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Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 30 2008, 12:44 AM
Out of all the places to stay here in Branson, we get to stay in a Super 8 Motel of all place's. That's just fantastic.

I arrived at the Super 8 at about six in the evening after a long flight from D.C. to St. Louis and then a trip in a Dodge Charger rental car. Like the majority of hotels I've stayed at while on the job, this place would make your average Holiday Inn look like the Drake. There were some funny spots on the floors, the bathroom wasn't a healthy looking color, and it would've been nice to have room service for once.

But there was still a job to do. Sitting next to my bad was a large package from FedEx. I pulled out my old knife and opened it up. Inside was one of the new REC7's, several magazines, all preloaded, and it's corresponding accessories. A scope for long distance fighting, a laser sight for close quarters fighting, a bayonet for very close quarters fighting, and a foregrip. Also in the package was ten flashbang grenades, a pair of thermal goggles, and a pair of wirecutters.

On the bed was a second package. This one was much smaller. I opened up this one to find my order of a brand new short sword and tactical knife. They'd taken up a pretty good amount of my paycheck, but that was fine by me.

After I opened the package I hopped in the shower as a precautionary measure. It had been a long trip and I wasn't sure if I smelled and had simply adjusted. Once I had taken care of hygiene I put on my new suit. Gone were the days that I could simply wear a button up shirt and pass it off on the agency dress code, at least for me. While I wasn't one for suits at least this one was nice and simple. Black suit, black tie, and I got to keep wearing a black fedora hat. And while the dress code stated that I was supposed to be wearing some nice shoes like loafers or something I managed to just wear some boots and no one noticed the difference.

In my briefcase was an old newspaper article from February.

Washington D.C. (February 29th, 2008) - In a move that comes as a shock to many  political analysts following the politics concerning the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, Director Jonas Bonnet has promoted Special Agent John Miller to the office of Deputy Director.  Director Jonas Bonnet became well known last year when he became the first vampire appointed to a major government office, to say nothing of working for an agency who's mission is the destruction of all vampires.

An agency spokesperson has stated that Miller was selected because of his experience with the agency and for his leadership skills.  The FVZA's official biography on him states that he is 30 years of age and has been serving with the agency since it's inception.  Previous to working for the federal government Miller was a police officer for a small town in Illinois.

However many analysts are quite baffled at the choice of deputy director.  Inside sources state that Miller is a highly outspoken critic of the new policies that he claims have severely hindered the agency's mission.  In spite of this the agency's biggest critic, Senator Crepehanger, has remained silent on this recent promotion despite the momentum he's been acquiring for the pro-vampire movement.

- The Washington Post

Most people were surprised at this, but the truth is that I only got this job as a result of a little job I was a part of in Oklahoma. What very few people knew was that Senator Crepehanger has been dead for quite some time now. People merely assumed that as a result of his vampirism he hasn't been one to step outside. The truth is that someone's been running the show and pretending he's still alive, much like how Mrs. Wilson ran the White House when her husband Woodrow Wilson had his stroke. But that suited me just fine.

For now we had an uneasy peace with the Order of the Broken Cross in the high levels of government. While that didn't do anything to prevent small scale skirmishes, it did have the advantage of getting a few things done. It meant we could freely eliminate zombies, and thanks to a few documents that were found at Senator Crepehanger's mansion, we were able to blackmail Director Bonnet into a few things. Namely inserting me in as the Deputy Director of the agency. While it meant I had to wear a suit and meant longer hours it did have it's advantages, a better paycheck in particular.

Now it was time to do my job and solve the case.

OOC: Alright, that puts in a bit of background about what's happened since Operation Cronus and hopefully we can get this ball rolling.

Posted by: Abnet Mar 30 2008, 01:58 AM
29 March 2008-A motel in a small town outside of Branson

Leon walked into the local motel he had been staying in for the past few weeks. Even with the money from his promotion he was doing some side jobs for a little extra spending money. His cell phone rang in his pocket.
"Leon?" It was Alice, his contact from the Agency.
"Yeah, what's up?"
"You've got a new mission. It's in Branson."
"The equipment you ordered should have been delivered to your location. The meeting point is at the Super 8 in Branson. I've e-mailed the details for the mission to you so you'll want to take a look at that before you leave."
"Thanks, Alice."
"Don't get killed out there."

Leon looked up and saw a few large boxes in his room. The M1911, combat knife, and REC7 he ordered was in the first box, along with a reflex sight, a silencer, and a few extra clips. In the second box was a tactical vest, hands free radio, and night vison goggles. In the third box were some suitcases to carry his equipment.

He checked his e-mail and read through the mission details. He would be infiltrating an undead versus human fight club, to do that he would have to sneak in, get past whatever guards were there (whether by sneaking past them or killing them was his choice), stash his equipment in a suitable place and find out whatever information he could before sabotaging the fighting ring from the inside.

It's gonna be a long day...

Posted by: Maelstrom Mar 30 2008, 03:45 AM
I'm not a man prone to excitement. Honestly. Years of adrenaline-rushed activity has rendered me somewhat blase about the whole life-and-death issue. It's not a very healthy outlook on life.

I glanced down on my hand again. Not that I don't remember the room number, but it's always better to be sure.

There it is. Room triple three. Meeting an Agent Miller. Supposed to be a big shot. Hope he's one of those actually competent ones.

Then again, I've just been transferred to the Shadows, so I suppose I'm not that low on the food chain either. Two years behind the scope of a long gun and I'm finally running with the big boys. Good job, Warren. You're moving up the ladder.

I raise my hand and knock.

Posted by: Jay Mar 30 2008, 04:38 AM
Red Jack on the black Queen, then move this stack over...

Branson. Not somewhere I was familiar with at that time. I preferred Paris. Beautiful city. Lots of art, and an inept police force that couldn't stop a contract killer if their lives depended on it.

Heh. Wonder how they'd take a vampire.

I'd been sent here by the Order. Why? Observation. It was... irritating. I was an assassin, not a spy, although with things in the Order being as they were, I wasn't particularly surprised. Internal and external politics seemed to take up a lot of time and effort. Things were slipping a little.

Locate and monitor the activities of one John Miller of the FVZA. Do not interfere unless the circumstances indicate that the interests of the Order are threatened, in which case remove the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Miller. It had been a while. A year, maybe more, maybe less. I mulled over the circumstances of our meeting. I'd been assigned to kill him. I hadn't. Our lives had collided again several times, including the time when I was first made aware of the Order of the Broken Cross. He was there when I lost my life, although he wasn't made aware of the fact until we met again in Seattle. That was a year ago. Since then I'd gone underground, watching as our existences were revealed. Removing strategic targets. Destroying or capturing weapon and ammo supplies. Small acts to hinder the FVZA's movements, that sort of thing. And now I was going to monitor the man who was partially responsible for my death.

The paper they'd delivered to my hotel room that day had an article about the huge decrease in homeless people over the last year or so in Branson. I read it again and frowned. Some politician was making broad statements about housing initiatives and the like having an effect. I ignored these for the most part. If the statistics were true, that would mean that it would be a little more difficult to feed.

Oh well, I do like a challenge.

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 30 2008, 05:19 AM
Upon hearing a knock on the door I went over unlocked it, and then opened it to find Agent Harding. From what I'd heard he was one of the agency's newest shadows; a job not for the faint of heart. But hey, I guess if you're skilled enough to work Delta Force and crazy enough to work for the FVZA that makes for a pretty good shadow.

"Hey there Warren, glad to see you made it out here to the Ozarks. Come on in." I said.

Posted by: Tsumari Mar 30 2008, 05:39 AM
((OOC: I posted this in the HQ, but here it is again along with the continuation.))


Alan Rowan sat in a dark home-office in front of an iMac computer. He was editing some wildlife photos from his last trip to Colorado for a freelance job with a nature journal. Not so exciting- but it put bread on the table. It had been some time since the last time he saw action- his career with the FVZA had been cut short by a family crisis. Things had been hard for Alan, and he'd voluntarily suspended himself to move to Kansas City and help his grieving relatives after the death of his father.

As he cropped a shot of a falcon diving against a Rocky Mountain skyline background, he idly began to leaf through the disheveled pile of mail sitting next to his keyboard. For some reason,
one of them caught his eye. He paused and looked down. A heavy envelope. On the front: "U.S. GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE -- POSTAGE PAID."

On the back was a watermark of the FVZA seal. He tore it open. He was being offered the chance to be immediately reactivated with field status and full pay (not much more than what he was making now, but that wasn't the point.) The DZ? Branson. Maybe three hours away on a bad day. Hell, he could make it there on one tank of gas.

Alan didn't even bother with a full shut-down. He just held down the power button until his screen went black. Fumbling for the lights in the now dark room, he grabbed the still-loaded Barretta out of his desk drawer. The lights flicked on, and he started packing immediately. Two hours later, he was walking out the door as the sunrise first creeped over suburbia.


The letter had given him an address, but not a name.

Motel 8. Classy...

The envelope had contained a room key, but he never made it to 321. He pulled into a too-cramped parking space in his inherited Corolla and made his way up the stairs, catching the sound of a familiar voice. Miller. He'd been following the news on the guy, but it must have been over a year since they last met face-to-face. He made his way toward the conversation and found two agents in a half-open doorway. He hesitated a moment to wonder what they would think of him, now with shoulder-length hair, a soul patch, and wearing jeans, a black Eluveitie T-shirt, and beaten-to-hell Chuck Taylors.

"Hey there. Long time, no see."

A horrible cliche, but how else do you greet a long-lost colleague in an anti-zombie task force?

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 30 2008, 05:57 AM
A guy just down the hall said "Hey there. Long time, no see.". I almost didn't recognize the guy; he was quite right in that it had been quite a while. But after after a split second I recognized him; Alan Rowan, the freelance reporter and photographer. He had quite possibly the best mindset for this sort of job.

"Alan, it has been quite a while. Good to see you didn't fall off the face of the earth, now come on in." I said, gesturing both him and Warren into my poor excuse of a hotel room.

Posted by: Kilroy Mar 30 2008, 06:07 AM
[Super 8?! They don't even leave the light on for you!]

Judas Dredd, agent of the FVZA and all around swell guy, was currently laying a few sheets over the top of his bed. Like it or not, he was going to have to sleep on the bed, but there was no way he'd be sleeping in it. He'd seen the news specials with the black lights. Splotches everywhere.

[Wait, was it Super 8 that did those commercials? If they did, it was money better spent on their hotels.]

In all honesty, Judas kept his mind on trivial matters like these because he didn't really want to focus on his professional life right now. Because right now, he was not a man to be envied. While he hadn't been in the field for the Cronus operation, Judas still had a helping hand. It had been he and a few select others who had done what they could at headquarters to keep the Op off the radar.

The good news? They did pretty well. The bad news? Judas' efforts earned him the title of being the agency's resident kiss-ass. Sure, a few of the stunts he pulled were a bit...toadyish...but come on. He did not stomp zombie brains into mush and get into a firefight with vampire mercs in the FVZA parking garage to just simply become the office weasel!

[The stuffed weasel plushie and weasel food they left on my desk was a nice touch, though.]

Still, in the Dredd family, optimism ran high and Judas was determined to make his new role benefit himself and his fellow agents. Maybe playing Director's Pet for a while could net some useful information for missions. The only problem now would be getting everyone who hates his guts to listen.

"And if Bonnert has me fetch any more coffee when I get back, I'm gonna remove his head and put on a saucy puppet show!"

Chuckling, Judas exited his room and walked down the hall. He put on a mor serious expression as he approached Miller---that is, Deputy Director Miller's room and knocked.

[Okay, game face. Think Bobby Heenan. Think early Smithers. Try not to think about everybody hating you and knowing how to make it look like you contracted the zombie virus and had to be euthanized.]

Posted by: Maelstrom Mar 30 2008, 06:08 AM
Miller looked like shit. Well, not shit really, but still a little worse for wear. Though I guess I looked just about the same. It's this line of work-- no matter if you enjoyed it or not, it takes its toll on you. Killin' dead people/monsters and whatnot.

I smiled at the greeting and ducked into the room. It was... nice. For this kind of motel, this was as good as it got. Which was a shame. Some service would've been nice. I was about to open my mouth when a third guy joined us.

I didn't know this guy, but I thought he fit the FVZA profile. Must be one of us. And then there were three.

"So," might as well get this started, I thought, "what's the deal?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 30 2008, 06:34 AM
I saw Agent Dredd coming down the hall, he looked pretty serious. Kind of a shame, sometimes all you could do to get through the day was to just lighten up a bit. But then again when most of the other agents were reckoning that he was living up to his first name of Judas I suppose I can sympathize. I waved him over and then went over to my bed to take a seat.

"What's the deal?" Asked Agent Harding.

"Well it looks like somebody started thinking that they were Tyler Durden and decided to start a little fight club. With zombies. However as we all know, zombies do not fight each other, that'd make our jobs far too easy. Instead they've been pitting homeless people and the occasional volunteer tough guy against these zombies in cage matches.

"As you all know, hand to hand fighting against zombies, especially without proper protection, and especially in a confined space like a cage does tend to lead to infection. I mean really, the chances of an untrained combatant getting out of there alive, or at least uninfected is remarkably slim. Meaning that pretty much every time they do a match there's a new zombie out of the deal. This is where we come into play. We've got to put a stop to this, destroy their entire stock of zombies, and then make sure that there's no zombies running amok in Branson." I explained.

Posted by: Kilroy Mar 30 2008, 06:47 AM
Judas couldn't help but laugh a little.

"So we're goin' dumbass hunting, huh?"


"I can't wait until I get to shoot something."

Posted by: Alaska Mar 30 2008, 07:02 AM
Jacob had been in Branson under a week. Around an hour after his briefing with Rogers, he had flown out of the Jefferson City office to Branson. His flight had taken a mere ten minutes, so it was almost literally, getting to full height, and then looking for the place to land. He didn't really care how fast the trip was, his mind was on other things.

