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Posted by: TheConman Nov 27 2006, 03:37 AM
Name: Troy Gibbs
Age: 21
Occupation: FVZA Recruit
Hair: blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 225lbs
Birth place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (you know, that place north of the states?)
Current Residence: Toronto Ontario
Physical Description: Big, and muscular. Built like a tank. He hits the gym 6 days a week and runs 5km every other day to boot. Has shoulder length blond curly hair that he keeps down.

Attire: When he is running/working out, its just a t shirt and track pants. When he is puttering around the house and not working he generally wears a black t shirt and jeans.


Troy was born in Toronto to a Car Salesman Father and a Warranty saleswoman mother, so needless to say things were interesting. He was a constant negotiater, "no" means try another angle to him. He is also very smart, alough you wouldn't know it as he makes a very good effort to speak like a normal person. (Troy hates it when teachers expect more from someone because they sound smart.) He also hated school, and never quite fit into it. Even from a very young age, he had problems with both administration and other students. Mostly because most things they told him to do he saw no point in actually doing, and they were also way to easy for him.

During high school he became interested in surveillance. Mostly because of the technology that they used. The small electronics fascinated him, and he built small cameras, and miniature vehicles, and wanted a way to test them. So, he started snooping on people. It was also around this time that he decided to get in shape. Troy played high school football, so it was a necessity.

During the period he read everything he could get his hands on about the SAS, CSIS and the CIA. Anything to teach him how to get information better. In about grade 10 he started seriously learning the ins and outs of Linux, and Networking. From the multitude of books, websites, and people he talked to , he garnered knowledge into other things, such as stealing cars, and how to properly torture someone, for instance.

Troy was interested in these things mostly because of his lack of friends, and general paranoia about those around him. Troy was good looking, but he was not a very tolerable, or tolerant, person. If he talked to you, it was for a purpose, and if you talked to him without one, he would generally end the conversation as quickly as possible. Troy was not one to waist time with "useless" conversation.

Troys home life was not the greatest. His mother and father constantly fought, about everything. From what was for dinner to why the car didn't have gas. Also, due to his father and his inability to hold a job, they moved around constantly. Troy had early on figured out to keep most at arms length, so he could cushion the blow if they moved. Which happened about every 6 months. Also, because of this constant moving, he learned to read people very well. To figure out weather they were worth his time or not.

Troy was also a huge hell raiser, and was the one who would organize such prestigious events as the mass paint balling of a football game. For fun. Or the looting of backyards that backed onto woods. He spent more than a few nights in a local jail cell. When his mother finally got a divorce from his father they settled down in rural Ontario. By the time he was in grade 11, Troy had a number of friends who he hung out with who owned farms. He learned how to weld, and among other things, became very good at fixing things, as one of his friends fathers was always understaffed during the harvests. He was often called upon for extra help, and picked up a number of things during his time there.

In the summer of grade 11, him and a number of his friends were on a property in Northern Ontario, and decided to have some royal fun. Troy was very knowledgeable about making things go "boom". So, they decided to build bombs and such, and bury them, and blow up old cars that had been long forgotten. This was also his first run in with zombies.

When they were camping on the property, they heard a rustling outside their tent. Troy was asleep at the time and was woken by his friends. When they came out of the tents, there was what looked like a drunk shambling up towards them. When he got a flashlight on it, and saw that it was a bloated man in what looked to be a winter jacket. (it was late may), he didn't believe what he was seeing. When it made a distrusting groaning sound though, they all caught on. It started moving towards them. Troy grabbed a shovel that was beside his tent and rushed at it, thrusting the shovel into its gut area. it bowled over, but got back up. By this time though, his buddy had managed to get a sledge hammer, and took its head off.

They never spoke of it again. Until one of the local farmers cattle started getting mauled. This was not common, but by no means uncommon either. The thing that caught the locals attention was that it didn't look like wolves had done it, and one of the farmers could have sworn that he had seen what looked like people around the night of the attack. Troy and his buddies decided to go have a look. They found tracks, and got on their ATV's and followed them .

They found a long abandoned farmhouse and a number of recently killed carcases. Ranging from deer to coyotes. They had a look at the place and found Zombies. They decided to destroy the place, and using the bombs they had, and their collective technical knowledge, rigged an old truck to run for long enough to get it inside the houses garage. Then it exploded. They were almost a kilometer away when they did this.

While they were driving out on their ATV's, they ran into FVZA agents. They were interviewed, and the agents said they would get back to them.

During Troy's grade 12 year, they got back to him. While he was at school, they pulled him out and talked to him about their academy. They liked his resourcefulness and his problem solving capability, as well as his leadership skills. Troy said screw it, and accepted their offer.

The training was tough, but he survived, and managed to get decent marks in the high 70's/low 80's, and is awaiting assignment.

Posted by: Templar Nov 27 2006, 03:43 AM
Wow, you sure do cover all the bases don't you? Your character has it all, but there are reasons for everything. Nice.

Welcome to the forum.

Posted by: Cyber78 Nov 27 2006, 04:25 AM
That reminds me, we should really beg Congress for enough of a budget to upgrade the New Orleans office from it's current state as a cardboard box that washed up during Katrina.

Posted by: TheConman Nov 27 2006, 08:35 PM
gah...stop poking holes in my doods story! I'll revise and make it like...better...and stuff. I'm not going to argue, if that is how it looks to you, then thats how it looks to probably everyone, so I'll change it to be clearer.

Upon reading it for a second time...that is probably the worst character I have ever done for an RP. Like...its horrible. but, thats what you get for writing a bio at 12 on a Sunday nite, lesson learned.

Posted by: Templar Nov 28 2006, 01:32 AM
Dood? Nite?

Please, we use the english language here. GRAMMER NAZI ATTACK!

That is all.

Posted by: Jay Nov 28 2006, 02:59 AM
QUOTE (Templar @ Nov 28 2006, 01:32 AM)
Dood? Nite?

Please, we use the english language here. GRAMMER NAZI ATTACK!

That is all.

I myself would identify that as spelling, not grammar. Note how grammar is spelt with an 'A', not an 'E'.

Posted by: Templar Nov 28 2006, 03:04 AM

Eek foiled again. And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids and your dumb dog.

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