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Posted by: Gideon Jul 11 2007, 07:13 AM
Name: Gideon Stryker
Occupation: None

Age: 17
Race:Caucasian, Human
Hair: blond
Eyes: steel blue
Weight: 151 Lbs,

Birth place: Manhattan, New York
Current Residence: Five Points, New York
listed adress

Physical Description:As lanky as Gideon is he has a lot to stand for at Six feet one inches. Not heavily muscled as you would think for a boxer, he just looks lanky. His blond hair is cut into a bowl cut that ends just above his eyebrows, allowing for the hippie and conservative look. Gideon has three tattoos on his body. The first two are matching dragons that run from his elbows to his wrists and and end with the dragons biting into crying skulls on the back of his hands. The third tattoo is on his shoulder blades, it says "Spartan".

Attire: Mostly Gideon wears jeans and a t-shirt ansd tennis shoes or boots depending on what he is doing. When trying to look formal, he switches over to steel grey dickies and a button shirt and white or light tan gloves to cover up his tattoos, along with dress shoes.

Gideon was born into a shattered home and enviroment of the slums of new york. He quickly grew street smart and became adept at dodging the law though Gideon's "no surrender" attitude is what has landed him into several scrapes with the law. One such encounter is when he was cornered into a condemned building, he knocked three cops out and managed to escape the building, he was later taken to the police station on truancy charges.
He was taken to an orphanage and placed into a boxing and community service program, during the time spent in these programs, he has straightened out and gotten jobs, promoting his getting of tattoos.
His name was dropped into a list of people sent to the FVZA by the government as a way to get the job unemployment percentage down and get juvenile deliquints off the streets, as a result of the inspections findings. He has been told to wait until he is contacted by the Fvza.

Major Skills
Fluent in Italian

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