As he arrived in Branson, he had been taken to the Hilton at the Landing, a major commercial area, swarming with kids, adults, and the elderly. Shopping, entertainment and living, both hotel and lofts, were spread throughout the immediate area. He was just so lucky as to be given a room at the Hilton, newly-built and extremely posh.

Wearing a polo and khakis, along with a few bags, he came into the hotel, and took his room near the top. Along with formal attire, some exercise clothing and casual wear, were hidden, underneath all of this, tactical gear, including his Dragonskin, holsters, additional clip and round storage, as well as a small toolkit and a length of rope.

Along with that were his firearms, lying on the second bed, along with his bags, was his pack, containing, mainly, a disassembled M14, compact enough to fit comfortably, as well as his laptop. Set aside from these was a medium-sized case containing the Agency-issue REC7, complete with a customization kit. Last were his personal firearms. In the smallest case was stored a slim M3, carrying with it a suppressor, and next to it was Alaska's choice P228. In the third bag, hidden underneath additional clothes, was a massive amount of ammunition.

Alaska was ready. Now he would wait.

Posted by: Jay Mar 30 2008, 07:19 AM
Next time I see a politician pushing a housing development for the homeless, I'm going to rip his genitals off before I start feeding on him. This is ridiculous.

It was indeed ridiculous. Jay been walking around some of the darker streets in town, looking for any homeless person unfortunate enough to be in the same town as he was. Nothing, even late at night. It was like hobos were being systematically removed from society. Until he caught the barest hint of a smell.

A year since he was turned. An entire year to get used to the senses of a vampire, and he knew the smell of the homeless. Cheap beer, filth and traces of human waste leaves something of an impression on the nose. It wasn't long before Jay spotted him (a couple houses down from a rather dirty looking Super 8), and interestingly, the man creeping up on him. The stalker didn't seem to be carrying any weapons, and was definitely human. Jay could smell the cheap aftershave from across the street and down an alley. He saw the brief struggle before the homeless man simply collapsed. A faint smell of drugs wafted across the street. The smell reminded him of something he'd smelt before... chloroform.

This guy just drugged my meal. Now why would he do that?

The insensate man was quickly and quietly bundled into a nearby van that had another two men in it and driven away into the backstreets.

He had to follow it. It could technically be said that this was conflicting with the Order's interests, as he was part of the Order and his dinner was of vital interest to him. He set off at a run, trying to follow the exhaust fumes by smell.

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 30 2008, 07:27 AM
OOC: In the name of balance, I'm enforcing the armory rules on this little op.

The weapons regulations can be found here;

I'll review real quickly. The weapons regulations basically states that you can only use weapons in your team's armory (or if you're unaffiliated then you should use something similar). The rest of the rules basically spell out the exceptions which are as follows;

1. Long guns not including pump action shot guns and lever action rifles (see below) must roughly the same gun but may be accessorized or styled differently. An example being bringing a

2. Pump action shotguns of any kind may be used so long as they're 12 gauge and hold no more than eight rounds in the magazine. Lever action shotguns that fit within those boundaries are also acceptable. An example of an acceptable shotgun would be the Winchester Model 1897 for those who like old school shotguns.

3. Lever action rifles follow a similar guideline. Must be lever or pump action (supposedly pump action rifles do actually exist, although I don't know any of the top of my head), and hold no more than six rounds in the magazine. A good example would be the Marlin Model 336.

4. One handgun not in the armory is allowed to be carried in addition to the M1911. Doesn't matter what it is, just as long as it's a reasonable handgun. So just no Desert Eagles with a 100 round drum mag of some kind. But basically any .45, .40, or 9mm is perfectly acceptable.

5. No more than one custom handgun, and one long gun within those boundaries allowed.

6. Melee weapons designed to be used with one hand have no regulations.

As I've already done, if these regulations get broken I'm just going to edit the post and change the weapons to the closest thing allowed.

Posted by: Maelstrom Mar 30 2008, 07:45 AM
There it was, reaffirmation of the eternal and noble truth that there is no shortage of idiots in this world. God damn it.

"Do we get to shoot something?"

I glanced over at the originator of that phrase. Seems like an odd question from a trained and season agent. Didn't LOOK like a sociopath... then again, you never know. Maybe I oughta save a bullet for him, when necessary. If necessary.

Anyway, back to business.

"Okay, so we've got some of the biggest idiots in history runnin' amok. Do we know where they are? Better yet, where the arena is?"

Posted by: Kilroy Mar 30 2008, 08:02 AM
Judas countered the glance with a friendly smile and small wave. The guy had obviously been put off by his joke.

[Great. Nice to know my charm is operating at normal levels.]

But the question was a good one and Judas listened intently to the answer.

Posted by: Tsumari Mar 30 2008, 01:39 PM
Rowan couldn't help but laugh to himself. Not only was the op in freakin' Branson, but now someone was building a zombie fight club? He'd thought that was just one of the many things he hated about Romero's "Land of the Dead."

"So have you checked the Branson Waffle House? I think I've seen things stranger than zed Pride fighting around that place."

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 30 2008, 02:03 PM
Why must I continue to serve these imbeciles?

"We would like you to provide us with information on the growing situation."

Rhodes stood with his hands in his coat pockets, pay phone receiver wedged between his ear and shoulder. His long hair was slightly pulled back into a rough pony tail. He'd taken a very long shower, three hours to wash the muck and filth from his body. After burning his clothes, he'd found a suitable homeless person and taken them from him after drinking them dry and discarding the corpse in the closest stream.

Why must the eternal struggle continue like a bad greek play set to repeat?

"Just find out all you can, no wetworks. This is to be kept quiet. We have a truce in place with the FVZA. There are bigger objectives. This is all we require for now. Are you perfectly clear 13?"

Ugh I hate labels.

"Perfectly. Intel and quiet. When is the next report due?"

"48 hours from next sundown."

Rhodes continued to watch as very few townspeople walked by in a hurry, eyes constantly shifting. He also noticed they gave other people wide berths and avoided the alley ways similarly.


Rhodes hung the phone up with a loud slam. The sound of change that had been deposited fell into the catch bin. The tall, lithe vampire exited the booth and walked a few yards down the street to a small diner that was nearly empty if not for the quaint couple having lunch and the motherly looking waitress and portly cook in back.

Sitting down at the counter, Rhodes forced a warm smile at the waitress and ordered a cup of coffee and a glass of water with lemon on the side.

"Anythin to eat hun?" asked the waitress as she fussed with a loose tangle of hair that had come unpinned.

"I can't."

"Why not? Got the bug like most people round here?" asked the waitress stepping back slightly.

"No. No menu," replied Rhodes as he gestured at the empty countertop with a wider smile.

The waitress looked blankly before busting out with a belly shaking laugh.

"Why thats the funniest thing i've heard in a long time. Lemme get one for ya," she said shaking her head, freeing the tangle once again.

Rhodes turned and glanced around at the diner and the occupants.

*sigh* yet another day in suburbia hell of America. Why can't they send me over seas where my skills and talents are best suited?

The menu was laminated and well worn, complete with a smudge of mustard. The coffee was hot and fresh. The water was somewhat clear looking, but the lemon was rather wilty. After the waitress moved away to pick up an order in the window, Rhodes quickly took a dropper from his pocket and took a sample of the water from the glass.

Rule #3, always check the water for contaminants, its the easiest way to spread a toxin or chemical unbeknownest to most populations.

Tucking the sample away without being noticed, Rhodes sniffed at the coffee and then sipped tentatively.

His vampire senses caused him to turn at the far off sound of a voice that was familiar passing by on the street.

Posted by: Judder Mar 31 2008, 02:02 AM
Judder looks at the atlas that is propped on his steering wheel in his massive black truck. The truck is sitting in the rest area and judder can feel the uncomfortable heat through the AC and the heavily tinted windows. He bats Razor's ears as the dog jumps from the back seat to the front seat.
Judder speaks aloud; " Hmm...just ten miles from Branson, better call him"

With that Judder whips out a cell phone and dials up Rhodes.. phone number.
It rings several times....

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 31 2008, 06:47 AM
"So... about where that arena is, we've got no idea. It could be a warehouse, it could be one of the theaters, for all we know it could be in some guy's basement. But I've got an idea how to find out. I'm thinking what we should do is stake out alleyways and other areas that are pretty to disappear. We then keep an eye out for black van style abductions and see where they go. From there we'll need to infiltrate the place, find out what we can, and then get busy." I said to the agents.

As I explained this I began to place my M1911 in my shoulder holster and put the REC7 and associated gear into a large duffel bag.

Posted by: Kilroy Mar 31 2008, 07:57 AM
Judas nodded, thinking the plan was a good start. Then, a thought occurred.

"Wait a second, sir. We handle the zombies and stop the spread of infection, that part I get. But what about the organizers? To put it bluntly, humans aren't our bread and butter. And dividing our attention seems like a bad move. So...we getting any help on this?"

Agent Dredd shifted in his seat. On the one hand, he had an idea about where "help" would come from. On the other, it would be pretty funny to see how the Sawyers took the news if his guess was right.

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 31 2008, 11:23 AM
Rhodes scanned the scant few people on the street when his cell phone vibrated in his coat pocket. Furrowing his brow in irritation, he pulled it out and glanced at the call id....Judder.

"How far away are you? *pause* Ten miles, good. Diner in town. Park two blocks away minimum. Keep Razor in vehicle."

He snapped the flip phone shut and took another sip of coffee while tucking the phone away.

Hmmm. Judders in town now. Might make this job lil faster.

"Warm up your coffee hun?" asked the motherly waitress.

Rhodes covered the 3/4 full cup with his palm and shook his head.

"But you could help me out. I'm fairly new in town. Visiting some friends and such. I was wondering what all touristy type things there are to do in this quaint lil town? Think you could point me in the right direction?" he asked with a smooth rolling voice that could melt even the iciest personalities.

The waitress shifted her weight to one foot, letting her large hip stick out as she bit on her tongue in thought.

"Well actually quite abit. We are a rather large tourist town. We got movie theaters, golf courses, museums and oh a waterpark. Bit could tho for a dip," she chuckled as she rattled off the list of local attractions.

Rhodes nodded as she spoke, his mind recording everything and plotting an order to the list to recon first. His superiors will want plenty of details.

Posted by: Maelstrom Mar 31 2008, 12:51 PM
Right down to business. Can't say I don't like it.

"Gonna be one of those long ones, eh?"

I checked my shoulder holster, the USP Elite tucked in there safe and sound. I remember loading a full clip into there this morning, but just to be safe I should check. In a minute.

I had a shotgun waiting for me in the trunk of the jeep anyway.

"Wanna scatter a few of us as bait? Few days without showering and some second-hand clothing should do the trick. Might be faster."

Posted by: AgentBenson Mar 31 2008, 04:58 PM
Finally Eric had arrived in Branson having needed to complete a local job back in his sector he had been told in his debreifing that he needed to head out to Branson to help out with a nation wide operation. No time to have some R & R and spend time with the girlfreind, Eric just shook his head god Ashley was a sanit proably one of the few people that really belived that he wasn't part of a waste of taxpayer money. Course it probaly helped that she was just as if not more insane than he was a real match made in heaven they were. Eric shook his head as he checked on the remmegton and that meele weapon that had been kind of a trademark of his around the southeastern office of his in the back seat that metal baseball bat of his. "I'm gonna have to repolish that..when this mission is over" he thought as he hid his colt 1911 in its flank holster. Eric pulled out his cell phone and began to dial the numbers of agents that he had been told were working in the area maybe he could meet up with one of them and start getting to work ((ooc note: sorry im late to the party i had lost the link to the boards...any agent or vampire working with the FVZA for this mission is free to anwser the calls that eric is making))

Posted by: goteamventure15 Mar 31 2008, 05:00 PM
“Oh you have to be fucking kidding me.”

The words flew out of Jesse Sawyer's mouth, as he first gazed upon the underwhelming motel bedroom. The luxurious space sported stained carpets, torn curtains, and a dusty old TV. Jesse stood in the door carrying two big duffel bags, and looking very agitated. Normally Jesse wouldn't complain about such things. He'd lived in worse. The issue today was not what the room had but what it lacked.

Namely a second bed.

“Move. I want to see,” proclaimed his sister Julie. She stood at the door behind him, dragging a large suitcase. Jesse did a quick side step so Julie could take in the mystique and awe. The two field agents look at each other, then back at the bed, then at each other once more.

“I'm not sharing that,” they said in unison. Jesse then threw down his bags in frustration.

“Are we paying for this shit?”

Julie placed the suitcase down before shaking her head no. “The agency is paying for this. It has to be a mistake on the hotel's part. We do have the same last name.”

“No, this is fucking Miller trying to stick it to me,” Jesse said while pacing around the room.

“ Or maybe it was Judas. One of those pencil pushers did this. They can't handle that I'm good looking and muscular and the best agent in FVZA. So they need petty little revenge like this,” proclaimed Jesse with growing paranoia.

Julie rolled her eyes. Even if her brother was right on the first two counts, he was wrong about the third. Jesse was about the farthest thing from a good agent. He went to extreme lengths to avoid paper work and wasn't above a three hour lunch break. “You're insane,” Julie said.

“Maybe I am, but we're not going on any mission until this bed issues is resolved. Someone has to sleep on the floor.”

Julie shot her brother a mixed look of shock and anger. “ You mean, you won't just give your baby sister the bed?”

Jesse gazed back coldly. He considered her plea for a moment. “ Alright Julie...fine...we'll rock paper scissor for it?”

The two agents eyes locked like dueling cowboys or ancient samurais. They held out their first and began an ancient ritual. A ritual used to determine outcomes since the dawn of time itself.

“Rock, paper...”

“Bed,” yelled Julie as she threw her suit case on to the mattress.

“Fuck,” shouted Jesse as he kicked over a chair in frustration.

“Alright now that we resolved that little dispute, we have to go find Miller. He's going to brief us for this mission and we're last as it is,” said Julie as she walked out the room door.

“Not yet sis, let me hit this place's gym first,” Jesse shouted out the door. He had to stay late yesterday to prepare for the mission, and didn't have time to work out. Regardless, the last thing he wanted to do was be seen with the likes of Judas, Miller, or Benson...even in a loser magnet like a Super 8.

