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Posted by: Adminbot3000 Aug 10 2007, 03:57 PM
Here's the mission against the senator that has been the subject of so much discussion. Go ahead and make your posts and have fun.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 10 2007, 04:13 PM
I sat in the back room of an old bar that originally started as a speakeasy during the prohibition. While it didn't quite have the gangster history of the Chicago speakeasies, it had been opened by Hilton Dickerson, former FVZA Director. As a result it was designed to be nearly impossible for a vampire or zombie to enter. With numerous conventional security measures and countless ultrasonic wave emitters built into various locations it was the perfect place to conduct a meeting without the prying eyes of the Order. And it really didn't hurt that the bartender had a good eye for the undead and wasn't bad with a shotgun to say the least.

It was 6:50 pm, so I didn't expect any other agents to be there for another ten minutes. But I couldn't help but wonder if anyone took my briefing seriously and was going to stand up to Senator Crepehanger. If I didn't have a team to help me out then that would make things pretty complicated, the target had more security than one man could take on very easily. Maybe if I were a former Navy SEAL or something, but I was just a former small town cop who now hunted vampires and zombies for a living.

The room was full of chairs and some tables, it was this room that used to be where illegal alcohol was served. Next to me was a duffel bag full of equipment that I'd "borrowed" from the agency armory and obtained elsewhere. Unfortunatly it was only enough gear for myself, I was hoping that the rest of the agents that were going to show up remembered to bring there own stuff.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 10 2007, 09:48 PM
Late evening.
Richmond, VA.


Rhodes sighed, "You gotta be fucking kiddin me? You still using these lame ass codewords. Any shit off the street could overhear it and ...all right, alright, its Mephistophales."

The vampire quickly answered when the doorman shoved a .50DE in his face.

"Go ahead," replied the large vampiric bouncer, holstering his hand cannon.

Rhodes pushed past him and into the upscale restaurant in the citys river district.
Walking thru several aisles of people eating, he turned a corner and walked over to another gentleman seated at a door marked VIP.

"I'm here to see Mazey. She's expecting me."

The guard looked the fellow up and down, admiring his rough appearance and clothing. He threw his head towards the door.

Rhodes nodded and went thru.

Mazey was an underground dealer of many items. She also was one hot babe but just as deadly as a viper. Tall, slender, black hair swept back in a loose braid, she wore a stunning black cocktail dress with a slit up to her hip.
She looked up from her drawing table when Rhodes entered.

"Rhodes! You look like shit. Must be fresh off an assignment eh?" she said with a big smile.

Nodding with a sly grin he replied, "Yeah well you know how dirty we grunts get out in the trenchs. You still don't look a day over 60."

Arching a well groomed brow, Mazey walked over to a bar and poured a large glass of red wine, her back to Rhodes.

"So, I heard that a certain govt. agency went up in flames up near DC."

"Yeah I might've heard something bout that too. However, I really need to get one of my bags Mazey. And maybe a lil snack, change of clothes, before I'm sent out again."

Turning, she put the glass to her ruby red painted lips. Relishing the taste, she held the glass out to him. Rhodes shook his head.

"Well. Help yourself, its still in the back of the vault."

Rhodes tilted his head and walked to a large brick wall. He pushed a brick and a hidden door swung open. Thru a small, tight corridor, he quickly made his way to the back where a large open cavern lie. Pre-Civil War era bunkers, it had been converted into a large storage area for Mazey's wares.

"Ahh. There you are my darling," said Rhodes with reverence as he threw a canvas cover from a crate.

Opening the lid, he pulled out a large army duffel bag. Inside was a US army issued sniper rifle. High grade optics, jacketed rounds, and silencer all on a perfectly balanced shooting .308 rifle. He hefted it and checked it over good before placing it back in the bag along with several other items.

As he walked out, Mazey held out a neatly folded set of clothing.

"I figured you'd want something covert and dark. By the way, I got a letter for you about a day and a half ago, certified mail," she said as he took the clothing and began to strip.

After changing, much to her amusement, Rhodes opened the letter and frowned.

"Phone?" he asked.

Mazey tossed a cordless at him and he quickly dialed a rather long number.

He listened for several minutes, a smile grew rather large on his face.

Rhodes put the phone down and walked over to Mazey, giving her a nice long kiss.

"What was that for?" she asked perplexed.

"Because I'm going back to DC," he replied with a grin.

"But, but thats insane. The whole city will be looking for you as well as any other vampire!" she exclaimed.

Rhodes picked up his belongings and slung the bag over his shoulder before stopping at the door.

"Yah. That's why I get to go, to make sure the job gets done. Thanks for my stuff and the clothes. I'll swing by later," he said before walking out.

"Don't make it another decade Rhodes!" she yelled after him.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 12 2007, 08:50 PM
A hotel in Chicago, 4:00 PM

Leon heard a knock at the door of his small hotel room and opened the door.

"Package for you, sir." said the doorman.

"Who's it from?" said Leon taking the package and tipping the doorman with what little money he had.

"Doesn't say." said the doorman as he left.

"I thought the Agency would pay a little better than what I've been earning... I made more in the fight clubs back in New York." he thought.

Leon opened the package to find a M1911 pistol and a fake DC police badge along with the briefing of his first real mission.

"Shit... I though I heard some talk about the senator being in league with the vampires during training. Sounds like this is gonna be big." he though. "But why would they send a new recruit into something like this?"
"Ah well. At least I finnaly get to see some action."

He holstered his gun and put his badge in the inner pocket of his jacket and headed out.

Posted by: Jimmyjoesr Aug 12 2007, 11:16 PM
Derec, after retrieving his selection of gear from the armory, and giving the barman the secret codeword, looked around the secret room this bar had. It was very reminiscent of the secret booze-rooms speakeasy's used to run, but, this was designed more to keep zombies and vamps out, rather than constables.

Derec spotted John Miller sitting at one of the tables, and moved over to where he was, taking a seat right across from him. Derec set his duffel bag of equipment down, opened it, and began examining the contents.

"Morning," Derec said to John, as he put on his helmet, and bulletproof vest.

He took out his 1911, and it's silencer, and screwed it onto the barrel, but first, making sure it wasn't loaded. He put it in it's holster, making sure to strap the gun in, and set it back into the bag.

His primary weapon was an M79 grenade launcher, but, he only had a few CS tear gas rounds, which he kept in an ALICE pack on his belt, and a huge, 25-round bandolier of canister buckshot. He would've taken the Remington 870, but, he had been DYING to use the grenade launcher, and it's wider variety of ammunition, and bigger buckshot payloads than the 12-gauge shells made it more useful, at least in Derec's opinion.

Satisfied, he put his weapons back into the bag, and waited for more agents to show up.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Aug 12 2007, 11:33 PM
The blue Mustang rumbled up to the sidewalk, killed its lights and shut off. A few seconds later, the driver stepped out, adjusting his long tan coat and putting on a dusty old cowboy hat. He activated the car's security system and walked towards the bar, eyeing a group of rather scruffy looking males on the sidewalk who were, in turn, eyeing his car.

"I wouldn't touch it if I were you." Serrano said, continuing to walk to the door. He entered the bar, watching through the window as the punks swarmed his car like ants on a donut. As they pulled the handle, they were met by a stream of flames from under the car doors. With a chorus of yelps, they sprinted away, clothes still smoldering.

"Dumbasses." Serrano mumbled taking a seat at the bar. He'd recently installed a new security system he'd imported from South Africa. Upon activation it shot a stream of flames at the carjacker from a hidden nozzle under the door. It had so far proven to be much more effective than a simple car alarm.

"Olympus cocktail." He told the bartender. Looking around, he saw a few other agents, but decided to wait for them to approach him. He adjusted the silenced .45 hidden under his coat and gave Claire a small tap. She'd probably end up sitting this one out because of her size and noise.

The bartender returned with a slightly orangish looking drink and gave him a quick nod. He took a drink and set it down.

'Salright he thought, taking another drink.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 13 2007, 01:22 AM
An old, beat up ford pickup with an even older, but well maintained, Winchester rifle (ooc: security level appropriate?), which Leon always kept in his car with a few boxes of ammo under the seats, hung behing the seats pulled into the driveway of the bar. He put the rifle and some boxes of his custom hollow tipped and armor piercing ammo in his dufflebag and as he stepped out of the truck he looked at a burnt looking group of guys sitting outside and wondered what could have happened to them.

He walked into the bar, making sure his pistol was concealed under his jacket, said the codeword and walked into the secret room. He sat down with the group of agents, took his rifle out of the bag, and loaded it. He knew it wasn't necessary but he figured better to have it ready and not need it than need it and not have it ready.

The only weapons he had were the pistol that was sent to him and the Winchester he brought with him. It wasn't much but that Winchester had gotten him out of some tough situations before he joined the FVZA and it was apparent by the several tally marks on the stock and how well it was maintained that he honored that gun more than a samurai honored his sword. When he seemed satisfied he put the rifle back it the dufflebag.

"So, what's new?" Leon asked.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Aug 13 2007, 01:48 AM
Serrano sat there for a good five minutes before the bartender came back.

"Sorry. I forgot about you. Follow me." he led him into a back room, kind of old style like in one of those old gangster movies, where some agents sat. The bartended ushered him in and shut the door behind him.

"Sup ladies?" He took a seat and slapped his .45, Claire, and a sawn-off 1887 Winchester shotgun he'd brought from home on the table. "Got some MP5s in the trunk if anyone wants one."

He then opened up his coat, revealing a giant tactical vest packed full of more ammunition than any man should ever have on him at once. He reached into a pouch, pulled out some hi-cap .45 magazines, and pushed them towards the center of the table.

"Merry Christmas. Knock yourself out."

Posted by: Abnet Aug 13 2007, 02:16 AM
"Now that's what I call a welcome wagon." said Leon as he picked up a few .45 magazines and pocketed them.

"But, I don't suppose you guys know anything more about the situation with the senator than I do?" he asked.

Posted by: Jimmyjoesr Aug 13 2007, 02:20 AM
"Holy shit, Serrano." Derec said, stashing some of the hi-caps in a pouch on his vest, "How much firepower do you'd think we need?"

Derec loaded one of the huge magazines into his .45, and strapped it into his thigh holster, giving it a tug to make sure it was secure.

