keep it quiet, otherwise you'll ruin our element of surprise. Now let's go."

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 16 2008, 02:31 PM
Rhodes caught the radio transmissions and began to line up his plan.

"Roger that Miller, if you get plans to the system water supply, it might help. Going silent, Rhodes out."

The vamp lined up his first target. The shot was a long one for just an MP5 and an ACOG sight. But his vampire sight and his skills made up the gap. The first shot hit the man just above his left eye. The second and third shots were nearly simultaneous as the targets were in close proximity. By the time the first enemy hit the ground dead, the other two were on their way to the great beyond.

"Bingo, and thats yatzee people."

Rhodes came down out of the townhome and made his way, dropping zeds in his path, to the fencing. In a single leap, off a dead rotten corpse's back, Rhodes was up and over the high fencing. Rifling thru the dead enemys clothing, he found nothing of useful value. They were all armed with basic M16, standard army issue. The vampire examined the water towers base for any explosive devices and/or anything suspicious. The scent of a faint chemical hit Rhodes nose. He followed it to a small building the size of a one car garage. He noticed the lock was broken.

"Point of entry." he mused.

Clearing the inside, Rhodes saw the various gauges and valves that monitored the water tower. A small map was laminated and duct taped to the wall. It showed a rough schematic of the pump station facility. It also listed an inlet valve from an outside supply source. An underground reservoir not too far from the tower. There was a phone number and name under the reservoir listing.

"Damn. Main supply line comes from there," said Rhodes as he snatched the map off the wall and tucked it inside his clothing.

Going outside, Rhodes radioed, "Attention, the main supply source of water could be contaminated. DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT come into contact with and local water sources."

Now i just need to fire that siren up.

Hoping the fencing again with a vampire leap, the agent began to make his way over to the siren.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 16 2008, 07:20 PM
right water supply containmated"nsaid eric as he looked over at miller he had gone off on his own and now he was trying to sneak his way past the sniper switching over to his knife he went in low and stealthy trying to keep out of the way if the deadheads as he oadded through the streets his boots tankfull were rubber soled so his steps nwere muffled as he moved quietly suddenlyu he caqme upon a fire escape and latched onto it making his way up to a safe area he pulled out his radio and hid "rhodes are you therew" is anyone out there

Posted by: O_O Aug 18 2008, 12:18 AM
OoC: Sorry it took me so long to reply, but this is the last post I'll make an awhile. I'm on Vacation. Also, i'm making Ray guard the door, so I don't have to worry much.

Ray ran in. "Thanks. Where's the crazy? i hope he's not on the roof. Then it'll make or job just a bit harder. I'm low on ammo, I'll guard the door. "

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 18 2008, 04:33 AM
OOC: This will be my exiting post as I ship out for basic training tomorrow. Any plot holes or discrepencies present in this post are all planned for my eventual return. I'm extremely sorry that I couldn't advance my part of the mission a bit more, but hey; duty calls.

While in the alley Miller received a radio message, "Come in Zeus forty-two. I repeat, come in Zeus forty-two. Over."

"Yeah, I'm here. Zeus sixty four reporting. Over." Replied Miller.

"This is Cronos one twenty eight, time to initiate Titan Phase 4." Said the voice over the radio.

"I dig." Answered Miller as he set back the opposite way in the alley, hopped into the pickup truck without saying a word to the agents under his command and immediately began driving.

"This job resembles the X-Files more and more every day." Muttered Miller as he drove further into the storm.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 20 2008, 12:19 AM
Reaching the siren, Rhodes caught a faint, static'y transmission. Pausing he positioned himself against a large tree.

"Rhodes here. I didn't copy, please repeat last transmission."

He waiting for a moment before shrugging and moving his way to the siren.
The siren was atop a small tower building the size of a storage locker cemented into the ground. Fiddling with the junction box lock, he opened the case and flipped the switch.

Nothing happened.

Hrrrmmm? What the fuck?

Jerking up on the handle several more times resulted in the same result. No siren.

"God damn piece of shit," he cursed loudly.

Grabbing the access panel to the main power box, Rhodes with his vampire strength jerked it off and slung it over his shoulder. Examining the contents and wiring. He could see the main bus fuse was missing.

"Uh oh," he muttered, quickly looking around for the fuse or a replacement.

Found nothing as well.

Gritting his teeth, Rhodes pulled out one of his .45's and fired a round at a distant zombie. Picking up the casing quickly, he shoved it into the fuse slot and threw the power handle. Their was a brief flash of a spark, then the siren began its 100 db wail.


Clutching at his ears, giving him time to close off his acute vampire hearing, Rhodes took off running towards the entrance to the underground water supply for the town.

Posted by: O_O Aug 20 2008, 01:05 AM
OoC: Also my exiting post. Decided I should withdraw Ray from this mission before school started, so I wouldn't have to worrry so much. He's still there though, so someone try rescuing him. Also, I just withdrew him from this mission becuase the first week of school is always hectic. I'll still be in later missions.

"You know what, I think I'll get the Siren. " Said, Ray changing his mind. He ran up the stairs, quickly reaching the roof. He flipped the switch, setting off the siren a seconds after Rhodes, as if an answer. "Simple enough. " Ray said turning around.

