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Posted by: D_Shadow Sep 12 2008, 05:25 PM
I'm already a member of the provisional FVZA. I'm a Shadow.

Name: Dave M.
Affiliation: F.V.Z.A.
Rank: Shadow
Age: 23
Race: Caucasian/Native American
Physical Description: 6'0", approximately 238 lbs., large build (muscular, but with some fat), wavy auburn hair, obviously doesn't shave much, pale (farmer's tan).
Location: Currently located in Florence, Alabama (though my reg is in Crestview, Florida).
Skills: Any of the 18 necessary skills of the ninja warrior (or modern equivalent).
Field of expertise: zombies, computers/internet, minor technology, canine training.
Bio: Born in Chicago Illinois, and moved frequently. Naturally an outsider (though I do surprise people with an occasional social activity), though I'm usually reliable. Few friends, and none of them know what I'm REALLY like, because I deceive people by acting differently in public. Various emotional, psychological, and physical scars, and a family history with the occult and military-operated hunting missions. Anti-social tendencies and unpredictable psychological stability caused me to be out-processed from the Army, but I continued my training on my own.

Casual Clothes: Jeans and a T-shirt, with an overshirt/slacks with hidden pockets, a T-shirt, and an overshirt; black shoes (sometimes dress, sometimes lace, and sometimes velcro for those last-minute changes); cross necklace; rubber "pray for China" bracelet; watch...

Weapons of choice: Knife, katana, naginata, bo-staff, M-16-A2, grenades, and anything I can get my hands on... otherwise, my bare hands and feet are enough...

Additional Info: Heard rumors while I was in the Army of the development of a new super-virus, created by the combination of several other viruses that develop certain zombie-like characteristics in their host, which would then be classified as a sort of mononegavirales-type virus (like Rabies in structure), but didn't believe it until Hurricane Katrina and the military and government activity involving infected individuals there. Mother's family is obssessed with the occult, and she fell prey to a vampire who lived with her for a short time. Father's family comes from a long line of paranormalists and hunters, and he trained me from childhood in various tactics and strategies. Was homeless for a time, and the encounters during that period only served to sharpen my skills as a shadow... not to mention training me to dispose of zombie bodies...

That's me in a nut-shell...
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