“They don't have one,” Julie yelled from down the hall.

Branson, Missouri?

Hell on Earth.

Posted by: Judder Mar 31 2008, 06:13 PM
Judder listens to the instructions and when Rhodes hangs up he shuts his phone. Judder reaches back onto the back seat and pulls the gun bag carrying his shotgun into the floorboard and grabs what appears to be a wadded up piece of cloth. He opens the door of the truck and shakes the cloth loose to reveal a confederate battle flag, which he promptly hooks it onto the CB antenna of his truck.

Fifteen minutes later............................

Judder drives through town with windows down past a rather nasty looking hotel and the before mentioned diner, razor looks out of the window on the passenger side. Judder pulls into a parking lot three blocks down from the diner and in a cul-de-sac of sorts. He parks and cracks the window for razor....

Stepping out of the truck and locking it up. Judder walks down the street wearing casual khaki slacks and a light blue button up shirt, all topped of with a pair of well fiitting oakley glasses.
He walks up to the diner and stands outside for a minute or two waiting....

Posted by: Abnet Mar 31 2008, 07:32 PM
Leon walked up to a hotel door marked 333. This was where Alice said the meeting point was.

He set down one of his suitcases, opened the door and walked in. When he saw all of the other agents in the room look over at him he figured he was a bit late.

"I take it I'm the last to show up? Hope I didn't miss much."

Posted by: AgentBenson Mar 31 2008, 10:29 PM
Eric sighed and sat down on the, "No luck...this is what i get for not paying attetion in the breifing." Eric sighed and shook his head as he started to assess the siution thinking for a second he heard his phone ring all of the sudden it was his speical office ringtone and after awnsering it he nodded "I see room 333....all right all right tell the other agents i'm on my way" Eric sighed and looked over at his bags and after putting his laptop and psp on thier respective chargers he made sure his anime dvds were all there and he smriked a bit "Once a geek always a geek I suppose" said Eric to himself as he started to head out the door locking it and making his way to room 333 hoping he wasnt late for the on site breifing.

After about a monute of traveling he knocked on the door and showed the FVZA agent ID card that he had hidden in a speical place in his wallet and the door opened for him as he took an empty seat next to leon. Eric then looked at the men and just started to listen slilently "Christ supervisiors back home are gonna ream my ass out when they hear i was late for another breifing" He thought to himself

Posted by: goteamventure15 Mar 31 2008, 10:29 PM

The Sawyer siblings continued walking down the hall until they reached Room 333. Jesse let out a big sigh.

" Just give me a second. My mind needs to prepare itself for the epic amount of lame on the other side of that door," Jesse said.

Julie knocked on the door before opening it.

"Hey kids."

Posted by: AgentBenson Mar 31 2008, 10:41 PM
Eric then saw who the last two empty chairs were for and after leaning back in his chair he started to think about what he had heard about those two they were good agents useful in dealing with humans expert fast talkers. Eric then looked at the agents and seeing all thier chairs filled up he started to listen to the other agents talk "So has anybody thought up any ways we can pentrate the fight club. I mean i did see a rag shop a few blocks back"

Posted by: goteamventure15 Mar 31 2008, 10:58 PM
"If you guys want to dress up like a bunch of hobos, go for it," interrupted Jesse. " Julie and I have a much better plan. I'll pose as an underground fighter and eventually someone will get send us an invite. Once I get a location, you guys can swoop in."

Jesse laughed and gave a little smirk.

"Just let me get one round in. I thinking going going toe to toe with some undead could be a lot of fun."

Posted by: Abnet Mar 31 2008, 11:36 PM
"I've got pretty similar orders." Leon said to Jesse. "I'll stick with you..." Leon flipped open the suitcase containing all of his guns. "... or I could find my own way in if you don't need any immediate backup."

Posted by: Maelstrom Mar 31 2008, 11:43 PM
"I think going toe-to-toe with some undead could be a lot of fun."

For a minute there I couldn't believe my ears. Who was this? Sawyer, Jesse. Rookie straight from the Academy, I could smell the bravado wafting from his green orifices. My God, the youth these days.

Once again, the world is in no shortage of idiots. Even in the FVZA.

"Yeah that's a great idea, kid. Wait for an invite to an illegal fight that's been kidnaping people for its fighters. You go do that, I'm sure it'll be a big help."

I stretched and glanced at everyone else who've arrived. Even the grossly late ones.

"Anybody else think that's a great fucking idea?"

Posted by: AgentBenson Mar 31 2008, 11:46 PM
Eric listended to them men talk and he started to speak looking down at both men his glasses lowered down on his nose. "If this is the plan were gonna try I can call my girlfreind back home she has some freinds that can help get the word about about jesse being an elilte pit fighter and i can probaly call in requests for a couple of m14 rifles and a gernade launcher from miami branch but in the immedtie short term jesse i want you to come talk to me later if you want to be an underground fighter i think my metal loulivesille slugger might want to provide back up as well...or i can just come with you so you boys have at least one fan in the crowd along with an extra gun"

Posted by: Cyber78 Mar 31 2008, 11:48 PM
"If anyone wants to pose as a hobo or an underground fighter that's fine with me. As long as it's only volunteers doing it I don't think we'll have too big of an issue. Just keep in mind that hand to hand with the undead isn't something the Surgeon General would recommend. Anyhow we've all got our methods of how we plan to infiltrate, so let's get out there and do this. Oh and Eric, don't worry about weapons. We're pretty well covered." I said to the group.

I straightened my tie, grabbed the keys to my rental car, and picked up the duffel bag that I'd loaded gear into. I started to walk towards the door and was getting a bit anxious to get out and see Branson. Branson might be a tourist trap, but it's better than most place's we've been to contain outbreaks.

Posted by: Maelstrom Mar 31 2008, 11:58 PM
I sighed. A big, deep, frustrated sigh that said I was fuckin exasperated. The things we do to placate the recruits these days. Sooner or later this kid's going to come up with an idea spectacular enough that it gets him killed. No guarantee that this one isn't it.

Fuck it, if Miller gives the okay, I guess he's gonna have to live with losing an agent.

I dropped the clip of my pistol and checked the rounds inside. Full to the brim, I should probably stick a round in the chamber too. With that, I stuck the H&K back in my holster. Now the question was, hobo or stakeout?

Or maybe a bit of both?

"Miller, how we doin' in the gadgets department? Have we got any tracking beacons?"

Posted by: Abnet Apr 1 2008, 12:01 AM
Leon closed his suitcase and stood up.
"Right then, I'll scout out potential entrances to the fighting ring an hour or two before dark and get us a clear path in for when things start to heat up. If I have to I'll radio you guys for backup if I have to 'take the place' of one of the fighters before I can get any good information. Should we get started?"

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 1 2008, 12:09 AM
"I dont see what the problem is with getting started frankly im bored as hell and for a place that prides itself on being a tourist attraction the wifi links here suck so the sooner we save the day the sooner i can get home and back to dealing with outbreaks of zombie refugees from cuba" Eric then smriked a bit and started to slowly get to his feet "Maybe i can come with you Leon" he asked

Posted by: Abnet Apr 1 2008, 12:13 AM
"Fine by me." Leon said to Eric."Just don't get spotted or killed before we can do anything productive."

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 1 2008, 12:17 AM
Eric smriked and walked next to leon and stood next to him "Dont worry one of my mentors while i was doing some intern work in the FVZA before i was granted full feild agent staus was a former shadow so i at least know the basics of stealth...that and i play alot of tatical espionge video you can count solid snake and sam fisher as my trainers too" eric then grinned wider a bit pleased at his own little geek joke "But all kidding aside dont worry i may not look it but i know how to keep myself from getting killed"

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 1 2008, 12:19 AM
"Whoa, hey slow down. You can pat yourself on the back later," Jesus, what's with all these new recruits?

"First, we gotta find this place. Like I said, Miller, do we have any tracking beacons?"

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 1 2008, 12:31 AM
Eric turned and looked at agent Harding "Sorry sir...just glad to be back on the national scene havent done anything worthwhile since my trial by fire in in seattle" he said refering to operatoion vanity's yard sale "Just a bit hyper im pretty sure once i come down from the adrline rush ill be fine" He added it was obvious though that he was a bit excited but at the same time he was forcing himself to calm down not wanting to be kicked off the mission.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 1 2008, 01:15 AM
"As far as gadgets go I didn't bring too much. Tracking beacons would've been a pretty nice idea, but we do have an alternative..." I say as I pull out my cell phone, flip it open, and hit a few buttons to show a satellite image.

Continuing on I say "You see, thanks to the magic of triangulation and other mathematics that I'm a bit fuzzy on, we can simply track any active cell phone we want. As long as at least three cell phone towers are recieving a signal from it we can figure it's exact location to within about a city block. The more towers that recieve the signal the more accurate and precise it'll get, but it'll work with a minimum of three towers. Meaning that so long as the agent leaves their phone on we can track them, and it's a bit less conspicuous than a tracking beacon if found."

OOC: I honestly have no idea if the feds can actually do that with cell phones but it sounded like a cool idea.

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 1 2008, 02:00 AM
I cursed. Something rather explicit that shouldn't come out of a civilized tongue. Nevertheless, cell phones were next to useless here. What hobos carried cell-phones? Guess I had some shopping to do.

I glanced over at one of the kids. The one who apologized.

"It's all right. Natural to be excited. Just don't let it overcome your good sense. This is a big operation and we need to work like the wheels in a clock, got it?"

Now where could I possibly find beacons?

Posted by: Kilroy Apr 1 2008, 02:01 AM
"Yeah, I'd hide 'em good, though. How many bums you see with cell phones these days?" Judas said, giving a smug smile. "Now you gonna keep ignoring my question about backup and move on to anything else that's useful?"

[You know, it's possible I might be pushing it.]

Miller shot a glare at Judas.

[Just a vague feeling I get.]

While he had Miller's attention, he made sure to give the FVZA "hang back" signal. Judas was going to need a one-on-one with the Deputy Director to coordinate things. That could easily be covered as a chewing out thanks to the lip he's been giving. Miller seemed to acknowledge the signal and kept going.

[At this point, going one-on-one with a zombie might be the preferable option. I'll see if I can't go with the Sawyers. Jesse's dead set on fighting, and that ought to be hilarious.]

Judas took a moment to make sure his phone was on. On a whim switched his ringtone to "The Macarena."

[Ah the joys of being passive-aggressive.]

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 1 2008, 02:14 AM
(OOC: My idea is to go around tagging as many homeless folk as I can find with tracking beacons. Then watch out for any one that moves a LITTLE too fast to be natural.)

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 1 2008, 02:32 AM
"That's a fair point, but it's the best trick that I've got up my sleeve. But unfortunately I don't think Radio Shack sells tracking beacons, so unless any of you have some or know where to get some then we'll have to resort to the tired and true following people around.

And now as Mr. Dredd has so kindly reminded us, there is the issue of reinforcements to handle the human element. The FBI has promised us use of their elite Hostage Rescue Team. However at the moment the HRT is back in the D.C. area, the FBI is with us, but in a half assed sort of way. So if we want reinforcements it'll be at least half a day before they can get out here. If all goes well we should be able to use their services, but if we find that time is in short supply, which is always a possibility, we'll probably have to take care of a couple of the still living on our own. I know, not a fun sounding prospect but just be on your guards.

Now let's hop to it. Warren, if you can by any chance track down some homing beacons that'd be good. Leon, Eric, start scoping out the area and stay out of trouble for the time being. Jesse, get to work getting yourself out as an underground fighter. Julia, try to keep your brother from getting into too much trouble. Alan, see if you can find some clues as to where this fighting ring is taking place. I'll be out there shortly interviewing some of the locals. Happy hunting, and remember; we're in Branson so try to have a bit of fun while we're here." I said to the team.

Judas had given me a kind of look that said to hang back, I guess he wanted to talk or something, so I intentionally left out his orders during my little tirade to the team.

"Mr. Dredd, I'd like for you to hang back for a minute." I added on.

Man, being Deputy Director can be a pain. But I guess that's karma for you. Never expect to enjoy a job that you didn't rightfully earn.

OOC: I'm liking the idea, now just go fetch us some beacons.

Posted by: Kilroy Apr 1 2008, 02:52 AM
As everyone filed out of the room, Judas made sure to keep a sincere look of unpleasantness and fear on his face as he looked at Miller. He did pause long enough to give a sympathetic look to Julie Sawyer as she dragged a clearly enraged Jessie out of the vicinity. Soon the only two left were Agent Dredd and Deputy Director Miller. Before Miller could say anything, Judas jumped in first.

"Okay, we both know why Bonnert insisted I come. He wanted some eyes and ears inside the mission. I'm betting he's looking for a reason to clean house."

Judas paused to sigh. He honestly couldn't tell anymore who knew he was actually helping or not. It was getting that bad. But he knew he could trust Miller, even if Miller possibly didn't trust him.

"So what can I do to keep HQ out of the way so we can get this done? No way in hell am I letting politics get in the way of stopping a zombie apocalypse."

With that, Judas scuffled one of his heavy boots for emphasis and awaited his superior's reply.

[Jesus! Allah! Buddha! Various Hindu gods! L. Ron! I love you all! Please let him believe me!]

Posted by: goteamventure15 Apr 1 2008, 03:06 AM
As the agents filed out the door, Jesse made sure to catch up to Warren.

"I bet you think you're tough shit, huh army man," he mocked.

" You shoot unsuspecting soldiers, a block away with a high powered silenced rifle. You order a school to be bombed from a hidden ship on the Atlantic ocean. Oh you're a real fucking man Warren."

Julie made a b-line for the door. She was getting in the middle of this fight.

" Let me take you to my neighborhood sometime GI. Let me show you how we kill people in Dorchester. Lets go throw some people off the roofs of buildings and shove shotguns in mouths and then we'll see who the real fucking man is. So don't think think you know any better than me and don't EVER tell me what to do."