There was the crazy. He was average height, red hair, camoflouge on, with a little stubble. He seemed familiar to Ray. Caught up in thought, Ray barely had time to notice the gun before the man fired off a shot. He had Colt .45, probally got it before moving into town. Though it was just a pistol, the guy was a good shot. He got Ray in the shoulder, where there was no Kevlar. He shot Ray again, in the chest, knocking Ray off balance, making him stumble and fall through the skylight, where he landed on the second floor in front of some escalators. When he landed he broke his arm, and barely had time to weakly yell "Help!" before falling into unconsciusness.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 20 2008, 07:26 PM
The call for help was heard over the raido and eric muttered something under his breath "shit...newbie down" thought eric as he ran past a few deadheads towards the nearest car dearship they were downtown after all he moved through the various cars in the lot before grinning seeing a hybrid suv just waiting to be taken over. "well i suppose now is a s a god time as any" smashing the car window with the butt of his gun eric unlocked the door and climbed into the seat exhaling. "Ok now what you dumb four eyed fuck" he muttered under his breath, Eric then hopped out of thje car and into the empylee area grabbing the keys he smriked and headed back to the car starting it up. The vechile had half a tank left with a sigh of relief eric started the car and raced off towards ray's last known location "hang on kid im coming"

At the mall eric shot the glass out of a bargian basment storefront and walked into the window making sure to border it up from any deadhead attacks he then came out onto the first floor of the mall and started his search for ray after a few minutes he came to the escaltors heading to the second floor it was there that he spotted the limp form of the agent. "come on man wake up im with fvza" he said as he checkjed for a pulse.

Posted by: O_O Aug 21 2008, 01:35 AM
"You better not do CPR. " Ray muttered. "My left arm's broken, I need a splint. " Ray said sitting up. "The crazy's still up there, let's go. " Ray grabbed his equipment, checked it, and slowly stood up. "There's a first aid kit downstairs in the employee lounge. " Ray walked towards the escalators with a small limp.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 21 2008, 04:04 AM
OOC: O_O and Benson: you guys are still in the mall right?

IC: Leon was standing in the employee lounge wating for Eric to come back with Ray.

"Figured you'd be needing this. Take a seat on this table."

Leon looked at Ray's broken arm.

"So, uh... Anybody know how to set a broken arm?"
"That'd be me, sir. I've only got basic medical trainingso this might take a while." Agent Marlowe said.
"Good. I'm gonna go take a look around here and see if this place is secure. Eric, stay here and keep watch at the door."

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 21 2008, 04:33 AM
"sure thing leon" said eric as he went aginst a wall and got down on one knee looking out every so often so see if anyone or leon was coming back he sighed a bit and shook his head things were going hell fast this wasnt branson this was more like seattle. Eric then looked over at ray as he watched the kid being patched up poor guy was probaly going through hell now as eric watched them he moved over to a vending machine and shot the lock off and put out a few snacks for the 5 of them along with some drinks a little mini buffet as it were his eyes never leaving the door as he waited for leon to come back. "when you guys are done theres some food and drink to help keep your strentgh up but be sure to save for for leon and myself" Said eric as he took his postion back up. He was alot of things but even in the heat of battle he was still a bit selfless

Posted by: Abnet Aug 21 2008, 05:46 AM
Leon walked around the abandoned mall. As creepy and trashed as the place was it was strangely peacefull.

He went over to a row of snack machines and pushed the button for a gatorade.

Hmm. Guess I'll need some money....

He looked around for some change on the ground and finnaly decided to just smash the glass in with the butt of his rifle. He took a few assorted drinks and headed back to the rest of the group.

He walked into the employee lounge, it was a small set of rooms with tables and chairs. The usual place for the mall security and other employees to take a break.

He threw some drinks to the agents and picked up the unconscious Russian he had taken prisoner a while back, took him into another room, and tied him to a chair.

He took the man's balacava off and splashed some water on his face to wake him up.

"Wakey wakey, ruskie." Leon said to the man.
"Uhhh... who are you?"
"You aren't the one asking questions here. Who are you and what connection do you have to the outbreak here?"
"Fuck off, American. Why sould I be telling you anything?"
Leon punched the Russian in the face and held his combat knife to the man's throat.
"Because I'm the one that decides whether or not you go free or I decide to take you up to the roof and feed the zombies."
The Russian spit in Leon's face. Leon put the man's arm on a nearby table and stabbed his knife through his hand, pinning it to the table. The Russian screamed in pain.
"You're lucky I was wearing this gas mask when you did that or I might have gotten a little pissed."
"You don't scare me. I won't tell you a goddamn thing."
Leon puched him in the face again and heard the man's nose break. Blood came gushing out of his nostrils and Leon gave him another punch to the stomach.

The force from the blows made the Russian fall back in his chair a bit which made the knife in his hand cut further through the skin leaving a hole nearly the full length of his palm.

