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Posted by: Roncas Dec 6 2006, 11:58 PM
You can interact if you wish but mostly this is an intro for Roy for I have plans with poor Roncas.

I have always wanted to meet Mr. Roy. We held many phone confrences with eachother discussing things of vampires, zombies and wolves. He owned a world known company for the vaccines they have made. I was glad to finally meet my dear friend in person and discuss even more matters of the progress of his work.

I was waiting for him in his den in his penthouse viewing the Statue of Liberty. A fine room that must have costed him millions apon millions of dollars, which he had. I sipped on my red wine and whatched as the day was engulffed by night. I wished that I had this kind of money that he had.

A door to my left slid open and walked through a young man. "Hey there you must be Mr. Roy's son." I had never asked his age or seen what he looked like.

The twenty something year old man smiled and said three words. "I am Roy."

At the sound of that I was shocked. I expected him to atleast in his 50s with the amount of wealth he had abd the research he had done. He sat me down and smiled agian.

"Ah dear Roncas. I guess I have soem explaining to do. You see. The government has kept my identity underwraps and the public has never seen my face just my assistant. For if I am revealed to the public then there would be mass histerica knowing a filthy vampire was running the leading vaccination company in the world, and yes I am a vampire. Not one of those filthy ones that you and the FVZA take down for I despise my life as a vampire. That is why I started my research."

I took this information in an smiled back at him. "I should have guessed. No normal person would believe me when I sent them vampie blood or zombie blood. I am actually kind of glad that there are vampires out there in the world who avoid killing an causing havoc. And your research would definetly help put an end to it."

"Indeed, old friend. I am working on a serium that if complete it can be introduced to the bloodstream which will start an imediate reversal of the vampire virus. It would not kill the person but more or less become alive! A human agian! This research would finally aid me to become a human agian and live a normal life with a family."

I smiled agian. I was glad that thier is a vampire who believes that his life is curse right now and wants to use it for good and not evil. "I've grown to admire you Roy. You are living a noble life and know that I will aid you in your research as best as I can."

"I know you will. You have already done so a ton so far and I can never thank you enough."

"Ha. No worries. These vampires need to stop abusing thier powers and do something like you. Try and make this world a better place."

"Yeah. I agree.... I agree."

OOC: This is an itroduction of Roy. Who will take over Roncas's spot later on. I wan to add a bit of drama.

Posted by: Cyber78 Dec 7 2006, 12:19 AM
OOC: Congrats, you've just made the 1,234th post. Heheheh, easy as one, two, three. And then four.

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