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Posted by: Judder Jan 18 2007, 02:54 AM
Judder walked slowly through the junkyard looking for the right car, it would have to be something semi new, but not old enough the distinguish it in a group of cars. He began looking at what seemed to be the scrapped body of an old camaro, probably and IROC model.
Upon getting closer Judder finds the body's frame is in good condition. He unclips a walkie talkie from his belt, and talks into it for a moment. "Yeah, I found the one i want Jim." Jim responds back, "Ok, be there in a second with the forklift." Judder counts his large amount of money which somehow came from the accrued SWAT retirement money that had sat in a bank account for a few years. As he counts and does mental math he makes a list of the parts he needs out loud.

"Racing Tires,New Engine, Drive shaft, Clutch and Transmission system, yep the works"

Judder stands there looking into the direction that the forklift is coming from. Jim arrives and Judder points the car body out to him. He loads it on the forklift and takes it to the first repair stall in the Junkyard garage. Judder follows his new "Car" into the garage area.

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