"Auuugh! Okay okay! Just take the knife out of my hand and I'll tell you whatever you want to know."
"Hmmm... How about I leave the knife in your hand and if I think you're lying I'll start cutting into your other hand?"
"... What do you want to know?"
"Well for starters, who are you?"
"I'm with the Black Snake mercenary corperation. We were hired by Russian Ultranationalists to plant the virus in the town's water supply. Our scientists engineered the virus to kill infected people faster and also mutated it to affect some animals."
"Animals? Which ones?"
"It was designed to stay dormant in livestock until their meat or milk gets ingested but we found that it has a similar effect on dogs that it does on humans.
"Is that it?"
"Yes. Now please let me go."

Leon heard a window break and looked up to see a zombified Agent Harris making his way through the broken window along with a large crowd of zombies behind him.

The Russian looked up at Leon.

"Let me go! Please!"

Leon looked at him for a second and cut his ropes. Before he could make a run for it, Leon shot the Russian's kneecaps and shoved him onto the floor toward the window.

Leon walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

"We've got alot of hostiles coming in through the back. Pack up your shit and let's get out of here."
"What about the Russian?" Agent Marlowe said as he poped Ray's arm back into place and put a splint on it.
"He's buying us some time."

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 21 2008, 11:06 AM
Trotting along at a good clip, the vamp agent bounded over fencing, cars, dead bodies, whatever was between him and the towns underground water supply.

Hmmm. 50/50 odds this place is crawling and guarded like a mother. He thought to himself just as he came to rest beside a large utility bed construction truck owned by Massey Construction Inc.

Looking inside the cab was empty. Several bullet holes preforated the windshield.
Rhodes only had about a half a second to react when he heard the gunshot. Ducking instantly, but not fast enough, Rhodes felt the round impact him square in the chest. Hitting the ground, he coughed slightly and gritted his teeth.

"Muther fuckin... aww that's it. Cocksuckers zombie food now," he barked as he rolled under the vehicle and began to extrapolate from where the shot was fired.

Striking him with solid force but at a slightly elevated angle, Rhodes guessed the shooter was using smaller caliber rifle, m16 more than likely judging from the report, and was nearly level with him. Glancing quickly, wiping the rain water from his face, he caught a slight bit of movement around a couple of collided cars.

Straining his vision, Rhodes could see that the shooter was lounging inside one of the vehicles, rifle sticking out the missing winshield.

"Least he's outta the rain."

Pulling his mp5 clip out, Rhodes slapped in a different clip, one with tracer rounds. Aiming at the car's underbelly from his prone position, Rhodes could see just a sliver of the car's gas tank. Grinning, he fired one round, piercing a nice hole from which a steady stream of gasoline began to leak from. The shooter fired several more rounds at the vamp agent, but couldnt get a good clean shot.

"Just keep sitting there barbie-Q, cuz i got your sorry number now."

Rhodes fired the next phosphorus round at the asphalt causing the needed spark to ignite the fuel vapors. The car's underbelly erupted in flames. The sniper began to scramble out thru the windshield opening when Rhodes rolled out from under his cover. The man was about to jump from the hood when a bullet from Rhodes slammed into his shin, dropping him onto his ass. As the man clutched at his bloody, shattered tibia, the vamp smiled from afar.

Yelling, "Hey, I wanted the zeds to have a nice home cooked meal...ya fuck!"

Rhodes could see the man raising his rifle, but the vamp was much faster and pegged him in both the forearm and shoulder. Unable to hold the gun, or walk, the man just sat atop the burning wreck as several zombies shuffled over to check out the sounds and yelling.

"Eat up boys...dinners on me," muttered Rhodes before sprinting at vamp speed the next few hundred yards towards the water supply.

Posted by: O_O Aug 21 2008, 04:19 PM
OoC: Benson, can you please capitalize and use puncuation? Sorry, pet peeve.

Ray grabbed his shotgun off the table, finished his pretzels, and stuck an un-opened RC in a grenade slot on his vest. "So, we leaving the mall or just this area? The sirens going off, so this is a hotspot. Besides they're bombing the place in an hour and a half. Something tells me it's gonna take us some time to get out a town. " Ray walked to the metal desk by the door. "Will someone help me move this?"

Posted by: Abnet Aug 25 2008, 04:58 AM
(OOC: O_O, whichever one of your arms that got broken is in a sling now so keep that in mind.)

IC: Leon helped Ray block the door and then turned to face the agents.

"Alright guys, it looks like we've got a mutated form of the zombie virus being stored in the town's water supply near Rhode's position. I'm sure command could use a sample of the new virus and if the vampires don't know about it yet I want to keep it that way. For time's sake I'd sugget Eric and Ray go activate one of the beacons in another part of town while Agent Marlowe and I get that sample."

Leon loaded a fresh clip into his REC7.

"And there are probably gonna be more zombies out there so watch your backs. Let's move out."

Posted by: Abnet Aug 25 2008, 05:34 AM
(OOC: Sorry about the double post.)

IC: A few minutes and alot of dead zombies later Leon and Agent Marlowe were back in the more urbanized portion of Wilhelm in search of the town's water supply.

Leon knew that there was no way they would catch up to Rhodes but judging by the increasing number of dead humans they were getting closer.

A few more minutes of travelling past without any resistance and soon Leon was able to make out what looked like a series of large water tanks half burried in the ground.

The two agents made their way closer to the tanks and saw an open door in the side of a large concrete wall.

Must be getting really close.

"Time to go silent." Leon whispered and he pulled his pistol out of his holster and flipped on his night vision goggles.

