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Posted by: Abnet Aug 10 2007, 05:05 PM
(It was origionaly going to be Abnet but I changed my mind and didn't realize that I didn't change the name of the thread until it was too late. Point being: My character name is Leon.)

Name: Leon Stevens
Age: 28
Location: Travelling
Race: Caucaisan
Physical Description: 6 feet tall, well built, dark brown, medium length hair, lightly tanned, a fading scar on his right eye.

Bio: Growing up in the rough parts of New York, Leon learned to fight early and became interested in martial arts around age 10 and taught himself jujitsu. His parents were killed during a drive by shooting when he was 15 and he joined an underground fight club to raise money. By the time he was 17 he had earned enough money to buy a car. Walking home one day he was ambushed by thugs and was cut across the eye by one of them during the fight. After that, he dicided to move out and became a drifter doing odd jobs to pay for food, rent, and gas. He came across his first zombies when he was 25 while working in a small mountain town in Wisconson where there was a small outbreak. He was able to hold out for a few days in a gun store before he was able to slip out of town. Three years later he joined the FVZA and has prepared himself for another outbreak and even though he is a new recruit his former experience shows promice for his future.

Clothes: Jeans, T-shirt, brown bomber jacket, hiking boots

Weapons of choice: Desert Eagle and Winchester Rifle with custom ammo.

Specialty: Weapons expert

Additional Info: Always having been a fast learner and able to think on his feet has saved his life countless times. He practically mastered jujitsu, muya thai, kickboxing, and karate by the time he was 13 giving him an edge over just about anyone in unarmed combat. He taugh himself how to use every type of gun available in an average gun store over the 5 days he was holding off zombies in one. With the agility he gained over years of martial arts and underground fighting he has found little use for body armor.

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