"Jesse play nice," Julie scolded from the hallway.

The Sawyer boy gave one angry look back and then walked off muttering to himself. Julie then popped her head back into the doorway.

"Sorry, he gets cranky when he skips his nap," she joked.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 1 2008, 03:09 AM
I took into account what Judas had to say, and what he said was basically what I expected. However I didn't think he was entirely correct, I figured that like most things in life there was more to it. So I explained my thoughts.

"I happen to disagree. Bonnet knows that everyone thinks of you as a kissass, no offense, but I think he suspects that your loyalties aren't exactly with him. It's obvious that you're a good agent with dedication to the job. My theory is that he wants you hear to look like you're his spy, but I don't think he actually trusts you with that job. I'm willing to bet that they've sent someone from the Order out here to keep an eye on us.

What I'd recommend is that if you have to report in to Bonnet is to simply say that we all seem to suspect that you're his mole, which is partially true, and simply tell him that we've been working hard to avoid doing anything inappropriate in front of you, which is also partially true. That way he shouldn't suspect that we suspect he's sent an outside operative, and at the same time it means he won't have any ammo to use against us when it comes to performance reviews.

In the meantime just keep an eye out for any vampires, and carry out your job as you normally would. Now let's move out, I'd like to get to see Yakov Smirnoff but that ain't gonna happen as long as there's zombies in this town."

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 1 2008, 03:09 AM
Time to get to work. Branson, Missouri. Suburbia Hell. Not a lot of contacts he can call up here. Oh well, best to drive around a bit. If worst comes to worst, I'll drive out of state to pick up some supplies.

Hope Miller doesn't do anything stupid.

Posted by: Kilroy Apr 1 2008, 03:28 AM
Judas quickly shook hands with Miller and exited his room in a visibly better mood.

"For Yakov!" he shouted over his shoulder, raising a fist of solidarity. Judas thought he heard a huckle, but quickly exited to the parking lot cell phone already open and making a call. After a moment, someone picked up. "Reporting in, sir."

Judas hurried out and spotted his target while he listened to the director.

"I don't know, things seem a little tense. I think they've picked up on my real purpose here. I'm getting the feeling they've managed to peg me as your mole. Well they are seasoned agents, sir. That, and they know I'm one of the few who had no problem accepting your leadership. Right. Unfortunately, they're keeping their noses clean in front of me. They're pretty focused on locking me out of anything but pertinent mission details. I'm sorry sir, but I'll get eyes and ears open and catch what I can for you. Yes sir."

Judas ended the call and smiled. Miller had been right. Bonnet wasn't upset about Judas' failure at "infiltration," such as it was. There probably were Order operatives keeping eyes on them. He walked over to the car he'd wanted to find and waited for the owners. He smiled when he heard the stream of swearing accompanied by chastisment.

[Oh, this gon' be gooood.]

Posted by: Abnet Apr 1 2008, 03:33 AM
8:00 PM-The outskirts of Branson

Leon was in a fairly large section of forest with a decent sized lope which led down to a collection of hills. He knelt behind a bush, got all of his gear together and covered his suitcases with some leaves. He maked the nearest tree with an X and scanned the hills. He and Eric were searching all over the Branson area for caves or mine shafts, anything of that sort, for the past few hours. They hadn't found anything yet but Leon had a good feeling about this place.

Leon looked through his binoculars and saw a person walking around holding a gun, Leon couldn't quite tell what type of gun but it was small, possibly a pistol or a small SMG.

Leon grabbed a rock and quietly made his way down the slope and kept moving closer until he was about 50 yards away from the guy with the gun. From this distance he could see the man was holding an Uzi. Leon quickly thew the rock and hit the man right below the back of his neck and watched him fall. Leon checked for more people and, once he knew it was clear, ran over to the man. He was unconscious. Leon checked if he had a wallet or any sort of ID on him. No ID but he did have a weird symbol on the back of his jacket: A rotting head with a sword coming down through the top of it.

That's wierd... could just be the insignia for some heavy metal band though.

"Let's hope you weren't just a military enthusiast in the wrong place." Leon half-whispered to the unconscious man.

Leon looked around and saw what looked like a semi-well hidden entrance to a mine shaft. He took out his cell phone and sent out a text message to all of the agents reading: "I think I have something. A mine shaft entrance in some hills under one of those power line connection tower things. Me and Eric are going to check it out."

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 1 2008, 04:00 AM

At least, that's what it looked like.

The last four hours have been absolutely painful. Without getting into details, let's just say that tracking down every hobo in a shithole slum like the one here isn't fun. And then after I FIND one, I have to find a way to tag him without letting him or anyone else know. Rinse and repeat.

Even less fun is what I had to do to get the homing beacons for them. All the way out of state, pull a favor, then all the way back in.

The favor, I don't EVER want to repeat again. The things I do for my job.

I was halfway through the second case of beacons when it happened. Night was falling anyway, so it wasn't much of a surprise. The southern extreme of the slums, one of the Hobos was picking up an awful lot of speed. He was also moving even FURTHER out of town.

The woods on the outskirts of the city, maybe?

The radio crackled. Old mine shafts. Under electric towers. Two Agents already on site. Where?

I gripped the receiver in my hand,
"This is Harding, can you give me estimated coordinates of the Alpha Oscar India?"

Posted by: Abnet Apr 1 2008, 04:12 AM
QUOTE (Maelstrom @ Apr 1 2008, 04:00 AM)
"This is Harding, can you give me estimated coordinates of the Alpha Oscar India?"

(OOC: I'm no good with maps so prepare yourself for some clearly BSed coordinates. laugh.gif )

"This is Harding, can you give me estimated coordinates of the Alpha Oscar India?" Leon heard over his headset.

Leon checked his GPS.

"Let's see... I've got 23 degrees North and 62 degrees East."

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 1 2008, 04:30 AM
After the chat with Agent Dredd I got down to business. First thing I did was send Agent Alaska a text message that said "Just arrived w. team. Going out to search for fight club." I didn't see him at the Super 8 so I figured he must have gotten himself put up somewhere else.

Then I went out on the town for the night. I went from one place to another looking for homeless people with no luck, it seemed that the fighting ring was doing a good job taking them off the streets. With potential contestants disappearing I wondered who they'd start forcing to fight next, I figured it wouldn't end well. After about an hour or so of searching I gave up on looking for hobos to keep an eye on. So I went to the next best place for information; the pub.

It was a dirty little joint called 'Big Jim's Tavern'. There were plenty of motorcycles parked out front, and none of those Japanese crotch rockets either. I figured this would be a good place to start, it was place's like this where trouble tended to originate from. Heading inside I found the place was just as ugly on the inside as it was the outside, if not worse. Beer bottles sat everywhere, smoke filled the air, and just about everyone had a leather jacket on. I felt a bit out of place with my suit and fedora on, like a high school dropout at a MENSA convention.

I took a seat at the bar and asked for a Coke.

"What's the matter, afraid of getting a bit drunk?" Asked the man next to me. He was practically covered in leather. Leather jacket, fingerless gloves, boots, pants, all leather. This man was practically wearing an entire cow. He wore a goatee and had several scars running across his face. In front of him was a bottle of beer that was full to the top.

"Nothing like that pal, I've got a gig I have to do, that's all." I responded, and by the time I finished the sentence he'd downed the whole bottle that he had in front of him.

"What, are you some kind of musician, like one of them blues singers?" He asked.

"Not exactly, I'm the manager for a performer of sorts, although music isn't exactly our thing if you catch my drift." I said.

"Ah, I think I gotcha. You came to the right place buddy. Tell you what, go to the door in back over there, the password is Thorogood. I think you'll find exactly what you're looking for." Said the man as he pointed to a door in a dark corner of the room.

"Thanks a bunch mate." I said as I got up from the bar and strolled over to the door.

I knocked twice and a little slot opened up and a guy from behind asked for a password, just like a Chicago speakeasy back in the 20's. I said to him "Thorogood" and he opened up the door. Unsurprisingly the guy was a pretty big fellow, just loaded with muscles, and had a shaved bald head. I could swear that all bouncers look the same.

The back room gave me the feeling that I'd just found what I was looking for. In the center was a large cage, the size of a boxing ring, lights suspended from the cieling illuminated it as two men inside duked it out in what appeared to be a no rules fight. Quite a few men, many of them in suits like myself were watching from seats near the ring. Some of them wore expensive jewelry, others had expensive looking women. All I had was a nice watch.

The men in the ring were going at it like their lives depended on it, and maybe their lives did indeed depend on winning. They were throwing punches, launching kicks, throwing each other, even biting each other without pause. But despite all this I could tell this wasn't what I was looking for. Close, but no cigar. These guys were very much alive. Too fast and lively to be zombies, and too healthy looking to be vampires. That and the blood running from their faces was red, the first clue that both contestants were alive and well, injuries aside.

That's when a guy in a white suit and enough jewelry to put Mr. T to shame approached me. He asked "So, what do you think?"

I thought about it for a minute. I wanted to tell him that I found the whole thing to be pretty pointless and a bit disgusting, but I knew that wouldn't get me anywhere. Instead I said "Not too bad, but I was hoping to find something a bit more extreme if you know what I mean. I've done the Chicago fight clubs, and I've seen a few of the New York one's, it's all the same sort of stuff. A colleague of mine from Chi-town told me that there was supposed to be a little something more down here."

"Ah, so you're here for the newest attraction. Well I'll tell you this, the guys that run the club you're probably thinking of have a monopoly on the local contestants, the expendable one's. The fatality rate is so high against the house's fighters that no one wants to bring in anyone from the outside. It's one hell of a way to ruin a good investment." He explained to me.

Not being one to be deterred I pressed on "But, an outside fighter who can beat the house contestants could make for quite a bit of money though, right?"

"Yeah but it's one hell of a longshot. I mean that's like betting big on an expensive horse knowing full well that it's likely to get injured." The guy said.

"I'm willing to take that chance. So how would one get into the ring?" I asked.

"I'll tell you what, if you can beat my man here I'll not only get you and your boy into the club, but I'll bet fifty grand on your boy. That'll easily earn him a prime time fight." He said.

"Alright, I'll give my man a call." I replied.

Man am I taking one hell of a risk here... but the payoff could be worth it all. Let's just hope that Jesse is actually up to it.

I pulled out my cellphone and sent Jesse a text message that said "Get to Big Jim's Tavern ASAP. Go to the door in the back, password is 'Thorogood'."

Now it's time to pray that Jesse is willing to put his fists behind his words.

Posted by: Jay Apr 1 2008, 06:20 AM
Shit. Lost them.

Check one annoyed vampire on the outskirts of Branson. There had really been no chance of Jay tracking the van that had taken away the hobo, but he figured that it had been worth a shot. And now here he was, in some shithole slum that had only one real attraction - the bar.

The Cracked Glass had to be a model for seedy bars everywhere. Cigarette smoke mingled with other, more legally questionable scents, a pool table with the felt worn down and sticks with fractures in them, big drunk muscular guys guzzling stuff that could send a regular person into the gutter for a couple of hours. And this was the scene that greeted Jay.

Do all American bars have to be the same? Now Germany, that had great bars. And Reykjavik.

A scuffle broke out in the back, probably over the game of pool, about the same time he sat down at the bar. The bartender simply glanced at the flailing fists, reached under the table and pulled out a shotgun. Everyone froze. Everyone. Vampires might be strong, but there was no way Jay was going to be able to take a shotgun blast at close range and stay standing.


The two would-be combatants peeled themselves off each other, shook hands and returned to their game. The bartender turned to Jay.

"Yeah, that happens a lot. Don't be lookin' for an apology though. What'll you have?" The vampire considered a second. Something was bugging him.
"I heard you say there was 'a place for that'? What do you mean by that?" The barkeeper looked Jay up and down for a second, then beckoned him closer.
"You have the look about you of someone with money, and you sure ain't a cop. I can smell a cop a mile away. You might be interested in a little entertainment we got out back." He gestured towards a door. "Knock twice, ask for Blake." A grin now. "You'll like it. And just between you and me, we got a little addition. That'll really be good to see. We even got people coming in from Big Jim's."
"Thank you." Jay walked away, almost certain he knew what this was: one of those fight clubs that had become popular in America in the 80s. No-holds barred fighting and the like. And when the door was opened and he was ushered down a flight of stairs, this suspicion was confirmed.

A cage arena, lit by dim ceiling lights, a bit smaller than a boxing ring at best estimate. Seats lined the walls in tiers. It wasn't a huge room, but it was big nonetheless.

"Can I... help you?" A man in a grey suit sidled up to Jay.
"Yes. I was told I'd enjoy this, but it all seems rather tame," replied Jay with a small smirk. The man took a puff on his cigarette before responding.
"Really. Tell me, have you ever fought like this before?"
"Once or twice. I never made a habit of it."
"Do you wish to get in there and show these men how it is really done then, sir?" asked the man. Jay could smell his hair wax from where he was standing. Slimy little man.
"By all means. I'm not in the habit of making bets on fools."
"You will be in the next fight, then. This entry will be free, a small test, if you will."

The opponent was a lean young man, probably about thirty. When the cage went down he wasted no time in circling his opponent. Jay stood there, slightly amused.
A right straight. Blocked.
Left hook. Blocked.
Headbutt. Dodged.
The opponent seemed to be getting more and more angry every time his attacks failed to land a solid hit. He rushed Jay this time, hoping to get him with his shoulder and bring him to the ground.

He'd never tried it on a vampire before.

Jay spun around it, sending a solid punch to the man's stomach. While he reeled, it was followed up with an elbow to the temple and a knee to the face. The man was out before he even hit the canvas. Jay glanced at his elbow.

That thrust was a bit off. It should have killed him. Ah well.

"That... that was amazing!" enthused the grey-suited man, who Jay now surmised was Blake. "I've never seen a man fight like that before! You mgiht even be able to..." his voice lowered. "Take on the real fighters."
"Real fighters?"
"See, we got this guy. He contacted us, said he could set up a massive thing. Fighters that could take anything you could throw at them, that sort of thing. This is," he continued, "it's been getting some bad press lately. Rumors and such. People are dying or going crazy. Most people never even make it out of the cage. It's like them fighters are fucked in the head or summat. Still, it brings in the real money." Jay considered this. Fighters who could take anything? That wasn't something one heard of.