Leon and Agent Marlowe quietly made their way through the door and down a large staircase leading somewhere below ground level.

"Check your corners and keep an eye out for anything that looks like a water pump."

As they went deeper into the water supply building they began to see more and more dead bodies. Some of freshly killed terrorists, others older remains of the facility's zombified workers.

Rhodes is making this too easy for us.

Leon and Agent Marlowe walked onto a catwalk overlooking a room with a large, open tank full of the contaminated water.

He looked around the room below and saw someone walking around.

Must be Rhodes. Not much to do now but wait until he makes his move.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 25 2008, 05:46 PM
Having made his way past the sniper and several grunt sentries, Rhodes managed to find his way to the main pump room.

A large building housed several water treatment pools. The pools were fed via a series of deep underground wells. The pools were then tested and treated (via computer monitoring stations around the walls of the concrete and steel building) before being released out to the towns people.

Rhodes eased to the main pump room. The smell of chlorine and fluroide as well as various other treatment chemicals bombarded his sense of smell.

"Guhh," he winced.

Poking his head up to look thru the window in the steel door, he could make out four or five workers as well as several men with guns. Technicians had on standard public works overalls. Arching a brow, the scent of blood wafted by him.
Glancing again, Rhodes spotted several bodies on the floor, lying in small pools of blood from several gunshots.

Hunkering down, Rhodes pressed his mic button, "Water supply compromised. Several hostiles have taken over. We have fatalities. Repeat civilian casualties. I am proceeding to sweep and clear the water facility. Get them other sirens up boys, I've got this."

After transmitting, the vamp agent checked his mp5 quickly then gently opened the door and hopefully reached for a lightswitch. After a soft pass with his hand, he found a switch and flipped it after closing his eyes to allow his vamp vision to adjust. Once the yells of surprize told him the lights were out, he burst into the room and rolled off to the side into complete darkness. Only the faint glow of lights on the instruments provided any light in the room. A momentary firefight erupted before Rhodes flipped the lights back on.
The hostiles were down, the civilians were shaken but unharmed. Many had hit the deck once the shooting began.

"Easy does it folks. I'm with the calvary. I need to know what has happened in here and pronto," he said, easing the fearful looks in the workers eyes.

Posted by: O_O Aug 26 2008, 12:45 AM
OoC: I asked someone to help me move the desk BECAUSE of the broken arm. No offense.

Ray looked around. Just him and Eric, and a crap load of zombies trying to get in. "So, where we going? You get to pick first. "

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 26 2008, 10:51 PM
Eric looked at Ray and grinned. "Feel like going back to school partner." He said rembering something Miller had said about a high school having an air raid siren near it.

Posted by: O_O Aug 27 2008, 02:06 AM
Ray only had one thing to say "Will there be homework?"

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 27 2008, 03:05 AM
"Like I ever did homework anyway" He grinned and headed out towards the school.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 27 2008, 05:22 AM
Leon looked into the water tank and wondered what he could do to get a smaple. It looked like there was a pump on the floor below him but that would risk running into Rhodes. He checked the pouches in his vest and found a half empty water bottle and some rappeling cord.

He shrugged. What am I, MacGyver? ...Worth a try I guess.

He wrapped the cord around the water bottle and lowered it into the water tank. To his amazement it worked. He raised the bottle back up and put in in one of his empty mag pouches.

The two agents were about ready to leave when Leon spotted a rifle barrel sticking out of a window in a room across from him. It look like it was being aimed at Rhodes.

Oh goddamnit. I was in the clear too. Better go save his ass.

The lights for the lower room hung down below the catwalk so it was pitch black on Leon's level making it pretty easy to sneak into the shooter's room.

The shooter wore the same outfit the rest of the terrorists wore so he must have been one of the guards in the treatment facility.

Leon crept up behind the sniper and put him in a headlock. He wasn't quick enough and the sniper managed to get a shot off before Leon grabbed him. The bullet hit the ground right in front of Rhodes.

Leon snapped the sniper's neck and proped him up on his rifle in the window. It wouldn't do much good up close but from where Rhodes was standing it would look like the sniper was still alive.

It wasn't the best decoy but Leon hoped it would keep Rhodes busy long enough for him to get out of the facility unnoticed.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 27 2008, 02:59 PM
The workers glanced amongst each other before one decided to answer the question.

"They just came in, shot Randy there first... then Joyce...before telling us to stop the pumps until they completed their task. They never said anything else, other than they'd kill anyone who tried to stop them," stammered the worker as he stared at the back of his dead companions on the floor.

"What did they do, EXACTLY?"

The man shook his head quickly, "I, I don't know exactly. They had us face the terminals most of the time."

Another spoke up, "The one, that one, he had me open the check valve after the pumps where shut down. Then he pulled out this container and poured it into the main."

"But that line only goes out to the town, right?" asked Rhodes.

"Uhh yeah. But then another one... who left shortly before you showed up, he had them to reverse the pumps. We use it for backwashing purposes, in case some particles jam the impellers."

"Sooo your saying he poured in the chemical, then had you run the pumps backwards to move it to the main system below?"

All the workers nodded in unison.

Suddenly a gunshot sent everyone scrambling and ducking. Except Rhodes.