"This'll sure beat those seven-rounders the armory gives us." said Derec, slipping the bandoleer of 40mm buckshot canisters over his chest, and slinging the M79 over his shoulder. Derec then got the suspicious feeling he forgot something, and looked back into his duffel bag.

"Oh, you little rat bastard." Derec said quietly to himself, picking up his Berreta 93R, and several magazines out of the bag.

The little machine pistol wasn't good at much beyond turning money into smoke and noise, but, Derec liked the little peashooter, it was given to him as a retirement gift, and, he thought it would come in handy in a CQ-scenario like a mansion. He fished out a shoulder holster, put it on, and stuck the Berreta into it, as well as two magazines. He put the other two he had in the cargo pockets on his pants, and with a sigh, Derec considered himself ready for the mission.

"But, I don't suppose you guys know anything more about the situation with the senator than I do?" one of the other agents said. Derec thought his name was Leon, but, he wasn't sure.

"Well, we're waiting for the briefing, that's why we're here. Sit down, relax." Derec said to him.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 13 2007, 04:26 AM
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm Agent Posiden, the one who sent you the briefing. As you've probably read our mission is to kill a certain senator. That's never an easy job. To complicate things I've determined that we're also going to make this a night op in order to increase vampire terminations and decrease human casualties. Plus chance's are as soon as they check the records for planned missions at the agency the director will have an idea of what we're up to, so the senator and his boys will know we're coming. And we're all probably wanted by the federal government right now for theft of federal property in the form of lethal weaponry." I said, giving the assembled agents the bad news.

"However, I see that you've all managed to acquire some tools that should make this a little easier. And I've also managed to obtain a few things that'll help out. On the table to my right is several envelopes, each one contains a new identity. That includes driver's license, credit card, and one way plane tickets to Vancouver in the event we need to abort and flee the country. And on the left, is a little phoenix that rose from the partial destruction of our headquarters." I said gesturing to a set of crates.

Picking up a crowbar set next to them I pry the tops off of all the crates. Inside are an assortment of things. The first crate contains night optics and lasers for every weapon in the FVZA's armory. In the second crate is subsonic .45ACP and 7.62NATO ammunition. The third crate contains AP 7.62NATO ammunition and 40mm tear gas grenades and buckshot ammunition. Within the fourth crate is thermal goggles with built in hands free radios.

"I think this evens the odds a little bit." I say to the group that's assembled.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 13 2007, 12:23 PM
[OOC: geez i got my work cut out for the lone vamp thus far]

Rhodes exited the restaurant and turned right, walking quickly down the street towards the main part of the city. The skyline was lit up as patrons criss crossed the streets, heading to their favorite eatery's and pubs.

"Hey man, you got a smoke?" asked a derelict man, squatting on the sidewalk.

Rhodes ignored him and kept walking towards the pay parking lot. Walking past Poe's Pub, a historical building, he glanced up at the windows to see a dim light shining. Memories of ages past flooded thru his mind.

"Whatcha got in the bag there whitey?" a voice said from behind him.

Rhodes had heard the following footsteps of two heavy males. Stopping, he turned slowly and stared back at the black males.

"Nothing that would interest you boys," he replied tiredly.

"Well, maybe you'd show us, satisfy our curiousity," the left one said, making a sucking sound with his teeth, playing with a toothpick.

"I really don't have time, run along huh?" Rhodes replied as he turned his back to them and started walking.

"Hey fool!" said the right male as Rhodes heard the unmistakable sound of a switchblade knife being opened.

"I said, we wanna see whats in that bag, unless you want me to cut you."

The 6'4 vampire stopped dead in his tracks, turned and took two steps toward them with a sneer and punched the one holding the knife right in the forehead, snapping his head back. The man's lifeless eyes stared skyward as he fell backwards, dead from a snapped neck. His partner just stared with eyes wide.

"Still wanna see what's in the bag? Curiousity killed the cat you know."

The man hesitated for a split second before turning and running away. Rhodes hefted the bag over his shoulder before turning and heading along to his vehicle.

"God damn inner city shit. Historic district aint never gonna be worth a fuck with all the crackheads running round. Hmph," snorted Rhodes as he cut thru the parking lot entrance and stopped beside a large work van with 'Masts Meats' on the side.

Getting in, he took the keys from the visor and fired up the engine. Pulling out onto the street, Rhodes drove casually to the interstate. Turning onto 95 north, he merged into evening traffic and made his way towards the nations capital.

A cell phone rang in his pocket. Answering it without a word he checked his rearview mirrors.

"Affirmative. Enroute to target area. (pause) No. No. (pause) Send the pictures and all relevant data to this cell as a multimedia text. (pause) I'll contact you once inside the mission area to update status. (pause) Only one question, are there any other operatives in the designated mission area? I only ask because I don't need any fuckups in my area while I'm working. (pause) Good. Oklahoma? Copy that. (pause) Estimated time, 90 min to target, 40 min scout, 5 min set up, 5 min to target elimination, and 90 min to evac. (pause) If i survive. (pause) Roger that, Raven out."

Rhodes tucked the phone back in his pocket and switched lanes.

Well, this should be interesting.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 13 2007, 06:12 PM
Mazey had gone to another underground bar to complete some business and when she returned everything was as it should be. returning to her office however she found the gaurd was gone.

"The basterd! Even if I am not here I want this place watched at all times" She growled and opened the door. She went to turn on the lights but nothing happened. Then she noticed a faint glow of a cigarette.

"Rhodes is that you? I thought you had left." She took a step closer and noticed by the faint light a mask on her desk.

"You only wish i was he was here eh?" the voice chuckled as he took a drag from the cigarette. "I figured as much knowing you"

"YOU!" she bellowed. "You have some guts coming here after what you did!"

The voice chuckled again.

"After what I did? I may have caused you pain but HE brought it apon himself. i would tell you to blam HIM but i guess you cant since he is dead."

Mazey cursed in every way she could at him.

"Enough with the small talk Mazey. You know why im here." He took another drag of his cigarette.

"and your still not going to get what you seek. the Location will remain hidden from you." She said deffiantly taking a step forward.

"So be it" He finished the cigarette and put it out using the desk grabbing the mask and putting it back on. a few moments later the lights turned on and he was gone as if he was never there, the only sign of him was the chrushed cigarette on the desk.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 13 2007, 06:43 PM
Rhodes parked the van in a self serve parking lot, the one where you push the button, a ticket spits out then the lil arm gate lifts.

The ride to DC was uneventful, traffic wasn't horribly bad either, considering it was evening when most commuters were rolling away from the nations capital and not towards it. Weekends are been another story.

The vampire grabbed his bag from the passenger seat beside him, as well as a strap on hard hat from the back of the van. Putting on a pair of plain ivory overalls earlier at a rest stop, Rhodes strolled from the parking deck to the street across from a very tall set of commercial buildings. He weaved his way along the back alley until he spotted an access door. Popping the lock was simple and clean after years of practice. No alarms meant he wouldnt have to get things messy. After all this was a quiet mission.

He made his way quickly to a service elevator. Not many people were in the building during the evening hours. Finally, the operative came out onto a small mid-level, gravel covered roof. He loved split building designs. So many more opportunities for him to ply his trade and skill. Finding a window washer trolley, he quickly ran the platform to the upper right hand corner of the building and tied off a safety rope. Then, running the trolley along the edge, Rhodes stopped it about 1/3rd of the way from the left side and attached a second safety rope. He descended back 10 stories and began to eyeball a far off office building.

Ok. Time to make the call.

Pulling a cellphone from inside his overalls, he punched a speed dial button while putting on a wireless headset with his free hand. While the number dialed, Rhodes opened his bag and pulled out a high-res pair of binoculars.

"Raven in place. Acquiring target now. Is operation still a go? (pause) Affirmative. Location is prime. Awaiting target identification download," he spoke softly.

Rhodes picked up the cellphone and punched his text hot key, a msg was waiting for him as the glow from the lcd screen softly lit his face. The msg opened and a picture of a rather attractive women in a business suit appeared. He stared at it for almost a full 10 seconds before picking up the optics again and tucking the phone away.

"Data received. Target ident confirmed as female, 30's, human. Confirm? (pause) Roger that. Proceeding to target acquisition, hold until target acquired."

Rhodes scanned to his right, between two smaller buildings, looking at a set of congressional administrative buildings frequently used by senate and house staff members.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 14 2007, 03:25 AM
Leon took a few clips, lasers, grenades, and such out of the crates.

"Is this all Posiedon is expecting to do this? Two agents and a rookie? This seems like it has too many ways it could end badly..." he thought. "...Whatever, this will be more fun than hanging around the base or doing odd jobs for pocket change. Besides, I don' know whether I have the choice to back out now or not."

"Anything else we need to know?" asked Leon.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 14 2007, 04:41 PM
The wind was an intermittent breeze. Rhodes scanned methodically up, down, side to side for the target. Nearing the top of the building he was surveying, he caught the glimpse of a womans highheel shoe in his high-res binoculars. He looked up quickly and made note of the floor.

Three floors down from the top, slight downward incline. Perfect. Now show me that pretty face darlin.

He went back to the specs and waited patiently. Rhodes could make out the lit office well from the far away distance from where he watched. Several bookshelves, a large desk, two plush chairs in front of the desk, ugly royal carpeting...and a female.

Her skirt was business length, tweed, in a dark blue. High heel pumps, black. Her blazer was unbuttoned, revealing a full buxom clothed in a plain white button up blouse. Moving the optics up, Rhodes only could see the backside of her head.

"Damn. Turn around," he muttered, willing with his mind.

Several more passes to and from the bookshelves, out of sight, back to the desk to answer the phone. Rhodes' patience was endless, and soon it paid off. She turned and leaned against the desk, still speaking on the phone. He quickly zoomed in on her face.

Fuck! It's not her!

Fuming, Rhodes went back to scanning. Hesitating a moment, he went back to the previous floor and looked back at the window. The woman was off the phone, and another woman was standing there, a few feet from her, holding a stack of documents. He waited.

"BINGO!" he smiled.

"Target acquired. Making ready to fire," he said slightly louder into his mic.

Pulling open his bag, Rhodes readied his rifle. He took distance, temperature and windage then shouldered his gun, resting the end on the end of the trolley.

