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Posted by: Alaska Mar 22 2007, 10:05 PM
[Sorry, Cyber. I will not let this site die.]

"Attention all patrons of John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport, all flights to Seattle have been canceled at this time, those originally directed to Seattle may exchange their tickets for a full refund. Thank you and have a nice day."

"Attention all those leaving from O'Hare International Airport, all flights to Seattle have been postponed indefinitely. Those heading for Seattle may exchange their ticket books for a full refund. Thank you and please have a nice day."

"Attention those in Los Angeles International airport, all flights to Seattle have been canceled . Thank you and have a nice day."

"Attention patrons, all flights from Philadelphia International Airport to Seattle, Washington have been postponed indefinitely. Thank you and have a nice day."

A briefing folder slid across one of the imitation-oak desks at the Federal Vampire and Zombie agency Headquarters, standing was one of the big wigs of the FVZA, "Agents, we have a current crisis in Seattle. After our initial belief that the Undead event in Seattle had been taking care of, we have now been proven wrong. Bite totals began rising three days ago, and now they have been rising out of control. The Washington National Guard has already quarantined the entire area and Armed forces from the Army as well as the Marines are being called it. Your main objective is to eliminate en masse the Undead. I don't care how you do it short of a Nuke, just do it, sign up and head off. Federal planes will escort you into the surrounding where you will be transported by helicopters into the main metropolitan area of Seattle, you will receive further briefing on the plane. Suit up and get there."

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Mar 22 2007, 11:55 PM
(OOC: Are we doing the RPG here instead of the Battlefield? I'm in either way.)

Posted by: Alaska Mar 23 2007, 09:29 PM
(Yeah, only Moderators can post in the battlefield.)

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Mar 23 2007, 10:39 PM
(Okay cool. Just let me know if I do something wrong as I am a bit rusty)

As Serrano pulled up to the transport plane, he couldn't help but think about Cedar City. About how, despite his best efforts, he was unable to save his family, even being forced to put a bullet through his own wife's head.

Get a hold of yourself. This is completely different and you know it.

It was true. Back then all he'd had to defend himself with was a handgun. Today he'd brought his Garand, his 870, and his Mac-10 along with his usual Ka Bar and Claire. However, he still couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen. This very same feeling had prompted him to fill his tac vest's pockets with enough ammunition to invade a small country. As he got out of his peformance modded Mustang, he was met by two agents, one of whom took his car to a storage area. The other agent shook his hand and directed him inside where a few other agents were already sitting down. Serrano loaded his Mac-10 into a quick release holster on his left leg and took a seat, setting his Garand and his 870 on the floor by his feet. He checked to make sure that Claire was secure in her holster and kicked back, waiting for the other agents to arrive so that the briefing could begin.

Posted by: Maelstrom Mar 24 2007, 02:04 AM
Warren Harding Jr. checked his equipment for the umpteenth time since boarding the plane. USP Expert with four extra magazines, hollowpoint ammo, check. Incendiary Grenades, check. Remington 11-87 12 Gauge shotgun and slugs, check. PVS-13 night vision scope, check. Bowie knife, check.

The former Delta Operator leaned back and sighed, trying to relax himself as the plane began rolling. This was his first major operation and he couldn't help but feel a bit anxious. Zombies, after all, were not your everday run-of-the-mill bad guy. Which is why he'd ditched his usual equipment.

Gone was the dragonskin vest and the kevlar helmet, they weighed him down and were next to useless against bloodthirsty hordes of undead. The multicam BDUs were replaced by a simple black jumpsuit woven with tear-resistant fabric; Zombies used smell more than sight anyways. The high powered assault rifle was dropped in favor of the much more potent shotgun. You only needed one solid round to drop a zombie, any more would be wasting ammunition.

He had all he needed. He was surrounded by battle-hardened and well-trained professionals. They had a clear objective and plenty of support. So why the hell was he so nervous?

Posted by: Tsumari Mar 24 2007, 06:53 AM
((I'm in... but too tired to post ATM, save me a spot on the plane!))

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Mar 28 2007, 09:35 PM
(Its dying! Don't let it die!)

Serrano looked out the window as the plane began to taxi onto the runway. He'd been on planes many times before although he usually ended up jumping from them into a combat zone. Fortunately he wouldn't have to do that this time if everything went smoothly.

When was the last time anything went smoothly? He thought to himself. It was true. He did tend to attract curious situations. Most of the time everything worked out, but he would always be stuck with the memory of the time that it didn't.

He felt himself being pressed into his seat as the plane took off, leaving the ground and setting a course to Seattle. Once they were in the air, one of the agents, likely the senior agent, stood up and cleared his throat. Serrano pulled his hat over his eyes. He could remember things better without any other distractions.

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 29 2007, 01:11 PM
Rhodes stood from just outside the airport security fence, watching as the dreaded agents loaded onto the plane, hands stuffed into his peacoat pockets.

Judder stood only a few feet away, holding a small black box in his left hand.

The FVZA-laden plane eventually taxied and began to take off.

Rhodes looked at Judder with a sideways glance, then nodded once, turning his gaze as the plane flew directly overhead. The roar of the twin jet engines drowning out all other sounds.

Judder pressed the button on the black box and smiled.

Onboard the agents plane, the multiple video screens for watching movies flickered off. Several agents and passengers looked around, confused as to why their in flight movie was interrupted.

A blue screen with big black letters began to marquee across all the monitors.

"To all FVZA. BOOM. Enjoy your flight."

Several people began to get restless, borderline hysterical at the thought of a bomb could be onboard. Flight attendants began to process crowd control while the pilots began their emergency checks.

Rhodes turned after watching the plane bank sharply.

"That should give them some added stress. No sense in letting them have a relaxing flight," he said, passing by Judder as he moved towards a beat up Chevrolet.

Time for some real fun.

Posted by: Judder Mar 29 2007, 07:18 PM
Judder grins for a moment as he turns towards the car.
He speaks out loud what his mind thinks.
"Im glad ive banged and fanged my share of Airline Stewardesses."

Posted by: Rhodes Mar 29 2007, 09:54 PM
Rhodes jerked the door open to the SS monte carlo with a loud creak smiling shortly.

"Sometimes its not all about the boom...but of the havoc on the mind. A former associate of mine once said, 'tis not the art of war, but the war in art that achieves greatness'," Rhodes replied as he and Judder got into the dilapidated vehicle.

Judder glanced over with a questioning look regarding the reference.

Rhodes interpreted the look immediately.

"Former trainee, just before i slit his throat and tossed him over a cliff during a mission.....for giving our position away," finished Rhodes with dramatic flair, grinning from ear to ear.

The engine sputtered to life as the two drove away from the airport.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 1 2007, 06:55 PM
Damn I hate when I'm right Serrano thought to himself, reading the message on the screen in front of him. The senior agent had nearly started the briefing when suddenly all of the screens had changed. Inside the plane was a mixed bag, some panicked, some simply regarded it as a hoax. Unfortunately, the passenger next to him was panicking.

"Oh my GOD! We're all gonna die! Somebody! Please! Make it stop!" he screamed, attempting to get out of his seat.

Serrano shoved him back down with his left arm.

"RELAX." he ordered, shutting the man up "we're gonna be fine. Just chill out."

The senior agent again stood up after a brief talk with the plane's Captain.'

"Listen up! We've had a change of plans! While initial scans indicate that there is not in fact a bomb on this plane, we've decided that it would be too risky to stick to the original mission outline as somebody apparently already knows about it. As such, we will not be stopping to transfer to choppers. Instead, the pilot of this plane will fly directly over the target area. Agents will parachute into the LZ and proceed from there. Chutes are up front, come and get 'em"

Didn't expect this... Serrano thought to himself, strapping on his parachute and returning to his seat.

Posted by: Alaska Apr 1 2007, 08:36 PM
[Not trying to be rude, but did you all miss the part of my post where I said, ;&quote; "Federal planes will escort you into the..." not Public airlines. So, the bad thing could go either way as far as validity goes, however, there wouldn't be any screaming passengers.]

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 2 2007, 12:10 AM
[depends on which of the new recruits were wussbags...hehehehe... might still be some screaming and scenes of panic...always some newb npc's to fuck with]

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 2 2007, 01:13 AM
( I agree with Rhodes. There's always some people, even if they're highly trained, who freak out in times of crisis. These guys are used to fighting vampires and zombies, not dealing with bombs. Kind of a "Game over, man!" type of thing.)

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 2 2007, 03:59 AM
OOC: I'm back and ready to go. As said in the bulk email just sent out, great job guys.

And now to retcon what's been going on how about we just say that the agency rented out a 737 from United Airlines for the trip and a few of the rookie agents flipped out.

IC: I wasn't particularly fond of Seattle anymore. Not since that little op we did a few months ago where the vampires were waiting for us. It wasn't a pretty battle by anyone's standards, and neither side was spared a fair amount of carnage. Although I suppose technically it was a victory since we cleared out most of the zombies, the Order still had a presence in the city that made it difficult to do cleanup jobs afterwards. Ever since the initial op we'd had to make several trips back hear to clean up zombies that we missed, but each time we'd never been able to finish due to a sniper that was now infamous at the agency. Maybe, just maybe if we'd had the proper intel for the mission, maybe if we'd had some support from the police, maybe if the ACLU hadn't held that zombie rights protest we could've done the job. But alas, shit happens and someone's gotta clean it up.

So there I was sitting on an airplane bound for Seattle where the consequences of failure was rearing it's ugly head. The good news was that the National Guard had the quarantine zone pretty well secured from what I'd been told. Plus it wasn't as if the entire city had been infected. The bad news was that we had to do all the dirty work inside the quarantine zone. The other bad news was that as is the case with any disaster, people had gone bat shit crazy, especially those who weren't infected. It was unusual. On one hand the mature part of me knew that I was likely going into a life or death situation where death wasn't too distant. On the otherhand I felt ready to go.

My ankle had healed up pretty well, my wrist still had a cast on it for support but it was fully usable just so long as I didn't try karate chopping some zombie. I was packing an M1911 for a sidearm, and an M-14 as my primary weapon. Dressed in a gray jumpsuit and wearing a matching cap I looked more like an exterminator than a soldier, which was appropriate considering the nature of my work.

By the time I was done checking over my weaponry and equipment I was pretty pumped and ready to go. There wasn't anyway this mission could go wrong in my mind. That is until I heard we were going to parachute in. At first it sounded pretty damn cool in my head, going in all special forces style and whatnot. But after a second it hit me, we were jumping into Seattle. Now although I wasn't too far from the real Windy City, I wasn't too sure that the Pacific Northwest was exactly going to be a cakewalk. And it didn't exactly hurt that I'd never parachuted once before in my life.

Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? I asked myself as I got out of my seat and retrieved a parachute.

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 2 2007, 04:03 PM
This was why I was so nervous. The phrase accompanied an internal sigh as the FVZA agent stood and filed down the hall. They never go according to plan. Why don't they EVER go according to plan!?

But it was too late to complain or whine. Their cover was blown and a change of plans was the prudent thing to do no matter how you looked at it. It was also a way of satisfying whoever it was that screamed like a sissy.

Amazing. Trained to face off against supernatural undead hordes and they flip out at the first sign of hocus-pocus. So much for trained professionals.

Nevertheless, most of the people here knew what they were doing. Including Harding himself, who checked his own parachute before securing the straps of the man in front of him. Years with the Rangers and Delta had ingrained the art of parachuting into his very bones and the movements came as second nature to him. But perhaps not so much to the man infront of him. A man who Harding suddenly recognized as one of the Special Agents in his last Seattle op. And he didn't seem to happy with the idea of parachuting.

"Sir, you okay?"

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 5 2007, 03:01 AM
No big deal, you've seen this done before. Just think back to that one movie with the elephant in Vietnam... Operation Dumbo Drop I think it was... Lovely... I'm about to jump out of an airplane and my only reference on what I'm doing is a Disney movie... I thought.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just ate some bad deep dish pizza, that's all." I replied to the agent behind me who was looking over my chute.

Well I think that was the worst lie I've ever told. Since when was there such thing as bad deep dish pizza? Oh right, sausage pizza. Yuck, sausage as good as it is never belongs on pizza. I thought to myself as I secured my gear in preparation for jumping into the equivalent of a shark tank.

Posted by: Zippo Apr 5 2007, 03:25 AM
Sam had quietly set down in a seat beside his friend Cyber. When the bomb threat came up on the screen he snorted dericivly at the newbie's panic. He'd been swabing the barrel of his 'new' M-79 grenade launcher. The old M1898 had served it's time, saving his life many times and had earned itself a place over the fireplace.

He stood up, slung his second bandolier of rounds over his HBT shirt. His whole uniform was an eclectic mess of the past half centuries uniforms. Sam's pants were old marine pattern, his boots rubber marine jungle boots. He slid broke the M-79, slid in a round of buck, stepped through the mess to the front.

"Goddamn parachutes!" He proclaimed grabbing one of the devices off the rack. He patted the guy behind Cyber on the back, "I hate this shit. At least you know you'll hit the ground." Sam had learned how to jump in a rather drunken service exchange tour with the Royal Marines and wasn't sure he could trust his memory.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 5 2007, 03:28 AM
(Thanks for fixing the problem for me, Cyber)

Reminds me of that airdrop in Afghanistan Serrano thought with a smile. Here he was, years out of the military, and yet he was about to jump out of a plane into a combat zone. Not usually something that makes you smile. It was then that he remembered the old song his jump teacher had made him memorize.

"He was just a rookie trooper and he surely shook with fright
He checked off his equipment and made sure his pack was tight;
He had to sit and listen to those awful engines roar,
You ain't gonna jump no more!

Gory, gory, what a helluva way to die,
Gory, gory, what a helluva way to die,
Gory, gory, what a helluva way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more! "

The skittish agent behind him was obviously a bit perturbed
"Hey man! C...C...Can you cut that out?" Serrano smiled and continued, skipping to a later verse. Hopefully it would keep the other guy nervous enough so he'd be on his guard.

" He hit the ground, the sound was "Splat," his blood went spurting high,
His comrades then were heard to say: "A helluva way to die!"
He lay there rolling round in the welter of his gore,
And he ain't gonna jump no more. "

"Come on man! Cut it out!"

"There was blood upon the risers, there were brains upon the chute,
Intestines were a'dangling from his Paratrooper suit,
He was a mess; they picked him up, and poured him from his boots,
And he ain't gonna jump no more."

"Seriously! Stop it!"

Serrano sighed. "Lighten up, man. Jesus, you're more scared'n a lost dog in Chinatown. You'll be fine. These chutes almost always work."


Posted by: Zippo Apr 5 2007, 03:48 AM
He grinned wickidly at the jittery man in line ahead of him, "Now don'y worry yer head boy just get out and pull the cord and you'll live long 'nough for a zombie to eat your lower intestine!"

As the other man blanched, Sam stepped up in line so he was behind Serrano, who was behing Cyber, and the other kid, "Good to see you in on this. Not enough of these ones know what they're doing."

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 5 2007, 04:03 AM
"You've got that right. These guys don't even know the words to 'Blood on the Risers'! What has this world come to?" Serrano replied with a laugh.

"Its not funny!" The nervous agent protested.

"Don't make me sing more of it, Scooter." Serrano grinned, wagging his finger. The man promptly shut up. Suddenly, a voice came over the intercom.

"All agents! We'll be at the LZ in three minutes! I repeat, go for jump in three minutes!"

"Alright!" Serrano rubbed his hands together "Peace through superior firepower!" He patted Claire and made sure his other guns wouldn't come off in the jump.

Posted by: Zippo Apr 5 2007, 04:20 AM
"Ahmen brother, ahmen," Sam said tapping the launcher's barrel with his finger. At times of stress he always tried to puzzle out where Sarah was at that time. She was probably on patrol already, making her traffic stops along I-81. Way more peacful than leaping from an airplane into a hot LZ, "I went into tracks to avoid this crap!"


Sgt. Sarah Forrest of the Maryland State Police hit the flashers on top of her crusier. The car ahead of her had been going about 90 mph in a forty zone. She swore at her luck, getting reassigned from her regular beat to cover this back roads stretch. Her hand was on her USP as she aproached the driver side door, "Licsense and regis-"

Two shots rang out, tires spinning the car took off as Sarah slumped to the ground bleeding from the neck and chest. Another car came by minutes later, slowing upon seeing the open door of the crusier. A farmer stepped out of his truck, he gasped at the sight of the bloody woman in front of it.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 5 2007, 04:33 AM
"I'm not so sure what this rookies so panicked about, but I can't say I've met too many people this enthusiastic about challenging gravity to an duel. Laws of physics tend to be pretty rigorously enforced in this dimension." I casually said to the guys behind me who seemed pretty confident about jumping.

"Two minutes to jumping. All agents please report to the cargo bay for jump." Said the voice over the intercom. I checked my watch, it was 11:58pm. Nothing like a midnight jump to make things a bit more interesting.

"But don't you pray for my soul anymore, two minutes to minute, the hands that threaten doom." I sang to myself as I began walking towards the cargo bay on the underside of the plane.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 5 2007, 04:48 AM
"A C-130 this is not" Serrano commented. The 747's cargo bay was cramped and hot. Ol' Scooter the nervous didn't really help out much. He figeted and groaned, obviously the guy was never in the Marines.

"I'm gonna die...I just know it..." he lamented. Serrano let out what had to be his hundredth sigh since getting onto the plane.

"You ain't gonna die. Just remember your training and-" There was a gust of wind and a loud noise as the cargo bay door opened. "Woah." For the first time tonight, he actually felt like agreeing with the guy. What used to be downtown Seattle now resembled a warzone. Fires burned everywhere, emanating from unseen sources. Small flecks of light from muzzle flashes twinkled in the streets. Hell, there was even what looked like a crashed news chopper to top it off. All of this was visible because the plane was only about 500 feet off the deck, a nice height for a combat jump.

"Looks like Kabul in October '01!" he shouted over the wind. "'Cept I ain't getting shot at this time!" There was a loud ping as a few bullets pinged of the liner's fuselage. Probably some dumbass anarchist or gangsta trying to take on "the man".

"I stand corrected..."

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 5 2007, 12:11 PM
Harding had almost succumbed to the silent chuckles when the door opened. He liked this line of work, and he was sure warmin' up to the guys around him. And it really WAS truly a shame that the beauty of "Blood on the Risers" was lost on the younger ones.

Sophisticated taste, he guessed, only came with age.

He finished checking the straps of the man before him and patted his pack. He had the distinct feeling that this man's bowel problems didn't relate to any deep dish pizza, but he held his tongue. As long as the man knew to pull the cord at the right time, gravity would do the rest, they would be fine.

And then the door opened. Smoke billowed out from the earth below, the great concrete and steel highrises were enrobed in the orange glow of uncontrolled fires. Flickering lights in the distance signaled still more blazes and Harding was reminded of a few choice combat scenarios from his past. Not too many of them were very appealing.

Kabul in '01 was right. And then the gunfire started.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but Gs usually don't use guns, right?" he yelled as the smoke-filled wind blew into the cabin.

Posted by: Alaska Apr 5 2007, 09:15 PM
A shot rang out into the night as another Zombie fell and hit the ground. Hard. Agent Alaska stood with a smoking Night Hawk out in front of him, then blinked as he fired another shot, then another, accompanied by body thumps. The group of soldiers behind him were at the moment indisposed, as they still didn't believe in the whole '
'Zombie nonsense'. Alaska grinned and fired another round.

