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Title: My Idea of Werewolves
Description: More Realistic than you may think...

Tsumari - November 17, 2006 10:16 PM (GMT)
Here's the deal: Werewolves that can never change back don't really make for good roleplaying as they can only interact with others of their own kind (Carpathians can at least appear human at night.) Way back before the server apocalypse, I posted a scientific profile of werewolves under the enemies section. Here is that report in IC format, as far as I could salvage it.

Society for the Study of Cryptomicrobiology and Modern Cryptid Viral Bodies

PROFILE: Lycanthropa Hominus (Human Lycanthropy Virus)

After extensive research, our teams have nailed down what we believe are the biological implications of the Lycanthropy virus and the seemingly impossible creatures it spawns. For your consideration, I present the major points of our findings.

-The virus is saliva-borne. Only a bite that makes contact with the bloodstream has been shown to effectively transmit. Theories that the virus can be transmitted by blood-to-blood contact have been disproven, although ingestion or induction of infected blood has been shown to increase metabolism and wound recovery temporarily.

-The virus acts by invading a cell, much like any common retrovirus in its class. However, instead of implanting the host cell with viral DNA like most others, Lycanthropy implants a fully mature second nucleus.

-The chromosomes within this nucleus intercept RNA from the host's nucleus, creating a full second set of chromosomes that is a hybrid of the virus' previous host and the victim that that host infected.

-This second nucleus replicates itself and sends its copies in vesicles to all of the cells of the host body within 30 days or less, depending upon the amount of virus transmitted.

-The DNA pattern within the intruder nucleus, once fully distributed, directs common aminopeptide proteins to construct what we've come to call the "Lobos Gland." This organ, located at the base of the brain stem, excretes a unique hormone on a regular cycle. In some subjects, this cycle is once a month (though ties to the moon calendar are purely coincidental). In others, it is once a day. Theories that the host can eventually control the excretions of this gland have not been validated.

-The hormone from this gland essentially tells the host cells to stop production of the primary nucleic RNA, allowing the intruder nuclei to take over. Immediately, the victim is thrown into shock as metabolism increases and tissues begin to break down.

-Over the course of- by our observations- anywhere from two hours to thirty seconds, the broken proteins are reassembled by the pilot nuclei into new muscle fibers and even a new bone structure. The end result is the creature that I'm sure you've all become familiar with.

-The creature benefits from hyperhuman metabolism, allowing for the healing of wounds in a small fraction of the time required for human (as quickly as twelve times so in our studies.)

-The downside of this metabolism, as well as the protein breakdown from the change, is an insatiable appetite for fresh, living proteins. If the organism does not replenish its supply of these essential proteins in this way, total muscular dystrophy and death will occur within 24 hours.

-This fact has also lead us to hypothesize that the creatures are weakest roughly 5 minutes after changing- when the initial adrenaline is expended, but it has not yet had a chance to feed, leaving its muscle and bone density dangerously low (the human form contains much too little overall mass to support the lycanthrope form on its own.)

-It has been shown in our tests that some unknown compound in infected blood reacts quite violently with the pure form of the element silver, much like the reaction caused when lithium reacts with water. Continued intratissue exposure eventually causes hemotoxin buildup in the blood, resulting in a quite painful death. Tests are being conducted to conclude whether or not other transition metals have the same or similar effects.

-After a period of time once again ranging wildly from hours to days, the Lobos gland abruptly shuts off. Shortly after, the subject enters a comatose state lasting- on our data- anywhere from an hour to a week. During this time, the original cell nuclei regain control of the aminopeptide proteins, and a second skeletal and tissue breakdown fueled by the energy burned from the excess body mass returns the subject to a semblance of human form. Once again, theories that some victims can control this reversion have not been validated.

I hope the data we've been able to collect will prove valuable to our field teams as we work to uncover more behind this most peculiar of viral bodies.


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Clayton Ardensen
Director, Laboratory Division

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 10:29 PM (GMT)
Overall I'd say that those are some very very good theories. And although I'd love to try using it, this RPG shall stand by the true FVZA. Meaning shapeshifters are out due to this one page;

However there are some bits of that report that I think would work well on the RPG. Now that I think about it, I should make a thread on official facts on the enemies, so I'll incorporate some of your stuff if you don't mind. Some of it conflicts with what's on the official site, but I think I'll keep what's not contradictory.

Tsumari - November 17, 2006 10:34 PM (GMT)
Go ahead and use any of it that you'd like.

I have read the article on FVZA about werewolves, and I guess it makes sense not to deviate from that. However, I am concerned that this will make it almost impossible to roleplay a werewolf in the way you would a vampire- you'd be completely barred from social interaction with humans. Maybe there is some other way around this we could come up with that doesn't contradict Pecos' theories?

Tsumari - November 17, 2006 10:37 PM (GMT)
Oh, and one little tag- I think it wouldn't really be contradictory to include the fact about silver. For one, it has a scientific explanation, and for another, the myths page only says that you don't NECESSARILY have to use a silver bullet. It never says that silver bullets aren't more effective.

Just my opinion, once again.

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 10:40 PM (GMT)
Well it does say bullets with substantial power, so that implies that silver alone won't do anything. And with the way that the source of the myth is worded I'm inclined to believe that silver isn't anymore effective than a regular bullet.

Tsumari - November 17, 2006 10:42 PM (GMT)
Fair enough.

I would also make a motion to say, based on their increased metabolism, well-fed werewolves can live beyond human lifespans. I'm not talking Carpathian Vampire long, but at least long enough to put them on more even footing.

Judder - November 18, 2006 04:51 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Cyber78 @ Nov 17 2006, 10:40 PM)
Well it does say bullets with substantial power, so that implies that silver alone won't do anything. And with the way that the source of the myth is worded I'm inclined to believe that silver isn't anymore effective than a regular bullet.

I think the reason silver is mentioned is purely a religious based bullshit answer
It is not heavier than lead and therefore would have less impact and stopping power.
If any type of metal other than lead would be used it would probably be tungsten or steel. Because of the high mass and density ratios in the metals.

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