Looking thru the powerful sniping scope, Rhodes made minor adjustments as he kept the mark in his crosshairs. He had quit breathing moments earlier, allowing his body to relax. He began to breathe slowly. The two women continued their conversation, it even appeared to be becoming rather heated. The mark had dropped the stack of papers on the desk and was pointing to them furiously while the other woman's face reddened.

Rhodes flipped the saftey to the FIRE position and waited for the right time. His cold finger eased onto the trigger and stroked it lightly.

Come on sweetness, just move a hair to the left and make this an easy job.

The women were really going at one another verbally now, hand and arm gestures were wild. Rhodes smiled to himself. The mark suddenly slapped the other female.

"Oooh fiesty this one. Pity tho."

The mark, thru the scope, was grabbed by the hair of the head and hit repeatedly by the other woman. Rhodes patiently waited. Finally after a brief struggle, the mark was brought to a headlock by the other female. The crown of the targets head was facing the window. The sniper couldn't have asked for a better shot than that. He squeezed the trigger on a slow exhale. The gun bucked with a loud POP, the window shattered as the bullet penetrated. The bullet entered the top of the marks head, pierced brain, traveled thru the neck along the spine, richochet'd slightly off a vertebrae before resting somewhere in the lower part of the chest cavity. She instantly went limp, becoming dead weight, and dragged the other woman to the floor with her. Very little blood oozed from the bullet hole in the top of her skull.

Rhodes waited approximately 30 seconds to confirm the kill, mainly by the woman screaming at realizing the person she was struggling with to fall dead at her feet.

"Target eliminated. Confirmed. One witness, female 20's. Evac'ing now will contact from safe zone, Raven Out!"

Quickly, within a minute, the vampire had broke down the rifle, stuffed it in the bag and had untied the one safety line that ran up the right side of the building, leaving him with the left line attached to his harness. Rhodes secured the bag on his back, then with the grace of a high wire acrobat, leaped from the trolley, fly downwards until the rope grew taught and began to swing him along the building.
He began to let line out quickly, descending rapidly to the ground below. His momentum carried him to an adjacent building, where he kicked off lightly and finally descended to the ground. Rhodes unhooked his harness and walked off as if nothing had happened.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 14 2007, 07:27 PM
"Nothing that's not in the briefing. Except that we leave tonight." I said to the new agent.

I did a quick check over my gear to make sure I had everything. M-14 rifle? Check. Silencer, nightvision scope, and bipod? Check. Subsonic and armor piercing ammunitions? Check. M1911 handgun? Check. Silencer and laser? Check. Subsonic ammunition? Check.

All my weapons were good to go from the looks of it. Looking through my other bag I confirmed that I'd brought a few items just incase. Thermal goggles with the built in radio were going to be extremely helpful in a night operation that required a ton of coordination. Also included was duct tape, wirecutters, a few tear gas grenades, a can of mace, a knife, two sealed packs of beef jerky, and a flashlight. My outfit for the job is pretty simple. Dark gray coveralls with plenty of pockets, boots, gloves that cut off on the fingers, elbow pads, knee pads, and a pistol belt with an attached holster.

"Grab your gear and let's roll agents, we've got a job to do and a country to save."

OOC: Just a couple more posts at the most and we'll get to the actual raid on the mansion. Any agents that didn't post so far are still welcome to jump in on the raid, we'll just pretend you were at the meeting.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Aug 15 2007, 12:50 AM
Serrano helped himself to some magazines, taking a few 7.62 mags in case he needed to use his Mark 14 EBR M14, even though he planned to stick with one of the M1928s he brought.

"So how are we getting there? I can take three provided nobody eats in the car or touches the radio."

He slapped a laser sight on his .45 and grabbed a few night sights for the M1928s.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 15 2007, 02:15 AM
OOC: I tweaked your post a bit Serrano so that the MP5's were replaced with the M1928 Thompson machine gun. Just trying to keep the weaponry inline with what can be taken out of the armory.

"Normally we'd fly there, but carrying weapons on board would cause someone to look into our fake ID's. And unfortunately I couldn't get us any identities that are above oversight on carrying lethal weapons on a any sort of aircraft. So we'll have to get to the operating zone by roadtrip. I can take an additional three myself, but the more people that drive the better." I answered.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 15 2007, 03:03 AM
Leon attached the laser to his pistol and put on a pair of black, fingerless, UFC style gloves (they don't cussion the blow, they just prevent the wearer's knuckles from getting broken if you don't know).

"My truck had a pretty souped up engine and it can probably fit at least six people along with weapons and ammo in the bed in case we need to make a quick military exit."(OOC: You know, how everybody gets in the back and the guy drives off while everybody is still shooting in the back.) he said.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Aug 15 2007, 03:29 AM
OOC: Of course Cyber. Sorry, got my armories confused for a sec there. Thompsons are cooler anyways.

"Well you got yourself a driver here. Any takers?" He smiled, jerry-rigging an extra night sight to his Winchester. "Sorry, Grandpa never thought to add a sight rail to his old Equalizer here. Gonna have to whip out the duct tape here." He pulled out his handy roll of duct tape and secured the sight to his shotgun, gave it a pat, and spin-cocked a round into the chamber.

"Come with me if you want to live. Or if you want to haul ass. Either one works." He grinned, dangling his keys in the air.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 15 2007, 03:53 AM
"Tempting... but if anything happens, it's a long walk back from DC. I'll stick with my ride." said Leon as he placed the various clips in the pockets of his tactical belt and hip holster and put the goggles into one of his jacket pockets.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 15 2007, 05:39 AM
"Sure, may as well hitch a ride in something fast." I say to Serrano as I lift my duffel bags and envelope. All across the room it looked as if everyone was ready to go, and I was pretty set for the mission.

Posted by: Jimmyjoesr Aug 15 2007, 10:35 AM
Derec didn't bother with the laser sights like the other agents did, he was a purist. He liked to keep things as simple as possible, and besides, knowing himself, he'd probably forget to turn it on every time he needed to fire. He did, however, take another bandolier of shotgun rounds, and an another ALICE pack of tear gas grenades.

When the time came to choose which vehicle Derec had several options, Leon's truck, no doubt a sensible ride for the mission, held six, and had plenty of legroom.

Or, he could choose Serrano's screaming metal deathtrap that held only 3 people, had barely any room, and moved faster than a DC prostitute at the witching hour.

"Hey Serrano, I'll go in your car." Derec said, slinging the grenade launcher over his shoulder, "Always liked a good thrill ride."

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 15 2007, 11:07 AM
Rhodes made his way quickly back to the van. He changed his clothing into street attire, including a nice jean jacket that hid his silenced .22 and .45 well. Sitting in the back, he broke the sniper rifle down further so it would fit in a much smaller duffle bag. Picking out extra clips, a single flash bang, one frag grenade, and the set of binoculars, Rhodes stuffed it all gently into the one bag when his cell began to vibrate.

"Yes. (pause) Affirmative. I was about to leave just...(pause) No. (pause) Yes. (pause) That will be rather risky. I'd rather leave on a private flight. (pause) That's a rather long drive from DC, isn't there another person closer you could...(pause). I understand. I'll figure it out."

Rhodes disconnected the call, clearly irritated.

Fuck. Why me. I know for a fact Shorty is a helluva lot closer than me to that god damn BFE location. Friggin flakes.

He sighed heavily, rubbing his temples, thinking.

"Hmm. I wonder," he mumbled, punching several keys on his phone.

"Lemme see if our good black market arms dealer can lend me a hand," said Rhodes out loud as he waited for Chaos to answer his phone.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 15 2007, 04:10 PM
Chaos sat ontop of an old bar near the center of DC pacing back and forth hidden in the shadows.

"That damn woman still refuses me. Damnit!!!" He kicked the air and started thinking of ways to get his hands on the other.

"hmmm. after that load those agents do owe me quite a bit...." He grinned under his mask. "why should i do the dirty work when i can get them to do it."

He started laughing when he heard his phone vibrate. He looked at it and answered.

"This is Chaos. (pause) Rhodes? what do you want?"

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 16 2007, 12:14 AM
Rhodes arched his brow.

"Well good to hear your voice too. Look, can you get me an airlift?"

He shifted his weight slightly, making sure the van didnt move.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 16 2007, 12:28 AM
OOC: If you gents don't mind, I'm going to advance the story a bit.

Hours later we were all crammed into one motel room for the final briefing. The air conditioning probably hadn't worked since the Cold War, the room smelled of smoke, and there were stains all over the place. An improvement over where the government usually had us stay.

"Ok, let's review one last time. Remember our objectives. Kill the senator, make sure no civilians get hurt, don't give them a chance to call for law enforcement, make sure the family is alright, and look for evidence of conspiracy against the American people.

We can accomplish the first task by entering through the garage and using the rooftop staircase that connects to the mansion's second floor. I figure since in an older home like this all the bedrooms and probably the office will be on the second floor, thus we should most likely find the senator there. Not harming civilians shouldn't be too difficult since we're doing a night op, but if you see any innocent humans don't blast them. In order to avoid alerting law enforcement we're going to want to find the utility box and cut it off in order to get the phone lines off. Be sure to look for the family, and we might have interogate someone on the premises to find them. Finally, look around for a safe. Any evidence that could help us is probably secured in one of those.

Remember, keep out of sight, keep quiet, and stay smart." I said to the group assembled.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 16 2007, 01:29 AM
Leon took a seat on one of the flimsy wooden chairs at the dining room table.

"I'm thinking the best idea would be to go for the utility box first. I some jobs as an electritian a few years ago so it shouldn't take long if you guys don't mind covering me while I cut the wires, thing is, I don't have any wire cutters... unless any of you guys have one there has to be a pair in the garage..." he said "...but after that, I'm not too sure. I guess we will have to see how things work and go from there."

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 16 2007, 01:32 AM
"Yeah I got a pair of wirecutters on me, never know when I'll need them." I say as I pull out my wirecutters out of my pocket and slide them across the table to Leon.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 16 2007, 01:39 AM
"Thanks." said Leon, and put the wirecutters in his jeans pocket.

(OOC: Yeah, that's all I got. Kind of a wasted post but, uhh... gotta do what you gotta do.)

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 16 2007, 01:57 AM
Chaos nodded.

