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Fvza Rpg > Introductions > RPD (Yea same one from the FVZA forums)

Posted by: Raccoon PD Apr 20 2007, 03:09 PM
(hey cyber, templar, i pretty much took my old profile from the old RPG and just added a few things)

Name: Lt. Commander Parker Lee

Occupation: FVZA Tactical Assault, Leader

Designation: Callsign "RPD"
Age: 28

Group: FVZA

RPD is a long time veteran of many former FVZA Operations (At the old RPG if anyone remembers biggrin.gif). Serving in the agency since the early stages as leader of the Tactical Assault Team that the FVZA boasts against the undead. Despite being wounded in action and losing several men, he has led a 90% rate of mission success with minimal losses. He specializes in weaponary, Close Quarters Combat, special assault tactics, explosives, infiltration/espionage and any other aspects of a Special forces commando. On missions he is outfitted with standard FVZA assault gear (Kevlar vest, kneepads, Olive drab fatigues, tactical helmet, ski mask). He rarely believes in the mythical tools but always carries around a stake.
History: Parker was born in Seoul Korea, he later immigrated to Los Angeles at the age of 4, he later became a naturalized citizen. Unfortunately due to a paper mix up, he was conscripted into the Korean Army when he was 18 having no record of US citizenship (Still making his nationality korea). He was recognized for his potentional and accepted to South Korea's elite SF 101st Division, he participated in several espionage/infiltration missions in North Korea. By the time he was 20 years old he had already participated in 4 major operations, he was later transferred to the United States Navy SEALS; where he served in Operation Desert Storm. By the time he was 22 he reached the rank of Lt. Commander and was placed in charge of infamous CIA sponsered "Red Cell" unit that carried out black ops all over the world. Later the unit was disbanded and he was sent to Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom and helped lead a squad of army Rangers into Baghdad. He was later recruited by a Senior Director Hugos Pecos at the FVZA as commander of the Tactical Assault team for the FVZA. He has been serving since, he is now married to his wife, ariel, and has one infant daughter. He often has issues with balancing out his high stress job and a life of a young new family, but has proven an effective agent for the FVZA.

Posted by: Alaska May 4 2007, 05:21 PM
Hey man, welcome back!

Just to clear something up, though. If he's 28 now but he served in Desert Storm, wouldn't he have to be like, ten years older?

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