Turning around he spoke, "Soldiers, this is at the same time the weakest and yet the strongest enemy you will ever encounter. You can unload an entire clip into one of those and they won't stop, if even for a little bit. A shotgun round to the chest will only cause them to flicker in their rock hard desire to devour you. A Fifty-cal AA round to the chest may knock them down- But they'll get right up after it." He paused to release the magazine from his pistol and then swiftly hammered another clip in and cocked the Night Hawk. "The easiest way to kill a zombie is by their head. Case closed. When a Zed is shambling at you raise your firearm and always aim for the head. It doesn't matter if it takes one round or five just so long as you down that Sonuvabitch." Pausing briefly to check the area, he resumed, "One of the most important aspects of the Undead is one barrier that I have had soldier after soldier stop firing because of, that these are really just people. Well that's absolutely true, except for that they are not human beings any more. They do not love, they do not hate, they do not think except for the perpetual wanting of flesh and blood any time day or night. So get your asses in gear and go kill some zombies"

After spending a few hours on typical patrol, Alaska ordered the return to the Mobile Command Point by way of their Humvee. Unfortunately, Seattle was a big city, and it was dark, and there were numerous zombies along the way. Lucky for them, however, was an official Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency Agent who also happened to be an ex-Navy SEAL and was accompanied by a group of soldiers from the greatest military on Earth. It took them ten minutes.

Those ten minutes later Alaska was riding in a Humvee to the mobile command center. He had been in Seattle for over a day now and was waiting for the 'Re-enforcements' to arrive. As soon as he arrived to the CP he checked his watch, it read 11:59. Were it a normal city day he would not have heard the plane coming, except it was not a normal city day, and within mere moments he heard the load-as-hell plane engines roaring into the city. He smiled.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 6 2007, 02:22 AM
"Well I'll be damned, to think that this used to be such a nice town. Even if you did have to take in the rear for a cup of coffee." I muttered as I looked down on the city of Seattle. It was resembling London during the Blitz down there with fires blazing. What was once a pretty good city was now going to hell in a hand basket.

"New orders just came in from high command gentlemen! Your first objective is to secure some key buildings at the University of Washington. The main priorities are the medical center, the stadium and the bridge crossing the Lake Washington Ship Canal. They want to use the university as a refuge for survivors who can't make it to the national guard on the outskirts of town. The national guard wants the medical center open as soon as possible to treat the wounded since they haven't got enough helicopters available to airlift them out. They also want the stadium to use as a fortified refuge camp. And it just so happens that we'll need that bridge in order to cover the rear flank." Shouted a man with a radio who then displayed a satellite image for our benefit;
user posted image

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 6 2007, 02:33 AM
Shit, that's a pretty big area to cover...

His thoughts were interrupted as another round pinged off the door and ricocheted into one of the padded seats. Staying in the air was becoming less appealing by the minute.

Who the hell's shootin' at us?

There was no time to wonder about that now. They weren't even on the ground yet; there was nothing he could do about the groundfire unless he was ON the ground. Which brought him to the sticking point of the moment. They needed to get off the plane and get to work.

"How long until LZ?" he wondered out loud. Maybe someone will answer...

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 6 2007, 02:38 AM
"Alright! That's my kinda stuff! Nona that long-range crap!" Serrano shouted excitedly.

"THIRTY SECONDS!!!" An agent by the door yelled. "Hit the ground and secure that Med Center!." The atmosphere got tense very quickly. No one spoke. They were too focused on getting pumped for the drop.


Those ten seconds seemed like forever. Muscles flexed as the agents prepared to exit. Suddenly, there was an ear-piercing buzz, the signal to jump.

"GO! GO! GO!"

The line of agents charged out of the plane. Serrano ran as fast as he could and leapt out into the night air. Quickly, he pulled the cord, feeling a huge jerk as the chute opened, slowing his descent. He breathed a sigh of relief. Now all he had to do was land safely, clear out the city, and get out without being shot or eaten.

"Piece of cake. No problem whatsoev-" He stopped mid-sentence "Oh goddammit. Spoke too soon again." Below him a lone zombie had aquired visual contact, stretching his arms up in anticipation of a meal.

"Not today buddy." About ten feet from the ground, Serrano cut his shoot away, falling a short distance. Fortunately, the zombie's head was there to break his fall. There was a sickening crunch as Serrano's combat boots smashed the G's skull.

"Aw damn. Got Zack on my new boots." Serrano said, unslinging his Garand.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 6 2007, 03:12 AM
Ok John, you can do this. Just jump and pull when the other guys do, it's nothing you can't handle. Just jump and pull the cord.

Just pull the cord? What do you do when that cord fails on you?

Damn, what do I do if the cord fails...

That's when we die.

Well as they say, if at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you.

Going skitzo isn't too good of a sign, and this wasn't the time to be having second thoughts. Not when we all heard the buzz and agents started jumping off the plane. The sound of the signal to go, the other agents shouting, people jumping to their possible dooms in an inferno mixed with a necropolis wasn't the most thrilling situation to be in. But despite that there was a job to do, a job that I was nervous about doing but did non the less. In what felt like a split second it was my turn to jump, the moment of truth.

I took one last look around the cargo bay, turned around towards the door and hit the floor running. It seemed like my run to the door was over before it even started as I was flying through the air, rushing to meet the ground before I even knew what was happening.

Huh... well this is an awkward feeling. Now what is it that I'm supposed to be doing... I know I'm missing something.

Pull the cord! Do you want to look like cherry and peach jell-o when you get down there?!

Oh right... need air resistance to counter-act the effects of gravity.

I yanked the cord to release the shoot but what was actually under a second felt like eternity, the rushing of the wind past my ears loud and roaring. Finally the parachute unfurled, and I felt the sharp yank of the air catching me and dramatically reducing my speed. Just like slamming on the brakes of a car, and with all the grace of doing it at 80mph with a seatbelt tighter than a frog's butt in a watermelon seed fight.

It wasn't long before I hit the ground, even if it felt like I'd never come down only the ground I hit wasn't quite the target I was shooting for. While I wanted to land on the roof of the medical center I somehow drifted off course a bit to the north. As I saw myself drifting away from the stadium I'd used as a reference I was wonder where I'd land, and I hoped it wasn't too far.

When I did come down it was in quite possibly one of the most infamous places you could think of when in the midst of zombies. The cemetery. I hit the ground fairly hard, luckily the ground was soft and my ankle was well padded inside my boot. When I came down I lost balance, fell against a tombstone and regained my bearings. I knew I was in a cemetery north of my intended target zone, which meant I just needed to go south, where I would inevitably end up at one of the objectives.

But there wasn't time to waste. I knew full well that there were several zombies in the cemetery with me, and that once the fight for the university had begun more would pour in from the north. Therefore I'd be in the path of a rather large zombie swarm, and I only had 228 rounds of ammunition on me total. I ditched the parachute, raised my rifle and scanned for zombies in my path.

Posted by: Zippo Apr 6 2007, 03:44 AM
Sam waited a little longer at the side, he'd stepped out of line, before jumping into the night. He pulled the ripcord and with a jerk his dowward travel slowed. Somehow he had timed his jump well enough to land on the north side of the bridge. How many other agents would come this way was a mystery to him he just knew there was something attractive about being near the water. Part of him hoped to see a platoon of Amtracs chugging up the canal.

The ground was soft, muddy, but soft alongside the treeline near his target. The road was only a few yards to his left. He sliced the 'chute harnass worked his M-79 loose just in time to put a blast into a mob of zombies. A few of the shredded creatures staggared towards him still.

Sam withdrew a HE round, reloaded and tried to finish them off. He heard a smattering of gunfire behind him and ahead of him to the right. Loading as he jogged towards his target he was surprised that he didn't come across any more live zombies, but more dead ones scattered about.

He walked onto the road with not a undead bastard in sight.

"Who, Who goes there?" Came a jittery voice from the darkness where he could just make out a sand bag bunker.

Sam raised his hands with his weapon in one hand and his FVZA ID in the other, "Agent Forrest, FVZA."

"Okay, okay come forward."

He thanked god that these guardsmen weren't too worked up. It was a well fortified position but he was surprised to see only three haggrad looking men, one a corporal, a Lieutenant, and a private.

"How long you guys been here?"

"First day, we're glad to see ya. The rest of my platoon is dead, " The lieutenant said wearily, "How many?"

"A whole group of agents, they're going in on the university med center and the stadium now. This is supposed to be the emergancy evac," Sam said ducking into the low emplacment, "This looks to be a-"

"FUCK!" Yelled the corporal who was at a M60 machine gun. There looked to be a whole battalion of zombies coming down on them.

Sam realized he'd need a clear field of fire so he ducked back out behind the sandbagged wing of the min-fort.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 6 2007, 04:12 AM
Serrano kicked the brains off his boots and evaluated his surroundings. A gust of wind had blown him away from the other agents. Fortunately, it also seemed to have blown him away from the zombies as well. The streets were completely deserted except for the G that he'd just offed. He ran upto the nearest building and began moving down the street, sweeping his Garand from side to side, looking for contacts.

Place is a freakin' ghost town. Where the hell is Zack?

Zombies were soon to be the least of his worries. A few seconds later, the unmistakable sound of a near miss buzzed by his head. Some jackass was shooting at him. He quickly jumped behind a nearby car.

"CEASE FIRE! FVZA!" he shouted. Instead of stopping, the shooter continued to fire. Apparently this guy wasn't much of a sniper. He fired quickly and didn't relocate, allowing Serrano to zero in on his location. Quickly, he raised his rifle and put a round in a window across the street. There was a yelp of pain as a figure tumbled out of the third story window, landing with a squishy thump on the concrete below. Serrano waited a few moments and approached the lifeless body, rolling it over with the barrel of his rifle.

"Well kiss my ass, what have we here?" Although the top of the guy's head was gone, it was very clear that the wannabe sniper wasn't human.

"Got some vamps in town. All the more fun for me."

From off to his left, he heard a soft moaning, coming from a few blocks away. He turned to see exactly what he'd hoped he wouldn't run into. A huge mob of zombies had picked up his scent and was moving in on his 20. Serrano moved to a nearby overturned car and set up a position, resting his rifle on the undercarraige. Slowly and methodically, he fired off seven more shots, each one downing a zombie. However, for each one killed, another one was there to replace it.


The Garand ejected the spent clip. Quickly, Serrano slapped a new one in and continued firing.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 6 2007, 04:14 AM
*a man stood for seemingly no reason near by. his apearal was odd for these times. he wore a black cloak hiding the leather armor he had underneath, and a schimitar and two daggers. his face was hidden by a Bauta Masquerade mask and he had a truck next to him. he looked around at the agents running by and signalled for one of them to come by when one of the lower ranked agents finally came by he spoke before the agent could tell him to leave the area.*

"I want you to go find one of your superiors and tell them to come here, i have business to conduct." *the masked man said and dismissed the agent before he could ask any questions.*

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 6 2007, 08:38 AM
The USP bucked in his hand as another half-rotten corpse reverted to its natural state.

God damn, this place is SWAMPED!

His left hand fought to unbuckle the parachute; what was once the only thing between himself and certain death was now a woeful hinderance to much-needed mobility.
Harding gritted his teeth and kept firing. All he needed to do was keep the massive horde at bay until he could free himself and go to town with the shotgun. Trouble was, the parachute seemed to have snagged itself on something... and his sidearm had just clicked empty.

"To hell with this." he spat.

In one fluid motion, the former Delta Operator drew his bowie knife and slashed the infernal device away. Now free, he quickly reloaded and began selectively engaging more zombies as he made his way toward high ground and more narrow spaces. In the distance, he could hear gunfire as other FVZA agents began to take the medical center.
For the third time in the evening, Harding cursed himself for landing in the wide open space of the Stadium. And for the first time in the evening, he prayed to God that someone else was heading this way.

"Well done, Harding. Real good fucking job you're doin'."

With that, he went back to shooting.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 6 2007, 12:06 PM
Rhodes sat on a grundgy motel bed watching the television, his trademark silenced .22 sitting between him and an unconscience hooker.

"And in Seattle, reports are coming in that a massive plague of some unknown origin has swept thru the city at alarming rate. CDC officials state that the city is under quarantine and anyone around the surrounding area to seek medical attention immediatedly. City officials have dispatched national guard units to help with the containment of the epidemic..."

Rhodes sneered at the news reporter.

Hmph. Fuckin retards. Can't just say the word 'zombie'r. Like the dirty lil secret about vampires everyone knows but is afraid to say outloud. I sure hope them agents are up on their shots and have a deep supply of tighty whiteys. Some are comin home in bags for sure.

The bloodsucking assassin checked his cellphone and noticed a message was waiting. He sat the phone down on the bedside table and lit a smoke, taking a long drag.

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 6 2007, 01:17 PM
"Any FVZA Agent, I repeat ANY FVZA agent, this is Assault Agent Harding requesting fire support," Warren Harding Jr. panted into his radio has he unloaded yet another buck shot into the Undead horde, "My 20 is the lighting booth of the Husky Stadium and I've got beaucoup bad guys swarmin' to my position- oh SHIT!"

The assault agent managed to turn his shotgun and fire just in time as one of the Gs forced himself through a crack in the opposite door. The buckshot splattered the thing's head across the wall and its body slumped, blocking the entrance. Not satisfied, Harding moved in and further blocked the hole with an overturned chair.

"I repeat, I have a lot of Gs moving in to my position. I'm holdin' down the fort, but I can't last forever here. ANY nearby FVZA Agent, please help."

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 6 2007, 07:46 PM
A loud metallic ping sounded as the Garand ejected its final clip. The noise of a decaying corpse hitting the pavement followed soon after. It had taken every single one of his rifle's 30.06 rounds to stop the approaching mob. Fifteen clips, one hundred twenty bullets. Problem was, he now lacked any means of somewhat ranged combat. Claire had a scope, but she was still a handgun, unable to hit targets with the range of a long gun. Serrano slung his Garand and drew Claire anyways. She might not have range, but she had accuracy, something very important to have when fighting zombies.

"Damn. Where's a gun store when you need one?"

For the first time since landing, he stopped to assess his surroundings. Currently, he was South of the University in a suburban area. If his memorization of the map was right, around the next corner he should be able to see a river, a bridge crossing said river, and the University's stadium.

"Well, I'll be! Guess I still got it!" He exclaimed, rounding a corner. Ahead of him was everything that should have been, as well as a few things that shouldn't. The stadium was in plain sight as well as the bridge. However, there were sounds of gunfire coming from the stadium. More importantly, there were about five zombies between him and the bridge.

"Better get to work." Serrano started jogging towards the bridge, stopping when he met the first zombie. He raised Claire and fired, the powerful .50 Magnum hollow-point round literally liquefying its head. Serrano felt the massive recoil and allowed the gun to jump back onto his right shoulder. He quickly recovered and made his way towards the next zombie. All of a sudden, a thought entered his head

Where's all the radio traffic?

He looked down to see that his radio had somehow been turned off in the landing. With a frustrated grunt, he turned it on in time to recieve a scrambled message.

"Lighting booth...Stadium.....Nearby!"

"Well I guess that's me." Serrano said, putting another round into the next G's head.

Posted by: Alaska Apr 6 2007, 09:26 PM
With a roar jetted out several ATVs onto the empty roads of Seattle, moments prior Alaska had received word of an agent getting stopped up in Husky Stadium, as soon as he had gotten wind of it he took off on an ATV the agency had provided and was speeding through Seattle at close to a hundred miles per hour, riding attached to the rear of the ATV was the M240G Medium Machine gun, though the Military had brought it, HQ had ordered Alaska to accompany a small group of soldiers, each with the same machine gun en tow. Hooked onto the front of the ATVs as well were numerous boxes of ammunition.

As luck would have it the streets were mostly clear, however, luck did not have it for whatever agent was at the stadium, because that's where all the Undead were moving toward. It gave Alaska and the soldiers ample room to spread out and maximize speed, cutting the normal time in half at least.

As they approached the stadium he could just start to make out the gunfire, in minutes he had reached the stadium and after checking up on his PDA he jetted toward the parking lot. Following that he circled around the stadium and wound up at the rear of it, briefly following that he maneuvered the ATV up a hard incline and into the area of the stadium where all the vendors would have been stationed. After determining the direction of the gunfire, Alaska started off on the ATV again until he rounded onto the skirmish.

Viewing the hellish scene before him as undead were piling up to where he now knew agent Harding was, he surveyed the area briefly, then lifted the M240G and ran it down to a small post, hooking it on before returning with several ammunition boxes. Following that he loaded a 500-round chain into the feed before letting loose the hell onto awaiting Undead.

From around the lighting booth Zombies began falling like flies. The MMG had ripped them apart, regardless of where it hit another Undead had its innards removed or its head permanently separated from its body. It took less than five minutes to clear the Zombies from around the booth, after waiting for a time allowing the ringing to stop in his ears, he clicked on his radio and spoke, "Agent Harding this is Alaska, I've successfully cleared the migs surrounding your area, you are advised to move to my location ASAP, US soldiers are carrying MMGs and large amounts of ammunition as well as myself. Repeating, I have successfully cleared the Migs surrounding your area, all agents within the immediate vicinity of the Husky Stadium are advised to move to my location ASAP. US Soldiers are carrying Medium Machine Guns as well as large amounts of ammunition. Alaska out."

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 7 2007, 12:19 AM
The Zombie corpses were son numerous that they had begun to form a dam around the lighting booth, somewhat stemming the flow of incoming Gs. The bad news was, he only had five rounds left for his shotgun.

Then the sweet sound of machinegun fir reached his ears and he almost whooped out loud. Ducking behind the control panel, he waited until the overwhelming fire stopped and he rose to behold the godsend before him. An ATV, fully armed and armor, parked right out in the field.

"Alaska, this is Harding, thanks for the help. God damn, you're a sight for sore eyes." he panted as he carefully extracted himself from the lighting booth, "I'm moving to your position now."

He carefully scanned his surroundings and was somewhat satisfied to note that there were no MOVING corpses. He slipped an extra slug into his shotgun and began swiftly making his way down the steps, cursing himself for choosing the isolated position. Then again, it was a good idea at the time.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 7 2007, 12:57 AM
"Well hello there, gorgeous!"

Serrano had just ran into something that made his day. On his way to the bridge, he had stumbled across a godsend. Somebody had left a fully gassed Harley Davidson Night Rod lying in the middle of the road. With a grunt, Serrano hefted it upright and started it, the V-twin engine rumbling to life with a satisfying purr. He straddled the bike and gave it some gas, spinning the back tire as he took off up and over the bridge, arriving just in time to see that he had missed all the action. Several agents stood in the middle of the field, an extremely large amount of dead zombies piled up around the area. Serrano rode up to them and dismounted.

"Damn. Guess I missed the action. Any of you guys seen the rest of the squad?" he said, loading a few loose .50 Magnum rounds into Claire's current clip.

"I got blown off course and separated from the others. Ran into a vamp and some zombies. Which reminds me. Anyone got some spare 30.06 ammo? Zack ate all of mine."

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 7 2007, 01:19 AM
"Looks like the big party's over at the med center, brother," Harding replied, slipping buckshots into his ammo belt, "you and I are in the same boat, glad you got out okay."

Then he looked down at the Harley Davidson and gave a low whistle,

"Where'd you get that baby?"

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 7 2007, 01:56 AM
"Some guy left this poor thing lying out in the middle of the street. I couldn't just leave it there." He noticed the ammunition crate on the ATV and started rummaging through, filling up a couple of Garand clips.

"Med center huh? Sounds like my kind of stuff."