"yeah i can get ya one. Do you need it to be fast, or does a copter work? and what is your location so i can send it?"

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 16 2007, 10:23 AM
"Copter's just fine, as long as its fast. I'm in DC right now. But have it sent about 25 miles south, just off of I 95. There's a little rest stop with a huge field off behind it. Have it pick me up there. Oh, by the way, it needs to take me to Oklahoma. So make sure it has range on it."

Rhodes quickly pumped his free arm in the air in a symbolic "yes" gesture.
He jumped into the driver seat of the van and raced towards his pick up point.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 16 2007, 05:37 PM
Chaos hung up and dialed another number.

"Kedzie its Chaos i have a pick up for you (pause) no i wont be joining you for this one. i need you to pick up a man named Rhodes from a gas station off I95 (pause) yeah be catious of him...oh and take the Lynx" Chaos hung up the phone and stared out onto the pub parking lot.

"now what?" he put his foot on the ledge of the roof and leaned on his knee. "now what.........."

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 16 2007, 05:49 PM
Rhodes got off the interstate and pulled into the gas stations side lot. Slipping into the back of the utility van, he double checked his gear and made sure he had everything packed properly.

Getting out of the van, he walked around to the back of the service station and leaned against the concrete and cinderblock wall, waiting for the chopper to arrive.

That bucket of bolts better be fast. Oklahoma is a long way off and i dont have much time to get there.

Several big trucks and cars passed by as time ticked away.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 17 2007, 12:58 PM
The helicopter came into veiw going an average speed and landed next to the gas station throwing a few loose things across the area. As the blades slowed down the pilot got out and walked over to Rhodes, it was the vampire he met before when he was delivered the sword.

"Rhodes, My name is Kedzie....i'll be your pilot today" He jumped back into the copter and waited in the pitol seat for Rhodes.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 17 2007, 03:07 PM
Rhodes recognized the lil imp from an earlier encounter.

Hmm. Sword delivery errand boy. Whatever, the lil turd better be able to fly that thing.

With a wry smile, Rhodes heaved his bag up effortlessly and jumped into the passenger seat of the copter.

"Oklahoma and step on it!", he said putting on a pair of headphones w/ a mic attached.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Aug 17 2007, 08:05 PM
"Dibs on the family." Serrano said "I have my ways of getting information out. You know, good cop, bad cop, pulling nose hairs, that kind of stuff."

He nearly sat down in one of the chairs but decided against it when it made an abnormal cracking noise.

"And if we need a quick getaway, you know who to ride with." A grin crossed his face. "I'm sure my passengers on the way here can attest to that."

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 17 2007, 08:16 PM
"No kidding, the only speed limit you didn't break was the speed of light. And the only thing stopping you from breaking that was traffic." I said to Serrano, vowing to check if NASCAR fit into his resume in any way.

"Unless there's any questions, let's move out everyone." I announced to the assembled group as I stood up and moved towards the door.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 18 2007, 12:58 AM
"Yes sir!" Kedzie smirked as the helicopter slowly rose above the building until it was a good hundred feet from the ground, then it slowly lurched forward until kedzie pressed a few buttons. The copter shot through the sky like a bat out of hell reaching 0 to 200 mph in barely anything. When they hit their max speed of 250 mph Kedzie started laughly wildly.

"Rarely is it that i get to use this baby!! no need really but now i can really have fun." His laughing ceased as he did a barrel roll a few times before settling it again.

"Man I love this thing" the entire time he seemed to be talking more to himself.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 18 2007, 03:23 AM
It was one thing to be in a helo with a half crazed lackey of an underground arms dealer... it was another to be in said helio when it did an unexpected barrel roll.

"DAMNIT you do that again, i'll cut your head off and use it for a lantern!!!", Rhodes yelled after grabbing onto anything.

Crazy ass lackeys.

Posted by: mike werewolf Aug 18 2007, 05:49 PM
A lone werewolf looks as a helicopter passes overhead. It roars knowing something big was happening the werewolf followed. blink.gif

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 19 2007, 02:24 AM
"Heeheeeheehee" Kedzie laughed more insanely

"Fair enough, fair enough" he laughed again keeping the copter quite steady

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 19 2007, 03:37 AM
OOC: Mike, I had to delete two of your posts because they really did not fit at all. In our little RP, werewolves do not change forms. Also, you were extremely unclear as to who and where you were shredding things.

Posted by: mike werewolf Aug 19 2007, 03:58 AM
huh.gif Ok...

So who are we fighting?

tongue.gif Thanks for given me the heads up!

The Werewolf continues to follow the helio Were was it headed?

On the FVZA website werewolves can change forms. So WTF! angry.gif

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 19 2007, 04:14 AM
OOC: In the future, please make one post at a time.

And now to answer your questions.

1. The FVZA is going to be fighting vampires affiliated with a senator, although hostilities have not commenced yet.

2. The vampires are in Oklahoma, which is where the helicopter is heading. However if you followed it from around the time when it did a barrel roll (the only thing really noticable) that'd place you around the Washington D.C. area. Needless to say it'd take you days, possibly weeks to go from D.C. to Oklahoma on foot. And considering that the Lynx helicopter travels at above 200 mph, good luck following that in anything but a fixed wing aircraft.

3. Werewolves do not change from human to werewolves and then back to humans. It's a slow and gradual one sided process.

Look into on the FVZA's website.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 19 2007, 08:51 PM
Rhodes figured the ride to the senators manshion would be tight, time wise. He didnt count on the pilot being insane with the acrobatics. Still, he knew it was the fastest way to get there with all his heavy firearm gear.

"What's the eta?", he asked.

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 20 2007, 04:11 AM
Location: Oklahama

After hearing about the senator and the vamps I decided to "investigate" by montioring the senator and FVZA units. I hacked into thf FVZA network and began to track the senator inside of the "Dollys Bar" bar near where a heliocopter was goin to land.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 20 2007, 04:16 AM
OOC: Sorry if I wasn't all too clear, but this is a rogue FVZA op. So hacking the FVZA network won't give you too much, just as a heads up. Now hacking say... the senator's daughter's myspace account to view her blog, that might get you somewhere.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 20 2007, 04:22 AM
(Assuming we packed up and went to the mansion)

Just outside of the senator's mansion ( OOC: what time would it be?)

Leon was taking cover in a bush right outside of the fancy barred wall surrounding the mansion. He took out a pair of binoculars from his jacket and barely made out what looked like a utility box on the side of the house.

"Good. It doesn't look like there are any guards around." he whispered to himself (or to the other agents if they are around.)

He put the binoculars back in his jacket, put on his goggles, and made his way to the wall. He climbed over it quickly and quietly and snuck over to the utility box. He took the wire cutters out of his pocket and began looking for the wire that controlled the phones.

(If the agents followed me) "This shouldn't take long, but make sure I'm not interrupted." (If they decided to go somewhere else I go to work on the utility box anyway but it will take a bit longer while I try to find the wire and make sure there are no guards around at the same time.)

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 20 2007, 04:25 AM
QUOTE (Cyber78 @ Aug 20 2007, 04:16 AM)
OOC: Sorry if I wasn't all too clear, but this is a rogue FVZA op. So hacking the FVZA network won't give you too much, just as a heads up. Now hacking say... the senator's daughter's myspace account to view her blog, that might get you somewhere.

Lol laugh.gif

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 20 2007, 04:31 AM
I left the bar walked to the senators mansion I sneaked around hoping over a wall Desert Eagle ready and found a rouge FVZA agent (Abent) and a few others a grin spread across my face as I said "Hi Wats up !?"

Posted by: Abnet Aug 20 2007, 04:48 AM
Leon dropped his wire cutteres and drew his pistol in one fluid motion.

"Who are you?" he said with his gun pointed toward the person that jumped over the wall (gunny).

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 20 2007, 05:01 AM
I checked my watch. It was approximatley 10pm. The light of the sun had finally faded away, and it was time to get the job done.

"Roger that, I'll cover you." I said to Leon.

After a quick climb over the fence I followed the agent over to the utility box. There didn't appear to be any guards, which was good, but a bit too good.

"Doesn't appear to be any guards." I whispered to the agent working with the utility box.

"Scratch that, I see one." I corrected as I spotted someone wandering by the pool.

Peering into the nightvision scope on my M-14 I could see that he was armed with a submachine gun of some sort. That meant that he was an armed combatant, and he didn't seem to have any nightvision or flashlight despite prowling in the dark away from any lighting. A quick check with my thermal goggles lent further evidence that I'd just spotted a vampire. And if he was paying any attention I have little doubt he'd have spotted us.

Taking aim with the M-14 I centered the side of his head in my scope's crosshairs. I inhaled and then squeezed the trigger while I exhaled. The silencer and subsonic ammunition resulted in a faint pop as the bullet exited the barrel and flew threw the air, right into the vampire's brain. I could see in the nightvision that chunks flew right out the other side of the skull, and into the pool. The rest of the vampire quickly dropped to the ground right next to the water.

"Tango down." I said quietly.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 20 2007, 05:20 AM
"Nice shot..." Leon said to Cyber "... but we've got some more company (gunny). Is he with us?" he said, still pointing his pistol at the new guy, ready to flick off the safety on his gun and fire at any time.

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 20 2007, 09:59 AM
"Names Blaze Anders hitman and assaisan" I withdraw my Desert Eagle "Who the Fuck are you! (pointing to Abent) "Why the fuck you here?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 20 2007, 09:30 PM
Why on earth do these people just open up and tell us that they're hitmen? Does the agency look like Assassins Anonymous? I pondered to myself.

"You know, under normal circumstances I'd blast your ass to Pakistan for claiming to be a hitman and then pulling a Desert Eagle on us. But since we've got you outnumbered and you've only got time for one shot I'll let you tell us whom your target is instead of shooting first." I said to Anders, bringing my rifle to bear and aimed right at his chest.

Posted by: Gideon Aug 20 2007, 09:56 PM
I slide across the fence in my black covert ops gear. A situation develops between what seems to agents and an outside operator. Weapons are raised and voices begin to be heard from a distance.
"This is one hell of a training mission." I whisper outloud

The senior agent appears to point a gun at the outsider's chest and thats when i move, knowing that the people will be distracted, I circle around a dead vampire's corpse and move steathily in behind the man who all the hardware is pointed at.

