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Posted by: Roncas Nov 14 2006, 08:59 PM
Name: Roy McGanly
Age: Unknown, Apeears to be in early 20s
Race: White, Vampire
Appearance: 5'10 with a sligh build. He normally wears a business suit but when not wearing that he wears his nightlife attire. Black slacks and a silk long sleeve shirt. His hair is blonde and he is slightly tan. (this isnt a omg vampire gets killed by sunlight RPG people).

Background: Roy was born and raised in scotland in the early 1600s. In his early 20's he was infected by a vampire bite and remaind hidden from the world, due to his shame. He reappeared in the 1800s in america and used false alliases. He survived the vampire perge by the early FVZA and aided them in their efforts. When the FVZA was disbanned he lost all hope of a possible vaccine bieng made to help him revert. He took what money he had and invested it into the stock market and made millions. He returned to using his birth name and began a small company named V-Corp, which looked into the production of vaccines for rare viruses and to see if vampirism is a virus. Only two people knew what he is at his corporation and they were former FVZA personnel. He is known by the government to be a vampire and his documents are classified. The government are giving small funding to him to aid in his research but most of it comes from his private funds. He was left alive by the government on thee account he shares his research with government officals. Only a select few know what he is and the rest of the world only think of him as a human. He refuses to feed on humans and instead digests the blood of cows.

Job: Businessman (possibly aids FVZA)
Rank: ???
Depatment: Pharmaceticual

Posted by: Templar Nov 24 2006, 05:19 AM
I'll give it to you a little late and a little proper.

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