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 7 2007, 02:44 AM
With a quick scan of my surroundings I could see that there were at least twenty other zombies within the cemetery, and that was only the one's who's silhouettes contrasted with the flames in the background. Fifteen of them were between me and the gate out of the graveyard, which meant I was going to have to work for my escape. And to complicate things, I was hearing things over my radio that didn't make the situation at the stadium sound good.

Ok then just have to get past these Z's and I should be good to go.

Kill 'em all.

Don't need to, just need to get past them and to my objective.


I don't need to. I just need to get to the gate and head south.

Couldn't even do a jump with a parachute without hesitating. What's the plan? Just let life pass you by, failing at everything? You've seen how sucessful the other agents have been, they've been here longer but they're about to outrank you because you take no initiative. You're too much of a coward to do anything with your life.

That's not true.

Ignorance is bliss until the truth catches up with you. The longer you deny it the harder it's going to come. Just do as I say, kill 'em all.

I spotted a shovel only a couple of tombstones away from where I was, next to a grave that was apparently being dug until some Z's interrupted. Kind of ironic that what was widely believed to be the living dead would disturb the process of putting them to rest. Now it'd be up to me to put them to rest.

Taking note of where the nearest zombie was; dead ahead about twenty yards. As I slung my rifle around my back while jogging to the location of the shovel I also noted that the zombie nearest to me was pretty fresh, meaning it'd still be in good shape. Yanking the shovel out of the ground I cracked my neck and got ready to fight.

"Kill 'em all." I muttered.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 7 2007, 03:03 AM
The masked man looked around then turned to the human who was driving his truck and gestured for him to follow. He started walking towards the FZVA Medical Center. About half way there a pack of Zombies started toward him, he sighed and pushed his cloak back pulling out a shotgun.

"I did not want to deal with this right now." He muttered and aimed and fired blowing one of the zombies heads to pieces.

He cocked the shotgun and fired again walking slow enough where he would not have to worry about reloading quickly. The man driving the truck was sure to stay back. It took half the ammo he had on him before the masked man had killed them all. He tucked his shotgun away making sure it was fully loaded for next time and saw the medical center ahead.

"Finally, now I can get on with my business." He said and picked up his walking speed to get to the Center.

When they had reached the medical center he signaled for the driver to wait outside. Hesitantly the driver nodded and pulled out a rifle for protection. The masked man continued into the building and looked around for someone he could sell his wear to.

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 7 2007, 03:28 AM
"Say, Boss, can we borrow one of these ATVs for a while? Got a party to go to."

Harding pumped his shotgun as he strained his ears. There was a continuous cacophany of gunfire emanating from the general direction of the Med Center, and the former Delta Operator couldn't help but feel he was missing all the fun.

"I'd move there on foot, but I got a feeling that Zack's goin' to town out there and I'm tryin' to save my ammunition."

Posted by: Zippo Apr 7 2007, 05:40 PM
Sam watched as Serrano tore across the bridge to go to the rescue of Harding at the stadium. That was why they were keeping this bridge open, to make sure people could get where they needed to be. Fortunatly for the motorcycle mounted agent he and the guardsman had cleared the field in front of the bridge of zombies moments before he roared across.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 8 2007, 05:49 AM
"That reminds me. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I popped a Vamp back at my LZ. If my knowledge of Vampire Sociology is what it should be, that means that there are most likely more around. I'd be on your guard."

Serrano loaded a fresh clip into his Garand, thumb just barely moving out before the bolt snapped shut.

"Anyone else up for a little fun? Or are ya leaving it all for Harding and I?"

Posted by: ruralphalanx Apr 8 2007, 05:46 PM
I pushed my foot to the gas pedal of my Volkswagen Golf and swerved around a corner in the centre of the city. In the trunk was my M1 Garand.

I was dressed as if I had stepped right out of the end of WWII, wearing an m1943 uniform, complete with webbing and a helmet- I knew there was action around here and I wanted in.

The car rocked violently as I hit some rubble which lined the street closest to the operation going forth. I knew the FVZA was here... but where. Maybe they could use my help...

As I made another turn a woman walked in front of my car, I turned to miss her, but I instead drove directly into a lamppost, and subsequently into the side of a building.

Feeling slightly dazed and shaken from the experience, I kicked the door open and looked at the woman, I asked her if she was okay, but only then did I realize that she was no woman now, she was a member of the dead, the walking dead.

I jumped back in the car and pulled out a hatchet that I kept under the driver's seat, along with a large maglite and some road flares. I looked back outside of the car, and there she... well... it was. The rotting mouth opened and let out a long, low moan. As this happened I charged the figure, laying down upon the head of the zombie a hard blow from my hatchet. I ran back to the car, opened the trunk, and pulled out my M1, and turned the safety off.

I then pulled out the bayonet from the scabbard on my belt, mounted it on the rifle and set off towards the gunfire I heard in the distance

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 9 2007, 03:21 AM
The masked man looked around the medical center once more and walked outside annoyed. He looked at the drive and waved him away. The driver dropped the rifle he had been using and wheeled the truck around driving out of there as fast as he could. He shook his head and started heading into the city more. He stayed to the darker allies and vaguely looked around as if for someone.

"I hate bringing my self into doing this." he mumbled avoiding the zombies as well as he could.

When a newly created vampire came upon him the vampire smiled and went to strike. When the man saw the vampire heading towards him he waved his cloak back pulling the shotgun up to head level with the vampire. The vampire stopped as fast as he could ending a few feet from the man.

"Now that I have your attention." The man chuckled keeping the shotgun level.

"What do you want?" The vampire asked hesitantly.

"I am looking for a vampire by the name of Rhodes." He revealed bluntly. "And if you do not comply with my demands I will be force to unload a slug into your forehead"

The vampires eyes widened with fright. "He is in a Motel about ten blocks from here i swear he is there."

"Good, now beat it." He sneered and the vampire turned and ran.

The masked man turned and started walking towards the motel the vampire had mentioned. He was fortunate enough to avoid the zombies on the way.

When he arrived at the motel he spoke to the man at the desk who at first wouldnt say what room the Rhodes was in but after seeing the masked mans shotgun he told him exaclty where the room was. The man walked to the room Rhodes was in and knocked lightly on the door.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 9 2007, 04:38 AM
Grey matter splattered like a rotten tomato across the grass as the shovel smashed open the zombie's skull. This was the eleventh zombie, and I could see at least one more approaching. Some were white, some were black, some were young, some were old. It didn't really matter who they were, what mattered was that they were zombified and now they were being destroyed one at a time and it was cheap fertilizer.

The last one was a pretty large fellow. He was most certainly overweight, but not in the same way as the guy that eats at McDonald's four times a week. More in the sense of that guy that's in every seedy bar that looks like he can break you in half with two fingers and a toe. He wore a leather jacket that looked as if it had been through three world wars, enough bar fights to make the October Revolution look like a pillow fight, and two divorces. In short, the cliched tough guy.

As he approached me I stood my ground, raised the shovel and prepared for a strike to his cranium. Unexpectedly though for such a large guy he was fast, faster than I expected. And that was what would be a near fatal mistake on my part. I swung a split second too late, the head of the shovel came around and stopped just behind his head; not exactly a lethal hit. A second later the beast was upon me, shovel on the ground just out of arm's reach, and the jaws of death just a couple inches from my neck.

With a quick burst of a adreneline I shoved the zombie upwards a bit with my left arm, reached for my knife, brought it upwards and inserted the knife right into the back of the zombie's neck. The thing's body below the neck went limp, and I allowed myself to relax a bit, despite the 300 some pound behemoth of a man on top of me. That was my next big mistake. Despite it being paralyzed below the neck, that did nothing to effect what was above the neck. Namely those jaws of death I mentioned earlier.

"GAH!" I shouted as the zombie dug it's teeth into my left shoulder.

Despite the pain in my shoulder from the zombie trying to eat my flesh, but failing from a lack of body to pull back with, I managed to bring my knife out of it's neck and into the jaw joint, followed by ripping apart the jaw muscles. Immediatley the pressure on my shoulder ceased. A quick reach around and repetition of the previous cutting motions caused the jaw to completely cease function.

After freeing myself from the creature's jaws I pushed it off of me and got back up. There was a rip in my uniform along my shoulder, and the rest of my coveralls were absolutely soaked in zombie blood.

If I get through this alive there's no doubt laundry service is going to have my head for this. That's assuming I get through this alive.

With a wound to the shoulder, a pretty high dosage of zombie infection, and still not far from where I'd landed I finally exited the cemetery before the other few zombies that were still around caught up.

Posted by: Agent Armor Apr 10 2007, 08:24 PM
(OOC: Sorry for the late entry, gang! been busier than a three peckered billy goat the past couple months...Got room in this one for Agent Fisher? And damn Rural, good to see ya here!)

Posted by: ruralphalanx Apr 11 2007, 01:17 AM
I got closer to the gunfire, it was louder now. As I walked through the ghost-town that was this area of Seattle, I saw a group of Zombie's about 60 yards away from me, shambling down the street much like a bunch of drunkards. At this point I slung my rifle over my shoulder, and opened my left breast pocket on my jacket. I then removed my Leica digital camera from the pocket, and turned it on- the camera was on auto-focus, so it didn't take me too long to snap a few quick photos and ready myself for combat once more.

After placing the camera back into my jacket and buttoning the pocket, I brought the rifle down off of my shoulder and once again get myself into a combat stance.

The zombies that were 60 yards away were closing in, now only 20 feet or so away. This wasn't the first time I had seen them, they no longer scared me as much as they had the first time back in Romania (I can recall I nearly shat myself!) However, I learned how to dispatch of them without wasting ammunition- all this required was using my M1 as a spear more or less. (I had learned of this when I read the account of an unknown French soldier in WWI, who wrote of how the enemy just shuffled and sometimes crawled towards his trench no matter how many rounds he and the other men put into the "Germans." He said later in his account that the German soldiers, upon "arrival" at the French trench looked already dead, as they had a pallid state to them, and were riddled with bullets and shrapnel. Needless to say, the soldier later wrote of how he killed the threats, with a thrust of his bayonet through the head of the enemies. However, after dispatching the "walking dead" he and the rest of the survivors ran back to a rear-line trench, where they were blamed of cowardice, and all sent on a suicide charge the next day. All were killed.)

Out of the 10 zombies that approached me, 2 were stage 3 zombies... these guys have been around for awhile... either that, or somebody did this to them before succumbing to the zombie attack themselves- in fact, as I looked closer at one of the zombies approaching me, I realized it was a former police officer, with his gun still in the holster!

Well it wasn't time to sit back and enjoy the scene- I had to make it out of here alive... I knew it was a bad idea to mess with zombies again, but my interest in history, especially dealing with strange things such as this, has led me here.

In the end, I decided to save ammunition another way- I ran. I ran right around them, ever closer to the gunfire.

But then I thought to myself... is the gunfire coming from frantic survivors? Murderous opportunists? The FVZA? The army?

Oh man, I had no idea what to do... so I pressed forward towards the gunfire.

Posted by: Jay Apr 11 2007, 10:57 AM
(OOC: My regards to everyone who's set the scene so nicely. I was kinda meh about posting a few days ago.)

Quarantine, my ass.

The recently-erected and even more recently-vacated quarantine checkpoint was quietly and efficiently being raided by a small group of vampires. Most of them were new, being the closest vampires Jay could find due to the rather speedy evacuation of the docks district in Seattle, but a couple of more experienced vampires had also escaped in this group, chief among these being the vampire known as Solomon. At the moment, he was gazing into the city, arms crossed. A mobile phone was in his right hand.
A second vampire perked up his ears before joining Solomon.
"You called?" he asked in a casual tone.
"Yes. I would like to know the situation at hand from what you have managed to retrieve from that checkpoint."

Jay thought back. Following this part of the pack's escape from Seattle where military was already closing in, they had hijacked a police car and made use of its radio. Having done this, they already knew of the quarantine that had been placed on the city, not to mention a fair portion of the military action. The quarantine checkpoint was being raided for any spare weapons and ammunition after they had literally ripped the three guards from limb to limb. A quick glance through some paperwork also revealed the main priorities of the military already inside the outbreak zone. Jay cleared his throat and unrolled a map.

"The Guard and any FVZA agents in the area have three current objectives, each of them being to secure a specific compound or complex. The first is the University of Washington Med Center, which is to act as a minor refuge. I believe this will also be used to treat any wounded, which is why it will most likely be their prime objective.
"The second is Husky Stadium. This will also be used as a refuge and will most likely be guarded by snipers. This could work both ways, because if we gain superiority on some of the taller buildings in the area, we can pick off any refugees.
"The third and final area is the bridge crossing the Lake Washington Ship Canal. This is the rear flank, and most likely to be heavily defended. I advise against an assault on this area.
"We have entered to the north-east of Husky Stadium. Do you have any ideas on how to proceed, Solomon?"

A long silence followed this report. Jay stood still, forced to put blind faith in this vampire's tactical abilities. An obvious choice would be the stadium.

"...we make for the Med Center."

Solomon drew a line with his finger on the map.
"The refugees heading for the stadium are in our path. We assess the priority of taking them out. If it is low priority, we continue onwards to the Center. Understood?"
"Excellent. Go tell the others. You never know, we might even catch up with Rhodes, or Vincent's pack."

Six minutes later, 13 shadows flitted into downtown Seattle. The hunt was on.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 11 2007, 03:20 PM
"No takers, huh? Well if you change your mind, you know where to find us. Just follow the gunfire!" Serrano laughed. As he remounted his Harley, he paused to take a look around the stadium.

"If I were you, I'd get some guys on the top floors of that stadium. Make sure you have some snipers watching that bridge too."

"Wait!" A voice called from the group of agents. "I'm coming with you!" A female agent stepped forward. "Sergeant Rebecca Smith, automatic rifleman reporting!" In her hands was an M-240 SAW, a very persuasive instrument when used as intended.

"Alright. You wanna go on the Harley or with Harding on his quad?"

"Harley all the way, man! Sorry dude." She said with a slightly sheepish glance at Harding as she mounted the Night Rod's passenger seat.

"Okay, if we're ready, I'd say its time to head out!" Serrano started the bike and rode out the stadium towards the medical center. "When the gunsmoke settles, we'll sing a victory tune." he sang merrily "Then we'll all meet back at the local saloon."

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 11 2007, 09:09 PM
About half a mile from Miller's position the truck drive working for the masked man turned onto the street Miller was on and thought that he was a zombie. he didnt want to damage the truck unless absolutely necessary and the cargo he was carrying was fragile.....but poorly fassened so when he turned a street before hitting Miller he cracked the wheel launching one of the crates out of the bed which hit a zombie in the back crushing him. most of the zombie vaccines in the case were broken but there were a few that stayed intact. the driver cursed knowing that, that case would be cut from his pay, but didnt care as long as he got out alive.

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 12 2007, 01:56 PM
(OOC: I have a quad?)

Harding simply chuckled as he prepped his vehicle.

"No hard feelings."

The engine rummed to life as harding squared himself took a few moments to breath. He glanced over at Serrano on his Harley before turning back to the remaining National Guardsmen. Snapping off a salute, he said simply,

"See y'all on the other side."

With that, he gunned the engine and tore off into the darkness, hoping that Serrano wasn't too far in his Harley. His destination: the med center and the biggest party in town.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 13 2007, 04:21 AM
(OOC: You asked to borrow one of them earlier. I was just assuming you got one.)

"Hold up here!" A voice shouted over the noise of the Harley's engine. Serrano pulled over to the side of the street and killed the engine. The gunfire was so close now it was almost deafening. He turned around to face his passenger.

"What's up?"

"The med center's around this corner. We ride out there on this thing and we'll die faster than a 12-point buck walking into a bar in Texas." She told him, dismounting the bike. Serrano did the same, drawing his MAC-10. Zombies didn't use guns, meaning that he'd have to fight either vampires or humans, both of which were significantly more vulnerable to bullets.

"Hold here. I'm gonna take a look." He jogged up to the street, staying against the corner building. He took a quick look around the corner before running back.


"You ever see that movie 'Saving Private Ryan'?"


"Remember the first fifteen minutes of it?"


"Something like that." He walked back to the corner with Smith to show her. She was surprised by the accuracy of the statement. Unseen gunmen fired from the windows at a group of figures in the street, cutting some of them down in the street in sprays of blood and gore. Serrano leaned out further to get a better view. The guys in the street looked human enough. Suddenly he was met by a flurry of bullets from one of the windows facing him.

"SUNUVABITCH!" He leapt backwards as rounds pinged off the pavement and building near him.

"What is it?" Smith asked, taking a quick look at the building "I don't see anything."

"MG42. Third floor, second window from the right."

"An MG42? Are you sure? That's a World War II era-" She was interrupted with a hail of bullets accompanied by the unmistakable report of a German MG42, the fastest firing single barreled machine gun in history. 1200 rounds a minute and a 2,475 foot per second muzzle velocity proved to be quite a deterrant.

"Told you." He said as she jumped back in an identical fashion.

"Jesus, this really is like Omaha Beach..."

Posted by: Alaska Apr 13 2007, 01:40 PM
Running up the stairs of the stadium was the easy part. Carrying a high-powered sniper as well as a twenty-pound pack of ammo wasn't. Alaska had been designated to be a light support member, but later on was given a large amount of HEIAP ammunition. As he neared the top he found himself close to the media tower, where he pulled a length of rope down from his side and tossed it up onto the roofing, secured it, then pulled himself up onto it.

For a brief moment the sight left him speechless, over twenty stories up all he could do was look onward into the night, but he knew better, and he quickly moved himself to the highest point then unslung the M82A1 riding on his back, following that he set down the pack of ammunition and swiftly loaded a clip into the rifle.

Normally a High-Explosive Incendiary AP round would be useless, however, in this situation, the numbers of undead that would be moving upon the location would be so vast that an HEIAP round would be able to deal serious damage by detonating then setting aflame large groups of the undead.

As he spotted a relatively small pack of undead moving toward the stadium, he aimed, relaxed, then fired a round straight into the middle of the pack, in an instant the Zombie's head had exploded, with enough flame to set the other Undead on fire.

From below at the stadium the Machine Guns had been being set up secure points throughout, as well as provisions were being gathered and survivors brought in. Alaska knew, however, that things were soon to go to absolute hell.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 15 2007, 12:44 PM
[OOC: Sorry for the tardiness..been on vaca up north! weather sucked]

Rhodes heard the approach of the stranger but only took another draw on his cigarette when the knock came. His weapons were lying close by, between him and the newly made vampire beside him.

"I hunger!! It hurtsssss!!" hissed the fledging.

Rhodes cuts his eyes over to the infant bloodsucker, then pointed at the door.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 15 2007, 02:47 PM
(ooc: welcome back.....ive been waiting)

The masked man waited awhile a little weary of how long it was taking, he wrapped his cloak around so the shotgun he had out was hidden and he knocked again. The way he saw it, humans and vampires are sneaky and paranoid. So he was hoping to be ready. He took a step back giving him more room between himself and the door.

"Why do I even bother trying to think i wont get attacked?" he mumbled to himself.

Posted by: Cyber78 Apr 15 2007, 07:18 PM

That was what I heard as a truck came flying past on a sharp turn just outside the cemetery. I raised my right hand (my good arm) and stuck up my thumb to try and catch a ride. It seemed that the guy driving was in a bit of a rush so I didn't quite get my ride. Instead what I got was one of the boxes in back flying towards me as he made the turn at high speed. As the box flew towards me my gut reaction was to duck, and so I ducked. A wise choice.

After the box flew over my head I turned around to see what it was and found it atop a zombie. Odd that I wouldn't have heard the zombie coming, but the crate seemed to have taken care of it. My guess was that it had been shot in the diaphram, thus rendering it unable to make the signature moan.