Turning he looked thru the doorway and spotted a man staring thru the window down the hallway.

"Hrm? Everyone stay put for about 30 min. Then run like hell. Oh, btw, you'll all prolly be killed by the zombies that have overrun the town. The airforce is gonna be leveling this place with a fuel bomb. So i suggest you hurry. If you have any way to kill a viral infection in the water thats contaminated. I suggest you do it before leaving. Or else it could contaminate the whole water table of the seaboard. Get all that? Good. See ya," said Rhodes in nearly one breath.

It didnt matter anyway. Even if they did all that and still managed to get out, the fuel bomb that was scheduled would wipe them out regardless. Rhodes wanted them to feel like they at least had a sporting chance.

"Now, who's takin pot shots at me?" the vamp said as he poked his head around the corner of the room to see the shooter still standing there. His heat vision told him the man was human.. but something didnt feel right. His acute hearing let him know the person had no heartbeat, no pulse.

Walking up slowly with his mp5 leveled and ready...Rhodes jerked the door open and realized the man was deader than a cucumber.

"Fuckin hack agents," he grumbled.

Pressing his talk button, "Very funny guys. Remind me to sever your vocal cords so I can laugh about this later. If your wondering the water supply is shot. Fully infected and HIGHLY contagious. So if any of you dipshits were stupid enough to try to get a water sample, your prolly infected. So if the guy next to you handled the water... i'd shoot him now before he turns and infects the team. Rhodes, OUT".

That outta keep em guessing. However, its true tho. Unless they took the precautions to get the water with a bio suit or at the least bio-gloves, they're fucked. Who the hell makes viral shit this contagious anyway?! thought Rhodes as he made his way out of the building.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 27 2008, 03:51 PM
Leon made his way out of the facility. Dispite that minor setback with the sniper things were going pretty well for him.

Then he heard Rhode's transmission.

Leon looked at his hand and saw a small amount of liquid on his glove. He turned his radio to talk to the FVZA agents.

"Alright everybody, looks like I've got some good news and bad news. Good news is I've got the sample. Bad news is it's highly contagious and if don't get a chemical bath in the next four hours I'm dead. I'm heading back to the national guard station. I think I saw a decontamination room there but until I get back in the field I want everybody to stay the hell away from me. Leon out."

Posted by: O_O Aug 28 2008, 01:57 AM
Ray laughed, then heard the transmissions and stopped. "Wow, glad we're going a different way. "

Ray and Eric got to the school. The front glass door was broken, as well as what used to be a makeshift barrier. "Oh shit, wonder if anybodys alive. Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who goes in first?" Ray said putting up his nightvision goggles, whos batterys ran out. He shined his flashlight in. It didn't reach the end of the hall.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 29 2008, 12:47 AM
"You got the light,you go first amgio" said Eric rahter camly as he pulled out his assult rifle.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 29 2008, 05:09 AM
After about a half hour of running Leon saw the national guard station. He turned his radio to the national guard's frequency.

"This is Agent Stevens to the Wilhelm national guard base. I've got a sample of the virus and I'm heading to the base."
"That's great but why are you pulling out of the field?" one of the national guard asked.
"The sample his highly contagious and Agent Marlowe and I are gonna need chemical baths."
"Got it, Agent Stevens, we will prep the decontamination room. You will have to give us some indication that you're friendly, we were ordered to fire on anything we know isn't one of our guys."
"Right. I'll pop a flare once we are in range. Oh, and I don't want anyone coming near me without a biosuit until I get out of decontamination."
"Roger that."

Leon got close to the national guard station and threw up a flare. He saw several men in biosuits take the place of the normal guards and he walked up the hill to the base. One of the men motioned to all of the soldiers to stay back as they led Leon and Agent Marlowe to the decontamination tents. Both agents were taken to separate tents and one of the boisuited men took the sample from Leon into a third tent.

Leon stepped into his tent, removed his gear, and put it into a decontamination container. He got showered off with a sterilizing chemical after a few minutes a green light flashed.

A computerized voice came out of a speaker in the tent. "Decontamination complete. Please get your belongings from the pouch at the end of the tent."

Leon suited back up and walked outside where he was met by a national guard sergeant.

"Sir, we have secured the sample and are getting ready to send it to FVZA Command."
"Good. And the vampires don't know we have it?"
"I would assume not. Unless one of them found you when you first retrieved the sample."
"I don't think he did. How have things been here?"
"So far just five casualties. Zombie attacks have been getting less frequent but more have been showing up at once."
"Just keep them busy, sergeant. We only have a couple of sirens left."
"That's good news. You should get back in the field though. We've got it covered here."

Leon and the sergeant exchanged salutes as Agent Marlowe walked out of his tent.

"Where we headed, Leon?" asked Agent Marlowe.
"Let's get that last siren." Leon said as they set off for the fire station where the last siren was.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 29 2008, 12:45 PM
((OOC: guys, the townhomes siren was activated by me.. according to my reading, the one by the firehouse/police station is the last one..))

Rhodes exited the water station facility building...noticing the rain had all but cleared up, he nodded to himself.

"Well this is a nice improvement."

Trotting at a clip, a crackling message came over the radio.