He stiffens as my knife and arm encircle his neck, the blade pressed gently across his neck, so as not to cut his jugular vein. A raspy voice that I recognize as my own breaks the silence as I watch sweat roll down the back of his neck.

"Put the gun down or meet your god"

Posted by: Abnet Aug 20 2007, 11:16 PM
(OOC: Gideon, that was totally badass.)

Realizing that the other two agents had things covered, Leon went back to work on the utility box.

"Found it." He said as he cliped one of the wires and closed the door to the utility box.

He took out his pistol, turned the safety off, and pointed the barrel to Ander's forehead.

"Now..." he said,"... time for you to do some explaining."

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 21 2007, 02:48 AM
I grin...

I pull my Desert Eagle out aiming at Leon "You tell first after this jackass stops pointin (Cyber 78) his weapon at me!" I growled.

"Why are you FVZA bastards here?" I ask and then pull out a 13 inch knife and press it at Cybers neck. "I might say Im here for a little dirty work like destroy the vamps network?"I say "Or some work for some wolf buddies of mine."

Posted by: Gideon Aug 21 2007, 02:58 AM
(OOC: Gunny read all the posts since your last one, your in a modified choke hold with a knife pressed into your neck, therefore nullyfying your last kinda macho post.)

Posted by: Abnet Aug 21 2007, 03:15 AM
(OOC: Not to mention the fact that there are two other people that can shoot you from point blank, one of which has his gun right to your head making it really hard to do anything other than talk without getting killed.)

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 21 2007, 03:20 AM
I managed to say "iII join you guys!" I said grinning. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Gideon Aug 21 2007, 03:25 AM
QUOTE (Odst gunny @ Aug 21 2007, 03:20 AM)
I grab the arm and knife flipping the heavy armored dude over so I could face him the I grabbed his smoke grenade and pulled the pin running at stop speed hopping over the wall I suddnely felt a sharp pain in my back a stagger foward making it to a large run down bulding then copplasing

OOC: One I wouldn't be carrying anything like that on me much less wearing body armor. You need to go to the main FVZA site. Look up the Description of what shadows are. Im keeping my cool here but that only lasts so long.
No macho bullshit is gonna help you hear, unless its to your demise.

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 21 2007, 03:31 AM
QUOTE (Gideon @ Aug 21 2007, 03:25 AM)
QUOTE (Odst gunny @ Aug 21 2007, 03:20 AM)
I grab the arm and knife flipping the heavy armored dude over so I could face him the I grabbed his smoke grenade and pulled the pin running at stop speed hopping over the wall I suddnely felt a sharp pain in my back a stagger foward making it to a large run down bulding then copplasing

OOC: One I wouldn't be carrying anything like that on me much less wearing body armor. You need to go to the main FVZA site. Look up the Description of what shadows are. Im keeping my cool here but that only lasts so long.
No macho bullshit is gonna help you hear, unless its to your demise.

I edited it does it sound better? angry.gif huh.gif

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 21 2007, 03:32 AM
OOC: Ok, here's what we'll do. We'll pretend that gunny is still in the choke hold thingy, he says he'll join us, and we'll all get along from there.

"Alright, this all smells pretty damn fishy. But we're in a bit of a tight spot so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. We're here to take out the senator, and make sure that this whole vampire rights movement doesn't get any farther off the ground. Now if you want to work with us here's how things are going to work. You'll listen to what we say, and you won't use that Desert Eagle unless our cover is blown. We want to keep this as quiet as possible. Comprende amigo? I say to Anders.

Posted by: Gideon Aug 21 2007, 03:38 AM
I slowly remove the knife from the man's neck while slipping the very large and cumbersome firearm from it's holster with the dedicated stealthiness of my trade.

"Turn around and look up your deliverance, fool"

I say as a I remove my black face mask. My palish white face clearly defined in the darkness. " I look past the man to the agents, one of whom i presume is Miller.

I speak, "Which one is Miller, for he is my liege until my judgement hath come?" I ask in the raspy half whisper half growl that my voice is now.

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 21 2007, 03:40 AM
"Im here for the same reason" I said glaring at Gideon. "Lets Do this!" I said.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 21 2007, 03:51 AM
"Miller? Yeah, that's me. Good to see you again " I said to the shadow.

Cool, I'm a liege now. Whatever that means. Shadows always were a few fries short of a Happy Meal, what with the big words and Shakespherian speach. Or was that Biblical talk? Or maybe it's Silverstein... I thought to myself.

"Right then Mr. Anders, welcome to the team for the time being. Because of circumstance, we'll be confiscating your firearm for the time being. But since I'm a fair guy, it just so happens that I brought a spare M1911 with a silencer." I said, pulling out a silenced M1911 and a pair of mags and handing it over towards the hitman. It didn't have the nice laser sight that my main one had, but this was just a backup weapon.

"Use it wisely." I commented.

Posted by: Gideon Aug 21 2007, 04:00 AM
I walk past Anders and hands the large Desert Eagle to Miller.

I put my mask back on and slowly slide the long razor sharp knife back into it's dual wrist sheath, where another just like it is housed.
I glancs at the other man then back at Miller, "Let us begin the Judgement"

With thatI practically vanishes into darkness with immense skill.
(think that guy off THE HUNTED)

I slide through some low bushes in a low crawl that barely touches the ground. I pause and listen, one guard goes by walking the path next to the perimeter of the house.

I pause for a few moments and count the guards, watching as a total of three guards walk the same path and never have sight of each other.

Iease myself into a crouch as the first soul is ready to be taken, the guard falls easily into my arms as the large filet-bladed-dull-black knife is buried into the soft part of the man's kneck and the knife penetrates the heart.

I move the corpse back into the bushes out of sight, and searches the body for anything usefull,I come up with about eighty dollars between three bills and he stuffs it into a pouch that is sown into the side of my shirt just below the fourth rib.
I repeat the process twice more and comes up with another one hundred dollars and the security key card from the third guard.

I take thier weapons and ammunition magazines and quietly as I can makes his way back to Miller. The other agents start when I appear seemingly out of nowwhere.

I drop the bunch of weapons and ammuniton on the ground. "Prove of my deeds , liege"

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 21 2007, 04:26 PM
As the chopper whirr'd along its flight course, the vampire inside grew restless.

"When we get to the location, i want you to switch on all the lights this wirly bird has and do several flybys around the perimeter before dropping me off. I'll rope down from a hover position above the main house," yelled Rhodes into his headset microphone.

Pulling out a cell phone, he began to tap out a text message.

Sen. eta ndr 30 min hav grnd secur n const cntact w nside room. arm perimeter alarms. where is grl? OBC-Raven

After finishing his typing, he pressed transmit and watched as the msg went thru.

Now if only the newb has enough sense to check his phone in time.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 21 2007, 04:55 PM
As the copter reached its destination Kedzie smiled and flipped a few switches engulfing the sourrounding area in light. he circled the area three times the stopped in the center hovering about 30 feet from the ground. He came on over the mic with a cheap pilot accent.

"This is captian we have arrived at our final destination. hope you enjoyed your flight and choose to use our services again soon. have anice day and thank you for flying air chaos." he laughed a little.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 21 2007, 06:32 PM
The light bathes the grounds in its brillance. Rhodes immediately notices the lowered amount of ground personnel as well as several shoddy hidden vehicles not too far from the outside of the perimeter fence.

God damnit! Someone's already on the scene. Lazy friggin hired thugs.

Grabbing the rope and hooking a quick release/latch clip onto the rope, Rhodes nods to the pilot before rapidly decending to the roof.

"Thanx for the lift. Tell yer boss to send me the bill. Im sure he'll find me."

Kicking away from the copter bay door, Rhodes went spiralling downward towards the roof of the mansion, bag slung over his back. Landing like a cat, he quickly undid the rope, threw a thumbs up before the helio flitted away.

He quickly pulled his pistols from inside his coat and entered the upper floor office by way of the balcony. There was a guard standing just inside the room. As he threw his submachine gun up, Rhodes held up his guns.

"HEY! Wait! My code name is Raven. The senator sent for me. Before you go puttin new holes in this perfectly good jacket, why the hell is the ground survelliance so fucking thin and two, why are there parked vehicles outside ther perimeter fence?!!" he fumed, throwing the hired human a killer look.

Upon hearing the code name, the sec. guard lowered his weapon and became all ears.

"uhhh... i dunno sir. I was assigned to second floor watch by Martin," replied the dimwitted man.

Rolling his eyes, "Where's this 'Martin' at now?"

"First floor. Security room, to your left immediately down the staircase."

"You watch out that balcony over towards the fence line. Shoot anything that isn't wearing a guard uniform."

Rhodes nodded and as he ran past the man, snatched his secure walkie talkie.

"This is Raven. I'm on the scene and taking control of this situation, over."

"This is Sec. Control room, Martin speaking. I'm in command of this area, please identify yourself!" squawked back over the radio.

Rhodes was leaping down 5 steps at a time after hitting the stairs. He burst thru the door to see a rather portly looking man standing in front of several monitors, one of which was tuned to an episode of Cops.

Standing two feet from the man, Rhodes face wore an expression that fully encompassed the cliche' "if looks could kill".

"Who the fuck are you!?" sputtered Martin, still holding the walkie's talk button.


Rhodes punched the man so hard, it not only knocked him 7 feet across the room, but also took out 6 of the mans jaw teeth. Martin lay on the floor, unconscience and bleeding from the mouth. Two other security personnel were in the room.

"Im in charge is who the fuck i am. Any other questions?" he asked coldly.

The other two looked between themselves before quickly shaking their heads.

"Alright then. YOU, at the terminal, i want every friggin light outside on. Then tune every camera towards the perimeter. YOU there, i want you to have every man out there on high alert, radioing you in 3 min intervals," Rhodes ordered with a point of his finger at each man in turn.

"Where's the senator at now?"

Rhodes waited as one of the guards finally spoke up, "He, he's up in his bedroom with the Mrs. They just got back and said they were tired and didnt want to be disturbed."

"Post three guards at the doors and window balcony. I'm going outside to organize the ground security. If i'm not back in 10 min, or radioed in, you call for a fully armored car to come pick up the senator and his wife and get them the hell outta here. I KNOW there is others here wishing him harm. MOVE!"