When I walked over to the crate I noticed it was marked as diapers. Now that couldn't be right, there was no way a guy would be driving like that with just a crate of diapers in the flatbed. I jammed the shovel in the top, pushed down with my right arm and pried off the top. After that little bit of work to check out the contents I took at look inside, and the contents were positively shocking. Zombie vaccine.

Vials upon vials of zombie vaccine. This stuff hadn't been produced in many many years, even the Santa Rosa Institute didn't make it anymore. They just kept a couple vials frozen for emergencies. So it seemed I wasn't quite doomed after all, and neither was everyone in the city. I figured if I could get this to the medical center we might just be able to treat some of the victims. Just a matter of getting the stuff to the med center.

I grabbed my radio, set it to our channel and gave the good news, "This is Agent Miller, requesting pickup with something large enough to haul a crate. I've come across a crate of zombie vaccine, enough to potentially treat a lot of people. Over."

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 15 2007, 07:45 PM
"Zombie.....cine....haul a crate..." Is all that Serrano heard due to the horrible condition of his radio combined with the constant gunfire. Currently, he and Sgt. Smith were doing their best to find a way around the MG42. While they worked, they made a bit of small talk.

"So what made you join the FVZA? He asked. Eyeing a back alley that could possibly give them a way in.

"Who says I'm with the FVZA?" Smith answered with a smile, pausing to fire a three round burst into a stray zombie.

"What do you mean? You were with the other FVZA agents back at the stadium."

"When was the last time an agent introduced themself with a rank? Also, when was the last time you saw an agent carrying a SAW?"

"Good point. You with the Marines then?"

"Yup. Sergeant Rebecca Smith. Medic extraordinaire. Our Blackhawk went down a ways back. Unfortunately, nobody else lived through that one, so I grabbed the biggest gun I could and made tracks until I found your friends there.

"Sounds like fun. You wanna try that back alley there?" Smith nodded in agreement and followed him down the alley. Inside was a strange sight. A piece of Marine-issue body armor, still loaded with ammunition and equipment.

".223. No good." Smith said as she examined the ammo clips.

"Nevermind that. I found our way in!" Serrano exclaimed, picking a small white cylinder of the vest. "Suppress and smoke. You in?"

"Damn straight. Never really wanted to be a medic anyways." Smith flipped out her 240's bipod and moved towards the alley's exit. She smiled and opened up, sending dozens of 7.62mm rounds hurtling towards the building, distracting the shooters long enough to pop smoke, quickly reducing visibility to nearly zero.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 15 2007, 11:46 PM
The fledgling leapt from the bed towards the door, landing just shy of it without a sound. Her lips and mouth salivated with the raw unbridled hunger only a new undead feels. Rhodes sat with a smirking smile from the bed, snuffing out his smoke and watching with amusement as the vampire female jerked the door open and reached out for the stranger.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 16 2007, 01:31 AM
The man shot the fledgeling in the gut when it reached for him. The shot left a smoking whole in the mans cloak. While the female vampire was caught off gaurd the masked man kicked her in the gut forcing her to the floor. He walked into the room taking the attack as the welcome wagon. He looked at Rhodes the smoking shotgun barrel on his shoulder.

"Well, I would not quite call that good mannered, but i guess it will do." The man said to Rhodes keeping an eye on the other vampire every once in a while. "Rhodes, I am here to do business with you. And no, this is not house keeping."

Posted by: Maelstrom Apr 16 2007, 12:09 PM
The Armored ATV ground to a halt at the corner as Serrano and company dismounted. Harding could hear the volumous report of gunfire even from inside the driver's seat.

"Damn, must be hell of a fight..."

A statement that was soon reaffirmed when Serrano leapt back from a hailstorm of bullets. The burst tore a chunk out of the wall right next to the FVZA agent. It sounded oddly familiar...

"Is that an MG42?"

Shaking his head, he revved the engine and poked his head out of the hatch.

"Want a ride or mobile cover?"

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 16 2007, 01:19 PM
Rhodes stared up at the masked stranger, ignoring the expendable fledging spasming on the floor. A small pop-hiss came from under his thigh as one of his silenced .22's put a bullet in the head of the female vampire. He never took his eyes off the strangers mask.

"Is that right? Well then you should leave a tip for the housekeeper who comes to clean up the mess you just made on the floor there," Rhodes replied as he lit another smoke, exhaling slowly.

"You spoke of business. Considering the nature of your appearance and demeanor, I'll give you the luxury of hearing your proposal...then i'll decide whether or not to kill you," Rhodes continued, eyeing the stranger confidently.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 16 2007, 03:22 PM
"I'd say we run for it. The ATV's engine'll give away our position." At this point, the smoke had built up to an acceptable level, completely blocking any view the gunner had.

"Go one at a time too." Smith chimed in "Less stuff to shoot at."

"Alright who wants to go first?" Serrano said, clapping his hands. Nobody answered. "Goddammit. Smith, Harding. Give me some cover fire will you?" He took a position and waited for his comrades to set their sights on the general area where the building was. Smith fired the first shot, an oversized starter pistol that sent Serrano running through the cloud of smoke as fast as he could. Strangely enough, getting shot was not at the forefront of his mind.

Where exactly does one get an MG42 in Seattle?

Posted by: Judder Apr 16 2007, 07:29 PM
OOC::Rhodes sorry been away too bad weather and such im just gonna slide into the placement.


Judder sits in a corner of the room his back on the wall, he doesn't notice the little exchange and vampiricide happen.

His mind is intent on reassembling the moving parts of the .308 Remington rifle.

Sixty rounds lay in a tray next to him. As well as a white cloth that is stained with gun oil.

There is a 9mm Beretta on the towel along with four clips of ammunition. The cop that had it no longer needs it now.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 16 2007, 08:49 PM
The masked man made a low short chuckle and bowed alittle.

"Many thanks from such a powerful and merciful vampire." He put the shotgun back in the holster on his left hip.

"As you should obviously be able to tell, i am not new to the concept of vampires and zombies. I am blackmarket salesman. I do not have alot that you can not get yourself, but i can get it relitivly easily. Humans per say?" He glanced at the dead vampire then back to Rhodes.

"Whether you wish to use them as vampire fledgelings or as zombie minoins to reak havoc upon the FVZA agents. I can also get information for the most part. And here is the sweetest part. I do not want any money. I ask for a few favors and maybe some supplies here or there but nothing to pricey. So you can either agree and i will give you a way to contact me or you can kill me." He sread his arms out.

"Your choice."

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 17 2007, 08:38 PM
Rhodes sucked in a nicotine filled breath... eyeballing this strange person warily.
His mind turned over a few was to put two bullets in the masked one's forehead.
He was amused none the less.

This one's got sand. Not many would even bother to strike a deal. Which brings out the curiosity in me.

"Three questions then stranger. First, what do you call yourself? Second, what are your ideas of 'favors and supplies'? Lastly and more importantly, how did you know where to find me?" asked Rhodes in reply.

The older vampire held up a finger, quickly, as the white mask tilted to one side, about to speak.

"Choose the answer to my last question very carefully stranger...for a wrong or deceitful answer in that neck of the woods could be the last words anyone ever hears from behind that purty mask," Rhodes said softly, dripping with truthful malice on every syllable.

Rhodes caught a slight hesitation from Judder in his reassembly of the weapon.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 18 2007, 02:48 AM
(ooc: unfortunatly the mask is actually suppose to be leather, dark brown, but i couldnt find the right picture.)

The masked man nodded.

"Three questions i will answer, and then i will either give you my business card for you to contact me or you will give me a bullet." He crossed his arms and leaned against the door making sure it was closed paying little mind to Judder.

"I will answer your questions in the order i recieved them. One, I do not call myself anything because I do not speak to myself but the name I have is Chaotic Neutral, but you may call me Chaos. Two, supplies is merely a weapon or a vehicle here and there nothing to major. And three, " Chaos' slightly narrowed for a dramtic effect.

"Some vampires do not know how to choose there victims, and lack the ability to keep tight lips." Chaos chuckled slightly under his mask

"Information, as i said, is something i am fairly good at. So what do you say Rhodes? Do you want my card or are you going to give me one of your bullets?"

Posted by: ruralphalanx Apr 18 2007, 05:48 AM
I had bypassed the shambling zombie horde that moments before had me shaking in my boots- running did get me around them. I was in the clear.

As I jogged down the street, the gunshots grew consistently louder, to the point where I felt as if the shots were coming at me! Not to my surprise, they were.

I heard the loud BOOM of a large caliber rifle- it reminded me of the sound of a .50 cal. M2 HMG, like I had heard that one time in Iraq, when me and my archeological team were digging for some lost Babylonian artifacts that were rumoured to be in the area.

A split second after this, a large chunk of asphalt near my left foot blew off the ground, sending bits of the pavement all over. I jumped behind a wrecked helicopter for cover, but fire from the large-caliber rifle persisted- and soon after, more fire was coming at me- fire from rifles and pistols.

I got a quick look at where the fire was coming from- I could even see the sniper. He was perched at the top of a stadium about 200 yards away. It was then I realized what type of heli this was... it was a blackhawk! Dead soldiers were still in it, with the pilot still strapped to his seat, but he was half eaten.

More .50 caliber sniper fire was falling down on my position. In between the sniper's next shot, I pulled out of my bag a white T shirt, and affixed it to a piece of wreckage from the helicopter. I raised it up, but as soon as it was fully exposed, the fire stopped. I slowly stood up, my hands in the air. I yelled, I'M A FRIENDLY... and thankfully, the no shots were fired. I bent back down and picked up my M1, took off the bayonet, put it in it's sheath, and then slung the rifle over my right shoulder.

I sauntered off towards the stadium, when I heard another form of loud noise. It was the roar of an engine off in the distance, but it was getting closer, and fast! As I slowly ambled in the direction of the stadium, I looked left, and I saw a rag-tag SUV of survivors, but the wrong kind of survivors. These men were looters, bandits... and they were armed.

I bolted away from the downed heli towards a small building.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 18 2007, 10:22 AM
A frown developed across Rhodes' brow, darkening his features. He paused, for dramatic effect and then let a sly grin slowly form, exposing his fangs.

"Good answers, Chaos. Leave your card there on the table. I'll contact you soon. I have a feeling I might be indulging myself very soon. But I'll warn you now," the vampire said, pausing yet again.

Suddenly, Rhodes was standing mere inches from Chaos, his .22 pointed at his ribs. He spanned the distance from bed to doorway in less than a blink of the human eye.

"If you double cross me, there's no place you can go, no place you can hide from one of my bullets," Rhodes hissed before slowly backing away to sit in an easy chair in the corner of the room.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 18 2007, 07:06 PM
Chaos snickered underneath his mask a pulled one hand out holding a card in it. On the card was a chaos star and a cell phone number.

"This is the only way i can be contacted." He said flicking the card onto the table.

"Just contact me when you need my expertise." He nodded to Rhodes one last time, then glanced at Judder and walked out the door. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number quickly.

"Yeah, you know where to pick me up." he said putting the phone away. Chaos waited for a few minutes until a black hearse drove up infront of him. He got into the passenger seat and the car drove off. Chaos made a few more phone calls before heading to an abandon warehouse.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 18 2007, 07:33 PM
Rhodes picked up the card and glanced at it before putting it to his nostrils and inhaling.

Hmm... interesting. He thought before quickly putting it in one of his many pockets.

"Judder...time to go! We don't have much time before this place is swarming with trouble," he said quickly to the other vampire in the room before quickly gathering his meager belongings.

"Even if I'm wrong, we need to find another place to be. We've been here to long."

Rhodes glanced quickly about the room, only pausing a breath to glance down at the female body on the floor.

"Ahh my sweet lovely. May the sound of demons wings whisk you away to a better place. For you were but a flicker of the candle in the night," said Rhodes before stepping gracefully over her body.

Posted by: Judder Apr 18 2007, 07:42 PM
At Rhodes Order Judder grunts and snaps the last piece of the assembly together in to the stock of the rifle.

He loads it with the ease of practice. Then he takes and picks up the Beretta and assorted ammunition.

Judder steps over the body and into the dark night, his rifle at the ready, with its telescopic sight taken off and a set of M-14 iron sights on it.

Turning silently he observes the surrounding area. He turns back towards Rhodes

and makes a few hand signals,

Three zombies, walking about 400 yds to our left, Do i terminate them?

Judder waits for a reply.

( I know i know, I modded the Remmy to have Iron Sights, let it be )

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 19 2007, 03:03 AM
The hearse pulled into a warehouse and parked to the side. The warehouse had sniper gaurds and doormen to make sure zombie and other annoyances didnt get to close. Inside there were workers running around, there was roughly 50 inside and out of this opertation. Chaos stepped out of the vehicle and walked to an office in the back. Many of the workers eyed him but said nothing. When he entered the office he removed his cloak revealing gray hair, the color of an older man but the health of a man in his twentys. There was a man waiting in one of the extra chairs.

"Sir the General from North Korea called and said they had captured more rebels and he never wants to see or hear of them again." The man said as Chaos sat behind the desk looking at the paper work infront of him.

"Separate them, the strong from the weak. The strong we will save for our new client and the weak we will test. Now get out of here I am waiting for one of the drivers to return." He replied sharply filling out paperwork that was infront of him.

"So the deal...." The man started but was silenced by Chaos's glare. The man quickly stood and saw himself out of the room.

"Well if the drive had a mistake.....atleast my product will reach the wanted client......but it still loses me." Chaos spoke to himself as he set his cell phone on the table, because in the box of zombie vaccines was one of his business cards.

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 19 2007, 10:21 AM
Rhodes sees Judders handsignal and shakes his head and points to their vehicle, a relatively nice looking stationwagon. He tossed his gear in the backseat and threw the keys to Judder.

The two men got in the car and screeched away. The headlights shining over the walking dead. Rhodes pulled out his cell phone and checked the messages.

"Drive...south. Any road, just get us south of here," said Rhodes calmly as he hung up the phone.

"We have a job," he finished as he slid down into the seat, getting comfortable.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 19 2007, 09:54 PM
The brick wall literally came out of nowhere. Serrano hadn't even seen it until it was too late, running face-first into a rock-solid barrier of pain. With a grunt he stumbled back, spots flashing in front of his eyes, trying to shake it off.

"Next!" he shouted to his company back at the alley. There came the sound of running, quickly getting louder. Suddenly, Sgt. Smith emerged from the smoke, flying headlong into Serrano, knocking him again into the wall.

"Sorry." She said "We'd better get the other guy over here. The smoke's lifting." It was true. Visiblity was slowly returning to normal.

"Nex-" Serrano's call was interrupted as an object hit him on the head. "Ow! Dammit!". Said object rolled to the ground at his feet, giving him a good look at it. "Oh shit."


"Pipe bomb."




"Oh yeah."

The two darted alongside the building, ducking into a side entrance as the bomb detonated, blowing a nice hole in the side of the building. Unfortunately, it looked as though they'd just jumped from the pan into the fire. The room that they now stood in was swarming with very infriendly-looking humanoids. Vampire or not was unclear due to the low-light.

"Now what?" Smith asked, raising her SAW.

"Now we have a bit of fun." Serrano replied, cocking his MAC-10. "Fun for us I mean. They probably won't be enjoying it too much."

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 20 2007, 11:43 AM
The truck driver entered the office when he had made it to the warehouse.

"You lost me a crate of vaccine, for that i should kill you....but you did promote my cause. So get back to work and you will live." Chaos went back to writing something when the driver scurried out to get some sleep before he was called on again.

Posted by: Jay Apr 21 2007, 06:37 AM
Zombies that spontaneously combust are rather unusual, which is a strange thing to say given that they are unusual enough, being the living dead and all. So the cause of the exploding zombies was rather clear to the vampires huddled behind various pieces of rooftop junk across from Husky Stadium.
"Yup, snipers."
"Whoever it is with the High-Explosive AP's is one helluva shot. Look at 'em explode."
"Heh, see that lot?"

Jay and Solomon, however, were not partaking in the watching of cheap entertainment, due to the fact that each had singled out a sniper on the roof of the stadium and were lining up their scopes with the target.
"Twenty says I make the shot." mumbled Jay.
"Fifty says you don't and I do." replied Solomon.

The triggers were pulled simultaneously, the sound of gunfire echoing across the deserted carpark. One body jerked and slumped, its gun clattering to the ground below. The other did not appear to be hit, instead electing to reposition its gun to face the roof where the shots had originated from. Both vampires rolled from prone to behind the junk.
"That's seventy, Sol. Reckon it's safe to try again?"
Solomon made no response other than to pull the finger and shove one of the inexperienced vampires out into the open.
"What the hell was that for?" the vampire yelled, but got no further as two shots penetrated his back and a high-explosive hit him just below the neck.

There was a stunned silence for a second as Solomon calmly lit a cigarette and inhaled. His explanation came with the smoke.
"You'd have to be stupid to think that was safe."
"Yes, but you didn't need to splatter him all over the newbies," retorted Jay. "I assume that we head to the Med Center, then?"
"Yes. Orders are simple. Head southwest. Use cover. Shoot to kill. Gather as many vampires as you can find."

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Apr 24 2007, 12:06 AM
"Ugh. I think I got some on me. Now I got the cooties." Smith chuckled, kicking a piece of intestine off her boot.

"You'll wanna watch out for that." Serrano said as he walked over to the corpse of one of his downed foes, flipping it over with the barrel of his Garand. "Well looky here. Got a wannabe vamp here."

The dead young man was a typical wannabe, goth clothes, fake fangs, contact lenses, the naive belief that being a vampire was a desireable thing. Unfortunately for him, nobody seemed to have told him he'd get shot at. Not that he really cared anymore.

"They're all human. Little men with big guns." Smith said, kicking one of the hostiles over.

"Usually the case. Lets pay a visit upstairs and have a nice chat with the owner of that MG42 shall we?"

Posted by: Rhodes Apr 27 2007, 02:53 PM
Rhodes sat in the stationwagon as rain poured down, pitter pattering the roof.
He stared long and hard out the water streaked window towards a nondescript looking building.

Two rules I expect. 1. Don't ever double cross me. 2. Don't ever rat someone out whom you do business with.

Judder sat in the driver seat, glancing around.

"This will only take a moment. Keep the engine running," said Rhodes quietly as he got out and quickly strode in thru the front double glass doors.

Inside, Rhodes loosened his long coat and strode quickly to the elevator and punched the call button. Stepping inside the lift, he pressed the button for the 6th floor. As the doors closed, a soft instrumental music began playing.

Exiting on the 6th floor, the vamp moved with utter silence thru the maze of office doors to one in particular, labeled 'Michael Richtor, Dir. of M/A'. Rhodes walked thru the door and into a waiting room with two other gentlemen dressed in business suites. They were each reading a wall street journal while the secretary was punching away at her computer keyboard.

"I'm here to see Muh..Mr. Richtor," Rhodes said in a rather firm tone.

Looking him up and down, the secretary replied shortly, "Do you have an appointment?"

Smiling wide, "Oh I'm a very old friend of Michaels. I'm sure I don't need an appointment."

"Mr. Richtor is booked solid today and doesn't see ANYONE without an appointment," she shot back quickly, turning towards her computer screen.

The two men each looked at one another from behind Rhodes and folded down a corner of their papers. Rhodes could all but hear their thoughts, clients they obviously were not, but hired security. He could smell their adrenaline rising as well as the gunpowder in their underarm holsters.

Rhodes smiled and shoved both of his hands in his coat pockets.

"Well I guess I'll have to make an appointment then won't I."