The Order might be interested in this.

"Sure. How far is it?"
"Oh, we got tunnels from here. The guy, I think he was working on the old mineshafts and stuff. We got a path straight to the arena, takes about five minutes to walk there from here." Blake indicated a door in the back of the office. It was made of steel. "So, shall we go?"

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 1 2008, 06:53 AM
Eric heard Leon give the cordnites as he watched the mineshaft enterance with a pair of binoculars that he had borrowed from leon's gear bags as he licked his lips he heard leon hang up and after he did so. Eric had remembered something Miller had said about having fun in branson "Fuck why can't we ever have a mission in Vegas" he thought to himself he then sighed and looked over at Leon "So how long till the calvery arrives partner"

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 1 2008, 09:34 AM
Sixty two, twenty three... shit, that's exactly where that fast-moving little dot was moving. Unless this is a setup, we just hit gold. If it IS a setup, then these fuckers have a lot more capital and balls than we've anticipated.

"All FVZA agents listen up. I've got a subject heading vehicle speed straight for abandoned mine shafts south of Branson. Exact coordinates Twenty-Three North and Sixty-Two East. Two Agents already on sit, smells like gold, people."

With that, I gunned the engine. Hope my favor pays off, or I'm going to get trigger-happy.

(OOC: So is the arena in the mine shafts or is it not?)

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 1 2008, 10:54 AM
{ooc Judder we gotta move fast to catch up to the fight...sorry im lil tardy in posting but i'll try to move us along at vamp speed.hehehe}

Rhodes sensed the presence and turned casually to see Judder standing just outside the diner. He dropped a 10 spot on the counter, smiled at the waitress shortly and strolled out, pulling his coat around him lil tighter.

Nodding to Judder, the tall vampire moved quickly towards an out of the way place where they could talk inconspicuously.

"Heres the shit. Order sends word they want recon, no wetworks. Want me to find out all about this lil shit hole suburbia town and find out anything and everything," Rhodes relayed in his quick speaking, quiet manner.

"I know Agents will be crawling around here. We're *swallows visibly* suppose to be enforcing the truce. But you know how it gets, agents and vamps and itchy hair triggers. Just keep to the rules of the mission and let patience be our guide," continued Rhodes, sensing the apprehension eminating from Judder and his sketchy background with the Agency.

"I think we need to sniff our way to a gathering of sorts, and find more info. I've caught a few distinct whiff's of rotters. More than what you'd expect from a tourist trap like this one."

Jeezus i hope Judder can keep his finger off the trigger when we meet up with agents.

Rhodes nodded to see if Judder had heard and processed everything.

Posted by: Judder Apr 1 2008, 05:04 PM
Judder knods attentively and turns away from Rhodes while looking about the town. Judder slowly scans the surrounding blocks.
"If i was wanting to see some action, i would go to a bar or tavern" Judder speaks aloud

(OOC: Sorry bout the shortness school sucks!!!)

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 1 2008, 06:39 PM
((ooc only half as bad as work kiddo... be happy ur still in the phase of life where school is an option HAR HAR HAR !!))

Rhodes furrows his brow and opens his senses...particularly the sense of smell, turning his head around.

Ah. There is it. Faint, but noticeable.

"Bars and stuff are good for finding drunk agents AFTER a mission. We've just arrived and i'll wager they are still trickingly in."

The sound of a vehicle engine gunning hard toward the south caught his well as Judders. The two vamp agents nodded to each other.

"Yup. Gotta be an agent answering a call. Get your wheels and follow that vehicle!"

Rhodes bolted for his chopper he'd parked in a nearby lot.

Posted by: Tsumari Apr 1 2008, 08:31 PM
Several hours ago, Alan had left the room a bit disoriented. Jeez- just reinstated and he'd been thrown in to hit the ground running. Well, that was what he was good at. Never would forget that time in Yellowstone when he accidentally set up camp next to a grizzly den and had to drag himself- tent still attached- into a tree in the middle of the night.

Before anything else, he finally made his way to his room. Swinging the door open, he found another typical, dingy room with more than one questionable smell.

"Hmm, two beds? Were they expecting me to have company?"

He shrugged, throwing his luggage onto one bed and sitting on the other. He was surprised to feel something under him- turned out to be a care package tucked under the comforter. Head-mountable Mag-Lite, some proper field clothes, a small hunting knife, a radio, and one of those shiny 1911s with a couple extra clips. He swapped out his Barretta for the new firearm- never a bad idea to pack a little extra punch.

"Well, they went out of their way to get me back up and running. Wonder if there's some ulterior thing going on?"

Once again, he dismissed his suspicions. Alan knew how to get a story. He new how to be patient, and he knew how to watch without being watched. It's not easy getting high-res photos of timberwolves during mating season. Taking only the contents of the kit, his change of clothes, and his pocket-sized digital camera with a 25x optical zoom scope he could collapse and fit on his belt, he set out across the narrow strip to find any sign of something odd going on.

The first sign of trouble came a couple hours later. He was nearing the outskirts of the city, when he saw the lift. Some homeless guy with a paper bag and a Vietnam Syndrome look about him wearing a camo vest with no shirt and fatigue pants who he'd been following from a street over for about 45 minutes... and he was gone in a couple seconds.
From all Alan could tell, the van had barely slowed down as at least two guys grabbed the vagrant by the shoulders, probably chloroformed him, and sped off fairly discreetly. Just like a trick card player- blink for a second and you would have missed it.

Alan figured they'd have some sort of tap on this guy by now and was about to call about a tracking beacon when the radio crackled in. One hobo moving very fast. Good, everyone was on the same page.

"Got that, I had visual. Just lost 'em. I'll proceed to the coordinates from the south."


Eventually I found myself at the rendezvous point. Some sort of abandoned mine shaft or something. It was getting a little dark and I forgot to bring the night-vision lens for me camera, but I still tried to hang back in the trees. No sign of a vehicle... no exaust, no tire tracks. Fuck. Figure I'll just wait for backup to arrive.

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 1 2008, 08:39 PM
Eric heard the sound of something coming towaards his and Leon's postion as he blinked twice he quickly nuged leon awake and ponited out to him that back up had finally arrived on scene he started to head over with his parnter towards the direction the sound was coming from and suddenly both agents crossed the feild and got right up to alan a smile came across Eric's face as he reconzied the man as an agent. "Thank god someone got here when they did" damn Moquistios were treating me as thier own free buffet" Eric grinned a bit and looked at Alan. "Are miller and the others on thier way"

Posted by: Tsumari Apr 1 2008, 09:26 PM
I had heard the two sets of footsteps approaching. Shit, and I thought I could be stealth. I lowered my camera and put one hand on the gun, which was resting in a holster inside my jacket, when I saw the two agents come into view. A sigh of relief, and I let my hands drop to my sides.

"Good to see you too... I followed a vehicle here. Tried to confirm that I'd had visual, but this radio's been giving me trouble. I'm not sure when the others are getting here. Did you see any evidence that a van came through here? Damn thing couldn't have just disappeared..."

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 1 2008, 09:42 PM
I nodded "Yeah i saw something a while ago about a minute or so before you got here" I said as I started to relax my hand as well from my jacket pocket. "I think it might have been your mystery vechile" I then started to pull out a ditgal camera from my feild kit and started fumbleing through the picutres my glasses reflected the picutrues in the light. As I reached my mark I grinned and showed alan the picutre of the logo that was on the jacket of the grunt that Leon knocked out with a rock to the head it was a zombie face with a sword through it, the only decent detial that the camera could pick up. I then looked at alan and smiled a bit "This look famillar to you ?" I asked

Posted by: Tsumari Apr 1 2008, 09:46 PM
I chuckled. "Looks like the cover to a couple albums I own, but other than that, can't say I recognize it. Is the guy still out cold?"

Posted by: Abnet Apr 1 2008, 10:19 PM
Leon walked over to the unconscious guard and gave him as swift kick in the head.

"Yeah. He's out."

He took out his cellphone and took a picture of the symbol on the guy's back.

"I don't know anything about this symbol but I know somebody that might."

Leon cycled through his list of phone numbers until he found Alice's number.

"Hey, Alice. It's Leon. I'm sending you a picture of a wierd symbol we found on a guy we knocked unconscious. Get me any information you can find on it. Call me on my headset though, I don't want my phone ringing in the middle of a covert op... Okay thanks. Bye."

Leon pocketed his phone.

"I've got somebody working on it. But for now we should check out this mine and see if we can find anything else."

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 1 2008, 10:29 PM
There was already a little party underway when I skidded in. The signature black van I was looking for was nowhere in sight, but there was an Agency vehicle parked right smack in the middle of the grass. So I wasn't wrong.

I stopped the fuel-burner and popped myself out of the car. Removed my digital camera from the glove compartment too. We're still law enforcement, even if it's a little conventional, and I gotta get some evidence before we can move in the big boys. After all, the mission briefing talked about playing this one all subtle-like. That's why they have shadows here.

No need for the tripod, probably no time to set it up anyway.

"Hey, I'm gettin that our bad boy stopped somewhere up ahead, anyone got a visual on an entrance?"

Posted by: Abnet Apr 1 2008, 10:45 PM
Leon vaulted over a board and into the mine shaft. He put on his night vision goggles and looked around. He saw the same symbol that was on the unconscious man's shirt on both of the walls.

When he looked futher down he saw that the mine shaft branched off in three different directions.

That's gonna be a problem...

"I know it probably isn't the wisest idea but we will have to split up if we want to finish this quickly. Alan take left. Eric take right. I'll go straight. Keep your radios on in case you find anything or need backup. Let's get started."

Posted by: goteamventure15 Apr 1 2008, 10:55 PM
Judas watched as Jesse wrapped his fists in bandages. The older sawyer sat shotgun in a rental car, wearing only a pair or maroon and gold boxing shorts. On his feet he had muddy old combat boots. Jesse cracked his knuckles and leaned back in his chair smiling. Meanwhile the younger Sawyer was now driving the rental car down the road. A feat Judas found very impressive considering what she was now sporting. Julie was wearing high heel shoes that added about four feet to her hight, and a napkin of a black dress, that even Paris Hilton wouldn't be caught dead in. Her make up was even worse. The Joker wears less face paint than she currently had one. It was quite the odd couple sitting up front. Judas would have thought the siblings looked rather weird.

If it wasn't for what he was wearing.

Judas sat in the back wearing a pink and purple track suit. On his head sat a flannel golf hat for some reason beyond his understanding. He was half blind by the giant sunglasses Julie gave him and worst of all, he was wearing so much "bling" that his wind pipe could be crushed at moment. In one hand he had a giant 80's cellphone. The other held a half empty bottle of champagne.

Welcome to The Sawyer School of Zombie Defense.

"You look nervous Judy," Jesse observed. "Everything alright?"

" I'm not nervous, just embarrassed," Judas explained. " I've never been much of a disguise guy personally. I'm new to this whole undercover thing. Maybe my first alternate identity should have been someone who dresses a little less like MC Hammer"

Jesse laughed as he popped a cigarette in his mouth. " The point is we're trying to stand out. I'm sure they don't just let anyone into this zombie club. We got to leave a lasting impression."

Judas sighed. " Fine... but I'm warning you, I was the tree in my fifth grade play."

"Don't worry. We're not asking you to win an Oscar," Julie explained. "Just act like a boxing handler. You know, cheer Jesse on and towel him off. Nothing hard."

Judas gave a puzzled look. Cheering for and wiping the sweat of Jesse Sawyer? How could someone find that to be anything but Chinese water torture? Power of family he guessed. Julie turned the car into the parking lot of a trashy bar and parked it. They walked to the front entrance. Just as Judas went to open it, Jesse nearly knocked the door off the hinges with a big boot. In the blink of an eye the Sawyer twins were magically gone and in their place stood two slobbering drunks. Jesse stumbled in to the joint with Julie attached to his arm.

Judas had to admit it. They were pretty damn good.

Then sounds came out of Jesse's mouth.

Then some of Judas' soul died.

"Oiy! Listen up you fuckheads," Jesse screamed in a cockney British accent. "My names is Luke "Lucifer" Jones and I heard there some bloke here looking to get his arse kicked!"




Where did he come up with this shit? Judas had never heard a worse name in his life. Julie then started to cackle an annoying drunken groupie laugh. " Oh're the greatest. Lets be soul mates," she babbled.

Jesse smiled. "Sure thing Sapphire."


Fucking Sapphire!?!?

That one is worse than...well...Judas Dredd.

Judas really needed to get them a book of names. Just when he thought he couldn't watch anymore a hidden back door opened and out stepped Miller. In the blink of an eye Jesse was all over him. The Sawyer male was kissing Miller's forehead and squeezing the life out of him.

"Oh boss! I missed ya!!! Missed ya like you were me own pop, I did."

Suddenly the MC Hammer role was looking pretty good to Judas. Miller lead the three into the back room. Inside waiting was a sketchy little weasel like man dressed even more ridiculously than Judas. Behind them in a cage stood an angry, giant, bald gorilla of a man. The fighter leered and spit at the gang. Judas would hate to run into this guy in a dark alley...hell in a sunny park even. Jesse laughed and patted Miller on the back.

"Boss, you didn't tell me they supersized faggots these days."

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 1 2008, 11:44 PM
[SIZE=7] Eric moved with long purposeful strides towards the other end of the right tunnel the young man started to glance ahead his perfeirail vision checking to the sides and back of him he had made sure that his colt 45 had gotten a suppressor for this mission and as he walked along thoughts started to enter his head. He tried to clear out the bull shit that had been in his life recently and he muttered something about if the situion turns hot hes gonna place the face of his stepfather on every one he turns his weapons or his fists on. He then started to move agian and the sound of hard rock/county music was heard coming down the oppsite direction quickly thinking Eric quickly shot into a dark area and started to hide in the shadows his back to the wall as he waited camly for his prey to move in closer. As the guard got closer Eric held his breath and suddenly grabbed the man from behind placing him in a rear naked choke hold and after putting his left hand on the back of the man's head he began to speak.