Rhodes went flying out the door, snagging an MP5 and extra magazine as he headed towards the side door that lead to the outside.

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 21 2007, 09:44 PM
"Time to have some fun!" I chuckeld as I drew my M4 tactical from my black duffle bag.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 21 2007, 09:52 PM
"Hell, not bad. Not bad at all." I say to Gideon, admiring his work.

"Alright, this'll give us a little more firepower to play with in the event that we need to make a messy exit." I say, hiding the weapons and magazines in a bush.

Suddenly I hear shouting coming from inside the mansion. It seemed that someone was pissed about something and had forgot to shut the windows.

I'm in charge... fuck... every friggin' light outside on... high alert... If i'm not back in 10 min... armored car

"From what I can make out of that shouting, they're about to go on high alert and if someone isn't back in ten minutes there'll be an armored car getting in on this. Which gives me an idea, one that requires a bit of a change of plan.

Agent Stevens (Abnet), I want you to simply cut everything in that box. We've got the advantage in the dark here so we need those lights out. It doesn't matter too much if the telephone lines are down since they've likely got cell phones, but it'll at least induce some panic. I need someone to enter the garage and disable the vehicles. Slash the tires, cut wires, undo spark plugs, whatever it takes, disable the vehicles in the garage. If there's an armored car in there I want you to only cut it's brake lines.

I'm willing to bet that if we cause any problems they'll try to evac the senator, which is when we'll get him. I'll try to get to the roof, see if I can get a good position there, but I may need a distraction to get some of these guys moving. Any questions?" I explained to the group.

"Oh, and you may need this. I might need you to make some noise." I say to Anders as I hand his Desert Eagle back to him.

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 21 2007, 11:34 PM
I tossed him his M1911 and says "Thanks." I held the M4A3 tactical in a ready position. I start to fire shots in the air to draw the vamps.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 22 2007, 01:05 AM
Leon was getting charged by two vampire guards with machetes. He fired at one, hitting him in the knee. The vampire kneeled over in pain. Leon roundhouse kicked the second vampire in the face who went down faster than a ton of bricks. Leon ran over to the injured vampire and curb-stomped him (Gears of War style) leaving a bloody mess where his head used to be, then he walked over to the half consious vampire, picked him up by the hair, and cut his throat open with his combat knife. He picked up one of the vampire's machetes and fastened it to his back, right next to his winchester.

"I'm on it." replied Leon once he heard Cyber's order.

He ran back over to the utility box, grabbed a handfull of wires, and ripped them out all at once, flooding the entire mansion in darkness...

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 22 2007, 03:03 AM
OOC: We're going to need to belay the couple most recent posts by Odst gunny, because none of this is making any sense. We're at a mansion, not a Viet Kong base. Rhodes has also indicated quite clearly in his most recent post that the senator is in his bedroom. Seeing as stuff is starting up just now happening I don't see why the senator is all of a sudden outside, hell, he's surrounded in his room by three guards. And all the guys on the premises seem to be armed with MP5's. I'm sorry, but Rhodes made posts that are clearly being contradicted, and Rhodes is in charge of the vamps so his postings are taking priority.

"Good luck yall!" I shouted to the rest of my team as I bolted towards the garage.

In order to get on to the roof I was going to need to make a little stop to see if they had something that I'd forgotten to bring. Leon was apparently taking care of a pair of vampiric guards that had noticed our little posse. I was hoping that they didn't get a chance to radio in, otherwise I might not have a chance to get in position quickly enough.

Running around to the back of the garage I came upon a wooden door. Quickly grabbing and twisting the door handle I discovered to my inconvenience that it was locked. Luckily for me the door wasn't reenforced, allowing me to bust it open with a swift kick just above the lock. Inside were a pair of generic black Lincoln Navigator SUV's, a Lincoln MKS black sedan, and best of all... the Dodge Viper. Sleek and red with a white stripe running down the middle, it was heaven on wheels.

Clearly the senator is compensating for something. Let's just hope that everyone has the good sense to leave that thing alone I thought to myself.

With my admiration of the Viper completed, I looked around for some kind of rope that might help me scale the roof. None could be found after a minute of looking around. Although I probably could've found some if I weren't so impatient, I was in a hurry. So I settled with a ten foot chain with a hook on each end. If I could toss it upwards from a balcony or something on the second story then it'd reach the roof. Just had to find a spot to toss it from. I spotted a staircase heading upwards.

Figuring that it'd take me someplace elevated enough to access the roof, I slung my rifle across my back, wound up the chain around my right shoulder, and went upstairs. At the top was a metal door, and it just so happened to be unlocked. I put on my thermal goggles and turned them on and didn't see anything through the door. Figuring that at least I wasn't walking into a volcano, I opened the door and walked out, finding myself atop the roof of the garage.

There were a few lounge chairs up on top, apparently people liked lounging atop the garage. Slightly off to my left was a set of stairs that connected over to the mansion's second floor, just as our recon had indicated there would be. What recon didn't give any warning of was the guy who was standing just outside the door to the mansion with an MP5. Although guards up here were to be expected.

Taking off my goggles so that I could aim a gun properly, I noticed something was off. The thermal goggles indicated by the lower than normal temperature that either this man was a vampire, or had a nasty case of hypothermia. And even though it was dark with no lighting, I could tell that he wasn't wearing a guards uniform. But he wasn't wearing a nice suit, or a bathrobe, so it wasn't the senator. Either way, I was willing to be he was a hostile.

Problem was, my rifle was slung across my back, and I'd probably be dead before I could ready it. My handgun was also blocked by the chain I was carrying. So that left my weapons down to a knife. But I still had the chain, which would do just as well. Letting a the chain and a two foot segment drop, and allowing the whole roll to loosen, I began to swing the chain in a circle on my right side.

"I don't know who the hell you are, but you're in the way of something kind of important. It's nothing personal." I said a split second before I flung the chain, hook first at the mysterious figure.

OOC: That's your que Rhodes.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 22 2007, 03:28 AM
Leon slammed one of the guard's heads into the utility box, electricuting him. When the body went limp, Leon threw it down infront of his other three persuers revealing the burnt off flesh from the vampire's face. Before the group of vampires knew what was happening, two of them were dead, one from a head shot, the other from being nearly cut from the shoulder to the waist with a machete. He pistol whipped the last vampire untill he was unconsious.

Leon radioed Cyber,"You said we wanted someone to interrogate, right?"

Posted by: Odst gunny Aug 22 2007, 10:42 AM
(OOC: Ok boss ill make it better post!)

I followed Leon and watched out for any guards.Just as the mansion went dark.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 22 2007, 11:21 AM
::OOC word Cyber..hehe.. and thanks for the clarification on the was starting to get way outta hand::

Rhodes tore thru the door to the outside atop the garage, hoping the height would help him coordinate the defenses better, when everything went dark.

"Fuck. They got to the utility room before me."

Freezing in his tracks, he noticed a figure standing across the room from him, swinging a length of chain with a hook.

"I don't know who the hell you are, but you're in the way of something kind of important. It's nothing personal," the mysterious man said just as the hunk of rotating metal came flying at Rhodes.

Why do they feel the need to try and be witty? he thought as he lurched to the side, letting the chain fly inches past his head.

As he rolled, he squeezed the trigger to the MP5 and a stream of bullets spewed forth. Hitting the ground, Rhodes came up into a crouch and continued to send short bursts at the agent.

"Hey! Piece of advice for you. *burst* Shoot first, *burst* monologue last! *burst*"

Meanwhile, up in the control room, the sec. guard watching the monitors immediately picked up his cell phone and dialed a number frantically. When the lights went out, he nearly flew into a panic.

"Yeah, i need an armored car here NOW at the senators mansion, *pause* What the fuck do you mean 30 min?! This aint a god damn pizza delivery order! We're under fire here. *pause* Send a swat unit too! We don't know how many, but they've cut our power! and im pissing in my pants!!"

The walkie talkie beside the guard squawked loudly.

KRRK "We're under attack! Enemy hostiles, taking fire." KRRK
KRRK "This is unit 2, unit 4 is down, repeat unit 4 is down, engaging hostiles, SEND BACKUP FOR SHIT SAKE!" KRRK

Outside on the mansion grounds, unit 2 came around the corner of their patrol area just to see a lone figure wipe up unit 4, pick up a machete and race towards the utility end of the mansion. After radioing, they gave pursuit, the radioing guard quickly began speaking between gulps of air.

"Unit 2, pursuing suspect towards utility..."

KRRK "We got a hostile...URK....*gurgle*.." KRRK

The sec. guard quickened his pace along with his two other coworkers.

Rounding the bend a few seconds later, just as the outside lights went out, they caught the site of an agent with a handful of wires, a smoking corpse at his feet and beating a third with his pistol.

"OPEN FIRE!" he yelled as the other two guards flipped the safetys to fire on their MP5's and began to spray a hail of lead into the utility room.
The muzzle flash lighting up the area every so beautifully.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 22 2007, 02:36 PM
Chaos was driving his hearse to Oklahoma. He had left as soon as he knew where Rhodes was going so it wouldnt take as long. He was nearly there at the speed he was going, thank god it was late.

A voice came over the radio.

"Hey boss I have dropped him off and ill be landing soon i need fuel, after that im gonna head back to Illinois....i want to check in on know....." Kedzie said

"thats fine, i can use one of my other pilots....just dont get killed ill need you yet." Chaos said as the radio went silent once more.

The vehicle was relitivly empty. his shot gun in a holster on the passenger seat his cloak folded next to it and a coffin in the back....not big enough to fit a person in.

Posted by: Gideon Aug 22 2007, 04:41 PM

The gaurds opened fire on leon not noticing Me steathily moving behind them towards the house. I watch the spectacle for a few seconds and then pull two knives out and run quietly towards them.

I throw one at the middle person the knife enters the back of his neck severing his spine with such force that it sends pieces of shattered vertabrea out of his mouth.
The guard to the left begins to turn and I throw my remaining knife at him, it slams his Mp5 submachine gun into his chest.

The knife pins ithe weapon and his firing arm to his torso, the force of the projectile's impact knocks him to the ground, stunning him momentarily.

For some odd reason the third gaurd still hasn't noticed his partner' s demise. I crouch low in the darkness and silently move behind him while readying a piano wire garrotte.