Two pop-hisses were heard, then one gurgle and one exhale as the two men slumped in their seats. The secretary couldnt see because of Rhodes, however, she heard the sound the silenced pistols made but couldnt put it all together.

"Umm, Let me check his schedule book....ACK!!"

Rhodes cut the woman off mid-sentence by grabbing her by the throat and lifting her out of her chair and clamping on her neck. The waves of emotions and feelings flooded her nervous system. He drained her to the brink then gently put her back and laid her head down on the desk as tho she were napping.

Licking his lower lip, Rhodes turned and went barreling thru a side door. Seated behind a large executive desk was Michael Ricktor, a syringe in his arm and a rubbertube tied around his bicep. The glassy distant look in his eyes told Rhodes the man had shot up a good amount of heroin or some other drug. The vamp snarled as he crossed the room in a blink and had a gun barrel in the man's mouth. Michaels eyes widened suddenly as his drug addled brain began to comprehend.

"Hello Michael. I see your still on the ol'horse there. How's that treating you lately?" Rhodes sneered as he pulled the barrel out, allowing the man to speak.

"Buh..buh..what ... how... why are you here?" the man stammered, staring crosseyed at the weapon.

"Oh Mike, Mike, Mike...come now. Surely you knew the moment you ratted me out, rule #2 by the way, that I would find out and come looking for you. Oh, what's this here? A new business card. Funny, I have one JUST LIKE IT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!" yelled Rhodes furiously, shaking the man nearly out of his shirt and tie.

"I...I..I didn't say anything Rhodes, I swear...ACK!!!" he tried to respond but had the barrel stuffed in his mouth again, chipping a tooth.

"Shut it. Don't speak another word. Michael, I told you my two rules. Two TINY little rules by which i do business. And you couldn't follow them. So, I have to penalize you, after all that WAS the agreement we made."

Michael screamed as Rhodes put a .22 bullet in both of his knees, shattering the kneecap. Blood began seeping from the wound.

"Hurts doesnt it Michael. Not only do i have to deal with this new person, but i have to rethink my position with you. While you perform a valuable service for me, you also carry a certain liability," Rhodes went on, flicking a syringe away.

"Please...*sniff...don't kill me. I promise I won't say anything *sniff to anyone again, Rhodes," the man sobbed, holding his ruined knees.

Rhodes just nodded, his facial expression softening considerably.

"Yes Michael, I know you won't do it again."

Michael looked up at the vampires soft eyes, tears runnind down his face...only to interpret.

Rhodes quickly exited the building into a harder rain and got into the stationwagon.

Judder had a questioning look on his face.

"Sorry. Took a bit longer than I expected. Let's roll, head east and take the expressway," he asked softly shaking the water from his coat.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Apr 27 2007, 09:47 PM
A truck roared through town keeping to the alleys and back roads. When it arrived at the warehous it backed into the main garage. The driver got out of his truck and went into Chaos's office.

"Well, heres ya next shipment. You sure are lucky my boss dont ask no questions." The driver said scratching himself.

"I pay your boss not to ask any questions." He shook his head in disgust of the man reaching into one of the drawers he pulled out a wad of hundreds and tossed it at the driver.

"Now get out of here you vulger piece of trash." He went back to writting more.

"Hey! you cant be talkin to me like that." The driver took a step closer. Chaos grabbed a pistol out of the drawer pointing it at the driver.

"I can and I will. Now get out before you become part of the delivery."

The driver nodded his eyes wide and got to his truck as fast as he could, the truck had already been unloaded. He drove out of the city like a bat out of hell.

One of the workers poked his head into chaos's office.

"Sir this shipment was 25 units they have been placed in the cellar." The man said and left. Chaos chuckled and wrote down 25 on his paper adding the numbers up to over 300.

Posted by: Rhodes May 3 2007, 03:18 PM
[OOC : its dying!!! code red code red...need posts...stat!!!]

Rhodes sat on a flat rooftop building, about 10 stories up. The wind whipped around his longcoat and mussed his dirty blonde hair. He opted for Judder to cirlce the block and provide any intel on potential police or FVZA intrusion into this mission.

Hmph. Why is it always the good ones that have to die?

The older vamp stared thru a set of hi-res goggles...surveying a lot about a block away. He could see several rats scurrying along the building footers...several pigeons roosting on window sills. Scanning around he saw his target walking into the lot, accompanied by two large burly men. The bulge under their coats indicated heavy firearms.

"Interesting. He came prepared. Apparently he knows there's a contract out on his head. Should make this interesting," Rhodes mused to himself as he adjusted the range on the goggles.

He noticed a slightly darker corner in the lot. Making his way across the rooftops like a silent ghost, Rhodes looked down from the ledge at the 3 men waiting. Dropping without a sound to the ground, Rhodes leaned against the wall and blended in with the shadows. His coat was filthy and ragged at the edges, making him look almost like a homeless person, if not for the amount of arms he carried on his person at all times.

"Whens this fucker gonna show? Its cold out here god damnit?!"

"Quit yer fuckin whining Jimmy. He'll show. We got his money."

"Both of you shut up. I swear for as much as I pay you two, you could at least act professional. Our guy will be here."

Rhodes arched an eyebrow at the mention of money.

Hmm. Money now. Well, this bears more fruit by the passing hour.

The three men shifted anxiously, glancing around. The one called Jimmy, squinted against the increasing wind in Rhodes direction. However, human eyesight in the botchy light is poor at best, while vampiric sight is well above superior. Rhodes carefully checked his weapons. His twin .22's were cocked and loaded fully, his assortment of knives were in thier sheaths, and a flashbang grenade was handing from his back on his belt.

"Boss, theres a car comin."

They all turned toward the lot entrance and saw a small blue mercedes suv pull up and flash its lights twice. The doors opened and out stepped four men. Two stayed by the vehicle while the other two strolled into the lot. The taller, a slender black male, carried a brief case attached to his wrist by a chain.

Wow. Straight out a movie. Who the fuck wears their brief on a chain anymore?

"Let's make this quick. I have other bid'ness to attend, you dig?" said the black male as he handed the brief to his assistant, putting in the code on the latch and opening the lid to the stainless metal case.

"We were worried you changed your mind TJ?" replied the boss.

TJ just snorted and stepped aside, chain still on his wrist.

The boss stepped and looked in the case and nodded. TJ smiled, revealing several gold teeth.

"Now, where's my dough?" TJ requested, slapping the suitcase closed.

The man snapped his fingers and Jimmy pulled a thick manila envelope from inside his coat, handing it to him.

The boss handed it in turn over to TJ. The black man thumbed thru the stack of bills, licking his lips. Rhodes focused his vampiric vision and counted out several hundred thousand dollars immediately, causing a grin to cross his face.

Well now thats just too sweet to pass up. Let's have some fun.

Rhodes began to stagger from the shadows...leaning against the wall of the building for support, belching every few feet.

"Who's that?" asked the boss, as he turned at hearing Rhodes approach.

"Just some wino. Town's full of em," replied TJ immediately as he stuffed the money enevelope in his pocket and fiddled with a keyring, presumably to unlocks his handcuffed suitcase.

Jimmy turned and walked towards Rhodes, pointing away from the vacant lot.

"Go on ya bum! Get outta here!" he yelled getting within arms reach of Rhodes.

"Man, I'm just tryin to get to my box. Have you seen it, man?" Rhodes replied, sounding like he was drunk.

"Wrong lot wino. Now go on before I clock you," said Jimmy more forcefully as he went to shove Rhodes with both hands.

Rhodes grasped the large man by the wrists and snapped them back in one fluid move before sticking a knife in the back of the man's neck. Jimmy's eyes widened, rolling up in his head before he hit the ground twitching. The vampire moved with superhuman speed to come to stand among the remaining people.

TJ and his partner's jaw dropped when they realized Jimmy's body hit the ground without so much as a sound from the man. All they saw was a homeless man standing in front of Jimmy before appearing beside them. The boss's other bodyguard was pulling out his heater upon seeing his friend lying on the ground.

"What the fuck?!?" bellowed the boss as he turned to look accusingly at TJ.

"Smoke him D!" yelled TJ in response as he began to bolt for the other end of the lot where his ride was parked.

Rhodes zipped in between the boss and his hired thug, slashing at their cartoid arteries with expertise. Blood spurted with the very next heartbeat, causing the men to clasp their hands around their necks. Next, the assassin had one of his .22's out and put a round between the eyes of "D" before moving past in pursuit of TJ with the case and money.

TJ was running at full speed, sprinting for the safety of his car and additional men. A sudden burst of pain in both of his knees sent him tumbling to the ground.

"My fuckin knees!!" he screamed as he rolled over and looked down to see blood pouring thru his baggy jeans.

Rhodes appeared, standing over him.

"Wow. That must REALLY fuckin hurt, boy," he said mockingly with a laugh.

Rhodes felt the impact of the first bullet strike him in the upper torso. Gritting his teeth he quickly fired back at the men by the mercedes, capping them each with a .22 to the head and heart.

"Bet that fuckin hurt too, bitch! Ha ! Ow," snapped back TJ, holding his bloody knees and trying to laugh thru the pain.

"Yeah. But mine's never fatal," said Rhodes quickly, kicking the man in the knee, bringing another set of screams from him.

Rhodes pulled out a .45 revolver and quickly shot off the chain connecting TJ to his suite case.

"Whats the code? That's the only time I'm gonna ask shitbag."

"Fuck you whitey," TJ coughed back.

With a annoyed sigh, Rhodes jerked TJ to his feet and clamped onto his neck. As the blood flooded his mouth, the vampire could see the code as TJ put it in the first time. Dropping the lifeless body to the ground, Rhodes put the code in and opened the case. All he saw was a small silicone chip in a protective clear case.

"Pfft. Technology. Big fuckin deal," he said as he stooped and pulled out the wad of cash from TJ's pant's pocket.

Rhodes strolled off, leaving everything as it were, fingering the bullet hole in his coat with a grimace.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 3 2007, 11:51 PM
Chaos felt a twinge in his neck. He opened one of the draws revealing a row of syringes each filled about half way. He picked one up sticking it slowly into his neck releasing the fluid into his blood, and placed the needle back in the draw.

"I am going to find a more perminant and effective way of doing this, it is pissing me off." He got out of his chair leaving the office without his cloak. He made sure to lock his office.

He left the building to go for a walk, this part of the city was filled more with gang violence than with Zombies so he felt no need for his shotgun and sword just a pair of Black Colt .45 Revolvers for now.

Chaos wandered afew blocks and heard gunshots.

(occ~ caused by Rhodes enjoyment)

He thought nothing of it. shootings were common now. He climbed to the roof of a near by building and sat watching the view of the smoking city half from industry half from the havoc the zombies created.

Posted by: Cyber78 May 5 2007, 02:35 AM
Sitting on the med crate, waiting for the van to come was what I was doing. Thus far the pickup I'd requested hadn't come so I was starting to get a bit concerned. Things weren't going as well as planned, meaning it'd be time for me to get off my rear and do something besides practicing rifle use with one hand on some zombies that came along. Not far was a pickup truck that could probably haul the crate, but I wasn't going to be able to load the crate with my injury.

"This is Agent Miller. I am wounded and in need of assistance. Repeat, wounded and in need of assistance just outside the calvary graveyard." I said over my radio, hoping somebody would hear me. Otherwise it was going to mean I'd need to go find some friendlies on foot.

Posted by: Maelstrom May 5 2007, 03:17 PM
"This is Agent Miller. I am wounded and in need of assistance. Repeat, wounded and in need of assistance just outside the calvary graveyard." The radio crackled with a static-filled voice.

Harding's head jerked up and he was distracted long enough for the smoke to clear. Cursing beneath his breath, he reached for another smoke grenade before the opposite end of the street rocked with an explosion. One with zombie body parts to boot.

"Serrano, what's your status?" the assault agent yelled into his radio, "Repeat, what's your status?"

He paused for a moment, and decided that the distress call was just a tad more urgent.

"Serrano, this is Harding. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to ditch you. I've got a call for pickup, good luck!"

With that, he bolted for the APC. Hurling into the driver's seat, he gunned the engine and swerved the hulking vehicle around.

"Miller, this is Harding, I'm en route to your position, ETA five minutes. Hang on."

Posted by: Pvt Serrano May 6 2007, 06:21 AM
"You forgot about him didn't you?" Smith accused with a sly smile.

"Hey! The pipe bomb distracted me a bit. I - Oops hold on." Serrano raised his 870 to his shoulder and fired a round at a nearby doorway, spattering a wannabe all over the walls. "I totally forgot that he was behind-" Suddenly, a burst of machine gun fire interrupted his excuse.

"Looks like we found our man." Smith said as Serrano kicked a wall with frustration. "You probably have some stress to relieve. Why don't you go in first?"

"Happy to oblige, Ms. Smith." Serrano walked to the doorway from which the gunfire had emanated behind, slowly twisting the knob and opeing the door. Inside were two figures manning the MG42; one firing and one feeding. With a smile, Serrano slung his shotgun, drew Claire and crept quietly behind the oblivious gunners. With a soft chuckle, he put the barrel of the handgun against the back of the gunner's head.

"Fr-" Before he could even get the order out, the feeder spun around a delivered a massive punch to the solar plexus.

Not a wannabe...Serrano thought as he flew across the room, instinctively pulling the trigger, depriving the gunner of his cranium and donating it to whatever happened to be outside the window. He saw red as he hit the wall, temporarily blinded by the shock. The rattle of a SAW cracked from off to his left followed by the thump of a body hitting the deck. Shakily, he got to his feet, his vision returning to normal.

"Oliver Harton's historical collection." Smith said, checking the Nazi machine gun. "Who the hell is Oliver Harton?"

Serrano rubbed his head as he walked over to the bullet riddled corpse of the deceased vampire, shuffling through his pockets to find a wallet.

"This guy. Guess it helps to have been vampirized since World War II."

"How do you know that?"

"He wrote it down on his driver's license. Dated May of 1942."

Posted by: Rhodes May 15 2007, 03:21 PM
Rhodes strolled over to the mercedes suv.

Fucking dumbass. Should've known they would've shot at me. Just didnt figure them on being decent shots. Ruined another nice clean shirt.

The vampire jerked the body of the deceased driver off the high end suv hood, slinging it all the way across the street. Getting in, he looked around the interior and spotted something rather unsettling, it was clean. No drugs, guns, nothing that belayed these particular people's social status or profession. The car didn't even smell of tobacco smoke.
Puzzling. The hairs on the back of Rhode's neck started to stand on end, not a good sign.

"Somethings wrong," he muttered as he bolted from the car, having never closed the door.

The second he was out of the vehicle, it filled almost immediately with a strange gas. Rhodes backed away but sniffed tentatively, then coughed and gagged.

"Garlic mixed with some kind of nerve agent? I'm fuckin outta here."

Rhodes turned and quickly ran at vampiric speed down several alleyways before scaling a building with a few leaps and bounds. His senses were on high alert now. Stretching out with all of his abilities. He could hear mixed gunfire all around the city. The zombie plague had gotten worse over the last few months.

The vampire finally stopped a moment to survey his position. He had plenty of weapons and ammo on him. Zombies didnt bother him. FVZA were too preoccupied to be an immediate threat. However, this attempt at him was blatantly obvious. The car trap could've killed him, but was probably meant to capture. Money or the chip perhaps was what they were after? He didnt know, he didnt care either.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 15 2007, 08:39 PM
(ooc~ thank you god!!!....i mean rhodes.)

Chaos heard movement and looked around abit, he stood so to not be caught offgaurd and saw Rhodes a few buildings away. He was not to conserned. Rhodes, hopefully, was not a threat so he turned back and watched the area again, glancing everyonce in a while in the direction of his warehouse.

Posted by: Rhodes May 16 2007, 05:05 PM
[OOC: Your welcome my son!!! *biblical chanting..ahhhhahhhha haaaa...meennn]

Rhodes hunkered on the rooftop....catching his un-breath. His mind raced along probabilities as well as trying to figure out what the hell just happened.
Someone was onto either him or onto his business practices...neither proved to be a good thing.


Rhodes turned his head slowly and spotted a somewhat familiar masked face...but it was the heartbeat that gave the person away. They weren't that far away.

Hmm. Another rooftop watcher. Wonder what his deal is with being up here?

The vampire assassin ran his hand idly along the handle of his .45. Snorting more to himself than anything, Rhodes cautiously glanced around the surrounding buildings before stealthily making his way over to the masked arm dealers roof.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 16 2007, 09:54 PM
Chaos pulled one of his Colts out and opened it spinning the bullets and pulled one out. He closed the gun and kept it close looking closely at the bullet.

"It is truly amazing how something so small can be so dangerous" He spoke to himself mainly out of boredom.

"but then again i found something even smaller and more dangerous." he murmured.

Posted by: Rhodes May 18 2007, 12:12 PM
{ooc: funny how its once again.. just a few posters on here}

Rhodes dropped silently just beside and behind the masked watcher. He could hear the tell-tale spin of a revolver chamber. Nothing makes a sound like that.

"If you have to check your weapon more than once, you're better off not carrying it," he said in a low tone of voice so as not to have it carry beyond the immediate area.

Posted by: Alaska May 18 2007, 12:39 PM
[I still check out who's posting, but I've got so much work to do in school right now that what little time I have left is devoted to other projects. I'll be back up and active in a week minimum to three weeks max.]

Posted by: Pvt Serrano May 18 2007, 10:08 PM
"You know for a building that was such a pain to get into, these guys aren't really putting up much of a fight." Smith remarked, poking the dead vampire with the barrel of her SAW.

"These are all newbies. Probably know all they do about fighting from Hollywood movies and rap videos." Serrano replied. As if on cue, a vampire emerged from a side room, pistol sideways in hand, looking very gangstery. Or at least trying to anyways. Before he could pull the trigger, he was met by a full load of buckshot from Serrano's Remington.

"Man, when are they gonna learn that they put the sights on top for a reason. Cryin' shame." Smith said, shaking her head "How much more do we have to clear out?"

"Just the next room there. You want first or should I?"

"Go ahead. I'll watch."

The next room was empty. Somehow, they'd managed to clear out the entire med center. However, success always comes at a price. They were now woefully low on ammunition. Smith leaned up against the window as Serrano radioed in to the rest of his team.

"All agents, Serrano here. Med center is secure."


"You are clear to bring all wounded here for treatment."

"Um, Jaycen?"

"Be advised that the area around the building has not been confirmed secure."



"Get off the radio and look at this!"

Serrano clipped his radio back to his vest and walked over to the window.

"Ho-lee crap." Coming slowly and steadily down the street was a very large amount of zombies, more than they could possibly hope to take on alone.



"Wanna be a dear and grab that forty two for me?"

"Sure." Smith left the room to retrieve the German machine gun.

"Uhm, scratch that last statement. Area around the building is confirmed hot. Uh, I'm gonna need a bit of support here." he said into the radio, wondering how many he could take down before he ran out of bullets.

Posted by: ruralphalanx May 19 2007, 03:47 AM
***OOC**** Pvt. Serrano, I'm currently running straight into fire from 'edit' "Smiths" MG just wanted to tell ya ***OOC***

After leaving the brick building I had entered, I realized I was only a short distance from a local med center.

At that point I made the decision to head in this direction. I was receiving fire from the stadium, from renegades, and of course, the city was surrounded by zombies.

I was walking down a desolate street towards the medical center, right in the center of the road. I wanted to be noticed by somebody, hopefully friendlies.

I sped up to a quick jog- I wanted to make it to that medical center, people had to be there. It was just sensible.