"Krrk...all...krrk agents in op area...krrk. 30 min..krrk til...krrrk ... firing."

Stopping to strain his hearing, Rhodes glanced around to see there was no threats around.

"This is Field Agent Alpha, say again, repeat say again, over."

Static cleared up a tad, "This is national guard calling all field agents...we have orders to commence shelling in 30 min, repeat 30 mins, over."

Rhodes rolled his eyes, "Copy that, 30 min. There is one siren left to activate, near the police station adjacent to the firehouse, over."

"Roger that Alpha, the rest of your team is inbound. They just left approx. 5 min ago, over."

Rhodes cocked an eyebrow, "Did they run thru decontamination? They were dirty man, direct contact with the toxin, over."

"Affirmative. Two were dirty but got the spa treatement. Sample has been obtained. So if you have one too, just dump it near a siren, over."

Rhodes clenched his teeth and thought, "Asshole boyscouts."

"Roger Base, Alpha will provide cover support for inbound agents. I never got a sample. My new position will be highest point near siren, moving out now, OUT."

The vamp turned and hyper-sprinted toward the highest building he could find with a clear view of the police/fire station and last remaining siren.

An old abandoned auto parts store fit the bill. Rhodes scaled the outer wall and crept over to the wall overlooking the street. Sure enough, there attached to the side of the fire station was the WWII era air siren. And surely enough below it mulling around were several zombies...incl several dalmations and german sheppards.

"Ugg. Zed dogs...great. Well...agents will have fun with them. Better radio them."

"Rhodes to FVZA team. I got eyes on the last siren. Guess what meatsacks, you got zed dogs in the mix. I'll try to pop them first, but theres a helluva lotta rotters down there. Some are town cops cuz i can see them wearing kevlar, over."

Switching his mp5 to single shot, Rhodes lined up on the undead K9's and squeezed off a few rounds. He managed to drop a couple before the rest caught on and began to move away from the siren towards his building.

Posted by: O_O Aug 30 2008, 10:42 PM
Ray ran in. The halls were quiet, dark, and creepy. "We need to get to the roof. Look for stairs. " After about ten minutes of searching, he found the stairs, and got the transmission. "Shit, let's do this fast. " Ray ran up the stairs, and a zed pounced on him, pinning him, and Ray barely holding its head up with one arm. "GET THIS GUY OFF ME!!!" Ray yelled at Eric.

Posted by: AgentBenson Aug 31 2008, 12:47 AM
Eric camly pulled out his colt 45 and took aim as he looked down the sights at the dead head, the young man ponited and popped off two quick shots to the rotter's head cuasing it to pop like a ganggreen pimple. "Get the head get the ghoul, you ok Ray" he asked.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 31 2008, 01:48 AM
Leon approached the fire station and quickly went behind a building when he saw a large group of zombies heading for a building that Rhodes was shooting from.

Oh for fu... I can't get away from this guy!

"Hey, Rhodes, it's Leon. I'm gonna send Marlowe in there to help you out. I just want you guys to keep these rotters buy long enough to let me get to that siren."

As Agent Marlowe snuck around the back entrance of the auto parts store Leon made his way to the fire station.

He crept to the side of another building when he saw several Russians with Dragunovs posted around the fire station.

"Rhodes, I've got several Russian snipers in the fire station. I'll try to take them out but watch youself up there until you're clear."

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 31 2008, 12:31 PM
Rhodes glanced down at the ground and saw zeds pawing at the walls of the autoparts store.

"Negative. Repeat negative. I'm good up here, i'm drawing there attention. No way they can get to me. However, the ruskies inside, wait a sec," Rhodes hesitated as he tried using his vampire vision, but saw only cool colors emanating from inside the fire building.

What the hell? Why are they showing up cold?......Heat suits!! Oh shit.

"Guys, the ruskies are wearing heat shielding and some kinda body armor underneath, s'why the zeds are bothering them. Must be something important in there, but they haven't discovered us yet. Over."

Rhodes peered back thru his modest optics on his gun and squeezed off a few shots at rotters near the siren, hoping to make the activation by agents on the ground easier.

The vamp agent turned and went to the opposite end of the building and checked his escape route out of town. Glancing at his watch, he noticed there was only about 15 or so minutes left.

Posted by: O_O Aug 31 2008, 10:01 PM
"I'm fine." Ray said, sighing "We're almost there, come on." Ray satarted running again.

Ray and Eric got to the roof with little resistance and peered out the door. Snipers. "Shit, we've got snipers up there. 3 I think." Ray looked again. "Yeah, three, but we got 15 minutes left. Let's kill them and go. " Ray popped out and shot two in quick succesion. The third got hit by one of their guns and fell into a group of zeds. "That was easy. Get the siren, I'm checking for ammo or plans or, well, anything. " Ray walked towards the bodies.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 1 2008, 01:05 PM
Noticing that his way was relatively clear to HIS evac point, Rhodes plotted his route across three rooftops, down to the street atop a turned over garbage truck and then a quick sprint to a small non-descript house where a vehicle awaited him.

"hmm," he muttered as he calculated time then went and looked over the edge at the siren to see how the team was doing.