I notice that the soul about to be terminated wears old spice cologne, an interesting afterthought.

When the garrotte encircles the suprised gaurd's neck a cry of suprise erupts from his throat as my knee presses into the small of his back and my other leg encircles his waist dragging him down to the ground with me as I bespeak of him my mantra. " When you reach hell, tell Lucipher I hath sent you"

The man struggles momentarily before the warmth of blood released from the body and the large exhale of air mixed with the pleasant sound of gurgling blood trapped in his esophagus tells me of his death.

I quickly extricate myself from his body and kill the remaining gaurd by slicing his throat with my bootknife.

I then recover both my knives, noting with distaste that the Mp5 had broken the blade of the knife.

So I leave the handle of the knife sitting inside the man's mouth, looking much like a vietnamese death card.

I move towards the house and silently cut a large enough hole in a side window to allow myself into the monster's den.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 22 2007, 05:52 PM
The second the 3 guards of unit 7 hear a noise at the window, they turn silently and wait in the shadows to verify the nature of the sound.

Sec. leader hunkers behind a small loveseat across from the window. He sees immediately its not another security guard. He silently motions for the two other guards to put away their MP5's and take out tazers from their utility belts.

The minute the window opens and the assassin begins to step thru, offering his torso, 6 barbed projectile leads slam into him, hitting him with a combined voltage great enough to knock down an elephant.

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 22 2007, 07:06 PM
"Woops, probably should'a aimed for the center mass instead of going for a fancy head shot with a hook on a chain." I muttered to myself as the other figure narrowly avoided the chain. Flying just past his head, the hook made a dull thud against the door with a sharp cracking noise. As my opponent rolled I could see him raising his submachine gun, so I did the only thing that seemed logical.

Hit the deck! I thought to myself as I dived to the floor, also narrowly avoiding fire from the opposing vampire. He continues to fire bursts at me all while I roll around trying not to get any holes put in me.

"Hey! Piece of advice for you. *burst* Shoot first, *burst* monologue last! *burst*" Said the vampire in between his shooting.

"I'm a registered voter! You work for the senator right? Shouldn't you be kissing my ass or something?" I shouted to him as I yanked the chain back towards me. Lucky for me, my initial throw wasn't strong enough to penetrate the door that I ended up hitting. Note to self: go to gym and improve throwing arm. With a good yank and some hand over hand action the chain was rapidly reeling in towards me, and the chain coming up right behind the vampire's foot.

Posted by: O_O Aug 22 2007, 09:20 PM
OOC: Hope no one minds if I jump in.

Ray was sitting in a tree waiting for something to happen. This was his first mission. The Senator's mansion was being blocked off and swat was coming for some unknown reason. He had been sent to check why it was being blocked off, and he knew from what he heard is there were more agents at the Senator's Mansion. He was looking for a way to get inside, when an Armored Truck pulled up and was looking for clearance. He had his chance, and he took it. After a quick climb up a tree and a leap onto the truck, he was on his way.

He reached the Senator's Mansion a little bit later. He jumped and rolled off the truck befoere it stopped and slinked around the corner. He could swear he heard gun fire, so he decided to be a little bit stealthy and climbed up using a hook on the end of a rope. He couldn't help bringing one. He reched a second floor window and broke in.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 23 2007, 02:33 AM
Before Leon could say "Thanks for the save." Gideon was gone, and judging by what he did to the guards, it seemed like he wouldn't need any help. Leon looked around and saw that the guards outside were dead. He looked through one of the windows and saw two guards. He did a dive roll though the window, stopped mid roll on his knee, and fired at one, hitting him in the face, he turned to fire at the other one. He didn't realize until then that he was out of ammo. Thinking quick, he threw his gun at the other guard which stunned him for enough time for Leon to take out his winchester and shoot him in the chest. He walked over to the vampire, picked up hist pistol, and reloaded it. He drew his scavenged machete in one hand and had his pistol in the other and started making his way further through the mansion.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 23 2007, 10:31 AM
From his crouch, Rhodes grinned at the man reeling in his length of chain.

"Hmph. I ain't even registered, you democrat short-stain!" he yelled back.

Shitty MP5's, couldnt hit water falling from a boat.

Finally realizing the guy across from him had no firearm in his hand, he did the only thing sensible...charge.

Flying up from his squatted position, Rhodes charged at the agent, and went for a flying forward kick.

"Lets make this interesting, you familiar with Sum-ting-wong?"

Posted by: Abnet Aug 24 2007, 03:33 AM
(OOC: which one of us is the guy with no weapon?)

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 29 2007, 05:53 PM
The person not holding a firearm would be Cyber at in his current situation.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 29 2007, 10:27 PM
OOC: WHOOO! finnaly a new post!

Hearing gunfire coming from upstairs, Leon ran to the room he heard the firing from and kicked down the door.

"You familiar with Sum-ting-wong?" said the vampire.

"Might have..." said Leon "... was he the guy that taught people how to dodge bullets?"

Leon aimed his winchester at the vampire's back and fired, hitting him.

"Guess not..."

Posted by: Cyber78 Aug 30 2007, 01:24 AM
OOC: Sorry for the delay, I'm finally settled in from my vacation.

Democrat? He's got me all wrong, the Whig party is where it's at. I thought to myself.

"Sum-ting-wong... that doesn't sound good." I said as the vampire went for the flying kick. As my opponent came flying forward I rolled to my left so as to dodge while another agent came up and fired at the vampire's back.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 30 2007, 10:40 AM
OOC: ow shooting at a kick flying vamp from behind...tsk tsk.

Rhodes knew the man would dodge. He wanted this. What he didnt want was
a shotgun blast hit him from behind. The pellets imbedded mostly in his vest he'd put on earlier, but several shot pierced his left flank.

"Grrrrr," he grunted as he landed un-gracefully.

Looking down, Rhodes saw the very end of the chain. Grabbing it he quickly slung it back at the agent with vampire strength.

Gotta get outta this. Two on one and im already bleeding...fucking shotgun weilding wussy.

He didnt wait for the chain to land as he threw the MP5 up at the newcomer standing confidently, and very much exposed, in the door way and spewed a fresh line of fire.

"Prick! Its only a flesh wound meatbag!"

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Aug 30 2007, 12:36 PM
OOC~ i guess now is as good atime as ever. you guys are outside right?

Because of the commotion going on inside someone had forgotten to close the gate so Chaos just sped through it. driving towards the build seeing gun fire he slammed on his brakes doing a 180 degree turn and stepped out, he had his revolvers on his waist and his shotgun on his back as he looked around.

"did i miss all the fun?" he closed the door taking out his revolvers.

Posted by: Rhodes Aug 30 2007, 01:30 PM
OOC: Rhodes, Abnet, and Cyber are inside the mansion.

Posted by: Abnet Aug 30 2007, 11:29 PM
QUOTE (Rhodes @ Aug 30 2007, 10:40 AM)
OOC: ow shooting at a kick flying vamp from behind...tsk tsk.

OOC: Heh... you gotta do what you gotta do.

Posted by: Abnet Sep 1 2007, 09:55 PM
OOC: Sorry for the double post but I don't think the site shows that there is a new post if you edit a previous one.

Leon dodged to the behind the wall next to the door opening right before the mp5 rounds started flying past where he was standing.

Holy shit, how can he still be standing? Must have just grazed him...

Leon activated his wireless headset.

"You okay in there Cyber? Whats say we bring this guy in for interrogation after we take out the senator? Radio Gideon and tell him to head for wherever the senator is. I think Gunny has things handled pretty well outside."

Once the bullets stopped flying, Leon drew his pistol and dove into the room. He fired three rounds at the vampires legs in mid flight. Once he landed he kicked over a table and took cover behind it.

Posted by: Gideon Sep 3 2007, 07:20 AM
OOC: Sorry Guys Ive been having PC trouble.


I have barely stepped inside the window sill when I feel pricks and then it seems that my body is on fire as the large amount of voltage from the tazer leads courses through my body.
I pass out with a thump and a groan on the floor and the heat coming off of my body causes it to look like i am steaming.

I dream. A little boy running towards down a hallway. He yells. "Gideon, wake up!" "This is no time to sleep, wake up!" The name on his shirt says Akira.

The hallway slowly fades backwards into darkness as the kid's eyes turn a dark glowing red color and his body mutates into something horrid and twisted.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 5 2007, 08:19 PM
This is getting ridiculous. Time to clean this lil party of ants up.

Rhodes lept back and towards the open window, avoiding the bullets fired at him from the second guy.

After a moment of rummaging thru his shoulder bag, he unpinned two smoke canisters and tossed them rather unceremoniously into the center of the room.

As the room filled with a thick, sulpher smelling smoke, the vampire dropped a few more round presents in the room before diving out the window over top the unconscience agent.

Coming up from a tucked dive-roll, Rhodes sprinting at vampire speed for the back of the main house.

Meanwhile, two cooking grenades, one frag and one HE sit in the middle of the room with the unknowing agents.

"Hacunamatata meatbags," yelled Rhodes over his shoulder as he dropped the pins at the corner of the mansion.

Posted by: Abnet Sep 6 2007, 06:53 PM
OOC: Am I the only agent left who is still concious?

As the room began to fill with smoke, Leon flipped on his thermal goggles.

Through the blue glow being read from the smoke, Leon noticed two small things on the ground. Figuring from all the sound the that was made, the vampire escaped so he leaned over to take a closer look

What the... OH SHIT! Leon thought after he realized that the things he was examining were two grenades.

"Cyber, we need to get the hell out of here!" Leon yelled into his earpiece.
There was no response. "Cyber?... shit!"

Leon noticed a motionless warm spot laying near the window. Figuring it was Cyber, Leon threw a bullet filled sofa over his body, kicked the two grenades into a far corner in the room and spinted out just in time to escape the explosion.(OOC:<insert slow motion here>)

Tricky bastard... Let's see, Gunny is outside, Gideon could be anywhere by now, and Cyber is... I don't know. I guess I'm closer to where the senator should be than anyone else right now so seems like its up to me. Leon thought as he walked down the now silent halls of the mansion.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Sep 7 2007, 02:22 AM
OOC~ actually his name is Miller not Cyber....just a foot note.... anywho


Chaos sees the vampire take a dive out the window and quickly follows chasing after him his cloak waving behind him and his pistols in his hands his arms staying straight.