Within moments of me speeding up, causing my old boots to clack against the pavement, I was soon joined- but not by friends, or even renegades, but by the living dead. A MASSIVE group was shambling after me, quicker than they ever had before. These zombies were different than the ones I encountered in Romania, these were fresh class 1 zombies, as opposed to the class III's and IV's I had seen back in Eastern Europe.

I was panting heavily, my web gear was slamming against me like steel weights, and my rifle felt as if it weighed a ton! If I didn't make it to the safety of others, I was a goner- all this moving around was tiring me out- as though I am fit, I am not ready for the kind of endurance to run forever under the stress of combat.

Just then, as I was racing down the street, I saw people in the open windows of the Medical Facility. They didn't look like zombies, nor were they moving like them. These people looked dressed to fight, to fight the good fight against the zombies. I guess I had to trust them.

Right then, one of them set up a weapon in the window... I thought as if they were going to give me some cover! Finally!

As I got ever closer, I realized that the gun pointed in my general direction was an MG42... Hitler's buzzsaw... and to my unfortunate mistake, as it opened fire, bullets ricocheted off the ground by my feet, each narrowly missing me- I was being fired at.

Well, no since running away- I'm screwed no matter where I go, I might as well try and take out that MG team before they get me.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 19 2007, 03:58 AM
(ooc~ well i gotta catch up with the rest of ya.....and i have no life)

Chaos's eyes never moved from the bullet he hand in his fingers.

"Who said i was checking it, i just love the sound it makes, and how complicated yet simple such a small tool can make life." He held the bullet up so Rhodes could see it.

"I would not be foolish enough to carry a weapon i cannot handle." He slid the bullet, not into the gun but into his pocket.

"So what brings you out this evening?"

Posted by: Pvt Serrano May 19 2007, 04:52 AM
(OOC: Um, I don't have the MG yet. Smith just ran off to get it. I'm currently pondering how many I can kill before being devoured)

Posted by: Rhodes May 19 2007, 12:46 PM
Rhodes didnt bother looking at the bullet, but stared thru the eye holes in the mask.

"Its not the matter of your ability to handle it, but checking it. Focused on something you already know is there, versus what you don't know is sneaking up behind you," Rhodes said in a cool manner.

"I was out getting my shirt tailored," he replied, stickin a finger into the bullet hole in his jacket.

He looked around, constantly stretching out his senses. The stench and murmurs of undead shambling about was increasing dramatically.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 19 2007, 01:36 PM
"Tailored? So you were the one causing all the gunshots over there. I sure do hope you will be ok, i would not want anything to happen to my new customer." Chaos chuckled, and he had his the gun he had taken the bullet out of, in his hand and pointing at Rhodes faster than a human should be able to.

"There is a difference between checking a weapon and what i do." he aimed at Rhodes's head and pulled the trigger causing the gun to click. The bullet that should have been fired was now in his pocket.

"You see? I was just going for a dramatic effect. I am the theatric sort." He put the gun back into its holster.

Posted by: AgentBenson May 19 2007, 07:03 PM
Just as Serrano started to say his prayers the coded call for back up was heard and a large armor plated van roared into his feild of view, with the FVZA logo and a gunner on top shooting away at the MG nest. The FVZA western branch had sent an assault team to help out the situion at the med center and they came prepraed with fresh men and fresh suppiles. Riding shotgun in the most litteral sense of the phrase was a young rookie agent with a double barrled sawed off 12 gauge adjusting his glasses he smriked and opened the door for him to get in. "Names agent eric benson FVZA southeast and it looks like we got here just in time"

Posted by: Pvt Serrano May 20 2007, 12:09 AM
"Good afternoon ladies! Come on in! Less you want to stay outside with Zack that is!" Serrano called down to the van. Suddenly, his attention was caught by the sound of very loud cursing behind him.

"Sunuvamotherf***inggoddampieceash*t! Stupid Stupid Stupid!" Smith appeared in the doorway behind him, MG42 over her left shoulder. Blood was pouring from a hole in her right.

"What the hell happened to you?" Serrano said, relieving her of the machine gun.

"Saw a guy run by the window. Took a shot. Someone else didn't appreciate it. They had a machine too it seemed."

"Ooh. Um. Yeah. That sucks. You gonna live?"

"I think so. Didn't hit anything important." She said, ripping her sleeve off to get a better look. "Ah scratch that. Bullet's still in there."

"Can you get it out?"

"Not one-handed. Would you care to give it a shot? I'll work on those G's down the street while you work."

"Yeah. Hold on." Serrano pushed the Talk button on his radio "This is Serrano, be advised that there are no hostiles in the building, concentrate on the ones in the street. I'll provide cover from the Med Center." He released the button "Got tools?"

"Left waist bag. Should be some foreceps in there." She said, pulling a chair up to the MG at the window."

Serrano found the foreceps and pulled a chair up.

"This is gonna hurt." he said, inspecting the wound "Alot."

Posted by: AgentBenson May 20 2007, 01:23 AM
The assult team moved into the building taking thier postions and establishing a primimiter as they were trained to do. Eric took up his slot in the formation and leveled his shotgun towards the nearest window shaking violently. It was obvuious this was his first real mission a trial by fire and the adrline pumping through his veins made him breathe hard. Trying to rember his training he kept the gun steady and breathed in deeply in and out in and out.

"Oh man... and here I thought this was gonna be like resident evil" he said shaking as the zombies closed in he closed his eyes and started shooting as fast as he could

Posted by: Cyber78 May 20 2007, 02:54 AM
The chance's of getting some actual assistance in moving the crate was beginning to look pretty low. Low enough where I determined that I was going to need to leave the crate where it was and go help out the lads down south, and then come get the crate. But not without grabbing a little something for myself.

Having grabbed a vial of vaccine to administer to myself down at the med facility, I was relatively assured that I'd be alright. After reloading my rifle I began marching south towards the stadium and medical center.

About half an hour later I heard the barking of machine gun fire. That meant that somebody was duking it out, and hopefully one of them was friendly.

Posted by: Rhodes May 20 2007, 01:23 PM
Rhodes knew, from observation the chamber wasnt loaded, however, he didnt know that this masked man could move almost as fast as a vampire could.

Something unknown, hmm, what a refreshing surprize.

Rhodes arched an eyebrow at the arrogance of this mortal.

"Well either your extremely arrogant, stupid, or have a deathwish. In any event, i admire your confidence. Just so long as you know there was a small explosive device between your feet there," the vampire replied in a cool steel tone of voice, motioning with a nod of his head.

He lets the stranger confirm that the vampire had in fact placed a small homemade remote detonating explosive at his feet somehow.

Rhodes always played the safest route and was a firm believer in having a plan b, c, d, etc etc. As in chess, never make a move into a situation without having every possible move and outcome accounted for.

The vampire grinned as he held the detonater by his side.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 20 2007, 11:08 PM
Chaos gave a low grunt, eyeing the device, then looking at the detenator. he shook his head cursing at himself.

"Well your more intellegent than the other vampires i have dealt with, most of them go on the thought that they are immortal." Chaos cracked his neck alittle.

"You on the other hand, think. And you know that it is possible for a vampire to die." He locked eyes with Rhodes.

"So is there anything specific you wish to speak about. Now that you, with out a doubt, have my attention" he nodded at the bomb.

Posted by: Rhodes May 21 2007, 12:03 AM
Smiling, Rhodes nodded with a modest amount of respect.

"Correct. We can die. Prick us do we not bleed? Since our attention's are now focused. What i seek is i information...of mutual interest. Would you happen to know anything about the increased zombie activity in this particular city?", asked Rhodes with an arched brow.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 21 2007, 08:35 PM
Chaos shrugged.

"Do I know what started it? No. Do I know why it has not been contained? No. Do I care? No." He leaned against a water tower on the building.

"This is, hopefully, going to be good for buisiness. So why should I help stop it?" He chuckled alittle.

Posted by: Rhodes May 22 2007, 02:12 PM
Rhodes tilted his head to one side replying, "And so where there is profit, you'll be lurking in the shadows."

"While profit and personal gain are not beyond me, I do have to ask you, how is it you come to not care that the world could be overrun by these undead husks? Twould seem to me, you stand to gain the most profit from the continued outbreaks. You would then, logically be the first one eyes should turn to as the source or cause of the outbreaks. As is the case with most arms dealers. Keep the war machine rolling, and the dollars continue to roll in."

The vampire glanced over the roofs edge at the growing hoard of zeds milling about aimlessly.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 22 2007, 08:37 PM
Chaos chuckled. "That is good thinking, real evidence point right at me."

"You also must remember though, I may get the most profit out of this. I have no need in starting something like this. Without Vampires and Zombies I would have merely continued my work with severaly mafias." He glanced at the Zombies.

"Besides once it gets too..."He paused looking for the word but also heard a gun fire of in the distance by his warehouse.

"To out of hand. I will step in to keep it under control." He shrugged staring at the Zombies.

"There is no profit from a world ruled by Zombies."

Posted by: Pvt Serrano May 22 2007, 09:58 PM
The MG42 is the fastest firing single-barrelled machine gun in the world. As such, it also has the fastest recoil of any single-barrelled machine gun in the world. You can imagine the difficulty involved in trying to administer medical aid to someone operating one.

"AH! What the hell are you doing to my arm?!" Rebecca shouted, gritting her teeth and delivering another burst into the advancing horde of the undead.

"Doin' my best, Beck. Wanna lay off the trigger for five seconds?!" Serrano replied, probing the wound with the forceps. There was definitely a bullet in there. Problem was, Smith wouldn't hold still long enough for him to get a good grip on it.

"Sure. Ya wanna get mauled by-YAH!"

"Got it!" The forceps emerged from the wound, a flattened 7.62mm bullet coming out along with it. "Congratulations! It's a full metal jacket!"

"Whoopdee-frickin-doo. You wanna take over here? I don't trust you with a suturing kit."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yeah, I'll give it a shot."

Smith handed the machine gun over and set to work patching up her wound. Serrano got comfortable, sighted in the closest zombie, and opened up.

Posted by: AgentBenson May 23 2007, 04:37 AM
Eric leaned aginst the wall catchhing his breath he was out of ammo for his shotgun and as such was cradling an ar-15 like it was his baby breathing hard sweat pouring down his frame, he looked around at where he was and wiped his brow with his shirt. What the hell was going on around here were was the massive support they had promised hell he knew the ammo wouldnt last and there was no way that the national guard or the army could shell the freaking place not with civs inside. Eric looked up at the ceeling fan and took a swig from his his canteen as he pulled out his radio. "agent serrano this is agent benson this rookie requests premission to freak out and if this rookie survies requests premision to go to the nearest bar and drown this day like it was an unwanted baby" He exahled and began to pray a little bit.

Posted by: Maelstrom May 24 2007, 02:29 AM
The APC screeched around the corner in all its armored glory, barreling through the cemetery's metal gates. The flimsy hinges of the entrance buckled under the weight of so much metal and the thin iron grids flew out of the APC's path like they weighed nothing. The monstrous vehicle roared through indiscriminately, pulverizing headstones and zombies alike.

Harding called repeatedly into his microphone for the location of the Agent who needed a pickup. No one answered.

The assault agent sighed, thinking that perhaps he'd been too late. Or maybe the guy just waited too long and left.

Then he spotted the crate. Then he saw what was IN the crate. Then he saw the number of G's around the crate.

"Aw hell, don't have a machinegun on the roof for nothin'..."

With that, he cranked up the .50 cal and got to work.

Posted by: Rhodes May 24 2007, 09:34 AM
Rhodes nodded in agreement...but his senses were telling him this was a dangerous person not to be trusted lightly. However, he did have something he wanted and surely this person could get it.

"Well seeings how your the 'dealer' here, let's deal shall we. I have an object i'd like to procure, immediately if at all possible. A double sided bladed weapon, this long," Rhodes said holding up his hands apart about a forearm length.

"I want it laser sharp, diamond hard, preferrably titanium, weight is not an issue. Can you get this for under 2 grand?" he asked putting his hands inside his coat.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 24 2007, 09:46 PM
Chaos thought for a minute.

"Laser sharp, diamond hard, titanium sword." He murmured more to himself. He thought for a moment more.

"Yeah, I can get something like that, it will take a bit of time will be hand made." Chaos stared into Rhodes eyes.

"This weapon will be very dangerous, even to its hadler. but to other business, what about the Humans i offered?"

Posted by: Pvt Serrano May 24 2007, 11:30 PM
"Benson, permission to freak out denied. Recommend that you get your ass inside before it gets eaten." Serrano put his radio back onto its clip and resumed firing, the vibration of the machine gun starting to give him a noticeable headache. The rattle of the shots didn't help either. The zombie horde was beginning to thin. It was still huge but with the way things were going, he'd be able to kill all of-



The MG had run out of ammunition. Upon checking the ammunition for his own weapons, Serrano made the observation that he was screwed. Two clips of Garand ammunition, five shotgun shells, and three clips for Claire. Thats sixty six shots compared to well over two hundred zombies.

"Joy oh joy. It keeps getting better." He said aloud, slapping a clip into his Garand.

Posted by: AgentBenson May 27 2007, 01:08 AM
Eric nodded and and headed into the med center after pounding on a boarded up window to be let in. As he crawled through the window survivng civilans started to huddle around him seeing the FVZA patch on his flak jacket, they belvied that salvation had come and he looked at them shaking his head "All right everyone don't worry every...thing is going to be all right" He then sat down and one of the nurses began to look him pver checking to see if he had been bitten or scratched as he looked around his eyes darting from palce to place only one thought surged into his head "Why oh why did i leave my katana in miami"

Posted by: Rhodes May 29 2007, 12:07 PM
Rhodes shrugged non-chalantly, "What of them? They either serve as food, or folly for me. I keep to my business, and they, for the most part, keep to theirs."

He drew his silenced .22 and fired at a zombie on the street below in the blink of an eye. The hollowpoint bullet entered the back of the rotters skull and exited out its right eye socket. It stumbled forward and dropped face down on the side walk among a growing throng of its brethern.

"How long did you say it would take?" Rhodes asked softly.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 30 2007, 12:05 AM
Chaos watched the zombie fall.

"The sword will take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on what they have..." Chaos paused.

"The humans, i can get you 300 today." He eyed Rhodes and shot a zombie himself hitting it just above its left eye.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano May 30 2007, 12:57 AM
Serrano's Garand was out. The 870 was useless at this range. Claire was about to help him earn his paycheck.

"Can you even-" Smith started to say from behind him.

"Not now, Rebecca." He held the handgun on the windowsill, staring intently through the scope, trying to pick out a zombie head from the advancing mob below. Sniping never was his specialty. Take away his rifle and give him a scoped pistol and he was even worse. Fortunately, Claire was his most familiar gun. Unfortunately, she was still a pistol.

"Hold still you sunuva-" He squeezed the trigger. The .50 Magnum went off with a tremendous explosion, popping back over his shoulder from the force of the recoil. One of the zombies' head exploded. Two behind him were knocked down. One got back up, a messy hole in its chest. The other simply started crawling. It's right leg had been blown off at the knee.

"Jesus..." Smith said under her breath.

"Hunting rounds. The way I see it, if it's strong enough to knock a moose on its ass, it should work just fine for humans.

"But what about overpenetration?"

"You aren't complaining are you?"


"I use hollow points normally. Why don't you make yourself useful and see if you can find any more weapons?"

"Alright. Any preferences?"

"The bigger, the better."

Posted by: Rhodes May 30 2007, 12:48 PM
Rhodes stared at the contours of the painted mask...the subtlety of its plain design was somewhat appealing. Not overly fancy, yet just decorative enough to make a statement of the person within.

"300 you say? Hmmm. A ruthless bloodsucker such as myself would find that somewhat appealing. Having a small batallion of undead following my every order," he mused in his gravely yet soft voice.

Rhodes propped his booted foot on the lip of the roof and leaned on it, peering down.

"Too bad I prefer to work alone," he replied as he took out a small home made pipe bomb from inside his coat, lighting the fuse and giving it a careless toss over the side.

The bomb struck a zombie on the shoulder and rattled off to the side before detonating with a deafening explosion. Several nearby undead went flying into pieces while a few had their limbs blown off or hung by a few strands of sinew.
Others just keep crawling, shambling, and shuffling along the street as if nothing

"If you can't get the weapon within two days, then forget it."

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 30 2007, 09:10 PM
Chaos watched the explosion.

"Two days it is then." He sighed and glanced toward his warehouse while Rhodes was watching the Zombies.

"Besides, i didnt say to change the humans into vampires. kill them, for all i care. Or harvest blood from them, I dont care."Chaos glance towards his warehouse again.

"either that or ill have to kill them." He watched as one of the gaurds on the roof paced having no idea they were there since they were to far for a human to see.

Posted by: Rhodes May 31 2007, 10:31 AM
Nodding with a grunt, Rhodes plunged off the rooftop to the street below.
As if gravity itself was defied by undead flesh, he landed with barely a sound, right on a rotters head. The audiable 'crack-squish' didnt even make the vampire smile.
To him, this was just another plague, another chapter in his long existance, another war he was pulled into fighting.

"Filthy creatures," he muttered before strolling off slightly in the direction of a large warehouse.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral May 31 2007, 08:51 PM
Chaos frowned eyeing Rhodes and walked towards his warehouse from roof to roof. he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"I am calling for Mr. Arnold" Chaos said listening.

"Not going to do business with matter what?" Chaos frowned and hung up dialing another number.

"Kedzie, prepare the chopper...I need to visit an old friend." He hung up and started running quickly to his ware house. His phone rang.

"Yes yes what is it?...The humans? He did not want them so as far as im concerned i dont need them, but keep half...just in case." he hung up and a few moments later roughly 150 people walked out of the warehouse but started running at the sound of a gun shot and the sight of the Zombies.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 1 2007, 12:29 PM
Rhodes continued to walk at a brisk pace among the rampant horde of rotting undead. The epidemic had spread far and wide. People of all ages were affected.
While walking past a warehouse, the vampire noticed immediately the running, screaming throng of humans. A few were grabbed by waiting zombies and drug down to be devoured. He snarled his nose up.

As he strode along, he noticed what appered to be a small child carrying a ragged looking doll, her hair was once probably a strawberry blonde. However, it was filthy and covered with gore, dirt and leaves. When he approached, the pint sized rotter turned its head awkwardly, revealing an absent lower jaw. As it began to turn towards him he backhanded it across the street to land on a set of concrete stairs.

"Yuck," was all he said.

Small gunfire would erupt in intermittent intervals. Probably people trying to stay the massive infected from reaching their safe havens. Visions of people huddled in barricaded rooms, basements, and other facilities came to mind. How little they knew that the undead would keep coming, wave after wave. They had basically entombed themselves. Out in the open was safest, Rhodes knew this from many decades of experience. When you can move in all directions, you have more options and your survival percentages are better than having your back to a wall.

"Move it rothead," Rhodes growled, jerking off the zombies arm and shoving the boney stump thru its skull.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Jun 1 2007, 07:52 PM
Another zombie fell and Claire's slide locked in the open position.

Serrano was now out of any sort of ammunition. He'd already peppered the zombies with the remaining shells from his 870 and now his .50 Magnum ammunition was out.

"Oh Jaaaaayyyyyceeeeeen!" A familiar voice called from behind him. He turned to see Rebecca Smith, AK-74 in her right hand, a bag of magazines in her left, and a backpack overflowing with pipe bombs on her back. "I brought cha somethin."

"Got a light?"

"You know it." She tossed a pipe bomb and a disposable cigarette lighter at him. He lit the fuse and chucked it out the window into the middle of a crowd of zombies. One of them picked it up and bit it as the fuse ran out.