"Let's have a little chat shall we" Said Eric in the lowest most meancing tone he could think of. The man sneered and spoke back to him, "You anit gettin anything from me punk" he snarled and Eric could smell the cheap moonshine on his breath and after looking down at the man he smriked a bit. "Dont worry i just wanna have a chat with your boss" said Eric "Oh that fucknut...why didn't you say you wanted to ice him what do ya wanna know" Eric smriked "Well for starters tell me what you don't like about him" The man just smriked and looked at him "Well for starters he...ERRK GURGLE" Eric had seen the man go for what looked like a garage door opener with a large red button on it an thinking it was some sort of an alarm trigger had locked in the choke hold and cut off the mans blood sulppy to his brain efftivcly putting him to sleep. Eric then sighed a bit and started to drag the man off into the dark areas away from the main hall as he pulled out his radio

"This is advised that any guards en route to the target have panic buttons...they look like old school garage door openers reccommend COA strip any guards you take out of those first over" Eric then removed his finger from the talk button and countuined his trek down the hallway.

Posted by: Kilroy Apr 2 2008, 02:20 AM
While "Lucifer Jones" stood by Miller, "Sapphire" once again clinging to the arms of her man, Judas was brainstorming. He had been watching Jesse and Julie get into the swing of things and it was important he did so, too. Judas wasn't a great actor, but he could bullshit when the need arose. And lucky for him, an idea popped into his head.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Judas said in an exaggerated, but light Southern drawl. "This man be-four yew is a top-o-the-line, lean, mean, fightin' machine! It don't matter that you stole Magilla there from the zoo, shaved him, and put him in a cage, boys! Mistah Jones he-uh will clean his clock and send his monkey ass back to zoo."

Judas made a point of beaming a thousand watt smile around the room. If he wasgoing to play hype man, he had to kick it into high gear. He pulled Jesse over beside him for the hard sell.

"Now mah name is Mistah Sweet. And life ain't nothin' but that when you're in the corner of Luke Jones!" Judas started. He was cut off by Jesse's Oscar worty acting.

"But what?"


Life ain't nothin' buh wha?" Jesse shot back, deepening the slur. Julie cackled that awful drunk laugh.

"But sweet!"

"You're Sweet! I'm Luke Jones!"

"That you are, my friend! A tower of powah, too sweet to be sour, funky like a monkey!" Judas continued, with a flourish. Jesse flexed his arms for emphasis. "And when that mongoloid in the ring falls on his face, he got nothin' to be ashamed of! He just been beat by the best!

Judas walked over to a table a set down the cell phone and champagne bottle. He looked around the room to see the seated person looking annoyed, the other fighter looking positively enraged, and Miller with his head to the sid so he could avoid the spectacle.

"And in closin' Magilla," Judas started, pointing to the fighter in the cage. "I'm just gonna leave these two items for you over here. That way you got somethin' ta ease the pain of the beatin,' and a phone to call yo' momma so she can help you dry them tears once you lose!"

Judas smiled and walked over to Jessie and Julie. He pried Julie off of Jessie and patted Jessie on the back toward the cage.

"A'ight, champ! You go get 'im!" Judas yelled as he walked Julie over to Miller. "Let's get you outta the way, sweetheart. He can't do his duty with you all over him."

[This might almost be worth the track suit. He's still gonna pay for the glasses and hat, though.]

Judas chose to ignore what looked like Miller using the camera function on his phone.

Posted by: Abnet Apr 2 2008, 02:53 AM
Leon made his way quickly but quietly down the tunnel. Suddenly he stopped and ducked behind a large crate. Luckily he did this fast enough to avoid being seen by the three guards standing in front of a huge metal door. He heard them talking over the sounds of cheering and battle coming from above.

"I can't believe we're stuck down in this shithole guarding these... things." One of the guards said.
"Yeah. I hear the next fight is gonna be good. Some new guy is gonna be fighting some of the zom--"
One guards interrupted, "Shut the fuck up, Clyde. I heard that there were some guys trying to investigate our business. Some weird branch of the feds or something."
"Yeah, sure Rick. And some of them are probably already inside. Hey, you know what, they might even be here already 'taking us all out from the inside'. Goddamnit you're paranoid."
"Hey man, I'm just saying. I don't think we should just be throwing it out there that we have a whole bund of... well, you know."
"Jesus Christ, man. Just calm do--"

The guard stopped in mid sentence and fell to the floor. Blood was streaming out of a bullet wound that went straight though his head.

The next guard, Clyde suffered the same fate. Hitting the ground with a loud "thud".

The last guard dropped his gun and ran in Leon's direction, obviously not seeing him.

Leon stood up in time to clothesline the panicked guard to the floor. Leon unsheathed his combat knife and slit the guard's throat.

Leon walked up to the metal door and saw a small slit like the ones on solitary confinement doors. When Leon opened the slit the smell of rotting flesh filled his nostrils. He luched back as a bony finger clawed its way through the slit. Leon closed it, slicing off the zombie's fingers in the process

"Alright guys, I've got a location on where they are keeping the zombies. What should I do from here?" Leon said over his headset.

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 2 2008, 03:26 AM
Eric heard the crackleing of the raido as he looked down at the broken neck and crushed skull of a dead guard and he then wiped the blood off his easton hammer baseball bat he then smriked and started to head down the hall as soon as he heard the radio start to crackle "Leon where are the zombies being held i can meet you there" Said eric as he sighed a bit "Im getting kinda lonely and all the guards down here just wanna fight"

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 2 2008, 04:54 AM
Note to self; we're not doing anymore undercover work until these guys take acting lessons. Granted I was never the star of my high school musical, but this was a tad bit ridiculous. Between the names and the outlandish disguises I'm amazed that they even let them back here.

"Alright Mr. Jones, go get him. Don't hold anything back." I said to Jesse while putting in an extraordinary amount of effort into not laughing my ass off.

"Don't worry about him, he's the best at what he does, and what he does ain't pretty." I said to Julia, feeling ashamed that I had to steal lines from X-Men.

For good measure I pulled out my phone and began taking a few pictures. Officially I was taking pictures for evidence. But in actuality I had no plans of ever letting Judas live down the costume.

Posted by: goteamventure15 Apr 2 2008, 06:09 AM
Julie watched as her older brother eagerly ran into the cage. He looked like a little kid in a candy store. "Hell that isn't normal," Julie thought. Even she had to worry about Jesse's love of fighting every once and a while. The priority of the moment however, was focused on screaming like a 14 year old girl at a boy band concert.

" Knock him out baby! Lucey is dead sexay! Wooo!"

Julie knew it was going to take a lot of showers to wash the filth away from that statement... preferably not ones in a run down Branson motel.

The big gorilla of a man waltzed over to Jesse. Her brother gave a big smile and pointed to his right cheek. Jesse...or rather Lucifer....was going to offer his opponent a free hit. The big dumb ape gladly accepted throwing a right hook that knocked Sawyer across the cage. Julie spun around, as if too horrified to watch the carnage. In reality she just thought her brother was being a dumbass.

"Don't rough up his face! We need that mug for posters and t-shirts," screamed Judas.

Julie wanted to crack a little smile. Judas had taken on his new role a little too well. Meanwhile, Jesse staggered back up to his feet. Jesse let out a deep cough and spit a tiny bit of blood on to the mat. He then smiled and pointed to his left cheek. His opponent obliged again. Julie let out another shriek for good measure. Meanwhile Jesse lay on the mat laughing at himself.

"Why does he find this fun," she pondered.

The fighter grabbed Jesse by his long hair and dragged him up. Jesse grabbed the gorilla's "family jewels" and yanked around. Everyone in the room had to look away as the monster let out a scream of agony.

"Kill him Luke," screamed Julie. Words she realized might not be the best advice for her brother. The fighter bent over in pain, practically in tears. Jesse grabbed the back of the mans bald head and drove it into one knee. He then drove it into the other. The big ogre folded like an acordian, his nose a broken bloody messy.

"Jesus," exclaimed Juddas, nearly dropping character.

Jesse wasn't satisfied yet apparently. He ran over to the downed man and wrapped a choke hold around him. The half passed out gorilla swung his arms in the air wildly.

"Oh swing you're big fists buddy. Swing them with your broken nose and my arm around your neck," Jesse/Lucey mocked.

Judas and Miller bolted in the ring and ripped Jesse off of him. Even as they dragged him away, Jess tried to get in a cheap kick. They managed to get him back outside and in front of the fight coordinator.

"So how'd I do?"

Posted by: Tsumari Apr 2 2008, 07:58 AM
Alan had been investigating the dank tunnel to the left just inside the mine when his radio started to crackle. It had been acting up before, but now it was downright indiscernible.

"Hello? Come in. What was that? I heard gunshots. What's going on? Hello? Fuck."

He slammed the radio back onto his belt in frustration.
Figures I'd get the cheap one. Hm....

He'd caught something else. A dripping sound. And a weird echo. He took out his Mag and shined the beam at a downward angle in front of him, proceeding forward.


He'd sure found something. A hole in the floor of the mine, obviously made by some amateurs with explosives, leading into the sewer. Directly below him was some sort of water skiff- the silent type that runs on air- with a rather large cage on it. A bloody cage large enough for 3 or 4 people to fit in. The vehicle was just floating there, tethered to a pipe.

"Bad news for us. Looks like this might be a warehouse of some kind. They bring 'em here, but I don't think this is where they fight. Hell, with access to those passages, they could be taking them anywhere. Guess I should go let the others know."

Carefully, he headed back down toward the section of tunnel that his campatriot had followed.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 2 2008, 12:43 PM
Rhodes rocketed along the highway, just behind and out of site of the speeding agent vehicle.

Going somewhere in a hurry. Prolly to somewhere we should be anyways. Might as well let them do the work. Makes our job easier.

He swerved to avoid hitting a splattered raccoon in the middle of his lane.

"Fucking vermin," he muttered.

Glancing over his shoulder, Rhodes saw that Judder was right behind him, keeping pace.

Hmmm. South alright. Outskirts, not a bad location. Probably some abandoned buildings or industrial sites thats the spot.

Daylight was fading fast as Rhodes kept pace with the agent vehicle. He couldnt nor didnt make out the driver, only the red glow of tail lights as they navigated quickly to wherever they were headed.

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 2 2008, 01:37 PM
Thank God for selective night vision. This pair of goggles might've cost a small fortune, but I swear to high heaven I'd be lost without it. Thing about the underground part of this? There is no light, absolutely nil light all, down here. Which means a traditional starlight scope is fucking useless. Once again, thank God for selective night vision, courtesy of the shades-of-gray vision before my eyes now.

I levelled my USP before me, sweeping the oddly-tilted shafts before me. Not that I planned on killing anyone... yet, but I did have my objectives. At this point, it's probably unwise for me to drop bodies. They had a nasty tendency to be found.

The radio crackled... and then crackled again. Apparently everybody else thought the party'd already started.

"This is Harding, hold your positions, I repeat, hold your positions! Keep weapons tight until we have ample evidence for a takedown. This is an investigation people, not an assault."

I flipped out my cellphone--screen darkened, of course-- and tried it against my ear. As I thought, no signal down here. We're gonna have to go up top again or we've effectively gone incommunicado. Which is bad, considering how big this is turning out to be.

"This is Harding, anybody get a live one?"

I crossed my fingers.

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 2 2008, 05:10 PM
Eric heard the raido working and he suddenly picked it up as he hid in his section of the cave. "This is Benson..harding can you hear me" he said as he pressed the button agian. "I got your message Harding I will keep my gun slienced just glad to know im not the only one still alive...has leon checked in yet"

Posted by: Judder Apr 2 2008, 05:57 PM
Judder follows Rhodes, not bothering to hide the massive black Chevy truck, the large Confederate flag flying in the wind behind the truck.

Judder accelerates past Rhodes and pulls even with the agent's vehicle, Judder can't tell who it is but his window tint prevents anyone from looking into the truck.
Lets hope this works......

Judder accelerates and then decelerates next to the vehicle several times while watching for traffic......egging the driver on into.

The though crosses Judder's mind too late.....
Rhodes is gonna be pissed....

A street race...........

Posted by: Abnet Apr 2 2008, 07:35 PM
"This is Leon reporting in. All agents in the mines come to my position. I've found where the zombies are being stored and what looks like a lift to a higher level. By the sounds of things the arena is right above me." Leon said over his headset.

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 2 2008, 11:37 PM
"thank god" said eric as he heard leon's voice "Leon this is Eric" stay where you are...hardings orders" "We arent ready to go in hot yet" :he said over the raido as he sighed a bit and pulled his shotgun out and replaced its spot on his back with his easton hammer baseball bat and started loading in some shells looking up he got down on one knee and waited orders to go in and start splattering some ghoul heads.

Posted by: Abnet Apr 3 2008, 02:26 AM
"Got it. I'll hold up here and wait for you guys." Leon said in response to Harding's orders.

Leon sighed to himself.

What to do now?

Leon suddenly had a flashback from his first experience with zombies. Memories he thought he had succesfully blocked off over the years. He felt the urge to open the door and kill every rotting piece of shit in that room himself.

He came back to his sences when he tasted blood in his mouth and felt a sharp pain on his bottom lip. It seems that he had bit down on his lip so hard during his flashback that he broke the skin. He cleaned himself off with his sleeve and drank some water he had brought with him. Leon shook his head as he heard someone talking on the other end of his headset.

"Leon, it's Alice. I've got some info on that symbol. It's the symbol of an old cult that goes back to before the Crusades. They appearently believed that if they killed a zombie in hand to hand combat they would 'beat death' and be granted eternal life. They obviously never got what they wanted, they would most likely end up turning into a zombie over the next few hours from injuries during the fight."

"That's irony for you. But how does this cult get so many members outside of kidnapped homeless people? The whole eternal life thing has pretty much been dubunked by now."