Posted by: Abnet Sep 7 2007, 06:38 PM
QUOTE (ChaoticNeutral @ Sep 7 2007, 02:22 AM)
OOC~ actually his name is Miller not Cyber....just a foot note.... anywho

OOC: Oh yeah, thats what his name is. I was just going by his nickname sice I could never remember his character name.

Posted by: Abnet Sep 9 2007, 12:02 AM
OOC: Sorry for the double post (again). Same reason as last time.

Leon was walking through the halls of the mansion when he noticed a door decorated with band stickers and gothic iconagrophy.

Must be the daughter's room

Right before his hand reached the doorknob, he remembered something he recieved before the mission. His DC police badge which he dicided to tuck in his front jacket pocket.

Leon entered the room, trying to mimick the way the cops do it in movies as best he could. The first thing he noticed as he stepped through the door, besides all of the band posters, was the fact that this room remained virtually untouched by bullets or fire, looked just like any other teenager's bedroom.

"Get out of here!" screamed a voice from behind Leon, followed by by the "whoosh" noise of the aluminum baseball bat that narrowly missed his head.

Leon grabbed the arm of his attacker before another swing could be made. The person holding the bat was a girl, probably around 15 or 16, dressed in goth-style clothes.

Leon remembered the picture that came along with her file in the briefing.

This must be her.

Leon did a quick scan of her neck and noticed no bite marks.

"I said get out of here!" ordered the girl.
"Wait..." said Leon, "'re the senator's daughter right?"
"What does that have to do with anything?" asked the girl.
"I'll take that as a 'yes'." said Leon, releasing the bat so that he could flash his badge, "DCPD, I was sent to rescue you and your family. Do you know where your father is?"
"Um, yeah..." she said, "he should be in the master bedroom."
"Thanks. I'm gonna need you to stay here. I'll be back when I get your father." said Leon and left the room.

Posted by: Cyber78 Sep 11 2007, 12:12 AM
What a day... what a day. Said the voice in my head.

Funny how things work out. Just as things were looking a bit grim against that vampire got shot from behind and all. Talk about good luck... up until the part where he wasn't dead and made his escape. The smoke stank up the room pretty bad and wasn't too easy on the lungs, so I quickly ran through into the next room, finding myself in the hallway which carried the air of a rather expensive home.

Expensive paintings adorned the walls, and the hard wood floor made stealth a bit of a problem when walking. On each side in front were three doors. I noticed that despite the power being out there was a blue light eminating from under the door on the right. Figuring that it wouldn't be a bad idea to check it out, I walked as quietly as I could, which was a slight problem given the creaking of the wooden floor.

Opening the door I discovered a darkened room with a blue hue from a computer screen on a desk in the middle of the room. Computers these days sometimes came with backup batteries in case of power outage that are designed to last up to an hour so you have more than enough time to save your work. Being that this was the senator's house it made sense for all computers to be equipped with such a thing.

Something wasn't right though. A quick check with my thermal goggles indicated that the chair in front of the computer was still warm. Deciding the computer might give me some clues I took off the goggles and took a seat. I gave the computer mouse a shake and discovered that the user of this computer was apparently in an IM conversation. A quick selection of options confirmed that the computer was recently used, the user had sent a message only two minutes before. The conversation also provided some interesting details.

Gothgurl666: I cant wait to go to see Dark Emotional Nation 2night!!!1!!!
McStabbyStab8201 [mobile]: Me 2! Ill be over in 5 min to pic you up!
Gothgurl666: Wat the hell!?!?! Some guy just came into my room claiming to be wit teh cops. Probly wrks for my dad.
McStabbyStab8201 [mobile] Be right there.

I immediately pulled out my radio. "All agents, we have reason to believe that the daughter has just recently left the premisis. Evidence suggests that she just left for a concert a few minutes ago. Finish the job here and then we're heading out in pursuit."

Posted by: Abnet Sep 11 2007, 09:51 PM
Leon was running through the mansion halls when he heard Miller's (Cyber) orders.

"Affirmative..." said Leon over his radio "... unless she was lying to me, the senator should be in the master bedroom, I'm on my way there now. Judging by how quiet the halls are, the rest of the guards are probably in there too. Glad I'm not the only one left in here by the way."

Leon noticed a fancy, wooden door as he went through the halls.

Must be the place.

The door had an old fashioned keyhole, it was fairly big as far as keyholes go and thus, easy to look through. Leon peered through the keyhole and noticed at least twelve guards with everything ranging from machetes, to 9mms, to mp5s, along with a red button on the wall, he couldn't quite make out whet it said so he took a look through his binoculars. The writing under the button said "EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN" in big, black letters.

Hm, that could come in handy...

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 12 2007, 11:36 AM
Rhodes kept sprinting at vampire speed around the mansion, avoiding any agent contact.

The grenades detonated a few seconds after he rounded the second corner. The HE and Frag grenade turned the room and anything in it into burnt swiss cheese.

Musn't be too many of them. Small force. Gotta get outta here and find the kid. Senator is prolly fucked anyway.

He slowed his pace, only to leap a small landscape wall surrounding a flower bed full of petunias.

"This is Raven. The senator needs to have all company converge on his location and protect until evac unit arrives."

He snatched the cellphone from his vest and flipped it open to dial a number.

"Fuck. Shotgun took my cell out. Grrrr. Lucky meatbag."

Rhodes knew he was being trailed by a lone person. His vision had switched to lowlight and he could see the mask of a familiar person. He hunkered down low in the surrounding shrubbery with his sidearm drawn and ready.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Sep 13 2007, 03:13 AM
Chaos came to a stop by the shrubbery looking around losing sight of Rhodes. He kept an eye on his back after hearing the explosion and cocked both revolvers. He slowly walked through the plants looking around as his cell phone vibrated.

"dang it" he murmured and holstered one revolver pulling out the cellphone, it had just intercepted the message between the sentors daughter and some stabby guy. "so the daughter is gone? she would probably come for a decent price...."

He put the cellphone away knowing better then leaving a vampire at his back.

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 13 2007, 12:48 PM
As Rhodes watched the masked man answer a cellphone, he silently darted from his hiding spot in the shrubs. He bridged the gap between them by putting the barrel of his weapon an inch from the man's head as he put the cell phone away.

"Ahem, all done there chief? Good. I'd really like for you not to move a muscle or else we're both gonna have a bad day. There are boocoo agents running round here, i've been shot at and presently i dont know which side your working for. But seeings how you've followed me this far, i can say the odds aren't good that your on my side."

Rhodes delivered his quick monologue all the while keeping his senses wide and alert for any movement from both Chaos and his surroundings.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Sep 13 2007, 08:40 PM
"My name is Chaotic Nuetral for a reason.....i try not to take sides. I am here looking for some way to make a profit, like always, and you were the first person i saw. So i figured anyone you killed as I followed you might have something of value on were just a mere coincidence to be followed." He chuckled alittle.

"Besides if i was going to attack you i would have done it already." He nodded his head down alittle to where there was an out of place bump in his camp where nothing should be.

"Now I have information of business that could bring me a good deal of money so if you would be so kind as to allow me to leave, i wont bother you anymore....for now"

Posted by: Rhodes Sep 14 2007, 12:32 AM
Rhodes tilted his head to one side ever so slightly.

"HMmm. I think i like holding this gun here, as much as you like having your life threatened. What "I" need is a quick way to find a certain lil girl of a rather important and probably dead senator. Care to help me out a little?"

The vampire caught some movement from the corner of his peripherial vision, but kept his eyes fixed on this strange man.

This is getting too hot for comfort.

"Tell ya what Neutral. You get me to that girl before the fuzz around here does, and i'll make it worth your while. I'll even owe you the favor I paid my way out of last time," Rhodes cooed in a soothing voice that would make bee's leave a honey pot.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Sep 14 2007, 10:59 AM
"Tempting." Chaos smirked under his mask. "Well I will see what i can do about this "lil girl" but i cant make any promises. now if you would be so kind as to lower your weapon so i may get back to work."

Posted by: Abnet Sep 16 2007, 02:11 AM
Leon saw a guard pass by the door as he looked through the keyhole. Realizing this would be his only chance to get an advantage, he kicked open the door and grabbed the guard nearest to it, using him as a human shield.

"Open fire!" yelled the senator.

Nearly all of the bullets fired hit the vampire in front of Leon. As the line of vampires began to reload, Leon tossed the body to the side and dove for cover behind the bed. He fired off a few shots from his pistol, taking out four of the guards before Leon made rolled behind an overtuned table. As his levels of adrenaline raised, his aim improved, even when he jumped over assorted pieces of furniture. Anyone watching the gunfight would have seen the equivallent of a John Woo movie come to life.

There were three weaponless survivors (not including the senator). Leon holstered his pistol.

"What's say we settle things like real men?" said Leon confidentley.

The vampires, figuring they had a better chance to live now than when their opponent was armed, all charged Leon at once.

One ended his charge in a right hook, which Leon easily sidestepped and countered with a heat-stopping punch to the chest, a sweep kick, and a knee to the throat. The toher two stopped to pick up some of the broken off table legs to use as improvised weapons, and continued their charge, both swinging at Leon, who still had his knee on the first vampire's throat, making sure it was broken. Leon rolled between the two vampires just in time to avoid their attack. Before they could see it coming, Leon was standing behind them and slammed their heads together.

Panicked, the senator made a run for the windows. Leon drew his pistol and shot the "emergency lockdown" button. The thick, steel doors were falling faster that Leon thought they would and he kicked a table inbetween the edoor to the bedroom, hopefully holding the emergency door open for long enough.

The senator huddled in the corner of the room. It was over for him now.

"What are you?" stuttered the horrified senator.

"You worst nightmare." said Leon, and he shot the senator beteween the eyes.

(OOC: sorry for that horribly cliche line right there.)

The table holding the door open was strainig under the pressure of the steel. Leon sprinted for the door and dove through just in time for the table to break and seal the room shut.

"The target is down. Repeat, I've killed the senator, target is down. Let's wrap things up and get out of this hellhole." said Leon over his radio.

Posted by: Odst gunny Oct 21 2007, 03:01 AM
OOC: I was on Myspace too long...

Blaze: "Time to Go" He said to himself as he walked from the Mansion.

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