Ther resulting explosion tore into the crowd, throwing bits and pieces of flesh and other stuff everywhere. The zombie that had bit into the bomb was now nothing but a bloody smear on the pavement below.

"HAHA! I could do this all day! Next!" Smith tossed him another bomb. He smiled as he lit up the fuse.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 2 2007, 12:05 AM
Two gaurds stood outside the warehouse with shotguns keeping an eye on all the zombies.

Chaos stepped on to the roof of the warehouse where a helicopter was waiting. As soon as the pilot saw him he started the blades.

"Make sure no one gets into or out of the place." he told one of the workers who handed him his sword, shotgun, and cloak. Before the worker could answer Chaos got into the copter.

"Take me to Mr Arnolds office." he said the the pilot named kedzie.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 2 2007, 01:06 PM
An explosion nearby caught Rhodes' attention. He stopped and turned to determine the direction from the sound. Vampires hearing as keen as it is, still needs to be focused thru practice. As he hesitated, a zombie lurched and wrapped its slimy arms around him and started to bite down.
Rhodes immediately jabbed two fingers back into the eyesockets of the rotter, stopping it from biting.

With a swift twisting jerk movement, the zed head popped right off from the neck. Rhodes held the head up for inspection, watching the mouth move up and down, still trying to bite. The body simply went limp and dropped to the street behind him.

"Ya know. I'm REALLY not in the mood for you fuckers," he said before slingshotting the corpse head into the side of a brick wall. The head hit and immediately liquified from the force of impact.

Wiping his hands together grimacing, Rhodes continued on his way, catching sight of several human guards in front of the large warehouse. Oddly enough, the zombies weren't collectively moving towards them.

Hmmmm. What pray tell have we here?, he thought, walking briskly past on the opposite side of the street.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 3 2007, 12:10 AM
Chaos stepped into the chopper and it took off zooming over Rhodes head heading out of the city.

One of the gaurdsmen eyed the stranger walking through the zombies as the other shot a stray heading towards them. The one watching Rhodes pulled out a walkie talkie.

"Keep an eye on this one up top." he mumbled thinking the vampire couldnt hear him. A moment after he put the walkie talkie away a sniper walked to the edge of the roof keeping his gun pointed towards Rhodes.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 3 2007, 02:03 PM
A helo whirred overhead, rather low and loud. The downwash kicked up barely anything. Rhodes glanced up and heard with his keen hearing a mumble over a radio, but it was too buried amidst too much white noise.

The sea of undead were thick, but somehow they didnt see at all aggressive. Unusual, but nothing to be concerned with at this moment.

Rhodes caught movement above, and nonchalantly glanced about, as if the helicopter were to return. He immediately focused in on a shooter on the roof of the warehouse. What bothered him most, the rifle was continuously pointed at him.

Well well well. It looks as tho I've gotten someones attention.

A small grin crossed his lips as his blue eyes shone a little brighter. Looking quickly down the street to the corner, the vampire saw a new, altho smaller wave of fresh undead coming towards him. He moved slowly among those in the street, ducking and dodging their slow and uncoordinated attempts at grabbing him. He knew it would be nothing to pull his gun and shoot the sniper in the eye before he could blink. However, seeings how the last masked stranger he met moved faster than a normal human, the vampire decided to play it safer.

Rhodes was standing near the middle of the street, he thought if he sat one foot on the other side nearest the warehouse, the shooter would put a bullet in his head. Fine, that would be fair enough and close enough for his idea.

Stopping and bending to mock tie his boot, a relatively healthy zombie come trotting up towards him. Rhodes rose quickly, grabbing the rotter by its leg and arm and began to spin in a circle. As he completed a full rotation, Rhodes let the zombie go, up towards the roof where the shooter stood watching.

"Let's see how he likes playing with that," he muttered with a chuckle.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 4 2007, 07:25 PM
"Fuck!!!" The sniper was hit by the Zombie. This called the attention of the other snipers who hurried to his aid fighting with the zombie.

While all that was going on up top the Two gaurds hurried towards Rhodes yelling which brought out two more gaurds armed with shotguns. The first two got to Rhodes shoving past zombies and pointed their shotguns at his head. The second two started shooting clearing the perimeter of zombies.

"What do you want here Vampire?" The bald black gaurd said.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 4 2007, 07:53 PM
Rhodes stood and stared back at the black, shotgun wielding guard, eyeing him steely.

"Ya got a lil zombie schmutz there on your jacket meatsack," he motioned with a nod of his head, stuffing his hands in his coat pockets.

He watched as the guard finally, after a few moments, glanced and brushed off a chunk of zombie flesh from his coat sleeve.

"What I want, was to not have a high powered rifle pointed at my head for no good reason. I was simply walking down the street, avoiding all these rotters that keep popping up all around us here. And while i'd looove to stay and chit chat in the middle of the street, I'd really like to be on my merry way. That is unless you'd like to leave outta here with a severe limp or worse," the vampire replied non-chalantly as if oblivious to the fact that 4 shotgun barrels were aimed at his skull.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 5 2007, 11:42 AM
The gaurd kept his composure but there was a twinge of fear in his eyes as if he had experienced first hand what a vampire can do. He motioned to the others and the all backed up a few yards.

"Get the hell out here blood sucker." The black gaurd said as they four backed up a few more yards and back to the ware house keeping there guns ready but aimed down.

The snipers had finally disposed of the zombie after it had killed one of there own, and they cleared out of that area of the roof eyeing Rhodes as they left.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 5 2007, 02:19 PM
Fear. It hung about the mortals almost as heavy as the stench of the walking dead. Fear. They were obviously not prepared to fight him. Seemingly why would they jeapordize themselves by running out into a small throng of the undead to tell a vampire to quit trespassing?
It made little to no sense to Rhodes. Then again, mortals were known for their lack of good judgement.
However, his interest and curiousity were peaked now. Apparently there was something inside that warehouse worth guarding. Snipers, shotgun guards ready to plunge into a sea of harm, might be worth checking out.

Rhodes waved bye bye with a cheesy, fanged grin as the guards retreated.

"Nice to make your acquaintence bloodbags!! I'll have you over for lunch sometime," he yelled jokingly as one of the guards hit a zombie with the butt of his shotgun.

The vampire turned and continued down the street, turning the corner. He glanced over his shoulder to see what tactical positions the guards took up after he'd started walking.

Looks as tho they returned to normal. Except no snipers on the roof now.

Rhodes swung down the block, avoiding the shamblers along the way. Looking up and down the block, there were several small packs of zed meandering around. Moans and groans constantly were heard, much like the waves at a beach, only interrupted by fists pounding on doors, walls, and the occasional gunshot.

Looking around, Rhodes spotted something very useful...a manhole cover.

"Ah. There's my ticket," he said bending and scooping the lid up as if it were a piece of toast.

A rotter began its lurch towards him, but was met by the thick steel plate coming down on its decayed skull. A resulting 'crunch' following a thud echoed off the nearby building walls. Rhodes glanced around before entering the subterrainian domain, pulling the lid back over the hole.

Don't want any more rotters falling in here, he thought as he slid down the rail ladder to the water filled tunnel.

Immediately Rhodes began using his vampire vision to turn the pitch black into near daytime. He navigated silently and swiftly to approximately where the warehouse was located just above him.

Now. To just find a way in from down below. heheheheheh, he mentally chuckled to himself as he searched.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 5 2007, 07:29 PM
(ooc: well back to Chaos as rhodes wanders my sewer system.)

The copter landed on a tall business building a few towns away. Chaos was met by two well armed men and a very pissed off businessman.

"I fucking told you I am not doing business with you any more." The suited man shouted pulling out a handgun.

"And i told you i was sorry for getting you thrown in prison but i figured we were past that since we have such history together Greywolf." Chaos innocently raised his hands.

"Fuck! your lucky i dont just shoot you now....Fuck. just tell me what you want and leave." the man named greywolf put his gun back into his jacket pocket.

"A Diamond hard, laser sharp. sword" Chaos returned his arms to his sides letting his cloak close around them.

"The only metal i know that can do that is furthite. Now fortunatly for me ive been keeping tabs on you so i know you base of opertations at this moment, so you can just go back there. I will have my inside man give it to you some how." Greywolf smirked smuggly.

"Alright I will have my inside man pay you when i get it." Chaos chuckled and returned to the copter. Greywolf's eyes poped at the thought as the copter flew away.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 6 2007, 10:23 AM
Rhodes quietly moved along the sewer tunnels. Amazingly there wasnt any zombies roaming around down here. A good sign some would say.

Aha he thought as he found what he was searching for, a way up.

The vampire listened carefully thru the steel grate above him. Hearing and sensing no living bodies close by, he checked for any sensors linked to the grate.

Now, this was a very very small grate, but fortunately the vampiric body does not feel pain to hardly any degree. Therefore, it was sometimes handy and necessary to dislocate a few joints to sqeeze thru small openings. Infiltrate or escape, as it were, became a valuable tool in the vampires repatoire.

Rhodes lifted the grate silently and force his body thru the small opening. After replacing the steel grate, he quickly surveyed his surroundings.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 6 2007, 12:35 PM
Rhodes finds himself in a very small utillity closet, except it has been turned into a poorly constructed bathroom.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 6 2007, 03:22 PM
{ooc: nice one!! LOl}

Grimacing at the sight slightly of the cramped makeshift watercloset, Rhodes looks up at the dingy drop down ceiling tiles.

Might as well continue upwards.

Standing on the filthy toilet, he silently pushes up one of the tiles and has a look.
All he can see is cableing, support beams and wires. Further up is a main support I-beam for the warehouse. The vampire quickly swings himself up, careful to replace the tile neatly back before strolling along the beam, looking around from a higher vantage point in the dark shadows.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 6 2007, 06:58 PM
Below him, Rhodes can hear shuffling feet, sniffing coughing and murmuring, and a few cries. Above him is several feet going back and for and orders being shouted about where to move crates then a truck engine starting up and leaving the warehouse. There seems to be no way to get from where he is to the main floor without going through the basement filled with, what sounds like, nearly 150 people.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 7 2007, 01:36 PM
{ooc: ahhhh a challenge!}

Rhodes crept along the i-beam, careful not to distrupt any dust or debris that had been collecting there for years. Glancing down his keen vision allowed him to pick out the warm bodies mulling and running about the warehouse floor.

Hmm.. lots of bodies. Too bad im not hungry. No uniforms. Damn. This is gonna be tricky.

He silently fell to the ground behind a large stack of crates and boxes piled up against one of the warehouse walls. Several large, blackened out windows lined the sides. Keeping to the shadows, the vampire blended in with the darkness. Climbing a large stack, he observed the activity on the floor several feet below.

Rhodes was simply watching and trying to figure out what was in the cases/crates and why so many people were in this one particular warehouse when literally an army of undead roamed outside the walls.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 7 2007, 04:43 PM
The people in the cellar looked miserable. like prisoners some paced, some had created board games. there clothes varied as much as the nationality. There were Chinese, Germans, Africans, Middle easterns, even americans. mostly only the americans spoke english, for those who spoke. they look like they have been trapped for a while though they seemed to be treated well. there was a makeshift kitchen area with fresh clean water and everything even kept well supplied with food, but they were still trapped. No gaurds were on this level and the crates were fill only with spare clothes to use.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 7 2007, 07:07 PM
Once the realization came to Rhodes that these were prisoners, not guards or workers, a rather devious plot developed in his mind.

Hmm. I could infect one or two of them, then let the nature takes its course. However, that might raise suspicion. Either way, it beats hanging around here collecting dust. Well...maybe just one lil snack.

Rhodes smiled wickedly as he crept from among the crates...he slipped towards the kitchen area, reaching down and unscrewing a lightbulb from its socket, creating more working darkness in the area.

Soon, a young female came shuffling along. Her hair was somewhat disheveled as well as her clothing looked as tho it were two sizes to large. Rhodes focused his attention on the woman and began to mentally call to her, picking thru her thoughts and memories. Eventually he found her name, Valerie.

"Valerie, do not be alarmed. I'm a friend here to help you and the others. Come over here towards the icebox," whispered the vampires voice in such a soothing tone that a rampaging bull would doze off.

The woman turned slowly from getting a glass of water and walked to the shadowy corner of the kitchen. Rhodes' eyes shone from inside the shadows, beckoning to her to come closer.

"Who...who are you?" she asked in a hushed manner.

"Someone that can help you escape. Come over here so's not to alarm the others," he replied, holding out a pale hand towards her.

As Valerie took his hand, not noticing the ice cold nature of it, Rhodes pulled her in behind a large set of boxes filled with clothing.

"There's a way you can overpower your guards. But you'll need something of mine to aid you..." the vampires voice trailed off as he slowly turned her around and softly clamped down on her neck.

She gasped slightly as she felt her mind filled with several decades of memories come flooding inward. A single thought pierced thru the flashing visions.

You will now be as I am. When you awake, you are to take the others, one by one and do as I am doing unto you now. When you are as one, begin by taking the guards. Do you understand?

Valerie mentally responded, Yes, I do, my teacher.

Rhodes released her, kissing away any signs of bite marks.

"Go, and rest now. In less than a day, you'll be as I."

The convert nodded, and walked off as if coming from a daze, rubbing the side of her neck.

Rhodes waited to make sure no one saw the exchange before leaping into the rafter beams overhead. He slipped his way among them to one of the windows. He noticed a simple magnetic alarm on the inside. Pulling out a small set of fridge magnets, he bypassed the system, opened the window, then dropped to the alleyway.

The vampire shoved two zombies away from him before running at preternatural speeds to the next block.

We'll just see how that works itself out.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Jun 8 2007, 05:48 AM

"Light it."

"Lit. Heads up."

"Got it. Frag out." Serrano and Smith had become a well-oiled machine, lighting and throwing their large supply of explosives out the window, decimating the zombie population below. The current bomb went off perfectly, the blast knocking dust off the ceiling above them.

"Detonation successful. Looks like they're pretty much all gone." Serrano said, picking off a few remaining zombies with his "borrowed" AK-47.

"Alright. What's our next move?" Smith asked, setting the bag of pipe bombs back on the ground.

"We get to the transport outside, rearm, then figure out how to get the rest of our welcoming party to our current position."

"Sounds good. How do you want to get them here?"

"Most of 'em are fairly new, probably still have hearing. We could pull a Hope."

"And what..." Smith raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms ".exactly is a Hope?"

"Didn't you ever read World War Z?" Serrano got up and walked out of their current room, Smith at his side.

"Can't say I did."

"The extra extra short version is that you play really loud music to attract zombies to your position. Of course those zombies had better hearing than our friends out there. Even so, it should attract most of the newer ones, which are the biggest threats anyways."

"What about the others?" Smith asked as they stepped to the transport Jeep outside.

"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it." He pulled the tailgate down, revealing several boxes of ammunition.

"Won't it attract Vampires too?"

"Yup. All the better. Might get a challenge out of this for once....Hey! Lookie here!" Serrano emerged with a 40mm grenade launcher and several rounds of high explosive ammunition. "Hehe. I'd normally have to go through so much red tape to get my hands on one of these. Oh well, nobody around to notice."

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 8 2007, 05:40 PM
(ooc: forgot to mention that greywolf has an eyepatch on his left eye....this will be important later.)

The copter landed on the roof of the warehouse and Chaos stepped out followed by Kedzie.

"Master Chaos, master Chaos." A young woman dressed in a chemists jacket came running up to him.

"There are two things that you must know. First of all I found this on your desk when I was looking for you." The Woman handed him a simplely designed Jian sword. Chaos took the sword.

"We have created another serrum for the mental state we were looking into, it last much longer than our last attempt and should last roughly a week."

"This is good. I will be needing it soon." Chaos handed the sword to Kedzie and nodded. Kedzie smiled revealing his fangs and jump to the next building looking around and listening, then ran a few buildings to the next block and jumped down into an alley looking for Rhodes.

"And our latest test subjects?" Chaos turned back to the woman after watching Kedzie go.

"The vampire is still alive and well but the other.....has died like the others." she looked down.

"Maybe we are looking in the wrong species for the answers to this curse." Chaos opened the butt of his shotgun revealing and exrtemely padded compartment. He pulled out a small vial of blood and looked at it.

"You aren't suggesting we use that are you?" The womans eyes became wide.

"No not yet, to many died for this to go to waste....just try again" Chaos put the vial away and the woman left. Chaos went to his office and sat down grieved.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 8 2007, 07:56 PM
Rhodes sped amongst the alleys and streets, putting plenty of distance between himself and the walking hordes of undead.

The city had become a warzone. Between the humans, zombies and other miscellaneous freaks running around, a vampire didnt know where to turn to in the event of an emergency...except Rhodes.
Barreling down a narrow alleyway, he could see several zombies at the end passing by. There were a few in the alley itself, that he could detect. Pulling out a pair of long daggers, the vampire raced along the wet pavement, charging the first ones with no fear. Leaping off the right side of the alley's building, Rhodes stabbed the first of three zombies in the head. Rebounding with one step, he zig zagged his way down the alleyway, dropping the rotters in their tracks.

Landing in a crouch, he wiped the black icor from the blades and tucked them away in their hidden sheaths.

Suddenly his senses warned him of an unnatural presence dropping in from behind.
Spinning quickly, Rhodes had his twin silenced .22 pistols pointed down the alley at a strange looking human-vampire, carrying a sword.

"Speak quickly and importantly before I change my mind about killing you," commanded the vampire coldly.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 8 2007, 08:38 PM
Kedzie grinned again paying more attention to Rhodes himself than the pistol he held.

"Rhodes, I presume." Kedzie Chuckled.

"Well, my boss sent me to look for you since i have something that you want." He drew the sword and slashed it across a wall creating a gash in the wall.

"Diamond hard, laser sharp...or atleast just about" he put the sword back in the sheath and tossed it to Rhodes.

"Now you owe Chaos."Kedzie said and disappeared back onto the roof and to the warehouse.

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 8 2007, 11:53 PM
Rhodes caught the sword swiftly, watching as the little vamp scampered off.

Arching an eyebrow, he put his guns away and inspected the sword carefully.
As he eyed the blade closely, a zombie shambled up behind him. Spinning quickly, Rhodes delivered a downward stroke, holding the blade up in front of him. The zombie groaned and took one step before sliding apart into two halves.

Rhodes gripped with two fingers, ever so gently, the blade and pulled it back to see a thin red line welt up. Nodding with approval he slid the sword back in its sheath.

"Hm. Chinese style will do. Not exactly quite my preference...but it'll do just the same," he muttered as he slung it inside his long coat and continued down the alley.

The vampire strolled quickly down the street, cars zipped past hurriedly, some not stopping for redlights or pedestrians.
He jerked open a car door sitting at a redlight and hopped into the passenger seat.

"Bank, over on 2nd and Johnson ave."

The driver grunted and stomped the gas pedal. Moments later the car screeched up to the front of the financial institution. Rhodes nodded to the driver before getting out wearing nothing but a small windbreaker.
The vampire walked thru the security doors between 4 armed guards, not setting off the metal detectors and went straight to the bank manager.
A very old, whisp of a man looked up from a rather thick ledger.

"Yes? May i help you?" he croned.

"Safety deposit box. Long, LONG term section 1A. I'm in a hurry."

The old man huffed and slid from behind the enormous oak desk. He motioned with is bony finger for Rhodes to follow. They proceeded into a dark long corridor lit with a single set of lights. Turning a corner the man had pulled a large ring of keys from his breast pocket and inserted it into a lock on one side of a large vault door and looked as Rhodes pulled another key and did on the opposite side.