"I was getting to that. There is no clear information on the modern day aspect of the cult but my guess is that if they have any ties to their historical counterparts outside of that symbol, whoever is running this fighting circuit has had to pick up people off of the streets and force them to fight or feed them to the zombies and that the fighting is now more about profit than religion. Keep in mind that that's just what I'm thinking about this thing but be prepared for more than what was in the briefing."

"Okay. Thanks, Alice."

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 3 2008, 10:43 AM
They found it? Already? God, this was moving faster than I thought. That Leon was shaping up to be a hell of a guy. Now let's hope he keeps his logic about him.

Right up... where in the hell would you find a place for an arena out here? Do these guys have enough backing to build their own addition to the mines?

"Okay, listen up, we do not have a go for assault yet. Leon, use anything you have to mark out a path to the lift. Make sure it's inconspicuous. Everyone else, cuff any bad guys still alive and meet back at the entrance. We need to let Miller know about this."

With that, I turn and jogged back toward the entrance.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 4 2008, 12:00 AM
Rhodes growled almost audibly above the roar of engines.

Freakin Judder! We need to follow this guy, not draw attention. Gonna have to heel that dog.

The stench of zombies, blood, and human filth nearly gagged Rhodes. He noticed several parked cars near an industrial mining area.

"Figures." muttered Rhodes as he ceased following the vehicle and pulled his bike off the side and dropped the kickstand.

He quickly trotted up to the entrance where several guards were checking people for weapons. The smirk on Rhodes face was almost a dead giveaway, still he walked to the back of the line and reached in his pocket for a roll of cash.

"Next. Raise your hands so we can frisk pal," mumbled the large overweight man in a very bad suit.

"Gosh fellers. Is there a cover for this place? I brought some money," oozed Rhodes as he started to unroll several $50 bills from a fat roll.

The guards nearly started to salivate at the sign of the greenbacks.

"Gotta check for weapons buddy. Boss's orders," the one said as he lifted Rhodes' arms up, nearly exposing his hidden .22 silenced pistols.

At the precise moment before the mans hands touched gunsteel, Rhodes dropped a part of his money at his feet.

"Dang, sorry fellers, guess its just itching to be spent. Look, "my" boss wants me to drop some serious bets on a certain fight, and im sure he dont want me causing any trouble. Here, keep this, i'll tell him i drank it up or some shit. Cool?" said Rhodes using his massively influential powers of persuasion.

The two guards exchanged looks, "Ok, your clean, hurry up tho...NEXT!"

Rhodes nodded warmly with a big smile and hurried past, adjusting his coat.

Greed. Gotta love that sin the most.

Posted by: Abnet Apr 4 2008, 12:31 AM
Leon heard Harding's orders and headed back down the mine shaft to the exit. When he got to the intersection he marked one of the boards near the tunnel that lead to the room with the zombies by carving an X into it with his knife.

He headed outside of the mine and saw the other agents waiting for him.

"Alright guys, I've got some interesting info on that symbol we found. (OOC: I tell them what Alice told me. Read a couple of posts up for that.) So what are we gonna do now?"

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 4 2008, 03:08 AM
Eric nodded and looked at the other agents "well if were gonna go in hot I think we should get some M-14 rifles here on the double and some M79s as well we have up to level 3 clearance in the armory so we can go in like gang busters and kick these guys out with force" "the only problem i can see is what if they know that we are on to them...what if they planted edvince for us to find this place and its an ambush"

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 4 2008, 04:05 AM
"Way to go kid, now if only you'd stop letting them throw the first two punches like that. You're gonna loose a lot of brain cells doing that, and in case no one told you; you sort of need those." I said to Jesse.

God fucking dammit that was not good. That trick sure as hell is not going to work on a zombie. He'd better have some real skills up his sleeve, if he gets himself infected he's fucking screwed, it's not like I'm carrying any vaccine on me. I think to myself.

With that fresh victory right in front of the other manager I walk over to him and say "Your guy was in pretty good shape, but he's got to watch the chinks in the armor. So what about this other fighting ring you mentioned, something with a bit more action?"

The manager pulls me aside away from everyone else and tells me "Your boy got off with a cheap shot that'll never work against what this other place will put him against."

"Why's that, the other gladiators a bunch of women?" I ask.

"No, even worse." He replies.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I find it hard to believe that they've got anything more deadly than that." I say.

"Trust me, it's worse." Says the manager.

"Eunuchs?" I question.

"You probably won't believe this, but they're zombies." The manager says in a tone that tells me he doesn't believe it himself.

"You mean drugged up contestants. My boy has taken on and defeated people on everything from PCP to LSD. If you're talking the old Haitian voodoo stuff it can't be any worse than PCP." I reply to the manager, feigning a non-belief in zombies.

This time the manager takes a cautionary look around and says quietly "No no, I mean zombies. The living dead. These things are literally rotting as they stand, they feel no pain, and they eat their victims alive."

"You're saying that these things have the RAGE virus or something?" I ask.

"Not quite, they're much slower than that. But on the other hand they've got much more strength, and they're much harder to kill. Since it's a cage match it's not as if the speed is much of a detriment, once they corner their prey it's all over." Said the manager.

"I have little doubt in my mind that my man Lucifer can take on these so called zombies. Just tell me when and where." I demand.

"Alright hot shot, it's at the abandoned Lower Missouri Mining Company's site just out of town. The arena itself is in a building that used to be the offices and processing facility for the site. It's directly connected to the mine shaft system and they bring the zombies up into the arena like gladiators in the colosseum. The fights start in about half an hour and they go all night." Explains the manager.

"Thanks a bunch." I tell the manager.

After our little conversation I walked back over to my Oscar worthy troupe of Jesse, Julie, and Judas. I say to them "Ok, awesome work Jesse. Just keep in mind that trick isn't going to work on your next opponents. Now if you're all up for it we've got a location. But first we're getting Jesse some ice."

Posted by: Jay Apr 4 2008, 09:06 AM
The muffled sounds of a ringtone echoed through the deserted passageway as Blake and Jay walked. The two men simultaneouly performed the classic manuever of searching themselves for the source of the noise. The phone in this case belonged to Jay. The caller ID was a number Jay hadn't seen before. He answered anyway.

"There is a second team on their way. You have a high probability of encountering them. You are informed of this so you are not surprised at their presence." The voice was male, with the slight clicking of the teeth that identified the caller as a fellow vampire.
"Why is this?"
"Orders. The point is that they are on what is basically the same assignment as you are."
"Who is it?"
"I believe one goes by the name Rhodes. The other I am not familiar with, but he was turned approximately a year ago. He owns a dog, or did."
"I see. Thank you."
Silence, then a dial tone.

"Shit." So they'd decided to send someone to make sure things weren't fucked up.
Guess I shouldn't be surprised. Rhodes probably wouldn't find it too hard to eliminate me if the call came. And as for the dog one, that can only be the FVZA agent they turned in Seattle. Judder. Why send him? For fuck's sake, he knew Miller better than I did...

"Hey buddy, you alright?" Blake asked, snapping Jay out from his reverie.
"Yeah, I'm fine, let's just keep moving."
"So what was all that about? You seem pissed."
"I'm not in town for this. I'm here for something a little different, and it seems like I've got some other guys coming to make sure nothing gets fucked up."
"Dude, that's bullshit."
"That it most certainly is. Oh, here we are, it seems."

The door to the arena was all bolts, locks and steel. Blake withdrew a ring of keys and spent the next minute unlocking and moving parts of the door. Jay watched with a raised eyebrow, noting the construction carefully. Obviously it was designed to keep something inside, but what? The first inkling of a suspicion was starting to creep around in Jay's mind, and it was unpleasant.

The door swung open, and he was treated to an excellent view of the caged ring, the man inside said cage... and the thing gnawing the man's arm off.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 4 2008, 12:15 PM
Rhodes continued down the long corridor to the mining facilities main area. Several people were walking in front and two in back of him.

Where the fuck did that Judder go? Prolly still racing that damn truck.

The line stopped and Rhodes turned his back to the wall and pulled out his cell phone. He noticed he had a txt msg waiting.

Arching his brow, he pushed the cell phone buttons and read.

Update. Team one already in play. Team two is auxillary until further notice. Gather intel and assist as required. Low profile is CRITICAL. Report due in 36 hours.

"Auxillary!?!! That's bullshit!" Rhodes cursed allowed after reading the text msg from his employer.

The couple in front of him turned their heads slightly and glanced down at his cellphone. The vampire gnashed his teeth slightly, restraining the urge to throw the device at the wall.

Fucking backup. What the hell! Ya know, what ever. I'll babysit these youngsters and jack off the whole time and still get paid. Beaurocratic sons'a'bitchs.

Rhodes txtd back:

Scrolling thru his contact list, Rhodes punched dial for Judder and put the phone to his ear.
The fast beeping told him no signal.

Figures. Useless in here. Might find a landline if lucky. Too risky to use walkie talkie feature on phone.

Jamming the phone in his coat pocket, Rhodes adjusted the blades strapped to each forearm to assure they hadn't shifted out of place to be seen by any security personnel.

The line moved slowly forward. The distinct sound, to vampire hearing, of machinery, a lift of some sort, deep below them was noticeable.

"So? Which meatbag are you betting on buddy?"

Rhodes turned his focus to the two men standing behind him.

"Whichever looks the biggest. Its a fight afterall." he replied with little enthusiasm.

Guy one shook his head, "Naaw man you can't go traditional. These are different kinda fights."

Leaning in slightly as if it was a secret, "They have people fight zombies," then leaning back with a shit eatting grin and wink.

Rhodes stifled an eye roll, "For real? Zombies? You mean the undead, vampires, ghosts, halloween movie type shit?"

Shaking his head, "No man, the REAL deal! These fuckin things are DEAD. Some got holes in them you can see thru, but they are strong as fuck. Last week i saw the one they had tear a mans arm off and start gnawing on it right there man !!! Fucked up!!!"

"Sooooo you're saying to bet on the zombie?" asked Rhodes.

Guy two, "Hell yes !!! Aint a man out there that can compete with these fucking things. HEY, this week i heard they have girl zombies !!!! Might see some rotten tits or something. hehehehe." the slob chuckled.

Rhodes turned with an exasperated look as the line moved forward slightly.


Posted by: Judder Apr 4 2008, 08:34 PM
The truck shoots forward accelerating to beyond 100mph.

The G-forces push Judder back into his seat, as he easily outruns the other vehicle.
Judder slows back down to the speed limit and pulls into a small gas station, where he begins to pump gas and lets Razor out of the truck to stretch his legs.

When Judder goes into pay for the gas he asks the cashier "There anything fun around here?"

The cashier responds" Go down to the mining facility and get in line, you will get your money's worth" The girl takes his fifty dollar bill and keeps the 20 dollar tip for herself.

Judder walks back out to the truck where Razor is waiting, for that fact so is a cop.

"Well, boy can I see your license and registration?" The cop asks,
(Picture old cop from Convoy)

Judder produces his license and registration, he also mixes his S.W.A.T team identification in with it, seemingly by accident.

"Have a nice day sir," the officer says while handing him his stuff back.

"Oh yeah, be sure to drop by the Mining Complex, its the parking lot thats loaded, we got some out of town boxer going up against the local champion tonight."

The officer gives Judder directions to the event.

Judder jumps in his truck after allowing Razor to get in and drives to the parking lot and parks next to Rhodes chopper after several minutes.

Judder walks through the parking lot and steps in line to get searched, he moves forward and finally gets through the guard where he can go inside.

He begins to look for Rhodes, as he begins to smell the awfull, rotting smell of zombies as he steps forward to get into the main event area.

OOC: I hope thats ok, trying not to seem cheezy

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 6 2008, 09:32 AM
I gasped in the fresh air for a few moments, and hoped that everyone else was all right. And then I got to work. The phone in my pocket was begging for air time, so out it came.

Bingo, got a signal. Funny what a difference a few feet of Earth made.

"Located Zombie storage area. Abandonned mineshafts due South of city. May be linked to arena actual. Standing by for instructions."

I fired off the text to Miller double-time and hoped with every cell in my body that he answered it pronto. I could tell the other guys were getting just a little bit impatient. Impatience is bad. Impatience makes people do stupid things.

Better do something about that.

"Okay, listen up. No instructions on weapons state yet, but I'd start prepping them if I were you. There may be human suspects we need to take down up there, so feel free to grab some convent weapons. Just be careful where you point the business end, understood?"

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 6 2008, 05:13 PM
Eric just nodded and he looked at his shotgun as he sat down to work on it and prep it for action his colt 45 was resting at his hip as well. He sighed a bit and started to look at the other agents his mind somwehre else right now it almost seemed like he was in some sort of a trance as he looked over at the mines he could feel it tensing up. His mind started to whir with possiblites and he started running senecrios through his head his mind mentaly preparing for what ever he saw inside. As Eric's breathing started to increase he felt his body getting more and more anxious. "Why did i levave my lexapro in the hotel room"

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 7 2008, 10:51 AM
((OOC: Guys im going afk til this I'll try to put myself in a holding pattern within the storyline....somehow))

Rhodes inched forward in the line.

Damn this must be a hot piece of entertainment to draw this large a crowd and NOT be noticed by the government. Hmm might wanna pursue that with command later.

The hairs on his neck prickled a bit. Turning Rhodes searched the line for Judder. Spotting him back several yards in the crawling line, Rhodes felt somewhat relieved.

"Go ahead of me here fellers, I just spotted a friend of mine back a few paces."

"Thanx mister. You might regret it later if you miss the betting final call tho."

"I'll take my chances," replied Rhodes as he brushed passed them and several others to stand beside Judder.

"Hey pal, glad you finally made it," said the taller vampire with heavy sarcasm.

Leaning in he lowered his voice to just above audiable to any vampire.