Radioing, "Guys, we're outta time. I can't do much more up here, I'll run back to the Nat. Guard and give you about...oh 10 more min? We gotta be clear of this shit hole by at least 25 mile minimum, OUT."

Sprinting across the rooftops, and down to the street, Rhodes got to within radio range of the National Guard Command Base before radioing again.

"This is team alpha, do you read me over?"

The radio crackled faintly, "Base to Alpha, we read you. You boys are cutting it close ya know. That big boy is in route now, over."

Rhodes grinned and muttered darkly, "Excellent."

"Alpha to Base, bring the pain boys...we're all done, over," as he turned and sprinted towards his evac vehicle.

"This is Base. What about the rest of the team, over?"

"Dead or turning undead. Either way... drop that sucker and clean up this shithole mess. Don't send in any air extract either, too many snipers in the area, over," said Rhodes as he reached the house and went around back to find a 500cc racing quad under a tarp.

"Base to Alpha, sorry bout that man. Big Boy eta, 12 min and counting. God save you. Base Out!"

Rhodes just half grinned as he hopped on the quad and fired it up. Kicking it in gear he wheeled as he exited the property and raced towards the nearby mountains where a chopper would pick him up in a day or so after the bomb. Racing over the back country, the vamp glanced over his shoulder momentarily.

Ya know, I'd almost feel bad for them meatsacks...if i had any feelings. Meh.

As he mentally kept track of the time, he gunned the engine harder and leaned in to navigate the harsh terrain. He had to make it over the nearest mountain if he was gonna avoid any bomb damage.

((OOC: Boys this is how this story line was to lets see how creative you can be !! What'll come next is 5 small but hefty air-fuel bombs dropped by the airforce. Each one to target the sirens to cover the ENTIRE area and then some. It's also designed to not only flatten everything, but incinerate it as burn off any virus lingering around. So good luck. Oh, and the guard cant call off the drop i wouldnt post radioing and trying to stop it.))

Posted by: O_O Sep 1 2008, 08:42 PM
OoC:Hope this isn't too forward of a way to adress the bombing situation.

Ray looked quizically at the bodies. They looked like they we're american and didn't even wear the same clothes as the russians. Their weapons were something anyone could get, and they had no kevlar. "Eric, I don't think these guys - What was that?" Ray could've sworn he heard Rhodes say they could bomb the city. "Rhodes come in, did I hear you right?!?"

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 2 2008, 12:07 AM
"Were getting the fuck out of here." Eric pulled the last air raid siren and made his way down the fire escape running with Ray as he did so thinking fast he headed to the auto shop garage and shot the lock off as soon as they got in, Eric grinned and heaed over to a pimped out mazda. "Zoom Zoom" he said to Ray as the zombies raced towards the siren he threw Ray in the passanger seat and got into the car starting it with Ray's help he then rocketed out the door the pedal to the medal. As they raced down the street Eric punched the Noz and said a silent prayer to himself as they raced to the nearby extraction ponit 25 miles away.

Posted by: O_O Sep 2 2008, 12:13 AM
"I hope we're gonna make it. Anyways, those guys didn't look russian. They looked like civilians, though one did try attacking me when I shot them. " Ray yanked the wheel left as a zombie tried jumping in "Dang, we're still 20 miles away. With," Ray checked his Watch, "10 minutes!!" Ray grabbed his radio "Everybody pull out. We've got ten minutes and twenty miles!! Even if you haven't got the siren, forget it!!! RUN!!!"

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 2 2008, 12:32 AM
"As if I didn't have enough fucking problems...Ray hows the Noz doing" He asked as he got another tank ready when his partner took the wheel.

Posted by: O_O Sep 2 2008, 01:15 AM
"About 1/4 left. About 15 miles left we're making good time. " Ray said, scooting into the drivers seat as he and Eric switched.

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 2 2008, 01:22 AM
Eric readedied the tank and as the noz fell down he grimmiced as a deadhead splattred onto the winsheild and Ray wiped the gore off. After checking back agian He sighed and shook his head and when the tank went dead, Eric switched it up and threw the empty tank out the window and into a pile of deadheads. He then turned back into his seat exhaling as he did so muttering under his breath. Eric dabbed his brow and started to laugh. "Oh girlfreind is gonna be pissed when she hears that I narrowly escaped being caught in a massive town leveling explosion"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 2 2008, 04:59 PM
Rhodes came to a sliding stop, dust rolling by him as he turned to look back towards the town of Wilheim. He saw and heard the jet engines of the inbound aircraft from the peak of the mountains he'd scrambled toward at breakneck speed.

Glancing at his watch, he saw time was up.

"Well meatpuppets, if you get outta this one, kudos," he said to himself as he watched the plane dip slightly toward the ground before releasing a large cylindrical object from 'neath its belly. The plane immediately throttled up to supersonic and a small boom was heard as it rocketed away, its package falling towards the ground.

The vampire saw the bomb break open, and 5 smaller orbs fell towards the town. The sirens were barely audiable to Rhodes, even with acute vampire hearing.

The bombs all detonated simultaneously. The explosions were massive as he could see, then the thunderous BOOM followed. The air pressure alone would be enough to destroy any un-living thing caught in the blast, but it was the subsequent devastating burning of fuel mixed with oxygen that did the most damage. The fireball that went up nearly blinded Rhodes. Before the shockwave reached his position, he kicked the quad around and shot down the backside of the mountains. He could feel the blast vibrating the air and ground around him.