Simultaneous turns and the vault groaned with life as it opened slowly. Rhodes watched as the man grunted with effort to open it. He placed a hand, rolling his eyes and nearly slung the giant door open onto the old man. He walked in quickly, right to a large box and inserted the same key. Pulling out a large sized vault box, the vampire flung open the lid and pulled out several stacks of cash. Thumbing thru them he counted almost as fast as a counting machine. He stuffed three large stacks in his pockets, replaced the lid, locked the box in place and left.
The old man turned as Rhodes walked by, then strolled over to the box and took note of the number. He scratched his thin white hair and exited, locking the vault.

Back at his desk, the misery flipped thru a log book.

"Lemme see. Box 13X, opened in 1896, regular visits yearly up until 1920, changed uhhh, owners. No access records from 20's or 30's. Regular visits from 1947 up until 1987. No other access until today. Strange indeed," the old man muttered, pushing at his spectacles.

Rhodes walked out the building and jumped into the same car as before. The car spun its tires and weaved expertly thru traffic.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 9 2007, 04:10 AM
Chaos took out a journal of information flipping back and forth between pages reveal logs and pictures of human, the body systems and blood cells.

"DAMNIT!" Chaos whipped the journal across the room. He removed his gloves revealing his hands to be scarred and burnt.

"Nothing. Nothing is fucking working!" He tore the sleeve off his leather armor revealing more gashes and burns. He opened a package that was left on his desk which contained syringes filled with a clear liquided, and pumped it into his arm falling back into his chair."

"Damnit" he murmured to himself.

"Yes Tanya?" he said when the woman from the roof walked into his office cautiously.

"I was just wondering who we should use next as a test subject." she stood still as if a beast might attack her.

"I will figure that out later...for now i need to go. If anything happens call me." Tanya nodded and hurried out of the office. Chaos put the cell phone in his pocket and looked at his arm.

"I will fix it when i get back." he mumbled and walked out of the warehouse leaving his cloak, sword, and shotgun but keeping his colts on him.

He wandered the streets aimlessly for a few minutes then headed for the part of town that was inhabited by mostly humans, and he started following an attractive young woman. Keeping close to her through the shadows, alleys, and rooftops.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Jun 9 2007, 07:36 AM
The portable generator sputtered to life reluctantly, spitting out clouds of exhaust before calming down and idling.

"We're in business, Beck." Serrano grinned, plugging in a pair of large speakers, likely used in lecture halls prior to now. At the moment, the agent planned to put them to a use that rocked a bit more.

"Same here. Locked, loaded, ready to kick some ass." Smith had constructed a firing position on the floor above him. The two currently kept contact though a pair of walkie talkies they'd found in the jeep outside.

"See anything?"

"Some people keep running across the street about a click out. Nothing much else."

"Good. Any song requests?" Serrano said, pulling out the small, generic mp3 player he kept in his smallest pants pocket. "Got some Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Toby Keith, Skynrd, Metallica, Jimmy Buffett, the theme song from Top Gun..."

"Got 'Don't Tread On Me'?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Play it!"

Serrano plugged the player into the speakers, cranked up the volume, then ran for his eardrums. Seconds later, he joined Smith on the floor above him, picking up an M14 he'd found in the jeep.

"Where's the Metallica?" Smith demanded.

"Put it on a delay so as not to destroy my hearing. Should"

Right on cue, the speakers began blasting the music, vibrating the entire building with its sheer loudness.

"Dude. This...This....This is awesome!" Smith exclamed, obviously no longer bothered by the gunshot wound in her shoulder. The two of them rocked out as they set up their weapons about halfway into the small medical room to conceal their positions.

"Wait til Zack shows up. Then the party really starts!"

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 9 2007, 12:53 PM
The car rocketed down a side street between two large nearly gutted buildings. Rhodes had his head leaning back on the head rest, watching as his driver weaved and veered around several obstacles.

"You know," Rhodes said, "You don't HAVE to drive this fast. I'm not in a hurry anymore?"

The driver, concentrating on the road nodded once, "Yes, but its good practice for me sir. You never know when a crisis will arise. I want to keep my skills sharp, sir."

Rhodes looked up at the fabric hanging loosely from the ceiling, thinking back to the day he found this one.
Cooper Smith, fourth battallion fresh out of Fort Lee, VA. Young, dumb and full of piss and vinegar. No regard for his own life, or those around him. All he wanted was to be where the action was, regardless of the survivability factor. Coop had been shot, stabbed, electrocuted, blowed up, and even hit by lightning at one time. Backwoods born and bred, this young kid was a modern day Billy the Kid, only he couldnt shoot worth a shit. The minute Rhodes revealed himself, Coop was like a lost puppy who'd found his master. Loyal, to a degree, he would follow orders to the letter...especially if it meant killing something.

"Slow the fuck down Coop. I need you to make the next left up here," ordered Rhodes, his voice a little harsher.

The young army recruit whipped the vehicle's steering wheel, and slamming the brake and gas respectively to cause a controlled powerslide. The ass end of the heavy sedan whipped around and smashed into several zombies in the street, sending them flying.


Rhodes sighed and shook his head then pointed to a small coffee shop. This area had a high concentration of humans, the police and military had managed to keep this zone fairly clear of undead.

Pulling over quickly, Rhodes leaped out of the car, slamming the door.

"Go, i'll call you later," he said as Coop nodded and peeled out.

Walking along, Rhodes was wearing his long coat again, fully armed, including his new sword tucked on his side. He spotted movement up above.

Smiling, Rhodes pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number.

"Hope this doesn't spoil his plans, but i hate to leave debts unpaid," chuckled Rhodes as he dialed the masked man's cell phone.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 9 2007, 11:54 PM
Chaos had followed the woman to the coffee shop and watched he from the roof top waiting for her friend to leave.

But then his cell phone rang. It wasn't obnosiously loud but it could still be heard. He jumped away from the ledge and tucked away into the shadows.

"Yeah, this is chaos and this had better be fucking important." He growled answering the phone

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 10 2007, 01:09 PM
Rhodes looked up, phone held to his ear, he saw Chaos leap back from the roof's edge. He was apparently watching someone streetlevel.

"Yeah, this is chaos and this had better be fucking important."

Rhodes pulled the phone away and looked at it with mock disdain.

"$3000 fucking important enough?"

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 10 2007, 11:43 PM
Chaos groaned.

"Forgive me you just caught me in the middle of some business." He peeked over the ledge to check on the woman then leaned back.

"Besides, I told you I do not want you to pay me money, but when i need a favor then i will call you does that sound good."

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 11 2007, 01:38 AM
Rhodes took turn to groan, as he looked up.

"Look, no offense, but i'm not the kinda guy that 'returns favors'. I pay, or i get paid. So unless you have something you want right now," he said just as a mental image of a woman sitting and sipping a latte' flashed thru his vampiric mind, "such as a particular young lass brought to you trussed up, I suggest you take the money."

The vampire quickly scanned with his senses and finally spotted a woman among the crowd like the one in his telepathic image.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 11 2007, 03:59 AM
Chaos looked over the ledge wearily looking through the crowd for Rhodes and spotted him.

"No, that i can handle....fine i will take the money." Chaos sighed and leaned against the wall.

"I am assume since you know who i am after you also know where i am so just toss the money up here and our business arrangements will be done for this deal...but if you need anything else you know how to reach me."

Posted by: Rhodes Jun 11 2007, 02:28 PM
Rhodes frowned as he glanced around at all the pedistrians.

"Sure," he said before he tucked the cell phone in his pocket.

He strolled around to the corner of the building, near a small service
entrance and slung the small manila envelope stuffed with the $3000.

It arched up high, over the buildings edge before landing near the feet of the masked business man.

Done deal. Now to get back to business.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 11 2007, 07:48 PM
Chaos opened the envelope and checked its contents the nodded stuffing it into his shirt. He went back to the ledge of the building to see that the womans friend was walking away and the woman was getting ready to leave. He followed her down a few streets where she turned into an alley way and began talking to two men who were waiting. Chaos jumped behind a dumpster a few yards away and listened.

"Hey pretty lady, how 'bout showin' some love to two hard working me." The one wearing now shirt snickered and licked his lips.

"Yeah, just some lovin' is all that we want." The smaller one grinned revealing fangs. The started drawing large daggers out taking a step towards the woman. She let out a little scream grabbing pepper spray from her bag. The two laughed and grabbed her each holding an arm. The shirtless one slowly dragged the knife down the front of her shirt cutting it down the middle.

"Get your own prey, blood sucking fucks." Chaos stepped from the shadows pulling out his colts and fired the simaltaniously into the heads of the other two Then returned the guns to their holsters and walked over to her as she felt to her knees.

"Im not your prey!" She grabbed one of the daggers and stabbed it into his gut and ran.

"Fucking acting wench" Chaos growled pulling the knife out he started back to his warehouse mumbling about the fucking bitch.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Jun 12 2007, 02:55 AM
"Look. This rocks and all, but when do the zombies show up? I mean, you'd think they'd catch on after the entire Black album..." Rebecca said, kicking back in her chair.

"Hold on a sec..." Serrano seemed distracted, staring at something off in the distance.

"What is it?"

"Hand me the 700 will you?" He recieved the sniper rifle and looked intently through the scope into the town.



"Look for yourself! Make it fast because we have some serious ass to haul." He said tossing her the rifle and picking up as many weapons as he could. Smith peered through the scope and immediately saw what the problem was. The zombies were coming all right. Problem was, they weren't getting over the bridge about a half mile out. They were all falling into the river, to be washed downstream.


"We have to go! Grab as much as you can and follow me."

The two ran loaded with guns and ammunition out of the building they had fought so hard to defend to the Harley that they'd ridden there. Quickly, they mounted and blasted towards the broken bridge.

"How do we get to the other side?!" Smith shouted over the wind.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it!"

"Dude! The bridge is out!"

"You know what I mean!"

The river came up almost blindingly fast. Serrano looked for a way out, saw an empty semi truck car trailer and hit the gas. The suspension compressed metal scraped metal and the bike was airborne. They easily cleared the river. Problem was, their landing zone was heavily infested with the undead. The bike hit and slid sideways, dumping the riders and taking out a good number of zombies at the knees.

Posted by: Alaska Jun 12 2007, 06:36 AM
[Yeah, I know. Too fucking long. I had school, and lots of it.

-And Serrano, I'm pretty sure it's Zakk, not Zach.]

Fun though a novice agent may think it, solely using the M82A1 swiftly dropped from the "This is exciting ha-ha watch that zed's head blow off" to the "I'm going to have scars where the stock has rammed into my arm so many times why the hell am I still doing this?" level. Alaska first cursed himself for volunteering to head up the perimeter defense of Husky Stadium, which population had been growing at a steady rate for well over an hour. Aside from the under-the-breath swearing, he also desired action something fierce. Lucky for him, irony decided to make an appearance.

As he loaded yet another ten-round clip to his rifle with the HEIAPs, it was all he could do from jumping five feet into the air when from what seemed to be miles around, roared what he could only put at metal. Swinging around the M82, he attempted to locate the epicenter of the sound quake, but before he found the source, a problem, and a large one at that made itself visible. Zombies, hundreds of them were pouring toward the location of the sonics, which while normally would only be problematic for the non-zombie inhabitants of the structure, became a much larger catalyst for strife after, as they are zombies and the undead happen to be quite spectacularly obtuse, rather than crossing the bridge across a reach of water than was rapidly pulling the zeds away. [Future reference, if we're talking about the big body of water in the picture Cyber pulled up it leads to the ocean, not a problem.]

So, of course, rather than rushing down to the waters, trying to destroy the sound systems, A curious thought dashed through his brain cells, and as they did, Alaska set the sniper up and got up with a start, taking a moment to survey they area, he located the announcer's box and started to sprint across the rooftop of the stadium. In no time at all he found himself above the box, only taking time to drop below to the entrance before kicking it open. Once inside, he dashed to what he discerned to be the sound control. In mere moments, loudspeakers across the stadium boomed to life. With luck, the sound confusion will cause those close to the stadium to move there, and those to wherever the hell that sound source is to move there.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Jun 13 2007, 12:00 AM
(OOC: I'm looking at my copy of World War Z. For future reference the correct spelling is Zack. G works as well)

Fifty miles an hour. Add concrete and gravity. Mix well.

Serrano'd done this so many times he could be considered a master of dumping off a motorcycle. Not so much with Sgt. Smith. Whereas Serrano simply slid off, Smith was tossed to the ground, recieving a good whack on the head from the ground, knocking her out and scraping her up pretty good.'

"Aw dammit." Serrano kicked away a zombie, jumped to his feet, and grabbed Rebecca's limp form, tossing her over his shoulder with one hand and drawing Clair with the other. Currently, he was in the worst situation he could imagine; surrounded by Zack with an injured comrade using a weapon that was never meant to be fired with one hand. "This is gonna suck."

He pulled the trigger at the closest zombie, the recoil nearly throwing the gun out of his hand. The G pitched backwards into the one behind it, knocking down an impressive number of the undead in a domino effect.

"Just found our way out. Hold on Beck." Serrano ran forward over the zombies, bones crunching beneath his boots as he used his downed enemy as a set of impromptu stepping stones.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jun 15 2007, 03:34 PM
As he was walking towards the roof of the warehouse his phone rang.

"Yes, what is it?"He answered.

"Ok so they are trying to escape big deal, they have tried before......Wait slow down.....They've almost busted down the door? Thats impossible they would need vampiric strenth to even dent that door........WHAT!!!!!Fuck!!!!" Chaos hung up the phone and started running to the warehouse.

"How is this possible. No one can get in or out of that place....shit"

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Jun 25 2007, 03:34 AM
"Get back you sunuvabitch!"

Serrano delivered an akward kick to the unfortunate zombie blocking his way. Not waiting to deliver a finishing blow, he ran over it and up to the large building on the side of the road. He smashed the door open with his free shoulder, rushed inside, and slammed the door behind him.

"Damn. That didn't work out like I planned." He flipped a nearby lightswitch on and was greeted by a chorus of angry hisses. Turning around, he was greeted by a half dozen angry vampires.

"...What the hell?..." Rebecca said softly, waking from unconsciousness.

"Good. You're up. Get off." Serrano dumped her from his shoulder and drew his sidearm.

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 2 2007, 03:09 PM
Rhodes turned and strolled towards the coffee shop.. he was in no mood to sit shotgun next to that maniac nascar wanna be, Cooper. He just wanted to sit and relax for a moment, catch his breath from all the insanity that plagued the city.

After sitting down, a frumpy waitress bounced up, "Hiya hon, what can i get ya ta drink?", she asked perkily.

Rhodes arched a brow, "Um, just a cup of coffee for now, and could i get some silverware too please?"

"Sure thing," she said all too happily before walking away, her fat thighs covered in heavy gauge nylons rubbing together loudly.

Rhodes wondered what manner of physics kept her thighs from bursting into flames from the friction going on as she walked.

Shaking his head, he closed his eyes and tried to shut out all the heightened vampiric senses for a moment...a practice that gave him the briefest sense of 'normality'...until his cell phone rang.

Growling, the vampire pulled out the phone.

"What," he said with agitation in his voice.

"Fine. But then I'm done for a while. I'll call when i want more work," he replied to the voice on the other end before slamming his phone on the tabletop.

Switching his vampiric's senses on like a spotlight, Rhodes scanned the room's occupants as the waitress returned with his drink order.

"Here ya go sweetie. Coffee and i brought you some creamers and silverware. Are you gonna order anything to eat today?" she asked, setting the items down in front of the vampire.

"Not at the moment...uh.. Cloey. This is fine for now," he said, reading her namebadge.

She nodded with a big smile and went to check on another table. Rhodes picked up the silverware wrapped in a napkin and unfolded it neatly beside his cup of coffee. Taking the spoon, he put it in the steaming black liquid, then picked up the fork and squeezed the middle two prongs together before bending the outer ones back and down. Picking up his coffee cup in his left hand, Rhodes sipped at the java, not particularly enjoying the taste. His focus was on the occupant seated directly behind him.

A man in his mid 40's, well built and fit, sat with his back to Rhodes booth seat.

"So the way i see it, when that dirtbag lawyer tries to run for office, we drop him a little love note ya know what im saying. Just to let him know who's going to get him there," the mark said to his dining companion.

Rhodes closed his eyes and pushed his thoughts toward the other person...Gotta piss now.

"Hey, I gotta piss now. Be right back," the man said moments later, much to Rhodes chagrin.

"Sure thing," the mark responded as his friend got up and walked towards the restrooms.

Rhodes waited a split second, then in a flash picked up the deformed fork and jabbed it behind him, over his shoulder into the base of the skull of the mark sitting behind him. The job was done in the blink of an eye, the man's head listed back and to the side with just the slightly trickle of blood oozing from the puncture wound to his cerebral cortex. He didnt feel any pain whatsoever.
The vampire nonchalantly dropped a $5 bill on the table beside his coffee cup after straightening out the fork and promptly left the restaurant.

After stepping out into the street, amid pedistrian traffic, a yell was heard coming from inside for someone to call 911. Rhodes stuffed his hands in his coat pockets and walked away in no particular direction.

Posted by: ChaoticNeutral Jul 2 2007, 11:19 PM
Chaos ran into the warehouse from the roof and ran down to the main door where almost every gaurd was standing holding all different types of guns all aimed at the cellar door which was no severly dented.

"They have been bang away for hours" one of the guards said. "I dont think the door will last much longer."

"DAMNIT!" Chaos shouted then turned to a woman in a lab coat "Get everyone and everything out of here.....its time to relocate. usually vampires only change others when they need or want....this one has been told to do this thats why they are all vampires."

The woman nodded then ran upstairs getting everything cleared up with the rest of the works and loading it all into the trucks. Chaos turned and grabbed five guards.

"pour any gasoline we have extra down into the cellar then leave all the flammable materials dumped everywhere.....This place is going to hell." as soon as chaos finished talking they were off.

After half an hour everything and everyone were in the trucks and driving out, Chaos stood by the cellar door with Kedzie.

"Go get the copter ready" Chaos commanded. Kedzie nodded and ran upstairs to the roof. Chaos grabbed a bottle of rum and stuck a cloth in it he set it down right in front of the cellar door and light the cloth hurrying upstair and into the ready copter. as soon as they took off and were a good distance away the bottle of rum exploded catching the gasoline on fire and burning the warehouse to the ground. Chaos looked back at the fire as they headed to the new location of their base.

"All the time and work wasted" he said and the fire raged.

Posted by: Pvt Serrano Jul 3 2007, 08:05 AM
"Are you alright? That looked like it hurt." the now conscious Rebecca said, finishing off a downed vampire with a bullet to the head.

"I think so." Serrano shook his shooting hand, trying to swing the pain out. "That's what I get for going one handed with a fifty."

"So what now?"

"We keep moving. See if we can find a nice defensible building. Then start defending."

Smith raised an eyebrow "How exactly to you plan on moving to another building. Let's not forget out little party outside."

"We use the roof. Jump to the next building."


"Yeah. Why not?"

"It's just so...cliche."

Posted by: Cyber78 Jul 4 2007, 02:09 AM
OOC: Hate to cut this short, but seeing as we've got a new mission coming up I'd like to get this current mission wrapped up by the end of Friday if that's not a problem.

Posted by: Rhodes Jul 5 2007, 03:22 PM
(OOC: none here chief)

Posted by: Cyber78 Jul 7 2007, 02:03 AM
OOC: Ok, I'm ending the mission here. Next one starts up tomorrow.

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