"We got to get in here, and start memorizing everything we see so we can call back the boss and let em know what they want then get the hell outta here. I certainly hope you got thru that sham of a checkpoint with at least one gun. You take left, I'll take right. I'll place a bet for appearance sake then move to somewhere opposite of you. IF and IF you spot an agent or are spotted for shits sake do not start blasting. No wetworks, thats the order. Just keep cool, flash them a smile and keep your hands where they can see them.....but be ready to haul ass. Got it !?"

Posted by: Kilroy Apr 9 2008, 06:00 AM
The car sped along the street, skirting traffic laws when able to. Judas still had their keys, so he opted to drive. Miller had joined him and the Sawyers, and was spending his time alternating between critiquing their performance and backseat driving. Julie had her shoes off and was rubbing her feet, waiting for Jessie to hand over a smaller pair of heels. After the show handoff, Jessie cracked his neck (hands free---how?!) and stared out the window.

Judas noted all these things and knew why they were happening. Same reason why he was driving---they all wanted to keep their minds off of their destination for a few minutes. Shit was, in fact, about to go down.

[Sick, that's what it is. I wouldn't wish what happened to me in that national park on anyone else. And they're making people fight zombies? God damn it, I cannot wait to bust these people. Stop resisting! Punch! Stop resisting! Nut shot! STOP RESISTING! Accidental Castration!]

"There it is!" Julie said as she pointed to something a bit further in the distance. Everyone seemed to tense up simultaneously. At that point, Judas remembered two things. One, he needed his gun and holster. Two, his neck hurt from all the fake chains still hanging around it.

"Hey, someone toss me my holster!"

"Fuck off," came Jessie's articulate reply. Judas scowled as he looked over his shoulder at him. Then his face brightened. Taking one hand off the wheel, Judas started taking off the chains and tossing them at Jessie. He made sure to aim for the more bruised areas from his cage fight. Miller laughed as he handed up the holster and gun.

"Well worth it," was all he said as Judas pulled into the mine building's parking area.

Judas slipped his holster on over his white tank top (that did nothing to flatter his figure, mind you) and zipped up his windbreaker again. He tossed aside the hat and glasses as well, while making a face a Jessie. All four exited the vehicle, game faces on. They crossed over to where their contact from the cage fight stood and walked with him into the building.

[Lord, I normally don't like to bug you, but I'd prefer not to die tonight. Not in this damned track suit, anyway. Anything would be better than that. You could strike me down in a chicken suit for all I care. I just don't want to die looking like a white Huggy Bear. Oh, and I guess look out for the other agents. If you see fit to take one of them (Harding), I guess (Harding) that's (Harding) how (Harding) it (Harding) goes (HARDING!).]


Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 10 2008, 11:30 PM
OOC: I'm dropping in now to say I haven't been posting and might not be posting for a little while due to what I believe may be a case of pneumonia or flu or something nasty. Long story short, I'm sick like a dog and I'm not in the proper state of mind to get much of anything done.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 15 2008, 04:58 PM
(OOC: And i was worried bout missing out on account of my vacation in Vegas)

Posted by: AgentBenson Apr 18 2008, 03:23 AM
((heh same here...didnt have the net for days...did you win any cash rhodes)

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 18 2008, 10:57 AM
((OOC : Yeah.. bout $700 total for the trip..which basically pays for more fun while your there...hehehe))

Posted by: goteamventure15 Apr 21 2008, 07:54 PM
Get well soon Cyber. Once you get back, send out an e-mail letting everyone know the missions active again. Things were just getting good.

Posted by: AgentBenson Jul 4 2008, 12:02 AM
ooc: i wanna get this mission back on track i miss it ::whines::

Posted by: Abnet Jul 4 2008, 06:05 PM
It had been a few minutes since Leon and the other agents with him had gotten any orders and it looked like Eric was starting to get antsy.

He wasn't going to lie to himself, Leon was starting to get bored. He already had all of his combat gear ready so all there was to do now was wait.

In an effort to keep himself busy he took out his combat knife and started tossing it from one hand to the other and doing some random knife tricks, flipping, twirling, blancing it on his finger, stuff like that. But as he figured it wasn't doing much to entertain him, letalone anyone that may have happened to see it.

He sighed to himself. Man, there has to be something we can do...

(Yeah, that's all I've got. Let's get back in the game, people!)

Posted by: AgentBenson Jul 6 2008, 04:22 PM
Eric looked up at Leon and sighed he was bored there was no getting around it. The eccentric memember of the team looked over at leon as he feild stripped his colt 45 and checked it over to make sure every thing was ok, Eric needed that gun to be in working order lest he have to knock someone upside the head with his baseball bat. Satsified with the way the weapon was working Eric put it back together and looked at Leon. "Whats the most insane local case you've ever had" he asked.

Posted by: O_O Jul 9 2008, 03:58 AM
Ray finally got to the motel. Since he wasn't an agent, he had to take the bus, and it had stopped 3 blocks away. He brought his Magnums, a combat knife, 60 shots, a laptop, binoculuars, and flare gun, which he had too lug all the way here. He walked up to the door and knocked. He hoped nothing had happened yet.

Posted by: Cyber78 Jul 30 2008, 01:04 AM
As Miller was on his case in Branson a text message came on his cell phone that read "Alert: Class III, Dawn level outbreak."

Knowing that somewhere there was a lot of feces that had already hit the oscilating device, Miller called out on his radio "All agents we have an emergancy, abort mission immediately and report back to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport ASAP."

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 30 2008, 10:51 AM
Rhodes, standing in the crowd, trying to memorize everything operationally viable felt his cellphone vibrate and rolled his eyes.

Geezus what now?

Pulling the phone out, the vamp operative moved back against a large concrete wall and pressed a button.

A text message read loud and clear, flashing:

ABORT Operation. Level 5 top priority. Code: Rosemarys Baby. ABORT Mission Return to safe house. TXT BACK 555 for Confirm

Rhodes eyebrows rose noticably at the message.

"Rosemary huh? Must be some bad shit going down somewhere to jerk us off mid-mission," he said to himself tapping on the phones button as the crowd around him became oblivious to his inhuman txting speed.

Rhodes typed out to Judders cellphone after replying to the mission txt:

Mission aborted, haul ass to safe point Charlie Zulu 99. ABORT Mission! Level 5.

The vampire stuffed the device in his coat pocket and made his way out of the building, shoving several people out of his way rather hard.

"Outta my way meat bags," he said as he exited the building.

Trotting to his chopper, Rhodes hopped on it, threw on his helmet and fired up the massive engine. Twisting the throttle several times, the vampire kicked the tranny into gear and spun dirt behind him as he headed for the highway.

Posted by: Abnet Jul 30 2008, 12:54 PM
Leon's phone started vibrating in his pocket.

This had better be something good.

He read the text message and a look of surprise and joy crept across his face.

He looked at the agents that were with him. "Just got a text from the boss. This mission's being aborted and we need to head back to the airport. Sounds like something big is about to go down."

Hell yeah. Looks like we're back in business.

Posted by: O_O Jul 30 2008, 06:49 PM
Ray checked his phone. Something about an outbreak. He never bothered to read the entire message. He texted the confirm message.

"Shit, I just got here!!!"

Ray got a cab to the airport. This was just shitty timing.

Posted by: O_O Aug 6 2008, 04:10 AM
Ray was on his plane back.

(Someone else ****ing post, or start a new frickin' mission! Seriously. )

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 6 2008, 11:34 AM
(( oh oh a post!!!! *wets pants*... dang it))

Rhodes' was hauling ass on his chopper when the motor began to sputter.
He could smell the oil in the engine getting above the heat range. The vamp continued to push the bike hard down the highway, putting as many miles between the town he left and his destination.

After a few more miles, the harley motor began to tick, then knock louder with each hour.

"Fucking harleys. Worthless pieces of shit. Even if it is a vintage," he said to himself as he pulled off the highway.

Turning thru the small curves, Rhodes drove to a nearby automall and saw there was a small bike shop across the street.

"One stop shopping," he muttered as he pulled in and the harley engine clunked to a dead stop with a final hiss.

A service man approached, wiping his hands on a greasy red rag.

"Man you got some problems with that ol'dawg," he said with a bit of a hick twang.

"Yeah. Where's your sales guy?"

"In the showroom over yonder. You looking to buy or get this one fixed?" asked the gear head.

Rhodes could see the man's thoughts thru his eyes.

"Tell ya what, hurtin for time and i need some new wheels. How much you gimme for mine? Or should i just try for a trade in?" asked Rhodes nonchalantly.

"Seriously man? That's a vintage harley panhead?! You sure?" he responded as the lights in his eyes just brightened.

Rhodes nodded as he unstrapped his gear from the sissy bar on the back of the bike.

"Uhh. I got some money saved up. Bout oh, $3000? But this bikes worth 10x that...even with a blown motor."

"Done," said Rhodes as he heaved his hefty saddle pack off the bike and slapped the stunned grease monkey on the back of the shoulder.

"But but.. i dont have the money with me mister!"

"Don't worry, you can pay the manager in here whenever you do bring it in," replied Rhodes.

Rhodes dropped his bag in the middle of the showroom floor and looked around to see two men. One flirting with a female clerk, and another with his nose in a stack of paperwork.

Putting his fingers in his sharp teeth, the vampire whistled rather loudly.

"I GOT MONEY AND WANT SOME SERVICE!!" he bellowed, causing everyone to jump.

"Sorry sir, didnt see you come in," said the formerly flirtacous sales rep.

Rhodes arched a brow before blowing past the slick salesman and walked to the rep in the small office.

"Hey, sell me a bike," he demanded gruffly.

Looking up perplexed, "Uhh. But John can help you out there. I'm just a sales clerk, not in sales actually."

"I dont care. I'm a customer and i want YOU to help me."

John walked up behind the vampire, "Excuse me sir. But Fred there isn't qualified to make a sale, thats my job. I'd be happy to show you our inventory."

"John. If you dont get away from me, i'll knock out your front four teeth and then that pretty lil desk bunny you were sleazing up over there wont find you so hit the bricks," Rhodes replied darkly, turning his head slightly.

"uh um... well i do know how to do the paperwork," stammered Fred nervously.

"Good. Show me your wares then merchant."

Fred slid out from behind his desk and ushered for Rhodes to follow him to the showroom. John, red faced and upset, walked over to the front desk and yanked up the phone, stabbing at button furiously.

"What are you looking for?" asked Fred.

"Fast, very fast Fred," replied Rhodes as he looked over the stock of supersport bikes and a few newer cruiser stlye models.

"Well the 1300 hyabusa is the fastest bike we carry."

"Hmm. One of them crotch models eh? Got any in black?"

" Just silver and trimmed in black on the floor. Uh uh excuse me a minute while i grab the inventory sheet," the balding scrawny man said, hurrying away.

Rhodes hopped on the large supersport bike and nodded.

"Um. Sorry sir, we dont have any in stock. Shipment arrives in a week..."

"What's wrong with this one?" asked Rhodes arching a brow.

"Its showroom. Not for sale. Company policy," replied Fred, staring like a deer in the headlights.

"It has a sticker on it. It has a price...uh...$14,995. Therefore, its for sale. I just happen to have $15 grand on me Fred. Let's say you and me do business. Or should i talk to John there?" said Rhodes with a big smile.

Fred glanced around as if someone would help him out of the quicksand he felt himself sinking.

"uh uh i'll need the managers approval first. I'll be right back."

Before Fred even turned around, there was the manager, presumably, standing behind him, three piece suit, arms folded behind his back.

"Why yes Fred we can sell this gentleman a floor model. IF he can pay for it of course," said the manager with an equal smile.

Rhodes reached into his pocket and pulled out a nice roll of cash. The manager smiled as Fred's eyes widened beyond his spectacles.

"Right this way sir and we'll get started on the paperwork," said Fred, easing a little.

"Actually, i dont have much time for paperwork. That's why i pay cash, cuts down on ...paperwork," said Rhodes as he counted out, slowly, $15,000 in benjamins right there on the floor.

"Well state law requires you to sign..." said the manager as Rhodes slapped an extra $100 on the stack.

"And this 100 will buy your time to fill out all that paperwork for me. Or should i roll to another store?" said Rhodes as he looked at Fred directly.

Several seconds passed as the manager, Fred, and Rhodes stood silent looking at one another.
Fred finally acted by holding out the keys to the motorcycle, "we give you a coupon for a free fill up down the street at Stuckys."

Rhodes smiled and took the keys, pushing the bike out the front door. The manager looked somewhat peeved at his clerks decision, but the stack of very real $100 bills on the nearby desktop changed his mind quickly.

The vampire motioned for the grease monkey to approach him when he spotted him with his old bikes tags in hand.

Rhodes took them and quickly slapped them on his new wheels and fired up the 1295cc powerplant.

"You ever ridden one of these mister?" asked the hick.

"Doesnt matter, i'll have it spent in a month. Enjoy the harley, they wouldnt give me a chance to negotiate, so keep your 3 grand and put it into the bike," said Rhodes before kicking the bike in gear and spinning off.

Hitting a powerwheelie out of the parking lot and onto the highway, the vampire ran the sport bike up to the interstate heading toward the safe house just outside the airport grounds. Peaking at 160mph, Rhodes hoped the rest of his team was already there.

Posted by: Maelstrom Aug 7 2008, 03:27 AM
I was underground. Way underground. The kind of underground that denied one pleasantries such as cell phone reception. Therefore, nothing rang, nothing rumbled. Nothing. I was high and dry under twenty feet of earth and concrete with firearms for company.

Then the radio crackled, "Abort! Full Abort! Level Five Alert! Everyone haul ass back to Charlie Zulu Niner Niner!"

Well, shit. When it rains, it pours.

Throwing caution to the wind, I snapped on my flashlight and bolted back the way I came. Well, bolted as fast I could in the pitch black, cramped, and slippery tunnels.

"Fellas, you hear that? Acknowledge if you're moving."

Posted by: O_O Aug 7 2008, 04:53 AM
(Finally! But we still need to start a NEW mission.)

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 7 2008, 05:51 AM
OOC: New mission starts later today and a briefing will be up shortly.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 7 2008, 11:17 AM
((( A brief has been posted for the VAMPS in the Vamp hideout section)))

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