"Gotta give them flyboys credit... when they do a turn n burn, they do it right, hehehehe," chuckled Rhodes as he zipped off towards the extract point where a chopper would be waiting for him.

((OOC: lets wrap this up and pick up a new one... get out alive then get either stranded in the middle of nowhere to be picked up by the agency and we'll have another mission.))

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 2 2008, 06:01 PM
The noz was going out strong and Eric looked over to Ray. "I Don't think were gonna make it." he said as he heard the jets scramble overhead looking out the window he heard the bombs explode just as the city limts sign was seen a block up the road. Suddenly the shockwave hit and the force from the explosion ripped apart the back bumper of the car and a blast of air caught under the airfoil and sent the car flying up into the air. "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT" yelled Eric as the car flew through the air it then landed with a thud just outside the city limts and Eric then turned his head to face Ray. "If your ever in Florida look me up...I'll get you a beer" He then got out of the car that was now totaled and grinned as a bout of laughter came from his lips "Ahaha....I CAME I SAW THE FOUR EYED NUT JOB KICKED YOUR ASS." Eric then breathed in and out hyperventaling before he pulled out his radio. "This is benson... i'm ok and so is my main man Ray send us one of those nice choppers i hear so much about and evac us post haste I wanna go home"

Posted by: O_O Sep 3 2008, 12:20 AM
OoC: I don't know how the F word flies here. I bleeped it. Also, yes, Ray is still a Cadet tongue.gif.

Ray sighed deeply and leaned back in his seat. "I could actually use that beer now. I'm tired as shit. I can't believe I'm still a ****ing cadet. No ones ****ing okayed me. They better after this shit. "

Posted by: AgentBenson Sep 3 2008, 01:09 AM
"I went through the same thing a year ago just had your trial by fire welcome to the FVZA" said Eric

Posted by: Abnet Sep 3 2008, 02:00 AM
(OOC: I'm gonna take things back a few minutes.)

IC: Leon was in the middle of a firefight with the snipers when he saw the timer on his watch was at zero.

"Shit, Marlowe we're out of time! I'm calling for extraction so get out of that building!"
"There's too many of them! Just go without me!"
"Are you crazy?! Get the hell out of there!"
"Look, just call for extraction and if I'm not there by the time you're ready to leave just go. It's better one of us dies than both."

Crazy son of a bitch.

"Somebody get to the fire station! We need extraction now!" Leon radioed to the National Guard.
"We'll try, Agent Stevens. A humvee will be waiting as close as we can get to a safe distance I'd suggest you start moving now."
"Got it. I'm heading there now."

Leon leaned around the corner of the building he was behind and took out another one of the snipers before sprinting to the edge of town. He never looked back to see if Agent Marlowe was following him or not until the humvee was in view.

It looked like he was following a bit behind him but he had a whole ack of zombie dogs behind him.

Leon hopped into the back of the humvee and turned to the driver. "Back up we've got to pick up Marlowe."
"But Agent Stevens this place is gonna be bombed any second."
"Just drive, goddamnit!"

Leon got onto the 50 cal. on the humvee as the driver put it into reverse. He took pot shots at the zombie dogs trying not to hit Marlowe in the process.

Agent Marlowe finnaly made it to the humvee, hopped on, and climbed onto the roof. He took out his flamethrower and toasted the last of the dogs as the driver stomped on the gas.

Leon got off the 50 cal. and pulled Marlowe into the seat next to him.

Off in the distance Leon could see a squadron of jets flying toward the city.

"Can't this thing go any faster?!"
"I'm trying sir, the terrain's making it really rough! If we go much faster ou ride might break down!"
"What's worse? Breaking down or being fucking dead?!"

The driver slammed his foot down on the gas in an effort to get out of the blast radius.

"Looks like they just dropped the bombs!"

They were within sight of the mafe zone when they got caught b a shockwave that sent the humvee tumbling across the ground.

Leon woke up half conscious in the humvee. He was laying face down on what looked like the roof.

Shit. We must have flipped over.

He crawled out of the humvee and stood up when he looked at his shoulder and realized it was dislocated. He popped it back into place and the jolt of pain was enough to bring him back to his sences fully. He realized that his vision was blurred because the lenses of his gas mask were cracked.

Leon threw his mask off and turned to look at the smoldering crater that was the city of Wilhem and looked back at the humvee to see the driver and Agent Marlowe crawling out of the weckage looking just as bad as him.

"Hell, if that doesn't get us all promoted I don't know what will." Leon said.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 3 2008, 12:24 PM
((OOC: way to go fellers !!!!! That was great !!! Now i'll wait a lil longer incase we have some straggler posters... dont think so.. and i'll get the next part of the mission under way))

Posted by: Abnet Sep 4 2008, 01:01 AM
OOC: Woo! We finnaly finished a mission.

Posted by: O_O Sep 4 2008, 02:24 AM
OoC: I hope I can use my other character next mission.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 4 2008, 03:54 PM
[[OOC: sure looks it.... I'll get the second part of this thickening plot up in a jiff...meantime...stay outta trouble.]]

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